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ST rejoice to learn that tfie question of the
long ulked of, so much desired . Inter-iBland-team-r.avigation
is likely to receive a favorable so
lution. The government, being financially unablo
to establish a line of hiter-ishwl steamer, issued
proposals in June last to several leading merchants
in this city to take shares with it in the purchase
of a steamer, but was met by a general disindina
tion under various pretexts. II. R. II. the Minister
of the Interior, however, is not a man to sit down
with folded arms because a thing cannot be done
in one particular way. If the government could
not singly, and the merchants would not collective-'
y, yet an individual house might be found willing
if encouraged. The consequence was that an un
derstanding was soon come to with a merchant firm
in this city, by which they agree, upon the const
deration of certain privileges accorded by the gov
ernment, to place a steamer in the Hawaiian coast
ing trade, within 12 months from May nest. The
vessel, or vessels, as we understand it, are to be
built expressly to the order of the above firm. By
that time, also, the San Francisco and Hong Kong,
and San Francisco and Shanghae lines of steamers,
trading here cn route, may probably be far advanced,
if not completed, which event cannot fail of exert
ing nn important and powerful influence upon the
stability and success of the projected inter-island
line of steamers.
When we add that the firm alluded to is that of
G. A. Williams & Co. we think that another word
upon the performance of the contract and the
character f the vessels will be superfluous.
that county. He was born 18th May. 1806 and
had consequently 'finished his 52d year. He re
ceived part of his early education in that branch of
Christ's College Hospital which is situated in Hert
ford. Having iu course of time removed to London to
study his profeasion, and at an early age received hisj
diploma, he felt desirous of seeing foreign, parts, and
with that view, as surgeon, joined a whaleship bound
for the then romantic. South-Sea fisheries. The name
of the vessel has escaped us fijr the moment, but the
Master's name was Stivers. Having in the first place
touched at Lahaina in 1829, he made the acquain
tance there . of some of the past generation of high
chirfs, and also of some foreigners, and when aKer
another reason's cruise his-ship arrived in Honolulu,
he was generally requested to remain on shore and es-
tabllih himself in his profession. With the Captain s
Chaplain, which office he held till, his Majesty's
death. There are many persons now residing on
these Islands, who can testify to bis faithfulness as
a laborer in the vineyard of the Lord. A few min
utes pievVus to bis death, he was asked how he felt.
He calmly replied, " Well? I am only, waking for
the Lord'to call me I am readv !'' At the end of a
prayer which had been offered up for lam, Le re
sponded to it in a clear and distinct voice, Ameu,".
.and then immediately resigned his soul to hi Maker.
He has left at the Society Islands a sister and an
only son, for whom, he has well provided, and in this
city two daughters and three grand-children. -
AVe read in the Friend :
this petition should have arrived at Washington
throngh the proper channel, the American Consulate
in the Archipelago, but the functionary who held that r
post having refused to receive it," the natives were
obliged to apply to the French authorities to forward
it'for them. Notwithstanding this, our contemporary
is slow tQ believe, and, having been hoaxed himself,
seems to enjoy the malicious pleasure of smdler boys
in hoaxing others.
We have heard much talk about the Monroe doc
trine" in America : is it not time to propound a
Monroe doctrine' for Polvnesia !
numerous peddlers on Kauai kept the natives in debt.
He moved to strike out all in regard to peddling licen
After an hour's discussion, in which several mem
bers from remote districts objected to the motion, on j
the ground that peuuiers were mere wuicuituv.B,
motion was lost, 13 to 9, and the suctions were paseed,
when the committtee rose and the house adjourned.
California Miustre!.
On Saturday evening last this company played at the
! Royal Hawaiian Theatre, it beiog-for the benefit of Mr.
A Gard. The Chaplain takes pleasure in acknowl- ; Murphy, who had a crowded house. During the week
ediuz the sum of sixtv dollars ($60) from the wives ., . . , . . t, -,- . i ... M
f shipmasters for the purpose cf n-carpeting the J
.... n L. oncon f a. trt nrnnnRi t Ion . LnJ soon
had his hands Ml of business. In the year 1830 he j Bolbet Also the sum of ninety dollars ($90) from On Wednesday evening they produced for the first
, .. ,, shipmasters, whose names were attached to a paper, time in th:s city, a laughable farce called The V.gger
married urace JvaniaiKui, seconu uaugnier oi iuc witu the fouowine heading :
Mr. John Young, sen., the friend and counsellor of Ka- j
mchameht I. and widow of the Regent Kaahunianu's j
brother Keauuioku. By this -lady, who survives!
him, he left no issue, but when her sister ttfe wife of i
the late chief N'aea, gave birth in 1830 to a daughter,
afterwards called Emma, the child was according to
au ancient custom of the country, immediately adopted :
. ... . . W . - l I
by her relatives (Dr. and irj. ltooke) wno cnerwneu j the A(h.a.lisfr cver COuia have done. Where therein
her with almost more thau ordinary parental care, till j questjon of uniting practical comfort with delicacy
her education derived partly in the Royal School and j of expi.CSition i00k out for the ladies ; they are sure
partly from private tutors being completed, and she j t0 be ahead of the lords of the creation" puf ing
arrived at woman's estate, they had the honor and hap- ; d sweatins hard behind them. For our part, we
carpet the Bethel, the shipmasters propose to pur- dience in roars of laughter from the commencement to
chase a new chandelier, by subscribing the sums op- the end.
posite their names."
To those who look below the surface of things,
the above short notice conveys a livelier idea of
kindly hearts ami pleasant faces than an hour's talk
ing " before the wind," or a two-column leader in
5?" While Hawaiian Journalists and political econ
omists are distressing themselves and annoying their
neighbors by their solicitude for the shrunken con
dition of the public cribw while they, in their zeal
to save a dollar, would let foreign agents clamor and
be d d, and send the military over the pali of
Nuuanu, they have either accidentally overlooked or
purposely steered clear of that portion of the execu
tive, known as the Board of Education."
Now that the new civil code is receiving iu last
licking and final dress from the Legislature, we think
it high time seeing that the committee rather hur
riedly than advisedly passed by the subject to re
mind them of one branch of economy which will
save both dollars and credit to the government.
We w ill explain.
Under the present law relating to the Board of
Education and the manag.-ment of the government
five-schools, there are in every district, appointed
by the Board of Education, a School Inspector and
a School Treasurer, the latter of whom receives,
keeps safely, and disburses to the order of the In
spector," all school taxes collected in his district
for the true and faithful jerformance of which ser
vice he is paid 5 per cent, on ail taxes 6o received
and kept, and is besides exempt from the obligation,
which we know to be correct in principle, and should
wish to see adopted here in practice, exacting a bond,
with penalty, from the receivers ?ud keepers of all
public funds.
We think then that the duties of these irresponsible-gentlemen
may now be safely transferred to
other hands, and that, if there is a Department of
Finance, that department, and none other, should
be the sole receiver and dlsburser of public funds
appropriated for public purposes.
We see no valid reason, though we have heard
many advanced, why the Board of Education should
T n t flrTC tinft tVlO TrUQBiitT na H'aII nh ntlA.
department under the government. If, through the
nature of its construction , the tendency of things
and the apathy of men, it has morally become an
imperium in imperio, there is the "greater reason why
it should not remain financially independent of that
mutual relation of support and responsibility which
should exist between the various departments.
Had the school taxes been paid into the Treasury
during the past years, there would have been no ne
cessity for borrowing money on exchequer bills to
carry on public works during the summer months,
when other sources of government revenue are com
paratively dry ; beside the interest saved upon said
bills by the operation. And surely, upon general
principles, the government is better entitled to the
use and the benefit of the use of f-aid money for six
or nine months of the year, than the School Trea
surers around the country, who do not even recognize
their responsibility by giving bonds for the safe
But some conscientious defender of the present
system may ask how are the poor teachers to re
ceive their wages ? The answer we would leave
to the Legislature, but we would suggest that as
the expenses now are disbursed ' to the order
of the School Inspector" in each district, 6aid
orders would lose none of their validity, and may
be improved in their accuracy, by being 6ent
up to the treasury for payment, having first been
vised by the Board of Education.
As the Legislature is now in session, we hope that
cur views will and an advocate on iu floor and ft re
sponse in the votes on the subject.
pine!s to see her married in IS-jG to the Sjvereiga of
there Islanda. The last few months of Dr. Rooke's
life were invested with a new interest by the birth.of
the Prince of Hawaii in whom his affections and hope.?
were centered. ' We understand )hat the nearest sur
viving relative of the deceased, of the same profession
with himself, holds an important staff appointment in
the Bombay Presidency of the British East Indies.
For several year3 past the subject of this notice had j
ceased to use any efforts to secure his proportion.il j
share of the general practice of the town. But lie it- ;
tained to the day of his death the cfike of Physician to
the Court, and, deeply impressed with the w int of hos
pitals for sick natives, every moruing threw open the
doors of his dispensary to many who could not other
wise have procured advice or medicines. Besides the
amount of physical relief which he thus achieved it
must have been a balm to the minds of many suffering
wretches to kuow that n hat they claimed in vain as
members of a community wa3 accorded to them upou
the broader though simpler basis of a common humani
ty Dr. Rooke had the honor to be called to a seat in
the Privy Couucil of State, aud was a member of the
Board of Health. He had also attained to the highest
degrees in the orders of Odd-fellows and of Free Mi
sons that can be conferred in this country, and was
also one of the oldest meinbrs of the Mechanic's Ben
evolent Union Among other offices of houor and res
ponsibility which he formerly held may be mentioned
th&ce of Representative of the people fr the district
of Koua, Oahu, in the National Legislature, and
to which office he was twice elected, and also Cham
berlain to the Koyal Household during a portion
of the reign of Kamehameha III. As a man of science
he had long given close attention to meteorology, and
in a more practical way he was one of the pioneers
in the cultivation of the coffee pfont. The following
expression of regret on the part of hi3 professional
brethren is only a just tribute to the memory of the
At a meeting of the Hawaiian Medical Society,
held on the evening of December 8th, 18J8, the fol
lowing resolutions were moved by Dr. Hillebrand,
and unanimously adopted :
Wheieas, it has pleased Divine Providence to re
move from our midst, our brother T. C. B. Rooke,
therefore, be it RtsolceJ,
1st. That we have learned with deep sorrow and
regret the sad news of the sudden and unexpected
death of our collengue Dr. T. C. B. Rooke.
2d. That, in him, we have lost not only the Senior
member of our Profession here, whose libors among
this people and community during his long residence
on these Islands, have secured for him an enduring
place in the memory of the Hawaiian nation ; but.
aio,a brother whose strict sense of profession ul
look upon theie donations as au indirect way of
killing two birds w ith one stone," viz ; to furnish
the Bethel and express the approbation of the donors
w ith the Chaplain.
C7On our first page w ill be found an article call
ed " Thoughts for the Thoughtful," which we copj
from the last number of the Friend. It is written
by a young gentleman of this place, whose acquire
ments are of no common order, whose understanding
we respect, and whose opinions are bravely paddling
against the downward current of life's stream, up to
their fountain head of light and truth. We would
fain believe that every one who reads the article
would also be thoughtful" enough to heed it. That
the Sullathlest mind is as much a violation of God's
commands and the laws of nature, a? a Sabbathless
body, is well and vividly set forth. It is the gist of
the article, and it is ably brought home to the minds
of the thoughtful." Though universal and gene
ral, like all great truth, yet we know that tho wri
ter's idea i3 developed with a special reference to the
latitude of llor.olulu and some of the social strata in
its community.
Royal Ilnwniinn Theatrr.
This evening Mr. J. F. liow E takes a benefit at tho
above place, when " PjHirro" will be performed.
Miss Annette luce as "Elvirs," and Mr. Tokely as
" Rolla.". Thf afterpiece to be "the Suge-struck
To those of the public who have beguiled many
an hour within the wails of the theatre whether
the 'purpose was instruction, amusement or esoape
from ennui to those we need not present the claims
of Mr. Rowe to their favorable regard and patron
age. As au actor of all work Mr. Rowe is indispen
sable and invaluable, and as a low comedian few
have done better justice to their roles than he.
" Let other! prai?e thee." Old $au.
As a general thing we have refrained from giving
the various executive officers under the government
Our reporter having been unavoidably delayed in
attending the sittings cf the Legislature, we are under
obligation to Hon. H. L. Sheldon, Member of the House
of Representatives, for the minutes of tho proceedings
of that body which we publish to day.
IIne of Representative.
Dec. C, First Pat. The House met pursuant
to adjournment at the last meeting on the 28th June
last, at 11 o'clock, sixteen members present besides the
By Mr. Hollister, from Name, for $77 expended by
him in building a pound at Waimea, Kauai. Refer
red. By the same, from Paihewa, for $18 75 expended
by him in repairs on government pound at Koloa,
Kauai. Passed.
A communication was received from the Joint Com
mittee on the Civil Code, reporting said Code as
amended and approve! by them ; anl also laying be
fore the Hou!e a resolution, recommending a refer
ence of the subject of impost duties to the Finance
Committees of the two Houses. The report was ac
cepted. A communication was received from the President
of the Board of Lducation transmittiug certain enclo
sures to his Annual Report. Referred to the Com
mittee on Education.
By Mr. Auilin.thit the Clerk inform the House of
JTob:cs that the Representatives ara ready to proceed
to the business cf the session. Adopted.
By Mr. Sheldon, that in order to facilitate the ac
tion tf the House in the consideration of the Civil
Co le, the ordinary rules applicable to the introduction,
discussion and past-age of biiLi be suspended, so far as
the ."-aid Code ia concerned. Adopted.
Mr. Robertson gave notice of intention to introduce
a bill aiueuJing the SSth article of the Constitution,
(respecting the Kp-renoe by the King of important
subjects oflaw to the Judges uf the Supreme Court.)
The House went into Committee of the whole and
took up the consideration of the Civil Code.
Title I, "Of Laws,' was read and passed, when
the Committee rose and obtained leave to sit again
to-morrow. Adjourned till 12 M. to-morrow.
Dkc. Second day On motion of Mr. Dowsett,
the Rules were suspended, and he introduced the fol
lowing Resolution, which was passed unanimously :
llesolrcd. That whereas the House of Representatives
have heard with rezret of the decease cf T. C. E.
Rooke, M. D., the adoptive father of Her Majesty the
Queen, and member of His Majesty's Privy Ccincil of
State, this House, as a token of respect to tiie memory
cf the deceased, do now adjourn till to-morrow at
twelve o'clock.
Dec. 8, Third Dat. A communication was re
ceived from the Minister of Foreign Relations, sdbmit-
that praise for performing their duty in the face of J tillZ sundry copies of his reports as Secretary at war.
naving in cnarge me rure iu oi puouc works, ana as
Minister of f oreign Relations, the appendix to the
Al A K 1 iN E JO U K ft AL-
Nov S. Haw Khr Maria, Molteno, frn Maui.
4. Am wh h Core. Fish. X L. 305 tor., 39 month! out, S
men frn Ochoufc, via Lahaina, 1W h on board ; 14
whs, 9oU bbl, 14.000 b thli season. .
5. Haw schr Heoul Ana, LikeWe. (in Kauai.
Haw schr Fxcel. Antonio, fm Hanai.
6. Haw schr Moi Wahioe. fin Kauai.
t Haw chr Kamehameha IV, fra Kohala.
Haw srhr Kekauluohi. Marchant fin Kona, HswaL
Haw chr Mirv. Berrill, fm Kawaihae.
Am clip h Yoriek, Soule, fm Lahaina, to load for i L
States. Consigned to R. Coaiiy 4 Co.
8. Haw schr Moi. Chadwick, fm Lahaina.
Haw schr Moikciki. Hall,sm Kawaihae.
Dec 10 Haw schr Kinooie, fm Kona.
A n wh sh Laftoda, WUlard. X H. 841 tons. W mo out,
fm Ochotak, via Lahaina ; too wh 7,1)00 b thl season ;
iifT and on.
Dec 3. Wh h Reindeer. Ahly. to crni3e.
4 Hjnoverain br Teutonic, Buihce.for Xcw lork.
6. Wh s!i Washington, Purrinfrtfm. to cruise.
Wh br Ae.ite, Klitri-lpe, to cruise.
Wh br Hawaii, SohimuicifpRniic. to cruise.
Haw chr Moikciki, Hall, for Ilaw:iihae.
". Haw chr Ketmi Ann, I.ikke, for ports on Kauai.
Haw schr M:iria, Molteno, for Lahaina.
Haw chr Kxccl, Antonio, for Na:lilli. Kaaai.
Clip sh West Wind, Baxter, for Xew Bedford.
Wh h Thos Oickason, Haskett. to cruise.
S. Wh bk Fortune, Anderson, to cruise.
Wh1k Java. Kay nor, to cruise.
Wh ?h Mary, Jenks, to cruie.
Wh br AntiUa, Molde. to rruise.
Wu bk Amazon. E'.dridtre. to cruine.
Haw schr Kamehameha IV, for Lahaina and Kohala.
Haw schr Manuokawai, for llilc.
Haw schr W arwick, for Lahaina.
9. Hair schr Kekaulnohl. Marchant, for Lahaina and Kona.
Haw schr Mary, Berriil, for Kawaihae.
pec 10 Wh bk KinpBsher. Palmer, to cruise
Haw schr Moi, Chadwick. for Lahaina.
Haw schr Moikeikl, Hal!, for Kahuiui.
opposition, for overcoming difficulties and inaugura
ting never snd truer modes of procedure, ont of
reasons of policy and motives cf delicacy which any
candid and well-hred reader will not fail to appreci
ate. But when ether pens take up the subject and
d but simple justice, and that so gracefully too, to
the officers of that branch of tho government whose
prerogative, birthright and heirloom it seems to have
been, from Pistol's time," to ' receive more kicks
,than coppers," we have no hesitation in quoting, as
we now do, from the Friend, on the subject of the
RiFCiiso Dvtt. It always grieves ua to se young men
smart men and sailor men at that led ty the nne by some
oneofthoae nautical mooters, better known a "sea law
yer." Whenever we hear of mutiny, refusal of duly, or
similar un-sailor like proceedings, we invariably suspect and
but too often dlet the handiwork of one of those graduates
f .r the jardarm or the states prison. During the past week
we hear of a case of rcl"uiDg duty i n board f llie '.Vitria
Thereto, of New Bedford, whore .nie eighteen of the crew
believing themselves competent to settle what has lone been
a mooted point in marine Jaw aud mage deuiauded extra pay
for working while the ship was bove out to repair and, beiuj
denied or put off by tiie V) n, refused duty.
In this case the L". S. Consul, by rau-ing the refractory men
to be imprisoned a!iote, acted witn a firmness and justice that,
we hone, will prevent the recurrence of nimilar ill advised at
tempts to takt th 4iw in their own hands. Whatever ihe
grievance, a sailor, that U a sa lor, will grin and bear it"
until the end ol the voyage, and then look to his Consul or
authorities for that justice or compensation which may have
been denied him on board.
The ' 'mi cruis-j 1 in the Ochotsfc, Iu S W, Shantar and Mer
cury Bays; had fojrjy weather an.l mnch ice; found whales
plenty in S V Bav, hut very shy ; saw the flrsl In April ; took the
first in M a v. near Jonas Inland. Left the Ochotsk Oct 14; had
head winds on tiie passage down ; encountered sever! severe
gales, in one of which she lost her fore-t p-mast ; leit only 7 or et
whalers at Lahaina.
The Cnrf.tr cruised in the Ochot-ik, nf Jonss Inland, till
July, in S W an. I rinantar Bays, till :Vj.ieint.er, aiterwards o!f
OclioNk ct'y. round the weather unusually logpj' during the
enrly patt of the season, e-ipecia ly in tne bays. Had light
wind till Oct li). when she met a "gale from the X E, whicQ
lasted 3 days. Hprmif her fore-topmast and lost some canvas.
Whaies weie larsre nd numerous off Oclintsk City, hut were
sliv an t I'nti.-'ilt to catch, ciaw and took liie 6it sperm whales
Jail 5, in I it 3, lorn; I3C E. Saw aud toi-k the first whales
May li, about I mj iiuWm d E of Jonas Island. Lett cane Klo
k.urhei Oct sj, ana came through tlii straiis Nov s. Had bad
w eather on tiie passage dow n. .ov 13. iu l-t i - 44 X, long
l'.T - 30 VV". was caatit in a typhoon ; lost the starboard boat,
carried away the mun top gailant mast, had the main top-sail
bio u out of the bolt ropes, and received mue damage to the
head gear.
Tan Roman cruised in the western part of the Ochotsk.
Found the weather very logy during Hie first part of the sea
son ; in the latter part clear. Wnalee were plenty, but the
weather prereutnd their being taken. Saw and took the first
May S3, off Jon .s Island. Le't Oct -X.
The Jii-su Thtrtna cruised in the Ochotsk, in S W, Sban
tar and Mercury Kays ; in the early p.irt ol the season in X E
Gulf. Had foggy Weather till the latter part of the season,
when it was very fine. Whales were rather scarce and very
wild. Saw the first in the latter part of June, in X Cull'.
Too the first Aug 55, in V Bay. Left Mercury Bay Oct 6.
and came through the straits Oct l. Had rough weather and
head wind on the passage down. Arrived at Uilo Nov 0, and
while in cha ge ot the pilot, went on the reef at about 9 or 19
o'clock P M. Was on the reef 3 hours, but was finally forced
over into deep water, a distance of mile. Sprung her jib
boom, lost considerable copper and sheathing, destroyed a part
of her 1 krel, and suti,un,l other damage. Came here to
The Jfa-y Frazicr cruised in the Ochotsk, in Mercury, S W,
and hantar Bays ; in the latter pa.-t of the season otf Jonas
l-laml. Had much to and ice. aud in October, routi,stormy
weather. On the 13tii had a severe gale ai d lost the waist
boat. Whales were very numerous, particularly iu August, ia
Shantar Bay. Was prevented Hum eatchiuif them by the ice
and log. Found them very wild, riaw ttie first June, on Jo
nas Island. Took l he first July 2'J, in Mercury Bay. Took
Exports frm Iiahaiu.
Cargo of Anglo Scuon, (: 4.
15WS0 tt bone a 40c
2951 galls sperm oil7.!l "
S2C6 . " whale oil'SflOe
14bblalush$5 "
Total value,
Cargo of Ship Torfc, Di. 5.
1S.211 ealle aperm oil tt '.
IT6,9J " whale oil ft 50c
bone 4Je "
" '
Total value, ..
JT There have been lo this Port, op to Dee. 5-i
rar, 4 merchantmen and TS whalera.
lin, of Faimocth, Mass. 1st officer; John Fauct't. of r
T. ccorer ; John Moran, of Trey. X 1" ; Chtj r,. l
Bedford ; Andrew Delsny, of Xew York : Asd-' L
March . at Guam, on board ship 'Condor "of
dine, Manuel Drake, a Portuguese. He tad'bj
time he left Honolulu.
August 16, on board ship Ximrod, Dennis B. ',
tory sore throat, after an illness of 13 days. He uO
Bedford, -oi was about 13 yeara of age. "
October 19. on Big Shantar I?Iand. bv the -.. .
Rajah, Ansel Stewart, cf Fa-rhaven. Mass. . i
orrhf!ld. Vermont - frank Jacet. of Vr.. ir 09S
King, of Florea. Western Islands; Manuei serene .'I -Western
Islands ; Frank, of Pico. Vi estra Islindi
of Guam ; John Spanish, of Taicahuano "
The bcd.es of Capt Stewart, John Morin, iianatl
Glass and John Spanish, were found ard turici. "
October '9, on boaxd bark Half, of a g-ricrsi"itt : t
Smith, boatteerag, ai'cr an Ulnesa of 9 or 3 'u
Montreal. 51
Nov 14. In a heavy gale, Francis Derby, a y
de Vrd lilands, was washed overboard frmn t; 1
was about 3 years of age. i '
Per ?heffiel. for Cold Sprine, L I A I) fartwrip.
daughter; Mrs Green iind child. "
Per torefursten Constantin from Ayaa P Tjhw j'
sen, A Schroder.
Per Jost-phine for Jarvis Island W H ttuiict & f
Per Glimpse from San Francisco A D Earnirt A
Credtfail. t D Carlton and wife, t! D Chase. C c'i-i
w old, C P Flower. Capt C Fussach, C Guile. W G . .
A Kennedy, A McLean, C W Meyers, Mr :.-K r.,, I
A Schcllenberjrer, P Tolman, W Vandrjg, S ZacnariihT'
Per Prances Painier for San Francisco Cipt irrnn
nart. T F Dennis, M Eager, J Isaacs, R ks-rs, T C sa
Per West Wind for New Bedford Capt J A Las
children, Miss E Law, Mr Pike. '
Foreign Jurors.
Llf ot Ftsreisii Jnrers for the JimaanT
.f the Supreme Court !i be bolden at tiie Cur
Honolulu, on Monday the 3d day of January, A D.,:
J. ( Carter, jame Gren. A. Burnliam. ( V.F,i7
F. Hart. Daniel Foster, W. A. Aidrich, J. C. ?ni:,,at i'
land, Georee IT. Piders, Jar.ies Austin, John II. W.t1
V. Bates, Rhodes C. Spencer. George l' irke. J. Mj;.
P. Adams, Henry F. Poor. John II. i ole. George
ward Ken p, John O. Pomim. John H.C Pra't lraS:n
Anms Cook, O. T. Law ton, W. L. Green, J. T.
Michael Burns, I. R. M tch'll. William D'lrcu 1 3 :
son. E. O. Hall, S. H. Dow ett. F. J. Hmith, C. H.
Drawn in our presence this 6th d,v of IWr. a. it r
(Signed) LLISH AH.
Chief Justice of theVprm,,..
w. v. parke, n-n
Hosoiclc, ss. I hereby certify that the iboveiirr;
faithful copp of the original list of Foreign Jurors.
in the office of the Supreme Court. As w itntj. m ic
7th day ot December, A. L
32-31 JXO. E. BARNARD, CWk Snpr.r.
propriety in his relations to us, as well as to those police
entrusted to his care, have won for him our lasting
eteem and re-tpect.
3d. That we offer our warmest sympathy to the
afflicted widow and family of the deceased, and
4th. That a copy of these resolutions be published
in the Polynesian and Commercial Aditrtiscr newspa
pers. It. W. WOOD, XI. D., I'res't.
Chas. F. Gi'iLLorj, See'y.
Their MajmtitV Return.
On Tuesday morning last, at a little after 8 o'clock,
a Royal salute from the Fort on Punch Bowl hill
announced the return of their Majesties, and the
Prince of Hawaii, and the party by whom they were
accompanied, eftcr an absence of almost three
months. The Kekauliohi and Mary were the vessels
put into requisition upon the lamented decease of
her Majesty's adoptive father, of which no intelli
gence had previously arrived in Honolulu. Their
Majesties embarked on board the Ktkauluohi at Kai- j
In oection 41, Department of the Interior, Mr.
Chamberlain objected to a provision, pi icing the power
in the hands of the Minister of the- Interior, to incur a
debt on the order of the King in Council, not to exceed
praise than censure publio official, and especially
those connected with the police. We should be do
ing preat injustice to our feeling did we not bestow
more than a passing notice upon the increased efli
ciency of the Hawaiian police, m.iinly attributable,
we understand, to the present Prelect. We would
not tuulervaiue the fct vices of the other persons be
loiigiuij to the police corps. To b- a good police
oflie?r, in Honolulu, is no sinecure berth, if tho in
cumbent does his duty. Indications of greater effi
ciency appear in the general -quiet of the town, (eve
nings and upon the Sabbath,) the few police arrots,
and smhll amount of business at the Police C'ourt.
We would assure Marshal, Prefect, and police olh
cers uenerally, that they will have the support, ap
probation and sympathy of all wot thy and respectable
citizens, provided they do their duty promptly and
efficiently, enforcing laws and punishing ofFcndcrs.
The influence upon the character of the port, and
good accomplished, will be very great. We heard
an old shipmaster, commander of a large clipper in
port, say that he had not visited so orderly and quiet
a port as Honolulu for twenty years. His men go
and come evenings, work efficiently during the day.
and conduct as sailors should. We have heard less
grumbling this year among shipmasters respecting
thf rlisnrHpra nmrniT ripir fcampn than fver hpt'rvrA
lua on Saturday the 4th inst., but tho order to keep 'e shall call attention to this subject in a future
the consort vessel in sight prolonged the passage. number, for it is of great importance, in order to in-
r7Ifalwav affords us much more delight to j the sura of Sp.OOO, for the purchase of lots, whsrf
EgT Oar late townsman T. C. B. Rooke Esq., died
cf apoplexy, at Kailaa, Hawaii, on Sunday the 28th
Nov. ulL, at 1 o'clock P. M. He was attacked in the
first instance at about 6 o'clock in the morning of the
time day, when s messenger wag instantly despatched
far Dr. Herrick of South Kona, who arrived ithout
loss of lime and perceived at ouce that the patient
was beyond reiovery, and approved entirely of whit
had bjen done previous to his coming. The same day
hit Mijesty caused measures to be taken to secure the
erricss of two ve3els to convey the Royal party and
the ronains of the decease! to Honolulu, bat owing to
blow from the Southward, and other detentions, the
nbarkation was deferred till Saturday afternoon last,
ol their Majesties did not land till Tuesday morning.
8joa after daylight of that dy, however, news of the
M.f.H.UI. ..Ml V IU. M - . If 1 , - 1
w-iuwawijr iirui usuiiuc vurrcai m fionoiuiu, and
produced a very general gloom among all classes, na
tive and foreign, and when the " Mary " came in tight,
the various flags in the harbor and on shore, that bad
been hoisted to welcome back the Royal family, were
lowered to the half-mast.
Thomas Charles Byde Rocke, F. R. C S., had been
fr nearly thirty yeam a resident of these islanda,
which he never left daring that long period, and hav
ing lived almost uninterruptedly in Honolulu or its im
mediate vicinity he was, as it were, a part and parcel
of the place, which had grown up under his eye, and
to which his own taste in building had helped in sev
eral Epoti to give a substantial appearance. lie was a
native of Bengeo, Herts., England, where his father
was a medical practitioner of considerable notoriety in
On stepping into their boat, after the schooner had
been towed into port, the Royal party was saluted
by II . B. Ms. ship Calypso, Captain Montresor, and
the display of flags of all nations, on shore and afloat,
proclaimed a general welcome, which was heartily
testified by many other signs. Their Majesties and
the infant Prince appeared to be in the enjoyment of
perfect health, although the spiriis of the two first
named personages were necessarily depressed by the
sad event which hurried them home after their other
wise happy sojourn in Kailua.
dace whale ships to viait our ports.
Death of m gd old Tahitian.
Died, on Friday evening last, December 3d, at
his residence, in Honolulu, Mr. Cook, (common
ly called Kuke.) aged seventy-seven years, having
been a resident of these Islands for upward of
thirty-two years. He was torn at Uuahine, one
of the Society Islands, in the year 1731. His
parents' came was Taouiarii, but they being in some
way connected with the family of King Pomare
Vairaatoa, (the father of the present Queen) that
King gave him the name of Cook, in - honor of the
celebrated navigator. It" appears that when very
young he became religious, and has always been
looked uponas a missionary. He was a great favor
ite of King Pomare, and an intimate friend of the
Rev. Mr. Barff, who, in several of his letters has
spoken of him in the highest terms of praise. In
the year 1825, Kalaimoku, then the High Chief of
these Islands, requested Kirg Pomare and his Chiefs
to send hither a Native Missionary, and Mr. Cook
was selected for that ipurpose, and arrived here in
the following year. In the year 1849, his late Ma.
jesty Kamehameha III. appointed Mr. Cook as his
A I must a Flaod.
Vie L-arn from Ewa, Waialua and Koolaupoka, that
the quantities of rain which fell in those districts dur
ing Saturday, Sunday and Monday were enormous,
upsetting stone walls, submerging the low land, and, at
Waialu.i, tilting up the long bridge so as to be impassa
ble. We are positively assured that that mythical in
carnation of human experience, "the oldest inhabitant,"
has n o recollection of a rain so copious and protracted
as this in question.
lie Sticks t it.
It is certainly laughable to see the pertinacity with
which our contemporary hugs an idea, in spite of the
truth, the expostulation of others, and the shadowy,
unsubstantial nature of the subject iUelf. In its num
ber of December 21, somebody had abused its ear by
stuffing it full of annexation crotchets about ome of
tha Society Islands and the United States. This week,
notwithstanding that H.B. M.' Acting Consul General,
B. Toup Nicolas, Esq., officially addresses that unhappy
Journal on the subject, and kindly volunteered inform
ation that would have enabled it to distinguish the
truth in the matter ; notwithstanding that a Journal
bo deeply versed in Saxon lore and the " langne d oui,"
might have- seen by looking in the Courier des Etatt
Vuis, (New York,) of October loth, that the document
forwarded through the French legation and actually ar
rived al Washington was (but we prefer to quote)
"instead of a proposition for annexation, a petition,
signed by the natives of Raiatea and Tahaa, earnestly
requesting that they may be delivered from the annexa
tionist enterprises and intrigues of Messrs. Croft and
Jordan, citizens of the United States." and further that
hitter wa3 not entirely printed. The RepDrta were ap
propriately referred.
T4ie order of the d:iy was then taken up in commit
tee of the whole. This was the bill introduced by Mr.
Low, the member for Hmnukua, for the protection of
graziers." After a short discussion it was referted to
the Committee on the Judiciary.
The House then resumed the consideration of the
CWx Cn ) Tltln If .if tha a.lminiatfdtinn r.P fWorn- i most ol their oil off Ucliot.sk City in Uctober. Caught tho last
! whale off Ochotsk city. Uct , which was probably the latra
ment.' I tateo. Lett Oct).
The Xi:nrol cruised in the Ochotsk, principally in S V and
Hlmit tr Biy. Had rough weather, ith much foe and ice.
Whales were plenty at nmes, but vary shy. especiilly in the
bays. Saw and tuk th fir-it iav 4, near the Kurile Islands.
O l 16, in a gale, sprung h-r fore-mast bcli.w the catharpings,
and carrifd awy her jib-boom. Lett Nov 1. Had stormy
weather on the passage down. .Nov 14, was in a heavy gale j
carried a vay a large part of the ktarboard bulwark, and stove
one of the li-.ats.
The Yili tfr R. n nt cruised in the Urhotsk, in 3 W Bay.
Had foggy we ither most of the season. Saw much ice. Whalr a
were pie ty, l,nt hard to catch. Saw the first in June, near
Jonas Island. Took the nrt iu Jul v, oil Sliantar Island. Lejt
trt Irj.
.Ti.e Condor encountered a strong westerly blow on the Pd
of March, in lat 19 s ID .N, long 1T-J W. Sprung a leak and
was obliged to put into Onuin to repair. 1'rtiised in the
Ochotsk, in S H" and Shantar Hays. Losi 3 men by desertion, id
S W Bay. Found the weather very unfavorable. Whale,
were plenty. Maw the first in Jnue, otf Jona Nland: took
thi- first June 10, in tiie same place. Lett Nov 2 ; had stormy
weather on the pa-a;e down. Was iu a severe gale Nov 1 i.
Carried away the mre top gall int-m't, fore-top-ma-l crosstrees
and lore-yard, and lost some rauras ; arrived here leaking
badly. Reports : The lik 't;iA, Stewart, of N B, was lot.
Oct IS, on tii- north side of Big Snant.tr Island during a strong
n.irth easterly storm. The weather not permitting an obser
vation to he ttken, Capt Stewart supposed lie was tairty-nva
or for:' in les irom the islands ; a heavy fall of snow prevent
ed him from seeing the land until close lo. when lie wore ship,
but, having previously lot her lore-top-niast in 8 W Hay, alie
Could not carry surticieiit sail to weather the point, she on
struck, and went to pieces almost rw. mediately ; the master
and twelve others were lost, (see list of deaths.) The survi
vors, consisting of the 2d mate and twelve men, were taken
care of bv C'ait Whiteside and have arrived aately in the t'on
dor. About 1-iu Lbls oil. 100') lbs bone, and a small quantity of
provisions were taken from the wreck and brought here by the
The Cincinnati rrrjsed in the Ochotsk, in S W B y ; had
disagreeable, f.'ggy weather, with much ice and frequent gales
ot wind ; found w hales v. r scan e ; saw the first .Mav l i, in
Tarvesk Bay ; took the first July 21, in S W Bay ; lelt Orl SI.
The Haiti cruised in the Ochotsk, 8 W aud Shantar Bays;
had good weather till late in the season; saw but few hales
in the early and middle parts of the season ; afterwards they
were plenty, but t"e bad weather prevented their being taken-,
found iliein very shy ; saw the first May 2). 15 mil. s 8 w of
Jonas Uland ; t iok'the first July 13, in Shantar b.y. Left Fe
lixtolf Oct 13, and came through the straiu Nov 6.
sites, erection of government builJinzs. etc. Mr.
C. thought it gave too much power to the Privy Coun
cil. Followed by Mr. Kaumaea in his usual energetic
style, on the ume hide.
Mr. Kolertson exphiiueJ. Under the law of 1S1G,
the Privy C'tmndl was constituted a Treasury Bo.u J,
and unlimited power was given that body to carry on
all treasury business as they nuht think proper. They
had ul.so under existing laws the power to purchise
lundd ic. The power contemplated in the present
section was a necessary one and was wisely restricted.
There were times when government could purchase
property and materials at cheap rites, which opjiortu
nity, if delayed until the next session of a legislature,
would be lost. An opportunity might occur to pur
chase a steamer for inter-island trade, although Mr.
It did not think this fccction would cover that point.
There were mnny necessities that were afterwards ma le
apparent, but which were ofteu not foreseen by the
legislature. Reverted to the fact that the annual ap
propriations had for several years exceeded the revenue
in amount.
After borne further discussion, the subject was post
poned until to-morrow, when the committee rose and
the House adjourned.
Deo. 9, Fourth Dat. A communication was re
ceived from the Foreign OflLe transmitting further re
ports. On motion of Mr. Sheldon, article lo, relating to im
post duties, was referred to the committee on Finance.
Mr. Chiraberlain moved to fix the hour of meeting
every day at 11 o'clock. Mr. Sheldon moved to amend
by fixiug 12 as the hour. 11 o'clock was fixed, 17
to 3.
Obdkb. or the Dat.
The consideration of the Civil Code was resumed in
committee of the whole.
At the end of section II, under discussion yesterday,
Mr. Robertson moved to add the words : provided
however, that no portion of the amounts appropriated
by the Legislature for specific objects, shall be used for
the purposes herein mentioned. Also to limit the
amount to S20,0t)0.
By Mr. Chamberlain ; also, that all appropriations
under this section shall be subject to the subsequent
approval of the Legislature.
Mr. Robertson said that this last would have the
effect of defeating the entire object of the law.
Mr. Austin moved to strike out the section entirely.
The nmendmeuts were rejected, 15 to 8, the section
was stricken out, 11 to 8.
In section 42, giving the Minister of the Interior
the power to sell or lease government lands, Mr. Ka
lama moved to iusert : " Excepting, however, the
wharf and other lots of Waikahalulu."
Opposed by Messrs. Roberta, Chamberlain, Shel
don and Richardaon, who stated that an attempt had
been made to lease these lots and had failed ; a great
deal of money had been laid out on their construction ;
if this restticrion was carried, how was government
ever to get back their outlay. Not by ctfering them
at lease, said Mr. Robertson, as long as tho world
Kaauwainaa (Hammond') said the
lease project did not succeed was that the upset tirice '
ro r,, .i r '
Mr. Kaumaea in a long speech opposed giving gov
ernment the authority to Bell.
Tbe motion to amend was lost, 17 to 5 and the 1st
article wa3 passed.
Article 2d Of the Coasting Trade and Internal
Commerce, of venders of goodti, wares and merchan
dise," passed.
The scctions'providing for peddling licenses were
discuss at length. Mr. Hollister objecting that the
The niftrralaeri bavin; been appointed (uinta
pers..n and property of George Holmes, lier...
tico to ail persons indebted to bim 'o nuke inimeautr-a. ,
and oil persons having claims sgninst the i:ne niif
2 oested tu present then) to R. G. Davis ; aii h. Lvn. i
isn, breiy forbids any person trusting the saidCmii
as from this date, the aforesaid guardian will pita
contracted by bim.
Honolulu, Dec. 6th, 18o3.
3-2-lt E. G. Dl' !
The) m JeralfneMl hrrebs civ aiatice ihat
bis lutcntiou to leave this Kingdom tor a lim tely
32-2i JOHN lilBU
For Vancouver's Island Direct
The A. I, British
Barque O II ESTES,
1200 tons burthen,
Now undergoing thorough repairs. willbedespttdK
above orC on the l.rih instant.
For Freight or Passage, having excellent acenmn.-.!
Apply to JOHN" Cltm
Office of J. t'.Sp.i.sna,.
X. B. Heavy Freight will be taken at very loii:a
to receiving ballast.
4 I.L PA K 11ES wh bate paid their ft:
. v wnen caned upon by tne undersigned, or ano U'
tax notices, lett at their residences, or pi ces ol
hereby informed, that the undersigned "ill be it sa
on Emma Street, 2d door from Beretsnia rree:. tn :
their taxes, everv Saturday from 9 o'cl'clc M. 5
P. M. until further notice. WM. WEBSTEl
Tax Collector, Kona District.'.
Honolulu 27th Oct. 18SS.
Daily Expected per "Sue:
J. C. SFAIDI710,
52 doz 22 tins OyMer.
So do 1Tb do do
2o do 13 tins Green Corn
4o do I.T tins Clams
4o do 2m do C
:'o do 1 9 iii a Lobsters
So do 03 fins ires Mean
At lowest current xi-;'
lo hf 6tiiC."
o tit i q an
loo bis WiociifVw
lo bxs S:era?;K I V
6oo it h liif!'""
2o hf bis U' 5 '
(Coatrr not tticludni.)
H. B. M.'s frigste Calypso. Montresor.
U. S. -boonr Fenimore Cooper, Brooke.
Am clipper s'lip Warhawk, Simmons, up tor New Bedford.
Am clip sh Yorick, Sonle
Ara ship Mountain Wave, Hardy, up for New Bedford.
Am. ship Gladiator. Luce, up for New Bedford.
Am b't Alexander, Bush.
Ara bk Glimpse, Dayton, np for San Francisco.
Hanoverian bark tlarburg, Groifenhtin.
British bark Orestes, , en route for Vancouver'! Ia
Am herm br jF.olus. Camruan.
Am sen Isabel. Davis, en route for Vancouver'i la.
Am sh Corea, Fish
bk Italy, Babcook
sh Cincinnati, Williams
h Condor, Whiteside
h Ximrod, Howes 4
sa Mixy Fraiier, Rounds
Fr ah Vil'.e de Rennes, Ltjuedoit
Am ih Roman, Devo'J,
ah Cewpcr. Deaa
eh Maria There!, Coop
sa iKlasrare, Kenworthy
Fr ih Erpadon. Homoat
Am bk Memmic, -one
bk Java, Lawrence
ah Carolina, Harding
ih Hobomok, Marchant
h Splendid. Pieryon
a ct:c. Phillips
ah Montauk, French
bk Brighton. Tucker
ah uiympia, Kyan
bk Vernnn. Bumpus
Haw bk Gambia, Merritt
Am bk Wavelet. 8waio
eh Northers Light, A uaiin
an fcaron,
4 do tins smoked Herring 3o cses T"Ci ";
lo di 1? tins rasp'y Jam So hf b J'i ?; Tr.
lo doz 13) tins pres Strawberries 4 do? ?3 luupra."
9 dor. 2 tins Apple Pulp
So doz Veroaie Oiivea
5o do 2I tins ass'd Soups
So do do S up i ik.uiiie
lo do do Cii'rken
lo do do Turkev
So do do ass'd ioups 1 Brc!i
5 bbls cider Vinegar
33o tins butter, wine, soda and oyster Cr
to bbl Eice, 1 bale Cloves, 5 bes Pepper. 1 itf
lo bxs corn Starch.
5o kgs TVhisky
Oo kegs New Fnc'and Rum
5o kegs American Brandy
locate Boker's Bitters
to cases Champacne Cider,
2o ba.-kft- Chimosp
5o doz pints ,
3oo T6 IT. I5 ft oars
5 bolts ea No 1 !olff
loo kegs nj'U
10 cases rom.i twiM
So doz ilenrn !jnts
25 do-ed. blue!'
25 prs lines dri.I "
to doz Atil"'3 'W
lo cases charcoal irons
2 do h'ula axes
J!..bbl pitch
io nests boxes
5o do buckets
15 di tubs
lo dz 3 hoop pails
2o bas hot
5 cases shoes
Suss br Storefurstca Cocrtaa- Haw bk Harmony.
tin. Lindholra
Roes bk Turku, Soderblom
Am bk F'.o.-tnce. Cordd
bk Fanny, Boodry
sh China, Thompson,
eli iSouth St aman, Norton
bk M.inuel Orter. Hazard
sh Oroiimbo, Peae
ach E L Frot. ?;ericer
- sh Eliia Adims, Tliomas
sh Empire, Russell
be Kauai, Mmmen
Am bk Tybcie, Freemaa
sh Mires, Manchester
eh Mintrvs, Crowtll
art John t Elizabeth, Lester
Haw bg Wailu.i, Lass
Am bk Fran Henrietta, Drew
sh Brutus. Henry
sh Ben Morein, Sisson
ITaw schr Alice, fpencer
br Fruma, 1 oUle
leases rjbridge blea'd sheeiiijs
5 do n etern State bro jo
5 da Sutfolk denims
5 do fhetucket blue drills
3 do Pepperill bro do
1 do Mesrim ic U blue prints
2 do Thorn, like ticks
2 do iinp'l bine flannel
9 do heavy hianke's
2 do satin jeans.
100 HbN Navr Rread, 10,000 lbv Pil;
10 cnki Hams
31 23 aides Riggint; Lf:thfr
to ni.nsF. rn'sif;MET
THE followinc bal mce of Mercfc
X received per " Young Greek ' and ' ilountii"
SO oars, each 16, 17, 18 feet,
50 steering do, 22 to 4 feet,
100 do. 10, 12. I I, lofeet.
Manila Rope, It. 21. 3 and -n "'". .
Bolt. Cotton Duck, Nos 2, 3. . 5, , o
3J kegs assorted Cm Nails,
Cases Paints, comprising Prussian Blue.
Chrome Green.
do Yellow,
French Blue,
White Leal,
Boiled Oil.
Miir.ts Turpen'iwi
I Jto 4 Roger Williams' 8fe.
j Bales Hops, bbls Galego Flour,
I Boxes Raisin, kegs do,
' Bolt Whiakey, 6 and 2 gallon keg
i Octars esks Revierre" Brandy,
i do da Cognac do .
I R.il.1 Rmwn Tlrill balf bh!a Hide PniJ'fc
J case Loaf Sugar, i bbis crushsd a.J j
roria.sby. i.C-Wi
Honolulu. Dec. i. 1-58.
' Notice,
fPHE Vrxlenlarned fi.Hrl P"
t J. ihe Hay Horse Hotel, or otuerwise,
t 29-6i:i
I r - j
it hoot hi?
2 mea-of-war, 10 merchantmen, 46 w baler toUlyS9.
Dec. 8 Waiter Scott, Collins, cruise and home.
Ck-er'o, Courtney, rruise welt.
5 Corea. Fish, Honolulu.
4 Mussachiuvtls, Green, N Zealand.
Anglo Saxoo, Martin, N Bedford.
Louisa. Hathaway, N Zealand.
6 Yorick, Soule. Iiouohilu. ,
Eaphrates, Heaiij, Marar-v Bty, '
SA1LKI from Liverpool M4V J
A Clipper Ship for Honolulu, with ' '''"'i
at i.rMsiisi Tfir4.iv tiirrea ntr iiit iiis---r T. nr
lih Fancy Print, and the usual '
ed bv regular supplies by ships tourhmr ""l c j j
ria, V. I. S7 If KObEJ
TO STEAM CO. U Blacksmlj
WW Bricks. 53n?ar. Mills. Liverpool I
Salt, Packing Salt, for sale by
Hi I tl'llUVM flrta vnailil 8B
FELT II ATS, nd Ladies' Rid'"? " iS
vi-Hakssa-aj JS lil

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