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1 ' .
'. ' . Miss KIlo Wilcox. "'
ESTABLISHED 1904. YOL. 12. NO. 51.
The Board of Supervisors of the
County of Kauai held its regular
annual meeting at its office on Fri
day, December 15th, 1910, at 10
A. M. Present: H. D. Wishard,
chairman; T. Brandt, W. D. Mc
Bryde, J. Rodgrigues, A. Menefog
lio. The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
A few bills were submitted to the
Board and after examination of the
same they were allowed, as follows:
Koloa Hospital 850.00
Jan. Serv. & Schl Sup. G'.OO
Waimea:, lids & Bdgs 24.50
8 80.50
Note The quotations below arc the prices at which the stock sold
on exchange or the approximate price at which it may be purchased
Ewa Plantation Company 31 1-4
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugnr Co. 49 1-2
McBryde Sugar Company 12
Oahu Sugar Company 31 1-8
Olaa Sugar Company 1 5 7-.S
Pioneer Mill Company 41
Waialua Agricultural Company 32 1-8
Honolulu Brewing and Malting Company 18 1-2
Mineral Products Company . 1.12 1-2
Honolulu Consolidated Oil Company 4
Engels Copper Company 4.40
Mountain King Mine 45 cents
Hawaiian Sugar Company 43
Onomca Sugar Company Q
Hawaiian Pineapple Company 56 1-4
Oahu Railway & Land Company ' 0
) Mutual Telephone Company f 0
Hilo Railway 0 Pfd) v . 8 3-4
Hilo Railway (Common) 0
San Carlos 0
Honokaa 0
Montana Bingham 40
Major Gaylord P. Wilcox, of
Kealia, will be the new colonel of
the Fourth Infantry, succeeding
Colonel E. H. W. Broadbent, who
has been forced to retire on account
of stress of private business. The
lieutenant-colonel of the regiment,
who, in the natural order of things
would have gone up a peg, de
clined the honor for the same rea
son. Major B. D. Baldwin, the
next senior officer of the regiment,
is away from the Islands, go th&t
the colonelcy fails to Major Wilcox.
The letter of the lieutenant-colonel
to General Johnson on the subject
Lihue, Dec. 14, 191G.
K:neral Samuel I. Johnson,
Adjutant-General, N. G. H.
Dear Sir:
Your offer to me of a commission
as colonel of the Fourth Infantry,
National Guard of Hawaii, has had
my careful consideration.
I wish now to say that I appre
ciate to the fullest degree the honor
sought to Ix) conferred by you, and
the confidence in me which it in
I am endeavoring to bear my
share of the responsibility of citizen
ship and in doing so am carrying a
number of duties that take prac
tically all of my time; and while I
am heart and soul with the Fourth
Infantry, I feel that it is necessary
for me to decline.
Thanking you again for the
courtesy, I am,
Sincerely yours,
L. D. Timmoxs,
Lt. Colonel, Commanding
Fourth Infantry, N. G. II.
Doi, the Japanese who shot his
wife and himself last week, and was
expected to die, has so far recover
ed that ho will soon leave the Lihue
hospital, lie will be charged with
assault with a dangerous weapon.
' a .....i ji.. f
the 12th. inst. enclosing Executive
Order No. 40 setting aside n piece
of property at Kapaa for u public
park, same to be under the manage
ment and control of the Board of
Supervisors of the County of Kauai,
containing an area of 7.1!) acres,
was received from Will Wayne
Esq., secretary to the governor, and
the same was ordered placed on
file. The clerk in this connection,
however, was instructed to notify
Chas. A. Rice, Esq., of Lihuc, of
(Continued on Page 7.)
Closing day, Friday last, was a
"red letter day" at the Lihuc pub
lic school.
About one o'clock, the children,
to the number of some 550, were
marshalled on the school grounds
about a beautifully decorated Christ
mas tree, and there they executed
an interesting program of Christ
mas carols and appropriao recita
tions and drills.
Following this program the small
er children, to the number of 345,
were admitted to the inner sanctum
of Santa Claus, where, besides a
miniature Christmas tree, beauti
fully lighted, Santa himself, in a
long, snow white beard, and appio
priate costume, stood to receive
them, and deliver to them, one by
one, a package of Christmas good
Meanwhile, the older ones, join
ed by their comrades of the High
School, had marched away to the
Hp lop, where they were treated
to a capital moving picturu show,
with which they were delighted be
yond measure.
The whole affair was due to the
initiative of Mr. and Mrs. Lydgate,
who wore assisted financially by
the men of the community.
nawTlTwili BILL
J. F. C. Hagen, vice president of
Hackfeld and Co., yesterday receiv
ed a cable from Delegate Kuhio in
which ho stated that on December
11 he introduced in Congress a bill
providing for the construction of a
breakwater and lmrlmr facilities at
Nawiliwili. The bill carries an ini
tial appropriation of 200,000, the
total expenditure to bo Sl.OKO.OOO.
The Delegate added that a lu-itrinir
would be had on tlio bill imme
diately after the holidays.
The store of Sui Vick. near the
bridge in Wainiha, was washed out
to sea last night. Tt is believed that
the Chinaman was in the building
and liiis boon ilrmi-npd. Pnrf pnlnis
are meager as the telephone line to
the locality was also put out of com
mission by the storm.
Sui Yick had a small, general
store at Wiiinihn. vn. spun rat
ed from his wife, so the assumption
is that no one else was in the house
when the flood came rushing down
from the mountains.
The rain of yosterdav. was heavy
all over the island, but Ilanalei and
Wainiha seem to have, experienced
the worst of it.
The Kauai Chamber of Commerce
had an overflow dinner-session at
the Fairview Hotel in Lihue Friday
evening. Right at t li e start-off
every seat in the dining hall was
taken and late arrivals were served
at tables in the parlor. i
One of the principal items 6f
business was the report of the com
mission appointed t o investigate
the proposition of a summer camp
ing site in Waimea canyon. Messrs.
B. G-. Rivenburgh, G. K. Larrison,
Chas. S. Judd and J. II. Moragne,
of tho commission, who had iul
returned from a two-days hike in
the valley, made verbal reports.
All were agreed on one thing that
the cam) site proposition was ex
cellent; but the .desired possibility
eemed to be hedged about with
questions of a road to the Kokee
ite and lease rights to other sec
tions of the property. Mr. Riven
burgh said that there was nothing
in tho way of acquiring camp sites
on property around Kokee when it
reverted to the government, and
that no legislative action was iipcos-
Mr. Moragne, the county road
stated that a serviecabl
ii ,
road to
uiu proposed camp sues
could be
constructed for $500 oi
SG00, and Mr. Hans Isenberg moved
that, it that could be done, the
county supervisors bo renuested to
ook into the matter. Senator Rice
thought that the Legislature should
i i....i i ,
uu ut-KL-u io appropriate lor a per
manent road there as it was a Ter
ritorial proposition Mr. Isenbcrg't
motion carried, as to the temporary
road, and Senator's suggestion
to a permanent road.
1 1 TT - 1
.ue.xanucr mime um, who ar
ived in Lihue that mornim? for
the purpose, addressed the Cham
ber on the subject of a diorama of
Waimea canyon for exhibition pur
poses at Honolulu and elsewhere.
After lie was through several mem
hers spoke as heartily in favor of
the proposition, the cost to be o00.
It was finally voted that the Cham
ber endorse the diorama and that
the finance committee (.consisting
of H. P. Fa ye, chairman; G. P
Wilcox, J. II. Bole and Frank Craw
..:.... , ii. , .
lum iuii-ii uiu liiiuiuy, uiey io no
assisted, if desired, by tho treas
urer, Mr. J. I. Silva. Mr. Hans
Isenberg at this juncture pledged
8100 and the Chamber 8100 from
its own funds.
S e v oral new members
A vote of thanks was given
Waimea canyon commission.
Tho resolutions in regard to Na
wiliwili breakwater, printed else-
where, were adopted. i
. mo meeting as a whole, was one;
,ol the largest and most inturoMiug,
in the history of the Onamoer.
Norman Kaile Bowen, civil en
gineer, and Miss Edna Lucille Pen-
niman, of the Lihue .School faculty,
were quietly married at the resi
dence of Rev. J. M. Lydgate Friday
evening, only a few friends bcine.
present. After the wedding they
motored to the Waipouli Jhonie of
Colonel Broadbent and will depart
next Saturday for Honolulu.
The bride was fair, indeed, in her
wedding gown of white taffeta and
georgette crepe, edged with filmy
valeueienne. Her only ornament,
save the wreath of bride rose buds
that held the veil in place, was a
pearl necklace. The ring ceremony
was used and the lines were im
pressively spoken by Rev. J. M.
Mr. and Mrs. Bowen have been
in Lihue only a short time, both
irriving within a year; but they
have made many friends who will
sincerely regret their departure so
soon. Mr. Bowen is a craduate of
the University of Washington. The
bride is a native of California,
Among those present at tiie wed-
ding were Mrs. Bridgowater, Mrs.
Mesiek, Col. and Mrs. Broadbent,
Mrs. Burke and Miss Mumford.
Church Services
At (he Lihuc Union Sunday there
was a special Christmas service with
a fine anthem by the choir, an ex
quisite solo by Mrs. Swan, Hold
Thou My Hand," and an uncom
monly fine rendering of the "Holy
City" hy Mrs. II. L. Sheldon. The
sermon was on the inspiring note
of '"Glad Tidings of Great Joy to all
At hloolo m the evening there
was an unusually nro' audience.
ind the service was largely a musi-
cai and responsive one, with fine
1 . .
congregational singing, and a very
taking" duet by Mrs. Kaulili and
Miss Kalawe, of Koloa.
Polo New Years Day
Although the personnel of the
team is not yet, known it is certain
4 1...1 .. 1 1. ..i- lV --1 -11 ,
that a bunch of polo plavers will lie
here from Honolulu New Year's
Day to tilt it out with the local
riders. The Kauai poloists have
excellent mounts and are sure to
give a good account of themselves,
v jiuiioimu pony, recently acquired
by one of the Kauai flayers, has
turned out to be a wonder.
For The Band Boys
List of subscribers to Lihue Brass
Band in addition to list published
in last week's Garden Island;
Willi! Ellis, Sr., -Kapaia Liouor
Store, A. J), Hills, C. II. Wilcox,
P. L. Rice, Dr. Putmau, Lihue
Plantation Co., C. W. Spitz, H D.
Wishnrd. A. G. Knnlnl.-ni, T. T
riimnons, F. Crawford, E. W. Cat-
den. G N.Wilcox. Kapaia Store.
The Coming Cantata
The Christinas Cantata, 'The
Nativity of Christ," by Caleb Simp
er, will ho given, on Sunday even
ing at :80 at the Lihue Union
church, by a choir made up from
the best voices of the island. It will
De a rare nuiMcal treat which no
one ought to miss. A collection will
be taken for the purpose of macada
mizing the roadway into the church
No Steamer Saturdays
There will be no steamers to Ho
nolulu next Saturday nor the fol-
lowing Saturday. The week-end
steamers will get away from Nawili-
wili hnday afternoons instead.
Sugar, 5.14.
Honolulu Land Commissioner
a summer camp site in Waimea canyon and that the land should be a
part of the forest reserve.
Republican legislators of both
plans, reapportionment, Honolulu
K J. Lowrey, of Lewers it Cooke, warns the public that hnildim?
material will be high on account of
In the Circuit Court Atfliford
and special and Coke the criminal
The nimisteis name a committcu of seven to cn-nncrnti with tlm
Chamber of Commerce in the fight
General Samuel I. Johnson ar
rived in Lihue Wednesnay morning
and in the period between then and
Saturday afternoon, when lie do
parted again for Honolulu, visited
all the military units on the island
and conferred with all of the ofli
ccrs. While he was there the final
arrangements for the construction
of the temporary armory in Lihue
were made, the contract being let to
Cyrus T. Green and II. Rohrig to
have supervision of building opera
During the week a number of
changes were made in the list of
officers of the regiment. For in
stance, Colonel Broadbent, Major
Rice, Captain Truscott, Captain
Gregg and Captain Hills were trans
ferred to the reserves. Captain E
W. Carden was made reginienta
At Kealia, Captain Albert Home
was promoted to be major in place
of Major Wilcox, promoted to the
I , , Til .
coioneicy. rue captaincy oi l lorn
er's company will fall to either
Lieutenant Knock or Lieut. J. M
Captain C. Maser succeeds Major
Rice in command of tho first batta
Battalion Adjutant A. G. Kaulu-
kou becomes captain of Company A
which will be made a Hawaiian
company. Lieut. Fountain is trans
"-'rrcd from C to A, giving the
latter all Hawaiian officers.
Lieut. K. C. Hopper is promote!
to be captain of Company B
Company II has been moved from
Homesteads to Koloa, with Captain
Wolf in command. C.J. Boutler.
who was an oflicer in the Philip
pines, lias been appointed a nonten
ant in this company. Lieutenants
Glaisyer and Aki have been trans
ferred to Company G, at Eleele, tin
der Captain Smythc.
Lieutenant A. Q. Marcallino will
succeed Captain Truscott in com
mand of Company I at Makaweli,
and Lieutenant D. K. Hayselden
will succeed Captain Gregg in com
innnu 01 omiwny k at the sanu
At Waimea Captain Richard N
Oliver has been shifted from Com
pany M to the command of Com
pany L, and Captain Crowcll has
been placed in command of Com
pany M.
I'he Legislature will be asked for
in appropriation of 82") a month
for each of the companies on Kauai
for routine expenses.
A permanent headquarters build
ing will be requested for Lihue and
in addition to that requisitions for
the following will go into the appio-
priation bill:
f t 1111 11 I vvl
i) vrm nans lor xiiauoa, Ko
oa, iMeele, iMakaweh, Waimea and
(2) A liberal allowance will be
asked for the transportation of men
to and from drills
A furthei request of the Legisla-
Rivenburgh savs there is no need of
houses vesterdav Mispiisspd nnrtv
charter, etc.
shipments abroad.
takes eauitv-law. Whitnnv nrnhntn
agiynst vice.
o l Page 8
At the meeting of the Kauai
Chamber of Commerce held Friday
evening resolutions were introduced
by Hon. J. II. Coney urging the
assistance of commercial bodies of
the Pacific coast of the United States
in the fight for a breakwater and
harbor facilities at Nawilwili. The
resolutions, which were warmly sup
ported by President Patterson, Mr.
II. Isenberg and others, were as
Whereas, There has been at cer
tain times a "Bill for 'the construc
tion and maintenance of a ''break
water at Nawiliwili, Kauai, Terri
tory of Hawaii" before the Congress
of the United States, for the pur
pose ot making the bav at w.iid Na
wiliwili a safe and adcuiaii imi-hnr
( Continued on page 4)
Dr. Srigham In Lihue
Thursday veiling the Kauai His
torical Society and its friends en
joyd a rare treat in a lecture, at
the Lihue Union church, by Dr. W.
T. Brigham, director of the Biihnp
Museum, and general, all-round
scientist, on "The Evolution of Re
ligion." While in Lihue Dr. Brig-
ham was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Lydgate and Mr. and Mrs. S. W.
Wilcox, and they are most enthusi
astic in their praise of him as a
most entertaining guest.
A Pleasing Innovation
Attendants at the Lihue Union
church on Sunday morning were
welcomed, eacli one, with a dainty
bouquet of violets, sweet peas or
other flowers, with girls of the
church to pin thorn on. As there
was a congregation of somo 70 the
floral supply was taxed to the utter
most. Mrs. A. S. Wilcox, assisted
by Mrs. P. L. Rice, furnished tho
Reach Trophy Arrives
Company I, of the third battalion,
at Makaweli, has just received tho
handsome Reach 1 rophy which was.
donated by the A. J. Reach Com
pany through their agents. The cup
was offered as ji prize for the vic
torious team in the regimental base
ball series of 15) Hi.
Fine Milkers Arrive
Twenty-one head of the finest cat
tle ever brot.ght to Kauai arrived in
the steamer this morning for Lihue
Hanc'i. I hey are Avslnresand have
aken first prizers at numerous fairs
and expositions in tho States. Twen
ty of them are almost fabulous milk-
rs. Hon. W. II. Rice took a fancy
o them on the Coast and bough
the entire herd.
ture will bo that tho appropriations
)e made specifically for tho island
of Kauai m place of ' einr buncho -
in a national uuaru item.

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