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''"... CCTAnilCllcn mn vni n
ft wi;uiiaLUL,U lUt, JUL, J
rnvty thIuiTdp it ' 'wmnpr
, uiAii I LniiiiLBiu ni muuyi-
, ' . , KAUAI'S Fie MEET
I 1 r
Great Enthusiasm Marked the First Meeting
' .Of the Kauai Teachers In Four-
' " . 1
"Normal Inspector Gibson Makes an Apprecia-1
tive Talk-Hon. W. H. Rice Made
President. :
f" Injjesponse to a request from
Supervisor Hi H. lk'odie, sixty of
the seventy public school teachers
onlvauai assembled at Lihue Friday
when The fir.it teachers' meeting
within the last fourteen years was
held thtr prime motive being the
(Organization of a Teacher.- Asso
ijnatjon. t The weather was most
favorable, the roads excellent, and
before the appointed time to begin,
a flood of fluttering femininity had
streamed, in from every , point of
"Jthe'coifypass, gallantly escorted by
wossrs Bush, Morse, Brown, Simp
jni and Smith.
v At nine o'clock Mr. Brodie call
ed t h e meeting to order. The
teachers unit e d in rendering
"America," after which some ex
cellent work was done bv Miss
Mary Ann Huddy, in demons tra
,ting second grade reading, the
children evincing ease and familiar
ity with the work, which can only
result from careful and constant
drill work.
Mrs. Wedemeyer's receiving
roonntots did their prettiest while
Miss 'Daisy Sheldon with another
bunch of receiving tots, brought
down the house with the dramati
' zation of "Chicken Little." The
self talks by this class were also
very nicely done.
Miss Marie lillis with another
division of the receiving room
grade, gave a highly interesting
lesson in nature work, and story
(work, while Miss Hannah Sheldon
with a bunch of Grade II. children
Tuompleted the very pleasing pro
"irrnin of demonstrations w i t h a
splendid exhibition in self talk and
politeness, and play-grouna nn
glish. These demonstrations were sup
posed to be on lessons entirely new
to the children and teachers and,
exposed to the scrutiny of so niuiy
strangers, the work was inarvellous
jly well done.
Special h The Garden hhnJ.
Waiiiawa, Jan., 3. One case of
diptheria is reported near here, and
to prevent further outbreak, fif
teen children have been placed un
der quarantine.
Some two weeks or more ago,
the people of this district rejoiced
in the rgport that they were free
from tin's disease, but now that it
has again broken out a wave of
. - great disappointment has settled
over Uic community.
Slfdal to The Garden Island.
llAN.U'Jii'ii. Jan.. 3.- -That the
members ot the Loan Fund Com
mission here are all that could be
desired "is shown in the llanapepv
bridge construction work. Within
a month's time this bridge will be
complete and ready for use. There
j has not baen a single hitch in the
administration of the board, the
'f contractors nor the county repre
sentatives and the penule of Haua
pepc will p'riJc themselves on this
attractive addition to XXwvc other
wise pretty little village.
Following these demonstrations,
Mr. Brodie thanked the teachers
and children who had taken part in
them saving, "Von have all done
yourselves,, credit." lle further
stated that Representative Coney
could not r,e;naiu lounger and would
therefore like to sav a few word
at once, after which Mr. Co
ney spoke briefly and to the point
as follows:
"I Have been asked to make a few
remarks in regard to the work ot
the schools, more particularly in
connection with the House of Le
gislature? I am sorry to say that
the majorily of the 1. gislators are
perhaps not as familiar with the
working svstcm of o n r I educa
tional Department as liny migl t
be, f loin the tact that we unfortu
nately do not familiarize ourselvis
with the situation in all its aspects.
The problem involved in the edu
cation of the children within this
Territory is a question which lias
taken much of the attention of the
legislature each term (and this is
my third year. ) It has been their
aim to appropriate money sufficient
to carry out the work in a manner
that would be beneficial to the
''i may say that I have had many
'kicks' from school teachers o f
the territory who h a v e thought
thev were not treated rightly in the
way of salarv, and in this connec
tion I want to say that they m.ist
not blame the legislature on this
point. We ( the legislature) get our
figures from the superintendents
of instruction we must get it from
them because they are the only
people who know what is needed
They give u-i their figures and we
appropriate accordingly. There
are teachers w hom I believe to this
day are underpaid but we haw in
the past given the Board of Educa
tion more than they really asked
Continued o-i page 4.
Sicajl la The Garden Iiland.
IlANAi'Ki'K, Jan.. 3. A death
from diptheria occurred here this
afternoon, the victim being u child
of Mr. and Mrs. Gomes, aged
about two years. A strict qunrau
tine has been established with
hopes of preventing further spread.
The child was taken sick on
Monday last, but the sickness wa
not suspected to be diptheria until
it deve!ojed to. such a stage that
anti-toxin failed to have any
effect on the disease and the little
one passed a w a y about three
o'clock this afternoon. The fu
neral, owing to contagious nature
ot the disease will be strictly pri
Rev. J. W. Waduian, Superin
tendent of Methodist Missions of
Hawaii, has finished his retmlar
j tour of Kauai and reports t h e
j work here as highly satisfactory.
He return to Honoiu'u this -t
, noon where he will lua.u-i but a
few das before leivmg for an
I uthyr island tiip.
IK.'U-. . I ...'l.i-l L'l-.i! .)! tilt
eoiik-i to Kauai to oi,;
For the past two uimith.-. a uni
ons campaign has been conducted
in Honolulu for the purpose of or
ganizing tile Loyal Order of Moose
in the Territory. During this
time, the order has made pheuo-1
initial growth surpassing in mem- j
berxhip any order heretoiore cs-
tabiished in the Islands. Never
in the History of Honolulu has any
secret or fraternal order had such
a widespread inlluen.e or met
with such enthusiastic support as
the Loyal Order of Moo.-ie.
In order to exemplify the traits
of the Moose, the noble animal
from which the Order takes its
name, the Honolulu Lodge "Hig
bUU" on the night of December1
27, 1911, secured the Hijou, the,
largest theatre in the cityS and
packed it to overflowing devoting
j the proceeds to the benefit of the
, building fund for the King's
Daughters. Thus, they have in-
the first few w.eks of their lhs'.ory
set an example of brotherly aid
and protection to h-e il ordeis whicn
have been established for ear-.
The Loal Order of Moo-e is by
no means a new order as might
be supposed In same oi the people
of the Islands, but on ti.e othei
hand it has been established for
twenty-four years, and has a mem
bership of 5(10. ij(H) throughout the
United States and Canada eon.-ist-ing
of H5D lf-dges.
.Aiuon:,' the chi.f chan.e i rluu
of the Loyal lrUr nf Moose U its
Origin. diiy and l'iogie-.i nt
Tne Mn.i-e li,,- not pat mi ait. i
other fr.iu ruitk-. Inn umr.eiies out
into new field-. i,-tal.ihis Col
leges, At'n'.etie I'n'otis ami Hoiu.s
for Widows and Ori.hi'n-..
The L').:.l ;; ": ..!" M-... e .bv
not to'era'-- in'e . ,'. ;i'i suit 's
religiuti-or po!ii;i il!iw. i'o'i'.i
i K.r
WM. o- . '
belt .'1 - -bun-
jevilsed W-
' m. : y s. ;
.. . N .,
.. , 'o 1: , .'n
to 1 'i ; v .
. .i n.osl iu. .Hull
1.IA , Oli'.vi i Ji i a,;,,
iiiie lot.il ' t .. ;i . li.
c.i 1 or i .'tn Kin ih-.t n si mis in i- not
countenanced pi the lodg.- rooms,
but Fatriotisin, Onediencc to Law,
lvitial Kighls and Respect for the
opinions of others insisted upon.
As one enters the lodge, so he departs-
u free man.
Benefits and Dues
The benefits are S7.Uo per week
in sickness or accident; $100.00 in
case of death; and free medical at
tention to members mid their
families, by adoption or subor
dinate lodges.
The dues are 75(' a month, pay
able quarterly or semi-annually.
No assessments.
The organizing of this most suc
cessful Order has been under the
watchful ej es and molding touch
of the International Organizer of
the Hawaiian Islands and the
Oiient, L. W. Long. Tomorrow,
he Mill send his right hand man
and chief deputy, Charles F. Lund,
to take charge of the organizing
work in Kauai .
Through an interview with the
Deputy Organizer Lund, it was
learned that he would probably
spend from ten days to two weeks
on Kauai, and give the people of
this island an opportunity to jom
the large herd of Moose in Hono
lulu, which has now a membership
of over 1000. at the low initiation
fee of $5 oo before the charter
closes February 1st, at which time
the initiation fee will be raised to
$'5.m). Mr. Lund expressed a
d'-shv to stay on Kauai for a longer
p. rind, but slated that bv order f
t h e Supreme Lode he ui it -t
eoyer the large field, which iu-
hides the ret of the Islands of
the kroup. in order to sail in the
e-.rly part of February for China,
Japan and the 1'hillipine Islands,
v.'.k re new branches of the Moose
.ii i to be es'.d.lislr. d. , 1
.i'd much hdncd woman. Three
d.lldteii, one residing on Kauai,
the oilier two living in California.
.."! a h'1-.band, an. left to mourn
In i h .-s. The ti'in i- il w'l fke
,.'.vi 111 i.Ullu torao.lov .ItUllloon
ii t- nuciit t.ik'.ir; p I a c e in the
Lihue eetm tv. .
Aflerneon Session Devoted to Hearing in Ma"
Sugar Co. Case-Taxes Rsmun
One Per Cent.
New Road Work to Begin January
School Building at Kekaha-IriL'pcc-tor
Cooke to Assist.
The first regular monthly a n d
niisiness meeting for the year 1VJ12
of the Board of Supervisors of the
County of Kauai, T. H., was held
it tin office of the Board in Lihue
n Wednesday, January 3rd., 1912,
at 10:15 A. M.
l'r. -uit
Mr. V. II. Wishard, chairman
Frauds Onv
" . D. Mcliryde
J. Uodrigiies
" J. K. Lota. i
The in mitts of the las meeting1
' lYccmUr 15th., 191 1; wvie icad
and npplowd.
The Bo.ifd examined the sew nil
di m mils presented to it and ap
pioid tiieiu against the following
ppropi iat'ons, viz:
Sal.ii Countv Road Supervisor
S225 00
Pay of Police:
Specials $205 00
W.umea 240 00 !
Koloa HO 00 j
Lihue 150 00 I
Kawaihau 90 00 I
Hanalei 135 00 S0 00
Coroner's Inquest 14 00 !
Countv Jail 31134
District Courts etc:
Waimea $40 00
Koloa IS 29
Kawaihau 40 00
Ilaualei 5 00 $103 29
Iixpenses of election 4 70
F.xpensds of witnesses SO 00
Kleele $50 00
Koloa 50 00
Lihue 1 25 00 1
Waimea 120 00 $345 00
Attorney $47 25
Auditor 30 75
Count Clerk 49 15
Sheriff 9o 7
Supervisors 25 50
County Road Supervisor
106 00 S34S 92
Office Rent 35 oo
Special h The Garden Itland.
IIanai-jum:. Dec. 31. -Puktii, a
drunken Hawaiian residing here,
attacked his wife with a knife last
night, stabbing her near the shoul
der and slashing her abdomen so
seriously as to permit the expo
sure of the intestines. A ladv
friend of his wife, who was pre
sent, utie'np'ed to interfere, and
was also badly slashid, receiving a
serious cut in the breast. The
man immediately fled and h i s
whereabouts is et u iikim w n.
The women were sent to the Ma
kaweli Hospital where their wounds
were attended by Dr. West.
Tie origin of the trouble is said
to. be a d sptlle ill soiile laud traus
section wherein the frk-nd of his
wife agreed with her. This seems
; to have so em aged the drunken fiend
that he pulled an ugly looking
I knife and made the assault which
came near being a double murder.
I J . W. Kvrsehner, the well know n
'Honolulu auto repair and vul
'eaui r,. m ii nrr.ve.l on the M iu
jnalo.i and is looking over the field
.preparatory to establishing a
I branch stand on Kauai.
Repairs Schools etc:
Koloa 4 50
Lihue 19 65
Hanalei 5 00
Support of Prisoners
Water Works:
Waimea SI 30
Kalaheo 84 75
Koloa 17 SO
Kawaihau 15 00
$29 15
160 00
SI IS 85
Road Work:
Hanapepe Bridge (RTSD)
S4S 03
Macadamizing (Oe-nl Fund)
S446 10
Roads & Bridges (Geni Fund)
117 25' $563 35
Road Tax Special Deposit
196 S3 $244 91
Macadamizing (Genl Fund)
$394 40
Oiling Roads (RTSD)
S7 00
Road Tax Special Deposit
102 10 $109 10
Roads & Bridges
197 75 592 15
Roads & Bridges 89 55
.Road Tax Special Deposit
222 32
Roads & Bridges 93 65
Roads & Bridges 148 70
Total $4,798 98
Immediately after the approval
of Demand No. 2272 Mr. Wishard
was taken ill and left for his home,
and Mr. McBryde as Vice Chair
man, presided during the remaind
er of the session of the Board.
A communication dated the
29th., ultimo from Dr. Sandow of
Waimea regarding his claim for
S'o.oo contained in Demand No.
2212, payment of which was refus
ed by the Board at its last regular
monthly meeting of December 6th.,
Continued on page 3.
Mr. H. H. Brodie,
Supervising Principal of the
Kauai Schools,
1 beg to call your attention to
the fact that the teachers and scho
lars of the Blank school are still
waiting for those water pipes that
wvre supposed to have been order
ed some time ago. Water is car
ried at each reevss from the hospi
tal a distance of half a mile, more
or less, by children barely large
enough to carry themselves.
Allow me to draw your atten
tion to o n e more matter. the
building is at present without a
chair. The only thing that one
teacher can find to sit on is a keg
of nails without a lop. If you
have never sat around the hole of
n keg I would advice you to try it.
Kindly look into the matter or
we shall march out on strike. You
bet we shall and you hurry up. I
mean it, you may be sure.
Miss BlunK
Mr. Brodie explains that the
department has remedied this
by the erection of a $20,0uu school
building. Kujtqr's kUt.

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