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ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 9. NO. 4.
11. I lirAftNmlMI
- Z I
As predicted by Tin; Gau
dkn Island in its last issue, Na
wiliwili has received Major Woot
en's recoimnendalion for Kauai's
port of entry. The original id'ea
was to secure a port of entry for
Kauai regardless of location. All
necessary papers were drawn tor
the proper presentation t o the
Kivers ana Harbors commission, j nf the two Harbors would be a
taken a division of opinion came in matter of about $80,000. Of course
sffine way which resulted in a split this ' issimply a recommendation
between parties, some coining out to the 'Rivers and Harbors Com
for Eleele, while others favored j mission and does not mean that
Nawiliwili. . The: Rivers and Har-jthc fight for the port of -entry is
bors Commission tock the matter l pan bv ''any means, but it does,
up and in order to satisfy everv-1 however, indicate tliat to the en
body concerned, made a survey of gingers, Xawiliw.lj would be
the most important harbors of the, the best plate-for such a port,
island. Finally it became evident j This ,m)ch can 1)e sai( however,
that there were but two possible
ports to be considered Nawiliwi
li and Eleele.
The formerUiarbor has been but
recently surveyed a u d reported
upon which i n turn has ap
parently received immediate atten
tion from the department in Wash
ington, as Major Wooteii's report'
would indicate.
There were very good reasons
given by both factions why the
port should have been given them.
Eleele for instance, claiming that
she had already expended a half
million dollars towards harbor im.
nrovements, that more sugar was
shinned from its nort than all
other island ports combined, that
a harbor could be built at less ex-
npiise an d last but not least, in
fact that which appealed to the I
c-Qverilment officials most particu-
irlv. was an offer of a free town '
site. I
rLihue. put up equallv strong i
reasons why she should be the
favored port, chief among which
The recent warning cry against
the rabbit pest is one deservjiig of
more than passing comment. For
instance, Kauai is liable.to find
itself in such a predicament.
There are at present, tame rabbits
to the extent of hundreds, being
kept by every Tom-Dick-and-Harrv
throughout the island, peo
ple in all stations of life, and none
of whom give a hang whether their,
"pets" get out of the running pen
or not. It is not an uncommon
thing to see "pet" rabbits skip
ping across lawnsdodging through
fences etc., as one rides along the
public highway.
When one considers the enor
.mous aTnount of damage these in
nocent little creatures might be
able to accomplish were they al
lowed toiflourish at will, he can
not but realize the gravity of the
situation. Like every other living
animal, they must eat, and when
all t h e garden vegetables have
been destroyed, an attack will be
made on the young cane with re
sults so destructive as to be almost
bevond calculation.
The most effective way of ridding
the island of this new danger
would be to enact a law prohibit
ing the keeping of any rabbits oh
the premises, and to immediately
kill all those at present found on
the island. Our advice to all
of these pests is to kill
them and thereby give the com-j
munitv in wnicn you live, no
chance to accuse you of aiding in
the propogation of one of the
greatest-to-be-f eared enemies o f
local agriculture.
Special to The Garden Island,
Kkama. Jan. 23. The Kealia
hill, one of the fev disagreeable
left nn'our otherwise splen
did roads, Is to be slfced'.bff to fit
a seven per cent grade. Every
auto owner and driver on the is
land will appreciate the-full mean
ing of this improvement, as tew
there are who have not had their
pilikia on this hill during slippery
Indications are favorable for a
Kona within the1 next twentyfo'ur
were her; safety from Kona stor.ms,
lier central location, her close
proximity to about the only un
developed part of the island, the
.location of the County's business
and the chief passenger port of
the island.
I n his report Major Wooten
states that the difference of cost
1, t .... one silouid imve it known
that Kauai's harbor had 'been de
layed through any attempt at per
sonal spite work. If its to be Na
wiliwili, let us all unite iudoing
all we can to hustle it along. The
Mahuka site dispute should be a
lesson to us. Let us keep up the
reputation Kauai has always held
as a united Kauai. It is all right
to bicker over matters during a
squabble, but once the question is
settled, we should forget the little
.differences and put our-, shoulders
to the wheel and heave to. I he
Gardbn Island congratulates
those who have laboi
labored in the in-
terest ot lueele Harbor, and now
that another harbor has been re
commended, feels sure that these
'same influences will be directed
towards completing the necessary
details for an early commence-
me'nt on Kauai's port of entry.
Likewise, this paper congratulates
those who interested themselves in
the harbor for Nawili-
Such fiendish attacks by druck
en husbands upon helpless women
anu cnuuren as mat mane by a
Hanaiuaulu resident one night last
week, would justify the re-esta
blishment of the whipping post
Such men (if they can be termed
men) should be allowed to sober
up in jail after which a public flog
ging should be administered.
1 He case to which reference is
made, was one wherein a drunken
wretch returned home about half
past ten o clock and proceeded to
litterally throw his family, who
had long since retired, from the
house. The fact that the wife had
but recently undergone a serious
operation did not enter the mind of
the drunken bully who with threats
and the vilest of language, k e p
the poor frightened mother a n d
children croutching on the cold
dewy grass and in the chilly night
air until the police arrived which
was more than two hours after
they had been snatched from their
beds, thrown out, with no chance
of returning for more clothing for
fear of their very lives
He was finally taken to jail, and
after sobering up a u d receiving
some very valuable advice, was
the next morning permitted to re
turn to ins 1311111'. c revival o
the whipping post method wherein
a brute of this sort of human para
site becomes a public exhibition in
such instances, would very likely
have a wholesome effect on wife
beaters, who are so prone to bully
it over the unprotected and inde
fensible weaker sex.
Special h The Garden UUni.
Hanamaumt, Jan. 23. Miss
Kelso, formerly of Honolulu, but
more recently from Kekaha, has
been transferred from the latter
school to the Hanamaulu school to
fill the vacancy created by the re
signation of Mrs. James Clapper.
Miss Kelso will have the first
grade work.
Our school boys and girls should
readiour free story book offer on
page 7, and get in their five sub
scription as soon as possible in order
tOjget their choice of books. Make
ycur selection of any fifty Cont
Story bQQk you vjah,
Kauai s Leading Contestant
MISS VIRGINIA SILVA, Kauai's popular contestant who takes
the lend among 'the Star's candklalll s in its big popularity con
test which is hearing a close. Ujl'Sy.yjt also occupies fourth
place iii the race for one of the big prizes with but little danger
of being overtaken by the next in line.
Dr. Pratt, president of the Board !
of Health, accompanied by Dr. Mc
Coy, Federal physician, f r o tn
Washington, came up bv the Kinau i
last Wednesday morning and made !
a hurried trip .throughout the is-,
land on a tour of inspection. Par-
ticular attention was paid" to the j
Hanalei District-where a visit to the
school was made during which time
an examination of a number of
children's throats was made with a i
vview of ascertaining whether or not
'diptheria germs we re present,
Dr. Yanagihara did the examining
and will begin the culture for the
development of germs that might promote a chilp according to age ir
be in the throats of the children. ! respective of ability', which fact na-
Dr. Pratt reports conditions in
general, very satisfactory and hopes
in time to abolish all possibilities
of further outbreaks of diptheria.
Sub-inspectors to the number of
seven will be appointed by the va
rious plantations on the island, the
appointive power being left entire
ly with the managers. These sub
agents will work under the direc
tion of the chief inspector for the
island, who will make it his duty
to see that his instructions are
carried out.
Special h The Golden hlanJ, , '
HANAi'i-1'15, Jan., 20. Mr. J. B.
Keightley, assistant County Engi
neer, accompanied by Mrs. Keight
ley, arrived here today where they
will remain for several months,
Mr. Keightley havingcharge of con
struction work at this point which
will require sometime to complete.
They will reside in a tent which is
being erected opposite the Nevins
home, and which appears very at
tractive. Mrs. Keightley declares
that the novelty of tent life appeals
to her and that she is looking for
ward to having a delightful time.
"Of course," remarked Mrs.
Keightley to a reporter, "I shall
not feel entirely settled until I get
mv drawing room arranged, but
this will not take long to accom
plish, once Jack gets the building
Mrs. James Clapper has resigned
as assistant teacher in the Hanama'
ulu School and will reside in Kea
lia. She will be UlCCt'sdvd by Miss
Miss Mumford, principal of the
Lihue School, assisted. by a' truant
officer, has been busii7...ngaged
for the last month in rounding up
a lot of children of school age who
had never been enrolled in the re-
gister Sotne.of them were eleven
years of age and hadsresided right
in Lihue all their dives and uist
why they had not been apprehend-
ed before, is not for the reader to
know of question. Suffice to say
that" there were forty seven of these
little urchins, whose presence in
school at this riate has' caused an
upheave! sincetlie latest fad is to
turally makes it difficult for the
teacher to lining the class up even
ly. If the department were as suc
cessful in (tigging up teachers for
these extra children as is Miss
Mumford iri finding them, more of
the credit which is due her for this
excellent piece of work, iniLht be
.side tracked in; favor of the Board.
Stcli,l I, The CarJe'n Ittani.
Kapaa, .lan.. 22 The, stretch
of road connecting Kapaa w i t h
Kealja is bing macadamized with
an application of sand which is
consideredTqual if not superior to
the usual macadam, especially for
this particular piece of road. Be
sides being just as good, County
Engineer Moragne stated that it is
far more economical.
Special U, The Garden bland.
Makawku. Jan., 21. Steaai
plow Engineer Padgett was thrown
from Ins horse here this forenoon
and'probably received serious in
Special la Tlx Gardtn hlanJ.
Kkkaha, Jan. 20. This section
in in the grip of a severe rain and
wind storm which ,has the appear
ance of a Kona. .. A, southerly wind
prevails and a heavy storm is not
unlikely. f
Supervising Principal Brodie
It! KRuL
From Supervising Hrodie's first
report ending December 15, we find
i some very interesting facts, hor
'instance, there are almost as many
(Japanese School children on the is-
laiiii as mere areanotner national
ities combined. The followinn t i
' ble compiled from this i.,o"l wbi
prove self explauitorv: J
Hawaiian children 335
Pi'rt Hawaiian " 197
American " 6
British "
German " 29
490 ;
Chinese " ,
Porto Ri'cans .."
orean ,
Other foreigners children
. 1,425
." 51
This shows Kauai to have a pop
ulation of nearly three thousand
children. Of this number, 67 are
engaged in agriculture, 29 in car
pentry, 14 in cooking, 21 in knife
work, 50 in lace making, 20 in
weaving, 964 in sewing and other
manual work, 1,340.
The largest enrollment any one
time during the term was ,2,991,
while the smallest was 2696, with
i n average enrollment of 2840.
The average daily attendance was
amounted to 2635, and theaverage
daily absence, to 205.
The total number of attendance,
2,917, children is composed of 1,'
568 boys and 1 ,349 girls, divided
hi grades as follows: Grade one,
1,250; grade two, 656; grade three,
327; grade four, 314; grade five,
209; grade six, 123; grade seven,
29; grade eight, 9. T h e report
shows a promotion of 366 pupils at
the beginnjng'of the fall term, and
aii ihcreasetiirtheVenrollmeut over
last yehr of 225 boys and 185 girls,
a iotal of 410.
The Eveninir Bulletin and the!
morning Advertiser have come out
with suggestions for campaign
material, both doping out reasons
for the introduction of men whom
they think should prove leaders.
The Bulletin is, accused by its con
temporary of having space to sell
at so much per. while the latter
seeks balm for its injuries through
an inference that the morning and the amount ot business trans
paper is out of the race in so far acted as i s done in Lihue that
as a clean compaign is concerned, j does not claim the distinction of a
As' to Honolulu politics, a well town site. There is no town site
known a n d prominent political
worker from Honolulu stated to a
reportei of this paper recently that
the coming election campaign in
Honolulu, would be the hottest
ever pulled off. That, among the
voters, there is a rapidly increas
ing feelinc regarding both the re
publican a n d democratic parties
which strengthens the talk of t r
third or indepei den part . .-,.cu
are the conditions," -aid he in
further discussing t h e' subject,
"that both parties realize that the
fight for their lives i s about to
occur." Thank heaven Kauaiai.s
is free from such a nightmare.
Dr. Djrby, the popular traveling
dentist, arrived last Wednesday
and has established headquarters
at the Fairview where he will re
main for several days.
Mrs. Sanborn entertained Hana
lei and Wainiha friends at dinnrel
Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Menefogho spent a few days j under rules of the American Asso
with Mrs. Sanborn, Mr. Menefoglio t ciation.
being away from home looking1 The Lihue Team will consist of
after the line work. I the following players: H. WoU
Mr. White of E. O. Halls, aud'ters, C. Maser, F. Crawford, W.
Mr. G. L. Wilson, a Mahlnni, put.
up at the Deverill Hotel Friday
Mrs. Dora Isenberg of Lihue
with her friends, Mr. and Mrs.
Anton Cropp, passed through Ha-
inalei last week on their wa to their
beach home at Ilaena.
Mr. B. K. Miller and Miss Miller
of Milwaukee, and Mr. Granby of
New Jersy, all tourists, were guests
at the Deverill Hotel Thursday
This gain over last year's enroll
ment is an, indicator of what can
be reasonably1 expected in the way
of new teaching material for the
coining year. Let r hat
the department " ae
ii" ill have .m toresi0iu to im
piove on present conditions.
Report on Lihue School
Rcgn.ding of the pupils accord
ing to age, as per the latest require
ments, has been completed in the'
Lihue School and the present en
rollment according to grades is as
First grade, receiving room,
Miss Daisy Sheldon, teacher, 65
First grade, a division, Miss
Marie Ellis, teacher, 42
First grade, b division, Mrs.
Wedemeyer, teacher, 39
Second grade b division, Miss
Wells, teacher, 47
Second grade, a division; Miss
Hannah Sheldon, teacher, 47
Third grade, Miss Lottie Jordan,
teacher, 42
Fourth grade, Miss C. Ayer,
teacher, 41
Fifth grade, Miss Rpscoe, teach
er, ' i 42
Sixth grade, Miss Mumford,
Principal, " V ? ' 21
Advicf, received this morning;
concerning the illness of Senator
Geo. Fairchild from pneumonia is
nibst reassuring. He is reported
to be rapidly recovering and en
tirely out of danger. The Senators
many friends here who had been
apprised of his illness and who had
grown anxious, were much releived
when the announcement of his im
proved condition was made.
"Now that the harbor is practi-
cally assured for this place, vrhat
are our land owners going to do to
show their appreciation of this
fact," remarked a prominent man
to a reporter this morning. We
could not reply to this question.!
Wish we could, for there is no
other place in existence where a
, County Seat has been established
Here nor in any ouier part ot tne
island unless it is at waimea ana
we are rather under the impression
that such does not even exist
there, old as it is.
With the harbor coming here
some one will have to loosen up
and for the best interf":t of all
concerned, the o- or.
To r'r .'tlvnv'c o uw by
c . cry possible way our apprecia
tion for what has been granted us,
would create an awkward situa
tion to say the least. Let us get
busiy with the town site.
Lihue Kegel Club Challenges Maui Team
Lihue, Kauai, Jan. 16th. 1912.
Puuuene Athletic Association.
Puunene, Maui,
The Lihue Kegel Club would
like very much to have another
contest with you and we would sug
gest that we play on either the 3rd.
or 10th. of February and forward
the scores the next day by Wire
less. We challenge vou to a Bowling
contest of Six men on a side of
five games or fifty frames each,
Rice, A. D. Hills and W. Kuhl-
man and tnree suds, aioei, it.
Morgan and II. Carls.
We should suggest that Mr, B.
D. Baldwin be asked to Umpire the
game here, unless you have some
one else you would rather have to
represent you.
Trusting that we will hear from
you soon.
Yours very truly,
. C. MasHr.
I S&reta,ry, Lihue Kegel Qlb,

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