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ESTABLISHED 1904. YOL 8. NO. 32.
Assistant Post-Master Is Held Responsible
For Registered Money Packages
Containing $525.
Senate Has Balked On The Arbitration
Treaty Which Fact May Result In
Failure of Treaty.
The Sunday School lessons these
days are devoted to the study of
comparatively unfamiliar but very
interesting period of Old Testament
History viz: the breaking up of the
Jewish Kingdom and the conse
nuent captivity. This Mr. Lyd-
gate proposes to make graphic and
instructive for his bunday bcliool
Children, and the general public
by means of a series of tableau
portrayals, on the Church lawn, on
Sunday afternoon at 4 p. m.
The pageant will be in two acts
of 4 or 5 Scenes each, the first ae,t
beinsr 'The finding of the Law'
and the second "The Buraing of
Jeremiah's Prophecies." The parts
will be taken bv the children in
appropriate costumes, specially de
signed for the occasion.
This will take, the place of the
usual morning service and a collec
tion will be taken to meet expenses
So novel an exhibition should be
interesting as well as instructive
and we bespeak a large audience
The public generally is invited
Assistant Post-master
Is Held Responsible !
Joe Kubey, assistant Postmaster
of Honolulu, is held responsible
for the disappearance of wo reg
istered packages containing five
hundred and twenty five dollars.
The packages are said to have dis
appeared from the safe in the post
office It is thought by some that
they may have been placed in the
wrong pouch.
Among Mr. Kubey's friends on
Kauai, it is hoped that he will be
able to locate the missing packages
to the satisfaction of all parties
Arbitration Treaty
Has Struck Snag
The Senate has taken such action
in the arbitration treaty as may
endanger the treaty of arbitration
between Great Britain France and
the United States.
Personal Paragraphs
Concerning Kauaians
Sheriff Rice returned from Hono
lulu this morning.
The "Temple ot Fashion," the
Eleele store, has a grocery talk in
this issue.
W. Grote Jr. and sister, Miss
Mary, went to Honolulu Friday to
witness the polo game.
Manager Mahlum of Hofgaard
& Co., of Waimea, was among the
polo excursionists last Friday.
Gov. Frear and party left for
Honolulu Saturday after a short
but very pleasant sojourn on Kauai.
W. T'. Frost, representing M.
Philips & Co., Honolulu, is on
Kauai, being at present in Waimea.
Tax Assessor J. K. Farley, ac
companied by Misses Kinney and
Bosher, are visiting Hanalei. They
are registerd at the Deverill Hotel.
Mr. R. Smith, for several years
sugar boiler for Makaweli Planta
tion, was a passenger for Honolu
lu Saturday, from whence he will
leave for the coast by the next
Charlie and Arthur Rice came
un on the Hall this morning
return this afternoon in order to do
the practicing stunt fpr Saturday's
Governor Frear will appoint the
president of the. Board of. Health
,ower California Again in Path Of Shake
Which Frightened Many But Did
No Damage
Dress-suit Case Mysteriously Disappears
From Hanalei Landing in Daylight
-A New Arrival
A christening of more than usual
interest took place on Sunday after-
noon at Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Wil-
cox's Kilohana, on which occasion
the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. G.
Wilcox was baptized by Rev. J.
M. Lydgate. His penect benavior
on this trying occasion gives every
assurance that he will be a source
of great satisfaction and joy to his
parents and will continue the fine
traditions of the family.
Beautiful decorations of c u t
flowers and potted plants graced
the occasion and lent an added in
terest to the dainty lunch which
followed the ceremony.
Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. A. S. Wilcox, Mr. G. N. Wil
cox, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Wilcox,
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Wilcox, Mr.
and Mrs. G. P. Wilcox, Mr. and
Mrs. W. N. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Lydgate, Mrs. Hans Isen-
berg. Miss Mable Wilcox, Miss
Margaret Waterhouse, Mr. Allan
Another Shake-Up
For Lower California
On Friday last the entire
southern section of the state of Cali
fornia was gently jostled about
b y a couple o f mild temblors
No damage was done, however.
Togo Invades Our
Kicr Mihtarv Araripmv
wig muuaijr ni-auc,l,J
Wot Pninf lms rorpivpfl Admiral
TWn nnrl him shown him the sights
nf thp iiMtlemv. He was received
with extreme courtesy and as a
special honor was allowed to see
the students drill.
Church Calendar
For Lihue Service!
Lihue Union Church, Foreign
Rev. J. M. Lydgate, pastor.
Church Service 11 a. m. Except
the last Sunday of the mouth.
Sunday School 10:30 a. m.
Lihue First Church, Hawaiian.
Rev. Wm. Kannu, pastor.
Church Service 11 a. m. Sunday
School 10 a. m.
A Dress-Suit Case
Disappears From Beach
HanAi.121) August 12. A dress
suit case, filled with clothing and
other articles, the property of Mr.
Kalapaki Smith, who had been the
guest of Mr. a n d Mrs. C. B.
M a k e e here for some time,
mysteriously disappeared from the
Hanalei beach the other day where
it had been overlooked by the pur
ser in whose charge it had been
placed. Within half an hour
after the departure of the boat,
Mr. Makee liad an occasion to pass
the landing and the suit case was
not to be seen, so it is supposed
that it must have been stolen im
mediately after the boat sailed.
The matter was reported to the po
lice at once but no clew has been
discovered which might lead to
its recovery.
A New Arrival
A pretty little girl baby put in
j an appearance at ten o'clock a. m.
j Sunday, at the residence of Mr.
! and Mrs. Henry Waiau .
mii r)
j JIJuAlv
. i
Dog Days Come In August-A Happy Pic-
mc Party Emoys llaena Caves And
Wainiha Beach
Weil - Known Official On Enforced Vacation
Menefoglios Entertain Big Savings
Banks' Deposits
Two deaths from Tuberculosis
are reported by Inspector Cook to
have occurred in llaena dunnir
July, both within two hundred feet
of one another
Mr. Cook, returned from llaena
last Wednesday and said lie was
very hopeful of stamping out the
disease there and that he Had suc-
ceeded in confining it to such close
quarters, indicated a vast improve-
nient over conditions on his former
inspector (Jook lias sent in a
requisition for another supply of
lime for Haena and will return
there within a few days to continue
the crusade he has begun.
Dog-Days Come
In August, Yes?
was demonstrated nere last weeK,
when the official dog catcher report
ed thirty-four dogs captured in one
day. This certainly leaves little to
doubt that Dog-Days" fall in
August. While a few of the dogs
were redeemed, the larger number
of them were shot being probably
more valuable dead than alive
A Pretty Haena
Cave Picnic Party
Haena, Aug. 7. A very enjoy
able picnic party was held here yes
terday wlien number 0t our
prominent citizens came to-gether
for a day on the beach and at the
Haena Caves. Among those who
made up the party were Mrs. S! B.
Deverill and children, Miss Florence
Deverill, Mr. and Mrs. Truskow,
Mr. and Mrs. Menefoglio and Mrs.
W. F. Sanborn and children.
Gov. Frear And
Party On Mountain
Gov. Frear and Party, arrived witli beautiful palms. Those pre
in the Kinau Wednesday, and went ,sent to partake of the bountiful
dkect to the Knudsen mountain ' fcast were Mr. and Mrs. A. Mene--house
where they met Mrs. Frear , foglio, Mr. and Mrs. Truskow,
who has been a guest of t h e , Mjss p. Deverill. Mr. Boreiko. and
Kuudsen's for some time.
the members of the
governor s
party is Hon. B. F. Dillaugham,
of the O. R. & L. R. R., King
among railroad men of the island.
Weil-Known Official
Is On A Vacation
County Clerk Kaneakua w a s
among last Saturday's passengers
for Honolulu, where he goes on a
much deserving vacation and for
treatment of his eyes which his
many friends will learn with much
regret, are in a critical condition.
Menefoglios Entertain
At Pretty Luncheon
Wainiha, August 14. Mr. and
Mrs. Menefoglio were hosts at a
luncheon at their mauka home last
Sunday afternoon. Those present
to enjoy the hospitality of these to
extremely popular people were
Mrs. and Miss Deverill of Hanalei,
and Mr. and Mrs, Truskow of Ho
nolulu. -H
The bank savings and deposits
of the 13,190 local depositors, is
said to amount to $15,000, 000.
Albert Afong has been elected
President of the Honolulu Stock
Now Read the Ads.
Popular Sugar Boiler Is Given Farewell
DinnerMrs. Sanbourn, Hostess At
Charming Dinner
Damaging Heat Yave Is Again Raging
-Doctor Derby, The Dentist, Will Be
Here Tomorrow
Mr. aHd Mrs. H. C. Brown,
Waimea teachers, and Mrs. Raschc,
wife of Real Kstate Dealer Raschc,
of Honolulu, are touring the island
in a surrey, into which is snuggly
packed a neat camping outfit
including tents, pots, kettles etc.
They travel as the spirit moves
them and pitch camp whenever
night falls, and -are having a
"glorious" outing. They passed
through Lihue Sundav, stopping
to have a bit of refreshments with
ye editor, after which they resumwl
their trip.
A stay of several days will be
made in the vicinitv of Haena and
Wainiha, where they are -to be
joined by a party of Honoluluans,
among whom are Prof. Horne and
Dr. Scudder.'
Popular Sugar-Boiler
Is Given A Farewell
Waimea, August 12. The Bay
View hotel last Saturday night,
was the scene of a very pleasing
farewell dinner.to Mr. J.. Smith,
for the past few years, Makaweli's
popular sugar boiler, but who ha-s
resigned his position to engage in
the real estate business in Moffat,
Colorado, where he has formed a
partnership with his brother. His
many friends wish him unbounded
success in the new venture, and
look forward to the pleasure when
they can enroll him on the "Come
Back" list.
Mrs. Sanbourn Gives
A Charming Dinner
Hanalei, August 13. Charm
ing indeed was the dinner party
given at the hospitable home of
Mrs. W. F. Sanborn last evening.
The table decorations were ox-eyed
daisies, and dainty maiden hair
ferns while the big dining room
w n s most artisticallv decorated
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Sanborn.
Enjoyable Party At
The McBryde Beach
McBhydk, August 12. Super
visor W. D. McBryde, was host
yesterday afternoon at his beautiful
beach house, to a number of the
prominent guests of the Mountain
House, included among whom were
the Dilliughams of Honolulu.
Great Damage Done By
Extreme Warm Wave
Another heat wave extending
from New York to the Mississippi
is destroying crops and causing
many heat prostrations.
Thermometers registered
92 to 103.
Derby, The Dentist,.
Coming Tomorrow
Dr. Deri-, the well-known den
tist, will arrive from Honolulu to
morrow morning. He will remain
in Lihue for a few days after which
he will proceed to Koloa and other
places on the Waimea side.
Tile Kinau will probably leave
for Honolulu Friday, instead o f
Saturday t
Said To Have Been By Far The Best Ever
Seen On Local Grounds-Was Viewed
By Thousands.
Wireless Station May Be Shifted Further
From Beach-Stodart To Return To
Bonnie Scotland
Honolulu August 12, 5:27 p
Gauden Island:
Oahu wins with score of 6
1-2 to 3 3-4. Philip and Ar
thur Rice played great polo.
Walter rode Carrie for three
periods. Walter and Castle
did wonherful work.
The teams took the field as fol
lows: Oahu. Kauai.
Harold Dillingham 1 Arthur H. Rice-
Harold Castle 2 John Malina
Walter Dillingham 3 Chas. A. Rice
Robert Atkinson 4 Philip Rice
The information embodied in the
above wireless which was received
at half past five Saturday evening
was a surprise to everyone as there
was no doubt but the Kauai team
would take the pennant. The Star,
in speaking of the game says: The
game was the best a n d fastest
played here in years. Neither side
had anything to complain of in the
matter o f mounts, indeed i t is
doubtful i f a classier bunch of
ponies have ever been turned out in
a single game on the island. "-
' ' The Kauai players sTiowed
brilliant individual work, but failed
to play to-gether as a team as well
as the Oahu Quartett. Arthur and
Philip Rice both put up a splendid
game and the latter has seldom been
seen to better advantage."
A complete report of the game
will appear in our next issue.
Wireless Station.
May Be Changed
According to information obtain
ed through a reliable source, the
Lihue wireless station is soon to be
renovated and placed in a new loca
tion. There have been several sug
gestions as to a. suitable location,
but no official action has as yet been
taken. Nawiliwili is said to be a
favorable place, yet the projecting
mountains which fringe the bay are
thought by some might interfere
with the wave transmission. Near
the hospital is another site spoken
of, while the baseball park and The
Garden Island office are two
more locations under consideration.
Operator Vincent, i n conversa
tion with a reporter, said that a
move was inevitable, and that a
new a n d modern plant will be
. -
Wm. Stodart Leaves
For Bonnie Scotland
By to-day's S. S. Marama Mr.
Wm. Stodart and family are leav
ing Honolulu for Scotland.
Mr. Stodart has been on the is
lands almost continuously for over
twenty vears, the last half of the
time, as Manager of McBryde.
During this time he has established
himself as one of the t leading
mechanical and sugar eugineers of
the countrv and as a manager of
exceptional executive capacity and
good judgment.
We understand that he has re
ceived several very flattering offers
for the future but at present lie is
not making any engagements-
everythiag being contingent on his
1 wife's health.
The Japanese school in Kapaia
opened yesterday morning with an
enrollment o f one hundred and
fifty pupils.
County Auditor C. Maser is in
the city for a few days.
I County Attorney Sam Knco, re
Uutuyvl ou the im rtilti mwuK
Hanamaulu Store One Of The Neatest On
Kauai-J. K. Gandall A Very Conser
vative Business Man
Pure Food Man Passes The Buck Up To
Expert Chemists And Is Willing To
Stand Results
Gandall's Wholesome Liquors, Kapaia.
Mr. J. K. Gandall, proprietor of
this establishment, is one of Kauai's
most conservative business men.
He has Deen in business here for
years, during winch time everyone
has come to look upon him with a
feeling of profound respect and per
fect confidence. Noted for his firm
ness, he is, nevertheless liked as
well for his well-known cordiality
and courtesy.
Mr. Gandall takes much interest
in the welfare of the community,
and his adrice is frequently sought
on occasions requiriug careful con
sideration. H i s establishment is
known the island over as one of ab
solute reliability and as a conse
quence he enjoys a large patronage
which as one of Kauai's most
venerable business men he so rich
ly deserves.
Hanamaulu Store
Leaving Kapaia, we soon arrive
at another beautiful glass front
store. It is the Hanamaulu Store
a branch of ' ' Kauai's Emporium' '
Lihue Store. Here a window, is
enticingly filled w i t h bicycles,
sporting goods etc., there, others,
with eaually attractive displays.
This clean and well-regulated store
is under the supervision of Mr.
Antone Nobriga and T. Seike, the
former having charge of everything
but the Oriental Department, while
the latter most ably looks out for
this one line. They ate both veteran
sales' managers and conduct the
business in
a highly satisfactory
manner to
the trade.
their employer and
This store is by far the coolest
and airiest of any we have seen
and it was a pleasure to feel the
inviting influences at the very
threshold to the entrance.
Not a speck of dirt marred the
shiny floor, the counters and show
cases fairly glistened, the mana
gers, attended by their clerks,
moved gracefully and noislessly
to and fro, and all in all, there was
not a single suggestion of the
flurry which is so evident in too
many of our stores, and which
gives rise to the belief that all
stores are bake-ovens. The eight
hundred or more families who de
pend on this store for their monthly
supplies are certainly fortunate in
having such men as Messrs Nobriga
and Seike to see to their wauts.
Prompt delivery and good goods
is their slogan and that this is
carried out to the entire satisfac
tion of their customers, can be
readily verified.
Continued next week
Surveying Of Harbor
In Its Preliminary
The work of surveying Nawili
wili harbor is still in the preliminary
stage, and it will likely be some
time before actual work can be be
gun. The boys have established
offices in the freight house where
much map work is being turned
out preparatory to definite and
final action.
Blanchard Is Willing
To Pass The Buck
Food Commissioner Blanchard of
Honolulu is said to be willing to
give expert chemists an opportuni
ty to judge the quality of ice-cream.
Whether Blanchard is right or
wrong, it is certainly a wholesome
sight to see an official in Honolulu
i with the courage of his victions,
Lee Austin, T, H, Davles &
Co'ti popular traveling man, arrived
on tfw Hail Oiis morning

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