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ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 9. NO. 3.
Last Sunday was red letter day
lor the Lihue baud boys who to
gether with their families repaired
to a beautiful kukui grove on the
hanks of the Wailua River where
they indulged inaiealo'd fashioned
Promptly at ten o'clock, a spe
cial train loaded with the jolliesl
crowd that ever gathered in Hana
jiiaulu, pulled out for the Wailua
bridge where, after a pleasant ride
of an hour, the party embarked in
two large boats which were wait
ing to convey them mauka to the
grove A string orchestra accom
panied the party which rendered
flt'licrlitflil mucin tn Mir ctr,t-.. tt?
Ilionnr. Arrivinn- nt f1i.-ir ,l,.f I,,,,. I
nation, willing hands got busy, i
and soon had an improvised table
made from broken branches o f
Kukui trees spread in the shape of
an L. Around this table assembled
the gay picnickers, each being sup
plied with ample refreshments, a
generous helping of laulau, a bowl
of poi and all other accessories
necessary to complete a in o s t
sumptuous luau
The dinner finished, speeches
were in order. Director Souza, in
a few well chosen remarks, ex
pressed his gratefulness t o all
those who had in any way aided
in bringing about such a pleasant
time and hoped that the event
would become an annual affair.
Joe Rapo.o Sr., followed with a
very complimentary speech, re
v i e w i n g the growth of the
band from the beginning 'ot its
-history. He told of how it had
rown; of its struggles; and how,
notwithstanding all the pilikias,
f'the band stood todav as a mon
ument to the determination of the
boys to succeed and commended
them for their unity claiming that
t o this alone, the organization
owed inucli ot us success ah-1
tone Kapo.o aiso mauc a surnngi
speech in which he eulogized thej
baud, saying among other things j
that from a mere nothing, the
Uiuu: iaui nac grown iiuu u si
now the best Dana in tne terri
tory, lo snow that tins opinion
was shared in by his audience, the
bumpers were emptied to t h e
future success o f the band. F.
Garcia Sr., then made a short talk,
being chiefly in praise of Director
Sauza's valuable assistance as a
band leader. His speech closed
this part of the program, after
which games were indulged in for i
.1 l .: "ii ,.i....i" i
a SllUn llllie liVJll ill! illJUUl U
was sounded and soon they were
floating down the river. T h e
V.ioats were brought up at a rice mil!
'about a mile below, where every
body climbed out and got in line
for a two-step, on a smooth asphelt
floor which' had been used for
thrashing rice.
In addition to two-stepping and
a waltz or two, an innovation was
created in the form of a typical
Portuguese dance, in which the
younger set frequently lost step at
the undisguised delight of their
elders. Hy far the most amusing
thing connected with the dance
program, however, was an iinmita
tion of the Japanese dance. A
platform was erected, upon which
M. C. Martin, took his place, hold-1
ing a Japanese umbrella. John I
Rapozo, for a drum, used a cracker
box, and for a drum stick, a piece ;
of cane. The rest of the crowd
formed a circle round tlie piaitorm
. and at a given
.Martin turn-
ed loose a vocal selection with such
tragic effect that the entire circle
was simply convulsed with laugh
ter. His expressions were so per-
feet and jesticulations so tragic as
to be easily mistaken for the real
McCoy, while Johnny Rapozo han
dled the drum sticks like an ex
pert. After a litte more than an
hour here, the happy bunch again
"got aboard" and enjoyed the ex
citement of a boat race back to the
Wailua bridge. Of course the best
boat won, but no one seemed to
miu-l that nitt'Mi as the picnic spi
rit ums sttll rif
with no signs of
iM,.. ,i;en.. ftv.,,,
the river to Where tlie train await-
c2 1 was quicklv covered and with
sonusaud mtwic filling the air,
the start for home was made.
TiT nifiinanUi was reached at half-
. .... .
,r - i scores of the populace
"ad to greet the rtjiuni'
If tlio plans of Health Inspector
Frank Cooke are carried out, the
public schools of Kauai will soon
be fitted with sanitary drink
ing fountains. To a reporter Mr.
Cooke staled that with such an ar
rangement, the chancy for the
spread of diptheria and .Such di
seases would be greatly lessened if
u o t entirely obliterated. M r .
Cooke made a trip up Wailua Riv
er Saturday for the purpose of dis
infecting the house in which the
Lihue diptheria case was discov
ered. ......
Of that tWO hundred and
thousand dollars to w h i c h the
Hoard of Health has fallen heir,
Kauai is entitled to her proportion
and the sooner she gets it the bet
ter as is shown by the conditions in
Nawiliwili at low tide. We would
respectfully call our worthy Health
Inspector's attention to these con
dition with a repiest for prompt
action. With diptheria all round
us and a stream such as the Na
wiliwili belching forth a daily sup
ply of accumulated, half decayed
vegetable matter, is a menace to
the health of the community. The
conditions in Nawiliwili call for
prompt action in which Kauai's
part of that $250,000 will play a
nuxt substantial part.
Representative J. II. Coney, Xa
wiliwili 's expert fisherman, bagged
a school of fi n e Moi yesterday
morning which aggregated three
thousand pounds. A sharp look
out is being kept for another school
which is said to be approaching the
same vicinity in which this big
catch was made.
l0 Thc Gari!tn hlanJ
Kkkaiiv, Jan. 16. Mrs. E. A.
Knudsen will receive Thursday
aftcrn0011i the OCCasion being a
childreu.s .mrtv. children from
all parts of the island have been
invited and a delightful time is
Special to Tlie Garden Island,
Waimka, Jan. 15.- Miss Whit
tington. Postmistress at Makaweli,
is at the hospital here, recovering
from an operation which was per
formed last week.
Special Ij The Garden IslanJ,
Hanaiju, Jan.. 14. -According
to pretty good authority, the liana
lei Hill grade will b e completed
within another month. The com
petition of this work will remove
one of the greatest drawbacks to
auto traveling on this side of the
island. The grade will be one of
four per cent and an easy one to
climb. Sand is being applied to
the stretch of bottom road with the'
hopes of preventing a repetition of
the reeeiitlv almost impassable con-1 tables being tastily decorated for Archibald Ainslie, head black
dition of this road. 'the occasion. The invited guests I smith for Honolulu Sugar Co., is
I to Miss Alice's party were . tm. nUJ 0f Mr. Wm. Elliott of
social to The Garden hkU
Waimka, Jan. 15. -Mr. and
Mrs Uofgaard entertained at cards
iast satUrday evening to a number
of volulf, K.n,,ie jchuled among
whom vvas Miss Marie Anderson of
ing txcursionists, who voted, col
lectively an.l individually, that the
day had been one of the happiest ,
of their lives
Among the prominent ladies pre
sent were Mrs. Rapozo, Mrs, Cae
tano, Mrs. Antone Xobriga, Miss
Marie Rapozo, Miss Elena Caela
uo, Miss Marie Amorin, Miss An
touia Amorin, Marie Rapozo.
To the Lihue Plantation manage
ment and Mr. Wolters. the band
bovs wish to acknowledge their in-
debtedncs for courtesies extuitcd,
and to assure tnem ot me nana s
nt t .... ..-'.. AI,,r.)i titntCf u ',li:n
n i-"-"
due luis.utvr Costa for the careful
manner in which he handled his
W nrovn-M wWoh
i wa uIbo highi.v a puieaated by toe
i picuicwj.
The regular meeting of thcineiii-l
bers of the Mokihana Club, was ,
held at the Lihue Hall last Wed-
nesdav afternoon being well at-
tended. The subjects up for dis-:
cussion were The Guilds and urn ay evening wiieu tne latter ran j lied iy our well-known townsmen,
"Growth of Cities' Commerce," tip a score of 25.?, .Mr. Rice's re-1 County Clerk Kaneakua and Dc
and the manner in which the latter , cord score having been 246. Con-1 puty Tax Assessor A. G. Kaulu-,
was handled indicated a knowledge siderable excitement p r e v a i 1 e d I koti, whose introduction to our t
of business affairs which certainly
qualifies the ladies to vote. The pro
gram which was exceptionally well
rendered was as follows:
" 1. I'iiinnfnrtc Selection Herman Xn-
tiniiiil Anthem Mrs. U Itretteville.
L Iii'iidiiin.-Tlic formation of tltiihN
and tin1 lliui.eutie tctuMi1 llri .1. M.
I .ydpate.
:i. SoiiL'.-"Ol(l Plantation," By
tin1 Mien Sheldon.
I. lU'adiiif;-. Literature of (ieJinany..
Mrs. Hans Ii-oiiIhtj:.
. heading.. Synopsis of KKkehard..
Mrs. II. Itiee Jr.
(i. Pianoforte Selection-. l.udvif: Sliy
tle.."I)ovn the River". ..Mrs. de P.ret-
The hosstesses were Mrs. Die
uertand Mrs. Hans Isenberg, while
Mrs. W. H. Rice, Jr., proved an
able leader.
Members present were Mesdames
Andermann Jr., Kassebeer, Die
nert, Theilen, P. I.. Rice, W. H.
Rice Jr., C. A. Rice, S. W. Wil
cox, R; L. Wilcox, F. Carter, J.
A. Hogg, Wedemeyer, de Hrelte
ville, A. S. Wilcox, Isenberg,
Gavlord Wilcox, K. C. Ilopiier,
and Misses Lulu Weber, Lottie
Jordan, Kaui Wilcox, Daisy .Shel
don, Hannah Sheldon, Maria Kllis,
Mable Wilcox.
Organizer Lund of the Loyal Or
der of Moose, left for Koloa last
Sunday where he expects to be as
successful in interesting the people
in behalf of his organization as he
was in Lihue. Mr. Lund is very
much pleased with the outlook of
the organization so far and antici
pates getting at least two hundred
members on Kauai. lie reports
the capture of 2.S head of Moose in
T. . ,,. ., , ,
Little Miss Alice Kaiiikeolani ;
nwiiA tin Humtr-o ill il JlltJllV
birtlnluv party from 2 to 4 v. m.
yesterday to her numerous little
friends, the party being given at
the palatial home of her grand
mother, Mrs. A. S. Wilcox. A
dainty table, prettily decorated and
containing artistic favors, for each
little guest, occupied the center of
the room, ice-cream and cake how
ever taking the precedence as the
chief attraction of the happy gath
ering. Miss Alice was the happy
recipient o f nunicious presents,
comprising about everything her
little heart could wish for. So de
lighted were the little ones in their
elaborate feast of goodies, fasci
nating games and general good
time that four o'clock found them
verv reluctant to depart. T h e
were charm inglv enter-
: tabled by Mrs. Wilcox at tea, four
Waideinar Knudsen, .miss vinricie
j Coney, Miss Aileen Carter, Miss
'Alice Hroadbent, Miss Leilani
Rohrig, Miss Mary Dorothea Rice.
Miss Harriet Rice and Rufus Spal
iing, Jr., Sam Wilcox, William
' Waterhouse, William Lydgate.
I Arthur Hvde Rice, Albert Hart
j Wilcox, Uaby Hunt.
Spetiat to 7'Ae Garden Iitatid.
Waimka, Jan., 13.- No less
than nineteen automobiles are re
ported to be in the rent service
here, and still there are others con
templating entering the field. Au
to agents are as thick as flies in
Summer. theiY- having b-en two or
three cars sold here within the last
few days.
rrunuiwi i i j
Manuel Ho-lrincs a Portugius
I'lfl lll'tllir in I 1rltintll:il1ltl A'nu iltU'r-
V, ". i
nted on at the Lihue Hospital yes
terday for appendicitis.
Mr. J. H. K'4efct':-v W'H leave
tuday lor UananeiH:, ut which pliiee,
I he will be located for some time.
W. II. Rice Jr., who has held;
the lecord for the highest individual
score oil the Kegel Club's bowling j
allev for the last four years, lost :
the pennant to H. Wolters last Sat-,
when ten strikes Had been placed
lo .Mr. olter s credit, ami it wasisary.
hoped that he would make even a i
higher score, but his luck chang- TEACHER TAKEN ILL
ed tho' when the end came he was .
heartilv congratulated bv his col- .. J""-; 15-TM 1 s s ls"
leagues on his good fortune. palish IJomc-stic Science teacher
During the evening, Moose Or- "l real'n Sc.no1- w,as takc to
ganizer Lund enlivened times some- fhe olol Hospital to-day, sufTer-
what by offering a Moose pin t0 , tg froinjipid.citis
the members securing the highest ""
score in two different games. As
a result, Auditor Maser possesses
one of them while Frank Craw
ford came in for the order.
Ik-ginning with the issue of Jan.
23, Tin; Oaiu'N Island will offer
every school child in the Territory
a present of five choice fifty cents
story books absolutely free. As
there are more than twenty thous
and children attending our schools,
this will mean a distribution of a
hundred thousand story books.
This offer will hold good for thirty
days only, beginning at six o'clock
on Thursday morning January 25,
and ending on Saturday afternoon
at four o'clock, February 24.
Supervisor H. H. Rrodie for the
Kauai schools will select the books
for children of the Kauai schools,
while similar arrangements can
probably be made with supervising
principals of the o t h e r islands.
Watch for next week's issue which
will contain full particulars. Re
member that each child will be lim
ited to five books.
Sheriff W. II . Rice
to Waimea last week.
made a trip
Supervising Principal,
H. H.
IJroclic passed through the County
veai vcsierdav en route to t li e
hch()ols llu: Hanalei side.
Miss Marie Anderson of the Ila-
napepe school s p e n t Saturday
i evening and Sunday the guest of
j Miss Hofgaard in Waimea.
j An exceedingly neat calendar is
1 that which is issued by Nelson H.
1 Lansing, agent for the American
Uiscuit Co., in Honolulu a sample
of which this office is a grateful
I recipient.
i Supervisor II. II. Ilrodie accom
panied by Mrs. Ilrodie, returned
to Hanapepe Friday niter a trip of
several days among the nchools of
the Hanalei side.
The Ivleele Store is on the mar
ket with a pretty calendar this
year far outclassing anything it
has ever yet turned out. It is
artistic in every respect and re
flects credit on Mr. Silva's judg-
j nient of art goods.
j There is a wicked fly on the
, handsome calendar which I. Rubin
stein is furnishing his customers.
I I he calendar is more than two
;leet in
1 picture
length and contains the
of a pretty blonde in the
I bit Hit
agonizing attitude of trying to
I swat a fly which is showing the ex
tremely good taste of taking liber
ties with a beautifully bared
, shoulder.
i According to statements In
Major Wooten, the cost of con
structing a harbor at Lihue and I
'Port Allen, will be about equal,
j either of which will cost more than
' a million dollars.
I iiarrv waidron, tne genial re-,
preseutative of the Honolulu Iron'
Works, came up on the Maunaloa
, ... rrir 1, K --,., ti i,.f.
terday for Kilauea where he will
spend a few days after which he
will return to Honolulu by Satur
day's boat.
George Bertram of the Waimea
Garage, was in the County Seat
in the interest of m
I firm,
Yielding to an increasing demand
for a Hawaiian section to Tine Oak- i
DUX Isi.AN'p, we have decided to
publish, beginning with the next is-
sue, such a section which will be ed-
readers as able writers is uuueces-
Commissioner of Education W.
H. Rice, Sr., accompanied by Mrs.
j Rice, is visiting friends and rela
tives on the other islands, having
, gone thence after a meeting of the
! Hoard of Education which required
Mr. Rice's presence on Saturdav
last. Thev will probablv remain
on Maui a week or more and thera llttIe over a ""lb0" dollars,
same length of time on Hawaii, j What Major Wooten did say. and
j about the only thing which might
IS SUB-POSTMASTER 'possiblv be construed as t ex-
Social h TU GarJtn hloU 1 PreSS Sllch Vle"'S as IS Said to ap-
Makawku, Jan., 15. C a r 1 , Pear 111 the Petition, was that with
Spillner has been named sub-post- h,e Prese"t improvements at Port
master for Makaweli during Miss , a" exl,udltlire of probably
Whittington's illness. ' nalf n "'ilhou dollars would enable
'. , t , " ' the government to provide a tem-
1C.11 i tRDARV DP orD-r I Iorary l)0t "t that point but even
iwu i UDriHni ntr-wit I (considering present improvements,
Following is the annual state- i the expense of completing a port
nient of the Lihue Library ending I at Port Allen would amount to a
Dec. 31, 1911
Balance from 1910
Membership fees
Net proceeds of fair
" play
Brown Lyon, books 8.50
J. L. Hyorth, books 12.00
Express charges 2.05
Library bureau 3.60
Books 4.00
Books New York 50.20
Care of library and delivery
of books
J. M. Lvugath.
Miss Lulu Weber was operated
on for appendicites at the Lihue
hospital at ten o'clock Saturday
morning. The operation was high
ly satisfactory and Miss Weber is
getting on' nicely.
(Special to the Garden Island)
The horses of Hanalei are know
ing creatures, and are interesting
animals to a student of nature. It
did not take long to learn that the
pasture in the school grounds was
fresher and sweeter than that out
side; so they pulled off the gate
latch, nails and all, and marched
inside. A little after sun down
the next evening a strong cord
having been used to secure the
gate against them five horses ap-
tit 4 4- 1
deY,c? had'en used to keep them
out; but they
and the cord
were driven away
was made all the
The following morn-
more secure,
ing, however,
t h e horses were '
standing leisurely by the fence at
the back of the garden, while the
cord, which had been cut with
their sharp teeth, was lying by the
open gate.
Lihue Union Church, Foreign
Rev. J. M. Lydgate, pastor.
Church Service II a. m. r.xcept
the last Sunday of the month.
Sunday School 10:30 a. m.
Lihue First Church, Hawaiian
Rev. Wm. Kaniau, pastor.
Church Service 11 a. m. Sunday
School 10 a. in.
Arthur Rice is
on a business
I trip to Honolulu.
Waimea, Kauai, Jan. lit, 1!)1L
KihtoI! (tuiimx Isi.i.vn.
Dear Sir:
A petition i point; the rountlH in
this community on which is incriU'd
the information that u port could le con
structed at Port Allen for the sum of
half a million dollars, whereas the cost
of the same at Lihue would In.' a mil
lion dollars, twice the figure of the one
at Port Allen. A-ide from the merits of
the two places, cun you tell me through
the columns of your valuable paper,
I definitely as to the approximate relation
1 of co-t of the two harbors? It has oc
I curred to me as well as to others that if
a harbor could have lx.n built at Port
j Allen for half the amount of money,
thut the Government would not have
dilly-dallied about a choice for such har
bor. Also would like your personal
I opinion as to where- Kauai's harbor
snotiiu Ik? located. 1 hanking you in
advance, I am sincerely.
As to the petition to which the
writer of the above refers, we will
say that there seems little grounds
for such figures as is reported to
be contained therein, since Major
Woolen, to a reporter of this paper
laid particular stress on the fact
that either harbor would cost al
most identically the same amount
ist identically tne same
, little more than a million dollars.
I In other words to complete a port
143.99 1 in either of the above bays would
23.00 i cost approximately a like sum.
33.30 1 Washington Advices, however,
96.25 indicate that in case the full ap
87.10 i propriation is available, Lihue will
6.50 1 get the recommendation of Major
As to a personal opinion regard
ing the location of Kauai's port,
the editor can only express sur
prise that any man of ordinary in
telligence could not clearly under
stand that the question of a har
bor for Kauai is not in the least a
personal matter. A harbor is due
Kauai and any one who will allow
personalities to interfere with nub-
, be improvements, might justly be
classified as an undesirable citizen.
We will say, however that we are
1 in for a location which benefits the
I greatest number of people, let that
be wherever it may,
Deputy Sheriff Werner returned
Friday from a trip to Lihue and
The church is springing right
up above the tree tops, and is an
interesting sight as viewed from
the school grounds. The founda
tion is in, the studding all up to
the plates ready for the rafters,
and the tower frame is partly
Mrs. Deverill and her three chil
dren and Mrs. Sanborn and her
little ones chartered a car for Li
hue and made the trip there and
back the same day. In the mean
time they had a pleasant visit with
theif friends, the Wilcoxes.
Mr. and Mrs. Brodie spent a
few days in the Hanalei District
this week. They first came to
Kilauea, and from there to the
Deverill Hotel. Being unable to
go farther in his car, Mr. Brodie
went by carriage to Haena. Thurs
dav, they visited t h e Hanalei
In a letter to his teacher, Sam
uel Werner, who has recently en
tered the Kamehanieha School for
Boys says that in connection with
his studies, he is learning carpen
try. He sends his "best aloha"
to all his schoolmates. Good for
Samuel! He will be a man some
day that all his friends will be
proud of.
Miss Florence Deverill repre
sented the Hanalei school at the
Teacher's convention held at Li
hue, being the only teacher from
this plnce who was so fortunate as
to be able to attend.
No new cases of diptheria -

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