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the' Garden island, Tuesday, may 23, 1911.
the garden island
Issuetl-Kviry Tuesday.
Kutered at the post office at
Lihue, Kauai, as secoud-class
Subscription Ratks $2.50 pkr
year, $1.50 kor six months.
Advertising Rates. 50 Cents
An Inch 1'er Month.
r a j. t' '
Front Page Advertising
Rates $1.00 Per Square Inch
Each Insertion.
mmmm. m
E. B. Briix'.ewater Editor I
K. C. Hopper
Manager j
TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1911
Today's quotation on votes:
Five cents bid. Six thousand sold
to Federal Site Committee.
President Diaz's illness is said
to be due to the amputation of his
Lihve people are not to be reck
oned as satisfied to live in the dark,
evidence of which is found in the
recent decision of the stock-holders
to "go ahead" with the new light
ing plant.
"An Englishman," writing in
another column on our school af
fairs, is evidently made of "Super
vising' 'timber. Superintendent j
Pope might at least mail him an
application blank.
Considering that the ball games
have been in existence but a
month, the number of protests
clearly indicates the usual quota of
soreheads to be expected in such
Editor Garden Island:
I AM again receiving copies of;
the Garden Island and am
pleased to congratulate you on the
recent improvement of the paper.
Willis T. Pope,
Supt. of Public Instruction.
"Our advertisement is very sat
isfactory. You people run a pretty
nice local paper, with a bright col
oring of local Kauai news which is
very interesting."
Honolulu Monument Works.
I must compliment you highly
upon the increased size and im
proved appearance of the Garden
Island. It is quite metropolitan
in stvle and surely the neoDle of
Kauai have iust cause to be nroud
- , . - -
of it. ' '
L. D. Timmons,
Manager Hawaiian Star,
"It is a hundred -er cent, better
than ever," said out'
"Immense," is
other reader put it.
the way an-
" Kauai has the newsiest paper
in the Territory," were the remarks
of a prominent Lihueite.
Your paper with its large Adver
tising patronage looks nicely Bro
"I have watched with much in-
terest, the different stages through
which the Garden Island has
passed in its struggle for suprem-
acy in the Newspaper field, and take
pleasure in saying that in my opin-
ion, the New Garden Island is
an advertising medium without a
; :ij .
its breezy news columns, I feel sure ; interesting to know how many
that I am expressing the senti- cities in England, of the importance
mentof the entire community in 1 of Honolulu, would take such ac
sayingthat the local paper is one of t;on OI1 juiy Fourth.
which our citizens can feel amply
II. Rohrig Developments which arose yes-
Manager Lihue Store. tttd,y j connection with the
federal site question indicate that
San Francisco has nothing on unless the location is changed p
the Gardcn Island when it comes the civic center there will be more
to that stunt of 'rising from its
ashes.' .The Lihue publication
came to hand this morning in its
new dress from its new press and
new type, and is certainly some
thing to be admired along the line
of the business in which it is en
gaged. ' Those", who have been in
strumental 111 placing the Garden
Island on the plane that it now
occupies deserve considerable cred
it, when it is remembered that
they didn't miss an issue even
when they had no press or other
material to work with except brains.
The Bulletin extends congratula
tions all down the line."
Evening Bulletin.
Tll0 packard Motor Car
In an effort to keep up with the
demand for trucks, the directors ,
of the Packard Motor Car Company
of Detroit, have authorized new
construction which will practically
triple the capacity of the truck
shops. By distributing parts of the
work to other portions of the plant
the company has leen able to pro-
y . '.
duce three trucks a day. 1 he m-
crcasc ; facilities will give the
truck shops proper a normal capaci-
ty of five trucks a day, which is
needed to keep up with orders at
the present rate.
tt J . 1 I ! 1 1
ine aireciors nae aiso proyuieu
for an addition to the foundry
which means an increase of 9,695
I square feet of floor space for this
department, and have made arran
gements for building an additional
floor o ii each of the two service
buildings. The total floor space
comprehended in the new construc
tion is 160, 295 square feet which
added to the present plant will in
crease the floor space of the Pack
ard shops to 37 acres. The ground
occupied by the Packard factory is
three-quarters of a mile in length,
The construction department
started work on tne plans this
morning. The additions will be of
brick and reinforced concrete which
is the 11 11 i f o r 111 construction
throughout the plant
The work
will be completed as speedily as
The company has decided to
make public service vehicles a part
of its standard output. Hitherto
individual orders have been taken
care of under the classification of
special construction. The results
attained in police, fire and ambul-
ance service have lieen so satisfac-
toVy that it h a s been decided to
make this line of cars a standard
feature of the Packard line.
With improved facilities and pro
posed increase in output, the com-
pany has furnished Packard dealers
with a regular schedule of prices
for fire patrol, fire squad wagons
and combination hose and chenii-
cal wagons with
special equipment.
standard and
Best, Says Doctor Clark
"Even a person cautious i 11 1
generalizing would conclude, did
his actual observation cover a large
I field, that the condition of planta-
,1 o :.. irn.n;; -ki.
1.. ..,.... :.. ..:i
, ly ulrlll:l muii 111 ixny vinici iiui-inui
I country in the world where color-
e(i races are employed; and from
j a pUrely economic standpoint bet -
ter than in any insular tropical1
country innauited ty white people.
On the other hand, the condition
of these workers will not stand
comparison with that of large class
es of workers in the white labor
countries of the temperate zone."
Of Course the aim of the new
ly organized cemetery association
is a highly commendable one, ( yet,
u uiic linden wa? iciuaincu, ny
the necessity for cemeteries when
Lihue people never die?" We:80. H. Isenberg
l-arn from one of the directors 82. B.D.Baldwin
however, that its chief object is for 3 B.D.Baldwin
the sate disposal ot knockers.
There is a move on foot among
the Honolulu merchants to close
, T
' business on June 22. It would be
delay than ever in getting a build
ing worthy of Honolulu and com
mensurate with its needs. Adv.
In so far as an outsider can see,
an insane assylum would fill the
need of the agitators of the federal
building site and would be "com
mensurate with its needs and highly
worthy of Honolulu."
Send us your OLD FADKI) PHOTOGRAPHS to be re
produced or enlarged. Satisfactory workmanship guaranteed.
Artistic Picture Framing, Kodak Developing and Printing.
Ye Arts and Crafts Shop
Kauai's Automobiles
The following is a revised list of
automobiles on Kauai:
Car Owner.
1. G. N. Wilcox
2. G. N. Wilcox
3. H. Isenlierg
4. W. II. Rice
5. W. D. McBryde
6. R. L. Wilcox
7. G. H. Fairchild
8. R. P. Spalding
9. K. Goodfellow
10. C. A. Rice
11. A. II. Rice
' Q Crowell
13. E. B. Bridgewater
14. R. W. T. Purvis
15. J. K. Lota"
16. J. I. Silva
17. A. R. Glaisyer
18. F. L. Putman
19. Coney Garage
20. Coney Garage
21. Y. Tomitaro
22. Coney Garage
23. Coney Garage
d v Chiba
25 jr. (j, Cobtirn
j 2o Smith
27. J. A. Hogg
28. J. A. Hogg
j 29. J. H. Mrragne
30. F. Gay
31. F. Gay
32. F. Gay
33. Geo. R. Ewart, Jr.
34. L. Smith-Worth
35. B. F. Sandow
36. F. N. Booth
137. Waimea Stables
j 38. Waimea Stables
39. Waimea Stables
40. A.S.Wilcox
41. Akiyaina
42. T. J. West
43. n. S. Truscott
44. A. S. Wilcox
45. E. E. Mahlum
( 46. G. T. Greig
47. G. Hansen
48. Kekaha Sugar Co.
49. Hime & Brodie
j 52. Medeirous, Souza, Crabral Co.
53. A. H. Waterhouse
54. ' T. Kawamoto
55. C. H. Wilcox
56. Kula Garage
57. Kula Garage
58. Kula Garage
C. H. Jennings
James Edwards
C. White
Mrs V. Knudsen
1 60
j 2
1 W. Iv.A
64- .Dr. k- Hoffman
65. Frank Pacheco
1 66. Geo. W. Mahikoa
7 q p. Wilcox
68. Kapaa Auto Co.
69. Kapaa Auto Co.
70. J. R. Myers
73. L. Kilauauo
74. Win. Kruse
75. Geo. A.' Bertram
76. McBryde Sugar Co.
7g G Haielt0
. .vi. v. oiiva
"9- K.P.Spalding
85. Jardin Garage Co.
86. Jardin Garage Co.
87. M. Silva
89. J. K. Lota
90. G. F. Winter
91. Waimea Stables
92. Lihue Plantation Co., Ltd.
93. Kapahu Alakai
, 94. Cyril O. Smith
95. Mary Keawe
96. Tamarabuchi
97. Waimea water Co.
98. L. Smith-Hiorth
99. John Gomes
100 Geo. Mahikoa
50. C. S. Dole
51. Win. Kruse
"1 . Harold Morgan
72. Lihue Store
1 81. Win. H. Grote
84. M. R. Jardin
88. H. N. Browne
101 G. Hackbarth
102 H. Morgan
The Board of License Com- j
: missioners for the County, of Kauai 1
I will hold a meeting at the County
'Office Building on Thursday, Junei
U-4sM9H , at ten o'clock A. M. to
. ctJnsider the application of S.
Is" I Ozaki for a renewal of the Whole
sale License iow held by him to
sell intoxicating liquors at Waimea,
Kauai, under the provisions of
Act 119. Session laws of 1911.
All protests or objections against
the issuance of a license under
v said application should be filed
with the Secretary of the Board
not later than the time set for said
W. D. McBryde,
secretary uoara 01 license vom-
(4ts Mav03frm-
i The Board of License Com-,
! missioners for the County of Kauai '
will hold a meeting at the County
Office Building on Thursday, June
1st 1911, at ten o'clock A. M.. to
consider the application of Wai
mea Wine Co. Waimea, Kauai,
j for a renewal of the Wholesale
1 License now held by it to sell
j intoxicating liquors at Waimea,
i Kauai, under the provisions of Act
; 119. Session laws of 1911.
j All protests or objections against
I the issuance of a license under
j said application should lie filed
with the Secretary of the Board
not later than the time set for said
W. D. McBryde,
Secretary Board of License Com
missioners. (4ts May 2-9-16-23)
! The Board of License Cotn
' missioners for the County of Kauai
will hold a meeting at the County
I n - 1 1 . i 1 : 'iM 1 1. .
ifince nuuuniK on iuuimuuv, juiic
1st, 1911, at ten o'clock A. M. to
consider the application of C. W.
Spitz, Nawiliwili, Kauai, for a
renewal of the Wholesale
License now held by it to sell
j intoxicating liquors at Nawiliwili.
! Kauai, under the provisions of
j Act 119. Session laws of 1911.
1 All protests or objections against
the issuance of a license under
said application should be filed
with the Secretary of the Board
not later than the time set for said
! hearing.
: , McBryde,
Secretary Board of License Com -
1 missioners'. (4ts May 2-9-16-23)
l , . , . . weanesaav 17. 1
The Board of License Com- Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rice. Miss:
1 m?ss,oners for tbe County of Kauai Irvine Mr and Mrs E A Knud. ,
iSilh0id.?Jeetmgt 1 ! Conty'sen- C. W. Spitz, T. J. Fitzpa-I
1st 1911, at ten o clock A. M. to
consider the application of Kapaa
Wine Co. Kapaa, Kauai, for
renewal of the Wholesale License
!now held by it to sell intoxica-
ting liquors at Kapaa, Kauai, un -
der the provisions of Act 119.1
Session laws of 1911.
Ah protests or Objections against
the issuance of- a license under
said aqplication should be filed
with the Secretary of the Board
not later than the time set for said
W. D. McBryde,
Secretary Board of License Com-
I missioners- (4ts May 2-9-16-23)
The Board of License Commis
sioners for the County of Kauaij
I will hold a meeting at the County 1
Office Building on Thursday Junej
j 1st 1911, at ten o'clock A. M. to
consider the application of J. I.
; Silva for a renewal of the Whole-,j application should be filed with the
I sale License now held by him toj Secretary of the Board not later
j sell intoxicating liquors at Hana-lthan the time set for said hearing.
; pepe Kauai, under the provisions W. D. McBryde,
of Act 119. Session Laws of 1911. i Secretary Board of License Com-
All protests or objections against ymissioners. (4ts. May 2-9-16-23)
Axla (front)-.Single piece drop forg
ing, l-bcam edlion, Uige nnular ball
AsU (rr)"Full dotting type, het
tretted nicklc tteel ihlu. Luge tnnulu
ball bearing! buiingi.
Brakei-.Contrading band on drive
halt, 7-inch diameter, 3-inch face. In
tern al expanding on rear wheelt, 14-inch
dianeter, 2-inch lace. All breaki double
act ng.
Bearing!--Full type annular ball
bearings throughout running gear; ailent
type annular ball bearing in trantmiatioa and crank shaft.
Carburetor-Float feed, automobile type, hut water jacketed.
Clearance)-10 inches.
ClutchMultiple dic running in oil.
ColoraChauis and underbody black with body and stripping
English Vermilion, Napier Green or Chalmers Blue.
Drive-Bevel gear, two univeral joint. Pressed steel torque
Frame Pressed steel, channel section.
Gear Ratio-Standard 3 3-4 to I.
IgnitionBosch Magneto.
LubricationConstant level spla.h system operated by pump.
Sight Iced on da h.
Horse power 26-30.
Motor Four cylinders cast en bloc; 4 inch bore, 4 I -2-inch
Rim-.Univcra quick detachable.
Everything in the
Silver and Gold Line,
Rich Cut Glass and
Art Goods.
Merchandise of the
Best Quality Only.
Leading Jewelers
P. O. Box 342 Honolulu
, s s V
-'t-l i-
LihI'k, Kauai, Hawaii
Deposits are received subject
to chec . Certificates of de
posit issued payable on de
mand. Loans made on ap
proved security.
Drafts Drawn on
Honolulu Bremen
San Francisco Berlin
New York Hong Kong
London Yokohama
Savings Department
Interest paid on Savings De
posits. 4 1-2 per cent on ordi
nary and 4 per cent on Term
Deposits. Ordinary Savings
Deposits will be received up to
$2,500 in any one account.
Safe Deposit Boxes for
Rent $2 and $3 a Year
In China, daughters are consid j
ered of such slight importance that i
fathers do not trouble ' to find
names for their girl babies. They
number them.
! Over on Kauai the polo players
; are ttw ;nto shane. and the
j Rice boys and others of local fame
j are going t0 compose a teamC-which
j win be about the best eva whetl
th. finaiiv on the nolo' field m
Moanalua for the interisland ser-
ies in August Bulletin.
1 -4 .
i trick, F. Crawford, Mrs. Schrei
; ner Miss E shoUz H Giule c
( Brues.
al- - "rinw nr
(thp nf i;rpne(, nA
aririi;-Q;rt h fiiH
flSecretar of the Board not later1
:thau the time set for said hearing. !
V W.D. McBryde.
Secretary Board o f License Com- I
nlissioners-. (4ts May 2-9-16-23) ,
. , . T . . !
. The Bfoard ,of Pcese Commis-
OIcr ior tne vouniy 01 ivauai
1 ... ... .:., tv, r ,
j wilt iiviu a uiccuug ai liic vuum
Office Building on Thursday June
1st 1911, at ten o'clock A. M. to
consider the application of John K.
Gancall for a renewal of the Whole
sale License now held by him to
sell intoxicating liquors. at Lil
Kauai, under the provisions of
Act '
119. Session Laws of 1911.
All protests or objections against
the issuance of a license under said
Bishop & Co.
Established 1859 ,
t4 .1 .
Honolulu, Hilo. Waimea
Kauai. tj ,
Transacts a General Banking
and Exchange Business
Commercial and Travelers'
Letters of Credit issued av. il-
able in all principal cities of .
the world.
Interest allowed at the rate
of 4 1-2 ir cent per annum
on Savings Bank deposits.
.4 ,
Interest paid on Time De
losits at the following rates:
3 Months 3 per cent
per annum.
6 Months 3 1-2 per
cent per annum.
12 Months 4 percent
per annum.
, J 1
All business entrusted by
customers 011 other" islands
receives careful and - prompt
. Thoroughbred prize strain. Set
tings of 15, $2.50. Selected in
cubator lots of 100, $12.00. Week
old chicks and a few choice young
cockrels. All terms net.
' , ' Honolulu.
livery public school in Paris has
a restaurant where meals are
gratuitously served to pupils too
poor to pay.-
r me government
one of our best I
- 1
Uncle Sam is the most'
particular builder jie
know of. When.'' he
puts his stamp off ap
proval on
you are safe in using it
for any class of build
ings. Write for descriptive
matter and samples.
" Limited,
Complete Stock in Honolulu.
Kauai Distributors
SpringeFront, hall elliptic; rear, three-quarter elliptic.
Stealing gear Worm and gear type.
Tread 56 inches. ,
Tires 34x3 1-2 inch all around. Option of Morgan & Wright
or Continental.
Tranamiaaion Selective sliding gear type, three speeds forward
and reverse.
Valvea Nickel steel, large diameter. Exhaust valves at tije;
inlet valves at top of cylinders.
Wheelt 34 inch diameter, wood, artillery type. Rear wheel
spoke, bolted to brake drums.
Wheel bat 104 inches.
Seat Width, 37 inches; depth, 19 inches.
Leg Room 35 inches.
Price) $1500, f. o. b. Detroit, including Bosch magneto, gas
lamps, two extra lira irons, Prest O Lite tank and Chalmers top
with side curtains and storm front.

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