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... I
NORFOLK. Va., June 22. —
Citizens’ of Norfolk have pledged
their support to Miss Aline Black,
high'" school teacher whose court
case is the spearhead of the bat
tle ndw. going on in this state to
equatizeJthe salaries of Negro and
white'" teachers. Miss Black was
notified- through her principal,
Jund '14;* that the school board had
refused to issue her a contract
for another year.
Norfolk citizens, determined to
prosecute the case to a finish,
called a mass meeting for June
25. Plans for picketing the office
of the school board have been \
made by members of the Virginia
State Teachers association, which
is fitiancing the legal fight. It was
anndunC&d that the teacher’s com- j
mittee would see to it that Miss |
Black’s salary for the next year
is paid.
" Petition Denied
On June 1, Miss Black appeared
in court before Judge Allan R.
Hanckel ;at which time her peti
tion,* which sought to compel the
school board to pay her and all
other -Negro teachers in Norfolk
the same salary as white teachers
with similar qualifications and
doing-the same work, was denied.
Her attorney, Thurgood Mar
shall, assistant special counsel for
the • N. A. A. C. P., immediately
noted ah appeal. It was while
this appeal was pending that the
school-board indirectly notified
the teacher that she would not be
Marshall came to Norfolk from
New York to confer with City At
torney Alfred Anderson in the
fight for the teacher’s re-instate
Vets Rout Jim
Crow at Meet
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fade,^Sunday afternoon. June 19.
Oveij* 75,000 persons lined /the
principal streets of Rockford to
view the colorful spectacle. Equal
ly interesting -vyas the Cootie
torchlight parade at 11 p. m., and
ihe &Trand Scratch at 12:30 a. m.,
^5a¥ttrday, June 17.
Among the various resolutions
1 passed ’'^yas the ohe* opposing the
easing of the Neutrality. Law and
the defeat of the War Risk Insur
ance act. Significant also was an
amendment to the Department
By-Laws introduced by Seam
Squirrel Joseph W. Rollins in the
Cootie Council of Administration,
which was passed unanimously.
Cootie Rollins’ amendment,
which outlaws discrimination at
subsequent encampments, followed
attempted discrimination occasion
ed, when Hotels Faust, LaFayette
and the Midway Tavern raised the
color bar. These public places,
howeveT, were forced to bow to
the uncompromising demands of
a y. F. W. committee which de
manded that equal treatment be
accorded all delegates without re
gard to race or color.
Elect Colored to State Offices
The four delegates of the Mil
itary Older of Cootie of Monkey
Mountain Pup Tent No. 20, play
ed an important part in the elec
tion of officers of that body. Their
votes were deciding factors in
electing two of their membership
to state offices. Cootie Frederic E.
Franklin was elected Grand Sky
Pilot and Cootie Joseph W. Rol
lins, Grand Trustee.
Monkey Mountain Pup Tent No.
20 c-f Hhnt Post was presented a
silver loving cup for obtaining the
most new members for 1938-39.
The cup remains in their posses
sion for one year, becoming the
permanent property of the body
if won for three consecutive years.
The ladies auxiliary vwas rep
resented by Mrs. Frederick K.
Franklin, .Mrs. George Jefferson
and Mrs. Otho Kerr. Others in
attendance were Mr. and Mrs.
William JacksOn, J. W. Williams,
O. fc. Hnuter, Stanley B. Norvell,
Gedrge Jefferson and Tipio Jones.
Vol.,‘30, No. 20 Sunday, June 25, 103ft
National Independent Weekly Published
«o- Every Week by the
Chicaff<r*>ffice: 3655 So. State St.
ROUlevard 7002
Price £J' Per Copy Everywhere
$2.40 Per Year in the United States
$3.00 in Foreign Countries
.Ad vejtising Rates Upon Request
Ejjter^d as Second Class Matter Autr
ijst it, 1025. at the Post Office at Chi
Dependable Savto
' I QuaUtyCoal
II Satisfied Customers
»«»»*'> SJBt v*Bt»
•yo rutlfcf*’** *v* _ *
CHICK WEBB, king tf the drummed', who wav buried in
more, Hid., Tuesday. Chiek died in JtiM?* Hopkins hospital follow
in' an operation for a kidney a linent. The entire mus e world
mourns t'.ie passing of the little dnnmn.*r b »> who scaled the heights
to jazz hand fame. '• . ;
Community Week sponsored by
47th : Street mei cluints, comes to'
a sma?hing windup Saturday,
June 24,. when the many valua
ble prizes offered by 47th street
merchants will be awarded to
slmpp'fet sr * Shoppers who made
| purchases all this week and un
to (1 'p. in. Saturday, JUne 24,
will have a chance to share in
the many prizes offered.
The grand prize is a $99.50
Stewart Warner Refr'gerator do
nated by the Commonwealth Edi
son company. Other prizes in
clude a Complete Manicuring
Course, a women’s complete
beach outfit, infant's 50-piece
layette, a man’s tuit, a woman’s
dress, a man's hat, a man’s shirt,
a $5 corset,, men’s, women’s and
children’s shoes, a ham, and nu
merous other valuable merchan
dise . prizes. Drawing starts at 7
p. m. sharp. Shoppers must be
present at drawing in person to
qual fy for the prizes and must
have their prize tickets with
Prize tickets will be g'ver.
fiee of charge at 47th street
stores with every purchase made
up to (i p. m. Saturday Tickets
must . be deposited in the stores
.where purchases have been made
by that time.
More Jobs for
Youth as A & P
Open New Stores
With the opening of Self Serv
ice Food stores in the Southside
community, by the Great Atlantic
& Pacific Tea company, more of
the young people in the district
can look for employment with
this company. According to the
sales department young men and
women of color are now being
trained to take positions in these
stores as they are opened up. And
for possibly the first time the
company will employ colored but
About a half dozen A & P Self
Service Food stores will soon be
operating in the community. These
stores' specialize in fresh vegeta
bles at all times, fruits, bakery
goods and meats as well as gro
ceries. The next one to open its
doors is located at 321 East 51st
street. This store will be open to
the public, Tuesday, June 27t.h.
A and P Self Service Food
stores are operated at a minimum
expense. This probably accounts
for the many housewives who j
i i —————*
patronize them being able to-save
on their purchases, as it naturally
follows that one can buy for less
when one deals at stores that are
operated at the least possible ex
pense. Southsiders welcome the
opening of these stores neah at
home not only for that reason, bat
also because dddilional em
oloyrrtfent opportunities they offer
•olored people.
Why paj TEN CENTS for aj
oaper when you can get t better
me for FIVE CENTS? Ask you»
newsdealer for THE BEE,
Your Family’s
Health Insurance
• • • . i : '
An adequate, well-balanced diet is otte
way to insure your family’s health.
Every well-balanced diet should include
milk. * 1
Milk, nature’s fftost nearly perfect food,
supplies the body tfrith p'rdtein fdf f&pair Of
muscle tissue; with calcium and phdsphortls fbr
building and maintaining strong bortes and
sound teeth; with fat for energy — with many
of the important vitamins so essential to main
taining good health. *
So pledge yourself to insure ybtir family’s “
health with _ _' • . „ ; : 1 f 1
r BorASn-WiilinA br&it A Mi(K
“ if It’s Borden’s, !t’i Got id GoAd ”
: f ; - . . ■'* . ' r ! •
■ w.
i---— 4 T r.
The Rev, William* H. , Griflfiri,
pastor of Grant Memorial A. Kit.
E. church, and chairman of the
committee on social ac ion of the
! A. M. E. Ministers’ Alliance, was
selected chairman of the com
mittee on vice condition in Negro
communities at a meeting of rep
resentatives of various civic arid
.welfare organizations, Tuesday.
The organization of Such a com
'rnittee was suggested by Chief
Justice John J. Sonsteby at a
conference called by the Ch:cago
Urban League in the city hall on
May 31, at which time charges
of laxity in law enforcement were
aired. Vice-chairman of the com- \
mittee is Mrs. Ripley Mead of the
West WOOdlawh district arid a|
member of the South Certtra!
Council of the P.-T. A.
| Mrs. Fansadye Nelson of the
South Park YWCA is secretary;
Joseph Jefferson, director of the
I Juvenile Prevention Program of
|the Urban League, will serve as
j executive secretary and F. T.
| Lane will act in an advisory ca
pacity. O her members are:
Franklyri V. Babb, H. N. Kap
lan, Mrs. Irene McCoy Gaines,
Mrs. Nannie Mae Williams, Atiy.
Sydney A. Jones, John W. Banks,
Atty. Graham T. Perry, William
Abrams, Mrs. Harold PrinCC, Roy
D. Haverstick, Mrs. Ruth M.
Srnith, GeOrge R. Arthur, Richard
! L. Jones, Harry M. Englestein.
William P. Rarrison, Dr. Arthur
G. Falls. Six additional person
are to be named, making a com
mittee of 25. ,
The purpose of the committee!
will be to determine to what ex-.:
tent lack of law enforcement Js
responsible for increase in juve
nile delinquency and crime.
Community newspapers will Car
ry a series of articles on condi
tions in the district. Represeri-;
tatives of the press on the Com
mittee are Miss Olive Diggs; Chi
cago Bee; John Sengstacke, Chi
cago Defender, and A. N. Fields.
Pittsburgh Courier.
(Coritinoed frdm Page 1) j
fcundatioris of reality in our owfi,
communities, in short, we have:
possible soUrc£ cf power within
got to look to ourselves for otir
strength; and in gaining that
strength, we must exploit every
our grasp.
To the graduate, then we say:
The soil is potentially fertile,
but until now, badly tilled — the
test of your education will lie in
the crops that you produce! .*
Demand Probe
As Cops Deny
Brutality Charge
(Continued from page 1)
inson, on the Westside last year.
Charges of police brutality in
the Dewitt Cannon case, Secretary
McCray stated, are based on af
fidavits from a half dozen eye
witnesses. Police Commissioner
James Allman was requested to
take immediate steps to suspend
the officers involved pending a
more thorough investigation, he
tfeny Charges
These charges are denied, how
ever, by Officers Washington and
Woods who are supported by the
report cf Dr. T. A. Carter, coro
ner’s physician, who examined
Cannon’s body at the Roscoe Tay
lor morgue, where it was taken
following his death. Dr. Carter
stated that death was due to a
ruptured appendix, resulting in
The BEE queried Undertaker
Taylor, who stated he was pres
ent at the time an autopsy was
performed on Cannon’s body. Tay
lor upheld the coroner’s physici
an's findings, stating he noticed
no marks of violence or bruises
which might have indicated that
Cannon had been maltreated.
Dr. Carter was also interview
ed. He. stated the coroner ordered
an autopsy when charges of po
lice brutality resulting in Cannon’s
death were made. He said the ex
amination of the deceased’s body
showed no sighs of mistreatment,
nor did it bear any marks of vi
Peritonitis Causes Death >
Death resulted, he stated, when
peritonitis set in following a rup
tured appendix. He added that he
was sure his findings would be
verified by another doctor who
was called in after he had ex
amined Cannon’s body. Efforts to
contact the deceased's widow for
a statement were unsuccessful.
Meanwhile a call for the or
ganization of a citizen’s commit
tee to direct the prosecution of
Officers Woods and Washington
wgjs sent c-ut this week to public
officials, ministers and civic and
labor leaders. The committee will
alsO investigate and prosecute
other cases of alleged police bru
tality, it was revealed.
The meeting will be held under
the auspices of the National Negro ^
Congress of which Mrs. Lillian
Surilmers is president. It will con
vene Sunday afternc-un at .2 o’-';
clock at the Walker college, 47th '
street and SotitH Parkway. • i
1 . ■■■■ ■■■! ■■■— ..—.. ..
Chick Webb carried with him
on the up-beat to fame, came
from the south with the en
tire band for his funeral in Bal
Library’s “Clock
Club” Interests
Young Readers
Hall Branch library, 4801 Mich
igan avenue, joins 45 other
branches of the city in this year’s
“Clock Club,” the city-wide read
ing game sponsored by the Chi
cago Public library as a summer
activity for children. This year
the Hughes Room of the Main
Library is included in this giant
reading club, the motto of which
is “Reading Hours Are Happy
This year’s game is planned to
eclipse all former efforts at stim
ulating reading for children dur
ing the summer. Boys and girls
all over the city are joining the
mammoth reading club, which is
open to any child who can read.
Given Member Button
When a child has read six books
he becomes a full-fledged “mem
ber of that great fraternity,” the
Chicago Public Library Clock
club, and is entitled to a mem
bership button which distinguishes
and identifies him in children's
“library circles.” Children leaving
the citv for vacations may take
their books along and report when
they return. Buttons will be a
warded at the first assembly in
all schools in September.
A huge clock in the Children’s
Room at Hall Branch will pro
claim the “Reading Time” of all
f?ehoQls-*in this district,. Principals
m .IcF&lhers in both the public
ancf parbehial schools have'pledg
I J. Wesley Jones, director of j
music of the Metropolitan Com-!
j munity church, 41st street ant
South Parkway, is the proud pos
sessor of two trophies for h's
|work in the music field. One of
| the trophies, a gold statue, wa;
presented the noted choral direc
tor by the South Center epart
ment Store during a radio broad
cast for his achievement in music.
Director Jones’ famed Metro
politan choir will sing in Dan Ry
an’s Woods, 87th and Western
avenue, dur'ng the series of ves
per concerts sponsored by the
Chicaog Tribune. On Aug. 19 he
will again direct the chorus of
1,000 singers at the 10th Chica
goland Music Festival in Soldier
ed their support to make this the
finest reading club ever organiz
ed. The cooperation of parents
is solicited in order to help all j
children enjc-y a pleasant, profit-,
able summer with books.
SPRINGFIELD, 111., June 22—
Despite the impassionate plea by
Representative A. Andrew Tor
rence of the 3rd senatorial dis
trict, Chicago, 111., for the passage 1
of Hou-e B 11, No. 302, at the close 1
of last week’s session, the mem
bers saw fit to defeat this all im
portant piece of legislation.
The bill would have included
domestic servants in the Act rel
ative to minimum wage standards
for women and minors. It was
called for passage by Representa
tive Torrence after a controversy
lasting two days on the floor of
the House with Speaker Hugh W.
C'tes Low Wage Rate
Rep. Torrence charged that sin
ister methods were being used to
defeat this bill, thereby causing
thousands of women to work for
starvation wages, in many cases
getting as low as 75c per day or
wqrking for their board and dis- j
careFed clothing1*5**-'*** 1
Estate Broker
In New Location
Tracy W. Champion, formerly
Black, Inc., until he severed con
ections with that firm several
weeks ago, and one of the city’s
foremost real estate brokers held
open house at his new location,
the Tracy W. Champion and com
pany offices at 6054 Prairie ave
nue last Saturday, June 17.
Champion, a pioneer in the field
of property management, general
real estate mortgages and loans,
and who has been in business on
the southside for the past 25 years,
wishes to acquaint the public
of his new location. Friends are
urged to visit his offices at 6054
Prairie Avenue, or call Eng. 0065.
Hold Rites
For E. Hedricks
Christian Science services were
held orii Thursday (today), June
22, at 2 p. m., at Metropolitan
Funeral Home for Everett Jones
Hedrick, 4219 Champlain avenue. -;
Mr. Hedrick, who was a world war
vetenan, passed away suddenly
on Sunday night.
A product of Alcorn college,
Alcorn, Miss., and Meharry Phar
naceutical school, Nashville,
renn., he was for a long period
if t me an employee of the U. S.
Surviving are his widow, Mrs.
Marjorie R. Hedrick, prominent
in political and religious circles;
a sister, Mrs. Sadie J. Demby;
lour brothers, Dr. Robert M. Hed
r'ck of Gary, Ind.; Nathaniel P.
Hedrick of Terre Haute, Ind.;
Rev. B. C. Hedrick and James T.
Hedrick of Chicago.
Mrs. Bcttie Stewart, 3837 Dear
born street, died in county hospi
tal Monday. Mrs. Stewart, who
was 80 years old, was removed to
county hospital following a fall
in her home on June 9. Death
was due from complications re
sulting from a dislocated hip.
There was tio • inquest.
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