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The Garden Island:
One block above the Fairvicw
hotel is the new home of Tim Gar
niiN Isi.an'd, the largest publishing
and printing establishment on
Kauai and headquarters for latest
information pertaining to Kauaian
affairs and the home of good print
Liliue Meat Market:
A little further up main street
' brings one to the L,ihue meat mar
ket, conducted by one of our Polo
experts, Arthur Rice, who makes
a personal selection of his animals
before he slaughters, with the
riult that Liliue and surrounding
community are supplied with ex
cellent beef. Uesides the arduous
duties incumbent upon him in
managing the Lihue market, the
county of Kauai is fortunate to
claim him as its worthy treasurer
Lihue Hantfss Shop:
Next door to the market, is the
Lihue Harness shop which is one
of the most attractive little business
institutions in Lihue. Mr. Alohi
kea is the manager, and is one of
our most trustworthy citizens.
Kauai's Emporium:
Who has not heard of "Kauai's
Emporium," also known as the
Lihue Store. It's located on the
corner of Main and Nawiliwili.
You can distinguish the store from
others by its enormous plate glass
front and the magnificent window
draperies, beautiful show cases
artistically arranged, and filled with
such enticing prices and articles,
that one finds himself thinking he
is in a city department store.
Managers of each department,
with their clerks, greet you upon
entrance and whether your buying
is large or nothing at all you
receive the same courtesy. Mana
ger Delacy, of the Dry-goods De
partment, must know that his
name is a household by-word in
nearly every house on Kauai. His
geniality in dealing with the pub
lie, the ease with which he can
match exactly a piece of goods for
a lady forty or fifty miles away
how he can explain to distant
customers just what would best
suit them, and then to hnu he is
always correct, has given him a
reputation as a salesman, few have
ever obtained. Mr. Fountain of
the grocery department is a great,
big, honest, square-dealer and with
little difficulty, conducts his end of
this immense business in a highly
satisfactory manner both to his em
ployeraud customer. The oriental
department is under the supervision
of H. Yoshimoto who, with a corps
of clerks, keeps this department
running in tip-top shape.
John Raposa, is another o f the
genial managers of this large em
porium, having charge of the hardware-lumber
interests. Whether
its a ten-cent pepper box or lumber
for a sky-scraper, he is always
"Johny on the spot," in filling
the order. Mr. G rote Jr., presides
over the store books, and at the
head of this very systematic up-to
date wholesale and retail general
merchandise establishment, we find
. the key to the whole situation in
Manager Rohrig, whom we found
in his office which is so situated as
to allow him a direct oversight of
the string o f large warehouses
near by, as well as to be within a
moment's access to the main store.
Manager Rohrig has installed sep
arate phones for each department,
which proves a great time-saver
both to his clerks and customers.
The "money back if not satisfied"
motto, which manager Rohrig has
adopted, combined with the quality
of goods and his ability to select
such excellent assistants, brings to
this store, customers from all parts
of Kauai.
Possessed with a pleasing pc r -sonality,
Manager Rohrig is not
only one off our most successful
h'lcinf.Hs iHpii lint ?S tilsn n lpndltlf1
figure 111 Lihue s social world.
The County's Business:
. .. . .. ...1 1 1
11 street and almost on-' There may be some who may , morning when his hociy was u is
pla, if thi 1 a 'Mnisiness firm" .covered dangling from a tree in the
building, wherein are ilnUtuMve are writing this article , rear of the mill. He was about
id three of the most ener- J WC will assume to call it such for j twenty-five years of age, and had
posite the
the county
I.U 4 Vt 14 14 V 144 W. Wl iuwJfc v.iv
fietle, foitliful awl !mrd..workltf'
Tunc: "When Johnnie Comes
Marching Home"
Kauai's team lisi gone again
Hurrah 1 llurralil
Oil tlioy'iv tlio ."lull' our polo ini'ti
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Oaliu'H THAM may light and SCHHAM
Ami tin-Cavalry HOY'Siuuki-lottf ofXoi!
Hut its all tin1 saini' to
Kauai's l'olo Team.
Tin- ponies which haw crossed again,
llurralil Hurrah!
Oh they know how to play the game
Hurrah! liurrali!
The lads all shout anil tin- Indies say
Kauai's ponies will win the day
For there's none so gay u
Kauai's l'olo Team.
Got ready for a great big spree
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give our heroes three times three
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Oh the girls will laugh and the hand will
And all the folks will hail the day,
tor its heigh, ho, heigh 1 I' or
Kauai's l'olo Team.
Kegel Club Gives
Farewell To Nicolai
The headquarters of the members
of the Kegel Club the recognized
social center of Lihue was the
scene of another of its extremely
popular social functions last week,
when the members met in a farewell
assembly to Gus Nicolai who leaves
for Honolulu shortly after a number
of years' residence in Hauamaulu,
being Chief engineer of the Haua
maulu Mill. Preliminaries, con
sisting of a bowling contest having
been disposed of, an abundant sup
ply of refreshments were "served.
Pres. Wolters made the opening
speech, dwelling effectively upon
the efficiency of Mr. Nicolai as a
workman, his value to the club as
a member, the regret of the club at
his loss and on behalf of the club,
wished brother Nicolai unbound
ed success in his new field. Many
others followed President Wolters
in his address, each of whom spoke
in highest praise of Mr. Nicolai and
d e e p 1 y regretted Ins departure
Mr. Nicolai, responded with much
feeling, saying among other things
that he appreci ated the many
pleasant remarks to which he had
listened with much feeling and that
he would always consider his resi
dence here as the happiest period
of his life. He then thanked the
members of the club for their hos
pitality and concluded by wishing
the club continued success.
Mr. Nicolai leaves Hananiaulu to
accept a position with the Honolulu
Iron Works, with whom he severed
his connection to accept the position
which he now relinauishes.
Waimea Children
Have Delightful Picnic
Waimka. Waimea's S u tt day
School children were treated to a
delightfull picnic last week. Mrs.
Wright, of the foreign church, Mr.
Puck of the Salvation Army and
Mrs. Puk On, conducted the proj
gram which consisted of plenty of
good tilings to each and a number
of appropiate juvenile sports.
Japanese Is Killed
Thursday By Cave-in
Yamamoto, Japanese laborer and
ice planter, was crushed to death
rice nlanter
in a water tunnel about noon last , while in a fit of despondency over
Thursday. It seems that he had j his condition. He was a man of
knocked' off work for lunch and fifty years, and was without rela
had gone into the tunnel for some- tives or family.
thing and had gotten caught in a '
cave-in. He was dead when found, 1 Talroc Rnnp Rnntp
, . 1 .
lnwer inw hnvinir been crushed.
Dr. Putman was summoned and 1
after examination said death had
ensued from concussion of the
Kntiai Auditor C.
, MaSei.( ComUy Clerk Ktuleakuai
1 County Attorney Sam Kaeo.
' Th.MV iiinv hi enim who ninv
" -. . .
wwumwi pn raKc, 0l
The Leaders of the League had
an easy time last Sunday disposing
of their opponents.
The Makaweli's Blues defeated
the K. A. C. Grays 12-1. The
Kihutea Red Sox finally woke up
and downed the Koals 22-3. San
born caught, and Werner was at
first base. Their playing was a '
marked improvement over their,
former games. The Lihue Cardi
nals, for six innings, had quite 1
a tussle with the Hels in Makaweli. 1
Ahana, pitching for Lihue, was
weak almost to the end. He allowed
bases on balls and was hit freely. 1
The line up, back of him, was not
very strong. ,
The Cardinals broke loose with t
two runs in the initial inning.
Gabriel was hit and allowed his
base, making second on a passed
ball. Fernandes hit past third,
Gabriel scoring. Opuuui forced
Fernandes at second, M a 1 i u a
doubled, Makanani made a scratch
hit, Opunui tallying. Makanani
stole. Chiug fanned, Maliua at
tempted to steal, but was out, pit
cher to catcher.
In the second, they added three
runs. Ahana uieci seconu to nrst,
Kamau sent a fly ball to center, the
latter muffed it, and then stole
second. Kamaka reached second,
Kamau coming home. Kamaka
made third oil a passed ball. Gabriel
singled and stole. Fernandes died
ss. to 1st, Kamaka scoring. Opu
nui was safe at first, Gabriel scor
ing. Malina forced Opunui at
The Eels made one run 111 the
Pereira walked and stole,
Richardson fanned, Johnson walked
and made third on catcher's error,
Pereira scoring. The next two
They scored twice in the third.
Gabriel walked and stole, Takatani j
fanned. Cordeiro made a scratch 1
hit, Gabriel scoring. Cordino stole j
Akana fanned. Pereira singled, i
scoring Cordeiro. Pereira stole 1
second, but was out at third.
In the fourth they added one1
run. Richardson singled, Johnson
doubled, Richardson, however, was ,
out at third, Johnson stole. Duarte1
fanned, Johnson scored on third1
baseman's error. Fernandes walked (
but was out stealing. 1
In the sixth they got the Maka-!
weli fans wild by tying the score.
Akana singled and 011 a series of 1
errors made home. Pereira singled
Richardson walked. Johnson flew
to Second basei Duarte flew 'to
pitcher, Fernandes died short to
The fans were disappointed in
the seventh when the Cardinals
scored two runs. Fernandes made '
second on error. Opunui died
short to first, Fernandes reached
third on a passed ball.
walked and stole. Makanani walked,
scoring Fernandes, Ahana singled
r . , - ,-1
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Japanese Hangs
Finm ManffflP T fPP
ilUUimauguc iicc
fSminl to the Garden Island)
Waimka. Early Friday morn
ing, the body of Shinihara at one
time a Tananese rice planter of
ive in idleness for several years
to 1
through chronic illness, was found
1 swinging from a mangoe tree, where
j he had evidently hanged himself
lunvu IWIJv ilVMfcV
1 "ww t
To Great Beyond
(Special to the Garden Island)
KiJKAiiA. Akiuawa, a Japanese
' laborer left his home some time
, dufing Thursday night and was
!seenilo more until early Friday
! tiltlfniilt? whell his body Wa3 dis
1 frf i1.
m WiW
The Lihue Cemetery Association
laid its corner stone Saturday, the
following information being e n
closed: This monument is set up by
Anna C. Cooke, nee Rice, born
Sept. 5, 1853; and
Mary Dorothea. Rice Iscnberg,
nee Isenberg, born Aug. 27,
1862, .and her husband
Hans Isenberg, born Oct. 5,
1855, and
D. Paul Rice Isenberg. born
June 11, 1866; and his wife,
Annie Beatrice Iscnberg, nee Mc
Bryde; In memory of their be
loved Dead:
Hannah Maria Isenberg, nee
Rice, born Feb. 17, IS42, died
April 7, 1S67. sister and
mother of the above named
donors; and
William Harrison Rice,
born Oct. 12, 1S12, died May
27, 1S62; and his wife,
Marv Sophia Rice, nee Hvde,
born Oct. 11, 1816, died May,
25, 1911; and
Paul Isenberg. I
born April 15, 1837, died Jan.
16, 1903; and
Mary H. Rice,
born Jan. 7, 1849, died Sept.
H. Alexander Isenberg,
born Jan. 17, 1S72, died Nov.
6, 1905,
5, 1870; and
Chas. M. Cooke,
born May 16, 1848, died Aug.
27, 1909; and
Emily Dole De la Vcrgne, nee
Rice, born Mav 10, 1844,
died June 13, 1911.
A copi er-roll 3l'2 inch. dia. 13
i iches long, contained the follow-ing:-
1. Document: This monument is
set up by etc.
2. Photos of Mrs. Cooke-
Mrs. Dora Iscnberg
" Mr. Paul R. Isenberg
" Rev. Hans Isenberg
" " Mrs. Beatrice Isen
berg nee McBryde.
A file of newspapers containing
articles 011:
"A new Church in Lihue"
"The late Paul Isenberg"
"Unveiling of Paul Isenberg"
rGAunuN Island
"The late H. A. Isenberg"
"Mother Rice 90 years of age"
Paradise of the Pacific' ,Xmas
edition 1902.
Some facts and figures on Lihue.
U. S. Co'i . $1.00, 50c, 25c, 10c,
5. Hawaiian Coin $1.00, 50c,
25c, 10c.
Chief Engineer Nicolai
Serenaded By Band
Hanamavix. Retiring Chief
liiigineer Nicolai was the subject
of a surprise party at his residence
here Saturday night, when the
Lihue band unexpectedly closed in
him for a farewell serenade.
Notwithstanding that the genial
chi f ht unUVares i,e
nroved enual to the occasion and
gave the boys a royal reception. A
stringed orchestra added greatly to
, t1ie occasion. luilogistic remarks
and sonie cxpert impersonation by
!a well-known local impersonator,
were the leading features however,
and many expressions o f regret j
It f1 fits 1 rt-- f 1 i re
WC1U IlCiUU 1 1 U III ktiw U'-imiuiif,
hobt . .
Tgol poj Practice
j "uu
IiflniP Wp AttPrmPll
The Polo field at Huleia last a sourcc 0f great delight to the
Thursday, was the scene of much iitte oncS- M;ss Mitsu Hashidate,
excitement when our polo t e a 111 1 a student of the Kawaihao Semi
opened up for their last practice for" narVi ami wj10 js .icting teacher
the Oahu contest. The players ( jHrig ir vacation, was in charge
and ponies were in such excellent of the party ami enjoyed the pic
form that it is a safe prediction that nic quite as wen as iier nt,ie tots.
4 '
Captain Forsyth and Dr. Vance
Agnew, of the fifth cavalry polo
team, were among the spectators,
both of whom freely admitted the
superiority of our ponies, and with
team, they took four ponies back
with them, which he bought from
Chitflic Rtci
What is generally conceded to
be a rem 111 ant of the wreck of the
Asia which was sunk off the coast
of China some time ago, was picked
up on the Kipukai beach yesterday
afternoon. ,
It has the appearance of being a
part of a hatch and bears the name
"Asia" across the center.
Part of what is
probably a rem
nant from the S.
S. Asia, wrecked
in the China Sea.
Much speculation has arisen as to
how i t could have reached our
shores, and the oiily means of its
conveyance, is attributed to the
action of ocan currents. Whether
this piece of wood is in any way
connected with the wrecked Asia
or not, there is no doubt that there
lies hidden in its history, evidence
o f some equally disastrous sea
Honolulu Supervisors
Still Playing Tag
Supervisors Low and Murray
are said to still be squabbling over
road work and the question of
who should hire men.
Polo Ponies To
Field Of Combat
Saturday's Kinau carried t h
eighteen Kauai polo ponies. Capt
C. H. Rice was in charge of t h
string, which upon landing i 1
Honolulu, were taken directly t 0
Moanalua where they will receive
final preparations for Saturday's
Bumper Sugar Crop
For McBryde Co.
McHrydij.- 1 he present sugar
grinding season will be brought to
, a finish here to-mcrrow night
when a crop amounting to more
than six hundred tons above the
estimate, and a total amount of
14,130 tons for the season,
establish a new record.
Messrs. Moehler And
Alexander Improving
McBrydk. Manger Alexander,
and Head Luna Moehler, ara im-
proving and will likely be on duty
again within a few days.
- 1 ...
! PKlUvrm Hn P!in!
j Qn Friday last, the Japanese
children of the Liliue Kindergarten
wrrr rii.',ii n titnnir" w noil nrnvPfl
Sheriff Rice returned yesterday
from a few days' vacation on the
'other side of the island. He was
accompanied by his sons who en
I joyed the trip immeiisly.
cation from "Citizen," which for1 Mr. and Mrs. Win. Elliott, of
lack of space we are unable to give , Koloa, were visitors in the County
in this issue, I Scat last Wednesday,
The regular monthly business
meeting of the Board of Supervi
sors of the County of Kauai, T. II.,
was held at the office of the Board in
Lihue, on Wednesday, August 2nd.
1911, at 10:00 o'clock A. M.
W. D. McBryde,
(Temporary Chairman)
Francis Gay
J. Rodrigues
James K. Lota.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
1 The Board, after having examin
ed the several demands presented
to it, approved them all against the
' following Appropriation:
Salary County Road Supervisor
$225 00
of Police:
Waimea .
$250 00
240 00
140 00
150 00
90 00
135 00
1005 00
370 00
County Jail
District Courts & Jails:
40 00
40 75
40 00
5 00
125 75
75 00
Expenses of Witnesses
50 00
125 0)
100 00
275 00
County Clerk 26 05
Sheriff 72 50
Supervisors 128 20
Treasurer 8 04
License Collections
4 05
County Road Supervisor
106 00
423 49
Office Rent
Repairs Schools etc.:
Waimea 4 00
Lihue 1505 50
Special Deposit School:
Support of Prisoners
35 00
1509 50
Water Works:
Waimea 40 00
Kalaheo 162 35
Koloa 10 00
Kawaihau 20 48
232 83
Road Work:
County Road Machinery 257 85
Waimea District:
Hanapepe Bridge Rd. Tax Spec.
Spec. Deposit
1628 64
General Eund
Rd. Tax Spec.
125 00 1753 64
Oiling Roads
$274 90
Oiling Roads
Roads & Bridges
550 95
Koloa District:
Gen'l Fund
825 85
Gen'l Fund
4567 53
Oiling Roads Gen'l Fund
47 58
Roads & Bridges Gen'l Fund
789 54 5404 70
Road Work Rd. Tax Spec. De
posit .109 77
Lihue District:
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Admiral Togo Is
The Guest Of Taft
President Taft i s entertaining
Admiral Togo at the White House,
where social Washington as well, is
doing honor to Japan's greatest
8,000 Cases Of
' Pines To Market
I Wahiawa. E i K h t thousand
cases of this season s pines are
rdy for the market, from t h e
Kauai Fruit Company's plant here,
anda larger yield than the estimate
, believed will result.

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