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It, ESTABLISHED 1904. YOLr 8. NO. 51. v LIHUb, ltKKIIUKi W HAWAII, lUtbUAi, UhttMBhK lb 1911. uwjUirjiiun kaiw,. z.bu w. jtAK. .
m m
A Communication has been re
ceived, by this oflice from Alexan
der Hume Ford of the Public Ser
vice Association, telling of the
association plansfor the Inter-
sjana excursion wihqu luciuues a
r J1-
In fntaflHonolulu to one nort oti
island for the sum of $25,
jg, h first class accomodations.
. . uicient, guides for mountain
ugtand other inland trips will
"'mpany these excursions,
, ' iU, add., greatly to the
pisitres ofthcvVip.
In referring tb the Kauai trip
v Mr. Ford says: "I wish we
icojjld get the Kauai people to
tjether to prepare a series of Kauai
i'?4nps, with olacesi to spend the
feht at and"'eet food. Tourists
j .not ask for anything ior
nothing simply J air rates. If
Hckets for a series of around and
across Kauai auto tickets could be
sold here in connection with the
twenty-five dollar cruise ticket, it
would be a good thing."
The hotels and transportation
companies, the boy scouts and in
facjt evervv .public spirited citizen
should "apjjoint himself a com
mittc&t'pfthe whole to organize
-wi;li" ajview of exploiting our is
laiis natural grandeur, and thus
enjoy the distinction of maintain
ing Kauai's right to the title of
the "Garden Island of the Pacific."
E. F. Dienert, Maui's champion
bowler, for the second time within
a week, was put "down and out at
the Kegel, Club last Tuesday even
iiigi This time his own father did
the trick. The scores were such
up to the last inning as to make it
look pretty dubious for Dienert Sr.,
but he manfully stayed with his
guns. Excitement ran high at this
point, when the last roll show
ed "dad" the winner, it is said by
some that only the presence of the
sheriff kept the roof of the build
ing on. "I expected defeat by
other members," saitl Dienert jr.,
"but I am surprised thpt 'dad'
could do it.",, Mr. Dienert didn't
seem to mind his "beating" a bit
however nor did anybody else.
He is very much -pleased with his
reception by the club.
Hawaiian'Youth 4
Donations for the Lihtie Band 5c'o ' The GarJen Ulani-
are comiifjplu very nicely. -A list' Kbkaha, Dec. 21. Two more
of those who have contributed to 1 cases of diptheria have broken out
.here, one being a little Bpanish
girl and the other a. Portuguese.
Dr. Sandow reports the situation
well in hand and no "serious out
break is "anticipated,
Judge Cooper'
the support of the band will prpb
ably be published in our next
issue. Let your n a in e appear,
then. in.
Tlfree times each week the boys
get in and practice( many of them
riding several miles in order, to do
so. Many of them in fact with
the exception of but two or three
are employed on the Lihue and
Hanainatilu Plantations 'and these
tri-weekly drills mean a sacri
fice of much of their time which
could be verv profitably' employed
in rest and sleep.
' Such undaunted courage upon
n. . t t... i :
amine winui every eiuzeii in wii: , -m, Bi..,,,,,. T :-ii.n. :y rnnri,,,1
Lihue District should'follow with r ,,,. . ,: .. n
Arthur Hice met with quite a
painful accident last Friday while
fishing. He had started for the
shore when an Unusually heavy
bleaker struck h'ni in the back,
throwing him against a rock,
severely cutting his left le.; below
the knee.
Gives Decision
Special h The GarJen Island.
HONOMJMV DeCi- 21. ludge
Cooper has rendered hisdec;s:ou
in the banana case ' which goes
against the Territory'. . There is
said to he no appeal from his de-
Goes To. Prison
k Jhe Governors
Christmas Gifts
i IK.
'U'1 f Skclal h-rhe Card,
b1 . ' T T 1 -r t? -
t nunui.ui.u, jjcl:. co. vjuveiuur
Frear has restored C. A. Schmidt
L-yto ctvil rights' and pardoned sev-
keval murderers, t
Special h The Garden hlanJ.
San Francisco, Dec. 21.
kobert Lewis, a Hawaiian boy,
has bSen sentenced 'to two" years
imprisonment for stealing tools
r . i . r r
irom me siiop oi a iormer em-1
ployer fromwhom Lewis claims he I
could not collect wages due him.
new complaint. .
Another Death
From Smallpox
Special to The Garden Island.
Honolulu, Dec. 21. One more
case of smallpox on Quarantine
Island resulted in death yesterday.
W. G. Irwin will be chairman of
the Panama Exposition' Committee.
air expression of appreciation in
the shape of every dollar he' could
spare to the support of the band.
The band as every one knowsp
gives monthly concerts, which are
most enjoyable. It will also be
remembered that the band plays
an important-part during political
campaigns and last but by no means The following passengers arrived
least, it might not be amiss to say,"- ou ti,e s. S. Maunaloa, Wednes
that it is well to note, there day, Dec 20. J .'Douse, L. Douse,
are iweiuv-six voies among tne;j, H. Kapuniai, R. T. Kapuniai,
Dys- . " . . S. Robinson, Francis Gay, Miss
uo not nesuaie longer. .MaKe Crandall, Miss Ii. Gay, Sam Koo
theband a New Year's Presentof hea an(j wifei Stanford Deverill,
h sum in proportion to y o u r Miss GonzHlves, Miss Schiinmelp
tueaiis. Whether small or large, fenig, Hon. A. S. Wilcox and
it will surely be appreciated. j wife) Charlie Aki, Tan Woo, Miss
Dess, Mrs. S. K. Kaeo, Miss
Judge J. K. Kapuniai of Waimea, v'f beth Kaeo E. Mclnnpb - R.
returned from -a business trip to J ecT1'ert-"on- G- N-r V'ox,
Honolulu last Wednesdav. 1 Upuiu a' w- XX Mr
r, . " . . . I and Mrs. Elliott.
County Prosecuting Attorney '
Sam Kaeo, accompanied by his "" '
grand-daughter, Miss Elizabeth,) Hon. Francis Gay.. and Miss E.
came up on the Maunaloa last Gay, were arriving passengers ou
Wednesday ' the Maunaloa.
Moras Asain
Out With Bolos
Special to The Garden Island.
Manila, Dec. 21. -It is report-,
edliere, that five .hundred moros
have; again taken up arms againW
TT. ft. frnnrw A it U'ni nlr 1
reported th.t Ihe hostile band had
been surrounded, the uprising is
of not much consequence.
Union Workers
. Are Locked Oul
r. Diencrtfof MairiTa member
lie Puuiiene Howling Club, is
the club's guest. Dur- j
ing, soinejiiembersug- J
is the two holdingthe '
:s in the representative r5
Special to The GarJen Island.
Manchkstkk; Dec. 2.". One
hundred and sixty thousand Union
workers in the hiills here have
been, locked out. The situation is
Newgjfear's Ball
- 2 In Makaweli Hall
o the
spending his vacation with Vela-
tjvS hefe'S 'Mr. Dienert holds'v'the
highest ihciTvrdual s'core in the re
cent vIjiuNKauai Cbn'test,. for the
MauWeain. w.lufe'll. Wolters en
joys this distinction for Ka'uai.
The courtesies ot the Kegel Club
have been extended, Mr. Dienert'
during ljis visit and on Saturday
iiiE.lt he was the club's guest. Dur-
ingTlie. evening, some jnember sug
gested that as
highest scores
trains were present, it would bein-
.teV&ting.topit them agafnst eacll
Otiiprhi-.a final try-out. The sug-V
ge'tioli-in'et with such favor that
flhort'Mr. Dienert did nSlVrofessito
oe an expert, aim was uuta.tinar
with the alley, he wouldstand pat
and "do or die." It is sad to re,
latev however, that he -died tho'
?8fee The following scores, give
some idea of how it happened: ,
Alters lllO.l.Vi ir,! is 1 847
TO'iUTt ICO ltl i:u UO T(2
Mr. Dtenert being possessed with
a letter from the secretarv of the
Maui aggregation, it would seeln
that tlie above scores have an oflicMil
Special to The Garden Island.
Makawi-i.i, Dec. 26. Invita
tion are out for a big New Year's
dance to be given by the members
of the newly organized Ilium, Club.
IfflfP?.';. m
Mayor Fern is quoted as saying
that the Honolulu -Road Commis
sion is the worst thing that ever
ring. 4
A proposition is in the air y
may eventually materialize1'!
reality, to the effect that the?
another Kaua,i-Maui Contest,
time 'to consist of three or .five
games two best out of three, or '
three best out of five, one game tb
be played each Saturday . r -
The Lihue Hand gave its regular -.
monthly band concert at the Lihue
Park last! Saturday eveuing to a
highly pleased audience. .
Dr. Putjuan arrived from llino-
lulu on the 'Maunaloa Wednesday.
11 . .. . ; u
, - . . ii- i ii i iii. i . , M , . . - ii ' "' - .. . ..mm ,,-
to enrich the happiness of the decorated tree. Saint Nick had
household, to make all faces bright carefully provided for everybody
with smiles, to celebrate a Merry as the many pretty presents dang
Christmas permeated t h e very jig from the branches of the tree,
air. No frowns, no angry or bore silent evidence.
complaining voices, no envious or
selfish thoughts, but all jubilance
and jollity and merriment.
Mr. and Mrs; Robinson
The Jiome of Mr
Mr. and Mrs. White
Chief Engineer and Mrs. -White
of Kilauea, delighted ''t h e little
There probablv has
been seen such jo as
from the faces of the eager
ones as when Ihev received
presents from the beautiful
1 hose whose assistance macle.'pos;
sible' this commendable JttTQlt- oF
yet youngsters wli'o discovered rijUtjiM' jfi,,
inii)ic. a
folks Sunday eveninir with a cor-
Jiome of Mr. and Mrsr iroonslv decorated and iircsonr-ln-
Aubrey Rob'iiison, was the setting den family Christmas tree such as
for a beautiful Christinas tree on had never been their lot tn see
Miss. Florence Deverill
Decorations consisted of Maile, a
profusion of glittering t i u se 1
and colored .bells. The center
piece was a large' cluster of- Poin
settas. A seoarate "table was nro-
vided for the little folks who sat clianty. can rest assureu-'ors'tiic.m.-siieu. n gay utile ittowisundesd
incircled arouiitUn miiieature gratitude ot tl.e reciineuts ot tlieir nna snared in oy Air. "am.U'.Mirs
Christinas tree all decorated and donations, -ror.ii ever ciiuor
licfhtedun. serving as a center mece. joyed themselves it was on
eir and glisrbning ruaineiftB luid J'e)njA U
ec. dently please SaM.-ifltck, o;!??,'
oshe had lefu very, vJr;u1fi tligSSjf
which uie young nearra iiao mOst:'....fl
....... V ".r.-
Christmas Eve, to- which a ldrge
number of friends were invited.
The tree w a s liandsonu'ly de
corated'and laden with pretty gifts
for everyone. '
Mr. and Mrs.tT-. Brandt
before. As Mr. and Mrs. Santa
Clans, in the opinion of the youngs
ters, Mr. and Mrs. White would be
difficult to out-class.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilcox
The family Christmas tree given geous decorations reflecting the
and Mrs. 'T. Brandt's pretty' u' Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilcox Sun- rays of the numerously lighted
was the scene of a larce dav evening was indeed a happy candles, and.the array of presents
Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Hopper
Another pretty little family tree"
in Liliue was that given by Mr.
and-JMrs. Hopper on Monday eve
ning.' "The tree was magnificent
in its-splendor. The bright, gor-
Mr. and Mrs.-W: 11. Rice Sr.
en en- Hewitt of Makaweli and Grandpa
n this Lindsay of Waimea. '
Mr. and Mrs. Weber T
A family Christina!) tree w as
Of the many Christmas tree in given on Christmas Eve -by Man
Lihue, the one given by Mr. -and ager and Mrs. Weber, the guests
uMrs. W. II. Rice Srr, onChristmi.s being Mr. 'agg6ne"ufd , Miss "
Day-, was one of the most enjoyable. Smith of Iloiioluhn -.ft' r
Old Saint Nick in this instance This hospitable couple will give-"
simply outdid hinnelf in hisgeile- their annual luau in the natuie of
leaving. a-list of .presents a poi supper to the employees of
1 i
. 0 , , tm. . Hr...n..r c-.itt- t ut n r ran' nun nmr nti iiftiri' i m t ifiv;fc;i ii i in ! 1 1 in ii (r;n t . Liit uiaii LiLLiuu uii iuv i f iir s . n t
gathering Ot trieildS 011 tlUlldav eeuw incuamis uiaam m,i,m y.s. V.....V..V... w.,,,v. ....l.-.... .- . .ju: - -v v.'-- a
..vp.iinn- -lio hnd nvnil.-d tlii-m. dazzling Christmas robe, with the ecstacies of joy. T.he grown-ups and strange lo say, each was pie- 1 his isdni.of the annual occasions ,:jrJ
i ... ..f : : i. : A .. r Ii.. tniiirrniic trifpc iiiii.tvfiiflrf1 . r!i-tU- pnutrht the smrit and . derived ns 'ciselv that for which the vollllgs- WlllCll lsllo
.- :.... t... n.: hidden, from ikvor.ited bmnplies. liiuch'nleasure out of the occasion ters had most hoped It is bare
C0Uple. which were weighte 1 down with ns did the little ones.
beautiful presents. Managc'r and MfSi Broadbent
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hofgstard Manager and- Mrs. Uroadbent
-Mr. and Mrs. C. Ii. Hofgaard entertained at dinner Monday fol-
Mr., and Mrs. Hansen
Sunday night, Mr. and Mis.
Hansen of Keka'ia were hosts at q
pretty little "home" tree at which
quite a number of friends were
present to share in the delights of
the occasion.
Misses Mary and Virgie Silva
Misses Mary
invited a num! cr of their friends to lowing which, presents were distri
a home Christmas tree on batur
day evening. The tree was beau
tifully decorated and generously
rbedeeked with presents, which de
.lighted everyone.
and Virgie vSilva Sunday School .Luau
buted from an elaborately decorat- tree'tq throw in
ed family Christmas tree. ' 'schts. At any r
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Rice .
i 1 1
.''iiitrmis flme, a time which is
-.j&.'d!. w'the happiness of children,
ara llaong the grown-ups, a fes--
-alRol friendship, a rime to put
ences, and to clear
W6I4- Understandings in the
t'nailm'Him who lovtfd us even
to 1? Tying, down of His life,
wns elebrated throughout the-is-land
yestimlay, a cloudless Sky
-and rispy air Hendiug all; that
rall)-be'''desired hi the ivayvof
- apr pPr'ate"weat'ier
1 t .A'ill be seen below, numerous
Chu.tmas trees, with their shining
- c.aiidltS, and gorgeous decordtioiis,
anjkifts heaped about thftn,
, plensidhe 6ld and delightedahe
younar. Manyfeasts- w&re spread,
'while! the sweet old carols, edhoing
don ia from manya Christmas past
'wtX'i sung again The gemlral
'Mesii to magnify the joys of life,
entertained a large number of
Waimea's younger set at a Christ
inas tree at their home last Satur
day evening. The tree was ela
borately decorated and was loaded
with gifts of nearly, every descrip
tion. Miss Virgie made a hit in
The Waimea Hawaiian Church
was the place of meeting last Sun
day for the following Sunday
Schools, the chief attraction
being a roast pig: Hanapepe, ManaV
Kekaha and Waimea. A pleasn.g
.1 Mil 111 t. f .
the part of Saint Nick. Several '.'""'-'"V ' l- I ,
Makaweli people were among the tions and oratorical exercises took
up nuicii ui uie lorcuoou, ai uie
close ot which the makings ot a
hrst-class luau received the un
Mr. and Mrs
Hon: and'Mrs. C. A.' Rice gave
a family tree Sunday evening to
the irrepressible delight of tlieir
children. The tree fairly blazed
'with Christinas candles which lent
a most pleasing effect to the ex
quisite decorations.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Isenberg
rMr. and Mrs. Isenberg invited
our young people to a Christmas
, dinner n t their beautiful home
Sundav evening. The decorations
consisted of the native Christmas
ly possible that the beautiful deco
tions and brilliant- glo'w fro'm the
burning caudles, so pleased Good
Old Saint Nick1,' that he ' forgot
there were other boys to visit, and
lingered long enough beneath the
a few extra pre
Ue the little folks
were generously treated aim nave
rendered a vote of thanks to
Mr. and, Mrs. Roendahl
which lSllooked forward to with
happy anticipation.
Lihue Christmas Gets in Early
With Characteristic enterprise
the Lihue Sunday School Children
got a leid on Santa Claus by hav
ing tlieir Tree on Wednesday after
noon at the church.
Some 75 presents .were awarded,
ou a basis of faithful attendance.
Some got as high as five gifts", a
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rice, Jr. ' '
The beautiful family Christmas
i-r... K.. r 1 r.. lit TT
r ri '. . t n.e Keu-u .ill. .UUl.-.U s. W . il
The family Christmas tree given u ...... t ...r.:t. -A. . . ..
ice Jr., which is always looked
forward to with happy expectation,
was given at their pretty resi
dence last Sunday.
by Mr. and .Mrs. Koendahl on
Sun lay evening was eiijowd bv a
goodly number of friends of those
linnnlnr fMltf.rt-iiiirc llrttll tin- ih-
corations and presents being high- Mr. and Mrs. Wiihard
ly appropriate to t h e season. Mr. and Mrs. Wishard's home
Among those present was Miss tree on Sunday evening was an '
Mildred Dey.,. a ni.ece of Mr. enjoyable affair. The tree, a home-
Roendahl, being a house, guest, jrrown nroduct w.ni Wo,,if,,n
- " msi-eLias iii.iu ieeeieu uie uu- cOUSISlCd OI tUC uaiive VIiriSimas t:.a n...c ic n Pnolir,i, r!r1 oiwl i . i "r
One of the prettiest trees of the divided attention of the congrega- ly, wich w0s very nleasingly UullZ- Jnucc ul Kl-iS s
ason was that given at the home tion. ,Jt arranged. Covers were hud fior . . h"h.. oi pi v.u presents.
1111. uuu tiii.i iium
of Mr. andirs. oreigto which a iyirSt B, nevenll . ysi twentyHwo guests.
mimuer oi-iriemis weic uivueu ...... .,. . Kn n S.i Im nn Armv . .
l rt .iirs. r. is. icverm, pioineior -- . , jneiuj nm -
; Ol llic 1 luililiei iioiei, j;uve a nee Deuiiw ui ji.ijjijf nine ueunn nee n.i uwv . ,() .n. uuu v . ...j, jiihiiuui, a
i, tnrnftTi Hnrnfin.,c nf tiio tn on L. hi" 1st mas nve, to the children tnroDoeu in yinanKiuiuess ior me .irs. rtonng on v-wnuuasi-.ve. 11 uvuiac uie iavoreu.j,j
iiTldtZX?Z& ;. tle neighborhood,. The beau- Joyous Clirimos tree given by the was brilHantly iU ,,,'u-ated by a Buts ?t a diiiuer prty giVen
. - ; f i. il.nfniwl 4w nxw hmw VniioiiiMi n.it ti i t; Hill o t Mm 1 1 1 1 1 nn ii ti-; i ii hnir Ui IriTi
last Saturday njght.
artistic touch, was
f Christmas
iiy Mr. and
Miss Muraford
Mr. an4 Mrs. Lydgate, Mr. and
M i ss, Albright ,
praise of the guests.
Manager and Mrs. Baldwir
-jMr. and Mrs. IialcUmn of Maka
wchj.g.ive ayaiii.1,' Chmt.ni b,tru'
on Simday evening toMniihib'er of
Juvenile friends who'Sr'fts were
gladdeiledat sight-oftPfc superbly
tifullv decorated
packages of happiness
little guest, as well
abundance for thu"grbwii'
h-.." On CI
Deverill was hostvss
Mr. and MV. Me
nnd Mrs. Saub1 n
as an
A M.s.
Koloa on
tree sin-,
and swC'-
-jariljjliHr to ofc.il1
oyttt Mr. can-1-'" ; '
gna Hayncs, mo- i
f-.r ilv
U 111 a
Lrr (,u- oru.iuieius
iiUu- hi an to al-
Mrs. BroadlKut,
and Mr
iss Mumford Satimlav V.vpiuihV . '
K ix-k. avd
(. oUisioti
mm ungiu'-,'0- '"""''" vuunuLay lvvening sa
It was cer.- i$o meeF Miss" Crandall of Pvirialxoif. -S
A magnificent sparkling ornaniviitu.
ng with toys tainly a deli -
8 .4 i l W
dance ot the3uests did justice to-
long to be r r.i.nr Mby He
Mr. "and Mrs,
bundav even itKli ne jesi
of Mr. and Mr-. ilSK, vysislone' casion.. With the Dpaii
i'le. w,i-uujuee ui me ciiinier .was;- f
SuMssed.bv thf gra-e and Qlmraiit
of tlielllustGss. 'u-hili ti ;,'' JIB
'Continued on Bagt; (A

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