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1 CANE BUfiNEO "YOUNG MEN" . R.P mr m p. nn ttillEEW " ASSURED FACT
'HB".r a rtni.., ...i.t(. it,. ::.. wi ti.i n. , II ibs i iia tatai iw
A cane fire which had its origin
in a fire caused- by a burning
kitchen belonging to u.Kapaa
Japaitese, burned over an area of
nearly a hundred acres of land, on
the Kealia "Plantation last Friday
afternoon. A- ""oon as the fire 'was
discovered the entire plantation
force was rmlmd to the scene, and
while' every neans of checking tne
flamed was resorted to, they slowly
advanced until the greater part of
the bis field was envelope.d. Re
newed energy upon the part of the
fighters as a result of a lull in' the
high winds' which prevailed,
checked the flames however after
about one liuudrcd" acres of cane
had been burned t most of which is
ready to cut and will be saved.
Observations of "The
- v About Town"
I can't see for the life of me
why the members' of the Mokihana
club cannot or will not as' the
case in a V be'r-radmit gentlemen
members to- their honorable club.
Is it possible that our kind gentle
men can deserve such little con
sideration from our fail'' sisters?
j& j
From all I hear, -when the legis
lators get together, the official ax
will be brought' fojth 7 and the way
republican domes will dorp will be
i caution. A trio of leading educa-
onal'sts are said to be in line for(
re sort of got. mixed to make it
MJjve. t
.upervisiug Principal of Schools,
,H. Brodie is about as busy as
e proverbial one armed' man
-.with the hives. What with his
school wprlc, pineapple ranch,
postoffce, .Hanapepe water works
and the m'ayorality , of .Hanapepe,
he lias indeed,- a busy time of it.
,(j M
v Hark ye! A crime has' been
committed! Ye Gods and little
fishes! Will wonders never cease?
A man is accused of, actually
displaying a preference to a mem
ber of liis family rather than to a
gossiping,; meddle-some" coriimu
nity. What is still more astonish
ing to "me;-is the fact that he has
lived among us long enough to
know the .community better 4han
to commit such an unpardonable
crime. h
I have recently seen a'b6u 'all
of the schpol houses and teachers'
cottages on Kauaj.and that which
impressed" me most forcibly was
the lack, of uniformity of the' build
ings. Aside from the recently built
.open air buildings, there are no
two class rooms.uoi cottages, built
on the same plan.
It strikes me that if some system
of uniformity of buildings could
be followed, much,, planing and
figuring cpuld'lje "avoided" 'when a
new building is desired.
Efforts are being made looking
forward to the formation of an
association of applicants for home--
steads in t,he McBryde. section, and
it is said jthat the promoters are
seeking an independent man as
their leader. The subject is one
which is important to the future
success o. t the 'intending home
seekers in so 'imich that -.-in inde
pendent spirit must prevail if any
deci;nH3VTli(iLHall lat Wcdnt;SjiaYi at wlicU a
Ifcf nromoters propose t o appryfitM
IPl. tracts of land in 60 acre lots. It is
0i & said that 'plantation interest's are
v ' nntogonistic to anv schemo which
. has for its aim, lots of more than
five or six acres.
At present, the laborer, the man
who cajr never be expected to be
anything else, is provided for in
the small acreage tracts, but the
average independent skilled work
man, is not considered. H Gover
nor Frear were not so completely
dependent upon those whose in
terests are s o closely identified
'(with the element opposed to home-
leaders' interests, there might be
pes of the latter receiving more
fmsideration, The people know
kat they want and instead ot
ching arouud for some aide-
1 1
The Eleele Park was, the scene
of lively combat last Sunday when
the married mdn' of the district
crossed bats with the batchelors. A
big crowd of "cuthusistic fins
greeted the players who entered in
to thb game With a fevor which
should prove a lesson to our pro-
iession.il teams. The game started
off evenly and remained so far
several innings, first one and then
tlie other taking the lead. Then
things began to happen;,- Evidently
some better half , or perhaps they
had all done so had given her
hubby a cue as to what would
happen if thq batchlors were not
defeated, for the way tlfe o 1 d
ohoppes sailed in and swatted the
ball was a shame. The young
men were outdistanced so for that
they would have gone to the
mountains through dispair h a d
not 'some of the pretty ba:chloj
girls salaced "them with future
hopes of enrolling 911 the married
listr The score stood 23 to 17 in
favor of the, married men, some of
whom it is said felt so elated that
Ahey Stood on their heads. While
this statement may not bednthentic
the indisputable fact remains that
there is much evidence of such a
performance in the scarcity of hair
on the dooms of a number of the
pld guard. It is also said that
Mayor Brodie developed such a
mania for speed that, he, may dis
pense with his Hudson and travel
afoot merely for exercise. Be that
as it mav( the married men won a
gieat victory and will probably re
main champions of the married
men's club so long as they do not
forget .themselves dnd challenge
Excursion To Honolulu
From any port'pn Kauai to Ho-
'nolulu and return $8.00
Good per S. S. 'W. G. Hall"
leaving Kauai February 18th.
Good per S. S. "Kinau" leav
ing Kauai February 21st.
All tickets good for return
passagefrom Honolulu m or be
fore Saturday, March 1 , .1913.
TION Co., Ltd.
Local and Personal
Mr. Kennedy who has been re
newing old acquaintances on Kauai
for1 the past two weeks, 'will re
turn to Honolulu' Saturday.'
Frank Crawford is transacting
business in 'Honolulu.
C. W. Spitz is on a ' business
trip to Honolulu.
Miss Poirier of Honolulu has
been appointed to a position on
the. Mqkaweli Reaching staff vice
Miss Alspaugb. w h o has fyeqn
transferred to the Domestic
Science Department m "theHonolu
lu Normal. ' r' ' s
:-' A ntimberbf'iiielrberi5'oftlie'-'Vlli
ma show troupe jburueved on to
Hanalei after the show, returning
Sunday aftcrnopri. j
I "fflicijiigh'wiud which prevailed
"Hs.week td$ co'nsfderubje'tlamage
to omm nnfl hntinnfi tropQ Tlu "Mill -
malu jail fence was also blown I
nolulu attorn&y, is spending I11S
annual , y, ij-c a I i o 11 with Lihue
friends. , .
' The '' Mrikihanas held 'their
mnn Mil iV tn'oftl 1 tf rr H t 1 fi ' T
very interesting program w a s
carried- Pivtj - .
The Li hue Bridge CJnb was en
tertained atlthe ,-hospitable; home
of Mrs. W. NStewart last Wed
nesday evening
Mrsj Dean, Srv vill entertain
at bridge at the Hotel Fairview
to-morrow evening;
Tho members-of fChe Symphony
Club sympiied at the Lihue Hall
last evening. ' -
Califene is what, every woman
needs to complete her larder.
pendent man to fill -the role of
leader, they 'would be much wiser
to make a'uniteH effort in the way
of informing those in control as to
their views in the situation,
A record breaking crowd o f
local theater goers gree v-l "The
Ilima Clul5" which appeared in a'
three act force entitled "15n.'ag
ed't" at lhe'I,ihtic tilr.v house last
Saturday evening. The seats had!
all been sold and as they were not
numbered, there was a general
rush to be first on .the scene in'
order to procure' the nlost advan
tageous seat.
When' the curtain rose disclosing-
Gerturde "Hofgaard as "Meg"
a charming Scotch Lassie in the
act bf spining, to the accompanist
of an old familiar Scotch ballad the
effect produced a hearty tapplauSe.
The appearmce of Murdoch", as a
red-haired country lad who ' was
head over heels in love with Meg,
together with his typical coiuitry
like attitude, was another signal
for applause.
Thompson as Cheviot Hill, a
wealthy young bachelor, with a
endency t o fall madly in lovc
with every pretty girl whom he
met, was continually getting into
rediculous predicaments which all
but resulted in h i s undoing.'
Brown, as Synnferson, Uncle to
Cheviot, and with a propersity for
money was excellent, his excite
menti over the prospects of losing
an iiicome, grpwing so great at
time as to make him appear so
redicnloUs as t o cause roars, of
applause. Etta Lee, as Minnie(
Symperson s daughter, a simple
young thing," did her paf f wliich
was by no means' a'ri easy one; ih
a highly professional manner. .
Ella Lee, tlie little Scotch ,wjd6"v
of the bordeis and inotlier of. Meg,
took the typical part, which-she
so naturally enacted.
Miss Jordan, as Belinda Treherne
a beautiful young' lady who had
the gbod taste to love' all men
but mosjly their iiiazuma, did her
part so artfully that to' class her
in any role other than professional
would be doing- her a gross in
justice. It is' a long lane that has
110 turn, however, and the wiley
little beauty at last became the
victim of circumstances and
through' a Scotch marriage became
the wife of t h e fickle hearted
Fergie, as. Belvawney, a man
who held Cheviot under a spell of
subjection tbroltgh a mystifying
influence in order to retain the
annual income wlhich was his so
Miss Etta Lee, who appeared as
Minnie Symperson." 111 En
gaged, 'at the Lihue theater last
Saturday .ntgnt.
long as Cheviot remained single,
was also madly in love with Behn
Fercrie was easily one o f the
favorites of the audience, his gis
ticulations and peculior drawl be
ing particularly suitable for the
character he represented. T h e
- 1
jjii 3xf "'"" ""
cunning Fchgmcs he brought fortl
to ! h'ck Cheviot's marriasf with
'Belinda, were sources o f gieat
igony to Cheviot who as a last
resort, decided to marry S.vmp-r'
son's daughter, Minnie,- w l'o,
though simple minded, was not so
much as to be incapable of getting
a few lines on yPUng Cheviot, be
fore consenting to become h i s
better half.
Deverill, as Mayor McGilli
cuddj', the villan of the plav. and,
who was also engaged to bewitch
ing Belinda, fought bravely 1 6
maintain the port, but upon being
told b y the .enchantress herself
that she had 'first become the' wife
o f Cheviot, apparently received
the blow that ' killed father'
for the" curtain went- down on the
villian as 'he collapsed on h'ear
ing the shocking hews.
Miss Anderson, in the role of
Parker Minnie's pretty little maid
was simply- stunning. Her part
was brief, which was more the
pity since, dear Cheviot, had he
but been given another thirtv
secondsof her time and presence
would have, surHy added one more
to lr's engagement list.
From the, time tiler curtain rang
up disclosing the pretty Scotch
Lassie at her spindle until,
"Curtains" were drawn o n the
final climax there, was pot a dull
moment. "The'membors of the. Ili
ma Club are to be congratulated
'oirthcif successful "ef fdrts'"lii,pfo
'dUchiga play 'of u'cH H' profegKi
nal chafa'cter. Each did. his" or'her..
part s6r exceptional Weirks'td'tnake
it linpossibld to ma'ke'aJiv'j very
great distinction as to wh6 'excell,-'
ed. However -Mjssjs 'EttKeei
Gertrude HpffeaarcT a"ii tl. " Mattief
Jo'rdan , whose 'part's1 weVe"a difficult
"arid lengthy des'dr'e special, meiir
tion while Thompson, Browif'-nhd.
Fergie who took leading parts1
also, are deserving of much pfaib'e.
The community is iudebtedv td
the members of the Mokihana CHilii-
for the opportunity of wjtness'iYig
this aggregation of home taleilOJ
and the ladies can rest assured tlia't
their thoughtfulness is fully appre,
ciate,q. xy
The members of the Ilima CldbT
have worked diligently on tliSiV
play, taking advantage of every;
opportunity to get together tor prao-s
tice, and their reward has conie in
the satisfaction that the best slioyV
ever staged in Lihue. wap tift't
which they, pulled of!t Baturday
night. The scenery for the sitting
of the play was painted by the Ma
-kaweli artist, and'was a donatidu
from the Plantation. Toe Fi'ssoth'
as stage manage! , scene shifter aii'd:
official bouncer, could not haive,'
bee.ni mpiuvedAipou. He- was here
tliere and everywhere, and all'the
tune. A stringed orchestra r-ot'f-sisting
of nine pieces furnished
music for the occasion, rnd alfd'for
tne enjpyaoie dance which -was
given after thershow-'clpsefh-, Lihue
will, look fowand ,y,'ith happy antri-
cipation "to another visit frdm this
excellent troupe of local talent'tlis
pqusers '
Chkviot IIux.P..;J.- I,...r.'J'bomoiv
A wealthy but clone listed young
bacl olor of ficklo nature. .
Ukmkda Titi:iti:nfKr Mutlle Jordan'
i)eH an mofi put inohtiy t 11 1 i r
money. -
VMI'KHWI.V.., II. X, Urowjio
I'nclo to Chuviot - Hill also out for
inoniiyt 1
Minvik 1... , .F,ttaIio
lli daughter a tjiiniilo younc woman
Paiikcii Jfariu Anderson
Her maid.
hi.vawnhv m .il. A.. B. Fcri?i'
hxorcises 11 mysterious lnlluonoo over
Cheviot Hill in love with Belinda
MlW. SIAWAW.ANK Ellaljpo
A Fcotch widow of the bonier.
Mt..P.. - Gertrndo Hofgaard
Her idauehtor.
ANavsiMAcAujBTF.n E. .1). Murdoch
A coiintrvJad 111 lov with Mcc.
MAJORttf6(i!ij.icuni)V...E. (J. K. Deverill
1 ,.- ... ' 1 A ' T..
linda Trelierne.
"J ; ACT I.
CoTTAafc ok Tin: Border,
Regular meeting of the Kauai
Loan Fund Commission held in
Lihue February 6th. 1913.
Meeting called to order by Vice
Chairman H. D. Wishard at '3:30
p. ji. Wednesday Februriry 6th
1913. Those, present besides the
Vice-Chairman being Francis Gay,
A. Menefoglio, W- J). McBrvck
and J. H. Moragnc 1 jiincer.
Minutes bf the pret us meeting
read and duly approv .
The Engineer.' J' : Mor.'tgne
1 sported that lie w'ouh' 'eCbmmen'd
acceptance of the Wa" a Coiitretc
Bridge, the same havi) been con
structed by the Contra or accord
ing to plans and speci ratio'ns.
Waipa-Bridgr Atcn pakch Of
Upon motion' duly s -oiided tlie
Board voted to accept the Wai
pa Bridcc as construe d by the
Contractor and the E' rniecr was1
retiested to present 1 1 for'ap'
proval by the Board for he balance
due-on account of cont ict.
Paymknt1 Of B ? i .ts"
Tlie following bills -re
presented and upon m '-Mon
No. 238 W5 D.'McBryd
2Jo. 239 A. Menefoglio
22. 0
667. 1'4
No. 240 Geo. W. Mahikoa
No-. 241 Geo. W. Mahikoa
No: 242 Geo. W.- Maliikoa
No. 243 Gcd. W. Mahikoa'
No. 244,Hdse M. ''Castro
No. 245 Geo. W. Mahikoa
Noi246 J; "L. Robei-'tsori
Tlie Engineer reported: that' this"
new grade would be completed this
month and, the- same ouerted for
traffic. ' .''
I- Unrin- motion the'Board adiourn-
ed sybjept to the call' of tlie chair.
Kauai Loan .Fund' Copimission.
- '-L '
, Card of Thanks
' On behalf of the K'auai Teachers
we wish to most iieartuy tnank the
ladle's of Lihue for 'their hospithlit'1
in so generously providum the Iif1'
stitute with luncheon on the event
of tlleir annual meeting'. We appre
ciate their thoughlf illness exceed
ingly, and fully realize the amouut
Lf ill ' 1 .1 4J 1 - ,1.
ui nine nun uicy uevuieu 10 me
arrangement of everything. It is
nipossible to fully express our ap
, H. H. Brodik,
C. A.-Mumi'ord, -.
Mrs. C. H. Brown.
Waimea May Sehd'Trincess"
it the garden island is
correctlv informed, W'limen will
probably have the di .uction- of
yupplving the Floraf 1 radb with'
auars Princess. Wl e definite
arrangements (to tins fleet- have
not yet been, completer dnougji in
this direction Iras been xohiohsh
.ed. to make the nrom ition cer
tfin- This distinction as hereto
fore belonged to this de of the
island, and Waimea fe s that, she
is entitled to the honor this year
hence the hences.
...., -
County Stables BInwn Up
Koloa, Feb. 8. T: e Comity
Stables here were blowr to pieces
shortly after three o' 'ock' this
afterooti. bv the diitchai of a box
of giailt' powder which 'ad been
placed in storage into out oomebf
theibtiilding. Fortunately, how
ever1,- the1 stock had bwt n rihort
whilelbefore the explosion, been
turnw into the' pasture thus es
caointr what would have been al
most certain destruction T h
cause of the explosion is no
known . ' ' ' '
. .- r 1
Amdng thbse-who attended the
show -here' Saturday night were
Mr. and Mrs. Eric. Knudsen and
niittv from' Kckaha, 'Mrs. C
Ilofiraard fYom' Waimea. "Mr. and
Mrs. Beii BaldWin-from Makaweli,
and Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Brodie
from Hanapepe.'
Tiire'c hundred and ninety acres
of Kapda pineapple land which has -:
been the subject of much specula- jj
tion1 for months was leased last ''tf
week to Senator Coke,, who bid it, ' y
in for n San Fr'a'ricisco cli"ent'' The i
lease is for "a term of 'ten years"' ' 'VI
from Feb. 5, 1913. Mr. Coke's. '.:T
bid was the duly oil'e fcjtfefved
durihg for Sl'6l9,'" pe'r aiThuni, but"
a dollar above"tlie upset price." The ." '
price paid represents' an aiinual.
rental o f approximately $5 per
acre.' 1 . -. 1 -i m
Under the lease it- is stipulated!1
that the lessee shall 'plant no lesa
than-fitty acres to pines-during the'
first 'year, fifty acres beinir-the
second, year and that by.theend of
the third year not less "than, two
hundred acres of pineapples shall
be under cultivation. It is- als.
stipulate that the lessee shall ercc ,
and have in operation within, two:
years' a pineapple factory ". enpabirij
of' handling the product of five
hundred acres of pines, The land ,
n the- kapaa district is said to be
some' of the best pineapple soil oil
Kautii. ' ' "
TT- : 'a .
Health Should' Come; First
"The most important of all-oun
national esburces is the ; healthtf- "
the people'. The. most valuable1,'
asseti in our capital of national; ,
vitality is,the health of tlje"chil;'J
dreii.i Tliree out. of every1, four ,9'
the ttvehtymiHiQ sdiopl chjidren '
of,America need at'tiiitfon today-.
for ohvsical defects whichNnre'nrp.'
i judical to health and wl.'' XT
be either wh'ofly oYQmy'YiiRt
ed.": -
The above is thd Ahhst'r mrp" nf a.
statement made by Dr. Thomas D.' '
Wood o f , Colunbia University. ;
Froni a careful study of "'statistics!
and a careful estimation of all "con- '
ditibjis he presents the folIowW
conclusions :
Frbm ly? to 2 oer cent (thatHs
from- 300',000 to 400.000 American,i:
school children) h a v e brganic'
heart disease. -. ;
Prpbably 5 percent, 01 1,000,000
havejnow or have had tuberculosis, .
disease of the' Iiiiigs'. '
AHout the" sanie1 number hane
s'pinal-curvature.'flat'fo'O't'br some '
other model ate deformity serious.'
eijough to interfere in some degree
with' health.
A million, children 'have defective
Five' hiilhoh have defective!
Vision. ....
Five million are suffering 'from-v: '
malnutrition, in many cases due,
in part at least to one or more of
the other' defects' enumerated. , v, -
Over 30 peV cent, or 6.000, 00d '- ' .
hdve enlarged tonsils adenoids, br
enlarged cervical 'glands w'hich' ' "'
need attention. ',iirj- Jy
Over 50 per cent. or- lO.OOOfobOI'! ''!.'
(in some tichools as. high' as 98peri. . f
cent); havfedefectiw tfceth w"lich
are interfering wi,th health'.
About 10C -cities in the' United
States have as many different kinds'
of organisations for the care of
health: iii the; schools., ,-.
Public education '' says-D-H
Wood, ' is' the logical agency df
the nhtioii, bf each state and! of
each 1 community for the1 conser-;
vation aiid enhancement of" child '
People' who h a'v e1 Biven trie'1
.... t. T.
proper study to tins 'impnrtanr
matter will ngree with tliis'eniinent '
authority in his view and also in'
his conclusion' thait-t It'e -j-clittol'
should not only - b'e a sanitaryi
healthful place .for children, but
that public!' educational' agencies
should lie 'so organized that" each'
pupil !i'uiiy be given the best poa-
jible opbortunites to escape weak-
ness and-disease.-
I l- il. C'M ? '
Johnston Recovering .
Tiihelce'eper J6htlSton'of thcMa
kavveli' Plantation, who recently ''
uhderw'ent a serious "ope'ratlori"at "
the'l Whiihea Hospital is on the
road to recovery. Dr. West . per
formed the operation,
"SVyeral milHons;of Hke 'qhildreh ' ft',
pbssess.'-each,, tjvotor'more .'f .'the" 1 1 i
jiandicappingjdefects-. x,i. ! '" 5
; ..
- -14
- j
' " -

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