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The Polys e s i an
J u k e 30 , 1 85 5
Gf With the present number of the Polynesian,
our editorial labors cease. For something over tlx
years, during which we have had this responsi
bility, we hare not failed to have a weekly chat
w ith our readers, nor to provide such a summary of
news, local and foreign, as the means at our dispo
sal have afLrded. - How we have discharged those
responsibilities, we shall not attempt to state; our
readers have judged already. Eat of this we are
certain; no one of our numerous readers has eo full
a conception of our imperfections as we have ; nor
can any one who has not had some editorial experi
ence, correctly estimate the disagreeables attending
the life of an editor.
Bat we do not intend to enter into the details of
our joys or sorrows ; that would require a volume,
where wo have space but for a few brief lines-.
We have endeavored, by our best ability, to advo
cate those measures, and to exert that influence,
. which 6ecraed to us best calculated to promote the
peace and prosperity of ths nation, and to advance,
in the community, the interests of commerce, agri
culture, education, morality, virtue and religion.
.That our performance has often fallen far short of
our aim and desire, is a subject of regret ; while if
we have had any influence in the direction indica
ted, we are thankful for it.
In taking leave of those with whom we have so
long been on intimate terms, we must be allowed
to state, that we have Dot willingly wounded the
ieelings, or done an injury to any; and if inadvert
ently we have done so, we are Borry for it, and
crave indulgence.
It only remains for us, in passing over to our
successor the scissors and the quill we received from
him in 1849, to wiji. him a pleasant career in a
difficult and often
vocation ; to as
sure the government we have endeavored to serve
in a conscientious manner, of our continued inter
est and anxiety ior its prosperity ; and the Young
Sovereign, who has so recently ascended the throne
of his ancestors, of our ardent desire that his reign
may be a peaceful and happy one, over a virtuous
and thriving people.
Ships, Shipping, Ac.
The Ship Nor' Wester, arrived at Boston on the
13th May, from this port 18th January, in 104
Merchant Ship Cato, Hurd, cleared from Bos
ton for this port, on the 11th May, with full cargo
of assorted 'merchandise.
The clipper ship Metropolitan", Smith, pass
ed this port on the 23d inst. bound to Hongkong.
The Stingray and Metropolitan were both towed to
sea from San Francisco on the 12th, bound to Hong
kong; consequently the latter passed hcie on her
11th day out.
The clipper Ship King Fisher, Crosby, arriv
ed at this port on the 26th inst. in 10 days from
San Francisco, with the U. S. mail of May 20th,
and passengers. She sailed on the 28th for Hong-
New Wheat.
The Schooner Ka Moi arrived yesterday from
Maui, with a full cargo of wheat of the new crop,
and of a fine quality. From all we can learn, the
present crop promises to furnish a full supply for
domestic consumption, and at'prices below those
now ruling for shipping flour in Boston market.
fg' The militia Act published on our first page
is not a law. It was not passed by the House of
Representatives, but is published by their order,
for general information.
By his Majesty the King in Council, Stephen L,
Acstts, of Hilo, and George Ltther Kapeac, of
Kona, to be Local Circuit Judges, for the 3d Judi
cial District, (Island of Hawaii.)
Lee & Marshall's National CircnK.
Mr. R. J. Tiffany, agent for Messrs. Lee and Marshall,
who arrived in the King Fisher, has taken out a license
and made arrangements for performances by that com
pany during the coming fall and winter.
Mr. T. returns to S.- F. in the Yankee, and the com
pany for which he is agent may be expected about the
first of October.
2T The mail for San Francisco by the "Yan
kee," will cloBe on Monday mqrning, July 2.
Shortest Time Yet!
Thirty-five days from Jew York ! I
Passengers and the mail which left New York on
the 21st of May, reached Honolulu on the 2Gth of
J une, being the quickest trip yet made between tbo
two points. The clipper 6hip King Fisher, which
brought the above from San Francisco, was but
nine days and twenty hours from that port to her
anchorage here, being one of the shortest, if not
the shortest, ever made between those ports-.
Dates by this mail are from Liverpool t May
5th ; for which we arc specially indebted to Kico
& Co., agents of the Pacific Express Company, and
t G. B. Post &, Co. of San Francisco.
From California and the Atlantic States, the
nnws is of no special importance, though posses
sing local interest to many. From Europe, the in
telligence comes down to the 3d of May from the
Crimea, to whichTpoint the eye of the whole civil
ized world is, and has been, eagerly directed for the
past eight or ten months.
' Our dates, previous to those by thia mail, were
to the 17th of April, up to which time, from the
5th, the Allies had been bombarding Sebastopul
with 500 guns. From the 17th April, up to the
1st of May the fighting had been continued, but
with greatly diminished vigor; and at last advices,
isad ceased nearly altogether, with a probability
fiat the siege-would be raised.
An unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the Em
Wor of the French was mada on th 2Sr.b Anril
from which he escaped unharmed.
The assassin, who proved to be an Italian, was
apprehended on the spot, fired two pistols at Ilia
Majesty but happily without doing him any injury.
. The Emperor, accompanied by the Empress, sub
Bviuently visited the Opera Comique and were
most enthusiastically greeted. On Saturday, on
replying ts the congratulations of the Senate, His
2i yesty said
1 fear nothing from the attempts of assassins.
There are existences which axe the instruments of
fie decrees of Providence. As long as I shall not
nave 1 mailed my mission 1 run no-danger.
"The New York Tribune civM the following cen
tral view of the news :
- -The Bartio arrived on Friday evening last, bung
ing intelligence from Europe to the 5th inst. At
Scbastopor" the Iwmbardment had ceased, the am
munition of the Allies be ing exhausted. But at
tacks on the Russian outworks and sorties from the
garrison still continued with quit as desperate
fighting as ever. In a very sharp engagement the
French had taken a Russian cat th work, with a
number of mortars and some two hundred Russian
prisoners ; but it is admitted on all hands that the
Allies have gained no serious advantage and that
the 6iege must presently be abandoned. Of late
the great fort on the north side of the harbor has
taken some part in the operations. Its guns are
found to carry quite over the town and reach the
allied intrenchmente, proving beyond doubt that if
by any chance the place were taken it could not be
held. How the . Allies are to withdraw from the
difficulty in which they are placed is now the ques
tion; but a short time must settle it. Under these
circumstances Louis Bonaparte has prudently de
cided not to venture to the Crimea.
Lord John Russell has returned to England and
given to the House of Commons his story of the
Conferences at Vienna, the facta of which do not
differ from our previous accounts. There is now a
rumor that the nugatory negotiations will bo re
sumed undtr Prussian auspices, and predictions,
sre made that the Allies will accept the compro
mise vThich the cabinet ot Jienin win propose.
Meanwhile in great popular agitation
is springing up against the ilai-try. Meeting ,s of
the most solid classes of citizens have been w
Sheffield, Derby, London, and Liverpool, ana wm
nn dnnhl he repeated all over the kingdom. The
imbecility of the government, the fatal mismanage'
ment of the war, the vices of the aristocratic sys
tem, nre the themes discussed at these assemblies;
and there is every indication of a movement unpar
alleled in Eftfland since the Reform Bill. In the
face of these exciting events, Parliament drags
through its waary round of stereotype debates, in
which the public take very little interest, and
which command the attendance of comparatively
few members of the House. It is manifest that
the real public life of England is not to be found
either in Parliament or in the Cabinet, and that
the questions which most concern her future histo
ry are at last, through the force of circumstances,
carried into the popular arena xor agitation anu ae
cision by her people.
The verr Latest.
Berlin, May 3, 1855.
A despatch dated St. Petersburg, May 2, has
been received hero.
Under date of Sebastopol, evening of the 28 th of
April, it has the following:
The fire of the enemy is moderate.
Their approaches progress 6lowly.
We have established, at one hundred yards from
Bastion No. 4, a row of rifle pits, which have
served to form a continuous trench of communica
tion. War Department, London, May 4 7 P. M.
A sharp engagement took place on the night of
May, 1st in the Iront ana leu attack; tne wnoie
of the Russian rifle pits were taken, eight light
mortars, and 200 prisoners. The whole affair was
brilliant for the allies.
Constantinople, May 2, 1855.
Canrobert epcaks to his troops of immediate op
erations. . Orders have been received to prepare transports.
Varna. May 3, 1855.
A sharn enjraeemcnt took place on the left-at
tack before Sebastopol on the night of the 1st of
All the Russian rifle pits have been taken and
200 prisoners.
Paris, Friday, May 4.
The Patrie of thia Evening has the following:
There is a report current to day that on the 2d
of May the beseigers took posession of Borne very
important Russian works of counter approach, af
ter a fierce engagement.
On the following day, the 3d of May, The Rus
sians are reported to have attempted to retake the
positions, which remain in the hands of the al
lies. It was rumored that a despatch had been receiv
ed in Paris from Gen. Canrobert, intimating his
expectation of an immediate attack from the Rus
sians. Before Sebastopol, Friday morning, May, 4.
On the night of Wednesday last, May 2, the
French under General Pelissier, having fcken up a
position before the Quarantine Bastion, advanced
briskly upon the bastion No. 4, attacked the advan
ced works which the Russians had raised to pro
tect that bastion, and carried them at the point of
the bayonet.
In this attack the French took 12 mortars from
the enemy. The engineers immediately occupied
the ground, and began to carry on a flying 6carp.
At daybreak they had succeeded in establishing
themselves in the conquered works.
Last night (Thursday) the Russians made a gen
eral sortie, with the object of retaking their lost
ground. After a sanguinary combat they were
driven back into the place.
Our losses have been great, but bear no propor
tion to those of the enemy, nor to the advantages
Thia (Friday) morning (May 4) the Russians
have neither a man nor a gun outside tbo regular
enclosure of the place.
The following, from the 8. F. Herald, exhibits a
state of facta highly interesting to scientific observers of
meteorology, and is from the pen of Alex. S. Taylor.
The Siarm of 31st December, 1854.
By a curious coincidence, suggestive to meteorologists.
it appears from recent and reliable accounts, that the
great storm, which at the same hour visited both Califor
nia, Oregon, the Colorado country. Lower California
and the Sandwich Islands, and was prolonged in the
succeeding days on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of
Mexico and Central America, was experienced also in
the countries lying upon the Baltic Sea, in England and
in India.
On January first, says the Illustrated News, a heavy
gale of wind was experienced in London from the
southwest, "accompanied by rain. It will be recollected
the ctorm of wind and rain commenced in California
about midnight of 31st December.
This hurricane it would seem made its appearance al
so At Bombay, on the Malabar coast of India, precisely
at the same time it full on the Aorth Pacific coast - Bom
bay is in about 75" east of Greenwich, San Francisco is
123" west of Greenwich, making the two places about
IQ- .1 - 1 'i . J a. l ' . . . .
uegrera vi lucguuuc ap&rc, inai is 10 say, some 1 1 ,
vzu goograpnicai nines. Ban trancisco is in
21 north, and Bombay in latitude 20" north
The storm (called typhoon in Asia, or as meteorolo
gists say, Cyclone,) visited Bombay about midnight of
December 5lst with tremendous force, and is recorded
in tne i tiecrapn ana uourxer oi that city as "one never
to be forgotten by those who experienced such a visita
tion tor the nrst time. At daylight the various direc
tions in which the tall Palmyra palms had fallen, afford
ed a palpable indication of the rotatory character of the
storm." It wrecked the steamers Phlox, J. Jeejebhoy,
Sir George R. Clerk, Snake, and Assaye, with eleven
other heavy craft in the harbor, besides doing immense
damage to buildings and property.
The storm at Bombay opened about midnight, which
as before observed, was its time of appearance in Cali
fornia, the Ureat bait Lake Valley and Honolulu. It
commenced in all these places by blowing from the
Southeast "At 7 o'clock in the morning (at Bombay)
it had veered completely round to the opposite aide of
the compass, at west-north-west, which was its charac
ter also on the Pacific, as far as we have learned.
Notices of this cyclone appeared in the San Francisco
Herald of ICth January and 12th of March last. In
Bombay where there are several gentleman in the East
India Company's Marine Service, of great attainments
in the Science of meteorology, it appears to have been ob
served with much attention. It is probably the most
widely extended storm of wind ever recorded in the an
nals of history.
Robert Clocstox, Administrator of Frederic J. Por
ter t. Feteric Ogde.
J udge Robertson acting as Chancellor, delivered his
decision as followst
The complaiuaot, by his counsel, moves the court to
grant an injunction against the defendant in this cause
to appoint a receiver to take charge of and wind up the
unsettled business and accounts of ths late firm of Por
ter and Ogden, and that the defendant be ordered to ap
pear personally before this court, or the master, to
answer on oath such interrogatories as may be adminis
tered to him, on the part of the complainant
In support of this motion the learned eounsrf argues
that the answer filed in this cause, by the respondent, is
not a compliance with the order to make discovery an I
to account; that tbc answer is altogether insufficient,
and that the respondent has been guilty of mismanage
ment and negligence in the discharge of the duties de
volving upon him as surviving partner, whereby a large
sum of money belonging to the assets of the late firm
has been lost, and inasmuch as he has failed, after the
lapse of a reasonable time to render a proper account
If appears by the respondent's answer, that there Is
still, after the lapse of ten months since the dissolution
of the partnership, by the death of Frederic James Por
ter, a considerable portion of the joint property remain
ing unsold, and exposed to the risk of damage by fire,
as well as to deterioration in value.
We think the answer of the respondent, together with
the whole tenor of his conduct in reference to this mat
ter, displays an unjustifiable degree of reluctance on his
part, to render an account to the representatives of his
deceased partner, In regard to the property in which
they possess an equal interest with himself.. Judging
from the statements contained in the respondent's an
swer, we are constrained to believe that more than a
reasonable time has already been allowed him to settle
up a business of the moderate extent of that transacted
by the late firm, or at least to account fully in every
respect, and we look 'upon his having failed to do so
as a breach of his duty. It does not appear by his. an
swer that any inventory was made of the partnership
effects, or any statement made up of its assets and lia
bilities at the time of the dissolution, or any balance
sheet to show the position of the firm, or to show how
each partner's account Btood with reference to the joint
estate; and what is still more extraordinary the respond
ent now states on oath, in his answer, without any ex
planation whatever, that he has not the means of ascer
taining ib5 amount of consignments made to the firm,
or the aniCnnt of comcissions earned and received by
it, during the few years of its existence. The respond
ent does not state whether or not be has appueu any
part of the partnership funds, since the dissolution, to
the extinguishment of the partnership debts, if any
there were, while he alleges that the sum of 5000, in
cash, has been stolen from those funds in his custody.
These circumstances seem to call for the interference of
this court, in order that the rights of those who are
equally interested with the respondent, may be speedily
ascertained and carefully protected.
We have consulted many of the authorities on this
subject, and we think the present case comes within the
rules which usually guide courts of equity in affording
their aid. (Kents Com. 7th Ed., Vol. 3, Tage 63.
Story on Part. Sec. 347.)
The motion is granted.
John Montoomebt, Esq., for complainant.
J, D. Blair. Esq., for respondent
Gfafid Vocal and Instrumental Concert.
We understand that Mrs. M. A. Hamm, assisted by
Mr. Hamm, Master Hamm. Mr. Griswold, and her class
of Ladies and Qenflemcn, will give a concert at the
Court House, on TUESDAY Evening, July 3d.- For
further particulars see bills.
8 21 u t I) o r i t ij
Be it enacted'by the King, the Nobles and Repre
sentatives of the Hawaiian Islands in Legisla
tive council assembled:
Sec. 1. That all the proceedings authorized and
prescribed by Section 23 of Chapter 4 of an Act to
organize the Judiciary Department, may be had
before any Judge at Chambers, authorized to hold
the court in which a suit may be pending, and said
Judge is hereby empowered at chambers to dis
charge all the duties imposed on the Court by said
Sec. 2. That so much of Section 20 of Chapter
4 of the Act to organize the Judiciary Department,
as declares "that in no case purely between foreign
ers in which the property in any foreign vessel is
concerned, shall it be lawful to entertain any bill
of foreclosure, or in the nature of libel in admiral
ty without the previous written request of the
Representative of the nation whose subject or citi
zen is concerned or whose vessel is sought to be
attached or libelled and sold or foreclosed" be and
the same is hereby repealed.
Sec. 3. This act shall take effect from and after
the date of its publication in the Polynesian News
Approved this 25th day of June, 1855.
Victoria K. Kaaiicmam;.
Be it enacted bv the King, the Nobles and Repre-
scntauvesoi tne Hawaiian isianasin legislative
council assembled :
Sec. 1. The Minister of the Interior shall appoint
in each of the ports of Honolulu, Oahu, Lahaina,
Maui, and Hilo, Hawaii, an officer in whose
presence, or in the presence of whose deputy, all
natives of this Kingdom Bhall be shipped, paid
off and discharged. The said officer shall give a
bond t) the Governor in the sum of two thousand
dollars for the faithful performance of his duties.
Sec. 2. n hen any native seaman is discharged
from any whaleship, or other vessel, the captain
thereof shall exhibit to the officer so appointed, or
to his denutv. previous to settlement a detail of the
debts incurred by such seamen to the said captain,
and the amount of ti. pay due by him to the said
seaman to be certified on oath administered by said
officer if required.
oec. 3. lho above mentioned shipping officer
shall be empowered to make all agreements between
the masters of vessels and native seamen, on being
required by the seamen about to Bhip.
Sec. 4. The said officer shall require fifty cents
for each seaman shipped or discharged bere him,
and five per cent on the amount paid on each sea
man ; which compensation shall be in lieu of pay
for all services rendered. The expense of shipping
shall bo borne by the vessel.
Sec. 5. It Bhall moreover lx? the duty ot the said
officer to keep all bonds for the return of native
seamen enlisted for foreign voyages, as by the
nt laws provided, and upon the expiration of the
time speciueu IS !uv sucn oonu io wiw uuvcmuf ui
the Island where be is Buultfl and at the same
notify him that his term has expired.
Sec. G. The Governor upon receiving any such
bond, shall within three days thereafter, place it in
the hands of the government attorney ot. tne ais
trict for prosecution, and such attorney shall pros
ecute the same within twenty days after receiving it,
Sec. 7. It shall not be lawful for the shipping
officer to ship any native seaman, for a foreign voyage
to exceed two years.
Sec. 8. In case of the death of any seaman dur
inn the voyage, said shipping officer shall be em
powered to deniand and receive, on the return of
the vessel, on which the deceased seaman enlisted,
the amount of wages or pay due said seaman, and
to pay it over to his legal representatives.
Sec. 9. All laws and part of laws now existing
in contravention of this Act 6hall be and are here
by repealed. "
Sec. 10. This Act shall take effect from the day
of its publication in the Polynesian Newspaper and
the rJele.
Approved this 25th dav of Jye, 1855.
Victoria K. Kaaiiciiac.
Be it enacted by the King, the Noblea and Repre-
Beniaiivesol tne uawauan isianasin legislative
council assembled : .
Sec. I. That it shall be lawful for the Minister
of Finance by and with the advice and approval of
iiw majesty, ana rrivy council, to negotiate a loan,
by the issue of exchequer bills, or in any other
mode deemed best, for a sum not exceeding one
hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
Seo 2. The amount arising from the aforesaid
loan shall be appropriated for the objects and im
provements provided for by law.
sec. J.- lots Act snail take enact from and after
the date of its publication in the Polynesian News
Approved this 25tb day of June, T855.
Appointments by the King
Barenaba to beEnumerator for Dist. llilo Hawaii.
Thomas Martin
John Davis,
Edward Bailey
Sam'l O. Dwight
Wm. Webster
J. W. Makalena
W. Chamberlain
Robt Moffitt
S. P. Kalama
II. A. Widemann
F. Wundenberg
" Kau "
So. Kona
No. Kona
So. Kohala "
No. Kohala"
' Lahaina Maui.
" Wailuku
Makawao ,
Molokai . "
" Lanai
" Honolulu Oahu.
Ewa & Waianae "
" Waialua
" Koolauloa
" ' Waimea Kauai.
Koloa '
" Pima "
" - Koolau "
" Hanalei "
Niihau -It
June 21st by the Rr. T. E. Tiylor, Mr. J. N. Travia, to Miss
Lucy Hall, ail of Kona Hawaii.
In Lt Roy, N. T., on ibe 5th May, Mm. Hamist B., eon fort
of Dr. William Sheldon, aged 75 year. Mrs. 8. waa the moth
er pf A. B. Bate, (., Of Honolulu. She lived a lite of devo
ted piety, and died, mourned by all wbo knew her.
la Wreutham, Haaf., on the I6U1 of May, Dinici ErttiTT,
Esq., ajed7i er, fathef of Ai P. Evereti, Eaq. of Honolu
lu. Passengers.
By the King FUher, from 8. P. 8. W. E. Veniaee, Wm. B.
Rice, V. Alpeera, 6. Heae, C. Miller, A. Gultmaa, R.J. Tiffa
ny. H. D.mond, W. B. Moore. C. Jones, Wm. Johnson, C Rob
bin, tix Chinamen and one Chinese lady.
Ify the Metropolis, (rom Oregon. ff. Lroflatd.'
June 23. Am. 8ch. Kaluna, Candage, 27 da. tin Tekalet.
34. " Brig Metropolis, Wionlow, 33 da. tm Astoria.
27. " ship King Fisher, Crosby, 10 da fin 8. F.
Jove 24. Brig Frances, Chester, St. Bartholomew's Bar.
2& Bark Kugene, Pendleton, Kodiak.
t?hlp Arcadia, Fheljis, Shanghae.
2C-Brig Detroit, Koeg, Clatsup.
27. King Ffehrr, Crosby, Hongkong.
29. Agate, CoHrns, Astoria.
AN undivided half of the Lot on which the store
now occupied by Messrs. 11. Coady & Co. is
situr.ted, will be sold on the premises, at Auction, on
the 7lh July next, at noon, subject to a contract be
tween the owners of the lot and Richard Coady.
Terms, $750 cash, balance at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months,
with interest, to be secured by approved paper.
For particulars of Title, &c, refer to the under
signed. AS1IER B. BATES.
Honolulu, 2Gth June, 1355. lt
Br M. C. MONSARRAT, Auctioneer.
THIS DAY, SATURDAY, at 10 A. M. at residence
of J. C. Spalding, Esq, HOUSEHOLD FUR
Books at Auction.
N MONDAY EVENING, July 2d, at 7 1-2
o'clock, at the rooms of M. C. Monsarrat, will
be sold a large collection of valuable New Works,
consisting of
Encyclopedias, Biographical,
Medical Books, Travels,
Legal do. Historical, &c.
It M. C. MONSARRAT, Ancfr.
CF The above sale is postponed to MONDAY
evening, J uly 2d.
Valuable Heal Efaient Auction.
N SATURDAY 21st of July next, at 12 o'clock
M., on the premises will be sold at Auction bv
order of his honor (i. M. Robertson, acting Chief Jus-
tice of the Supreme Court, ihe following valuable
property belonging to the heirs of the late Joseph
One store and duelling house on Mauriakea Street,
with cook-house, out-house &c. one wooden house on
Maunakea St. mauka of above. One wooden houso
on opposite side of the Street. One two storied
wooden honse in Robert's Row in King Street, at
present occupied by Mr. Cole.
All the above premises arc in good order and re
pair and offer an eligible opportunity for investments.
And a tract pf excellent taro land in Kapalama.
do. do. do, Waimalu,
with a good crass house and a kula land and a fih
pond belonging thereto.
Terms at sale. Particulars can be ascertained on
application to M. C. MONSARRAT.
Honolulu, June 28, 1S55. 8-3t
Corner f Mannnkra and Mold stre-rfs.
HONOLULU, 8. I -im
gy- NOTICE -Bt Fresh Bread, M loaTe for one dollnr.
LIME. The subscriber is prepared to furnish a
superior article in any quantity at short notice.
8-tf GEO. G. HOWE.
Honse to let. v
E Situated opposite the Palace, and suitable for a
small family. Rent low. Apply to
8-tL J. A. DALY,
At the Store of G. Clark, Esq. Hotel Street.
between Hotel and Chaplain sts., Honolulu,
pres-prespectfully informs hia friends aud the public gen
erally, iehs ne constantly lias on imim wvu c
lccted stock of Groceries, best Flour in barrels and
1-4 bags, best Fresh Butter, Cheese, Ham. Rice,
Preserves in tins, etc., etc., all of which he offers
for Sale c neap.
N. B, Best Fresh Bread, 12 Loaves lor One
Hot Mince. Cranberry. Gooseberry, Apple and
Banana Pies, daily.
Honolulu. June 30, 1855. 8-6m
To whom it may concern.
PERSONS having any claims to the articles de
scribed below, now stored in the Custom
House, are requested to present the same, prove
property and pay charges to date.
One case supposed to contain miners' clothing, mark
ed Messrs. W. & J. Dinning,' care Guntcr & Clark
One cask sherry marked 'K,' (in a diamond.) .
One case Port marked G.' ,
Received in store previous to April. 1853.
Also 1 demijon ex. " Pfeil," landed in November,
1853. , W. GOODALE, Collector Gen.
Honolulu, June 29, 1855. 8-tf.
OFFER for sale new and desirable goods, just tt
ceived, consisting in part as follows:
Cases beans in tins, do bay rum.
Do gherkins in 1-2 galls., do Eng. mustard.
Do assorted syrups, Saleratus.
Cross & BlackwelTs Preserves, &c.
Cases West India pickles, do anchovy paste,
Do bloaters, do Strasbourg meats,
Do raspberry vinegar, do ass'd essences,
Do cayenne pepper, do fruits in syrup,
Do ass'd syrups, do marmalade.
Boxes English soap, mats China rice No. 1,
Firkins butter, Zante currants, cheese in tins.
Diamond twist tobacco, boxes tea extra quality,
Boxes candles.
SHOES fce.
Mens' fine lined and bound enara'd biogans,
do do Laif Jersey ties.
Do French calf conzress iraiters.
Do lined and bound kip brogans.
Do . do do- caif do
Womens' fine enameled lace boots.
do parade do. -
Bales ind. bhie cottons, do straw hats.
IIoHolalu, June 27, 1855. 8-tt
- e: p.
SIT 0 7
OFFERS FOR SALE a. large assortment of
Merchandise, comprising in part the following
named articles t
Cases ass'd colors prints, do figured do,
Do orange striped do do jaconet muslin.
Do iilk Counterpanes, do silk handkerchiefs,
Do silk Dressing Gowns,
Do black and blue umbrellas, worsted table cloths.
Do women's white hose, bales blue drills,
Bales Denims, cases chrome, green and orango piinta
Bales Shetucket Stripes,
" Ticks,
Cases bleached Drills.
" " Shirtings,
Emb'd under sUeves, silk parasols.
Bird's-eye Diaper, Foulard silk hdkfs
Silk umbrellas, India satins.
Hair skirts, damask table cloth.
Rolls Oil and Wool Carpeting '
Cases calico shirts, do ribbed cohoe drawers,
White and grey merino do. denim overall.
Ribbed grey and wh. undershirts, bro. drill drawers,
nite do do, red flannel do, check shirts,
Cassimere pants, red and blue wool shirts,
Hickory do, white do, fancy do.
White linen pants, fancy do do, oil clothing.
Superior wool blankets, grev and white do,
Black BeaverHats, California style, Panama Hats,
Palm leaf do, ladies' riding do.
Ca9ks smoked beef.
Cases pickles, 1-2 gals, and qts..
No. 1 soap, ground pepper, bl'k ink.
Cases tobacco in foil, do tomato catsup.
Do butter and soda crackers,
Boxes vermicelli, Quince Sauce, cases vinegar,
Blacking, lemon syrup.
Cases slippers, Ladies' kid slippers, do do buskins,
Leather valises.
Full setts crockery, cases toilet glasses.
Bbls. tumblers, casks plain and fluted lanterns.
Black paint, verdigris,
Vermillion and umber dust, madder,
Yellow ochre, celestial blue,
Full sets Tinman's tools, bl'k lead,
Do do Machines,
Extra stove brushes,
Casks tinned sauce-pans, brass kettles,
Kegs wrought spikes, do. nails,
Bars ass'd iron, grocers' scales, counter do,
Axe hatchets, platform scales,
Sheet iron, rolls sheet lead, bdls steel shovels,
Broad hatchets, do axes, Hunt's do, handled,
indlass bedsteads, cooking stoves.
Cast steel rakes, and rake hoes.'
Blind hinges, currycombs,
Sheets boiler iron, table spoons.
Ox carts, casks sp oil, reams letter paper,
feather pillows, Madras hdXls,
Bales sail twine three hoop pails, try pots.
Willow market Baskets, large and small,
Hair pillows, bed cords, chain cables, scrub brushes.
Coils Manila and hemp cordage, ajtst'd sizes,
Coils spunyarn, mats, bars cast steel.
Cases perfumery.
Cases matches, camphor trunks,
Percussion caps, iron bedsteads.
Laths, shingles, oak plank, clapboards.
Baltimore cane seat chairs,
Common wood eat do.
Baltimore do do.
Honolulu, June 30, 1855
8 tf
II. Unckfcld & Co..
171XPECT shortly to arrive from Boston, per A
ship" John Gilpin," the following Gooi
wmcn tney oner lor sale, via :
Bales Manchester Denims, do Sheetings,
do blue and bro. Drillings and Cottons,
do Milford Ticking, cases bleached Jeans.
Cases Kip Brogans, Vatcnt Lasting Gaiters,
Calf Shoes, Native Women's Shoes,
Cases blue and white Sewing Cotton,
do superior L. B. and Fancy Bosom Shirts,
do Saddles and Bridles, complete.
Cans Boiled Linseed Oil and Spt. of Turpentine,
lins liiack faint, kfcgs White Lead,-I ins Green
Paint, do Prussian BMie, do Chrome Yellow,
Cases Foolscap, letter and Wrapping Paper,
Writing Jnk. bales Hops, 18-3; hi brls Drwd Apples,
P.rls Cider Vinegar, cans Cheese, in tins;
Bent's Water and Soda Crackers, in tins.
Pickles in qt lott'c3. Mustard in I lb bottle.
Black Pepper, do, Saleratus, loaf Sugar, crushed do.
mms, 1'ainted I ubs.
Solar and glass Lamps, solar Shades, chimney3 and
wicking. Palm Leaf Hats, sailors' Tin Pans,
Cocoa handle Butcher Knives, rolls of sheet Lea I,
Ass'd cut Tacks, kegs cut Nails, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12f,
( 'aca patent self-heating charcoal Irons.
Bovis' chemical olive and cocoa Soap. &c, &c. 8tf
a i.iuiv ui- LLjiiiiiii, ex.
" Kaluna." from
eckalet, consisting of
1,063 ft 2x4 inch, 8,100 ft 2x3 inch,
1,218 ft 2x5 do, 574 ft 2xS do,
S,im It 3x3 do. 654 ft 3xi do,
- 5,323 ft 3x4 inch.
2 oG feet riant,
2!),312 feet 1 inch rou'i Boards,
1,598 feet 1 inch planed do,
65,437 feet 1 inch planed tong'd and g'ved Flooring.
30 M. cedar Shingles. For sale by
June 25. 1355. 8-ot II. HACKFJSLD & CO.
riRE i nriEM riREin
'VO ACTIVE MEMBERS of Mechanic Engin
1 Co. No. 2- You are hereby notified that the
regular Monthly Meeting will beheld at the Engine
House, on Tuesday Evening next. 3d Julr, at 7J
o'clock. - J. SMITHIES, Sec'y.
. Honolulu, 30h June, 1855 8-it
UST RECEIVED by the subscriber from Hong
Konj via San Francisco, the fo lowin? invnir
of merchandise :
Cases Blk Satins, cases col'd Satins,
Cases Lustrings, cases Pongee handkerchiefs.
Cases blk Levantines, cases blk Levantine hdkfs.
Cases Hat Ribbons, cases Grass Cloth,
Cases grass cloth handkerchiefs, cases Nankin.
NesU blk. paper boxes, boxes Black Tea.
from California per Ypke.
Sacks Bran, cases cheese, kegs nails,
Cases Turpentine,
all of which will be soli low upon application to
June, 19th, 1855. 7-2m.
JOTILE. The subscribers eive notice that a
stray Horse came into his premises, on Dr.
Rooke's land, Nuuanu valley, three weeks since,
and that he desires the owner to take him away or
he will be sold to pay expenses.
This horse has the following brands ; on the left
hip J M, on the right hip, J M
June 19, 1855. 7-3t
A LADY residing near Boston, Mass. U. S. A.,
who ha spent several years at the Sandwich
Islands, and is well qualified as a teacher, is desi
rous of taking a few pupils from the Islands to edu
cate. Children from three to twelve years of age
she will take sola charge of, on reasonable terms.
To parents who have children bora at these Islands
and who wish to have them educated in the U. S.,
a good opportunity is thus afforded, as but a limited
number will be received. Apply to
J. F. B. MARSHALL, Honolulu,
or J. W. AUSTIN, Lahaina. 7-tf
Persons having such children in chartre. m find
comfortable home for them, where they will be cared
for, and instructed in the useful branch nf n K-
lish education, by applying to the subscriber at his
residence, in Printer's Lane, opposite the Stone
Church. Entrance on Kin? Street.
7-lm WM. niTTTric
GROCERIES.-rYresh Currants, Raisins, Flour
Corn Meal, Citron Peal, Pickles. Mustard
Sauces, Ac. for sal by
rip HE SUBSCRIBEP. will open on the 1st of Ja
JL ly, a boar din 2 school for half cunt eMMrM
Nuuaw street.
OFFERS FOR SALE, ex. "Ocean Pearl"
other late arrivals, to close consignments tv
following assortment of Merchandise, selected
pressly for this market :
Dry Ubods; &c.
Bales Ticking. dot Denims, do. Strij es, do. U
and scarlet Twilled Flannel, cases Blue Drills te
do. striped Drillings, do. bleached Jeans, do. I)J!'
brook Sheetings, do. bleached Cotton Flanneld
Barnsley Drillings, do. Brown Holland, do. MSOr.
do. blue and white Cotton Thread, do. Chonrf,
do. Cotton Hdkfs, Cout's Spool Cotton, blue 1?
black Broadcloth, Cassimeres, Fancy Satinetts R I
T .: V T . T '"I
111 sjoaujigs, jl .mi ntui(f, Ajjuuene J(p
Elastic CdatingfblcVd Linen, Black Velvet, Yello,
and White Flannel, colored Cambrics,Table Cotq,
10 1 and 121 Linen Shirtings.
Blue Ribbed Satinet Pants, Cadet Mixed do.
Fancy do. do., Drab do. do.. Black Union do,
Linen Drill do. do.. Denim Pants, Denim Frock,
black Beaver Reefing Jackets, Petersham do Ha
Pilot do. do.. Monkey Jackets, Striped Shirts. Dut-
T.. Vl...l KVirf.
Silks. Ribbons, Trimmings, &c.
Pes. black Gros de Rhine Silks, do. 38 inch
liiaclE Mixs, ao. Changeable Silks, do. Satin du Qutr
Suits, do. rlaid Saks, do. Brocade Silks, do. 0i
Silk, do. black Taffeta Ribbons, ass'd widths, fo
Black Satin do. do. do.. 1 carton Smyrna Edging
assorted widths, assorted colored Velvet Kibbo.
Black Velvet Ribbons, various widths. Fane vVel-l
vet Ribbons, Black Silk Cravats, Lisle ThreaJ
Gloves, Lines Hdkfs, Agate Buttons.
Blankets, Hosiery Ae.
I0j and J 14 superior Swiss Blankets, Striped Me
rino Undershirts, Hair do., Women's White Cottot
Hose; Men's Grey Cotton Hose, Men's Striped Cot
ton Hose, Virginia Hose, Braces, 4c,
Groceries, Preserves, fre.
Half bbls Beans, cases Champagne Cider, Smok
ing Tobacco, FinecutTobacco, sacks Almonds. Su
per Carbonate Soda, mats Cassia, chests Fouchooc
lea, 1 bale Corks, Fancy Soaps, 1 bag Black Pep.
per, Doxes citron, boxes Cologne, Cream Tart
Sardines, boxes Starch, Smyrna Raisins, Chocolate
assorted Confectionary, 1 bale First Quality Hips,
1804; cases rehned. Lard, in tins.
Assorted and Mixed Tickles, gaL jars and qts..
Gherkins, Onions, Cauliflower, Walnut, Red t'tb!
bage. Walnut Ketchup, Tomato Ketchup, Capers
Lemon Syrup, Strawberry Syrup, lias p berry Svn
Ginger Syrup, Pineapple Syrup, Blackberry Syntn.
Sarsaparilla Syrup, ass'd Pie Fruits, Ground Giu.
and Cassia in i lb. bottles. Allspice, assorted HerU
Essences Lemon and Peppermint, Extract of Vanilli, I
Kose and Lemon, Cayenne Pepper, Peppersaace.
Rose Water, Paoli Vinegar, Saleratus in lb. bottlej.
White AN me megar. Preserved Peaches, in 2 lb.
tins, do. Damsons, do. do.. Preserved Pears, Quincw
Green Gages, Pineapple, Mackerel, Codfish, lobster
Clams, Green Peas.
600 gallons Spirits Turpentine.
Boxes Brown ext. Soap, 20, 4S and 75 lb. boxn.
Casks Pilot and Medium Bread.
Half bbls. Family Clear Pork.
Bbls. Pork Shoulders.
Hardware. Cailery, Ae.
Cast steel and iron Shovels, cast steel handlfd
Axes, Broad Axes, Kettles, Counter Scales, Chili i
lanes, Screw Drivers, Aiken's Brad Awls, platoit
Trysquares, pocket Tape Measures, brass Stow!
Rings, Cheese Tasters, powder Flasks, chalk Kwf
Reels with prickers, Irish lines, Wood Saws, Root I
Strops, Jewsharps, table Knives and Forks, Pocket I
Knives, Razors, Scissors. Butchers Knives & Steels. I
assorted r-Shears, brass Butts steel Key Rings. Paik
and Sail Needles, Thimbles. Corkscrews, Spoke-!
s naves, nana and back Saws, Soup Ladies, Lamps t
Lanterns ass'd. Chopping Knives, Mortice Guaw.
Match Safes, Fish Hooks, iron and brass Wire, 'for-
mentors, Box Scrapers store Door Locks, c'hwt
Locks, Padlocks, Mortice Locks, Rim Locks, Rack
ing Locks, Hickory Mallets, Meat and Wardrobe
Hooks, brass screw Hooks. Auuer Handles. Shoe
Punches, Mule Chains, bricht Auirers. brass Lut.
tons. Halter Chains, Sheaths and Belts, Rat Trap
Britannia Tablesnnnn. Tinnwl iron Tra anil T.hU.
spoons. Bench Vises, Ox Bow Pins, square Sprim:
Bolts, Chest Handles, Augers Bitt. common Spikt
Gimblets. Handcuffs, copper Tacks, brass Seres
assorted. Wood Rasps, half round and bastard Fiie.
Pit Saw t lies, Taper Files, Basting Spoons. Ham
mers, Douglass Pumps, bright Hooks and Eyf,
Firmer Chisels, cabin Door Hooks, bright Wrenche?.
Curtain Fixtures, Coffee Mills, brni Do-j Collar-,
ui. aiiuirun i ire sieves, spring balances, ramuj
Grindstones, Corkstops, Hand Bells, Teapots
Skimmer ladles, assorted Tai-ks, cns cut Saws,
Ccthn Strews, bra.3 Curtain Ring, Sail Twine,
sheen Shears, shiu Scrain-rs. XpihIIm- assnrfI-
1 'rawing Knives. OU Stone. Cloak Pin, sextet
Chisels, Mounted Palms, stctl-platc Hoes Jfc Rako.
(il.mwarr, Lamas, &.c
Solar Lamps, hanging Solar Lamps, reading Ijimf.s,
B- itta, Coffee and Teas, solar wicks and Shades, 1)
canters, wine Bottles, vhina Vases, Finger Bowls
Goblets, Paper Shades, S;oon Holders. Cologne,
solar Chimneys, PedesttJ Candlesticks, Fr'of ila.-f-es,
Butters and covers. Devklights, TumMcm.
Lamps, Sugars and covers, etc.. etc.
Stationery, fcc
Copying and writing Ink, Slate and Lead Pt-nei.
Pass liooks. Writing Books with copies. Letter U
Fpois Cap Fapi-r, assorted qualities, Note I'aj-rt.
InkStands, Drawing Pencils, Steel Pens aud I'm
Holders, Waters, Envelopes, P.i.l Paper, Mulii'S
Wax, Playing C.trds, l.irge and small wrapping i'a
per. . BraBM, rte.
Paint Brushes, assorted; slice brusLrs, sera1.),
tooth, nail, dust, bhavtng and varnish Brushes, as
sorted ivory and dressing Combs, &ide Combs, M-
son s Paste Blacking, etc., etc., etc. I f
HAIS Palm-Leal and Leghorn.
r . j SdJIery, ke.
Men swaddles complete with two girth strap,
girths, brass spurs, assorted, web girtLing, li'
whips, fancy riding whips, etc., etc
W4n Ware, sVc
Hickory axe handles, corn mill, ox yokes com
plete, Sc-hoolslates, assorted sizes. Looking Giarf
card and box matches.
, Craekery Ware. Yc.
V hite plates, I -4 soups, edsred trifllers 1-4 som
C. C. Chambers ewers and basins.Porter man. ett
Auort7ent of Carpenters' Plane, etc. 8-u
JUST received bv the undersigned, per Clifr
Bark " LEONID AS." from LiverpooL
Among them are
-A ?-lf cases Ci very choice Prints, including so
new styles in Turkey red and yellows muslins, V
lin dresses and lace dresses, beautiful French
a few pieces sup. delaines, new styles Alp1
goods, lastings, &c, &c; every variety of eott r
r - a - ' r k
and mixed trowsenngs, cloths, flannels, baizes .
blankets in great variety, white, colored and fw? :
shirts, blue serge shirts, red serge shirts, worsted "
cotton and merino undershirt a complete assort'
ment of silk hdkfs, linen drills, Irish iiaea, bfo3 .
linen drill, linen sheeting, &e. (14 1 small iaw
of silks. Tartan cashmeres, oarages, rich plaid gtsf;
hams, assorted clothing, cotton thread, domestic
madapolams, white shirtings and denims as sorts
hosiery; an assortment of boots and- shoes; an
sorted invoice of Paris goods, consisting of vSii
ribbons, hats, feathers, cloves, raitv vasasofe, P i
fumery, mens-' boots, ladies' shoos, children' h
UU.XIUX3, pwiazcs, jewtury, bm cis)uuag, muu"
petit pois,&c. "
An assortment of Saddlery, Bridles, Bitts 1c..
do do Earthenware,
do da Iran.
do do Bedsteads and Children's do
Steele's Yellcw or nearly Whita Soap, I
A few Cart Wheels. A Wirt Carriage,
150 tons Cardiff Steam Coal. t
Th above goods are offered at the lowsst nnlt
rates, and with those received" by the Conrai ji
advertised ekewhere, present to purchasers
complete assortment of Dry Goods than has j
been before offered in Honolulu f
N. B. The undersigned- expects- in future to l?
up a regular supply of staple articles by direct t
sels, as well as to continually introduce new at?!
of Fancy goods via the United States and the h
musr oo4the Nicaragua route, which will be o-
advertised on arrival. ROBERT C. JA'I0
Honoluluv March 2. 18o4. 3-tf
rwMtE Subscriber has just received and now on f
Ji for sale, at his store in Makee's Block, the Wj V
gest and finest assortment of China, French
German Confectionery ever offered to the puhW
Honolulu. 3d-tf - . E. HU ijia

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