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ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL 8. NO. 30.
Meeting Was Called For Reconsideration
Of Former Action On Appro
priation Fund
Roads Are Praised By Member of The Fair
Sex After A Pleasant Trip To
Koloa and Return
Meeting called to order at 10 A.
M. by the Vice Chairman, Mr. H.
D. Wishard.
All the members present with
the exception of the Chairman,
Hon. Marston Campbell.
The minutes of the two previous
meetings of the Hoard, held on
July 5th and July 15th respectively,
read and upon. change being made
in the minutes of the meeting held
Tuly 15th relative to the appropria
tion for Bridge at Kealia, the same
to read "iron Bridge" in place of
"Concrete Bridge," the same were
dulv approved.
The Vice Chairman stated that
the meeting had been called for the
purpose of reconsidering the matter
of the appropriation of $24,000, for
macadamizing the Lihue-Apeula
and Koloa-Lawai sections of road
That difficulties had been met with
in the matter of contracting for
this work and for various other
reasons he deemed it wiser and
more expedient that this work
should not be undertaken with the
Loan Fund monies, but that in
stead these funds or a portion
thereof should be expended in the
regradiug of roads in the Kawai-.-Imn
and Hanalei Districts and in
'any other Districts where deemed
most expedient by the Board. That
after the thorough regrading ana
widening of the roads, the work of
macadamizing them, under the
supervision of the County Engineer
and with the outht ot tne county,
could proceed uninterruptedly for
at least a year, or as long as the
funds of the County were aviable
for this purpose.
After a general discussion of the
proposed change in the work and
the general approval of same by all
the members of the Commission and
of their engineer, the following
motion, duly seconded, was made:
"That portion of the motion as
made and passed July 15th 191.1,
setting aside and appropriating the
sum of $24,000 for macadamizing
the Lihue-Apeula and Koloa-Lawai
sections of road, 6 miles at $4000
per mile, be reconsidered and that
the said funds be held available and
for disposition at some other meet
ing or meetings." Motion passed
Motion made that the Board of
Loan Commissioners should hold a
regular monthly meeting on the
first Wednesday of each and every
month at the office of the Board of
Supervisors, Lihue. Motion duly
seconded, passed.
Motion to adjum to the call of
the chair, duly seconded a n d
W. D. McBrvdb,
High Praise For
Our Good Roads
After making a flying trip to Ko
loa Friday evening and returning
early Saturday morning, the writer
wishes to express her pleasure of
the fine roads which made the ride
so delightful.
On the return trip we had the op
portunity of seeing the men at work
and very busy indeed they were;
loads of material, great rollers and
engines being very much in evi
dence, Groups of tents along the way
testified to the fact that the men
were living near the scene of their
labors, making it more convenient
for them to be on time. When
completed they will have reason to
be extremely proud of the splendid
highway that they have evolved.
There Has Been No Disagrceableness
Connection With The Work
Since Arrival
Prominent Plantation Men Sustain Pain
ful Injuries-Waimea Captures
Big Man-eater
Health Inspector Cook, who was
appointed July first by Gov. Frear
as inspector for Kauai, and who is
represented by a Honolulu after
noon paper as being objectionable
to Kauains, and as a result was re
ceiving no aid in his endeavor to
clean up" Kauai, dropped into
The Garden Island office last Fri
day and to a reporter, stated most
emphatically there was not the
least foundation for such a report.
"To the contrary," said Mr.
Cook, "I could not ask people tp
do more than they eagerly volun
teer to do, and -it was only by
such aid I have been enabled to
accomplish so much more than I
ever could, had I been doing my
worn under unfavorable conditions.
That perfect harmony prevails can
be assured any who may take the
trouble to inquire from responsible
Waimea citizens, with whom I
have had dealings since my arrival
on Kauai. You may say that
deplore the report which was pub
lished, and in the shorttime I have
been on Kauai, have been most
favorably impressed with thehosoi
tality of its citizens, and that upon
my part, there will ever be a strong
endeavor to work m hearty co
operation and perfect harmony
wiin my co-woruers, wJiom I'm
sure will beequally as willing."
So the great hammer which is
always on the swing in Honolulu,
once more rebounds, after failing
to create even a rubbish pile sensa
Its up to the Prominent man
from Kauai," to come out with his
source of information.
Manager Alexander
Painfully Injured
When debarking from the steam ¬
er the other day in Honolulu-Mr
Frank Alexander rather sevisously
injured his foot, so that he will
have to go on crutches for some time
Mrs. Alexander was on the point
of leaving for the east, but owing
to Ihis accident returned with him
to Eleele
McBryde Head Luna
In Serious Accident
Mr. R. D. Moller, Head Luna on
McBryde, met with quite a serious
accident on Monday morning -His
horse slipped and fell on smooth
hard roadway and his shoulder was
dislocated and other-wise injured
so that he will laid up for some
Waimea Catches
Extra Large Shark
Waimea . Great excitement
prevailed here last Sunday when
the crew of the S. S. Kinau suc
ceeded in hauling in the largest
shark seen here for years. He
measured a little more than ten feet
from tip to tip and was the source
of intense interest amonglour pop
ulace. Lihue Church Calendar
Lihue Union Church, Foreign
(Rev. J. M. Lydgate pastor.
i Church Service 11 a. m. except
, the last Sunday of the mouth. Sun-
j day School 10:30 a. m.
I Lihue First Church, Hawaiian.
i Rev. Wm. Kamau pastor. 9-hurcn
bervice 11 a, m, bunday School
10 a, in,
Short Sketches Relating to Our Enter
prising Business Firms Who
Make Kauai
air Dealing And Courtesy Is The Slogan
Of Kauai's Merchants, Which
Assures Success
The Conev Garage, snugly en
sconced in Nawiliwili Village, and
nearly opposite the ship landing,
reminds one of a great bee-hive
with its colony in full working or
der the immense building with its
constant hum of machinery, being
the hive and the constantly going
and coming of cars from the Hud
son Run-about to the palatial Kissel
taking the place of the ousy
bees. The machine shop connect
ed with this garage is complete l n
everyway for doing, repair work,
and a vulcanizing plant is soon to
be added.
Cars to suit every occasion are
always on tap, with drivers who
are known throughout the island
as trustworthy and careful in e n .
As manager of this prosperous ap
pearing nrm, Hon. I. n. voney,
being a maclumist himself can be
found on the job, clad in his blue
jumpers most any day, rendering
aid to his men on some rush or
particular job. Besides managing
this large trauspartatiou establish
ment, Mr. Coney is Agent tor
the I. I. Co's. .wharf, is an attor
ney, and one of Kauai's popular
In C. W. Spitz, ths wine and li
quor merchant of Nawiliwili, is an
example of what a man who is de
termined to make a success in lite,
and one who the closer to the wall
he is pushed, the harder he strug
gles. By hard dint and honest en
deavor, he has advanced step b y
step until to-day he is reckoned a
mcug the most influential business
men of Kauai and is well known as
such throughout the territory
Connected wit h his his Nawili
will House, are branch stores at
Koloa, Waimea and Kapaa. Mr
Spitz is generous to a fault in h i s
dealings with the public, never
turning a deaf ear to any :n need
of his assistance. . lie is ably assist
ed in conducting h i s business at
headquarters by Mr. Knight, whose
popularity a m o n g his customers
materially aids in making the C. W
Spitz's store the pleasantest rendez
vous, tor intormal gatherings on
By far the most imposing and
pleasantly situated hotel outside of
Honolulu, is the Hotel Fairview
It is situated about three fourth's of
a mile from the Nawiliwili landing,
from which place it is accessible by
auto over one of the finest Stretches
of road in the world.
(Continued next week)
Knudsens Hosts
At Auto Party
HAN'AMil. A delightful a u t
party was that given by Mr. and
Mrs. Eric Kuudsen, on last Thurs
day, when a large party of friends
were conveyed in Mr. Knudsen's
big cars to Hanalei beach. They
reached Kealia a t twelve o'clock
and had lunch with Senator Fair-
child after which they resumed
their journey, arriving at the Deve
rill Hotel about four p. in. Bath
ing suits were quickly adjusted and
a most delightful plunge was taken.
They remained over night and after
taking another dip in the famous
Hanalei Bay, the party started on
the return trip.
Among those who enjoyed t li e
hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Kuud
sen were Mrs. J. B. Wilder, Cant.
Russell Smith. Olnrp M. Kellv.
vr.'ce t o,.v -vri f : To.-rr.i.-
Waterhouse, Licitt. G. F, Burrell,
J M i s s Blanche1 ftwiruell, Master
J Dixon Nftt, kielitjrd Thomson,
Weakest Team in League, Out-Battles
Strongest-Homestead Wallops
The Koloas
Room For Speculation As to Who Will
Win The First Year's Trophy
-No Walk-overs
A sensation was a feature of last
Sunday's ball games, when the K.
A. C.'s, the weakest team of the
League put the high and mighty
Kilauea's to slumber with a score
of 6 to 5. This victory, by the
weakest over the strongest, is indic
ative of great improvement on the
part of the weak team, or else some
mighty funny playing on the part
of the strong team. If the former
be the case, then Kawaihau is de
serving of highest praise, while if
the latter be true, Kilauea should
locate and dispense with its very.
funny" plays, ere it is too late
When the news that the Kawai
haus had defeated their big antag
onists spread, a look of wonderfcnd
doubt was plainly visible on the fa
ces of the big-team sympathizers-
doubt as to correctness of the report
and wonder that such could hap
pen. Such did happen, however,
and the K. A. C.'s were kept busy
nearly all Sunday night receiving
the congratulations of their friends.
The Homesteaders May their
shadows niver grow hss" after
amusing themselves by teasing the
Fleele bunch who had not denied
their implicacy in a recent white
wash game in which the farmers' '
Were also slightly interested put
the screws to the Lleeles with the
score of 14 to 8. This was the sec
ond sensation ot tlie day and was
the source of much rejoicing among
the farmers."
From Hanalei comes the report
of the work of the Junior League
which was recently organized. A
game was pulled off last Sunday on
the Haena field between the Home
team and Hanaleis, the latter win
nine with a score of 13 to 3. The
came was a walk-over for the visi
tor's. The Werner brothers distin
guished themselves as usual by the
class of ball they put up. As the
weather was fine a large audience
occupied the grand "stand."
One of not the least pleasing fea
tures of the game in Lihue .Sunday
was the presence of the Lihue band
Good band music is so in keeping
with base ball, that it is a pity an
arrangement cannot be made to get
the band to play for every game at
the nark. The summary of the
Lihue-Koloa game follows:
The Lihues put it all over the
Koloas to the tune of 7 to 2. Ka
mau, pitching for the Lihue Cardi
nals. should have had a shut-ou
game, but for a few errors back o
him. Three hits were made off his
delivery, whilst the Lihue touched
up Paris for eleven bingles.
A double killing in the lirst in
nine, sort ot took tlie wind out o
the Kolou's sails. Paris had doti
bled. Medeiros was out, Opuuui to
Malina. Paris tried to score, but
was caught at the home plate and
then Brandt Fanned.
The Cardinals got busy with the
stick in the third. With two down
Kamaka singled and made second
when Paris tried to catch him at
first, the ball going wild. Doi let
loose a two-bagger and Kamaka
tallied. Fernandes bunted safely
and stole the second sack. Opunui
sinirled and brought Doi and Fer
nandes home. Malina then mad
i a home run. scoring Opunui ahead
of him. Makanani trippled, but
i Rice ended the agony by flying to
! Sasaki. Five runs.
The Koals, in the fourth, scored
iOiice. Paris died second to first,
"Medeiros walked and stole. Then
Brandt flew to Ahaua, Kuhlman
) reached third on an error, Mcdei-
iros scoring. Toichi died second
1 to first.
V'c t? 1 '" ,7 7 W "1 .
again. Miuimaininv u rtniiin
llta( runs itumutu, .uvmviiu.t wsiii i
$100,000.00 Building To B: CradoJ On :
Finest Beach To Be Found la
The Territory
ilrs. Wilcox Will Hold Down Lid In
dr.- C;
cational Affairs-Lihue Etcr:
Loses Valuable Mub
Hanalei accordi'i. to rumor
is to be placed on I'u map in r
class with Newpoit News and
acksonville Florida. A stretch ot
beach property consisting of six
acres is being negotiated for by u
representative of a wealthy llonr
luiu lady who proposes to crcc'
thereon a building to cost a hun
dred thousand dollars.
Just who the lady behind llu
project is, it is not possible m say.
but that definite steps will follow
quickly upon the conclusion of pre-
lunnaries which are said to be
progressing satisfactorily, is as
The plan includes steam laun; h .s
for pleasure trips up the river and
in fact no feature "will be overlooked
which might serve its share in
changing this beautiful spot of
nature into a veritable Coney Is
Lihue Store Loses
A Valuable Mule !
While descending the grade lead-1
iug to the Kapaia Church bridge,
yesterday morning, a defective I
brake allowed a loaded
e. 1 ,
trot and
wagon to get heyond con
rush down upon the team. One'
mule fell and sustained a broken '.eg,
which resulted in its being shot,
the other escaping bad'y, bruire.
The team is the property cf the Li
hue Store and the loss is estimated
at nearly three hundred dpl'an.
Mrs. Wilcox On
The Educational Lit!
(Special to the Garden Inland)
Mrs. Wilcox will hold down tht
lid in Iiducational ahairs, tem
porarily. ' After a few days tussle with the
breakbone, ve editor is a 2 a i n on
out at first, and Paris "beat" it to
the home plate on a wild throw.
Brandt fanned.
In the seventh inning, the Car
dinals annexed two more runs, foi
luck. Kamaka and Doit each sing
led, Fernandes fanned, and Opu
nui singled. Kamaka was caugh
at third on a passed ball. Both ran
ners moved up. Malina singled,
scoring Doi and Opunui. Malin:
stole second and third, Makmr.i
walked, Rice flew to Kulhmi'i.
The umpiring was op.n fo
criticism, the decisions being abou'
equal on both sides, n nobody hac
really the worst of ii .
Results of the m::
K. A. C. 6 Kiliu-a 5
Lihue 7 Koloa
Hom'std 14 ' Kleelc li
Hanalei Junior Leagii.'
Hanalei 13 Haein
Next Sunday's Ball Games
K. A. C. vs. Makaweli, uu Ka;aa
Umpire, L. J. Mundon.
Koloa vs. Kilauea, in Koloa
Umhire, Charlie Ilosea.
Kleele vs. Lihue, in Makaweli.
Umpire, Dick Oliver.
Hanalei Junior Leag ic
Hanalei vs Awa Roots, in Ma i.ale.
Umpire, not named.
G W L Av
12 9 3 .75
14 9 5 .M:
13 S 5
12 6 6 ,5
14 6 S .42f
13 4 9 .30.
H' A W ,51'.
' Koloa
- HonuHuVid
Collides In Attempt to LrJ Sky-bill b
Left FieM-Miy Presat
Finisliins S::jJ3n
rricd 0j1 L7 Tid:-Bod 1
-htjresfnj Porjiml
At Randsa
; RjcarcrjJ
Manager Br.yer of the Makawcli
Store, took the Kinau fcr Honolulu
Frank Crawford, of the Bank of
Hawaii has been laid up with the
Dan. Conway, retumul to I'c
uolulu Saturday after his rcculcr
island business trip.
Miss Helen Alcana of Kil'hitvii
returned yesterday from a week's
visit among Koloa friend.
Mrs. Gaylord Wilcox of Koloa
was the guest of Mrs. A. S. Wil- '
cox, of Lihue last Saturday.
HansGittle, Hoftchlaeger's pc
p 1 tr repres .n'.atiye. was a pjsseu
t,er ior ilin-ihiltt'Snurday.
Vr. Gre.nbiug, Sales Agent
with heaJq-airters at the Hawaiian
Hotel , returned by SahirJay'j
Mr. Hardy of the Geoicti. su.
vey, returned to Lihue Sunday,
after a trip to the water sources of
the island.
Mr. Savior of 3t. Andrew's Ca
thedral, who had been making the
various plantations oi his regular
tr.p, left for Honolulu Saturday.
Mrs. A. Menefog'io of Wainiha
mauka, spent several davs last week
Uu, st of Mn ,; D?V;.rpi in
Hanalei, during .Mr. Meuelojlio's
absence i.i Homlalu.
Mas'.er Harrison Rica an 1 Gij.
Hogg, who have been speadin se
veral weks with the Kjudsen
mountain party, returned home
Saturday, the picture of good
aealth .
When you prc-.c-it a box of candy
to a hdy frond theic is a great sa
:'sfac:iou n knowing it is the best
-and you could not pleaie a laby
nore than to offer her a box of F.
& O. Chocolates for she knows it
is a fjuai pntce of purity and excel
'.ence and a gift she will thoroughly
appreciate. Kvery ' ' S i c r r a ' '
brings us a fresh supply on ice from
Foster & Orear, San Francisco, of
F. & O. Choco'ates. Assorted Cho
colates French Mixed, and Pep
permint Chocolates hands im.ly
oacked in half-pound, poun I and
-wo pound box.s (d 25?, 50 and
1. 00 each.
ArtUt Dur;i;o, lift for IIouolulj
last Saturday having spent several
reeks doiiig spuial portrait wor
vhich is known a? "Artista Proof,"
.lie first of the kind ever done i
he l.rr.to:y. A lara-2 number oc
mr prominent people were so well
leased with the new method that
.lie artist was kept bmv up to the
:ery minute the boat depart: J,
Child Is Drowned
On Waitea Bea:!i
li I Waime . A sad event occ irre l
I here Sunday morning, a Japinese
3 j boy about a year old being c night
by a breaker and carried o ,t to
-i-a. The frantic cries of a sister
who had been in charge of the ehild
hurriedly brought a throng of peo
ple to the beach. A senrehing
party was unhisitatingly formed
and after much seeking the body
was recovered.
liirei Cal Player
Is Pa M-ly Hurt
John Akain a member of the
tilaitea ball t Min met with a pain
'al accident Suudiy while trying
0 coined with asiky ball, colliding
ith Bill Kerr who was also atttmp-
nj; the same feat. It is thought
Vcaiu's injuries may pibly

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