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Iseconded. the application was
'Continued from wn' ! tabled.
Furniture & Office Supplies 112 62! Acting iu connection with the
IV 00
Attorney 42.25
Auditor 45.35
Clerk 33.00
Sheriff 98.75
Supervisors .25
Tieasurer 17. X5
Co. Rd. Supervisor 114.50
School New
Li hue
New School Jildgs
Rep. t: Main Sell,
JJldgs & Grounds 1406. A 2075.79
Stationery 37.90
Support of 1'risoners 433.45
Water Works:
W.-iimea 35.00
Oiuno 4 5.5
Koloa 86.30
Kawaihau 4 1.20 208,35
County Road Machinery 264.15
Waimea- Oiling Rds 37.92
Rds & bridges 537.08 575.00
Koloa. Rds & bridges 882.61
Liliue: Macad Huleia 53.37
Rds & bridges 1031 .98 1085.35
Kawaihau: Rds & bridges 828.63
Hanalei: Macad:
KiJanea 5,892.41
do W-H 19.00
Rds Xr bridges 755.79 6667.20
Total $16,253.17
Waimea new school building
liids: Three bids for the construc
tion of this school were received,
from the following persons:
Thos. L. Andrews, Honolulu,
F 1228); Henry H. K. He Fries,
Honolulu, (.V ''l)) and H. I.ino
Fernandez, also of Honolulu, ( I'
1230). The bids weie referred to
J, II . Moragne upon whose advice
given later, the bid ot Thos, L.
Andrews was accepted, it being
the lowest. ' - 1
The Financial Reports Xos. 172,
172a, 172aa, and 172b, for the
month of July last were approved
upon the recommendation of Mr.
braudt, the Finance Committee.
The Financial Reports for the
month of August, 1015, Nos. 173,
173a, 173aa, and 173b, were re
ceived and referred to Mr. braudt
for report.
A coiunuiuic Htiiiii under date of
August iHtb, enclosing three cop
ies each of contracts for the con
struction of a road and bridge at
the Kapaa Homesteads. (IM220)
and a road from Kukiiiolouo Hill,
Kaluheo, to the main government
road at Luwai, l'12-M I made out
in the name of the Laud Commis
sioner and tli; County of Kauai
and which are to take the places
of those already executed between
t h e Superintendent o f l'ublic
Works and the County were re
ceived and the contracts were or
dered sinned by the members of
the board.
(if the board's own motion II,
1. Wishaid, A. Menefoglin and J.
II . Moragne were uppointed dele
gates to represent the County of
Ku:ai at the couveuticu of the
Intel national Irrigation Congress
which will be held in September,
in San Francisco and other places
on the mainland.
The legal opinion of County
.Attorney Kaeo in le-coininiiiuca-
tiou ll'l-'.M) of the Kauai Indns-
tiial Accident Hoard calliuc the at
trillion o the board to section 2 f
Ait -'-1 ot the Session Laws of
1V1S, known as Wot k men's C mii
pensutiou Act, etc. etc. was le
ceived and placed on tile.
A petition 1' 1231 1 trom the j
Wat mea Stables, Ltd., to author-j
i.e the County Tieasurer to ie-j
fund to that company the sum of j
twenty-five dollais paid for a
garage licence, etc. etc. was re-'
ceied and a bill lefundiug this ;
amount was pieseuted and ap
proved. After; verbal it-port from Mr,'
Moragne upon the application 1 1'
1214 1 of Joe Aguiar for his ap-!
pointnient as a stable boy for the
Kawaihou District, and upon the
i luotiou of Mr, Menefotflio, duly
communication P 1223 of Mr.
Sanborn in regard to the appoint
ment of a poundmasttr for Hana
lei and upon the motion of Mr.
Menefoglio, duly seconded, the
board by a unanimous vote ap
pointed W. 1 Aaroii-a to that of
fice. A suggestion LP 1232) from W.
O. Crowell, K&q., Acting Sheriff
of the County cf Kauai, for the
pasKnge of an ordinance under
which t he police could control
and regulate the operation, align
ment, etc, of motor cars and other
vehicles at places of public ariuse
ment, public landings, and high
ways in this County, was received,
and tijjon motion of Mr. Mcbiyde,
seconded by Mr. Menefoglio, the
board onler.'d that the County At
torney be a-ked to prepare and
submit to the board an ordinance
on the lines suggested.
The Petition P 1175) of W. A.
Fernandez for permission to exhi
bit moving pictures on Sundays
within this County was again tak
en up for consideration, and upon
motion of Mr. Menefoglio, duly
seconded, the same was tabled.
A petition (P 1233) from Miss
b. Ji. L. Hundley, new principal
of the Kapaa school, for the pur
chase of a principal's desk for the
office of the school was received
and allowed.
A request (PI 234) from the Mc
bryde Sugar Co.. Ltd. for permis
sion to dig a ditch through the up
per part of the county's stable lot
in Koloa upon the conditions nam
ed therein was received and upon
motion of Mr. Mcbryde, seconded
:y Mr. brandt, the same was
A quit-laim deed to le signed
by Alexander Steele of the Kapaa
homesteads releasing all claims he
has against this county for damages
alleged to have been sustained by
him on account of tunneling and
laying of the county, pipes, etc, j
etc, was submitted by the county
attorney and by a vole the clerk
was asked to forward the deed to
Mr, Steele with instructions to
sign and acknowledge the deed
and return the same to the clerk.
Mr, Mcbryde made a partial re
port on the matter of the claim of
one John Ilalaole.presentedthrongh
Chas. S. Dole, I'jsq., and at his re
quest he was given further time
for a final report on the matter.
After a verbal report by Mr.
Moragne on the workings under
his department during the month
of July last and by a vote of the
board hi was given full authority
to 1 install water works for the
use of the Maua school, the money
for such expenditure to be bor
rowed from the General Fund and
to lie reimbursed when the taxes
are collected ; and T2 to improve
that part of the public road at
Koolati bevond the Koolau school.
Upon motion of Mr. brandt sec
onded bv Mr. Menefoglio, Mr. Mc
brvde was elected Ailing Chair
man during the absence of Mr.
Wishaid. who will leave soon for
the mainland.
Upon motion of Mr. brandt, se
conded by Mr. Meueioglio, the
waimea district (minorities were
allowed to use the small rock
crusher and outfit for the repair
iug of the roads in that district.
Upon Mr. Moragne's verbal re
quest he was allowed, by a vote of
the board, to purchase a sufficient
number of barrels of asphalt for
the use of the County in the dis
tricts of Waimea, Koloa and Li
hue, respectively .
At 12:30 P. M. the meeting ad
jourued subject to the call of the
Mai tin Fassoth, formerly o i
Waimea, has taken the position of
Mr. Smith as suar boiler at Ho
luiiipo, H.iw ui. The Inter 1ms re
tired o u account o f impaired
"D.iu" l,o!isaud uite, of Kle
e'e, aie- lu. me ;n;. tin after adelight
t u' ti p tu the- Lly ta:r in San Fi Un
ci sco.
It develops that' not Honolulu' Civic conventions resi H in peo
alone, but Hawaii and Maui were j pie from the different inlands le
niaking efforts for large delegations j coming acquainted with one an
in the Civic Convention to be held: other. Spread over a dist mce of
at Li hue September 26 27, when ! over two hundred miles or more
the official invitations, which limit-j of water, as these islands are. a
ed the total number to about 100. j mr.n might live or vegetate on
were received by them from the i one island in the croup and never
Kauai Chamber of Commerce, j know his neighbor on Kauai. Men
From all reports, newspaper and have met many a time in Sa:i
otherwise, received here, probably
more than 100 delegates would
have come to Lihiie, although it;
is to le remembered that first fig
ures are alwavs considerably re
duced. The Hilo board of Trade, and
the Hilo newspapers, had been
boosting for a large attendance.
The former issued a circular let
ter, printed in large type, which
ran as follows:
Ho! for Kauai!
Have you ever been to Kauai?
Then tlis is your big opportuni
ty to see Hawaii P'irst.
Cheap steamer rate (only f23.00
round trip) and the best of good
company from Hawaii, Maui and
The board of Trade o f Hilo
wants you to go.
It is imperative that you should
go, to show that we are still in the
front in cooperation and Tjrojjress:
and the Kauai Chamber of Com
merce most cordially invites you
to attend.
We owe it to Kauai (and to our
selves) to appear upon the scene in
full force.
Send in your name now to K.N.
Deyo, Secretary of the Board of
Leaving Hilo on Friday morn
ing llic Manna Kea will land vou
at Honolulu on Saturday morning,
a day in Honolulu, niid thence I
leave on the Kinau for Kauai, ar
riving Sunday morning; leaving;
Kauai again on Monday night and j
Honolulu on Wednesday morning, '
you can be back in Hilo on Thurs-
lay the 3nh, , a. ni.
A short time later the leading
editorial of the Hawaii Herald i
ran as follows- iind it will doubt
less be a matter of general local
regret that the news from Kauai,
alloting only eleven delegates to
the big Island, arrived just in time
to throw a chill upon such gener
ous and kindly enthusiasm:
It is up to the citizens of Hilo,
the residents of the country dis
tricts and every possible soul, to
boost for the Fourth Civic Conven
tion that is to be held on Kauai
September 26-27. The Island of
Hawaii must be shown to be fully
awake and a repetition of the Maui
fiasco, when fifteen or so Hilo peo
ple made Hut trip t o Wailuku.
must be avoided. Hilo is gradual
ly coming into her own anil her
citizens owe it to the town they
live in to see that this island is not
again disgraced by so small a dele
gation to the convention.
Francisco, fter a res: lence o f
years in Hawaii, and have not
known one another even by s'ght.
Men have lived in Hilo for years
and yet do not know a Kohalaman
by sight except it be by seeing
him carry around a copy of the
Midget. That sort of thing should
not be, and the surest wj.v to meet
and greet fellow citizens of Hawaii
is to attend civic conventions and
not be backward in speaking to
everyone met there. It is the "get
together" spirit that will count in
the long run, and it is only by per
sonal touch that that desired ob
ject can be obtained. All the news
papers and letters in the world
cannot accomplish as much in the
making of a personal friend as a
trip on the same steamer, a gather
ing under the same roof and a talk
about things of mutual interest.
As far as the Kauai convention
goes, there is also the added at
traction of the delegates seeing one
of the fairest islands in the group.
Men who will make the trip for
the first time will be delighted with
what they see and do on the Gar
den Island. Kauai i s indeed a
garden and even those old-timers
who hnve visited the island before
are beginning to fel excited over
the prospect of or.co more visiting
charming Liliue, beautiful Waimea
and not to be surpassed Hanalei.
The people oi Kauai are most
hospitable and thev will carrv out
their program in the manner that
dear old Maui did last year. It is
to be hoped that the Kauaians
have the pleasure of welcoming as
large a delegation of people from
this island as attended the second
convention in Honolulu in 1913.
(Alas! Since the above editorial
was written the news has arrived
that Kauai only wants eleven dele
gates fioiu the island of Hawaii.
However, let us hope that eleven
men do make the trip, Fd.)
The Maui News, of Wailuku,
was probably a little more forunate
in not having its "booster" editor
ial set up in type when the noti
fication of the allotments reached
the Valley Isle, and the following
was brother Cooper's s e c o n d
Kauai is entirely justified in
limiting the attendance at the Civic
Convention to the number she has
accommodations for, but neverthe
less it again raises the question of
holding the conventions every year
in Honolulu in the future. The
matter was discussed during the
Maui meeting last year, but it was
thought that the convention would
soon lose its interest to the islands
New Veils
and Veilings
A choice assortment of the "newest"
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White motoring veils just right
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50c, 75c and $1.00.
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n.. ,i U.V do
gvul OUT, ntn iui.t uuuvi - - f
noi ueneve luai wouiu nrtaoniT
follow, while on the other hand
there is a real danger that bv limit
ing the attendance to ten or a doz
en from each island, the greatest
good possible will not be attained
from the meetings. Maui was oblig
ed to fix a limit on the attendance
of last year, and probably would
again; but the idea is not right.
The more citizens tlut can be in
terested in these gatherings, the
greater value will come out of
them And the best way to stimu
late this interest is to get people to
. . . 1! . 1J
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ing, shampooing, manicuring and
scalp treatment. All kinds of hair
work. Under the blaisdell Hotel,
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lulu. Advt. '
New Vocationalist
E. Creevy, the new vocational
instructor of the schools of Kauai,
arrived last Wednesday morning.
He will likely make his home at
Eleele, as did his predecessor, Mr.
Alspaugh, that little city being at
the centtr of bis field of activities.
Mrs. Creevy accompanies her hus-
D. B. Murdoch, travelling audi
tor of Alexander & Baldwin, is
making one of his periodical rounds
of the "A & B". corporations.
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Sanitary Establishment in the
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mand. Loans made on ap
proved security.
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