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represents the
of the future.
Garden Island
ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 9j NO. 41,
i3 S,XC
Measles are playing havoc "in
Kealia's school attendance, no less
than seventy-nine cases of quaran
tine having been established: The
wholesale quarantine establishment
is due to Drv Hoffman's desire to
prevent the disease from spreading
to Kapaa. Once a case is dis
cover the latter 'place,, there
will be1 no further need of such
stringent precautions, and the
hardship resulting frdm' such will
be illiminated. '
A Correction
Hilo, Hawaii, September 26, 191'2
' Editor Garden Island:
In the issue of TrtE Garden Is
- land bearing date September 17,
1912, appears a statement to the
effect that one, "Manuel E. Silva,
of Honolulu, a leader in the Christ
ian Science Church, is on Kauai
with a view to establishing branch
organizations of the church."
With reference to the foregoing
publication I wish to state officially
through your columns that there is
in the Territory of Hawaii but one
Christian Scien church, namely,
First Church of Christ, Scientist,
in Honolulu, which is incorporated
unfler the laws of the Territory of
H'jp.ii , and like every other au
thorized Christian Science .church
is a branch of The First Church of
Christ. Scientist, in Boston Mass.
With this church the person men
tioned in the news item above. re
ferred to, has not, and never has
had, any connection, whatever, nor
has any organization which h e
purports to represent, any relation
or resemblance, religious or thera
peutic, to First Church of Christ,
Scientist, in Honolulu, above
specified as being-tht orilv Christian
Science church in this Territory;
nor has it the right to use the term
Christian Science in referring to it
self or its activities.
. , , . . . W. H. Smith,
Christian Science Committee on
Publication for the Territory of
fijjtt Personals And Locals
Hon. A. S. Wilcox returned on
the Hall from a business trip to
The best flour known, in every
home Sperry flour. tf .
Rev. and Mrs. Hans Isenberg
were returning passengers from
Honolulu fast Friday.
The flour of the west is Sperry's
Best. tf.
C. W. Spitz, proprietor of the
Nawiliwili Garage, returned Fri
day from Honolulu, where he had
been for the past week on business
in connection with his concern.
Light, white, always right
Sperry Flour. tf.
R. L. Hughes came up on the
Hall Friday.
A. R. Traphagen ' was a Hall
arrival Friday morning.
P Lancer Safety Matches in pack
ages o f ten boxes for 5 cents.
Where.' At the Lihue Store, tf.
Miss Waggoner, head nurse at
the Kolo?. Hospital, returned from
the volcano Friday, having spent
a very enjoyable vacation.
Jas Morse was an incoming pas
senger last Friday from Honolulu.
F. A. Keystone was a passenger
on the Hall Friday.'
Dr. Wolters of Honolulu came
up on the Hall Friday in response
to a request from Dr. Thompson
relative to a case at the Lihue hos
pital. The doctor returned to Ho
nolulu Saturday on the Kinau.
The Kilauea baseball players,
the pennant winners for the sea
son, were given a good old fash
ioned luau on Saturday afternoon
September 28th., by Manager J.
R. Myers at his pleasant home on
the. banks of the Kilauea river.
About a hundred people enjoyed
the repast, and after the luau the
athletes and their friends enjoyed
themselves with lawn tennis, row
ing in the river and other diver
sions which helped to pass a very
delightful afternoon. At the luau
Rev. J. M. Lydgate officiated as
toastmaster and his congratulatory
remarks in praise of the successful
work of the team in the hard
fought baseball series, were much
Famous Artists Busy
That Hanalei is still attractive
to wielders of the pot and brush,
is further indicated in the- fact
that for sometime past, two well
known artists have been spending
weeks in that vicinity gathering
bits o f scenery which surpass
anything yet culled from the
natural beauty spots of this
famous valley. Messrs. Wix and
Hitchcock are artists of rare skill.
McBryde Baseball Schedule
October 13th 1912.
E: A. C McB. S. at Eleele.
K. R. R. H- S. C. at Homestead.
J. A..A L. A. C at Eleele.
October 20th; -E.
A. C. N. M. C. at Eleele.
McB. S K. R. R. at Eleele.
J. A. C H. S. C. at Homestead.
October 27th.
N. M. C L. A. C. at Hometead.
McB. S. J. A. C. at Eleele.
K. R. R. E. A. C. at Eleele.
November 3rd.
L. A. C H. S. C. at Homestead.
E. A. C. J. A. C. at Eleele.
N. M. C McB. S. at Eleele.
November iOth."'
K. R. R. J. A. C. at Eleele.
N. M. C H. S. C " "
E. A. C L. A. C. . Homestead.
November 17th.
E. A. C II. S. C. at Eleele.
N. M. C. K. R: R. at Eleele.
L. A, C McB. S. at Homestead.
November 24th.
J. A. C. N. M. C. at Eleele.
McB.S II. S. C. " "
K. R. R.-L. A. Cat Homestead.
The 2nd. 3rd. and 4th. series
continue in the same routine with
out stopping.
On A Vacation
Circuit Clerk Philip Rice is
treating himself to a much needed
vacation. In company with Mrs.
Rice, he left for Haena Saturday.
Miss Maude d e Bretteville will
hold the clerkship down during
the month Mr. Rice is away.
Waimea Electric Lights
W. O. Crowell, of Waimea has
declared his intention to furnish
Waimea with electric lights, and
has petitioned for the right t o
erect poles and swing lines'. It is
hoped that h e will be successful
in his attempt to supply the first
city of the island with sparkling
A Stork Pays A Visit
Eleele, October 6th. 1912.
The stork visited the home of
Mr. and Mrs; Karl Roendahl and
brought a most precious bundle
"a girl," this morning
The regular monthly meeting of
the Board of Supervisors of. the
County of Kauai, T. H., was held
at the office cf the Board in Lihue
on Wednesday the 2nd day of
October, 1912, at 11:30 A. M.
Present: Mr. H. D. Wishard,
Francis Gay, W. D. McBryde,
James K. Lota.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
The Board examined the several
demands presented to it, and ap
proved them against the several
appropriations as follows:
Salary County Road Super
visor $225.00
Pay of Police:
Specials 165.00
Waimea 240.00
Koloa 140.00
Lihue 150.00
Kawaihau 90.00
Hanalei 135.00 920.00
County Lot & Building 40.50
County Jail ' 379.52
Coroners' Inquest 38.25
District Courts & Jails:
Waimea 40.00
Koloa 10.00
Kawaihau 40.00
Hanalei 5.00 95.00
Expenses of Election 183.00
Expenses of Witnesses 35.00
Waimea lOOiOO
'.. Eleele ' . 50.00 '
' Lihue 125.00 275.00
Incidentals: t v
County Attorney 7.25 ,
Auditor 27.95
Clerk 37.25
Sheriff 98.00
Supervisors 25.25
Treasurer 1.65
License Collection 4.70
Rd Supervisor 111.00 313.05
Office Rent 30.00
Repair Schools & Teachers' Cot
tages: Waimea 319.26
Koloa 3.692.15
Lihue 2,761.63
Kawaihau 585.86
Hanalei 322.25 7,681.15
Special Deposits Schools:
Koloa 2.387.09
Stationery 43.00
Support & Maintenance of
Prisoners 248.70
Water Works:
Waimea 319.70
Kalaheo 26.91
Omao 65.90
Koloa 27.00
Kawaihau 51.00 490.51
Road Work:
County Road Machinery 162.93
Niihau: Roads & Bridges
General Fund 249.50 .
Rd Tax Special
Deposit 24.00 436.43
Waimea: Macadamizing
General Fund 6,124.52 6,124.52
Mac. Rd Tax Special
Deposits 210.45
Oiling Roads do 34.72
Rd Spec Deposits 1,053.78 1,298.95
Macadamizing 186.99
Oiling Roads 519.88 .
Roads & Bridges 696.51 1,403.38
Rd Tax Special Deposit 153.40
Lihue:. Macadamizing Rd Tax
Special Deposit 156.65
Oiling Rds do 37.25
Rd Tax Spec Depo 819.27 1.613.17
Rd Tax Special Deposits 417.93
Rd Tax Special Deposits 431.07
Grand Total $24,663.65
At 12:00 m. a recess was taken
until 2:00 v. M.
At 2 P. M. the Board again re
sumed its meeting.
Mr. McBryde moved that the
chairman be authorized in behalf
of .'the Board to negotiate for a
further loan of Fifteen Thousand
Doll ars ($15,000.00) for the pur
pose and uses of the ' County of
Kauai nei, and being seconded by
Mr. Gay was carried.
Mr. Gay moved for the appro
priation of the sum of $10,510.00
a s dditional ppropriations for
the objects and purpose herein
below named, the same to be paid
out of all moneys available in the
County Treasury for the payment
of fees, wages and of labor and for
the maintenance of roads as fol
lows: Expenses of Witnesses 400.00
License Collections 10.00
Repairs Schools & Teachers' Cot
tage: Koloa 3000.00
( Lihue 2000.00 5000.00
Water Works: Waimea 600 00
Koloa District:
Macadamizing 500.00
Rds & Bridges 2000.00 2500.00
Waimea District:
Rds & Bridges 2000.00
and being seconded by Mr. Lota
was carried.
A communication (Attached to
P. 610) dated October 1st. 1912,
from Mr. E. A. Arledge, Inspector
19th 'Lighthouse District, request
ing for an authority to extend the
pipe line along the government
road to the Kilauea creek and tor
establishing a small gasoline pump
plant on the Lank of the creek,
was duly received and referred to
Mr. J. II. Moragne for report.
The financial reports for Sept
ember 1912, to wit: Treasurer's,
(R 116.) Auditor's (R 116a.)
Auditor's Trial Balance etc. (R
116 aa,) and Joint Report (R 116b)
were received and referred to the
standing committee.
Mr. Gay favorably reported up
pon Financial Reports Nos. 115,
115a, 115aa, and 115b, for August
1912, and upon his recommend
ation the reports were approved.
Requisitions Nos. P. 743; 744;
745; 747; 748; 749; and 750, for
school supplies etc. respectively,
were referred to Mr. J. H. Moragne
with full power to act in the
Reports (P. 755) o n school
buildings, etc. from Waimea and
Makaweli for the month , ot Sep
tember, 1912, were received and
placed on file.
A request (P. 754) from Mr.
W. O. Crowell for permission to
construct maintain and operate
suitable poles, etc, tor the trans
mission etc. of electricity to con
sumers along etc all government
roads within the village of War
mea. was received and was re
ferred to the County Attorney for
legal advise on the matter.
The legal opinion of the County
Attorney on the querry "if the
Board has the authority to call in
independent bids for the building
of vaults in the proposed County
Building" which answered in the
affirmative was received and the
same was duly accepted.
The legal opinion of the County
Attorney on Demand No. 3427 be
ing the claim of Mr. C. S. Dole
for one-half of the costs of the
transcript of evidence in a crimi
nal case, which advised the Board
to refuse payment of the demand,
was received and the same was
Mr. J. H. Moragne, after hav-
Continued on page 4.
Fill out this form in full, and
mail to College of Hawaii, Depart
ment of Extension Work, Hono
lulu. Hawaii.
Post Office...
The School
hereby applies for the use ot one
of your Traveling Libraries. I
agree in full to the following stip
ulations: 1. That recompense will be
made in full for loss or damage,
while at this schobl.
2. That a report be sent to the
College upon the receipt of the
books, and upon the forwarding
of them. (Report blanks will be
sent later.)
3. That the books be carefully
packed, and promptly forwarded,
at the time specified on the sched
ule to be received.
Our school library contains
volumes (state number.)
I should like books or informa
tion on subject of
hlementary Agriculture.
School Management
School ( iardcning
Knglish language
English literature
C Miking
Cheek the sub
ject tlmt you
are interested
in. Do not check
inure than three.
Thruout the rural portions of
Hawaii there is a real and large
need for library facilities more
general than those existing at the
present time. As in rural regions
the world over, books are scarce.
The people in the country should
have accessible and reliable in
formation concerning the . things
of their daily environment.
The 1 raveling Libraries have
been established to partially meet
this need of the rural committees
of Hawaii. The college of Ha
waii, in cooperation with the De
partment of Public Instruction,
conducts these libraries o n the
four islands Oahu, Hawaii. Maui,
and Kauai. A circuit may later
be established on Molokoi.
Each library consists of about
twenty-five books, dealing mainly
with agricultural and related sub
jects. The books are modern,
simple, lion technical, and author
itative. The college provides the
books and the boxes for their trans
portation, and oversees the for
warding of the libraries from
school to school. The Department
of Public Instruction pays trans
portation charges, and is respon
sible, thru its principals, for the
books while they are in the schools.
There is no expense of any kind,
so far as the school or principal
is concerned, connected with the
use of these libraries. They are
sent in good faith to the schools
on the circuits, on the principal's
guarantee that the library will be
properly cared for and promptly
forwarded. ,
The library will remain at each
chool on a circnit for a period of
one calendar month, at the expira
tion of which time the principal
will pack and forward the library
to the school next on the circuit.
There are but few duplicates in
the libraries, so that each library
may make a circuit of all the is
lands. Additional libraries will be
interpolated as the demaud justi
fies. The libraries will be sent only
to those schools whose principals
signify a desire to receive them,
and agree to their safe-keeping.
Any school principal desiring a
library should write to the College
of Hawaii upon the accompanying
The libraries are for the use of
the teachers, the older pupils, and
the people of the community. The
principal may make any reasonable
arrangements regarding the loan
ing of the books in his care, mak
ing sure, of course, that the
books are duly returned. The
books are best circulated . among
the persons interested by loaning
them for definite, short, ieriods
The College of Hawaii is desir-
ious that these Traveling Libraries
When the Hall arrived last Fri
day, instead ol following the usual
course which is, that the mailcomes
off ahead of any freight, the reverse
was the case, which resulted in an
inconvenience to our local post
office officials in so much as the
mail had to be sorted from the is
land mail which leaves at 6 a. m.
and the force was compelled to
work like thirty rpntQ tn dpi tlm
mail distributed and sorted within
the time limit. The natrnns nf
the local office were also disappoint
ed in the delay of their mail, having
heretofore leen accustomed to just
a bit more promptness- upon the
part of the steamshin offirinla.
There might have been some very
Hood reason for the delay, but un
it one is given, the question
Why?) is in order.
Sunday Service, Waimea
Sunday Services will be resumed
at Waimea Foreign Church Octo
ber 13th. The church building has
been renovated without and within
during the summer months. It has
been made attractive and comfor
table by the generosity and good
will of all who have been want to
worship in it. Every one is wel
come to all the Services, and the
Minister is always glad to call up
nn and serve all who at any time
may desire his services.
Independent Candidate
Caesar Tardin a resident of Ko
loa, and a man who is said to be
exceedingly strong among the
Portuguese voters, will shortly an
nounce his candidacv for renre-.
sentative from the Koloa district
on the independent ticket. Other
independent candidates will pro
bably appear soon, one more beine
slated from also.
The following passengers arriv
ed on Hall Friday morning: Hon.
A. b. Wilcox, Rev. and Mrs.
Isenberg, A. R. Traphagen, Mrs.
W. A k i, C. W. Spitz, R. L.
Hughes, Miss Waggoner, Jas.
Morse, F. A. Keystone, Frank
Enos, A. T. McDonald, II. Dyson,
Kilmara. Dr. Wolters, F. F.
Lacks, J. Mitsui, Mrs. Geo. Kali
ma, Hee Fat and 42 deck.
Lihue Bank Building
A. T. McDonald, the contractor
under whose supervision the new
bank building is to materialize,
came up on the Hall Friday and is
getting things in readiness for a
start. The building will be of
concrete and equipped with every
modern appliance known to the
up-to-the-minute banking houses.
Gone To Honolulu
Mrs. E. B. Bridgewater whose
return from the coast was noted
recently, has suffered arelapse and
will be taken to Honolulu on the
Hall this afternoon. She is suffer
ing from a paralytic condition of the
nerves of the spinal column which
renders her helpless. Dr. Meyers
accompanies Mrs. Bridgewater to
Honolulu, where she will be placed
under the care of Drs. Wolters and
Herbert, wireless arrangements
having been made to this effect.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bertram of
Waimea were in Lihue yesterday.
Dr. and Mrs. West of Makaweli
were in Lihue Sunday.
A number of Makaweli people
passed through here Sunday e n
route to Hanalei.
be of maximum service to the
people. Any suggestions will be
welcomed .
Address all correspondence to
College of Hawaii, Department of
Extension Work, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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