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Garden Island
ESTABLISHED 1904. YOL.9. NO. 33,
f 4
0f fUtUrC' I jl
If- . ii. ,11 jW
Thursday last was red-letter day
for Kauai, for on this day was or
gauized 'The Kauai Chamber of
Commerce," an organization
originating with the purpose of
promoting the interests o f the
Garden Island. The meeting was
called to order by Mr. Rohrig
who proceeded to inform t h (
audience as to the intentions of
the meeting E. E. Mahlum was
elected temporary chairman, and
E. Behr of Kealia was elected tem
porary secretary.
Following these elections a gene
ral discussion followed, resulting in
a motion bv H. D. Wishard for
the appointment of a committee on
organization, being seconded by
u. w. opitz. mis motion was
withdrawn, upon a suggestion by
Mr. Behr to the effect that a vote
snouia tirst Lie taken on a name
for the organization. A number of
names were considered before
final decision was made in favor
of ' The Kauai Chamber of Com
merce, Jack" Coney having
much to do with the final decision
by remarking of the high-toned
sounding of the name selected for
the infant.
A discussion as to those elligible
to membership next followed and
it was thought advisable to admit
any and all engaged in any honest
fc-'jnd legitimate pursuit, t o the
rr barring none. A committee
then named by the chair, the
s.Jlxie to be composed of Messrs.
1 Rohrig, Wishard and Roendahl,
for the purpose of formulating
program of proceedare. A five
minute recess was then declared in
order to give the committee time
In which to do its work.
At the end of the recess, the re
port or t n e committee w a s
read and accepted without a dis
senting vote. This report simply
outlined the usual proceedings on
such occasions, and immediately
after reading same, Temporary
Chairman Mahlum, declared the
nomination open for the election
of a permanent president, Messrs.
Rohrig and Hofgaard were placed
in nomination, the results being
twelve in favor of Mr. Rohrig and
five for Mr. Hofgaard. On taking
the chair the newly elected, and
first president of the organization
made a brief address, expressing
his thanks for the honor, and pro
mising to do his utmost in the dis'
charge of his duties, asking the sup
port. of the members in his task
Judge Hofgaard was unanimously
elected as vice-president, Mr. Behr,
being elected to the secretaryship
likewise, while E. E. Mahlum,
was made treasurer under the same
conditions. As auditor, H. D. Wis
hard was unanimously elected to
this office, thus giving the orga
nization an excellent list of officers
during its infancy.
A committee on by-laws and
constitution, was appointed by the
chair, Mr. Ly agate, Mr. Coney
and Mr. Roendahl being nnnied.
The committee reported to the
officers yesterday and o u next
Thursday morning, at 10 o'clock,
Aug. 21, a general meeting will be
held in the Lihue Hall at which
time the report will be taken up,
and the organization finally laun
ched. The chair also appointed a com
mittee of three to call on prospec
tive members throughout the is
land with a yiew of arousing iu
ter.est 'in the organization. The
committee is composed of W. H.
Rice, Jr., H. D. Wishard and C.
W. Spitz.
A. V. Roe, the I. W. W.
organizer, is in Lihue again after
serving a term in the Waimea jail.
Roe seems as inthusiastic as ever
and declares his intentions to hold
a meeting in Lihue tomorrow then
work his way toward Kealia where
he expects to have a rousing meet
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Edward t)ekum,
Honolulu's latest nevylyweds ar
rived at Kilauea last Friday on the
Likelikc and will spend their
honeymoon at the home of Mr.
and Mrs, Myers, I
A select crowd of Lihue's
leading citizens, greeted Dr. Wis
hard at the Lihue Hall last Frid
ay evening when he gave his very
interesting lecture on Persia alid
t. . i .... . ....
us peopie. ine doctor tooK ins
audience for a trip over land and
sea, dwelling here and there on
details which occasioned ripples of.
mirth througnout the audience,
his description of his sea trip be
ing especially amusing. The doctor
paid high tribute to the missionary
element in Persia, giving instances
wherein personal sacrifices were
made at thti risk of their lives dur
ing ai epidemic of Asiatic cholera
which swept thousands of the
natives 'from tlnjface of the eaith.
"They have one thing in Persia,"
said the lecturer, "which does not
exist in America, they call i t
graft," which remark indicated
that the doctor had not been so long
in the Persiau country ? ,to lose
track of what was goini; on in his
home country.
The lecture was preceeded by a
violin solo by Mrs. Dr. Putnian.
being a choice selection from Tales
of Hoffman, which was rendered
i n "the popular little violinists's
inimitable manner. Th e lecture
being concluded, Mrs. Putnian. a-
gain charmed the audience with' a
selection1 from the "Pink Lady,"
which met with loud and appreci
ative applause. Dr. Wishard will
shortly leave for Honolulu,' when
afteria short stay, he will rettirnto
his home in Wooster, Ohio.
The "Uome Tennis Club, pro
nounced you owe nie.J came into
existence last ' Wednesday evening
when a number of tennis en
thusiasts gathered a t the Lihue
Hall, bent o u doing something
desperate in the way of promoting
interest in this racket-raising in
dustry. Wm. Grote, Jr., has ta
ken the responsibility of actum
father to the club, while Harry
Vincent has undertaken the dual
position o f watch-dog of the
finances and poet lauerate. The
Club starts off with a good mem
bership roll and expects to raise a
racket or two every Friday after
noon. Ladies are also to be ad
mitted to membership, the invita
tion fee being to all alike, Si, and
quarterly dues amounting to $1.
Officers to serve until Jan 1st
were elected as follows:
Pres: W. H. Grote. Sec. and
Treas: H. Vincent.
A n Executive Committee was
appointed by the president; and
Judge Dole named to draw up a
set of by-laws for the club. The
fine new courts situated a t the
Park Grounds will be the scat of
future Gladiatorial contests.
Executive Committees: Miss
Kaui Wilcox, Miss L Weber. K.
C. Hopper, A. R. Glaisyer, W. H.
Grote, H. Vincent,
Mrs. John Honan of Makaweli
who has been daneerouslv ill for
the past two weeks, is reported
out of danger. Dr. Keller is at
tending. NOTICE
There will be a meeting of the
Kauai Athletic Association a t
Hotel Fairview tomorrow (Wednes
day) evening at 7:30 o'clock for
the purpose of deciding the protest
of the Koloa Baseball Club over
the game played by that team and
the Makaweli Baseball Club, at
Lihue Sunday the 17th.
Signed A. R. Gi.aisyku,
Secretary of the Kauai Athletic
Manager Fassoth, o f Waimea
Plantation, was a passenger for
Honolulu on last Saturday's Ki
ll an.
LOST A tie clip marked A. R.
G. between Lihue and pineapple
canary. 1'iuuer please return to
this office;
The regular meeting of the Ki.
uai Loan Fund Commission was
held in Lihue on Wednesday,
August 6th. 1913.
Meeting called to order at 2 v.
M. by H. D. Wishard, chairman.
Present J. W. Caldwell, A. Mene-'
foglio, Francis Gay and W. D.
McBryde. J. II Mornglie, engi
neer. Minutes of the previous meet
ing read and upon motion duly
approved. . v
Paymhnt Ok Bills.
The following bills were then
presented against the Appropria
tion: "County Building, Lihue,
Kauai," and upon motion were
approved and ordered paid.
No. 3 Ripley & Davis $1470.20
No. 4 Bridge'vater & Hopper 6.00
Contract County Building.
The Contract between the Lord
Young Engineering Co. Ltd. and
the Board for the erection of the
County Building, being approved
by the Board was dulv signed by
all the members of the Kauai Loan
Fund Commission.
County Building Sui'Krvisok ok.
The matter of the supervision of
the erection of the County. Build
ing was brought up and after a
general discussion the following
motion was made and duly passed:
"That the Supervision of the
erection of the County Building.
Lihue, be. placed in the hands of
the Architects, Messrs Ripley &
Davis of Honolulu and that, they
have full authority, as represent
ing Uie uoard, i u any add all
matters pertaining to said erection
of said building according to the
plans and specifications as per con
tract entered into between the
Lnrd-Young Co. Ltd., and
the Board and that thev be au
thorized to appoint and engage an
Inspector at a salary of not more
than $150.00 per month."
Roads & Appropriations.
Superintendent of Public Works
J. W. Caldwell stated that he was
authorized by the Governor to look
into the matter of the proposed
new roads for the Homesteaders in
the District o f Kawaihau. for
which an appropriation of $10,000
had been made by the last Legisla
ture and also into the proposed
new roads for the Kalaheo Home
steaders, District o f Koloa, for
which there was avaible the sum of
$3,200. A general discussion en
sued and much satisfaction was
expressed at the securing of these
sunm tor reads in tne interests of
the Homesteaders.
Furniture For County Build
ing, The matter of the figuring out
and planning of the required fur
niture for the new County Building
was after a grneral discussion
placed in the hands of J. W. Cald
well. Superintendent o f Public
Works, he stating that his office
was well equipped to handle the
same and that thev had of late had
quite a bit of this work to do.
Upon motion the meeting ad
journed subject to the call of the
John Hepburn, representing the
Garlock Packing Co., San Francis
co, returned to Honolulu last
Saturday. Mf'. Hepburn is on his
return trip from a trip practically
extending around the world. The
firm which he represents, has its
headquarters in New York with
large branch factories in Germany
and France. His elobe-trotting
trip which will end on his arrival
i n San Francisco, has included
most every Island port in the
Edward J. Nell of the machinery
department of the v o n - H a m in
Young Co., Honolulu, returned to
Honolulu by the Kinau.
Mrs. W. H. Rice Sr., accom
panied bv Mrs. P. L. Rice sailed
on the Wilhelniina for San Fran
The Lihue Band held its regular
monthly concert last Sunday at Li
hue Park. '
C. W. Spitz accompanied by W.
H. Rice Jr., and H. D. Wishard
drcve to Kekaha yesterday in the
interest of the Kauai Chamber of
Commerce. They interviewed n
number of business men on the
wav and report great interest and
enthusiasm all along the line,
f. To t i, .1
ground f o r 'Honolulu's insane
1 Ins is a question that many of
our citizens are asking themselves,
since it has been learned that form
er Superintendent loua of Wai
mea, wuo was adjudged . insane,
and through the Waimea district
court, committed t o the insane
asylum in Honolulu has been per
miUed to live in Lihue only. Mr.
lona has been released from the
asylum, and given a parole witl
the understanding that he is to live
in Lihue or Honolulu, uothwith
sUntiing tint he owns propertv in
Wniinea, and that that placeshouhl
in tvrrv sense ot inn meaning, i e
the proper place for him to reside
Shortly after Mr. Iona's com
mitnieiit to the asvliim, rumors
becau to be whispered about to
the effect that he was simply rail
roaded. The fact that he was short
ly 'released and returned to his trade
as carpenter, doing most satisfa -
tory work, rather added color to
the rumor, and that he has
been prohibited from again tak
inc up his residence in his old
home, would not only indicate
turther evidence of railroading, but
the possibility of some of the Wai
mea influence having taken root
in the official realms of the asylum.
The man appears perfectly ration
aj and friends who have known
,llim for the last twenty years, de
clare that they can see no change
in him. It lie is insane, wny cio
tht asvluin officials allow him to
go at hbertv at all. If he is not
insane, what right has the officials
to interfere in any manner with
his liberty," are questions the com
munity would like to have satis
factorily answered. It appears to
the averap.e person, conversant
with a few of the circumstances
surrounding the case, that the
whole matter is a frame-up in order
to keen the man out of the district
With happiness depicted in evcrv
feature of his face, "Teddy" de
Lacey, landed ker-pluuk among
h i s admiring friends last Wed
nesday morning. He had been ab
sent for about four months, dur
ing which time he saw many sights
and points of interest, including
Niagara Falls. He declares how
ever, "don't you know, after all,
I saw nothing that could compare
with dear old Kauai and its dear,
hospitable people "
Eddie Fernnii'kz, the moving
picture wizard, is again on Kauai,
and wll give an exhibition in the
Lihue Hall Wednesday and Thurs
day nights, Au rust 20-21. On the
first night will be shown for the first
time on Kauai, special feature film
depicting skilled acrobats, scenic
pictures showing famous i.roncho
busters, comedy, which guarantees
a laugh a minute, horse thieves,
a n interessing western picture,
"An Aeroplane Love Affair,"
showing a couple who had eloped
in an airship and picked up a priest
who married them in mid air,
Glaciers National Park, and Evolu
tion and Life of a Silk Worm.
The second night will witness a
complete change of program,
ottering attractions, equally as in
teresting as those of the first night.
Mr, Fernandez will show iu Ke
kaha on Saturday night, August
23, and i n Ivleele, on Monday
night, August 25. Adv.
The many friends o f fudge
Diokey will be interested to learn
of his complete recovery from the
recent illness which confined him
to the Lihue Hospital.
To Mrs. Dr. Waterhouse. K'
loa; Tuesday evening. August 12,
1213, a daughter.
Health Inspector Henry Honan,
of Koloa, was in the county seat
Harry Vincent local wireless
operator is on a business trip to
County Auditor C. A.t Mascr is
in the capital having gone up on
the Kinau Saturday.
vrmr nnr
oils id nut
Deputy Territorial Veterinary
Surgeon, A. R. ulaisver, deserves
inucji credit for having so effective
ly checked what- would h a v e
otherwise resulted in the most de
stru. tive epidiinic of hog cholera
in the history of Koloa district.
The disease had gained Mich a
foot-hold before the doctor learned
of its existence that a number of
hogs h d died, but tin; doctor's
piomptness i n dealing with the
situation put a slop to its further
Ho sent for serum, and while
waiting for its arrival, established
a qiuuentine, placed guards on the
various roads leading out of the
district, killed a number of animals
which h e considered incurable,
burned a large number of pens,
and thoroughly disenfected t h e
rest of them. The guards r e -inained
on duty for a week or ten
days, during which time they
were the means of stopping the
transportation of a number of in
fected animals from the district,
bv owners who fearing the des
truction of their hogs, had attempt
ed to remove them from the danger
The scrum having arrived, the
doctor came to the conclusicn that
it would be just as secure and
much more ecoiponical were he to
delegate a man as "hog enumera
tor, that is, to have a man make
a daily trip to every pig pen in
the district, for the dual purpose
of keeping a check on the condi
tion and number of pigs., Doc.
has been busy for the last week
with his hypodermic serum gun,
and reports no more new caSes.
The county fathers deserve com
mendation for their promptness in
aiding the vet. in his campaign of
prottction, bv furnishing the re
quired number of guards and the
hog census" man, who is none
other than 'Maile" the popular
captain of the Koloa police fotce.
Mrs. K. Roendahl of Eleele, was
:t gracious hostess at an enjoyable
sewing party last Thursday after
noon, v
The popular Itanapepe tner
hant. Joe Gomes, has installed a
new Yale safe in his new store.
Takitar.i.Jieadbookeeper for the
McBryde Store at Eleele, has gone
to housekeeping, his wife arriving
roin Japan last week.
The Bowser gasoline lank, which
the McBryde Store has had under
course of construction for some
time was completed last Friday the
work being very skiltully accom
plished by J, C. Moura.
Joe Pacheco, the genial secoud
basman on the McBryde team,
and Miss Ida Jacinth, the popular
belle of Ivleele, were married here
last Saturday. Following the cere
mony, the couple went to the
county seat on a brief honev moon.
Another wedding, in which a
member of the McBryde team figur
ed, was that of John. Gabriel, the
clever catch, and Miss Bertha Fa
rias, another o f Eleele's fair
daughters, the same being a big
surprise to the friends of both the
contracting parties. Mr. and Mrs.
Gabriel will make their home in
Mr. Roendahl, manager of the Mc
Bryde store, attended the business
men's meeting in Lihue last Thurs
day. Ex-representative J. I . Silva,
the Eleele merchant, went to Lihue
last Thursday to attend the meet
ing of the Kauai Chamber of Com
merce. He was accompanied bv
Mrs. Silva.
The annual ni i'U:m of tl Uni Kn
Afnti of WahiiliH "ill l' lu-M at the
u-iiial Ht v iinihu mi Tliurwlay
'itiialx,r ' IH:', ' uYloi'k A. si.
f'ir tin- purij i nuirl' x lis-- ivportH of
tlw )!:;' r' 'ii 1 f" i '''"(! n nf n
olll'i'rs for il ii U' Mm. autl tin-iiifinl"r-
,f ! I Uni Ik'C"I.v r inn t
! t iitn-ml unM uiivtliiK, lit'.u-r in mt
ii hi or by jiruxy.
J V.tlH K, Vl!!.!!,
I'lvrieUuit II. K. Wwliiiliu Kalian,
Kauai, Aug. 1, WI8. -It.
I 110 THE
Makaweli made a great ninth in
ning finish last Sunday at the- Li
hue paik and defeated the Koloas
6-4. By winning, the Makaweli's
will play the McBrydes for the best
two out of three games for the
.championship. The name was uni-
pited I) y Eddie I'ernandes and
Chas. A. Rice who gave decisions
which gave entire satisfaction. In
the ninth inning, however, when
Co'-ta reached third he was ap
paiently put out by Homm, but
the umpire, Ii. Fcnian:ks thought
the ball was fielded back by an
outsider and allowed the man his
bae. Altogether the game was well
played and enjoyed by the fans., It
lasted about one hour and forty
minutes. Summary of the game
1st Inning
Makaweli. Costa made first on
au error of Kuwamoto, Fernandes
hit bv a pitched ball, Thompson
singled sateh scoring Costa, Oneha
struck out. H Fassoth reached first
on an error ol Honan, Ft-rnandes
coming home on the play H. Fas
soth stole 2nd, Raposo struck out
and Lorenzo made a pretty catch
of Kane's hot liner. Two runs.
Koloa. Lorenzo worked Kruse
for a pass, Futardo forced Lorenzo
out, Fernandes to Costa making
nrst "safely. He then stole 2nd
Kuhlinann flew to II. Fassoth a.nflt'
Girvin struck out. No runs. , 4
Continued on supplement
Kauai enjoys another distinction
in Miss Michie Tanaka, a popular
teacher in the Kaahuiuanu school,
Honolulu who returned to Hono
lulu last Saturday, following a
mouth's visit with Rev. and Mrs.
Miyasaki in Ktipnia. Born in Li
hue, Miss Tanaka remained here
until she readied the sixth grade,
when, in order to satisfy her ambi
tion t o become a teacher, her
parents moved to Honolulu where
she shortly after, became enrolled
i u the Honolulu Normal. Here
she showed marked intelligence,
being capable of skipping a good
portion of some of the lower grade
Miss Michie Tanaka, formerly of
Lihue and the first Japanese girl
to graduate from the Honolulu
Normal Sdiool.
work. In 1910, she was graduat
ed with a high record also being
the first Japanese girl in the Ter
ritory to receive a diploma trom
the Normal School.
Since her graduation, like all
dutiful daughters, Miss Tanaka
h:.s provided the comforts of life
for her parents, having purchased
a pretty little home for them with
whom she lives on Philip's Lane,
Waikiki. Aside from the lact that
Miss Tanaka is of an extremely
scholarly nature, vvh.it she has ac
complished i s easily within the
grasp of hundreds of our young
girls, if thev vvoulu but realize the
results of well-spent efforts.
Miss Tanaka is a favorite among
the teaching staff of both her
Normal School and Kaahumanu.

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