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ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 8. NO. 42.
, .... "V &m, - -K -
ill II I
d Legislators Give Irresponsible Pers
ons The Privilege lo Act Unjustly?
They Did Not
Popular Captain of Schooner Defiance is
Widely Entertained By Eleelc Society
While in Port
MR. LEGISLATOR, did you, in voting more
money for teachers, intend that those who had
givin time and thought to their work, and
those whose labor had hcen devoted to the
Island Schools for years, should, upon being
placed in more difficult positions, get exactly
the same salary as though they had remained
in the less difficult one? What does promo
tion mean to any business man? Advance in
salary, or having more work on his shoulders
at the same amount.
A delightfully informal affair,
much enjoyed by those who attend
ed, was the reception Thursday
night tendered Captain and Mrs.
John August Saletzke of the "De
fiance," now lying at Port Allen.
The hosts were Captain Geo. B.
Leavitt a n d Mr. Richard I,.
Hughes, and able-entertainers they
proved themselves to be.
The large lanai of Captain Lea
vitt's cottage, swept by the cool
breezes of Ilanapepc Bay, proved a
delightful place for dancing, while
cards were enjoyed by those whose
inclinations lay in that direction.
Those present:
Captain and Mrs. Saletzke,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hastic,
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Roendahl,
Misses Mable, Janet, Marion and
Maile Ilastie.
Messrs. Bole, Leavitt, Hughes,
Miller, and Lyle.
Eleele, Kauai,
Oct. 16, 1611.
Captain and Mrs. John August
Saletzke, of the Schooner "De
fiance," entertained a circle of
Eleele friends on board ship at Port
Allen Sunday afternoon, and those
who were brave enough to risk the
danger of "inal de mer" enjoyed
the afternoon immensely. In spite
of the day, t h e younger spirits
would not be cubed, and dancing
was indulged in on the spacious
The brisk salt air created keen
appetites, which were generously
satisfied with a delicious collation
served o n deck. The afternoon
was all too short, since some of the ,
timid objected to a perilous pas-,
sage with an eccentric Japanese i
launch-man after dark.
Eleele will feel a keen sense of
loss when Captain and Mrs. Salet
zke make their farewells next
Thursday, as Mrs. Saletzke h a s
given a pleasant stimulus to the
social life. Those w h o enjoyed
their hospitality Sunday afternoon
were: Misses Mable, Marion and
Janet Hastie, Leona Laube, Nora
Haflley, and Messrs. Leavitt, Miller
M Hugllfigt
Race War Is On in Oklahoma, Negroes !
Arc Heavily armed-Melitia Have
Been Called Out
Star Contest is on in Earnest-All The !
Candidates Now Qualified to
Out And Hustle
Klecle, Kauai,
Oct. 16, 1911
The McBryde Pedro Club and
friends were entertained at the Kle
cle home of Mr. and Mrs. Karl
Roendahl, Saturday evening Oct.
14th., this being one of several de
lightful affairs given in honor of
Mrs. John August Saletzke a n d
Captain Saletzke, of the "De
fiance," now lying at Port Allen.
The large lanai a n d pleasant
rooms were comfortably filled with
members and guests, who needed
little encouragement fro m the
charming hostess and genial host,
but proceeded with the serious bus
iness of cards with great enthu
siasm. Miss Marion Ilastie and
Mr. Miller were the proud reci
pients of their respective prizes.
While the delicious cakes a n d
sherbet were later being consumed,
the evening's pleasure was enhanc
ed by intsrumental solos from Mr.
Roendahl and a vocal solo by Mr.
Those present were: Capl, and
Mrs. J. A. Saletzke, Messrs. and
Mesdames Win. Ilastie, II. H. Bro
die, K. Roendahl and C. B. Morse,
Misses Leona Laube, Nora Ilaffley,
Mable Ilastie, Marion Hastie and
Janet Ilastie, Captain Geo. B. Lea
vitt, Messrs. Moeller, Hughes,
Miller, and others.
Race War Is On
In Oklahoma Town
(Special to the Garden Island)
MrsuoiiKK. G.,Oct A se
rious race war has broken out here,
resulting in the death of the city
attorney and the lynching of the
negro who did the killing Great
riot prevails and the nielitia has
been called out to protect the white
people. The negroes are arming
themselves for a conflict and serious
trouble is feared.
Kauai's Candidates
In Star Contest
In this issue, appears the names
of the nominees for the Star con
test which is now on in full blast.
According to a communication from
Manager Henshall, the Kauai can
didates have a fair chance at the
big prize.
While Oahu has more population,
she will also have more contestants
amongst whom the vote will be di
vided, so that Kauai should have
every reason to feel very much en
couraged. Each cardidate upon receipt of
his or her certificate, should lose
no time in getting busy. Become
a live wire in the interest of Hono
lulu's best afternoon paper, a n d
come out a winner. Be instrumen
tal in introducing the best edited
paper in the islands into every
home on the island. Go in for the
big prize, and its a sure thing von
will have a mighty good chance for
the Kauai prize.
Judge C. S. Dole left for Hono
lulu Friday, taking the Kteampr al
Representative J. H, and Mrs.
Coney were arrivals from Jlono
lulu by Saturday bout
Rebels Are Gaining Great Victories - Govern -
ment Has Asked Aid From the Jap
anese Government
Waimea Basketball Team is Defeated By
Pick-up Team Composed of Hono
lulu Drummers
According to latest advices from
the seat of war in the Orient the re
bels are still gaining grounds by
strides. All the Imperialist fleet
lias hoisted the republican flag and
many of the men have mutinied.
The rebels are preparing lo inarch
on the Capital which in a great
state of excitement. It is reported
that panic reigns supreme in the
city of Peking, and that the Empe
ror and Regent Prince have fled
from the city through a secret pas
sage. The Admiral of the Imperial
Navy has sent a demand for more
coal and men and also reports a
shortage of ammunition.
Gen. Vint Chang has petitioned
the government for more artillery
and admits that the present efforts
of the government are entirely in
adequate. A dispatch from Tokio to Tin;
Oakdkn I.si.anm), states that the
Chinese government has asked mil
itary aid from Japan, and that the
atler it is believed, is awaiting the
consent of the powers. The obsten
sible purpose of Japan's enterfer
ence will be to protect it's interests
in Manchuria.
General Hang's army has been
routed in a severe battle at Kwang
Shu, the rebels capturing all the
entering another contest, I will
make arrangements I'oi a private
secretary to attend to iu mail.
C. W. SPITZ. The Advertiser
should send its editor to Washing
ton. He seems to be about the
only man capable and one which
the city could very well spare.
government provide some of our
diversified farm experts with the
means to carry out their ideas in
actual demonstrations before in
ducing the small laud owners to
get into aproposition of uncertainty,
1 'in from Missouri.
JUDGE C. S. DOLE. W h a t
Hawaii needs is an increase in its
citizen population and the Frear ad
ministration has done but little in
the advancement of such ideas, and
therefore I think Kuhio has ample
grounds for much of his complaint.
fornia is certainly a beautiful place,
but it doesn't compare with the
Paradise of the Pacific- especially
that particular portion known as
Waimea Basket-ball
Team Loses Game
j (Special to the Garden Island)
! Waimi;a, Oct,, 23. By o d d s
the most interesting game of bas
ketball ever seen here was that
which was played Sunday after
' noon between the home team and
a pick-up team composed of druin
meis. At the close of the game,
, the home team had o fair chance at
' winning, but some buugliugon the
part of one of the girls allowed the
( drummer boys to score a point
' which vU-l Uie same with, tlm
' Live Personalities Concerning Those Com -
ins and Goine-Jarrett's Chief Clerk
Is a Visitor
Enjoyable Tea Party is Given by Mrs. J,
H. Lydgate-J. M. Kaneakua
Popular Man
is a
Tne surveyors who have been
engaged in working out our harbor
system for some time, will soon
have finished their work and slunk
away. These experts have worked
away quietly, and unobtrusively,
getting all the data required by Un
cle Sain, which will have much to
do with the final decision of the lo
cation of the Port of Entry for
Kauai. They have worked faith
fully and have made a good im
pression on the Nawiliwili people,
whose courtesy has been highly
appreciated by these men.
J. W. Asch, chief clerk in She
riff Jarrett's office, came up last
week on business pertaining to his
department, after the transacting
of which, he returned to Honolulu
by the Kiuau.
Mrs. S. B. Deverill and Miss
Florence Deverill, of Hanalei, were
guests of friends in Lihue Sunday.
C. II . Brown, manager of the
Honolulu Scrap Iron Co., Hono
lulu, and who has been having up
several hundred tons of plantation
machinerv from the various planta
tions of the island, left for home on
the Kinau last week.
Dan Conway, of the T. II. Da
vies Co., and also representing the
Lin On case, wherein the latter
had made an assignment to his cre
ditors, left for Honolulu .Saturday.
Dr. Glaisyer accompanied b y
Misses Haflley and Laube, were at
the Hotel Fairview for dinner Sun
day. Supervising Principal II. II. Bro
die, passed through the County
Seal last Friday enroule home from
an extended visit among the schools
of the Hanalei District.
Deputy U. S. Marshall D. K.
Sherwood came up on business con
nected with his office last week re
turning on Satuulay's boat.
Lee Austin, of T. H. Davies &
Co., is making his regular trip
among our business men of the is
I There was a verv picturesque and
animated party on the Parsonage
1 Lawn on Thursday afternoon last.
i Mrs. Lydgate had invited her
neighbors to afternoon tea to meet
Rev. Wm. B. Oleson and Mr.
Perley Home. It was a congenial
' occasion and for some time it was
nip and tuck between the "parson"
stories and the "School-Mann"
, stories.
! The latter being feminine and
gifted with tongues, naturally came
1 out ahead, as soon as they settled
down to it.
Mr. Perky Home, principal of
, Kaniellanieha Schools is making a
i tour of the Islands looking up
graduates of his School and visit
! iug the homes of the boys.
1 Mr. J. M. Kaneakua was most
enthusiastically 'recommended, by
the recent C. E. Association meet
ing, to the presidency for Hawaii
of this growing body.
score standing 0 to 5 in favor of
the pick-up team. Til .-girls show
ed remarkable pluck and gave evi
deuce of what they "might" do
were they given an opportunity to
practice with a team who could
, Kapaa Would build a New Church-Will Get
Three Hundred Dollars From Home,
Balance Outside
; Rev. Lydgate Gives an Interesting Talk on
Tuberculosis, While Other Promi
nent Speakers Discourse
During several days of last week
the Lihue Church has been a center
of much activity consequent on the
meeting of the Semi -annual Asso
ciation of the churches of Kauai
together with the Sunday Schools
and C. E. Societies connected there
with. From "early morn till dewy
eve, ' ' prayer and praise reports and
discussions were kept agoing, and
the church yard was the scene of
constant animation.
Among many matters of interest
the following are perhaps the most
The first steps were taken pre
paratory to the coming of the An
nual Association t o Kauai next
Summer by apportioning to the va
rious churches their quota to be
raised for entertainment of this
body and by appointing a com
mittee to be responsible for the
music on that occasion.
A request came from the Kapaa
Church for permission to solicit
funds throughout the Island for the
construction of a suitable parsonage
at Kapaa. The Minister there,
with most commendable patience,
has lived in a shack for many years,
under conditions of great inconve
nience, and it is high time that he
had a decent house to live in. It
being the practice of the Associa
tion to grant such permission only
by way of supplement to faithful
endeavors of the church making the
request, it was voted that the Ka
paa people should first secure $300
locally after which they would be
authorized to seek outside aid. 1
This was satisfactory to them and
they will at once set to work on
these lines The parsonage they ,
have in mind will cost about SSOO.
There was considerable discus
sion on the subject of church yard
cemeteries. The proper care of
these cemeteries involves more or
less expense, which in some cases j
falls heavily on the struggling
church, and yet the outside com-1
munity expects to use this ceme-'
tery. What should be the attitude
of the church? There wns a pretty '
common concensus of opinion, that i
while the church should be as libe
ral as possible, it could not fairly
be expected to bear this burden
without assistance, and that out
siders availing themselves of such
accommodation should make some
payment for the tune.
Under the head of support of the
ministers Rev. W. B. Oleson, Sec.
of the Hawaiian Board assured the
Association that it had been his
constant effort to raise the salaries
of the ministers to a minimum of
$400 a year. Kauai had been
much better provided for, in this.
respect, than some other Islands,
because of wealthy and generous
friends of the churches resident
here, but if there was need here of
assistance the Board would endea
vor to meet it.
Rev. J. M. Lydgate called atten
tion to the serious inroads made in
our population by Tuberculosis;
and suggested simple measures of
Mr. Oleson gave a very graphic
and interesting account of the
pageant "Darkness to Daylight"
witnessed last Summer in Boston
by many thousands which gave in
dramatic form, partly historical,
partly imaginary a representation
of the coming of Christianity to
The minister's class, conducted
by Mr. Lvdgate. awakened a irood
ileal of interest in the criticism of
the sermon outlines placed upon
the black-hoard and commented on
Ohe by one.
Mf I'uiUy Honw principal of
Hanalei School Items Show a Continued
Interest is Still Kept Up in Our Na
tional Sport
1 Many Entries Enlivens The CoUit-S. L
Lucas, Optician, Will Attire en The
Kinau Tomorrow
November third will be a big day
at the Kukuiolono Park, the new
McBryde Park. The occasion will
be the celebration of the Mikado's
birthday anniversary and the amuse
ments arranged for the day include
horse racing, sulky racing, bicycle
and foot racing, as well as various
other athletic sports.
The program will open at 9 a. m.
and probably continue throughout
the entire day for it is not the
custom of the Mikado's subjects to
do things on a half-way measure.
The judges for the various con
tests will be K. W. Kinney, Charlie
Aki and F L. Voller. The manage
ment of the track will be in the
hands of J. C. Jcrves. Invitations
have gone out broadcast and an
immense crowd is most sure to be
On Sunday, wc base-ball boys
walked over to Haeua to have a
game of baseball against Haena
School. Hanalei won by a score
of 24 to 9. It was a very fine game
and was enjoyed very much. Our
teachers, Mrs. Newman and Mrs.
Ahi, were there too.
We have about 40 beds of garden
ready for seeding. Wc sent for the
seeds, but they have not come yet.
On Sunday, Oct. 15, we were all
waiting for the Haena boys to come
over to play ball, but they did not
While we were practising base
ball, in front of the grounds, Mr.
Morgan, Miss Robords and Miss
Chang passed through Hanalei
in their auto, to visit some of their
On this coming Sunday we are
going to play with the Road boys.
On Tuesday, Oct. 17, Mr.
Brodie, the Supervising Principal,
visited our school. He showed us
many maps of the world which had
been drawn by his pupils at the
Hanapepe School. They were very
beautiful. He also showed ussome
devices for rapid addition. They
were verv helpful and we took great
interest in his work.
Winners In The
Lihue Store Contest
C. Maser Principal of the Ger
man school here was the winner of
first prize in the Lihue Store's
Catch-Phrase Contest which closed
at 4 p. m. Saturday last. Mrs. F.
Carter won second, while "Auld
Nickie Ben" took the third prize.
The contest brought out some ex
tremely good results both in prose
and poetry, many of which in due
time will be presentedtoourreaders.
S. E. Lucas Parisian Ontician.
and whose headquarters is in Ho
nolulu, will arrive tomorrow and
will spend some time on the island
getting in touch with his Kauai
trade. Mr. Lucas will probably
make his headquarters at the Fair
view while on this side of the island.
Kamehameha, was a n interested
visitor and in response to an invi
tation to address the Association
did so most happily, Mr. David
Lvman of Koloaalso addressed the
AQcMtou in IUwkIUu.

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