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UtcJ on board at the time the enptain made
his declaration. ( The km nf March 3, 1022,
rrfttfh'e to the health police, ch. l2, art. 10.) '
Article 4tii. When it shall be decided
that a ship may enter freely, communication
ith the shore will be immediately permitted.
Any ship subject to whatever quarantine,
cannot communicate either with the shore
or the vessels in the harbor, under penalty
0f line from l200 to 10,000 francs.
Ship in quarantine shall wear at tb.
mizen mast head a yellow Hag, to denote
their state of health.
Aktici.e 5tii. Every vessel possessing a
"bill of health" will be obliged to cause it
to bo renewed at departure, by the surgcou
appointed to the quarantine service.
Those who have iione, will demand one at
the port ollice, where it will be delivered
Article Gth. The coasting vessels of the
Society and Poumoto Islands, will not be
subjected to the formalities prescribed above.
Article 7th. The particulars of the
law of March 3, ft'2'2t and those of the or
dinance of the 7th of August following,
continue to be applicable in every case
whore it is not contrary to the present regu
lation. Done at Papeite, May 8th, 1311.
The Governor, Sec. &c.
(Signed) ItftUAT.
The Governor of the French Establish
ments of Oceanic decrees that which fol
lows .
.Article 1st. Every ship master, upon
entering one of the ports of the Society
Islands, shall send on board the guard ship,
immediately upon his arrival, the statement
of what arms and munitions of war he has
on board his ship.
Articee 2d. According to the quantity
appearing upon this manifest, the authorities
will decide whether the arms and munitions
shall be landed and retained in store, or
whether they shall remain on board the ship.
Article 3d. In the latter case, the cap
tain upon leaving shall produce the quantity
he had upon his arrival, or shall give proof
of their legal employ. In default of com
plying with this condition, he shall be con
demned to a fine of from a thousand to five
thousand francs, without being subject to
the other punishments that might be inflicted
upon him for the illegal employ of the said
arms and munitions.
Article 4th. If the merchandise or
stores are in deposit, they shall be restored
when the vessel shall be ready to go to sea.
The expense of landing and re-shipment
shall be at the cost of the captain.
Article 5tii. Every captain who shall
not comply with the terms of the present
decree, or who shall make false or inexact
declarations, shall be condemned to a fine
of from ten thousand to twenty thousand
francs; and if he is known to be guilty of
having trafficked in contraband munitions
of war, the ship and cargo shall be confis
cated, without liability to any other of the
penalties specified in the law.
Article 6tii. Captains shall give notice
of their departure to the commandant of the
guard ship, 43 hours before.
If the departure of a ship is deferred, the
captain shall make it known, and at the time
shall indicate the probable date of his in
tended departure, in order that the Govern
ment may bo advised 4U hours previous.
Article 7th. The Councils of War
will take cognizance of any infringement
specified in the present decree.
Done at Papeete this 3d March, 1844.
(Signed) BRUAT.
FiRE.On the night of thTI3th, at one
o'clock, a fire broke out on the premises
of the late Henry Coleman. The house
that he occupied was soon consumed and
the flames spread to the adjoining yard,
destroying four other houses before it was
arrested. One of the houses was occupied
by Mr. Taylor, the tailor, whose loss was
several hundred dollars : another, by two
compositors in this office, whose loss was
also considerable. The remaining buildings
were occupied by natives. Mrs. Jones'
premises and the bowling alley ofMr.Thomp
son were for some time in much danger, but
through the activity of those present, includ
ing some officers and seamen from II. B. M.'s
ship Talbot, who very xcffously exerted
themselves, the firo was prevented from fur
ther ravages. One of the buildings was on
firo the night previous, and from the rumor
of threats having been uttered in conse
quence of a dispute in regard to the land
among H. Coleman's heirs, and other sus
picious circumstances attending the deed, it
is strotuflv ttwuiiiT.r.,i ... i -i i
v ...... .,,,,vu , ,JO UIC Wori; ot an
inceudiury. It Wtt9 in one of the most valu
able quarters of the town, and had the wind
beenfresh, must have destroyed a large
amptint of property.'
Proceedings of the Legislative Bodv.
Matters of private rather than public inte
rest, have occupied the House of Nobles tlm
past two weeks, during which the wills
of their late Excellencies. T. Itunlilin n,l
A- kuakini, have been admitted to Pro
The houses of Nobles and of Representa
tives will formally convene on Tuesday next
(the 20th) at 12 o'clock M. His Majesty
will deliver in person u speech on that occa
sion. The new royal standard will be raised
for the first time upon the arrival of His
Majesty at the Hall of Assembly, which for
this especial ceremony, will be the house to
the East of the Fort, where the Lower
Judges usually hold their sittings. The
Hall will be open to the public.
Total of American whaling Shipping at
Lahaina, from Jan. 22 to May 13, 1845 3
months : t
ICo ships, valued at with their
outlitss - - - - $4,GG0,000
Having on board 2G,235 bbls.
Sperm Oil, worth - - OOG.C90
Whale Oil, - 86,730 bbls. 693,740
Bone, - - 808,000 lbs. 242,400
Total, - $0,702,830
,,EB ta.njiic Majesty' Ship Talbot,
Honolulu, Oahu, 14th. May, 1845. )
,ViV, I have tho honor to acknowledge the re
ceipt of your letter of tl.ia day's dale, communica
ting to inc tho thank of His Hawaiian MajcMy for
the preparation of his Royal Standard by one of the
men belonging to Her Majesty's ship under my
rommand ; and, in reply, 1 can only say that it ha
given me great pleasure to have had an opportunity
of rendering to His Majecty this trifling service.
I purpose having tho honor of saluting the new
standard on Tuesday next, commenting when tho
fort shall have fired the hist gun.
1 have the honor to he, Sir,
Your most oh't hntnble servant.
Captain and Senior Officer cf IT. B. Majesty's ships
awl vessels among the Islands in the Pacific.
Kobkrt C. Wyj.ME, Esquire, )
Secret j nj of Stale for Fordea
AJfsirs, Sfc, Honolulu'.)
Fore jon Office, May 14th,
Sir, It j my agreeable di.ty, on behalf of Hi
Majesty's Government, to impart to you their
grateful pen : ii- important services rendered
this morning, by tho crews of Her Britannic Ma
jesty's vessel Talbot and Basilisk, under your
command, in extinguishing the lire, that at one time
threatened the moist serious consequences to the
I hope it may not be too much to ask that the
thanks of Hi Majesty's Government may be com
municated to the men, whoso services were ren
dered so very readily, under a great impending
SiitPfixo Mkmoh anda. Brq. Allioth, Spring i
sailed from N. York Jan. 8th, for this plce direct.
Ilricr Tnntf.n in ti! .1.. i .1 r" 1 . ... . .
-n - .--inn vim. if 1, ri'uiuiirjr.
A vessel from Boston in all February. '
Another vessel, the Chilian brig Matilda, from
Mazutlan, for China, expected daily.
I ufcr motion furnished I y M. CALK IX Esquire,
V. S. l'icc Com. Jlticnl at Lahaina. . x.
Aiiatvtn. .
April 30 Am. whale-ship Francis, Gardner, New
Bedford IS mouth; 800 sperm. '
May 1 Am. Brq. Dryad, Holies, Now Bedford 7 .
months; NO sperm, 100 whale, 1000 lb, bono. '
Eugene, Pendleton, Stonincton 8 1-2 months; 60
sperm, oOO whale, (inoo 11m. bonn.
May S Am. whale-ship L. C. Richmond, Wood,
New Bedford 5 month. Br-. Tcncdos, Comstocfc,
Now London !) months; 100 whnle, 1000 lb, bone.
Ship Washington, Whelden, New Bedford . 5 1-2 ,
monlhs: j?o sperm.
May 10 Am. whale-ship ConoIaniu.'Appleman,
Mystic fi 1-2 months. Brq. Fortune, Bailey, New
Bedford 5 1-2 month. ' , , .!..
May 13 Am. whale-ship Gideon How land, May- .
hew, New Bedford 5 1 onlhs; 100 sperm.
Crews 1950 men.. K. C. V
Of these ships 109 were out from home on s'r Thomas Thompson, Bart.
eir fust season only. Captain of H. B. M.'s S. Talbot,
Shins of all otlmr m.linn. ft. tin i.m. . M.'s senior officer in Polynesia,
their fi
Shins ot all other nations. 6: 1433 hhU
Sperm, 5200 whale, 50,000 lbs. bone. Total
value, $99,590.
Her Royal Highness the Premier, is very
ill, and fears are entertained that her dis
ease may prove fatal. This evening (Fri
day) she had revived somewhat, and was
apparently more comfortable-than during
the morning.
Foreign Office, May Nth, 1845.
Sir, I have it in command from His Majesty, to
inform you that, God willing, Hid Majesty will open
tho Legislative Chambers at the large house near
the Fort, where tho Judges of the Lower Court
usually hold their sittings, on Tuesday tho 20th
instant, at 12 o'clock precisely; and that seatd will
be provided on that occasion, and on the public
days when the Ministers read their Reports, for you
and for those of your oflicers who may wish to
, This notico is meant to extend, with your permis
sion, to the oiliccrs of II. B. M.'s Ketch Basilisk.
I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your ob'dt humble serv't,
11. C. WYLLIE.
To sir T homas Thompson, Bart.
Captain of II. B. M.'s S. Talbot,
ami senior oflicer of II. B. M.'s ja-
val Forces in the Polynesian Waters. J
Her Britannic Majesty's Ship Talbot.
Honolulu, Oahu, Nth. May, 145. )
Sir, I have the honor to acknowledge the re-
ceipt of your letter of thi? day' date, acquainting
in that His Hawaiian Alajcsty purposes opening
the Legislative Chambers, in porson, on Tuesday
the 20th, instant, at 12 o'clock, and that seats will
do provided on that occasion, and on the public
days when the Ministers read their reports, for my
self and such of my oiKcors, and those of Her Bri
tannic Majesty' Ketch "Basilisk" as may wish to
May I request you to communicate my thanks to
His Mnjesjy for this mark of courtesy to myself,
and those undei my command.
1 have tho honor to bo, Sir,
Your most oh't humble servant,
Captain and senior officer of II. B. Majesty's ships
and ressrls anion: the hluiuls in the Pacific,
Robert C. Wvllie, Esquire, p
Secret ary of State J or Foreign
Jljf'u irs, c, 4'C-i Honolulu,
Foreign Office, May Nth, 1845.
Sir, I am commanded by tho King, to make
known to you His Majesty's (hanks for tho kind
courtesy with which you have allowed one of your
men to prepare his Royal Standard, according to
the national devices arranged at tho Herald's Oflice,
iu Loudon.
It iaHis Majesty's pleasure that tho new standard
shall bo hoisted for tho first time, on tho solemn
occasion of the opening of tho Chambers, on Tues
day next, by Ilia Majesty in person.
I have tho honor to be, Sir,
Your ob'dt, humblo serv't,
Sir Thomas Thompson, Bart.
Captain of II. B. M. S. Talbot,
II. M.'t senior officer in Poly
nesia, e. 4 e. 4c
I have the honor to be, Sir.
Your ob'dt humble scrv'r.
$-c. $c. Stc.
Her Bhitannic Majesty's Ship Tai.cot, )
Honolulu, Oahu, Nth. May, 1845. )
Sir, I have the honor to acknowled '3 the re
ceipt of your letter of this day's date, imparting to
me the grateful sense of His Hawaiian Majosiy's
government, for the services rendered by the crews
of Her Britannic Majesty's ships "Talbot" and
Basilisk," :n extinguishing a fire in the town of
Honolulu, and requesting that the thanks of His
Hawaiian Majesty's government may be communi
cated to the men by whom this service was ren
I shall feel great pleasuro in making known your
communication to the crews of the shins under my
command, and may I beg you to express how much
satisfaction is felt by myself, aud tho orTicors and
men who were so employed, in having boon instru
mental in arresting the progress of o destructive an
1 ha'c the honor to be, Sir.
Your most oh't humble servant,
Captain and Senior Officer of Her Britannic Ma
jesty's ships and vessels among the Islands in the
Robert C. Wyllie, Esquire, )
Secretary of State for Foreign
.ijfairs, SfC, SfC, Honolulu. )
Dksif.b of Fame. --The best temper of minds
desireth good name and true honour: the
lighter, popularity and applause: the more
depraved, subjection and tyranny; as is seen
iu great conquerors and troublcrs of the
world; but still more in arch-heretics; for tho
introducing of new doctrines is an ailectation
oftvrannv over the understandings and belief
of men. Bacon.
The Will of James Robinson, a British subject
deceased, was ndinitted to Probate before His
Excellency the Governor, on the 14th inst. Messrs.
Wond, Dennis and Thompson, British subjects, em
powered as Etnlutors.
May 11 Bremen Brig Express, Shackford, Vah
paraiso via Mazatlan 22 days.
May 13 Am. whale-ship William Lee, Whim
penny Otfand on, from Maui.
May 8 Fr. whale-ship LatTitte; to cruise.
May 10 Am. whale-ship Euphrates, Upham; to
cruise. .
May 12 Am. whale-ship Midas, Davis; cruise,
Mav 13 Am. whale-ship Samuel Robinson, of
New Bedford; to cruise in charge of mate, capt.
remaining sick.
May 15 II. B. Co.'s Brq. Cowlitz, Heath, Co
lumbia River.
foreign shipping! ' ' '
Jan. U Fr. whale-ship Eliza, Mulherb,' Havra'
19 moinhs; y:i sperm, 1000 whale. , , i ; ' . , '
Jan. 21 Bremen whale-ship Gustavo, Norton,
Bremen 22 mouths; 1D0 sperm, 1700 whale.
Jan. 25 English whalc-ship Java, Allen, St.
Johns 1 7 months; oOO sperm.
Feb. 20 Bremen whale-ship Clementine, Hilck-,
en, Bremen 13 months; 370 sperm, 1400 whale.
Prussian w hale-ship Borussio, HarnSvny, Stctten 8
months; No sperm, 20' w hale. :
April 8 English whale-ship Mechanic, Fisher.
St. Johns 28 months; 400 sperm, 700 whale. . ,
April 21 Fr. whale-ship George, Casper, Havre
7 months; 200 whale.
iCTA CARD. Messrs. James Robinson
Co. return their thanks to Cant. Sir Thomad
Thompson and the officers and crews of II. B. M.'a
vessels Talbot and Basilisk, and to the public gene-
iilly, fcr their active and successful exertions in
aving their property from conflagration, during the
fire on the night of the 13th inst.
Honolulu, May 10.
Sheriff's Noli
PURSUANT to Judgment issued by the Court"
oi Honolulu, in fuvor of the creditors of the '
lato John .. Bernard, deceased, I shall ;Sell at
uuiic. Auction, the following, property, viz.:
A larir'o and valnnhln rfiFFFft PI iMTiTrnv'
on tho Island of-Kauai. ;: -'
nuukiiUL.D r UKNITURE. i .. : . . ..
WINE and BEER, in bottles.
A small assortment of DRY GOODS ,J ' i
HORSES. MULES. : CCiWR nA . iro j.
various articles too numerous to mention.
aiso a M'HOOWLK, Sails and appurtenance.
I piuiiiuuirii, ini fliurt.
DAY tho lfitll l:iv nf .Iunn novt ... 10 a .r '
when the tcrmd and stipulations will be. made.
nun n ii.
U PIntendnrl liidJora Ar. ... II .'
. , . ..... v ncu iu VIBIl lllfj
Estate as soon as possible. . .; . , :, . ( ; .
BOYD, High Sheriff".
Honolulu, May 16, 1845. ' '
. Auction. .,:.;. 'i !
On TUESDAY, May 'U)lh,at o'clock A.M.,,
at the Store of Paty & Co., , '..)..
ytt THE good Sch. CHINCHILLA,;
Jf$Jf 70 to,1H ,,u'then, coppered and copper-
jKinXli fastened. A M invnnfnrv run Ko .nnn 1 '
oj-ctsrwiany time proviouj to the ealo, upon appli
cation to the subscriber. ;. ,.,,,'
Terms approved Notes at 3 and G months, witli
two good endorsers. WILLIAM PATY.
Honolulu, May 15th 1S45. ' : . Auct. '
Dngitcrrrotvpe Likenrsseit.
inform the nnlilic frcnernllv. tlmt l.n la nnur
prepared to take LIKENESSES bv tbn Tin
type, at his Rooms, over the Polvncsian Office,
every fair day, bvmcert the hour .9 nd 1. The
dress of the sitters 'should , correspond as far as
pnicucanio wiin i no complexion. His terms are
$10 a picture, and $2 for a miniature case.
, Honolulu, May 17th, 1845. tf 1
Will execute with neatness and despatch,''
Hoi'sr, Sign, Ship, Coach & Ornamental Paivtin,'
AI1 -orders thankfully received, and nun'clu
ally attended to. " : . ;. utt
Honolulu, May 17. tf , ;. r, ;
Dvvt lSintr Ilousn to be Let. '
hy Mr. Johnston, will bo vacated on the
21.st. inst., and may be had on a Jcasc of from one,
to three years. For further particulars and terms
of rent, applv to , I W. FRENCH.
Honolulu, May 17, 1843. tf
1 Lost or Stolen, '
"BT OST, or supposod to be utoleni from the Count
JLi ing Room on premises of the undersigned, in
Honolulu, sometime previous to the year 1840, a
silver WATCH, heavily gold washed, supposed to
bo No. 163 Grant, of London or 'Liverpool,1 the
maker's name, with neatly if not exactly the fbl-
lowing writing cut or engraved on the outside case
"Timothy ($. Pitman; presented by Teking, Can-i
ton February 15, 1821." There was a I ho inside on
paper, a .Chinese Compass, with aome writing in'
English either on it or another paper with- it. -Whoever
will return it, or give information in re
gard to it, will bo fully rewarded. ' ' "
5w (Signed)' WILLIAM FRENCH.

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