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The Garden Island. [volume] (Lihue, Kauai, H.T.) 1902-current, May 02, 1911, Image 2

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I wisli to present for
your careful consideration
the most attractive a n (1
best money making oil pro
position ever offeicd to Un
people of Hawaii. 'Tis
true it is a gamble, but a
good one. All iuvestmei t,
no matter wliere you may
place your money, is mere
or less a gamble. Lake
View No. 1 Oil Well came
in March 15, 1910. The
stock cost 90c per share
and sold for $40.00 per
share. To make it plain
to you 100 s h a r e s cost
$90.00 and sold for $4000.
00. a profit of $3910.00 on
100 shares. Lake View No.
2 is located only 1 1 -4 miles
from Lake View No. 1.
The .Sunset .Monarch Oil
Company, located between
our properties, has just
brought in a well which
thev claim is bigger than
Lake View No. 1 . Our soil
and log formations are identically
the same. We are putting down
2 well son our property Xos. 1 and
2, and expect to bring in gushers
equally as large as the Lake View
No. 1 or the Sunset Monarch and
expect our stock will sell at as
high a figure on the market. The
gamble in, this case is almost a
certainty. We a r e surrounded
with gushers which makes our
property proven oil territory.
There is as much difference in
the size of oil wells as there are in
ships. A Japanese sampan in
common parlance is a ship, and
the Muritania of 50,000 tons is a
ship. Vou cannot expect very
large dividends from a sampan,
but you can from the Muritania.
The profits on oil is a fairy tale.
No other business' can compare
with it. No other business could
produce a Rockefeller, who, when
a young man, toiled for his living,
and now draws an income exceed
ing all the crowned heads and
potentates of Europe. Reflect and
consider carefully what you are
reading; you have the opportunity
right now to buy some stock. My
price is 50 cents a share. Vou
can remit me by check or post
office order to cover the amount
of stock you desire and receive
your certificate of stock by return
mail, or you can remit one third
of the amount to secure the stock
and the balance payable in 60
days. Everybody should a v a i 1
themselves of this opportunity.
You owe it to yourself to take a
chance and better your condition
in life. Our tourists, capitalists,
and wealthy men were in your
position before they became rich.
They took a chance, invested their
money and made good. Rockefel
ler could still be a bookkeeper, but
lie took a chance and his income
is now about a million dollars a
Vou can put 200 men to work
building a house if necessary, and
hasten its completion, but only
six men can be employed to put
down a well. It takes time to go
down half a mile in the ground
through rock and the different,
formations encountered.
I have sold stock to the ablest
lawyers in Honolulu. These men
have not paid in their money for
stock before making exhaustive en
quires from their friends in Califor
nia regarding the persouel of the
officers title and prospects of suc
cess of Lake View No. 2. Judging
from the fact that in many instances
they have double and tripled their
stock leads me to believe that the
answers received must have been
very satisfactory. Another con
vincing fact as regards our proper
ty is that the Standard Oil Com
pany i s la ing a pipe line with
pumping stations at an expense of
hundreds of thousands of dollars
within 200 feet of our two wells.
Anticipating our gushers coming
in soon, these people know what
they are doing and are preparing
themselves to handle our oil which
we .expect will be in three or four
There is a time in the tides of
life which leads to fortune. You
have the opportunity now. Are
you content to be a clerk and live
on a clerk's salary, which, as a
rule, cannot afford the luxury of
an automobile, or buy some stock
in an oil proposition that might
make y o n independaut for life?
Read this carefully. If you have
any doubts or questions you wish
explained, write me. Show this
to your friends. Talk it over it
concerns you and them. Some
men won't buy a genuine $5.00
gold piece for $3.00, afraid they
may be stung. These men remain
clerks all their lives.
I am a large stock holder in this
McIjKVDI! April 28. A third
attempt to destroy growing cane on
this plantation occurred here about
eleven o'clock last night, which
resulted in a small blaze as it was
discovered at the start by a watch
man, of whom there has been
several employed since the second
fire which took place Tuesday
The first fire was discovered on
Tuesdayevening shortly after six
o'clock. There was small chance
for this fire to occur from locomo
tive sparks, yet suspicious were
not aroused until the second fire
alarm was turned in shortly after
eleven o'clock. This fire proved
to be much more destructive than
the firs t," burning over some
forty or fifty acres of cane. Hund
reds of men turned out who, after
nearly four hours of fierce fighting
gained control of the flames.
The cane being about ready to
cut, as many men as possible were
put to work cutting with a view of
saving the crop before the juice
soured. The second fire, convinced
all who first saw the source of its
origin that it was the work of in
cendiarism and as a result, the ma
nagement is taking every precau
tion to protect the interests of the
plantation, placing watchman a t
points where ah attempt might be
made. The wisdom of such a plan,
is indicated by last night's exper
ience, when an alarm tu-ncd in by
one of these men, prevented what
m i g h t have been a destructive
company and I positively believe
that it will make me big money.
I bought this stock at the market
price, just the same price as other
stock holders paid for it. You can
write to any bank in Los Angeles
and find out the standing of this
company. The stock is offered
now for 50c per share. There is
not very much left and when sold
the price will be par value $1.00
per share. Whui we strike oil it
may jump to $40.00 per share,
same as Lake View No. 1. I dont
know any reason why it should not.
Read this all over again. Write
me and make enquiries about any
thing you wish- to know. If you
can't buy 500 shares or more, buy
what you can and send me 1-3
cash, 1-3 in 30 days and 1-3 in 60
days for the amount of stock you
wish to order. Do it now or you
will regret it later on.
J. Oswald Li'ttud.
The retiring gentlemen of $Va3
Sixth Legislature, have made a 'tSJ
cord for doing the best work evera
known in this Territory and we.Il
fill tlifv flcirf ;i 1 1 tin rmtmlini,.!"!
tary expressions by governor I rearti
Our lerntorv is not what it has3
been, but instead, is advancing b
strides. The improvement noted;
in the work of the Legislature just
closed, over all former sessions, in
dicates ability on the part of the
members to keep apace ;iththjf
times. It is but natural foiposi
that many bills which wou'greaf.
ly benefit the country, wetjutalill
to get to the front, and i.talso
true that, among the nianVJjijjt
passed, some ore o f a ddujmmt,
nature, yet our members hatie,dpnj
well, and we are proud of tlcil
..... .ffc--.
Limited '-y?
Lmru, Kaiwi, Hawa'i
Deposits are received suojecE
,.i 1. f..i:r. r
lu i:ni;i.iv. iiut-iiiuri ui jit.
.. ... .. , , ,
posit issued payaoie on uej
maud, i.oans made on a
proved security.
Drafts Drawn ox
Honolulu Bremen
San Francisco
Aew York l long Jvgnjp,
ioudon xoKonamai
Interest paid on Savingsgie-.
posus. -i per cent on ordH
nary and 4 per cent on Tenmj
Deposits. Or unary
$2,500 in any one accj
Saiju Dktosit Boxuv
Runt $2 and $3 a
Rich Crr Glass and
Art Goons.
Mkkcuandi.su ok thu
Bust yiui.rrv Only.
P. O. Box 342 Honolulu

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