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31 f v
Gurden Islutid
All Kauai.
ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 10. NO. 33.
i r 14 ttli I Mllllife
THE 1. 1. 5. N.
The following letter has been
received from James L. McLean,
viT . president of the Inter Island
SteatnVNavigation Co., in reply to
n short editorial appearing in this
paper a few weeks ago:
Editor Gakdkn Island:
M attention has recently been
rSiy( to an editorial published in
votir issue of August 4 th. 1914,
lnflejt "As to Tuesday's steam
er, the last two paragraphs of
said article reading as follows:
"Uhueaud neighborhood want
a steamer regularly every Tuesday
morning and should have it.
"It has never been claimed that
there is not sufficient business for
it, so it seems to be a case of
'don't care' at the Honolulu
In replv to your comment on the
omission of our steamer "W. G.
Hall" to make the trip from Ka
. uai to Honolulu and return on the
occasion referred to, I respectfully
beg to say that the facts are these:
Under our mail contract we are
only flEgjuired to run our S. S."W.
G. HalV' to Lihue ports and re
turn once a week and the extra trip
each week that this steamer has
been making is simply to help out
in' the bringing of sugar to Hono
lulu, so in order to expedite the
work when the two trips are made, !
we grange to take the Ahukini
(freight by the steamer leaving Ho
?lulu on 'Mondays v .., .
Owing to the necessity of having
an extra day in which to clean
boiler, under date of July 16th,
we wrote our agent at Nawiliwili
to notify all peoole interested on
Kauai, that the "Hall" would
leave Honolulu one day late on
Friday, Tuly 24th instead of Thurs
day. This would cut out one day
of her working time on Kauai and
as the Agents ot the Plantation did
not require sugar on that partial
Jar trip, it was decided, to hays the
"Hall" rettirn from Kauai qu her
regular niail schedule leaving Na
wilkMH Tuesday afternoon. There
Is SoflihiE new in doing this, as it
. Kno., rlniie reneatedli' in the
oast whenever boiler cleaning be
,n,p tiprrssarv. so your remarks
-sfto it 'being a case of "don't
nt Honolulu end. does
not seem to be justified.
" The Management of the Com
Danv which it is my privilege to re
present, has always endeavored to
gjyetq Kauai the best possible ser
vice cQtnniensurate with the busi
ness it receives and will continue
to carry out this policy in future
J as. McLman,
Vice-President, I u ter-I s I a n d
Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.
An Unlucky Dog
irn1n:i household lost its
pet dog the other day and iu'an al
together unusual way.
Chas. Ebinger's rent car, of Kea
lia, arrived at the Lihue restaurant
nf.- rnnid trin from Koloa, to
fiudtfthat a dog (or the reniaiiis o
what was once a. lusty barker) was
dangling behind que qf its wheels,
lie rope with which the dog was
tied had either been coiled up in
the wheel by some mischief-maker
at Koloa, or had become entangled
by accident; und it was plain that
the unlucky canine had been drag
ged to death over ten miles of ma-
nnrlnm. unknown to the driver of
the car.
The British collier Strathdee
sailed from Port Allen Saturday
or Port Angeles.
Dr. F. L. Putman, the new pres
ident, has named the following to
be members of the various com
mittees of the Chamber of Com
merce for the ensuing ye.ir:
Finance II. Rohrig, Lihue,
chairman;. U. D. Baldwin, Mak.i
weli, and Frank Crawford, Lihue.
Commerce, Manufactures And
Agriculture-Gaylord P. Wilcox,
Kealia, chairman; F. Weber, Li
hue, and James Donald, Koloa.
Nomination F. A. Alexander,
Eledc, chairman; J. M. Kauekua,
Kapaa, and W. F.Sanborn, Hana
let. Local Promotion G. Hansen.
Kekaha. chairman; Chats. Wilcox,
Lihue, and J. I. Silva. Eleele.
Legislation Hon. E. A. Knud
sen, Kekaha. chairman; Hon. J.
H. Coney, Lihue. and John Fas
sotli, Waimea.
Homesteads And Homestead
ing E. H W. Broadbent, Lihue,
chairman; F. R. Tracey, Waipouli;
T. Brandt. Waimea.
Membership H. II. Brodie,
Hanapepc, chairman; C. B Gray,
Kealia, .-.ml S. E. Ilannestad, Li
hue. Village Improvement W. D.
McBrvde, Homestead, chairman;
J. M. Lydgate, Lihu and C.
Maser, Lihue.
Harbors, Shipping And Trans
portation H. D, Wishard, Lihne,
chainuanj Sinclair Robinson, Ma
kaweli, and M. B. Fernandez,
Entertainment W. H. Rice,
Jr , Lihue, c li n I r m an; R. L.
Hughes, Uletile, Richard Oliver,
Waimea, K. C. Hopper. Lihue,
and Mrs. Sarah BiDeverillTHana
lei. The new Board oi.wDirectQr3 is
as follows: Dr. F. L. Putman,
L. D. Timmons. E, E. Mahlum,
F. A. Alexanders G. Hansen', H.
Rohrig and G. P. Wilcox.
All arrangements h a y e been
completed fqr q tour of the three
largest towns of Katiql Waimea,
Koloa and LUiue-by "the Juvenile
The little, star actresses will ar
rive at Waimea by the Kinau on
the morning of Wednesday, Sep
tember 2, and will appear there
that evening ond the following
The next evening Friday) the
company will appear in Koloa. and
Saturday and Mondav evenings
programs w be given in Lihue
hall, Labile,
The sketches to be put on will in
clude tne tollowing, oemg among
the best of the company's reper
toire: "The Princess Chic", "The
Daughter of the Regiment", "The
Dream Girl", "Iroma", "The
Rose of Blandeen", 'The Gyps
Love", My Congo Maid" and
"The Isle of Spice"
The Juvenile Bostoniaus Com
pany is the best show troupe ap
pearing on Kauai in a very great
while - if not actually the best ever
attempting this tour; nud none o
their entertainments should be mis
sed. The programs will be entire
ly different at each appearance.
Tickets are on sale at Hofgaard's
in Waimea; Kauai Trading Com
pany (Mr. Donald), In Koloa. and
at the Lihue Store.
Baseball Next Sunday
The McBryde - Lihue play-off
game of baseball has been dropped
and the McBrydes and Makawelis
will begin their championship
series of three games on Eleele
field next Sunday afternoon at the
usual hour.
Sugar: Raws. 6.00; beets, no sale.
London Desperate and sanguinary- fighting in vicinity Namur
since Friday. French and British troops engaged with Gcinians north
Charlerois Saturday. French troops, spread out from Lille, met Ger
man right wing in East Flanders.
Namur fell yesterday.
Charlerois invested bv Germans. Thirty thoiisr.nd Germans attack
ing Malines near Antwerp.
Paris Failure of original plans of allies mid defeat of combined '
armies by the Germans in Belgium is admitted in official bulletin is
sued by Fii-ilch wai oliice hist night. Allies have rclir:d. covering
their position.
Washington While all reports received through various capitals
yesterday afternoon from Brussels are agreed that stiemious fighting
had been going on all along the line between Germans and French and
British loroes, attempting to hold
are contradictory as to results. Today Germans report many successes.
German Embassy reports that Crown Prince's army defeated five
French corps northeast of Diedenhoffef, cutting Hue of retreat of
southern French wing toward Verdun. French unable to face terrific
infantry fire wpre forced across tils
Belgian minister to U. S. notified
be asked cf German cruelties. Hamlets burned and peaceful citizens
Paris German officer states that army, was compelled to burii vil
lage because women shot on their advancing troops. Germans are ad
vancing over line 200 miles long. Heavy fighting reported yesterday.
London As the two great armies ate advancing over a front of
70 miles along German border, ganeral engagement with Germans will
develop within three or tour daysi so as to coincide with conflict on
French frontier. Making it impossible, for Germany to detach troops
from any part of batllcfront on cither frontier, Russia's advance on
both Germany and Austria is well
-i - . i . i e i .
uauic iiiai Yusina nas ueen rorceu lu.suspeuu opeiions aguinsi oervia
and Montenegro and divert strength,tolli&lding-bac'k Russia.
Copenhagen Emperor Franz JosLh is reported seriously ill.
Monday Afternoon
Paris The great battle between
forces and the German army continues desperately, both sides suffer
ing severe losses in the fight that sways back and forth along the fight
ing line.
The Germans occupy Lune'dlle,
the French 'oorder. The main
The mission of the allies is to
Belgium while Russia continues her
der of Gerniapy,
Zepp.e'ins are proving useful in
wrecked tnree. Zeppelin No. 8 was
Berlin The Germans defeated the French near Meufchatel.
Mislu oervian spoils in recent
manv guns, eight Howitzers, 114
plcle medical columns, 14 field kitchens. 15 ammunition wagons, tele
graph and held hospitals. Austria is abatulcfng offensive operations
against Servia. Crown Prince Wilheltn, reported wounded at Liege,
was not there but is at Metz. Capture of Liege regarded by experts as
brilliant feat.
New York German ambassador arriving from Rotterdam today
said Japan will undoubtedly take
weight of numbers, and assures
pan will have supremacy of the Pacific. She took advantage of present
situation for that sole pun ose.
Tokio Communication with
four hours.
Rotterdan The German right flank is south of Antwerp and mov
ing on Lille. Second division in Belgium is moving on Maubeuge
The main northern army, 300,000
London Russia's offensive operations against Germany are declnr
ed to be brilliantly successful.
Washington It is said that the
the President, who ordered the investigation. It is beltved here that
McCarn will be removed.
Honolulu Mr. Thomas arrived
days. Cruisers West Virginia and
for Hilo.
Oahu, 17 Vi II. C. & S., 30 4; Waialua, !V. Hwn, 21 H
Pioneer, 24 J.
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Berlin, Germany, Aug. 18 Be
fore leaving for the front, Kaiser
Wilheliii issued an imperial pro
clamation in which he said, "l am
it inlt. rniilwlnnt thir until Mlf liolfl.
. . . . ,
or uoci, tne nravery or our army
, ...
aim navy aim me uuqueuenuuie
unanimity ot the Uerman people,
victory will crown our cause."
the Germans in check, despatches
Mettse. Fortsat Liege still hold out.
State department investigation will
under, way, and appears so formi-
: L.' i i '. r-
the major part of the three allied
Alliance and Dieulerois, inside
positions of tho opposing arini are
hold the entire German army m
operations along the eastern bor
war. Wind squalls believed to have
shattered by French shells near
iignt include 4a, 000 prisoners,
caissons, three lield hospitals, com
Kiaochau from the Germans bv sheer
that result when the war is ended Ja
China has been severed for twenty
strong, is moving along the line.
McCarn case has greatly angered
today to relieve McCarn for sixty
South Dakota leave at 5 tonight
Smiddy For Marshal
News arrived last Thursday that
i United States Marshal to succeed
TT , T. . , .
, the late Mr. Ilendrv. Itisclatme
,nat Siniiuly 1)uloiUjS to t,le ialmer
Woods faction of the Democratic
Wm. C, Avery, principal of the
Kauai Grammar And Iltgh School,
which will open in a few wocks,
has written the following, for the
nformation of people of the island.
concerning the work it is purposed
to take up in the institution:
The Kauai Grammar And High
School offers advanced educational
opporl unities to the people of the
Garden Island, and plans to work
along two definite lines.
The first aim will be to develop
strong Grammar School depart
ment which will prepare students
to go on with hich school work.
Every effort will be made to keep
the pupils up to a hi h standard,
so that they may transfer to any
other school without loss of stand
ng, and may have the thorough
foundation needed for advanced
In order to accomplish this aim,
the instruction will be divided, as
ir ns possible, along department
al liness. English and Mathematics
will receive special emphasis.
The second aim will be to es
tablish a High School department
that will prepare its graduates for
any of the mainland Universities,
not onlv in the required courses of
study, but in oilier school activi
ties as well.
This year, three courses will be
offered: College Preparatory, Gen
eral and Business, dependent on
tlie'nuhiber of students wishing to
follow a specified course. The
courses will cover the first year
only, as the students eligible for
advanced standing are too few in
number to justify the organization
of the upper classes.
In school activities the members
of the faculty have had experience
in debating, dramatics and athle
tics, and will be glad to encourage
the students to take part in them,
by a hearty interest and helpful
Parents who wish their children
to board in Lihue during the school
year, should write at once to the
principal, who will try to find ac
commodations for them.
Govo Genko. driver of an auto
mobile, deliberately ran his ma-
cnine into the ditch opposite J. II.
Morauge's residence, Lihue, about
4 o' clock Saturday afternoon,
nauiy wre Ken tne car and came
near losing his own life, in order
to save a Japanese woman driving
a small cart along the road in front
of him.
Genko was proceeding along the
Grove Farm road to Nawiliwili.
wnen some distance irnm tne little
wagon (which was in the middle
of the road) he began sounding
his horn, expecting that the
woman would turn farther away
from his side of the road. In place
of that, however, she appeared to
be confused and turned directly in
front of the spefding machine.
In less time than it takes to tell
it, the chaffeur turned his machine
off into the ditch, where it landed
with a crush and stopped dead.
As a rather unusually fortunate
after-occurrence, (for Ihe chaffeur)
it is stated that the woman has
volunteeicd to pay for repairs to
the car, which will amount to con
Makaweli, 8;
McBryde, 5;
Lihue, 15;
Kilauea. 2;
Kawaihau. 1;
Koloa, 2.
That tells the storv in a nutshell
o f Sunday afternoon's baseball
games The day's results left the
Makawelis undisputed champions
of the second scries, with the Mc
Brydes and Lihucs tied for second
place. The latter two teams have
one unplayed game - postponed at
the time the Japanese wrestlers
were using Lihue park.
The Koloas had an off-day at
Lihue park, the homers having the
best of the argument almost from
the start. A careless period of five
minutes on the part of the Lihue
pitcher, in theseventh inning, gave
the visitors the only two runs made.
Two home runs were recorded
by the Lihucs, one bv Fernmnkz
(this, however, being assisted by
an error of the right fielder); and
the other by John Malina, in the
sixth inning. With bases crowded
Malina batted a 11 v lar over be
yond the bandstand, scoring four
men, including himself.
Scouii Bv Innings.
12 3 456789 Total.
Koloa, 0 0 0 000200 2
Lihue. 01300722x 15
The Kawaihaus threw up and
forfeited this game at the b gin
ning of the eighth inning on ac
count of dissatisfaction with the
ruling of the umpire. The Mc
Brydes had mad" one run in the
first inning, one in the fourth and
three in the seventh, while the
Kawaihaus had tallied only once-
in the fifth frame
Makaweli played a very strong
game, recording three home runs,
while Pitcher Kruse killed fifteen
men. The score by innings was
as follows:
123456789 Total
202010120 8
000 0 01010 2
Exciting Runaway
A horse belonging to B. Bremer,
attached to a brake, tore loose
from his moorings in front of the
County building last Thursday
afternoon, made a circuit of the
building and scampered for safety,
no one being hurt. On the highway
the horse was confronted by an
unexpected peril in the shaue of
K. C. Akana, with a couple of
arms waving in the air like a can
didate making a political speech.
This was too much for the horse,
and he fell down on his knees and
Some Lucky Sugar
Following is a list of sugar now
on the way to market, or on hand,
of plantations listed on the Stock
Exchange, which will come in for
high prices now prevailing:
Ewa 5,000
Hawaiian Commercial 6.100
Waialua .8.600
Hawaiian Sugar 7,000
Ouomea 6,053
Pioneer -7,300
Hawaiian Agricultural 7,300
McBryde 5.350
Olaa 7,000
Maui Agricultural 4,400
Ilonokaa 3,000
Pacific Mill 2.000
Kahuku 800
Kekaha 5,000
Wiiiiuanalo... 1,500
Wailuku ..2.500
Oahu .-7 r.QO
Totals 87,583
In addition to these lots are su
gars of plantations not listed,
which will bring the grand total
up to more than 100,000 tons.

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