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The Garden Island. [volume] (Lihue, Kauai, H.T.) 1902-current, May 02, 1911, Image 7

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JjisiiaPlivery Tuesday.
Kntereifat the post office at ;
t Ijihue, kauai, assecoud-claSs
matter. . V
Suiisckiption R.TKS $?5G1m;u
A'KAK. $j .50 ffl S'X MON'niS.
Aovicktisin ; 50 Cisn'CS.
( Ry nfcapable Young Man)
An Inch Pkr MfjNTii.
Kj. C.'Hoi'i'lTR
ing the Sheldon Park, is the- fact
that the property is covered with
residences, the owners of which
Wainica has, through the effort?, have resided therein for years, im
oi" Representative Sheldon, been proving the property, knowing in
awarded a prize package in the the meantime that the land he-
JnM what it is I'd do the be.-,t, or Sl,!,l'e o. a pumie parK. 1 1 is 10 ue ...hKi ' "'v-
wheie I'd better go . known as "Sheldon's Park," and with the hope of ultimately buying
To look for it, I must confess I is probablv todav as much of a it. Now comes Hon. Mr. Shel-
II.. ,l ,wl v. .
r"-""-1 v,w nark as it ever will he. annea s (On. whose autumnal nroinists
citizens were noi consulted on the ,-.,,, u.;t)l siuccretv; whose
I'd like to get some pleasant job
that's suited to my skill
S.oinc daih task whose duties I
could completely fill.
Rut if some one is looking1 for a
1 ,,.! I .1 t i i 1 1 1, r I ifl 4.4-4114. . r.li,.
1R . , , . ... fiMrt itrniwKtlmn imil lllf I'intv i.v-
no s just tne kuki cianie lortune ' " " - "
hk.s to dandle on her hip, cuse for the existence of such, is
If she w.ll call me on the phone, t h e evident desire upon the part
or write a note off hand. of Ule worthv Representative of
CM. .-Ml 1.... - 1.. 4.. 1... 1
our it uiiu 1111: iiiii r iu.hin iw iju u. T; ,t . , ... i i;
dandled at eonnnancl. . .
,.f,.r!.iL'fiii.r .ii,.iiniu,nt i 1i , ...
But best of all the things I do is , , , ,
han-ini .round a house. memory, n is to oe uoped mat
Tlie retaining of auyjfof thoIilo
, . .i... t, . . 1.-.. i- .I.: in ....41....441... .
igacners "coiiiiecieii wiwi me uiie I'roteciiug cianuj' iiunes ironi tne munui; wm uui-udi uu- u- certaiulv have
IJilq.scandar is a. gaie of white1 predatory mouse; posed park tor there is little hopes
hashing.' tl(at rCflecU, anvthing but UsC(rti1)1 of getting the land for such pur-
crcdit on those responsibleior sucjh ,,?"i"'n,,.C.j''f ., u r ,, 1 ;., pose for several years as it is at pre-
a decision-. It is tla- op.Yiigju of nrmv littll-wivs sent under a lease for time enough able man in the House, and it is
mises bespoke the man in wljom
the district placed sufficient con
fidence to do him the highest
honor in its power; promises
that the people are not likely to
forget, and if carried out, would
illowed htm a
voice in the park question. Mr.
Sheldon has been an active and
talk on
next Legislature before which the
present park scheme will come
so totallv
disregard the
and in all probability be dismissed. m()SL' 10 wllom I)arK
The chief objection to establish- most largely concern.
ideas of
nio9it,i)ersons oimature judgment, I ornament a boarding house, I to carry the lessees beyond the difficult to see just why he should
that a cleauJsweep shouldjjlave re-
suited, that other tcac!ier& should A,u
lifive been appointed orelse had
the school closed, intfre are few
, parents who would appreciate send
iurr .1' t n !i tini'hir whom
nafiie h aul been'jiconhected with
charges' o finnnorality and such
otTier conduct as has been given
the' publican the- Jate disgracetul
affftir. '
wyJJritwii-lmtniidinir the
pl5'flioiv.ijf ant
look well 111 a car,
I am full of livelv
subjects popular.
(l.y a Capable Young Lady.)
Youmr man. if vou're seekinir for
1 teacher wnose ' .. .,, -tn
il lit 111 VJl 11411114.111.
To grace a quiet drawing room
you'll find that I'm content.
I look well beside a mantle-piece;
I'm graceful in a chair;
I oCcupy a sofii, with a most dis
tinguished, air
Of all the human bric-a-brac that
ever you did see
Then-'s precious little anywhere
superior to me.
I go well with all colors and am
really at my best
II giving to a drawing room, a
tasteful sense of rest.
")r if, perchance, some tailonnan
would like a figure smart
To advertise a- perfect fit for gar
ments a la carte,
find a figure in this very
graceful form of mine
That's said by "judges" tobeO. K.
in every line.
I'm willing, if this tailonnan
should wish to use the same,
To wear his g.irments in a way
tliitu curn tst nitt linn foni j'
ntidperhaps the two Rrinci- Aml evfirv aftl.rnoon cach aaV) . a
., -''11 the;iIilo Higli , little after two,
c;."if it could transfer -To put them 011 and walk abroad
scto the same 'school po Hie avenue.
ct's generousilv in thisjjnatter.
L!'!.. 4. 1:1. ..1. 41...4 41... ..i.l.lin ...ill
.ilh.U llilt 1111.' I4!I'II4- Will
accept a teacher who
morallv unfit to Till a
tioitHf another school.
the Hiloflligh
scllliMterSv "transfring cer
t a itipMPP I othe
woit?hattlrat any
ard of tAwgopil e:
other schools.?' ,
ol(l.'tand- C
nough for
nnv other.nl
The Department of Public In
struction would greatly oblige the
Or if some traveler on a cruise
NAMED would like an extra guest,
Who would enjoy an ocean trip
if the Lonunission wjth au umjsuai ZcSt,
The nieiiiers of
f Public Instructwn have lfe'eu I'll gladly yi along with him to
nnin.ated bv (5vernor I'eaa'and a(1 aa alar-
... '.. fii.. I really do not care a jot how verv
provtd bv the senate, as follows: ", . J
'i ,-i 4- 'ar they are
'iu I,. Stanley, Mrs. May Wilcox, IM1 do ,ny Hll.irt: in hoping him
JoluJV.Wir. RHaII. Paris. enjoy the things he sees
WorUiOtiiuken and Villiaiu IIAnd give him some relief from all
RfceSfWiif- " t,Ui irksomeness of tase-
&. &. 4. "...111, 4!I41, !,,tnt
t - 1 4 4 4,44 .44W14 4V.144 4..
cost in such a
On Wednesday, May 3rd, Messrs.
Andrade and Welbourn, representing
of Honolulu, will arrive on Kauai with
a complete line of the well known
Hart Schaffner &Marx Clothing
and a general assortment of furnishing
It is the intention of Messrs. An
drade and Welbourn to canvas the
Island, and they respectfully invite the
public to inspect their line of goods.
Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothing
are of the highest quality and are worn
by the most exclusive dressers through
out the Territory.
"Vltivth Uicc',Coi,e-v aml I'll ba find at any
Hueld'initurned ' from Honolulu Hue asnhat.
Honolulu, Hawaii
Don Gastit.

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