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Guillen Island
All Kauai.
Li yf 1
ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 11. NO. 33.
For the first time since 1878 the
Bar of Kauai assembled in the Cir
cuit Court room at Lihue at 10
o'clock last Friday morning to me
morialize the life and work of a
deceased ludge the late Judge
l-Jacob Hardy. Judge L. ArDickey
presided at the extraordinary meet
ing, and practically all of the at
torneys of the island were present.
The proceedings were as follows:
BY THE COURT: "This is not
meeting of the court for ordinary
''court business buf one which gives
opportunity to the members of the
Kauai Bar and.anv others who may
wish to do so to pay tribute to the
memory of Judge Hardy who serv
ed in this court tor so many years."
BY MR. KAEO: "May it please
Your Honor, may I be allowed to
present resolutions on the death
of Judge Hardy, reading as fol
WHEREAS, on the 8th. of Au
gust, 1915. Jacob Hardy, Justice
of the Circuit Court, Fifth Circuit,
was removed firom us bv the hand
of death; and
WHEREAS, it is fitting that the
members of the Bar of this Court,
who lrad practiced continuously be
fore him prior to his resignation of
t the sacred office, should place up
on record an expression of their
appreciation of the services and lite
'"jf our late lustice; and
x WHEREAS, that from the time !
The Kawaiahao .Seminary stu
dents residing on Kauai, number
ing about nine, will give a benefit
concert Saturday evening, August
28, 1915, at 8:15 o'clock, under
the auspices of the Lihue Chris
tian Endeavor society.
The proceeds, after deducting ex
penses, will be divided equally be
tween the singers and the societies
above named. The share of the
latter will be applied to the care
of indigent persons that come to
their attention, and general pur
poses. Tpe Kawaialjao girls will
turn over their share to the Lima
Kokua Society of the school, the
first duty .of which is to provide tor
needy students. The money from
this fund is sometimes used to pro
vide for needy families of students.
A dance will follow the concert.
Typewriters For School
Principal W. C. Avery, ot the
Kauai High & Grammar School,
has secured a number of Under
wood typewriters, of the latest
model, for his business classes this
fall. They will be installed at the
opening of the term in September.
Japanese Woman Suicides
A Japanese woman hung herself
in her home at Kapaia last week.
She had just moved there from the
inauka camp, where she had been
living with her husband and two
children for about two years. The
friends of the woman are unable to
assign any cause for the deed.
Fleur de Lis, ladies' hairdress
ing, shampooing, manicuring and
scalp treatment. All kinds of hair
work. Under the Hlaisdell Hotel,
first door in Chaplain lane, Hono
lulu. Advt .
I Ml W I I B B &7 W S
of our late lamented Justice's ap
pointment as a Circuit Judge on
the bench of this Circuit, we have
recognized his sterling worth, in
tegrity and Christian spirit; and
WHEREAS, it is the unanimous
tribute of the members of the Bar
of this Circuit, that he has ever
borne himself with dignity and
courtesy, and was faitful in his
duties both to the Bench and Bar;
SOLVED, that the members of the
Bar of this 'Circuit hereby give ex
pression of profound" respect for
the memory of him whose departure
we mourn, and the loss sustained
by the Bench, Bar and community
of this County in the removal of
one who nearly, if not fully half a
century had given proof of his
worth as a citizen and jurist; and
ED, that a copy of these resolutions
be spread upon the records of this
usual, if the Com t please, that a
motion of this kind should be sec
onded, I would .now second that
motion. I wish to say also, if the
Court please, coming upstairs this
morning my attention was called
to the fact that there are occasion:,
when we arc compelled to test for
a moment in the pursuit of our
business' and' think ot the uncer
tainty of life and reflect also upon
the fact that sooner or later the
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Off To School
Misses Edith and Juliet Rice
sailed in the Kinau Saturday after
noon for Honolulu where they will
take a steamer for California, to
enter school at Piedmont in Sep
tember. Tiiev were accompanied
as far as Honolulu by their parents,
Hon. and Mrs. Chas. A. Rice.
Near Serious Accident
The Indian showman, Chief
Hailstorm, and his manager, Mr
Crawley, came very near going
over the cliff at Mahinauli, near
Waimea, late Tuesday night while
they were on the road to Lihue
On flie hill above Pereira's houso
their machine skidded and crashed
into the stone wall at the edge of
the precipice. Fortunately the wall
held, although the machine was
seriously wrecked.
Hailstorm a n d Crawley were
picked up by c. passing machine
and taken to Waimea. The follow
ing day the machine was towed
back to the garage for repairs.
Monster Convention
T h e convention o f Filipino
churches of the island, which was
held in Koloa on Sunday, turned
out to be a monster affair, between
four and five hundred people at
tending. Everything went off or
derly and the results are reported
to have been entirely satisfactory.
Concert At Koloa
The concert at Koloa for the
benefit of the Christian Endeavor,
scheduled for next Saturday even
ing, promises to be a very pleasant
affair and will doubtless net a
satisfactory sum of money.
"Joe" Fassoth, of Makaweli.left
Saturday for Maui. Some of the
fans down there affirm that that
was the reason the Makawelis lost
Sunday's game o f baseball a t
llll THE
The McBrydes arc champions of
the 1915 baseball season.
In the game Sunday afternoon
on Eleele field they defeated the
Makawelis. 5 to 1, giving" theni
the second series. They had won
the first series, so that there will
be no plav-off games,
The orowd at Eleele was only
fairly large, so inasiv of the prom
inent fans being away from the
island. 1 u the first inning the
Makawelis got one across t h e
plate, but tiiev failed to score after
that. The champions scored twice
in the fourth, once in the sixth
and twice in the eighth.
The game was practically with
out features. It was reniarkud,
however, that the Makawelis seem
ed to be considerably out of form.
The score by innings was as fol
lows: 123 4 567S9 Total
McBrvde, 0,0 0 2 0 1 0 2 0 5,
Makaweli, 100 0 00000 1
The J. A. C. plavers failed to
show up in Lihue for their game
with the locals. As it was under
stood in advance, however, that
they would not. only a few strag1
glers turned up at the baseball
The standing of the teams at the
close is as follows: McBrvde, first;
Makaweli, second; J. A. C. and
Lihue, tied.
Boy Accidently Shot
While three or four small boys
were toying with some bird guns
at the residence of Sheriff Rice
last Thursday morning, one of the
weapons w a s discharged, the
charge of small No. 9 liirdshot en
tering the back of little Richard
Rice at a point below the right
shoulder. The bov was taken at
once to the Lihue hospital where
he has since been getting on finely.
No alarm is felt, unless, indeed,
blood-poisoning should develop,
which is regarded as possible but
unlikely. The shooting was whol
ly accidental, and was another case
of an "unloaded gun" going off.
Sheriff and Mrs. Rice are now
visiting in California, and were
notified of the accident by wire
less. Lihue Union Church
There wiil be a special service
in memory of the late Hon Jacob
Hardy Sunday August 22, at 11:00
a. m. All are cordially invited to
participate in the testimony to the
sterling qualities and long life of
service of this faithful friend of
J, M. Lydgatic.
Hyades Takes Sugar
The hteamer Ilyades arrived at
Port Allen Friday nioiuing, with
1100 tons of coast freight for par
ties i n that neighborhood. She
sailed again at 3 o'clock Sunday
afternoon for Kahului, taking 35,
000 bags of sugar.
Visitors Return Home
The partv of HonoUilu young
people who have been visiting the
Kntidsens and the Aubrey Robin
sons at Kekaha and Waimea re
turned home in the Kinau last
Saturday night, having had a most
delightful outing.
.. -.
Born In Nawiliwili, Lihue Au
gust 1 1915, to Mr. and Mrs. C.
L. Wilson, a daughter.
Mrs. Fred Carter, Lihue, gave
a delightful y:uing-folks reception
and dance Thursday evening in
honT of Mises Edith and Juliet
Rice, who sailed Saturday after
noon for school in California.
The leading feature was, o f
course, dancing and refreshments
were served throughout the even
ing. ' Those present were Misses Edith
and Juliet Rice, Catherine Coney,
Irene Ahrens, Mildred Hogg, Dora
Broadbent, Thchna Hopper, Lydia
Brodero, Heather Damon and Jessie
Campbell ;Frank Broadbent, George
Hogg, Willie Wolters, James Bro
dero, Reuben Campbell, Cedric
Baldwin, Paul Baldwin and Els
worth Derby.
Tho many Kauai friends of Ro
bert Fricke, head luna of Kilauea
plantation, will regret t o learn
that he will shortly leave this is
land, perhaps early in September,
for Oahu.
He has accepted a position as
section luna on the big Oahn
plantation. The move, however,
will be something like "going
home" for Mr.Fricke, for he was a
luna at Oahu plantation for eight
years prior to coming to Kauai. On
Oahu plantation are a head luna
and two section lunas, and it is one
of the latter positions that Mr.
Fricke will fill. The principal in
ducement offered is a larger salary .
It is not vet known who will
succeed Mr. Fricke at Kilauea.
Koloa Court Matters
Judge Kapahee presented two of
his "clients" w:th mementoes in
the Koloa court, one, a Filipino,
being given three months for va
grancy, and the other, a Porto
Ricau, getting the same term for
non-support of children.
Shiza, Japanese auto driver, for
feited bail in the sum of $10, the
charge against him being over
loading his machine. He was ar
rested at Lawai.
Deputy Sheriff Henry Blake,
who was injured by an auto last
week, is about again,
Judge Schiinmelfeiiig, who was
thrown while attempting to board
a plantation train some months
ago, sustaining a broken leg, is
able to walk a little but is still
in the hospital.
Escaped Man Returns
Marino Francisco, sentenced in
the Waimea court to a year for
vagrnucv, walked away from the
prison guard Tuesday and the
police were searching high and
low for him until Friday night,
when they found him calmly eat
ing his supper in a Waimea res
taurant. He had found the hills
intolerable and had returned to
town where food was less hard to
procure, lie will he given an addi
tional term for jail-breaking.
. Kauai ladies visiting Honolulu
should call at the Fleur de Lis
(under Blaisdell Hotel, first door
in Chaplain lane) for hairdressing,
shampooing, manicuring and scalp
treatment. Advt,
The barkeutines Lahaina and
Puako sailed today from Port Al
len for Astoria.
Sugar, 4.89.
Atlanta The bodv of the notorious convict Leo Frank, who was
abducted last night from Milledgville penitentiary, was found hanging
to a tree fiv miles from the institution. He had been lynched.
Another Hurricane At Galveston
Houston. Texas Galveston is cut off from the world, the last
telephone and telegraph wires going out last night. The fate of the
city, which is under furious assault of a tropical hurricane, is unknown
The U. S. S. transport Budford got a wireless through to Brownsville
that the waters of the Gulf were piled up ten feet. Several vessels
have capsized; it is certain that there has been heavy loss of life and
material damage, but the amount cannot be determined. A great flood
is feared as a result of high winds.
Woild Re-Establish Monarchy
Peking President Yuan Shih Kai plans a monarchy for China,
with himself as emperor. President Goodness, of John Hopkins Uni
versity, official adviser, is now here, mid expresses the opinion that
a monarchy would be best for China.
Cotton Wiil Be Contraband
London Through the American Embassy here Washington was
unofficially notified of the intention of Gteat Britain to make cotton
absolute contraband of war. Imports have increased greatly.
This Is Terrible!
Bridgeport Eighteen corset makers have gone on strike, demand
ing an eight-hour day.
Needle Maker Is Dead
Birmingham, Eng. Private Horace Gee, known as an indispen
sable man owing to his knowledge
whom Parliament was asked to release from service on that account
has been killed in battle.
Russia And Japan
Milan While Russia is ready to welcome an alliance with Japan,
in view of the mutual interests of the two nations in the Far East, it
is believed in Russia that in no particuhr should such alliance be di
rected against either the United States or China.
More Mexican Raiders
Washington Under cover of darkness one hundred Mexican
raiders crossed the border, surrounded cavalrymen on patrol duty and
poured lead into them, escaping again across the border. Two troop
ers -in detail of twenty-five were wounded. Reinforcements of troop
ers from Mercedes and posses oi armed citizens from the sut rounding
country are searching for the greasers, fearing they may lay in ambusU
for one of the parties and cut them down.
Many Americans are reduced to starvation point in Mexico City,
and popular feeling may provoke hostilities.
Serbians Destroy Defenses
Paris Serbian batteries yesterday brought to an end Austrian at
tempt? to complete defensive works at Dobera. on the Danube. The
Serbs brought guns into action, first against the Austrian batteries es
tablished at St. Archeve, silencing them The partially completed de
fenyes at Dobera were then attacked and destroyed.
Japanese Navy To Maneuver
Tokio The greatest maneuver in the history of the Japanese navy
is to be held off Yokohama harbor in October.
Monday Afternoon
Honolulu It is rumored that McCarn will not return to the Is
lands. Jealous Japanese killed woman and himself today.
Guthrie Back To Japan
San Francisco Ambassador and Mrs. Guthrie will pass through
here tomorrow.
News Of The Navy
Washington Col. Perkins, of the Marine Corps, has been assign
ed to the marine barracks at Pugct Sound.
The battleship New Hampshire was in a hurricane off the coast of
Florida, two marines being washed overboard.
Minister To Santo Domingo
V. W. Russel has been appointed minister to Santo Domingo,
vice Sullivan, temperamentally unfit.
Around Brownsville
Brownsville American cavalrymen answered dangerous fire uf
Mexicans near Progresso. They returned fire. No casualties reported.
Bandits attempting reorganization of their forces try, further raids on
American side,
Americans With Canadians
London Names and statistics made public todav show two thou
sand Americans fighting with Canadian troops. Of these some are
West Pointers. One hundred have been killed.
Bulgaria And Greece
With the opening of the Greek and Bulgarian parliaments today
comas the probability of important political changes in connection
with the war, which may result in throwing one or more of the Bal-
I kan States into the fray on the side
; Serbia may seek a compromise
Allies in exchange of territory taken by Serbia in the second Balkan
conflict. Bulgaria wants several portions of Macedonia, won from
Turkey by Greece in the Balkan fray. Greece, however, rejects the
Bulgarian demands.
Ministers of the A'lies under instructions ol their home govern
ments are hard at work seeking to effect an arrangement that will se
cure the participation of Greece, Bulgaria and Roumania on their side.
From German Sources
Berlin Victorious in fighting their way forward from Warsaw,
the German armies arc now closing in on Brest litovsk.key to the road
to Petrograd. Leopold has captured Losyre and Miedzurze. Mar
kensen, farther south, has marched triumphantly up both sides of the
Bug, taking Giale and Slawatyow.
Around Kovno the Germans are beginning a terrific bombard
ment, taking 7,000 prisoners.
Russia Still Optimistic
Petrograd Russian officials are still optimistic though the armies
have been pushed back by the Austro-German forces Russian gen
erals and observers feel that Germany will not long be able to sustain
the tremendous cost of the campaign in soldiers and equipment.
Grove Run, Penn. Five persons were killed today when the Ger
man Aetna Explosive Company's works were blown to pieces.The whole
country round about was shaken by the concussion. No cause for the
explosion has been found by the authorities. The firm is engaged in
making war munitions.
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in the manufacture of needles, and
of the Entente.
by which Bulgaria will join the

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