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represents the
of the future.
Gardiw Island
ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 9. NO. 41.
Gibson Forces Miserly Econom!c--L,oU,
Ssock Law Is Again on Topis Wattling
ton Officials Back Inspector Hatsey
-President Re-elected
Will be Sold In Hnnalei-Collcge fig
ures Are Desired.
ifMBr : - . - .
vat i - - mm
Uli HI M I'M I I I 1 1 Id if
ii i n ill
A suggestion has been made that
an inter-island series of baseball be
played off in Honolulu in place of
the Coast-Honolulu series. Kauai
stands ready and most willing to
kokua in such a series, but would
have it known to begin with, that
the Territorial championship
trophy will bear the Kauai design.
This island can furnish the best
aggregation of ball players in the
Territory and no place 'would
afford the Garden Islanders more
pleasure than a n opportunity t o
make .good this statement.
Will Not Give Stamps
Depriving the principals of our
public schools of official stamps,
by the department of education,
establishes a new method of busi
ness proceedure, unheard of In
any well regulated business firm.
The principals are indignant, and
with just cause, since all the cor
respondence to and concerning
the departmental affairs must, un
der the new ruling, be borne by
the school marm. This may be eco
nomy, but it is at the expense of a
class of workers who deserve better
Sale of Beach Lots
Twenty-three beach lots in
l'alei known as the "Waioli" lots.
containing from 14,488 to 21,536
square feet and with upset prices
from S30 to $45 each, will
be sold at the Lihue court house
at noon Saturday December 13th.
1913, no person being allowed to
purchase more than one lot, and
4 1. .. . L t, 1. . 1 - 1
aV VT " hItKvere purchased, says the fish were
xx l mi; suiiic Lime uuu Jiauc, u
government grant, containing an
area of 1-5 of an area, will be sold
under the same oonditions, the up
set price being 25 dollars.
Doubting Thomases
It is said that since the College
of Hawaii has gained such a
notoriety through its recent pub
licity campaign, there are those
who would have the college publish
its enrollment. By this method
the outsider could form a much
more conclusive idea of what the
collegel is accomplishing than all
any long-winded newspaperarticles
could convey in a century.
Gibson, a Financier
Considerable comment has been
occasioned by the receipt of in
structions from Superintendent
Gibson notifying the teachers of
the public schools, that stamped
envelopes is no longer to be furnish
ed for official correspondence. It
is claimed that the new superinten
dent is attempting to do "peanut"
polities in so much as he is en
deavoring to curtail expenses.
... . .
Hardy, a poet
Mr. Hardy, the geodetic survey
superintendent, is about to publish
a volume of verses which he has
composed, the introductory o f
tyhijh will be a recent composition
on his trip up the mountain with
a party of Lihueites, the one con
cerning C. S. Dole, being especial
ly good.
O'u Picnic!
The O'u Club gave an enjoyable
picnic and swimming party on the
Niumalu beach last Saturday. The
whole flock of birds were there and
a more favorable evening for the
varied program could not have
been asked.
Program is Praised
Much f.ivorable comment is be
ing heard regarding the tourist
schedules which appeared in our
last issue, and many personal con
gratulations have been passed up
t o those responsible for the very
thorough manner in which it was
gotten up.
Increased Ice Output
Tue Waimea Ice Works, accord
ing t o late reports, has almost
doubled its output within the last
few months. Improved ouality in
the ice, and new customers
said to be
the cause of such re-
Messages have begun t o arrive
from the famine-stricken district
gf China, and arc meeting wit
promptrespon.se. If there are an
on this island who desire to assist
in this most worthy cause, they
should lose no time in getting into
communication with the pioper au
thorities in Honolulu. Old cloth
ing that is thought to be of no
longer use to you, would be wel
comed by suffering humanity in
the confines of our big sister- republic.
The Stock Law Again
A petition signed by nineteen
citizen? of the Waimea District,
and addressed to Sheriff Rice, .was
received at the Sheriff's office last
Saturday. The petition asks that
the police department take steps to
enforce the present stock law.
Sheriff Rice has asked the county
attorney lor a written opinion on
the case, after which he will take
whatever move in the matter that
lies within his power.
"No Sabe Lotten Fish"
A. story is going the rounds to
the effect that a certain crowd of
fishermen recently spent a day off
the shores of Nawiliwili, and that
some of them claimed to have snar
e d ten fish, 3 inches long, while
others of the party claim that there
were but 3 fish and they were ten
inches in length. The Japanese
fisherman from whom the fi s h
one dav long, and
that haole no
sabe lotteu fish.
Officials Back Halsey
Richard Halsey, inspector o f
immigration for the port of Hono
lulu, has received official sanction
from Washington in regard to his
recent crusade against the white
slave traffic in Honolulu. M r .
Halsey is responsible for the de
portation of scores of inhabitants
of the tenderloin district, back to
the country from whence they came.
This list is said tJ have been com
posed of Orientals and Europeans.
President Reflected
The Chinese election was held
last week, and with a majority of
one vote. Yuan Shih-Kai w a s
elected to succeed himself. It is
thought that as soon as the elec
tion is entirely settled, the powers
will recognize the republic. T h e
presidential term of office will pro
bably be for five years.
Inter-Island Bowling
The Lihue bowling club mem
bers are doing some practice work
in view of the Kauai-Maui bowl
ing contest. Some excellent scores
have been made, and the Valley
Islanders will probably meet with
a greater degree of opposition in
the coming contest than in any of
the past.
Better Water Service
New piping is being placedfroni
the main water source lb 'the Lihue
Hospital. When' completed, h e
pump which has been the ' former
means of getting water through the
buildings, will go on the shelf as an
Trouble Brewing
Bad blood is said to be brewing
between the Kapaa homesteaders
and cattle owners who are reported
to be purposely drivif.5 their stock
onto the premises of the home
steaders. - -
Good Road Work
Those responsible for the better
condition of the Hulaia road,
should have a medal, for the drive
over this strip of public highway,
is now a pleasure, whereas before
the same was decidedly precarious.
Sugar Crop Short
According to authentic reports,
the sugar output for the Territory
the past year was 55,000 tons short
owing, it is said, to the drought.
Market Superintendent Long Icy,
one of the Federal employee who
arc looking out for the font in
terest of the small fnnmr -.petti
nearly n week, here recently, dur
ing which time he consulted with
the farmer concerning the market
i n g of their product. Arranjre
niciiM are effected wttereltv Ue
fanner Mend hi produce lolhedv
pnttnieut. and there It I diftpnaed
of at the highest mnrkct valttc, attd
after expenses sue deducted t h e
balanrc is teturned to the grower.
No coininiMion whatever i exact
ed from the farmer.
Naming Town-Silo
The nieinlK-rs of the ParmerV
Istitute at Kapaa Homestead) t
their meeting last week, decided
unanimously, on giving their new
homestead possessions, nn appro
priate name. Several familiar town
names, some of them ending in
"vills," etc., were considered hut
lightly .is the concensus of opinion
was to the effect that an: appro
priate Hawaiian name wuld be
more suitable. A committee will
be named at the next , meeting to
settle the question. This done, a
postofficc and school house will he
next in order. The Federal Hx
periniental Station a t Honolulu
will arrange a course of lecture for
the Institute during the coming
season, which is thought will be of
great benefit to the farmers.
Gun Drops Into Bay
Tom Gunn, the Chinese aviator
whose reputation for talking far
exceeds that for flying, and Mrs.
Newman, an apparent adventureist.
narrowly escaped drowning in the
shark infested waters of Pearl Har
bor last week when, for lack of
motor power, the machine dropped
into the bav. Their predicament
was observed by the spectators
who reached the scene as soon as
possible in a canoe. Mrs. Newman
is said to have escaped uninjured,
due it is thought to her having
thrown her battery overboard, thus
preventing her ship from sinking.
The appearance of the ship's Gun
in the water, perhaps prevented
the hungry sharks from making a
supper off the aviator who
floundered in the water until the
canoe reached thein. Mrs. New
man says she will do it again, but
ii might be easier said than done,
when one carries a gun that isn't
sure on trigger
Just a Few Good' Suggestions
Now that we have such a grand
store building, that unsightly row
of stables opposite the building,
and the dilapidated old bunch of
plantation shacks along the ap
proach from Kapaia, should be cli-
.minated and prettv parks be given
their places. Aside from the un
sightliness of this camp, it is a
source of danger to traffic, as there
is frequently a crowd of children
at plav in the road, necessitating
very careful manipulation to avoid
striking them at times. "A camp
should never be placed in such
close proximity to a public
way," remarked a business
in speaking of the present
to a reporter.
Athletics Champions
A special wireless to Tmc
dun Island from it's New
G A it
York correspondent last Saturday at five
p. m. announced in brief detail,
the result of the last game between
the world's champions and the
Giants, played in New York Satur
day afternoon when the latter were
defeated in a score of three to one.
The series was to be composed of
seven games. The Phillies have
won four out of these, and' have
therelore'beeu declared entitled to
t h e championship.
Gets Pictnres
The photographs appearing in
the " Wahleale" storv running in
this issue, were taken by C. S.
Dole on his recent trip up. the
mountain. M r . Dole secured a
large number o f very desirable
pictures many of which would go
well with that n e w pronnnou
pamphlet now under consideration.
I he ihttcrtuct: h.lween t It e
nttt'kir md Hie ciowtt of the pine
a eil. t that the fruit from the
fomur. ii i-itt idxriit five or six
Mouth-. U tore that of the latter,
iHtt ns to ttwre liig any difference
la tin ti-nlhy of the frail, 1 hove
iRvtr Ufii utile to dhtlinguinh the
lemrt liit. The rrown, however,
Mctnis m gii a ontewhnt more
uniform nop. That I, the fruit
1 1 lei m wit It it gn-alM- degree of
rcKrtlliiv.,, So wid H. II. ltro
die. wlifu :.ked ii there wa really
anv hfWrettce in the fruit from
the two nti plant.
Tb Plant Er3m Ccrn
Broom coin I a new crop which
i Mid to !' in for considerable
coiiHtderat ottliy KapttJ homvte:d
era. "With a factory in Honolulu
which turn out everl doaett of
broom dailv, I hi re I s n o rea
aon why everv broom that in manu
factured for ue in thl Territory,
cannot lit.' made froln materiul
right here at home," Mid a pro
minent farmer to a pre represen
tative. With the exception of Oaliu,
no other ialand produce the filnrr,
and very little i grown there. It
I naid that in Mexico, two crops
annually ran le prodntvd. and that
in as much as the ame clitit tteex
tats here as in the ahove place, the
9me renlt sh tuld he expected.
Opinion on Stock Law
County Attomcr Sam Kaeo has
rendered hi opinion on the prcs
sent stock Jaw in reply to a request
trout bheritf Rice, who asked" for
the information as a result of a
petition presented him by the lend
ing citi7eu of the Waimen Dis
trict. The petition, the sheriffs
request for the opinion, and the
latter's reply, appear o u page
three of this issue, and make in
teresting reading. The law as in
terpreted hv the county attorney,
does not apply to the conditions
complained of in the jKtition.
Should Paint 'er Up a Little
With the new bankbuilditiK, tlje
new store edifice, the countv bull
ding and the prettv lestdence d
hrilnk Crawford, looming upas
pleasing back ground, the I.ihite
Plantation office should get busy
with tlic paint brush if it doesn't
wish to become a second-rate piece
df furniture
New P. 0. Boxes
lfour hundred and ten new post
office boxes arrived last Friday,
and the postofiice officials got busy
at once, Willi the result that thev
arc everyone now in place. There
has been a big demand for more
box accomodation at the local
office, and general satisfaction is
felt over tlu- elanwy supply jttat in
stalled. Going Some
Now will the fraved hirt, and
the ravelled stocking and t lie rent
button hole fill into oolivtou,
while the silk jmmi Vier and t
embroidered button lug and
initialed dish rag cotm- to the
front for a while. Here's to safety
pins and burnt matches far
till Decent! wr 6.
May Bring Kilaurja
It is rumored that owe of the
biggest Inter-Island teanters ia to
replace the Kiuau lietwexn here
and Honolulu. Thai the puaenicr
traffic will justify the chance. No
otlicial statement ha been mad
concerning the rumor, yet It is be
licved that such a move is on fool
The Lihuo Ladies'
Request you to "it up and
take notice" that thev have Sited
on Dec. 6 as the date of the .fair
At that time they will Utah it in
teresting for von. or you will
know the reason whv.
Mutt" HeadquaUrs
"Mutt" headquarter has been
established in the Li hue Meat
Market, where choice French Mutt
on chops are all the rage. A trial
will :onvince you.
Writer Would Know More About Our
Political Maqnerisms-Militant Sayt
Kill to Gain Suffrage. '
A letter has been received at this
office, nskiug i f politics i s re
sponsible for the conditions' pre
vailing in Hnnamatilu. We ate
unprepared to say. delinittjy, but
ill So much as the police depart
ment is republican, the. numbers
of the Itoaid of . stiprrvjiors, the
tut me. and the Liiuie I'latitaiion
manager i s likewise, and since
some of the above are responsible.
tt TvnitUI seem Unit politics lias a
little to do with the failure to se
cure jnalice for the people. AikI
we might odd, that its the kind of
txilitics that may not wash down
in the future."'
Rope Factory Next
It is rumored that a' company is
to be formed for the purpose of
mpiiuhcturiug rope, the factory
to be in Waimea distrtci. An it re
quires several years t o produce
material for the. making of rope,
it is hardly,likelv that a rope fac-
torvns one of the earlv local pro-
It bilhics.
Would Kill For Cause
Miss Joan Wickham, Mrs.
l'ankhurst's advence agent declares
that unless the IJritish women are
speedily given the vote they wtUd
begin to take human life' as ri res
ent methods of distruction of pro
perty clitl not seem to bring -iboup
desired results.
Friday Service Interesting
The Salvation Arntv services at
the Foreign chur h Friday even
ing were well attended, a n d
highly appreciated. Col. Cox is a
forcetul speaker, and many regrets
were expressed that the able little
talker could not remain for anoth
er address.
Show People Haggle
There seems to be a muddle in
Koloa's tnoing picture show busi
ness, all of which, it is said would
be' eliminated were the deputy1
shcrilT of the district to f.ttend to
his duties instead of engaging in
business of this nature. ,
Rasp.hair Snirit Rifp ,
T)ur baseball fans- o f which
there are hundreds- are as greatly
interested in the big games now
going on in the east as are thosq
living near by. This is the spirit
that makes this island respected
the latit to le said
in crack base
Imll material.
I? nlfido" Plow OnnH Tnnnin
The local tenuis Court is i urnish
ihg opport unties for surprises al
most dailv. Some rtf, the votinu-
stcr ur$ developing into daiif crous
aniMgombts to t ii e grown-ups.
Tlifii- tutu lwitlimir fnrtliHr
bcard of late conc-rjiing .the night
totiriiatiicjit, .
' .Grand Opelting'Coniing
Thc-Ubtu: Store getting ready
to move uito it bye, new quarters,
ome of the minor departments be-
htt alreadv under way. The grand
ontninji of the new store .will be
announced Im a paj(e ad. in the
near future.
Choap Notoriety
Tte Carter- Kuhio eoutroversy
appear i iu the Honolulu press is
looked upon by aoue a aw attempt
upon the part of boUi xeutkuteu
to Kai notoriety, and that they
are succeeding goes without aay
MakM a Hit
Tmk CHutMtM IatANp'a haaebail
eta T'uWlshed c-er (tiemoon.
rvinM- detail of lite lag Icagvc
game, made a hit aud was verr
highly appreciate! its readers.
t AaYloe
ht money art
i t (art with
The toaj
mjou parted
tour till
IMWet iro an at
once at the
ft Co's rt
In on Kaaati in
I UlHlitnaliaViM
th iuiiTGMs Dopakr
School Hours May bo Clanged in Order
To Ber.cfit Chi!tJrcr.--Who Will Buy
The Haratci Lett,
As a result of the advise given
the small farmers by Market Super
intendent I.oi'gely while oil his re
cent visit bete, the homesteaders
in the Kapaa District are prepar
ing to expetiinetit with the famous
Merced sweet potatoe, which is
much the best seller on thp mar
ket, iiitd which brings as high as
S cents per pound at certain sea
sons in Sf,i Fratir!?cr It is the
intention of tin fatnieis to produce
a crop and to get it ofi rlie market
when cost prices are Highest. Mr.
I.onglov thinks this can he done,
and is aiding the homesteader iu
getting his seed. , .
Would Change The Hours
Much dif-cussion has bten lfeard"
concerning the proposed chauge'in
the hours of our public schools.
Supervising Principal of Schools,
H. H. Drodie, suggests that the
change be from 8 A. si. to 12:45 l.
51. with a single recess perjod.
This plan is looked tir.on hv' the
teaching staff with more favor than
that nrrmncpfl lu tl.r. t t1'l t-f vX Oil f
which was from 8 A. 5t. to l:15"!r.
It is thought that th Kauai
Teacher's Association itiay take the
matter up. ,
Who Will Buy Lots? - il
Considerable speculation is heardf
in regard to the probablq pur
chasers of the Hanalei beach lets.
As the only condition is simply the
price in cashjt is thought'"bry
nnmv i n a. -persons oi or clump
means, will have little if n ri v
chance to secure the lots, which
are especially well situated for
beach homes and will therefore in
all propability bring prices much
in excess of the amount represent
ed in the upset price.
Winter League Standing
Sunday's Scores f.
P. A. C. 12 4 F. A. C. ..11
H. A. C. 13 I. A.C. 6
Standing of Teams
P. A. C.
II. A. C.
J. A. C. '
Filipinos -
.2 L
2 '
, 3'
,Per Cent
- 600
!! r i n
r if
Keaha's new steel "bridge :1ms
ieen opened for traffic. It ncnri'-
senfs skillful wotk from start to
finish and stands as an additional
monument to the thorough york- -
ntanship of. dur county engineer,
board nf Slimrvisnr; ntwl iiiKtifr.frr
Robertson under whose personal .
.t:. .i , '
direction the work
such a satisfactory
Foot-ball Season is On
An appreciative audience wit
nessed the foot ball game at the
Lihuc !&rk last Sunday afternorn.
Some expert kicking was done by
a number of'plavers .who give pro
mise, of becoming the real stuff
when futureeenntcsts become the
fashion, The field, is in good condi
tion. A New' Meat-Shop For Anahola
Preparations are said to be
under way for the re-establishment
of a new meat. market in the vici
nity of Anahola. An pwner of a
large number of choice beef cattle '
is said to be behind the project.
1913 Crop is Pa '
T h e Hniimunulti Plantation
athered iu the last stalk of cane
f this season's yield last Friday
afternoon and the mill is closed
until Howe time iu December. The
plantation's output this year
amounted to NVrKK) tons of sugar,
vkld m encesti o f the estimate
bv a trood ntnrtfin.
A Fasoinating Experience
A fuwinatuiK srory written by
the late Dole, begins iu this
iasne. It relates a trip to the
natmit of Waialeale, 51 years ago,
being the first time that a white
aunt had ever tieea on the summit
of this Mountain.
Y aVittor is goiuK t o Hono
htkt tMtaftornoou en the Hall. .
'' ft; , 'Ji

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