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VOL. 9. NO. 1.
Prominent Educators and Business Merr Will
Make Addresses-Regular Classes in
Demonstrating Work .
Supervisor Brodie
Show Indifference'-To Convene At
NineQ clock Sharp
An outline of the teachers!' meet-1
ing to be held at the public school
building in Lihue on Friday Jan
uary 5th., as provided by piper
vising principal Brodie f urniihes an
interesting program. The first
part of the program will be devoted
to demonstrating lessons can
among which will be a type lesson
in reading i n the Golden .Treas
ury, a new reader which hasj made
He nnnpnrance in the primary
grades of our public schools for
the first time this year and jliich
is. said to. have proven jusfla bit
difricWt6Vsome vof our ptjtiary
., teacliers. -,,
' , Following. ihese demonstraj'ons,
!ii u. .nrl tii? t1i(ivnri-
remarKs win u- m - i
ous speakers who will pr
include School' Inspector Giou,
Principal Edgar Wood of F.nio
lulu N'oYmarSchool, Hon. W H.
n:- c f Vmimissloner of Ldli-
IVItt, vji., - .
cation of Kauai, Senator Knur-en,
Representative C. A. Rice, Rte-
ftenresentative J. H- PflW wl'Ml
,,r ' " "
At timjfniinlufiion of.the add.'ss-;
c aJws&et Pidnic Will be feat red fought for gtwroiw Carles, and
whllrf wilt iL spread on the;Uvucy 1 have to fight th. same
im.: .rHii. teachers and gi-sts I
X uvw w .
. Sill reassemble 'and indulge
.general discission on school tojes,
..iluteV-changi'ng as it vere,epe
' Vriencesnd ideas which willsuily
Wih. nvocrram the worn
of ir-
gani'zing'-a teachers' association'or
Jiauii ail) be taKep up. ucnani
Si rm mm SMnT assi " a
'.',j'tl,i ic nn nneshn: fiuestipn UPX.
Kariai. and there j 110 uej,pn
tofrtta entire staff-mi
favor !P ihwp. &m s t ?
.only island of the smup within
such an organization and the u-
Vir " il. Hofcraard was hoslss
'at an elaborate afternoon tea 1st wirele 1ftlr, IVWI last ivri
, , . , . 'day from a tip around the world.
Wnesat oloc; fl hoJr liiiV Ven :ibsL-i.i since Aimusl
tea 1st
of en
o lief ft? 4w.
1 1
lllft the GharnimK U"0"1 "t lr.
Krancisco, whu o h'-ji'i ports ikiviuk ""ncvtjr '
Mrs Hof gaarcL Those participtig he lp iH ,tf distinction thrust
were Mrs. V. Kuudsen. Mrs. D:,-1 ,)v.r01." lo him, bin Hag would h ive
ford Mrs. Hansen. Mrs. E.O none of it. Hv preferred the si 111
Knu'dsen. Mrs. McClaren, M.. 1 p!e life in Hawaii. Mr. Vincent
K . ' . . .. who has been in charge of the sta-
Aubrey kodiusou, V"""c
Hofgaard, Mrs. T. Urandt, M..
Grelg, Mrs. Baldwin. Misses Iva
amUKHa of Makaweli, M.s
Jordan, Miss Gardner, Mrs. Alt
nniinr and mere. .Mrs. acuuq
'M'is.'H. H. urodiu aim .nis J
qriTo( Haifjpj'p'-e,. " '
G. Hpppcr manager of tfet ' -H
gARpps Isi.ANi p(nc is on-itiUS'! Paul Scnmtdt with Hn kfeld &
neB trip to Honolulu, I Co., came un on the Hull Friday,
i.. -
"Teachers Should Not!
terest which is being taken in the
coming movement is indeed very
Mr. Brodie has announced the
meeting in the following form to
the various principals:"
To the Principals of Schools of
Kauai: i
mere win ue a leacners meei-
a teachers' meet'
Lihue School on
nig Hem at the Lihue bcliool on
Friday, Jan. 5th., 1912.
Briefly, the program will be as
1. Regular lessons will be 'given
in certain subjects.
2. - Short addresses b y leading
visitors. ,
3. -A basket picnic.
4. Organization of Teachers' As
sociation. 5. A general and informal dis
cussion by teacliers on educa
tional questions.
In extreme cases, roads and, dis-
tauce nuiy p,reyeiu a,ueWtiiuv.Y,
V rtfffl' W!h 1 Mr stand
island without a
teachers1 association.
For years our friends
U a v e
g'u a
Least of all should the
show indifference.
Again let ine call attention that
you should have all type lessons
and terinouUiuescqipled tyW
the ry wi'ejj'.
TlieH teachers', meeting c o m -mehecs
at' 9 'o'clock, promptly,
Honolulu time
Hring good idcs Ul iivudut!
iVHjJi, or lit vqii- tyAX ttatr.
II. It. Uhuwk,
Stipervisiug Principal.
Richard I
, .ii Oliiiia. the .M.ntciiu-t.lkcd "Km
i.,p ,l.,nmr Mr. natrtreniaun'.s
absence will piobably leave for
lid nohilti to-clav where he will be
' sat;onedin the central" ullice 61
the AmiUMtn' nio,u ' .r.' Vin
. cJnt has bvcoine Viuite popular here
' during his tempprary stay and
, much regret is felt tfuvt circuin.
. stances necessitate his leaving
last. He is looking we.l, ami v.
1. liAnta miftotif I. ....... Ii nr .oi'l
D. Hills Winner of The Kegel Club's
Prize in Bowling Contest After Years ,
Of Unabating Efforts
Dole Wins Second and Wishard Third 1
Prizes While Hills Also Takes A
Special Prize-A Picture
A. D. Hills, Manager of the I
Lihue Ice and soda waterworks, a1
number of the Kegel Clu' and
fisherman of no mean reputation, I
further distinguished himself at
the Kegel Club headquarters last
Saturday night where for the third
time he bowled a record score,
wl)ich gavc him p(:rmanent posses.
sion of the much C0Veted cup
which has j)een tllc bone of con-
tention at numerous contest for
many years. The cup which Mr.
Hillf, nmv possesses, was first put
un ...:th the understandimr that to
win it, a member must needs get
the highest score three times be
fore he is entitled the trophy. This
Mr. Hills has done, pulling off his
third high score on Saturday
Besides the winning score, there
were others made o n Saturday
evening which might be consider
ed extraordinary. Charley Dole
for instance, a member who has
never aspired to the winning list, ing a case wherein Chief Apana
rolled second highest, much to his simply excelled himself,
astonishment. Other high scores . The place cards bore the iuscrip
. . , . e it ition A Happy New ear, January
were made by heretofore rather prin h) goJd leaf
obscure candidates. At the conclusion of the sump-
There were twenty contestants tuous spread, the guests were in
in nil. whose scores airmeeate an ' vited to the home of Mr. and Mrs.
amount equal to an average of
one hundred and sixty-five. If
this average can be maintained in
the next Kauni-Maui contest, the
latter won't have a look-in.
Those making the highest scores
last Saturday night, and why"1,
the first s.ecjriudi au, third prizes
were warded,, are as nojip.ws:
Cup and Picture
C. S. Doli
(Jeruiau Sieii
L p, Wishard
OUur vommendable
jpu Vire KUUan, t?(; Craw-J
jpui r und Wolters 174.
' '
The ciUIYc OH IV: l. ivadmg
u) t.ll.e "V11 hom- Ul' 1!lu,e
S,tore is no,t infrequently the scene.
of considerable u,ervo,usi'; A-
toists who an cftnii ,V
r, up-hill meet
ov.nl'ner vuhicle at tlllS DOUlt
0,ie occasion, the vriteif is inform,- slecorattons, which w e r e
ed. the only thiny prtwuUu the ' pliiel'ly the handiwork of Miss L11
driver from pinny Hji Y'l th' fill ju Weber, were tinged with just
ImnkmeuA lotlu- vadUKul tracK -'emn h C0lUrast to render the.
luw, was the small embankment by Is-"
tlu the roulade. This condition
.' affair;, night be considerably
c iaiiged I'V constructing the road at
this po.ut so as to leave the outer
side elev.ded which would ,.mwy
skidd-ng and tbu 1-..ol i the
chance of a - -,i ac-ul-nt.
The Lihue Hand li.is niady plans
Ur an i?iabor,itv. picnic to be held
a Wailua Vails, next .Suudiiy pi'Q'
riding the weather tnnn neals out
plenty of sunshine. It will be a
family affa'r, a d grer.t f n 's anticipated.
California Dogs Will Have Bars Put Up
Against Then Though Entity Free
From the Disease
Elaborate Menu Prepared by Chef Apana
Deliglhts a Score or More of Invited
New Year's Guests
Hoxoi.n.r. Jan. 1st.- Now that
the banana scare is subsiding, a
new sensation must be sprung, so
in casting about for such, Hono-
lulu s hysterical class has decided
that an invasion of dogs infected
with, rahies is ahout to occur
This notwithstanding that no re
' cord exists of any such case on
these islands. Furthermore the
state of California, against which
the quarantine is to be established,
has no record of a case of hydro
phobia which adds to the rcdic
ulousness of the situation. It is
said by some that this latest out
burst is probably a ruse to secure
larger funds for certain depart
ments, in order to permit them to
carry on special experimental
work, funds for which at present
are somewhat lacking.
The annual Xew Year's dinner
given by the Hotel Fairview was
enjoyed by a score of invited guests
Sunday evening. The menu was
a particularly appetizing one, be-
W. H. Rice Jr., where bridge and
welsh-rarebit occupied the atten
tion of the guests for the remaind
er of the evening.
Those present were'. Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Rice Si.. Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Rkv jr., Mr. a n d Mrs.
c. A. Rice, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.
Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Conev, Mr.
and Mrs. Keightley, Miss Jordan,
Mr. Morgan, Charlie Dole and Dr.
At the beautiful home of M-
t atreran(i rru uc.i,or ,,Ul..lv irrht
" 'W-IV r - "-w 11
. the old vear u most fittinirlv nut
m.. -.iuuiber. while the New Year .
. was received in a manner which
kft 110lh;n lo t, itt ,he shapy
of an .AMl'Jfate weicome. The1
, vyvou was i,he annual luau which '
,.,,.. Pnnn1p PuH)-, ,hose
""- l1
connected UV, plantation.
wuuik u"1'" lu'"i"M
niony. Numerous t,vctrie miins
b'.azid forth, liiclr cheerful light
(roi,. ,.Vs.ry direction, the baM
jj comfOItably eoad
twXVWwl ve which
s,u,Gd near Uv oUve, be.n;. djrect-
K Vnh a flood of li..,hi XMb
( ro many owns uituien nuoun me
branches of thfr iv. The approach
to the big hmai upon which su o...
uvttstically decorated table, was
lined on either side by ferns and ti
'plants. The table stood in the
' shape of a hallow square on three
Gathered Up The Threads Which Were So
Abruptly Severed at heginnning Of
Holiday Festivities ;
Mere Interest is Duo the Child From Its
Parents, Who Generally Display
Decided Indifference
Promptly at nine o'clock this
morning, every school on the is
land saluted Old Glorv and once
more tackled the problems which ,
thev had so summarily dismiss-
cu ui un- in.-KiiuiuiK i uic a-h.ni' to nave a ciauy service, this pap-.r
season- Christmas is over-so is , would probably enter into uego
New Year both, with all their , tiations with the Wireless Co., to
pleasures are of the past, and the , secure special privileges, but tin
young mind, notwithstanding its .der present conditions there is no
abnormal condition for the past way in which such an arrangement
fortnight, is fresh and ready to can be turned into a commercial
take a new lease on work; to grap- means of getting returns from the
pie with the daily problems in a expenditures necessary to get such
.1 I t.1... I...... ......... ..r il. . r.
determined and successtui manner,
1 here are cases, however, where
children are rather indifferent and
parents who do not care, but it is
a pleasure to know that these are
rare. As a rule, too little atten
tion is paid to our childrens' pro
gress in school. So long as" the
child is attending and no question
concerninc his daily work j reaches
ti. -.,f ,i,n in.., ..V'''.:',
whose child growsTii
has only himself, to
Jjlaine. "One
father right hereMnafcihue, is a
close observer
er of the progress of
his children, with the result that41
he it is to whom" they come 'for
assistance, and he it is wlio is thus
able to shapj their course in
studies. They have cultivated a
taste for good literature and stand
head and shoulders above the poor
lad who stands a monument to
parental neglect. ,
Why do we cultivate and care
so tenderly for choice flowers? Is
it not to see them open up in all
their glorious beauty? Does not
the mind of a single child warrant
far more painstaking care than a
whole univirse of the most beauti
ful floweis that ever blossomed? Is
lt not the highest gift of our
terest in the chiid A,Tijtsiistri cronS' Uh
ininal neglect ihdvefrf rJnrentT
Creator? The proper care and eul-j of the blessing which God has be
tivation of the' young mind, its stowed upon him. Help whatever
quick response to such treatment j and whomsoever you may, but do
and its gradual expansion to the .not neglect the children. They
stage of "full bloom" surpasses in j are with us ilways, any one of
beauty all else which has ever yet, whom is worthy of every kind act
been created, and parents neglect-(you can show him if you live to"
ing to make every effort to help! 1k as old as Methusela.
i sides. Table decorations conskted
of a profusion of ferns, anddaiuti-
. . - ... .
1 iv arraugeu eiusi.fi: ji i!n)
tinted begonias, covers b.-ing lay-
ci for thirty-six. In the center of the)
dining room, a large bell was sus
netuled beimr connected to a long,!
i........., .er.tnti, rif rnc( ntirl nil
l.ll'ftliwrti. ...... ....
other of maiden hair fern, forming,
across where they met. Hesules
this large center hell there were
others nearly as large each having
1,h,m, limit attractively anaiiKed. ,
l.'lr,tc cards, further evidence of
Miss Linu s ability, wcxe v e r
tastefully providvtl. The decora
tious as. ii whole uore a tieciueu in
clUwtiwi to yellow and red with
lust a sufficiency or green to prove
Uat.ul w the t-,e.
The wesi end of the front h.r.a
'had been diap-d in, an Anuricuu
mill I H-nn:,n M:ii' heiiiL' tile el'.it-f
,, . : , i f
decorations, i unnun mew
.lie gu.sts who miKht pre ter a se
cluded sput. It was ceriuimy a
most inviting place mid was well
The drawing room wus extreme-
ly pretty, hying handsomely deco-
Plantations Decide to Discontinue Their
Monthly Support to CompanyOf
No Commercial Value
Mr. De Lacy is Handsomely Remembered
By Lihue's Religious Bodies
ClirisiniuS Day
Wireless press news in so far as
this island is concerned, was shut
off last Saturday, when the recent
order issued by
went into effect
the Wireless Co.,
Were it possible
, . .
a privilege.
..- fit. . .
The iiembe'rs of W
P 1
I pniasttljdrWppreciation of Mr. de
iam. a.Wiuuiit uaiatuuuc iLiaiuwu-
ristmas nresent accoih-
baiiied-by the follow ing note:
;Mr3?De Lacy,
ilioil'ortiriueVtlie Church and
pie 'Christian Endeavors Society,
present vou this C5hristnia gift as
an "Aloha Xui". for the interest
and kindness you have shown these
many years in Church and Sunday
School work. Kindly accept it and
may God bless thy way with hap
piness the next twelve months
and all the twelve months of your
15y its committee
Wm. Kli.is.
December 24th. 1911.
The present was in cash.
their children to this eud'-if phy-
! sicall able to do so is unworthy
rated with red roses and beautiful
stately Hawaiian Kahilis, while the
parlor was in red roses and silver.
The menu was composed of roast
pig as the chief attraction, with
tvery accompanying Hawaiian dej
licicv iniiuaginable.
There was not a dull moment
1 , . , . . , ,
hours ainounced t li e
departure of the old year,' "three
times three" was drunk to the new
Uini year after which the curtain
raws down, nn one of the happiest
evenings ot the old, and happiest
New Ye .r morning, in the history
of the merry makers.
Those present were: Mr. a n d
Mrs. Weber, Miss Smith, Mr ami
Mrs. Christian. Mr. and Mrs. Kas
sabeer, Mr. and Mrs. K. Dientit,
Mrs Logan. Mr. Siiiultze, Rutche
Hrothers, Mr. ami Mrs. Auder
intn, Mr. and Mrs. Thielan, Mr.
ami Mrs. Hohri. Mr. tie Lacs-,
V. Crawford. Mr. Carls. Mr. Sie-
ibel, Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon. Miss
u. . Dajsv slwUlof Miss Hannah KhJ
LlAietHrSfi their comml?teeex--f'
don, Mr. and Mrs. Massr, Mr. and
Mrs. Winter, Mr. and Mrs Grnte,
Mr. Grote Jr., Mr. and Mrs. it
Hretteville, Mrs. Wedemever. S. C.
Waggoner, Paul Schmidt,. Miss
hw Weber i

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