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Miss Elsie Wllcoxi
Raws, 5.08.
Beets, IV ""do
Mkt. Unsteady
The '
Garden Island
All Kmini.
IU' W.I P.'i
ESTABLISHED 1904. YOL. 12. NO. 52..
I H H - V I I It IMifl IT.' lltll I I I
. ' v.
Nolo The quotations below nrc the prices at which
on exchange or the approximate price at which it may
Kwa Plantation Company
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugnr Co.
McBryde Sugar Company
Oahu Sugar Company
Olan Sugar Company
Pioneer Mill Company
Waialua Agricultural Company
Honolulu Brewing and Malting Company
Mineral Products Company
' Honolulu Consolidated Oil Company
Engcls Copper Company
Mountain King Mine
Hawaiian Sugar Company
Onomea Sugar Company '
Hawaiian Pineapple Company
Oahu Railway & hand Company
Mutual Telephone Company
Hilo Railway (7co Pfd) '
Hilo Railway (Common)
San Carlos
Montana Bingham
The "Nativity of Christ ' cantata,
on Sunday evening, at the Lihuo
Union church, was, perhaps, the
most ambitious musical event ever
presented in hihuc and was a great
success. The full chorus of fourteen
selected and trained voices gave
power and volume, yet with careful
modulation and expression that
was most effective. Tnc solos inter
spersed through the cantata were a
very charming feature of it, and
, werrtftely rendered by Mrs. II. T.
Sheldon, Mrs. K. C. Ahana, and
Miss M Wood, sopranos; Mr. W.
N. Stewart and Mr. A. (. Kaulu
kou, tenors: and Mr. 15. W. Car
den, bass. Mrs. W. II. Grote han
dled the organ with skill and preci
sion. The initiative and executive
behind the whole affair was Mrs: J .
M. Lydgate.
The musical part of the service
was preceded by scripture recitations
of the Christmas story, largely in
concert, by the Sunday School chil
dren, which were very well tione.
The church was a bcautifiul sym
phony in red, of shaded lights and
potted red flowers, with a fine Nor
folk Island Christmas trce of gener
ous proportions, suitably decorated
for the occasion.
The collection amounted to 8GS.20
which will go toward macadamizing
the entrance roadway, a much need
ed improvement.
The Filipinos all over Kauai will
Inv nhsnrvo Rizal Day.
thaY being the twentieth anniversary
of the execution of the patriot, Dr.
Jose P. Rizal. There will be pro
grams in all the towns in which
Filipinos reside. At Lihuo at b: M
M. there will be a parade from
Kalinin to Lihue park, where ex-
i ercises will bo held. After that there
f will be sports in tho Filipino camps.
At Koloa there will also be n parade
and concert.
The little children of tho com
munity were entertained most gen
erously by Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Wil
cox, on Saturday nignt, at a unrisi
mas tree party where they received
such gifts as aro dear to the hearts
of tho wee folk at the hands of a
real Santa Glaus. The parents, as
onlookers, enjoyed the occasion al
most as much as the children.
Arthur Rice is over from Hono
lulu to spend tho holidays at his old
home in Lihue. He will return to
the city shortly after New Year.
Tlillinnlinm. Tlfirold CustlO. Af-
Itliur Riee and Charlie Lucas will
iwwnpose the Oahu polo team to play
K'AVaipouli on New Year's Day.
the stock sold
he purchased
32 1-2
48 3-4
10 3-4.
14 1-2
10 3-4
1.12 1-2
32 cents
2 1-2
17 1-2
Mrs. L. G. Marshall, the black
board artist, will bo on Kauai
Christmas week arriving tomor
row, to toll the Christmas story to
the boys of the different Y. M. C.
A. clubs and to the young people of
the various Sunday schools.
As Mrs. Marshall tells the story
she illustrates- it with chalk sketches
on the blapk board, while from be
hind the scene voices are heard
carolling Christmas mslodies.
The program will be given in the
Waimea, Lihue and Kleele social
halls on Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday nights of this week. Ad
mission will bo free and those in
terested aro cordially invited to at
tend. E
(Special corri'.spaiuU'iice of Tin: G.utnn.v
Washington, D. C., Dec. '.). The
Postmaster General in his annual
report, made public today, recom
mends the acquisition by the gov
eminent of telephone and telegraph
utilities of Hawaii, Alaska and Porto
mco. ins recommendation is as
follows :
That in order to promote the
Postal Service the Postmaster Gener
al of tho United States is hereby
vested with a monopoly of the func
tion and means of electrical com
munication for hire within Alaska,
Porto Rico, and the Hawaiian Is
lands, except as hereinafter pro
Sue. 2. That on and after July
(Continued on Page 3.)
The Christmas Mail
On account of heavy seas the
steamers leaving Nawiliwili Friday
afternoon did not take the mail.
All of tho Chrismas letters and pre
sents intonded for Honolulu wen
left on tho dock here, and did not
get away until Saturday night On
account of tho fact that both Sun
day and Christmas are postollieo
holidays, in Honolulu President
Patterson, of the Kauai Chamber
of Commerce, appealed to tho city
postmaster to have the mail from
Kauai delivered on Sunday, and al
so asked the good oilices of tho Ho
I noiuiu unanmor oi uonuneieo in
the matter. Tho result was a wire
less from Secretary Brown, of the
Honolulu Chamber of Commerce,
on Sunday stating that tho Christ
mas mail from Kauai would be dis
tributed by carriers that day.
The rainstorm of last week was-
piobably not heaviest on the Ilana
lei side of the island, as was at first
supposed, after all. Whimea valley
appears to have gotten the worst of
it, and the happenings there arc of
interest. For instance:
A Japanese named Miyake lives
(or lived) about three miles' from
Waiinoa, up tho valley. When the
flood came down from tho moun
tains lie realized that his place was
in danger. Taking two of his chil
dren in his arms and a third cling
ing to his neck, ho waded to higher
ground, tho water being almost up
to his waist. Shortly afterward tho
forsaken house was lifted by the
flood and carried down tho river.
About a mile up the valley the
louse of one Ogata was carried from
its foundation and lodged in a giove
of orange trees.
Several Japanese lost their crops
of vegetables, their gardens being
buried as much as two feet under
sand washed down from the high
The Japanese store at the junction
of Waimea river and Makawcli
stream was several feet in water,
while water rose six inches in the
parlor of T. Blackstad.
Although tho mouth of Waimea
rivor was open, so great was tnc
flood from the hills that tho water
rose over the retaining wall recent-
y constructed and submerged the
streets of tho town up to tho higher
levels at and beyond tho premises
of the Waimea Wine Company. It
is the opinion that had the mouth
of tile river not have been open the
whole town would have been wash
ed out.
Tho rain was general all over Ka
uai, but appears to have been heavi
est toward tho mountains.
There will be great doings at Wai-
pouli race track next Monday, Jan
uary 1, the features consisting of
horse races and a big polo match
The races will begin at 10 o'clock
in the morning, and the polo match
will take place at 2:30 in tho after
noon. The latter will he between
tho Oahus and the Kauai team.
(Senator Rico says t lie odds are on
tho Kauai team, but admits that he
is just a little prejudiced in the mat
ter.) It will be a great day of sport
and undoubtedly a large crowd will
be present from all parts of the is
land. The Honolulu polo team will con
sist of Dillingham, Harold Castle,
Arthur Rice and Charlie Lucas.
The following special wireless was
received by Tin: G.viidkn Island
this morning:
Berlin Germany proposes an im
mediate meeting of delegates of the
warring nations of Europe to dis
cuss terms of peace. Tho text of
the answer to President Wilson's
note lias been handed to Ambassa
dor Gerard.
As an afterthought of the public
school Christmas treat tho patients
of the Lihue hospital were remem
bered in the samo way, with a
Christinas tree, and generous bags
of Christmas dainties.
Tho William Hyde Rices will ar
rive homo early in January.
Nearly two hundred and lifty at
tended the Christmas celebration of
the Lihue Hawaiian Sunday school
held in Lihue hall Thursday even
ing. The .program, mostly musical,
"A Song of nothlchom" and
"Hark! How the Christmas Rolls
So Sweetly Ring" by the young
ladies of Miss Elsie II. Wilcox's and
Mrs. W. C. Avery's classes.
"Rock-a-hye Baby." A song by
the primary department.
Recitation, "Christmas Tele
phone", by Annie Napoleon.
Recitation "My Daddy Likes
His Christinas Gift," by Elsworth
A song "We follow, follow on,"
by , the junior department.
"Peace on Earth," an exercise
by 'eight boys and girls.
"Christinas Bells," by the junior
"Long Ago at Christmas," an
exercise by nine boys and girls.
"Noel," a song by the junior de
partment. "Hark the Joyful Chiming," by
the young men of Mr. W. C. Avery's
"Karikimaka" a Hawaiian Christ
mas song by a chorus of' the older
members' of the Sunday School.
After this Santa Clans appeared,
a very tall Santa Clans, and with
many willing and active helpers
distributed gifts, amidst enthusiasm.
Tho Honolulu Advertiser of last
Tuesday contained the following,
alleged to be the opinions of Land
Commissioner Rivenburgh concern
ing the proposed summer wimp
plans for Waimea Canyon.
Hawaii has no more need , for a
camping park on Kauai, on the up
per Waimea ranges, than a monkey
has for two tails, according to Ber
tram G Rivenburgh, land commis
sioner, who, in company with Hy
drographer G. K. Larrison and
Superintendent of Forestry Judd,
made a visit last week to the site of
tho proposed park, returning Sun
day. Tho land is now, Mr. Rivenburgh
says, an arbitraiy forest leseivo,
having been set aside as such by
Senator Knudsen, of tho Garden
Island. It is in a wHd and practi
cally inaccessible country. The land
is now held under leasehold, but
part of it will revert to the Terri
tory next year, and tho remainder
the year following.
When the land reverts to the Ter
ritory, it will form, part of a forest
reserve, Mr. Rivenburgh says. In
fact, it is now practically such a re
serve. It was set aside as such by
the Knudsens, and no other use is
being made of it.
Therefore, says Rivenburgh, there
is no necessity for sotting it aside as
a nark. If Kauai people or people
from Honolulu or other parts of the
Territory, want to camp on the
land, all they have to do is to get
permission from the forestry board,
which will l)e a mere formality.
There is now no good road to the
land, says Rivenburgh. The Knud
sens have maintained a srt of trail,
but each winter this is washed out.
However, says tho land commission
er, if tho people want to go 911 the
land and camp, there can be no
particular objection. It is nothing
the land department lias anything
to do with.
Rivenburgh said yesterday that if
Monday, December 25
Sugar. 5.C8.
Washington Switzerland joined hands with the United States on
Fridav and sent a note to the European powers announcing her sup
port of the efforts of President Wilson to secure peace. "We would
consider ourselves most fortunate," Switzerland modestly savs, "if
we could aid in bringing about peace. The step taken by President
Wilson, of the Uniied States, has found a mighty echo in the hearts of
the people ot Switzerland where day after day we are forced to listen
to the moans of suffering Europe."
Thi note was received by the beliggerents on Saturday. France
and Great Britain were hardly less antagonistic to the Swiss move
than to the note of Wilson. Some of the. French iournals say that the
Swiss support of Wilson's proposals should "be received with courte
ous attention." One and all of the papers, however, repeat the
determination to continue the war until the Allies are completely vie
The Republican Wrangle
There is a marked agitation in the ranks of the Republican
partv in the lower lmue. Gardner, of Massachusetts, announced
last night that he would call for a conference with a view to out
lining a policy, which would likely follow the old lines, but would
probably fall flat in the Senate. The Republicans are also having
trouble over minority leadership.
Torreon Falls To Villa
The renort that the city of Torreon had been captured by Villa
has been confirmed. The Carranza forces were driven out, hut fur
ther details are lacking.
The Fighting In Europe
New York The Teutons vesterday captured Isakishi, on the
east bank of the Danube, noith Rumania.
The Russ'ians have taken advantage of the Christmas season to
launch a number of fierce minor attacks in the Carpathians. Pctro
erad announces the success of these attacks. Elsewhere infantry in
active. A British Report
London Holland has entered into an agreement with Germany
to supply eggs and butter at public auction.
German property in Nigeria, South Africa, has been sold to Bri
tish interests for Si, 491. 250.
(Continued on page 6)
Car Accidents
The new Buick of Toshi Minato
ya collided Sunday night with tho
car of George Hogg, near the high
school, both machines being badly
smashed. Each ear was equipped
with dimmers, but were not in use.
There were numerous ear accidents
on the roads during Saturday and
Sunday, duo principally to skidding.
" -
Cyril O. Smith, former piineipal
of Kapaa school and liow head of
the Royal school in Honolulu, ar
rived at Kealia by the steamer of
Wednesday morning to spend his
Christinas vacation with his old
friend, Colonel Spalding.
County Clerk J. M. Kaneakua
went to the city last Tuesday on a
court case. He will return tomorrow.
The Mikahala took the Kauai
mail to Honolulu Saturday night,
the Maui having left on Friday.
The Misses II. and M. Samson,
formerly teachers at Koloa, are vis
iting friends on Kauai. '
Lieutenant C. B. Lyman, U.S.A.,
is visiting his aunt, Mrs. S. W.
Wilcox, in Lihue
Miss Maile Ilastie, of Eleele, is
home from the Normal school for
the holidays.
. t
The steamer Maui will leave next
Friday afternoon in place of Satur
day. it developed that enough people
want to go to the Waimea upper
lands to camp to nuke it worth
while, it was possible that the legis
laturo of 1!)1!) might le asked to
appropriate about 8!M),(KK) to build
a permanent road up the mountain
But for the present lie could see no
need of any such action.
Rivenburgh rode over the moun
tain for two days, he said, and was
half frozen most of tho time. There
is plenty of water there, he says
but to make it available, it will
have to be diverted into other chan
Y. H. C. A. Notes
Judge Lyle A. Dickey spoke at
tho Koloa Japanese church last Sun
day at the monthly English-speaking
service hold under the auspicis
of the Y. M. C. A.
' The young people of the Japanese
Christian churches are eager for ser
vices in English. To .help meet the
need the Association conducts a
meeting in English one Sundav
night a month in each of the
cuird)es. The schedule is as fol-
lows: 1st. Sunday, Hanapepo; 2nd.
Sunday, Koloa; 3rd. Sunday, Li
hue; 4th. Sunday, Kekaha and
Waimea. Volunteers aro wanted to
speak and sing at these meetings.
English speaking services for Fili
pinos are held Sunday mornings.
Mr. W. C. Avery gavo his interest
ing and spectacular chemistry talk
to the Lihue Filipino club last
week. He is booked to give it to
t b e Lihue Japanese Club next
Four of tho Filipino English night
chool classes aro taking a two
weeks vacation due to the fact that
their instructors are public school
teachers. Due to the friendly in
terest of their teachers a number of
these hoys started saving accounts
at the bank with their bonus money.
Mr. L. R. Killiam, of the Terri
torial Association Committee, will
bo bore to-morrow to help get the
various new Filipino clubs properly
launched on their 1!)17 program of
Miss ElMi Schrepfer will sing a
solo at each of Mrs.Marshall'sChrist-
nias entertainments this week.
Mr. T. Brandt was elected first
vice president of the newly organiz
ed Territorial Connnittco of tho
Young Men's Christian Association.
Mr. Frank Atherton is president;
Judge ('. F. demons, secretary,
and John Waterhouse, treasurer.
Other members of the committee
are F. J. 'lowrey, R. II. Trent,
Clarence II. Cooke, Dr. R. D. Wil
liams, J M. Lydgate and Charles
F. Loomis.
f -
Ju'goL. A. Dickey was a passen
ger for Honolulu Friday evening to
spend tht holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Baldwin re
turned Wednesday morning froniiaV
visit to the coast.

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