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Hows, 1.02
Beets, no pale
Mkt. Strong.
(itudcn Island
ESTABLISHED 1904. YOL 10. NO. 45.
H -W -fVw
m m msr a a i ft si fci :
mm y m m PS w m m si vi
Governor Piukluun has addressed
tlif rollo-.viu x itier to I. D. Tuck
er, commissioner of public lands,
the same b.-ing his decision on the
important unctions involved i n
tlie Waipuult railway project:
The Governor will approve of a
license to the Lihue Pla-itatioii
Company for. a term of years, to
"Construct, operate and maintain a
railway line on or across the Gov
ernment lands of Wailua, and
said railway to connect with the
existing lines, of railway now the
property o the Government or by
expiration of leases to become the
property of the Government, and
said railway shall be built under
the supervision of the Territorial
Superintendent of Public Works
and a record shall be kept of the
exact cost of said railway, which
record shall be certified to by the
Superintendent of Public Works,
through whom duplicate vouchers
shall be furnished the Territorial
Auditor, and further
The Teiritorv shall reserve the
right to directly or indirectly can
cel or take over said license and
rajftvay by paving directly or in
directly to said Lihue Plantation
Company the cost of said railway
plus ten per cent of said cost, to
gether with an adjustment of the in
terest- at the rate of six per cent
per annum on sajd cost based on
tlie..faUure.,.ot siid railway to earn
. said six per cent, should' such
nrove to.be the case.
The Administration recognizes
the absolute necessity of relief to
i tlie Homesteaders on lJortlieast
Kauai, notaoly tnose growing
pineappl-s. and. further, the tie
cessitv of a safe pjrt for deep sen
vessels, presumably Nawiliwili.
hence favors terms that will se
cure prompt action.
The lease of the Government
lands of Wailua, Kauai, expires
on October 1. 1917, and there is
no legal wav at the present time to
determine the exact disposition
that will be made of the lands.
According to our laws they must
be homesteaded. if a legal demand
is made, or. if not so required or
only partiallv required, the lands
or the remainder, can be offered at
public sale for lease,
fltjs unlawful and against pub
lie policy to in any wav prejudice
free and lawful competition for
these lands.
You will .ilease turuisii copies
I of this letter to anv and all parties
J" """in interest 'it vour discretion.
Yours respectfully.
(S) L. K Pixkham
r t t
loveruur in nnwuu.
Filipinos Vin
In the baseball contest Sunday
last between the German and Fili
pino teams, the latter won in ten
innings bv a score of 7 to 6.
The I ipauese defaulted to the
. While sliding to home plate, the
Filipino pitcher struck his head on
the ground and was q'l'te badly
Kentuckian Coming
The freighter Kentuckian will
arrive at Port Allen Friday morn
ing with freight for merchants in
thafcrloralitv. She will take no car
go on Kauai, and will likely sail
t!((e same afternoon for Kahului,
New Enterprises.
T h e White sewing machine
agency and the White Seal Steam
Laundry, of Honolulu, are negoti
ating with a v i e w to opening
branch offices on Kauai. The for
mer will probably locate at Wni
mea, while the latter will likely
be established in Lihue.
Spalding At- Kol oa, Kauai,
November 13, 1914, to the wife of
Henry G. Spalding, a daughter.
Sugar, 4.02.
London Advices from Holland
blad urges Queen Wilhelmina to consult with President Wilso re
garding finding a basis for peace settlement between the warring
countries of Europe. United States Minister Henry Van Dyke, who
is returning to America for treatment to his eyes, is beat nig a mes
sage to President Wilson in this regard
The Prince of Wales has overcome the difficulties in (lie wav of
his entering the war and has gone to the front.
Vallejo The historic Independence (a battleship in her day) and
the Brownlow were sold at auction here today.
Washington The new battleship Wvoming won the Knox tro
phy offered by ihe Sons of the American Revolution for the best gun
nery in the navv.
San Francisco In an address here last night by the president of
ihe New York Temperance Union, the statement was made that pro
hibition throughout the United States would be in force in five years.
Washington Owing to stringency in the money market in Por
tugal, that country will not be able to cash money orders and none
will be received there.
San Francisco While Mrs. 1 helina Smart (Thelma Parker) is
iying on her death bed heic, Hawaiian singers from local theatrical cir
cuits sing Hawaiian songs to her.
London Karl Roberts will be buried at Ascot.
A mine which washed ashore at Capelle. off the coast of Holland,
burst while a number of people were examining it. Seven killed.
Secretary McKenna says Britain treats prisoners of war humanely.
The number interned, but at large, in England is 29,000.
Washington Records of the State Department show that Germany
is not bound by the Hague conference treaty limiting the use of mines,
the clause having been subscribed to with limitations.
London The captun.' of Cracow by Russians would mean thai
key to whole industrial situation of Silesia would fall into their handd,
striking a vital economic blow to Germany. The inhabitants of Cra
cow are leaving the eit . which is burning in .parts. Russians have
partly invaded it. The Russian advance on the city was in overwhelm
ing numbers.
San Francisco The Fifth U.
New York In the twenty-third hour of six-day bicycle racehere,
516.iailes-had been reeled off, breaking-all previousr ecords.
.Honolulu Japanese on the Kiyo Maru complain that National
Guardsmen's bullets lauded on their deck in place of on the target
A formal protest has been made to Colonel Jones.
Red Cross ladies had big suc.ets yesterday.
Owinc to complaint-, about t.ie
avenue, operations there may be Mopped.
Superintendent Forbes has declined the job of city engineer before
it was formally offered to him.
Berlin despatches from Constantinople report that the Khedive
will soon commence to resume operations Turkish troops against Egypt.
London Asquith, in address today, said the war is costing Great
Britain from four to five million, daily.
LondonIt is acknowleged at Petrograd that severe Turkish at
tack lias checked Russian advance in tlie Caucasus. Official Turkish
statements state that Russian losses were heavy.
Washington The 'Audacious' disaster was known of here, mat
ter was kept secret at the requeni of the British Government.
London Announcement has been made at the Grecian Chamber
I hat Great Britain is advancing Greece eight million dollars, with
which to build warships in British yards.
Rome Pope Benedict urges peace in war stricken Europe, and
gives four reasons tor the war.
Paris Yesterday's fighting along the Yser from Niuport to Dixe
munde sousistted only in artillery exchanges. German forces con
centrating at Bteslau and Posen Only the utmost need will persuade
Germany to send any troops to :1m western arena. The German at
tack in Fla ulers is slowlv shifting toward the French bolder. In
nundations from the lower country have transformed the country be
yond Dixeinunde into vast swamps, impassable to artillery and almost
impassable for light accoutered troops. Guns are mired in swamps
and cannot be moved. Couiitk-hs corpses are afloat in the water.
ParisGerman forces attempting to cross the Yser Canal were
driven beyond bridge and one regiment completely destroyed south of
Loudon Russians are apparently concentrating on border near
Prezmsl, attempting to crush Austrians before making main advance
on Germany. Dispatches from Copenhagen say great armies concen
tratinir nt westurn border
Honolulu Supt Forbes, of Public Works Dept. is being boomed
for City Engineer.
Blind Pigger Pays.
Takase, suspected of running a
blind piggery in Gay & Robinson's
camp at Pakala, was arrested by
the police last week and allowed to
go upon depositing $100 bail. At
the time of the trial, however, he
was not to be found and the bail
money was declared to be forfeit
ted. Married Men Win
The Married Men vs. Bachelors
tennis tournament o u the local
links resulted in victory for the
former by three points, the total
score being 75 to 72. This was
much closer than had been expect
ed. Another tournau ent of the
snnip nntiirt m.iv lie nlsived short-
say that the Atnsteidam Ilandels-
S. Infantry has been ordered to Pa
quality of the work on Kalakaua
on page 3.
Returned By Hilonian
The following well known pco
pie came up on the Hilonian, ar
riving at port Allen Saturday
morning: Alexander and W. D,
McBryde and R. W T. Purvis,
returning from the meeting of the
McBrvde Sncar Comoanv. at Ho
nolulu: Mrs. S. W. Wilcox and
Miss Elsie Wilcox, returning from
a visit to Honolulu and Maui; and
Hon. D. Paul R. Isenberg and
wife, of Honolulu, who came ovei
to visit relations and friends at Li-
j line.
, i
Kekaha's Extra
The directors of Kekaha Sugar
Comnanv have declared an extra
dividend of 4i per. cent . payable
on IJecemlier li. l ins orings me
total of Kekaha for the year up to
12 per. cent.
The Honolulu Stat- Bul'etin
publishes the followinj :
Development from o"e directum.
negotiations in another, for an in
dtistrial railroad on Kauai to as
sure tlie success ot the kapna
hohiesteading plans have reached
the point where the Makee Sugar
Coinpany has announced itself
willing to build a line for the Wai
potili lauds.
Another and entirely distinct
proposal that tlu Lihue Planta
tion Coinpany, coming from the
other direction, build an industrial
railroad and co-operate with home
steaders and the Hawaiian Can
neries Company in developing a
big pineapple district is still un
settled. Negotiation- are still under way
between the governor, the Lihue
plantation, and the piutapple com
pany. The question of the release
by the plantation of -ome govern
ment land leases is still being dis
Carlos Ricorcoli, Filipino, living
at Haiiainaulu. either attempted
suicide at his home between 4 and
5 o'clock Saturday afternoon or
made a mighty good bluff at it.
With a dangerous looking pocket
knife he made a stab at his stomach
the weapoir, howeer, merely cut
ting the skin, inflicting a leughty
but not a dangerous wound.
Friends interfered, but a little
whik later the man got away from
the house and started to the Hana
maulu store. Fearing that he would
carrv out his apparent purpose,
his companions followed and turn
ed him over to the police. He was
brought to Lihue jail and locked
It is claimed that Ricorcoli has
been acting stn.ngely for some
time, and his friends had feared
that he was out of his head. At
the county jail, however, he ap
pears to be perfectly rational.
Hilonian's Visit
The Matson steamer Hilonian
arris-ed at Port Allen Fr'day morn
ing with passengers and 600 tons
of freight. She sailed at 12 noon
Saturday fr Kaanapali, taking 1.
6''0 cases of pineapples and 100
empty gasoline drums.
Mrs. Howland's Concerts
Mis. Howland will give a con
cert in Lihue Social Hall next
Saturday evening for the benefit
of the Red Cross. Tickets are
now on sale at Lihue Store and by
ladies who have consented to help
the cause. Another program will
be presented 'v Mrs. Howland
at the Knudsen place, Kekaha, op
Monday evening, where a "Night
In Venice" aff'-ct will be aimed at.
Besides the concert, there will be
costume dancing, Norwegian dan
ces, fan and general dancing the
affair being mostly open-air.
McCarthy May Come
Col, C. J. McCarthy, the new
Territorial treasurer, announces
that he will personally audit tl e
books of Kauai. Maui and Hawaii
counties, which the law requires
shall be done by his department
once everv six months. It is pre
sumed, from this announcement,
that the treasurer will shortly come
over here.
cussed .
The indiistri.il railroad contem
plated by the Makee Sugar Com
pany will shortly be built, though
not umler the plan advocated late
ly by the Kauai Chamber of Com
It will be primarily for the bene
fit of the Waipouli homesteader.1
on the upper part of the Kapaa
lands otherwise known as Kapaa
No. 2 and its construction will be
in accordance with a license origi
nally negotiated between cx-
Governor Frear and Makee Suga:
Coinpany. but which rested in
abeyance until its terms and condi
tions were defined recently through
an understanding between Gover
nor Pinkhain and the company.
Now the line of railroad is about to
le surveyed by Malcolm Knoch.
who has done work for the govern
ment in tin' islands he having re-
! turned from the mainland with his
I family in the Matsonia this week
1 Continued on page 4.
Mark Houghtailing, foreman,
and three skilled wharf workmen
came up on the W. G. Hall Fri-
, day morning to begin work on
Nawiliwili wharf. All of the men
are well known here. W. Peter
son worked on Waimea wharf. F.
Bechert is a brother of A. Bechert.
of Haiianiaulu, while W. A. Co
ney is a son of Hon. J. H. Coney.
Common labor is being employed
A lot of lumber and other
niateiial arrived by the sinic
steamer for use at the landing.
The head men have taken quarteis
at the Fairview hotel.
The intention is to re floor, re
roof and repaint the wharf and
shed and repair the piling. When
that part of the work is completed
a fence and gate will be built a
cross the front. The cost of the
entire job will be about $3,000.
Gets Jail Sentence
In the Circuit Court last Friday,
Nabcllo de I.i Cruz entered a plea
ot guilty to a charge of nianslaught
or in the third degree and was sen
tenced to imprisonment for not less
than two nor more than five years
The prisoner, who is a young
man. while playing baseball at
Kalaheo on a Sunday, got into an
altercation with another player and
struck the man with a baseball
bat, killing him. It was prettv
clearly shown that De la Cruz was
being rushed by his victim, and
the circumstances seemed to point
to the fact that the blow was struck
to stop him and that nothing more
serious w a s contemplated. For
those reasons the charge was modi
fied from first to third degree man
slaughter. Hofeaards Entertain.
Judge and Mrs. C. B. Hofgaard
entertained last Friday evening in
honor of the 25th anniversary of
their weddii'g. After this affair
thev were invited to the Waimea
Hall where thev were treated to a
surprise reception, many of their
triends being present. The later
hours of the evening were given to
Coming Tomorrow
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alexander
and II W. Kinney, superintend
ent of education, will h" expected
in the Kinau tomorrow morning.
Corporation Places lisclf In
Position To Pay Dividends
The Chamber of Commerce room
in the Staugcuwald building,
Honolulu, was literally p: eked to
the doors last Wednesday morning,
the occasion being a meeting of
the stockholders of the McBryde
Sugar Company. Quite a number
of Kauai stockholders were pre
sent, among them being: Mana
ger Alexander, R. W. T. Purvis.
A. McBryde, W. D. McBryde and
K. Roendahl. Following is a brief
statement of the occurrences at the
J. P. Cooke, president of the com
pany, wai in the chnir. Treasurer
John Waterhouse and Secretary
lohn Guild also were in atten
dance. The room was crowded
with stockholders.
The directors were reprtsented
by Judge De Bolt nnd C. R.
What many believe was the
most important action of the meet
ing was the reduction of the capi
tal stock from $4,500 000 to $3,
800,000. This was accomplished
by reducing the par value of the
stock from $20 to $16 per share.
Another important decision was
to pay a n outstanding note ot
$142,972.76, given by the com
pany to Alexander & Baldwin,
dated January 1, 1914. and pay
able three vears after date or be
fore. Action on an option on
shares of the Kauai Fruit
Land Company was deferred,
cause of the present depressed
condition of the pineapple imhu
try. An appropriation of $800 was
made to the Belgian war relief
It was lound tlti.l after all
obligations of the company are
met there will be a bal.nce of a
bout $50,000 in the treasury at
the end of this year. It is bclieyed
that this opens the way for a
It is understood that Collector
Cottrill of the internal rtvetiuede
partmeut holds that are organiza
tion must follow the reduction of
the capital stock, in which vent a
war tax amounting to about $150Q
must be paid on the new stock
certificates. This question is to
be taken up with the Washington
Kinney Coming
Superintendent Henry W. Kin
ney will arrive at Lihue by the Ki
nau tomorrow. He will be met
here by Supervising Principal H.
H. Brodie, and the two officials
will set off about 3 a. in. for the
Haeiia school, beyond Haunlei,
I hey will visit all the schools back
to Kapaa during tomorrw. On
Thursday thev will work down as
far as Eleele, Friday will be speu
on tlie waimea eiia and the su
perintendent will take the Kinau
at Nawiliwili Saturday afternoon
for home.
For Lihue School
The Lihue Public School will
hold a sale of clothing and fancy
work, in the Lihue Social Hall on
Saturday, November 28th.
The sale will open at 3:30 and
will continue through the evening.
Ice cream cornucopias and can
dy will be sold during the after
noon and evening. There will al
so br a sale of second hand articles,
which will be sold at low figures,
R. T. Snvder. who opened the
Lihue barber shop, hr.s sold out
his interests to H. G. Gobelniann
and returned to Honolulu on ac
count of the illness of his wife.
Mr. Gobelmann is an American of
German parentage.
E. St. C. De Lacev, head sales
man of the Lihue Store, went to
Honolulu Saturday on business for
his concern. He will return either
Friday or next week.

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