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Raws, 0 93
Beets, no sain
Mkt, Unatcnily.
Garden. Island
All Kmm!..
ESTABLISHED 1904. YOL. 13. NO. .28.
W7 Mu. .1-. . - 1 -
The Tag-dny campaign conducted
jointly by the Lihue Auxiliary at
large of tlio American Red Cross
and a committee of the Kauai
Chamber of Commerce on'lhe Fourth
of July to secure members and funds
for the American Red Cross was
most successful in every way. 597
members were secured as follows:
Patron members 5
Life members 15
Sustaining members 7
- Contributing, members 12
Subscribing- members BO
Annual members 519
According to districts these stand
as follows:
4 Lihue, 362; Hanalei and Kila
uca, 20;, Kealia and Kapaa,' 50;
Koloa, 31; Homesteads, 7; Eleele,
24; Hanapcpe, 9; Makaweli, 21 ;
Waimea, 23; Kekaha. 2G; Hono
lulu 19; U. S. A. and Ceylon, 5.
The amount taken to date is
$1712.40. This is made up of sub
scriptions to membership and indi
vidual donations, except for $130,
which wasjcontributedjby the Lihue
Hawaiian church, $G0, Lihue Ha
waiian Sunday school '800, Lihue
Hawaiian Christian Endeavor $10.
$245. had already been forwarded
by the Lihue Auxiliary at Large of
the American Red Cioss, making
the total contribution from Kauai
to date $1956.40, ill of which will
be forwarded to Washington for the
work of the American Red Cross.
Other contributions arc still ex
pected. Anyone desiring to become
a member, or to contribute may do
so through the following ladies:
Hanalei-Kilauca Mrs. J. R. Myers
Kealia-Kapaa MissBernicc Hundley
Lihue Mrs. C. A. Rice
Koloa Mrs. A. H. Watcrhouso
Eleele Mrs. J. I. Silva
Makaweli Mrs. H. S. Truscott
Waimea Mrs.-C. B. Hofgaard
Kekaha Mrs. E. A. Knudsen.
For convenient reference we sub
join the rates of membership.
Annual Member $ 1.00
Subscribing member, annually 2.00
Contributing member,
Annually 5 00
Sustaining member annually 10.00
Life member, one payment 25.00
Patron member " " 100.00
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A Perilous Adventure
A water buffalo, ordinarily -is the
sleepiest and logiest animal that
waddles the earth, too slow to
switch the flies off. But not always
A friend of ours ran across one the
other day that was different; he
was game for anything that4was go
In-securcly tethered and resent
ing intrusion ' i n his hono-hono
swamp the great big beast, hory
eyed and snorting like a chimera,
took after his visitor at close range,
broke away from Iu3 tether and was
coming like a vision of sudden
death. Flight is tlio only thing m
a case like that; but flight in a deep
.hono-hono swamp is out of the
question ; our friend tried it ; one
lungo and down ho went, on all fours,
into the mud, with the resigned as
surance of immediate destrution
This tumble, however, so upset the
buffaloes program that ho fetched up
standing, smellcd his fallen victim
and turned snorting away. The
victim, needless to say, has now a
very largo respect for tho water buf
falo and. will treat him, henceforth,
with respectful and distant courtesy,
On the Beach at Waiohai
Mr, and Mrs. Charles H. Wil
cox gave a most enjoyable swim
ming party at their Waiohai beach
house, Koloa, Saturday afternoon,
in honor of Edith tin(l Juliet Rice
and Eleanor and Loilani Scott,
Somo two dozen or more of the
younger people, with a few of their
elders as chaperons, participated.
Needless to say, a most delicious
supper followed the bath, which m
every caso went to the right spot.
They returned early in the evening.
Miss Munford left by the Mtiuna
Loa on Tuesday for Maui whero sho
will visit friends m Hamakua-pokp.
All-Students Take
Away the Odd Game
Kauai likes baseball. This fact
was again demonstrated on July
4th, when the biggest crowd cvor
assembled in Lihue Park gathered
to witness the games botweon tho
All-Students, of Honolulu, and the
All-Portuguese, of Kauai, in the
forenoon, and the All-Students and
all-Ivauai's m the afternoon. There
were in tho neighborhood of two
hundred and fifty automobiles
parked within the grounds.
The visiting All-Sttulcnts broke
even on the day's games, winning
the morning game from the P. A. C.
6 to 1 and losing ,to the All-Kauai
team 5 to 6.
In tho game with the Kauai High
school on Thursday afternoon the
visitors again demonstrated their
superiority by winning 0 to 3. This
was tho frfstest game of the series
and was any body's game up to tho
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A Happy 'Day In Sight
We rejoice in the official assur
ance that the reconstruction and
macadamizing of the belt road will
bo finished by tho 15 of August.
This will give us a fine hard,
smooth road, barring a few places
that are badly pitted, from Wai-
awa to Wahiha; practically round
the Island.
This is a blessing that no other
Island enjoys, or anywhere near
enjoys, and we have every reason to
by very appreciative and very grate
ful. Our sister Islands will no doubt
immediately begin to discount and
discredit our satisfaction and sug
gest various reasons why we need
not be unduly 1 'set up' ' over our
accomplishment; that we have got
only a small bit of an Island; and
only one road, very narrow and
vory shallow; and that it doesn't
go much more than half way round
anyway, etc. etc.
To all of which wo would say;
"We've got our road and arc enjoy
ing it ; you can go ahead and talk
if you want to, but we would ad
vise you to put your energy onto
your own roads."
' A Note of Thanks
The committee in charge of the
fourth of July Red Cross Tag Day
campaign wishes to thank tho pub
lic for tho splendid way in which
they responded to our country's
To the ladies who worked so
hard, and with untiring efforts,
mado tho day such a wonderful
success. we offer sincere appreciation
and congratulations.
Grace King Rick,
(Mrs. Chas. A. Rice)
Pres. Lihue Red Cross Auxiliary.
The Hilo Daily Tribune
Hawaii's newest daily, the Ililo
Daily Tribune, made its initial ap
pearance on July 1st It is an
eight page papor, carries tho As
sociated Press service, ie well print
ed, and its general make-up shows
the work of master hands.
In aid of tho Koloa Sunday School Hall a concert will 'bo given at
tho Koloa Hall Saturday evening.
1. Solo, Duet and Chorus Nani Hawaii" Kamehameha Girls
2. Trio "Bird ofTaradiso" Misses Piimoku, Ilanaike
3. Guitar Steel Solo Pretty Baby of Mine" .Too Leandro
4. Duet Honolulu Blues", Miss Ilanaiko and Miss Piimoku
5. Duet and Chorus "Lei Kaahumanu" Kamehameha Girls
7. Sextette "Sailor Song" Six Kamehameha Girls
8. Guitar Steel Solo "Aiona" ... Joo Leandro
9. Song "Tin Pan" Kamehameha Girls
10. Solo "In the Garden of Paradiso"'. Miss Mary Kaulili
11 Full Chorus Kamehameha
, jsoys ami uins
Dancihg and refreshments.
Admission Reserved 50? General Admission 25
At Koloa Hall, July 14th, 1917; 7:30 P. M.
Honolulu papers announce tho
selection of Island men fqr training
as officers at tho Presidio Camp,
and give the list of the same. In
advertently tho name of P. L.- Rico
has dropped out Ho has, however,
received his notification and , will
respond to the call. Tho appointees
are required to report for duty Aug.
29th. Ho will leavo about the mid
dle of August.
Following Leslie Wisbard he will
be the first who has actually gone
from our midst into active service.
Our best wishes will go with him.
Local and Personal Notes
Mrs. Wm. Davis gave an after
noon Tea, a genial neighborhood
affair, for" Miss Walthall Tuesday
afternoon last.
Miss Walthajl, who lias been
visiting Mrs. Wm. Davis for a cou
ple of weeks or so, left on tho Ki
nau last Saturday.
Mrs. Maud Thompson and her
little son Malcom left by the Kinau
for Kohola Hawaii where she will
visit her intimate friend "Miss Mur
iel Hind
Mrs. L. S. Mesick of the Hana
niaulu school leaves for Town by
tho Mauna Loa today. She will
spend sjime weeks visiting her
The younger sot, mostly school
girls home on vacation, will give a
concert in Koloa next Saturday
evening for the benefit of the Sun
day School Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Clapper of
Lihue, entertained a number of
their friends last Saturday evening:
The occasion being in honor of Mr.
Clapper's 33rd anniversary.
Miss Mary Christopherson, prin
cipal of the Hanalei School left for
Town by tho Kinau Saturday. She
will return to take up her work in
the same capacity in the Fall.
The Mauna Loa did not leave last
week until Saturday morning in
stead of Friday night as usual. An
unusual amount of incoming freight
and outgoing sugar was tho cause
of tho delay.
Mr. K. C. Hopper and his daugh
ter Miss Thelma Hopper wont to
Town today by the Mauna Loa.
Tho former will return in a few
days, but the latter will remain
some weoks.
: Tho music at the Lihuc Union
Church on Sunday "was worthy of
noto; a solo by Mrs. Ahana, ' Just
for Today1' ' Redemption" by the
l choir, as well as fine rendering of
1 tho Hymns
Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Ahana have
moved to their own neat and cozy
little home at Hulela where they
will be very comfortable, though a
little out of tho current of things.
We congratulate them.
Dr. C. Golden, Veterinary, ar
rived by the Mauna Loa last Fri
day and will remain on the Island
in a professional capacity in the em
ploy of tho Territory. He will be
stationed for the present at Hana
lei. and A. Kaulih
Song" .By All Kamehamoha
' (. i -, ,
The good work so auspiciously
bemin bv Mrs. Erin Knndson for
tho benefit of the American Red
Cross, has fallen. in her absenco, for
tho bummer in the mountains, to
the no less efficient leadership of
Mrs. C. B. llofcanrd who hnR taken
hold of it with characteristic enthu
To provide the necessary supplies
for the conduct of the work she
gave a knitting card party on July
3rd. at her home, Paowini, in which
some 28 ladies participated at 25cts
apiece. It is hard to say which was
the most popular, the cards or the
knitting; there was great activity
in both lines.
F roin now on thore will bo regular
weekly meetings for Red Cross work
at Paowini on Friday afternoon at
3 p. m. and all ladies who will help
in tho good work aro cordially in
vited to come.
The Reason Why
A word of explanation is in order
in regard to the Fourth of July pro
gram at the Tip Top. Arranged in
the first instance by the Japanese
young men it was finally taken over
in tho interests of the general pub
lic and the young men found them
selves kind of swept away in the
current of their own affair. This
will explain the somewhat Oriental
flavor of the program as well as its
impromptu character. It was, how
ever, a good start in the right direc
tion. The New Auto Inspector
Henry Aid, the new auto inspec
tor has been on deck since the first
of tho month, and he has been use
fully in evidenco at various points
during this time. He was especial
ly efficient in the matter of parking
and handling tho traffic on the
Fourth. x
Ho is a thoroughly competent
driver of long experience, and ho
gives every sign of making good.
Tho movinir nicturo films this
last week were excellent, especially
tho presentation of Dickens Great,
Expectations, laken with the. in
structive travel pictures they made
a most eniovablo and profitable
evening that leaves no bad tasto in
the mouth.
Mr. L. R. Killam of the general.
Y. M. C. A. was on Kauai last
week for a few days'ih the interest
of his work. Hcisalivays a wel
come visitor, especially among th
young people whose interests he has
so much at heart.
Tho Hui Aloha Society of Hana
lei aro making elaborate prepara
tions for a Fair to be held the end
of July. "In addition to tho usual
needlework display there will be
some lino lauhala mats Which are
hard to get these days.
We have assurances from the
Publicity Committee that the Civic
Convention will go through with a
rush as planned, in spite of. tho
strain and stress of War; indeed
President Wilson requests that such
events as Civic conventions proceed
as usual but with even greater en
Miss Edith Christopherson, train
ed nurse.who has been for some timo
in charge of the Sanbbrn household
at Hanalei. wont to Town on Sat
unlay. Sho will return to Kauai
in a couple of weeks to assume the
duties of County Trained Nurse, va
cated by the resignation of Miss
Mabel Wilcox.
Miss Cecelia Kapulc, a graduate
of the Dressmaking Department of
Kawaiahao Seminary, will be in
Lihuo after July 22nd, and is pre
pared to go out sowing by tho day
Miss Kapulo is well recommended
by tho Seminary instructors Any
ono desiring her services may apply
to Mr. De Lacey at the Lihue Store.
Mr. Wm. Hyde Rico took over a
party of boys to his delightful Hae
na Homo yesterday, for a few days
outing such as appeals mightily to
the heart of a boy. The girls follow
ed today, and with the help of Mrs.
P. L. Rice as chaperone they will
all havo a right royal good time as
they always do under a Rico regime.
Meeting of the Kauai
" Board of Supervisors
I,, i,
The Board of Supervisors of tho
County of Kauai, T. H., held its
regular monthly business meeting
at its office on Monday July 2nd.
1917, at 9: 30 o'clock A.M.
Present: II. D. Wisbard. chair
man: Brandt, W. D. McBryde,
Mr. Menefoglio waB absent owing
to illness.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
The board after having carefully
examined tho several demands sub
mitted approved them, to be paid
out of the following appropriations,
Salary Cty Rd Supervisor $ 250.00
Pay of Police:
Specials $ 205.00
Waimea 2G5.00
Koloa s 205.00
Lihue 1G5.00
Kawaihau 150.00
Hanalei 150.00
Coroner's Inquest
Cty Bldg: Janitor Service
County Jail
Cty Lot & Bldg
District Courts etc:
Waimea 40 00
Koloa 10.00
Kawaihau 5.45
Exp Auditing Cty Books
Exp of Election
Exp of Witnesses
Fum. & Office Supplies
Hospitals :
Eleelo .50.00
Koloa 50.00'
Lihue 125.00
Waimea 100.00
Sam Mali. Mem. Hospital
Attorney 5.00
7n SK
Auditor 70.S
Cty Clerk 52.75
Sheriff 112.85
Supervisors 25.00
Treasurer 53. G5
Cty Rd Supervisor 100.85
Lighting Pub. Grds & Parks 3.30
Ofiicial Bond Premiums
Schools v '
Janitor Service etc.41.50
Repairs it Main.
Bldgs 11G.35K
Support of Prisoners
Wator Works:
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A Stimulating Program
It was a very fitting choice that
made Mr. Fred Patterson, president
of tho Chamber of Commerce, the
distinctively popular speaker on the
Fourth of July program. Better
than anyone else, locally, ho rcpre
sents the spirit and endowment of
the traditional Fourth of July ora
tor; and better perhaps than any
one else here could, ho stirred the
enthusiasm and admiration of tho
audience by his spirited address. It
was a democratic occasion ; he evi
dently sized up his audience, and
"went for them" as a whole.
Mr. L. R. Killam, who followed
later in tho program, jnado a very
sane and sensiblo address of the
thoughtful and suggestive kind that
stirred the intellect rather than the
emotions; one that almost any man
might carry home and digest with
profit. It was the kind of thing
that would appeal to the moro m
tolligentand discriminating listener,
and with such lie found a vory ap
preciative and responsive hearing.
Tho reading of tho Declaration
of Independence by D. Takeuchi
was clear, sonorous and forcible;
remarkably well done considering
that it was a foreign language to
tho reader, and rather difficult read
ing which would havo taxed the
skill of any of us.
The remarks by W. Watada were
sensible, intelligent and modest,
and were very well put. How many
of our own young men, just out of
school, could havo done any better,
even in their own language to say
nothing of what, they could do in a
foreign' one?
Mr. Brandt, as always, presided
with a dignity and grace becoming
tho occasion; his brief words of in
troduction gave the right key to tho
whole program.
Tag Day is a new experience for
Kauai, and as an occasional event
it is not a bad idea.
At an early hour a couple of doz
en or so of tho leading ladies of Li
huo rounded up at the Red Cross
Headquarters for final instruclions
from the president, Mis.C. A. Rice.
and having received their tags they
set out for the day's campaign.
Iho normal prize was. the Dollar-
.member, some few landed S25
members, and some very few are .
said to havo secured $100 members.
When, after diligent effort, the
dollar wasn't forthcoming the de
mand dropped down ihrough vari
ous stages, until in many cases it
fetched up rather ingloriously at 10
Over and over again, with smil
ing geniality, tho fair solicitors re
turned to the charge, advising, ad
juring, beseeching the bard-hearted
Oriental or Portuguese, in the suit
able brand of Pigeon English, to
contribute his bit and take his tag.
Generally he succumbed. petu-
lently sometimes, but mostly with
tho good grace of the man who is
being fleeced and flattered at the
same timo.
Mostly, everyone entered into tho
spirit, of the occasion and got their
moneys worth out of the experience;
but somo few wore a sour look all
day as though the whole affair dis
agreed with thorn.
Some craftily hid their tags away
out of sight and allowed themselves
to be labored with, at great length,
and then smilingly, productcd them
to tho confusion of the solicitor.
It was a day for, kids' ' on both
sides of tlio line, and many people
will romombor it as a unique ex
Athletic Activities
Running, jumping and throwing
aro the athletics which will keep
the Y. M. C. A. Clubs busy for the
next eight weeks. The clubs from'
Makaweli toTIanamaulu havo taken
to the plan for a series of competi
tive athletic events which -will de
termine tho club championship of
tho ,leaguc. The events will take in
sprints over sixty and ono hundred
yards distances, a two hvndred and
twenty yards heel and toe walking
contest, broad and high jumps,
hop-step-and-jump, baseball throw,
and shot put.
1 he events will bo run oh at each
camp, and scons kept according to
scoring system of tho American
Standard Efheiency Tests." Points
will be kept and posted at each
camp, showing the individual and
club totals. Prizes in the form of
small medals will be given the best
athletes in each club while a pen
nant goes to the club champions.
By the system of points kept it
will bo possible to determine tho
champion athlete of tho Y. M. C. A
Regular club meetings will follow
tho athletic events each week.
Meeting Of The Supervisors
Because of the Fourth of July on
Wednesday the Supervisors met on
Monday y It was a sort of double
barreled meeting, the final session
of tho outgoing Board and thoin
augural session of the incoming one.
In addition to the usual routine'
of business there wero one o r
two items of special importance.
Ono was the inauguration of an au
tomobile Inspector, who will, if ho
does his duty, see to it that auto
mobiles conform to the law in such
mattors as lights, brakes, speed,
Another matter of interest, at
least to thoso concerned, was a raise
in the pay of tho police forca of
$5.00 a month per man. Wo hopo
that this will givo them an increas
ed interest in their work, and
among other things enable them to
keep loose stock off the roads, whero
they do not belong, and whore they
aro a sourco of groat dangor to the
travelling public. With this under
standing we congratulate them.

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