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Musicians Enjoy a
Party as Guests of
A. P. S, Music Club
Mme. Annette Broadice White |
and Mrs. Florida Thomas Sanford
acted as hostesses at a lovely par
ty in honor of the officers and
members of the National Associa
tion of Negro Musicians on Thurs
day evening in the spacious rooms
of the Helene Memorial Library.
The program of the evening con
sisted of a display of the Art
Department of the A. P. S. Club
with the collection of paintings
of young Negro artists owned by
Mrs. Florida Thomas Sanford
and the handicraft of Mrs. Vir
ginia Brooks on exhibition. Miss
Mercedes Cleaves, mezzo soprano,
rendered “Iris” accompanied by
Miss Marienne Jeffrey, in a most
charming manner. Mrs. Della
Hudson, charter member of the
club, told its history.
Mme. White presented some of
the notables present. These in
cluded the national president,
Mrs. Marv Cardwell Dawson;
Mesdames Maude Roberts George,
Florence B. Price, Anita Patti
Brown, Martha Mitchell Parks,
Thelma Waide Brown. Rose Bow
&n Alexander, Alice Davis Craw
ford, New York City; Nannie
Bradshaw, Stella Thomas, Fannie
Carter Woods, Orita B. Wilson,
Alice L. Martin, Omega King, C.
Biddings, Ruth Allen Fouche, Lil
lian Johnsn, Theresa Johnson,
Annie Jordan Severv, New York
City; Coral Yancy, West Medford,
Mass.; Dulcinea Pennie, Nelle As
kew, Josie W. Roberts, Daytona
Beach. Fla.; Marie C. Limason,
New York City; Edna M. Walther,
New York City; Peggie V. Pierce
Pittsburgh, Pa.; Evelyn L. Ross,
Blanche K. Thomas, New York;
Elizabeth Woodley, Detroit; Mayme
Grimes, Detroit; Estelle Love,
Kansas City; Blanche Wright,
Paige, Millie Hynson, Blanche
Lake. Lela Brewer, Detroit, Mich.;
Josephine Inniss, Lillian Hearne,
Clara Hutchinson, Gladys Nelson,
Margaret Jackson, New Kinsing
ton, Pa.; Helen R. White, Ethyle
Helena Smith, Thelma Bailey, Gal
veston, Texas; Zenobia Braccy,
Cecile Dawson, Annie Dolly
Thomas, Constance Zeblis.
Messrs. J. DeKoven Killings
worth, Atlanta, Ga.; E. W.. King,
William L. Dawson, Tuskegee,
Ala.; J. Wesley Jones, George
Hutchinson, Earl H. Porter, Pitts
burgh, Pa.; W. A. Robinson, Reg
inald F. Fisher, Urbana, 111.;
Charles Manney, Theodore C.
Stone, Harold Houston, James
Nobbie, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Re
ginald S. Bierman, Pittsburgh, Pa.;
J. A. Cardwell, Pittsburgh, Pa.;
E. C. Welch. John H. Thomas,
Dempsey E. Ward, St. Louis; M.
Archie, and many others.
Visitors Attend
Good Shepherd
Church Sunday
Worshipping at Good Shepherd
last Sunday were: Mrs. Louise
Bond. Plymouth Congregational
church, Louisville, Ky.; Miss
Azalea E. Martin, Lincoln univer
sity. Jefferson City, Mo.; Mrs. J.
E. Miller and daughter. Miss Lil
lian McGavock. Nashville, Tenn.;
Rev. Perry Dickinson Avery,
wife, father, mother, sister, of
East Chicago, Ind.; and brother,
I Dr. O. P. Avery of Los Angeles.
, Mr. Avery is pastor of the First
Congregational church, East Chi
cago, Ind.; Mrs. Carrie Houston,
Chicago; Mrs. Louis J. Farrar and
daughters, Misses Margaret and
Fannie Farrar, and Mrs. Mertie
Thomas, New Orleans, La. Last
week at the office: Mr. and Mrs.
Linwood Hogan, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Diggs, and Mrs. Love, Cleve
land; James Dowdell, Idlewild.
Rev. S. L. Laviscount, of Boston,
was in the city for a few hours,
passing through enroute from the
Berkeley meeting to Detroit.
Lovely Garden
Party Given for
W. Va. Visitors
One of the bright spots of the
week was the party given on last
Monday at Poro Gardens in honor
of the West Virginia visitors at
tending the American Negro Ex
The sponsors were Mr. and Mrs.
William Edouard Scott, Lieut, and
Mrs. William Middleton, Mr. and
Mrs. Matthew Hicks, Dr. and
Mrs. C. Connolley Jones, Mr. and
Mrs. Ashby Carter, Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Bowles, Miss Patricia Co
nor, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jen
nings, Dr. and Mrs. Earl Gooden,
Mrs. Jean Shaw, Mrs. Florence
M. Jones, Mrs. Mae Woods Page,
Mrs. Beatrice Myrick, and Aud
ley F. Connor II.
• Mr. and Mrs. Walt/: Jones,
6321 Champlain avenue, will be
leaving Chicago the first part ofr
Sept, to take up residence in Los [
.Afigeles. The Jones have been
residents of Chicago for some
time and our loss is the Golden
Gate’s gain.
Mr. Jones is 74, and has been
an Elevator constructor for 42
years. He has been a member of
the elev'ator constructors local
since 1898. A banquet is being
i planned by members of the local
honoring him for his splendid ser
vice. _ , i
VARNUM, “Miss Chi
cago Bee” and “Miss
Bronze Chicago”, who
was second place win
ner in the “Miss Bronze
America” contest held
at the Coliseum Mon
day night. Miss Var
mtra, who is 18, was
the youngest of the
three winning contest
Aunt Susie awards the high silk hat to Jimmy Gentry.
♦ ♦ ♦ #
The latest release now showing at the C’*frv® r'-j
“The Great Divide” starring Rheda *rd O'lva-, r.Sar»>r* and j
Bert Pratt and ’tie rumorec Gwen end Co.
* * * *
If you’ve never seen J?rrry Jertlan !v c1 ’ !>'• ! :'><■ ]»’ • j ' - .
dan, ycu’ve missed a tree:.
* * * *
Is this love in bloom between S'cvr Dav's ami Mergir't F:ice wh - I
is visiting Nancen Hobhs?
Marcella and Mitchell Jobrtcn have rotu"rod :‘rrvo that trir 'hs:
and really had a fine time. Incidentally, Marcia Kay, their baby
daughter, celebiates her second birthday Seri 1 t.
S: * * :ji i
Gc°rge and Elise Tucker will jc-uni •• hr f t-i < :>,ri . ..-j 0«
Labor Day to visit mothers and fathers and s' t 1 b < th:vs, an 1
Which reminds us, David Pitts will celebrate his. birthday on Sept.
Ruth Jordan and son Stevie have returned from the Fast and both;
will be talking about it for some time to come.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Allen Rhinehart, Jr., arc spertng a fine—new;
—red—with white wall tires—Pontiac. Ihey’li leave for Colorado
Sept. 3rd.
* s: =r *
They PH Aimt Susie that they really jumped at Betty Dsmegan’s
party t’other night.
* * * $
Speaking of parties, no fair, Dr. EltewerUi Ifa h owck; you jumped;
more than a week ahead of time.
Flip, Hip HOORAY, there was nrti:ally a map vi i ing in Chicago
for a change, his name—Wallace Powell-his home—Pittsburgh, Pa.
—he’s gone now, though, but he lost a bet to one of Aun tSusie’s
& * :Js *
Duke Ellington really looked as though lie was enjoying himself at
Joe’s Sunday night.
* * * * *
Penny (Joe Louis’ sister) Borrow is in town and could be seen
Sunday night taking in the night spots with some of the Howardites.
* * :i-. * #
Best wishes for the quickest recovery ever for Rudy Lewis who was
injured in an automobile accident.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Pollard are motoring through such places as
Montreal and Quebec. I
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Lpnry are the proud parents of a seven
pound baby girl.
❖ * * *
Speaking of babies, William Peek who doesn’t waste any nickels,
was walking the baby to sleep the other night. Whose baby? Thai
would be telling. He says he’s practicing up. And by the way, Peek,
idle threats don’t bother one of Aunt Susie’s children.
Despite all the alleged “fix”, Miss Chicago Bee won second prize ane
despite the decision of some of the judges, the mass of the honest
people gave her the edge. Thus a moral victory.
Well, Tuesday evening C halkie Rhodes and Julianna Willis took
them vows, and are now Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rhodes.
V V iP Hi
“You Taught Me to Love Again” might be said by Johnny Tremble
to lovely Ruby Johnson, of St. Louis, while Raymond Lyle might sing
back to him “You’re a Viper.”
$ # $ *
A1 Spu lock is in Chicago as the guest of Joe's, o' we beg your
pardon, the guest of Milton Webster who io still “Dancing With Tears
in His Eyes.”
jjc V ¥
Say, Eddie Mccre and Mickey Williams, how was that trip to Wis
* =5 # *
Wc have at last discovered a method oF. making Tom Coleman sub
scribe to the BEE. Latch on. Tom?
* * *
At 45 miles per hour—sing, “Highways Are Flippy Ways.”
At 55 miles per hour—sing, “I’m but a Stranger here, Heaven is My
Home.” i
At 65 miles sing—“Nearer, My Grd, to Thee”..
At 75 miles sing- “When Roll is Called Up Yonder I’il Bel
At 85 miles sing, “Lord, I’m Coming Home.”
* -t * *
Versatile Georgia Smith will celebrate her birthday on Sept. 2nd.
* * * *
There was a young lady named Dixie,
A school marr, she'll answer your query.
Who thought it was proper
To flit here and yon
In search of the pleasures she craved.
She would smile at the boys, and then after
She’d caused pain to many, and laughter
Turned t<j tears, she’d remember
What might be beyond
And quickly decides to behave.
* < * *
Thirg? you should know; It was brought forcibly to attention Sun
day that during the singing o; the Hallelujah Chorus from “The Mes
siah” thousands remained seated and looked with amazement
at those who stood up with reverent recognition, as is the custom to
du. when the Hallelujaii Chorus is sung.
\ 4 - ; . /- - i
Reliable Assn.
Proud of Ladies’
Aid Auxiliary
The reliable Organization met
"V ''lr-v at the club home. 4641
Prairie avenue. The meeting
••■O' oncncd with prayer by Mr.
Maddox, Sr., after which the
i csrcnt. Mr. Wm. J. Burks, took
charge. Visitors at this meeting
•vere: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Todd, Mr.
and Mrs. Jones, Mr. Tr:ce, and
Mrs. Campbell. Mrs. Campbell
and Attorney Browning gave
brief talks. The organization has
a Ladies’ Aid of which Mrs. E. N.
Byrd is president, and its secre
ter es are Mrs. Nancy Harding
an Mrs. Addie Gray. The or
gai Nation is very proud of this
auxiliary and the work which it
is doing. Next meeting Friday,
.August 30th. All meetings begin
promptly at t> p. m. Visitors are
always welcome.
William J. Burks, President
M. Newsome-Smith,
Acting reporter, 4503 So.
She's First
first woman golfer in Chicago,
wb took an active part in the
golf activities here last week.
Mothers, Tots
Go to Camps
Announcement that 164 motb
rrs and children frem the near
South side received camn and
farm outings from the United
Charities during the summer was
made today by Miss Elsa Rein
hardt, suner ntendent, of the ago
ny's South Central office at 2959
S. Michigan Ave.
Miss Reirhardt said ffiat 123 of
these families went to Camp Al
gonquin, 50 went to Arden Shore
camn and the remainder went to
various spemal camps or on fanr
outings in Illinois and Iowa. The
majordv of families sent from
this district were colored.
Gifts from almost 1000 organi
zations and individuals financed
the United Charities' outing pro
gram this summer. Miss Rein
hardt reported, and ever 20f>r
mothers and children from all
parts of the city benefited from
A boy who went to Camp Al
gonquin sent the following de
scription of it to his mother: “J
arrived Thursday around 3:30
and I sure think it’s swell and
the food you get is swell. Mom, I
went turtle hunting today and
caught a frog and then I wen1
frog hunting and caught a turtle
and when we got back there wa
the cutest little chipmunk in thr
cabin and we had a heck of a time
playing with him. Will write
more later.”
Miss Reinhardt reported that all
children will be back in the city
by August 30.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O'Dell,
and 'Mr. Jack O’Dell, of Detroit.
Michigan, spent the past week
end in Chicago, as house guests
af Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Mingo,
1950 South Parkway. Mrs. Elmer
Ward, of Miami, Fla., a public
school teacher, also spent the
A'eek end as guests of the Min
- j
The Chicagc-Tus!?pgee Club
held its regular monthly meeUrg
at: the club’s headouarters in the
Walker CrU^e. 47^3 Sooth Park
way, Sunday. August 25. Mr.
Theodore T. Greene, club histor
ian. presided ewer the meeting
during the absence of Percy R.
Hines and Henry C. Taylor, presi
dent and vice president respect
ively, who were out of town on
1 important business concerning
the club.
Uncn completion of the prelim
inarirs. Chairman Greere imme
diately called for reports of the
sub-committees, which were ap
pointed to work on various phases
of the Club’s festivities leading
up to and including the Tuskppee
Wi’horforce Gr'd;rou o1''c'*dc.
wHoh to bp -doved a4 SoH’er
Field Friday night, October 11.
The highlights of the evening
were the renditions of several se
lections by two outstanding art
ists, Mrs. Josie Roberts, pianist,
and head of the Department of
Music at the Bethune Cookman
College, Daytona Beach, Fla., and
Mr. John Nabbie, tenor of the
same school. They were very
warmly applauded by the au
The news of the passing of Mr.
Amos C. Saunders former presi
dent and present chaplain, came
as a blow to the Tuskegeeans
throughout the city. The pro
ceedings of the meeting were halt
ed by the chairman as the group
arose and uttered a silent prayer
in respect to their true and faith
ful member. Mrs. Una Van
Zandt was requested to select the
floral design which will be pre
sented. Tuskegeeans will act as
pallbearers; the funeral will be
held at the St. Thomas Church,
38th street and Wabash avenue,
at ten a. m., Wednesday.
Among the visiters were Miss
Aurelia Hill of St. Louis, Mo.;
John Clark, class of ’37; Bernard
Boston, star center of the Tuske
gee Golden Tigers, class of ’39;
Miss Leon V. Battle, Home dem
onstration agent of Autauga
^ountv. with headquarters at
Prattville, Ala.—Other Tuskegee
ans who were in the city during
the week were: Capt. R. S. Darna
by, Dr. B. L. Jackson, N. R. May
nord, Evelyn Renfrce, and Q.
Shutes all of Tuskegee Institute.
Among visiting government
workers in Chicagr. last week
for Postal Alliance Day exercis
es at the American Negro Exno
sftion, August 24th, were: George
W. Wade, St. Louis, Mo.; Antoine
L. Murphy, Kansas Citv. Mo.:
George W. Golden, Jackson,
Tenn.; E. R. Bryson. St. Louis.
Mo.; G. N. T Gray. Washington.
D. C,; Alonzo L. Glenn, Cleve
land, Ohio; Joseph B. Brown. Jt-..
St. Louis, Mo.; 'Sidney M. Jack
son, Washington, D. C.; L. F.
Ford, St. Louis, Mo.; Mrs. Marie
M. Gray, Indianapolis, Ind., and
many others.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Greer,
of 5809 Barnelle Street, Fort
Worth, Texas, spent the past two
weeks in Chicago, as house
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hud
son, 6115 Calumet avenue. The
visiters left Monday, for Denver.
Colo., where they will complete
their vacation, returning to the
Lone Star metropolis on Septem
ber 1st.
M!ss Mabel Hudson, a teacher
in the public school system of
Columbus, Ga., is vacationing in
Chicago, residing with friends at
5817 Calumet avenue. Miss Hud
son is a graduate of Fort Valley
State College, Fort Valley, Geor
Mr. Leon W. Brown, prominent
business man from Birmingham,
Alabama, spent the past week in
Chicago attending a convention of
photographers. Mr. Brown was
connected with Tuskegee Insti
tute, from 1912 to 1937. He op
erates a photo studio in Birming
/ queitrienne
' " r.rs
Lovely LOIS SEARCY, who is
one of the most ardent of bridle
path devotees, may be seen any
morning cantering down the
patha :n Washington Park.
Mrs. Paulina Ferguson, of Kan
sas City, Mo., is the house guest
af Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W.
Scott, 6C04 Champlain avenue.
Cary B. Ley.'is is enjoying a
risit to his native Kentucky. And
hie writes that he is really enjoy
ing the hospitality of the folks in
and about Lexington, Ky.
Rcor.evelt L. Robertson is visit
ing in Vancouver, B. C., the guest
af Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Massey,
md their ten day old son. Junior.
Mrs. Massey is the sister of Miss
Talented piano students, boys or girls, wil
year’s instruction without any cost, \
For Full Particulars Apply in Person
The Chicago Bee
3655 SO. STATE ST.
>/ ^
1 ,, i ' ” ' ' . •* "
Bee’s City Ed.
Visits New York
Mrs. Marion M. Baxter, city ed
itor of the Chicago Bee, left for
New York City last week to visit
the Fair and see the city. Mrs.
Baxter was accompanied by her
young son, Frank Mitchell, a tal
ented young art student, who is
having the time cf h>s life visiting
art centers.
Mrs. Baxter and her son are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Car
ruthers, schoolmates of hers. Mr.
Carruthers is a saxophone player
in Jimmy Lunceford’s band.
They have been entertained by
Dan Burley and Julius J Adams,
former Chicagoans and now con
nected with the Amsterdam
Bishop Ward
Hurt in Crash
WILMINGTON, Del., Aug. 29
Bishop D. Ward Nichols, who was
recently elected to the Bishopric,
was reported injured here in an
automobile accident. The Bish
op and his wife were enroute to
Montgomery. Ala., where he w^as
scheduled to hold his first Ala
bama conference. It was also re
ported that the Bishop was in a
serious condition.
Mildred Griffin ol' this city.
Hermon Foston, well known
mortician of Clarksville, Term.,
is here to visit the Exposition as
the guest of hs mother, Mrs. Fos
on, 4309 Vernon avenue.
Miss Marie Frazier and Eugene
Dyson, both postal clerks in New
York City, are the guests of At
torney Otis M. Buckner, and his
sister, 5837 Calumet avenue.
Miss Thelma T. Bailey, of Gal
veston, Texas, well known in the
musical world there, being a mem
ber of both the National Sym
phony orchestra and the Negro
Opera committee, attended the
National Association of Negro
Atty. and Mrs. Henry J. Rich
ardson, Jr., prominent residents
cf Indianapolis, Ind., were visi
tors here this week. Mr. Rich
ardson is a former state repre
sentative of Indiana.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Holley, of
Baltimore, Md., are spending
their vacation in Chicago, visiting
the Negro Exposition and other
points cf interest around Chicago.
While here they attended the
monthly musicale of Metropoli
tan Community Center Church.
1 be given one
at the Offices of
TELE. BOU. 7002

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