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ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL 8. NO. 22.
(Special to the Garden Island)
The beautiful home of Mr. and
Mrs. U. U. Baldwin was the scene
of a gay and festive crowd last
Saturday evening June 3, the
occasion being a reception and
dance given in honor of Mrs. D.
B. Murdoch a sister of Mr. Bald
win's, who is here with her hus
band on a visit for a few days
from Maui.
The hostess Mrs. Baldwin re
ceived the many guests in her
usual charming and gracious man
ner. The two large rooms used for
dancing were tastefully decorated
in ferns and golden shower, while
the lanai was made a bower of
delight by Japanese lanterns
featherv bamboo and palms. At
eleven, a daintilv
served supper i
was euioyed bv all. - '
Mrs. Murdoch will return to
her home in a few davs. Those
present were Dr. and Mrs. West.
uv. ami ur?. oauuuw, . unit
Mrs. Danford. Mr. and Mrs. Bro-
t I -yr O 1 . r-
die, .Mr.anci .Mrs. Minium, mis.
Hodge, Mrs. Lovell, Mrs. Haley,
Mrs. V. Odemar Knudsen, Misses
Smith, Ross, Haley. Arms. Fergu
son, Whittington, Ktta Lee, Barbar
Lee. Messrs. Augustus Knudsen,
Gre'g Honan. Akiua, Bailey, Bole.
Hansen, C. W. Smith, Hayseldon,
R. Smith, Johnson, Hoffman,
Thompson, B.inham.
Alfalfa Is Success On
Princeville Plantation
(Special to the Garden Island)
Han.vlki, June 4. Manager V.
F. Sanborn of the Princeville Plan
tation, reports success in his ex-- (Special to the Garden Island)
periment in growing alfalfa. He Koi.oa, June 1. Thieves enter
met with some difficulty in get- eci a Japanese store and coft'ee shop
ting a. stand as much of it was ioc;ited niauka the bridge on main
destroyed by cut worms. 1 he yield strect here sometinie Sundav night,
at present, averages about half a" aud SUCCceded in lugging off con
ton per acre for every cutting stable canned goods, notions etc.
which takes place even tniri
davs. Manager Sanborn is
h .
pleased with the result that
contemplates sowing quite
acreage on the upper lauds.
1111 '
Eleele Church To
Observe Holy GhostiReso,ulions 0f R ,
.1 y-1..T.t 1
(Special to the Garden Island)
KuHSMi, JVN 6- The Holy
Ghost celebration will take place,
at the Hleele catholic church next
Saturday, the 10th, beginning at
7:30 p.' in. Special trains will
convey passengers t o and from
Makaweli and Homestead. :
Music will be furnished by .the
Kealia brass band and the Kleele
orchestra. It is estimated that
eight hundred ticket's will be sold. '
'Dr. Victor Clark Visits
The Kauai Plantations;
Dr. Victor S. Clark arrived on the
Kiuau Wednesday for the purpose
of looking into matters pertaining
to labor conditions. He paid a
visit to all the plantations and re
turned Saturday. The doctor re-1
ports a scarcity of labor.
Court Dead-lock
Delays Murder Hearing
The hearing of the case of Mits
uyasu, who shot and killed one of
his countrmen last Wednesday,
waf held up on Friday through
an o'rder from Judge Dole, prohibi
ting the prosecuting attorney from
practicing in his court, until the
attorney had settled a fine which
the judge had recently imposed
as the result of a contempt of
court proceedings in a recent case.
Attornev Kaeo did not consider
that the judge had
grounds for'
nroceediiiLS. and refused
10 mv the fine. Both narties have
taken the matter up with the at-
torney general and in the meantime
all court business is on a standstill
and the Japanese remains in jail,
iiiirlpr circumstances which would
require a peculiar construction of
he law to find a precedent.
I buto III
(Special to the Garden Island)
Kkkaha June 4 A Filipino la- j
borer h e r e accidentally shot
himself here to-day while careless-1
ly handling a pistol, the ball enter
ing his leg. Me was taken to the
hospital where his wound was
dressed and is not badly injured, j
Another Koloa Couple
Joined In Wed-lock
(Special to the Garden Island)
Koloa, June 4 A very pretty
wedding took place here this morn
ing, the contracting parties being
Miss Louisa Buscli 'and John Pans,
the Rev. L. Kaulili officiating The
ceremony, which took place at
the residence, of the groom was fol-
i,,.,i ...in, i;,1,i,tlici,Hi..Mtc mmi
4 V WU ttlbll 11 A. 11, 1 V..11111IV.I11.J -i IIV
is one of the countv road
workers while the bride is another;
of our very popular young maidens.
ft -,,
fretty Dinner IS (jlVen
By Mr. and Mrs. Bade
(Special to the Garden Island)
ik'n.iu I11.H-.I (W nf t1. noinl
J occasions ot the week was the dinner
given by Mrs. win. Bade at her
residence here last evening, it be-
nig a celebration of her litieth
anaiverhaiy. Mrs.Baele was assisted ;
in receiving by her genial husband. :
A large, repiesentative crowd was
piesent, all ot whom enjoyed the
evening inuueiisiy. j
Robbery Committed
In Koloa Coffee Shop
illchuiin,r drv iroods. to the value of
nlimit tivr.nl v (InllnrK. Thr mntti-r
has been placed in the hands of the
police who have but little chance
ot making arrests as no clew was
I left which would i u any way
assist in running down the thieves.
To Late "Mother" Rice
Now that the loss of Mrs. Mary 1
.Sophia Hyde Rice or "Mother Rice, 1
has cast a gloom of sorrow upon
you the Honorable William Hyde
Rice, your children and family, and
many friends, who now sympathize
with you in your hour of affliction
and great sorrow.
So we members of the Christian j
Kudeavor Society Jr. of Lihue,
Kauai hereby sympathize with you,
in your bereavement for your loving
departed mother.
By our Committee:
Miss Pua Kllis.
Sadie Berg
" Louisa Kaiwi
Mina Cuinniings.
Mable Aiu.
Maria Kainau.
Principal Cox Handy
With Fatherly Advice1
Principal I. M. Cox of Kalihi
waena school, Honolulu, says a
strap would work wonders in his
school. He fails to say just how,
neither explains why he has not
put his suggestion into practice.
Liquor Commissioners
Grant Renewals
The Board of Liquor Commis
sioners at a meeting last Wednes
day granted wholesale license to
the following firms: C. W. Spitz,
Nawiliwili; Kapaa Wine Co., Ku-
paa; J. K. Landau, kapaia; J. I.
Silva, .Hanapepe; Waimea
Co., Waimea; and b. uzaki, wai-
mea. The members of the Board
are Hon. W. H. Rice, Sr., chair-
man, W. D. McUryde, A. Knud-
sen, J. K. Apolo and Hon. G. N.
.Wilcox, all of whom were present
I except Mr. Wilcox.
i rnuifiiDtu
Athletes Are Training Hard All Over The Island-Many Val
uable prizes Will be Given by Local Enthusiasts
Of Field and Track Meet
As the time approaches for the" b;g
field-meet on the Fourth of July,
next, some strenuous training is be
ing entered into by the athletes in
different sections of Kauai, and
with the splendid list of prizes
eflered by local residents, the pros
pects are that some well-fought
contests will be decided and perhaps
several Island records broken.
Steps are being taken by the Ka
uai Athletic Association to join
the Amateur Athletic Union of
"America, and once this is done our
i t -it 1.ii t t 1
oaseoan ana ainieuc cuius win dc
put on a solid foundation as regards
pure sport, and any records made
at the meet will bj official records
of the Kauai branch of the Hawa
iian Association of the A.A.U.
The committee in charge of the
program has finally decided upon
the following list of events to be
t A J f .i. ..II .
contested, - louneen m an.
Fifty Yards Dash;
One Hundred Yards Dash;
Two Hundred aud Twenty Yards
Four Hundred and Forty Yards
One Mile Run;
Half Mile Relay race;
One Hundred and Twenty Yards
Hurdle. - over 10 Hurdles, 2 ft. 6
in. in height.
Standing Broad Jump;
Running Broad Jump;
Running High Jump;
Pole Vault; .
Twelve pound Shot Put;
Twelve pound Hummer Throw;
Tug-of-War between teams from
the different Clubs of the Island.
The events will be contested
under the eyes of a competent re
feree and experienced judges, and
the athletic field in Lihue Park
will be found an excellent arenn
in which to inaKe records, aim
tUe Grandstand a comfortable place
troin which the spectators may
view the making of them.
Among the valuable first prizes
offered so far, with their donors,
are the following:
Tug-of-War, Large Silver Cup,
A. S. Wilcox; Fifty Yard Dash,
Silver Watch, Lihue Store; Hund
red Yard Dash, Gold Watch, R. P,
Spalding; Two-Twenty Yard Dush,
Silver Cup, H. F. Wichman & Co;
Four-Forty Yards Dash, Silver CUp,
D. P. R. Isenberg; One mile Run,
Hand Made Bridle, Mrs. R. L.
Wilcox; 120 Yards Hurdle, Silver
Cup, K. O. Hall & Son; 1 mile
Relay (Teams of 4 each) -Standing
broad jump, Run-
Miss McClyniont, Principal of
the Kalaheo School was the guest
of Mrs. Arthur Rice over Sunday.
Tax Assessor J. K. Farley of
Koloa, was registered at the Fnir
view Hotel Tuesday.
Miss Freda Fggerking, accom
panied by Miss Fatith of Honolulu,
are spending a vacation with Miss
UggerkingV parents. in Wailua. I
Dave L. Watson, who has man
aged the Lihue Ice Co.'s business
during Mr. Hill's absence, returned
to Honolulu Saturday.
Dr. Pratt and Inspector Cook
left for Honolulu Saturday after
having left instructions to keep up
the good work of cleaning up Huna-
Manager Myers of Kilauea was in
town Saturday motoring over with
a party composed of Mr. and Mrs.
R. W. Kinney, and daughter of
Oakland and Mrs. ,1. H. Wright
and one, of Berksley, who returned
to Honolulu on the Muati alter a
short visit
with Mr, ami Mrs.
rnn mi v at
ning Broad Jump. Gold Medal.
C. S. Dole; Running High Jump.
Gold Medal. C. S. Dole: Pole
Vault. Silver Cup, Mrs. A. S.
Wilcox; 12 lb." Shot Put; 12
lb. Hammer Throw,
Several others of our residents
have expressed their desire to give
prizes for the successful contest
ants, and the committee feel well
assured, now, that there will be a
first and second prize for each
event' which will be well worth
striviinr for. --to sav nothing of tin-
- m
.. f
satisfaction or winning points tor
one's club and
localitv, which for
manv will be
the chief incentive
for strenuous action.
The list of timers aud field judges
will be announced later.
The Association has decided to
limit the entries in this meet to
men who have been, from the first
of the year, bonafide residents of
Kauai, since the field day is es
pecially for the purpose of bring
ing out the talent on this island,
and the Association considers i t
unwise, in holding this lir.it open
field-day for the- island, to allow
expert athletes with long exp.-rienne
in field athletics to come from
Honolulu and carry off all t h e
valuable prizes fron our local boys,
whose first experience this will lie,
for most of them at anv rate, in
field athletics.
Of course, it should be statu!
here, those bonafide residents of
Kauai who have been at Honolulu
and mainland school and who may
be home again on their vacations,
will be Welcomed on the entry list.
The training quarters, under the
grandstand in Lihue Park have re
cently been fitted out with a shower
bath, by the Plantation authorities
which is much appreciated a u d
made good use of by the athletes.
Rubbing tables have also been
put in, where rub-downs may be
obtained after the hard work in
the field, thus enabling the contest
ants to keep in the best physical
condition and n.-L-vvii.ifrtlR.dn--,.r
of strains to the muscles which are
sure to occur if they are allowed
to become telise.
Athletesill over the island are
advised to practice the different
events under the eyes oft men who
have trained for similar contests in
Honolulu or elsewhere, and to seek
.their advice as much as possible.in
order to avoid the danger of mak
ing serious blunders in their me
thods of training which may de
stroy their chanc of w irji gpoinfs
in the events which 'they will en
ter. S
Dr. V. S. Clark returned to
uolulu Saturday after a brief
11 iji
through the plantations in Lhe in
terest of labor condition.
Mr. M. F. Booth, formerly
manager of the Kekaha store is now
the representative of a well -known
business house .'and is making his
first call on our island trade.
K. Gibson representing the Ha
waiian Star, Honolulu's best paper,
left for Waimea, yesterday, where
for several days he can be found at
the Hotel Bavviw.
J. K. Kula of Koloa will shortly
move to the Farley beach house
upon the advice of. the. family phy
sician, relative to the illness of one
of the numbers of his family,
Hon. W. H. Rice, left for Houo-
lulu Saturday to attuiid the meet-
ingof the Commissioners of Hduca-
tion which convened yesterday for
the purpose of a'ppoiitting 'teachers
for the ensuing year,
Oriental Lihue was thrown into ,
a state of panic Wednesday eve
ning about six o'clock when a tra-,
gedy as the result of a long stand
ing feud between two Japanese
took place in the Lihue camp in
the presence of scores of witnesses,
the actors being Kumataro Inc
shita and Mitsuyasu. the former
being so badly wounded that death
followed before the hospital was
The motive behind the murder
was, according to a statement by
the prisoner, one which dates
back to a period of several years
during which time both men have
served a term each in the peniten
tiary, having been convicted of
Kumataro was prior to his con
viction, a hotel keeper in Honolulu,
-uid it was while Mitsuyasu was
ittending school he formed the ac
quaintance of Kumataro with
whom he took up his residence.
receiving the sum of one dollar and
i half per week in addition to his
lodgings in payment for work he
performed on the Hotel books.
The beginning o f Kumataro's
ijilikia daUs Loin the d.iy he re
vived several postal money orders
(mounting to nc.irly two hundred
lollars. He insisted on Mitsuvasu
i or,
iiiii the signature to the orders1
vinen ne attmvaras cashed, pro
nising so t!ie prisoner states to
livide the spoils. This he refused
to do and Mitsuyasu soon left the
hotel. Kumataro was arrested
.shortly afterward, convicted o f
forgery and sentenced to twelve
months imprisonment. During
h i s incarceration, the officials
learned that he was unable to write
english, and after careful investi
gation Mitsuyasu was found to be
an accomplice, and was arrested,
convicted and sentenced for a term
of two years. He claims to have
been visited by Kumataro while he
was in jail, fro-u w!i j.n he had
promises of one dollar and fifty
cents per week for every week he
spent in prison.
Having served his time, he began
a search for his friend, who in the
meantime had come to Kauai.
Locating him. he came here in
December last and reminded him
, 01 UK !IOI'ie1'P- "'"auiro
wis unable to help him at the time
Continued on papefi.
Teachers For
The Ensuing Year
1 The appointment of Kauai teach-
ers for the ensuing year, the pub
: licntion of which the Gakdkn Is
land delayed t h e present issue
j hoping to be able to give, it to its
readers, has been made, but will
, not be given out until the salaries
1 of t h e teachers appointed have
been determined accordi
schedule which requires
standing, qualifications in the way
of certificates, the reports of the ;
supervising principals on their
work, nnd their time allowance for
work in the service.
Eleele Social Club
11 11 1 1 M 1
HOldS Annual lUeet
it, ...... .. t. ...... r. ni... ........
i.l.r.r.i.j.i 11 ..4. M . 1 tit itiwiu imt a
of Kleele athletic and Social Club
met Friday night and elected tne
following officers for the ensuing
year: J. C. Moura, president; V
Fernandes, vice president; II. C.
Coburn, manger; Arthur Fer
nandes, secretary and treasurer.
Directors: K. W. Kinney, M. J.
Duart, Antone Pavao, and J. L.
Hanalei Is To Become
Health Storm Center
According to the wireless from
Honolulu vesttrdav. Hanalei is-to
become a '"Storm' Center" of
t h e heal t h inspectors. The.
G.VKbKN Island feels very much
gratified over the successful out-
conic of its publicity campaign
which it has carried on in regard
lo the "white plague" in Hanalei.
The Holy Ghost feast was cele
brated in the Kapaia Catholic
church Saturday night aud Sun
day. The exercises opened at 7:30
with a pretty display of fireworks,
which was followed by an appro
priate air by the Lihue band, which
occupied a position on the lower end
of the grounds. Hundreds of
spectators thronged the grounds and
the two clerks in charge o f t h e
ticket booth found it necessary to
appoint men to pass through the
crowd witli tickets for sale in order
to supply the demand. A sum
amounting to sixty dollars' w a s
realized from this borjth -alone. A
procession composed of several hun
dred persons, headed by the band,
was a feature of the Sunday morn
ing exercises. The total amount
realized from the sale of various
articles was one hundred and thirty
dollars. The band goes to Kilauea
Saturday where they will play for
the Holv Ghost exercises which
hcgh there Saturday night.
New Director For
Eleele Baseball Team
Kuii;i.H. June 2. Mr. J. C.
Moura, has resigned the manager
ship of the Kieele B.B. Club and
is succeeded by Mr. H. C. Coburn.
Mr. Moura has managed the affairs of
the team successfully, and received
a vote of thanks from the members.
Mr. Coburn is too well known a
mong the sports to require an intro
duction. The club is fortunate in
securing the services of such a pu
blic spirited citizen, and that Kle
ele will continue her successful ca
reer thou fhout the season is an as
sured fact.
Commissioners Are
On The Right Track
The school commissioners are on
the right track when they ask
that frills be taken of the school
program. Fancy, flimsy work pro
vails in many of our schools to
such an extent as to make it diffi
"cult for teachers to devote sufficient
time to more important studies
Holy Ghost Fcr
Kilauea Catholics
Kii.AO!A, June 6. Preparations
ore Hearing completion here for
the regular annual celebration of
the Holy Ghost which will begin
at the Catholic Church at half past
seven Saturday evening and con
tinue over Sunday. The Lihue
Band will arrive Saturday after
noon and will lead the Sunday
morning procession.
ce Harvesting Is
Begun In
C. Ahana, the rice king of Hulaia
District began harvesting rice yes
terday. The crop, as to quality and
yield is about the average, while the
price of rice has advanced con
siderable which puts the rice far-
niers in a position 10 realize more
for their product than from the last
Ill-treated Spouse
Flees From Husband
(Special to the Garden Island)
K01.0A. June 4 As a result of a
disagreement with her husband,
aboutsix this afternoon, a Hawaii
an woman is missing from her
home, and up to eight o'clock no
trac eof her whereabouts has been
Family Row Is
Aired Itt CoUl't
(Special to the Garden Island)
Hanai.ki, Junk 6. George Tit-
comb, of Wainiha appeared before
Judge Huddy this morning on a
charge of disturbing the peace of
members of his family and had
sentence suspended for one month.

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