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Waimea Stablest
to- l
Boarding Stable and
Up-to-date Livery, Draying and
Livery Business.
Leaving Lihue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaving Kekaha every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
W. WEBER Manager.
Telephone 4 W Waimea P. O. Box 48
Coney Garage Co., Ltd.
J. H. CONEY, Manager
Telephone 104
Autos and Light Machinery Repaired, Plumbing and Gas Fit
ting. Automobile Supplies. Agents for the Kissel Kar,
Franklin, Chalmers Detroit, Hudson, Gramm, Logan Truck,
and Colt Acetylene Lighting Plant.
Agents for the I. I. STEAM NAV. CO., Ltd., Nawiliwili, Kauai
present system. The daily pro
grams are not all carried out to
the letter however, sonie being
unable to apply it to prevailing
j conditions, while others add a
little. For instance, take "morn
Editor Garden Island, ' ;ng exercjSes." The daily plan
Your writer having been con-j anows ten minutes for this subject,
nected with school work under the j,ut j dare saV( that there are no
. system in England for several two teaci,ers on the island who are '
j years, on arriving here some or at least do, use tha same
I months since, naturally felt in-,tjme for ti,is exercise. One of,
Interested in the work being carried ! the most important schools (Kealia)
! j on in this department here. It is ! devotes neariv ,aif an hour to
I j not for me to offer criticism in re- j these exercises twice or three
I ' gard to the present methods em-! times each week. I am not find-
i ployed, rather instead, to give a 1 ing fault with patriotic exercises,
j ir view of how the administra- l am s;,npiv at a joss to tow what
! tion of school affairs appear to an ; ,appes to the classes whose study
outsider. , period begins at the conclusion of
Age Limit the supposed ten minute exercise.
I I find that at the age of six a t have been told that these periods
child is enrolled in the public i are skipped for the day and the
: school, and on attaining the age of program is taken up by the next
fifteen is releared from school byjiesS0n in turn. Be this as it may,
1 the principal, that compulsory i rav point is this: that a program
laws in regard to attending school
exists, and that when the child
leaves school it usually does so
for all schools as far as the day's
plan for work is concerned, should
i be identically carried out. The
with a feeling of gi eat relief in so ; present method as regards the
doing. classification of pupils by grades
Reasons Etc. i. e. having for instance, fifth
Parents of these children are, as j grade pupils throughout the entire
a rule, of a laboring class, usually , island in the same lessons at the
have large families, and feel the r during the day, is an
necessity of placing the boy and j excellent idea and will result in a
girl in an earning position at the J tendancy upon the part of the pupil !
very first opportunity. This from w no is leaving one scnoui wmi a
transter to anotner, to tto nis
utmost in his studies that he may
Regular $18.00 Suits for $12.50
22.00 " " 16.00 .
27.00 " " 18.00
30.00 ' " 20.00
Get one of these suits while they last. Send size and color de
sired together with money order.
Fort Street, near Beretania Honolulu
the parents side. One other, and
to me. the chief reason for this
! desire to leave school, is lack of j make a credi table showing in the
, methods and results. The chief aim j like tHe in his new school. Under
in giving a child an education, is: the prevailing circumstances it is
to prepare the same to improve
his or her future. To go out into
generally conceded that educational
matters have been considerably
the world able to do some one or i improved within the last school
The Fibre Needle is a new inven
tion which permits the running of
many records with the same needle
without the least damage to records
or decrease in the tone. They do
away with that scraping sound.
Our Eleele store, Kalihiwai and
Koloa branch, stores can supply
you with these new needles.
The Latest Records
We have just received new rec
- ords which includes the very latest
pieces, : : : : :
FROM $10.00 UP
more things sufficiently well to
earn a livelihood thereby. How
many boys and girls who are turn
ed out of the public schools here
todav, can do this? How many
year, and some material changes
looking for further betterment arei
contemplated for next year. ,
Teaching and Supervising
! The Kauai teachers are, as a
can write a correct sentence in whole, men and women of excel
English? How many boys are able lent character and of proven abil-
to step into a cane field and direct
the proper cultivation of cane?
ity, working, with the exception j
of few instances, in perfect har-,
Yet, cane is to Kauai, what the' mony with our supervising princi
Eleele Store
J. I. SILVA, Proprietor.
very air is to the individual its
entire support. Nature study and
mannual training is given but a
fleeting touch in our present
methods, yet it is, (in a rural com
munity) one of the most import
ant subjects to be taught. I have
visited different schools on the is
land, and in every instance have
found the teacher most consciejici
ously endeavoring to carry out
plans, which to her mean a posi
tion, but to the child, little less
than a jumble of meaningless
words. The method is, however,
an excellent one when applied to a
single grade school. But as there
are few of these on Kauai, it seems
to me that the method of instruc
tion should be governed pretty
much by prevailing conditions. In
many instances a teacher has as
many as three grades. The read
ing class in one such school on the
occasion of one of my visits recited,
and there was certainly much room
to withhold my approval of this
method. For instance, a member
of, say the second grade, would
read, then one in the third, and
next a member of the fourth would
read, a child of the second grade
again reading. Now, then, not
counting on the possibility of the
members of each class losing all
. . - i
interest in the lesson, as amount
ing to anything, there is to be
Combination Offer
Garden Island-Hawaiian Star
Both of these papers offered at slightly more than the price of
one. Everylwdy on Kauai knows the Garden Island. It is im
proving with each issue, and is becoming more and more impor
tant to readers and advertisers. Its subscription rate is two
dollars and fifty cents per year, postage paid.
The Hawai" n Star is now edited by' Walter G. Smith and is
.under new find energetic management. It has lately established
cable count i tions with San Francisco and Washington, while its
facilities f ji- handling Honolulu and islands' news are unsur
passed. The rate for the Daily is eight dollars per year.
Our Clubbing Rate For Both One Year, b $9.15; Six Months, $4.85
One Year, For $3.95c
Addret: THE GARDEN ISLAND, LUiue Kauai.
pal, who in conjunction with
School Commissioner W. H. Rice,
Sr., is given full authority over
school matters. The beginning of
the present school year, saw our
schools placed under a supervising
principal, with a view of systema
tizing the work. The Supervising ,
Principal, Mr. C. O. Smith, is a
very capable teacher, having had j
many years experience as instructor
in some of the leading schools of
the islands, and has accomplished ;
considerable in carrying out the .
aims of the department. Not how-;
ever, without much criticism tor ,
from many sources, one hears criti-1
cal remarks which is a condition j
natural t o expect in the intro- j
duction of ."new methods." Such 1
criticisms, are in most part, of a I
nature entirely void of malice
of the methods and not the least !
personal. Pioneer work of any j
nature is always more or lessi
fraught with difficulties scarcely J
met with in any other stage of the !
game, and while in this instance, j
much criticism may seem justified, j
yet it is the concensus of well I
posted people, that the appoint-;
ment of supervising principals, I
will prove to be a step in the right j
direction in so much as it will ;
bring about system and a concen-1
tration of school work.
Buildings and Teachers
Upon the Territory rests the re
sponsibility of furnishing the teach-
uown, would pro-
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B. F. Ehlers & Co.
Sole Agents, Honolulu
lie in the fact that they thread all sizes of pipe without chang
ing dies; are adjustable, and built on easy wor ing (receding
die) principle which positively enables one to thread any size
of pipe, and produce absolutely tight joints for all work, in
cluding hot water.
Honolulu Iron Works Company
Agents for Hawaiian Islands.
To live in Hawaii
without wearing a
Straw Hat is the
same as wearing a
White Duck Suit
in Alaska.
We c a r y the
most exclusive styles and shapes in straws and therefore can
satisfy the most exclusive tastes.
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famous J. B. Stttton Hat.
These hats are very popular
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best in head -gear.
Price $5.00
Orders Promptly Attended To.
M. Mclnerny, Ltd.
. , . ing staff, while it is up to the
leration, the fact ty Q furnish am,
ings. A show
I taken into consul
that this reading class must con
tain thirty to forty pupils, all of b ably give cause for both to do
whom have but twenty minutes in ' something other than dealing in I
which to read the lesson. As much wl( compliments, as there is always
. . ... t ... ! a shortage of good teachers as well
as .t is impossible for these pupils to M a tQ pnt them A shortage ,
get individual reading, within this of teachers is due I am told, to the
time it strikes your writer that ' poverty stricken condition o f the j
i this is a system capable of much Territorial Treasury, while no ex-
attention from the proper source. c',st; c.a" ' "pessary for the lack;
,. j of buildings, when we consider
, Reading m concert is done in some hat a CerUin districtspcnt twentv ;
! instances, which in your writer's vcars morc or jesSi securing a suit-!
opinion is liable to prevent the able building. Now that londs
child from securing correct pro-, are available, there does not seem
inundation. Other studies a r e fOIia,)K excl!sc. for h.ousif the
e . children fiftv and sixty in a bunch,
given in five and ten minute ,n rooms inadtqUaU f(,r
periods, the pupil and teacher two-thirds that number. I under
i hurrying through, with their stand that a new teachers' salary!
! minds equally divided between the schedule goes into effect in Scptem-
clock and the lesson, the results of ber' f us hoP 'Vvi11 l such
I , . , . . . an to induce some of o u r young
which are obvious. A program wen tQ look upQn this profcSsion as
so divided as to permit for more 0ne with a future, one from which
time in number work, language living can be obtained
. , . . . ... Thanking you for this space in
and mammal training, would, I Vftlir ...i .- ,. i .,.
Educator $4 Shoes
Are a treat for the feet. Made on
a broad toe last with room for all
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cover freight.
add 25 cts. to
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belUtve, te en improvement on the
A.V E.M.UbllUAN,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rice return
ed Webnesday from a three months
enjoyable trip to relatives and
friends throughout California.
Garden Island $2.50

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