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A Weekly Newspaper Issued Tuesdays.
Entered at the Postoffiee at Lihue, Hawaii, as Second-class Matter.
Subscription Rates: Per Year, , $2.50
Six Months, - 1.50
Three Months. 1.00
Subscriptions Payable in Advance.
Space Advertising Rates on Annual Contracts, 75 cents per
Inch per Month.
Notice of Sale of
Government Lots
At 10 o'clock, A. M Saturday,
November 24th. 1917, at the Ka
paa Court House. Kapaa, Kauai,
there will be Bold at public auction,
the following Government lots:
(1) Lot 3, Block O. Kapaa
Town Lots, containinc an area of
7500 square feet, more or less; up
set price Si 00
(2) Lot 7, Block O, Kapaa
Town Lots, containing an area of
7500 square feet, more or less; up
set price $100.
(3) Lot 8, Block O, Kapaa
Town Lots, containing an area of
7500 square feet, more or less; up
set price $100.
Terms Cash,
For maps and further informa
tion apply at the office of Miss
Bernice E. L. Hundley, Sub.
Agent, Kapaa, Kauai; or at the
office of the Commissioner of Pub
lic Lands. Capitol Building, Hono
lulu, T. H.
Commissioner of Public Lands.
Dated at Honolulu. October 17th
Oct, 23 30. Nov. 6-13-20
Ik thk Circuit Coukt, Fifth
Circuit, Territory of
At Chambers In Probate,
In the matter of the Estate of
Tames Pauahi Alohikea, deceased.
Notice is hereby given bv the
undersigned Administrator of the
c r r r Tnitinc Dmirilii A 1n1ii1.ni
iJUi vi j uiiiv.j x uuuiu ilium rtv.il,
deceased, to all persons having
claim against said decedent or his
estate to present the same, duly
authenticated, ana with proper
vouchers, if any exist, to the un
dersigned Administrator, at his of
fice in Lihue, Kauai whether such
claims be secured or unsecured,
within six months from October
23, 1917, (the date of the first nub
lication of this notice) or they will
be forever barred .
Notice is further given that all
those owing the said Estate will
please make full settlement with
the undersigned.
. Dated this 23 day of October, A.
D. 1917.
C, A. Rick,
Administrator of the Estate of
lames Pauahi Alohikea, deceased.
. Oct. 23-30. Nov. 6.
Disolution of Copartnership
Notice is hereby given that the
co-partnership heretofore enlisting
between Yck Pey and Lam Poy and
known as Lam Poy & Co. coffee
shop and merchandise dealers at
Lawai, Kauai. Territory of Hawaii,
is hereby dissolved and that Yck
Pey retires from the firm.
Notice is hereby givon that the
undersigned will not be responsible
for any debts incurred in the name
of said Lam Poy & Co. from tills .
Yek Pey.
Oct. 25, 15)17.
Oct. 30, Nov. 0-13-20.
1 3 Burner oil stove, complete
1 1 Burner oil stove heater
1 Stearns mattress double
1 Iron bed with springs
1 Stearns mattress New
1 Spring folding cot
2 Kitchen tables
1 . Dressing table and stool
1 Lot of kitchen furnishings.
Two Second-hand light-weight
double delivery wagons. If inter
ested, apply promptly to Ilonrv
May & Co., Ltd. Honolulu.
Oct. 23-30.
All schools and homes should
have a set of "Wonder World," the
famous children's looks. K. 0.
Hopper, agent. Adv.
Business Manager
Stock Quotations
NOTE The quotations below are llie
prices at winch the stock sold on exciiungi'
or tho prices at which it may 1x5 purchas
ed today:
hwa Plantation Co J!
it r ti c y.
11. yj. ix. Ci. jn . 4;
McBrydo Snpar Co !)
Oalni Sugar Co :ti
Olaa Sugar Co . ... 7
Pioneer Mill Co j
Waialua Agricultural Co.. i.'4J:j
Honolulu Brewing & Malting Co.. IS)J
Mineral Products Co 0
Honolulu Consolidated Oil Co 4'.0
Kngles Copper Co (itjf
Mountain king Mine ij
Hawaiian Sugar Co :i(l
Onontea Sugar Co 0
Hawaiian Pineapple Co '. .. AM
O. It. & L. Co o
Mutual Telephone Co no
San Carlos Mill Co 0
Honokna ... o
Montana Bingham 41
Madera Mining Co , :i'J
Ononieu three per cent extra Nov. L'Oth.
Musicians'and Philanthropists
The Timoteo Quintet nro not
professionals but amateurs and phi
lanthropists. They are business men
; at home, very busy, dependent on
their daily occupation for their liv
ing. They have sacrificed theso
business interests, for tho time .be
ing at least, to lend us their invalu
able assistance in the campaign now
in progress in Lihue. They sing
well, with skill and spirit, they do
more, they sing with sympathy and
devotion. This is their offering on
the altar of their faith; it is a fine
one, and we most heartily applaud
their devotion.
Eddie Fernandez, begs to notify
his friends and the general public
that the Merry-Go-Round will not
be run in Lihue proper. Children
who want to ride will have to come
to Kapaia. Open from Thursday,
Nov. 1. to Wednesday night follow
ing. Matinee Saturday afternoon at
2:30. Kapaia. Advt
A Note Of Thanks
Mrs. Francis Lyman wishes to
express her heartfelt appreciation
and gratitude for all the kindly in
terest sympathy a n d assistance
shown to herself and family during
their recent aflliction and bereave
The Board of License Commis
sioners for tho County of Kauai will
hold a meeting at the County Build
ing on Thursday, December 20th,
191, at ten o'clock A. M. to con
sider the application of J. K. Coc-
kett for a renewal of tho wholesale
License now held by him to sell in
toxicating liquors at Koloa, Kauai,
under the provisions of Act 110.
Session Laws of 1912.
All protests or objections against
the issuanco of a license under said
application should be filed with the
secretary of Board not later than
the time set for said hearing.
W. D. MoBllYDE,
Secretary Board of License Com
Oct. 30. Nov. 0-13-20.
The selection of lots, Kapan
Homesteads, Fourth Series, Kawai
hau, Kauai, will be held at the
Kapaa Court House, Kapaa, Kauai.
on Saturday, Novomher 10th. 1917.
at 9 o'clock A. M. 23-30.
We neatly pack anil mail
Hawaiian Souvenirs.
Hawaii & South Seas Curio
Our BoysTo The Front
uTST ffi.TngfiiS:
William A. Coney and Robert T,
Purvis. Wo count them our boys,
for though they have been aWnv
fr.om us more or less of late, we lircp,ot o Hinviuian Board arrived
hold them tenderly in our memory, 6,1 'aXU" ll"dny "K take
as little tads always on hand wher- 1)art tho Campaign now in pro
over live and winsome boys were to !R.m's . UP lS "luotinB the special
bn found : bovish .1i.1u n tl,n ' cln!,i3 111 church work.
bo found; boyish Jehus on the Way
to school; brownies and prophets
and princes in Sunday School plays
add tableaux; impressive young
heroes with tho first down on' their
faces home from school for tho holi
days; stalwart young men facing
the world for themselves, and in
cidentally Stirling the hearts of the
girls. And now they me men of
war, buckling on their armor for
tho ventures of a hazardous and un
known future; leaving us to serve
our common Country. May the
protecting providence of Heaven be
over them and bring them safely
back to us.
The starch grains of taro are very
much smaller that those of any
other starch product. The result is
that taro is very easily disgested, an
important recommendation in its
The Fanners Boy
The Bethlehem Steel Corporation
has made the interesting statement
that out of three hundred employes
holding the most responsible posi
tions in the compnay two hundred
md sixty-three were born on farms
Although a number of them were
taken as children in towns, many
more were reared in the country
a fact that gives new force to the
repeated assertion that the Ameri
can farm is the best training school
for American boys, because i t
breeds in them two qualities
supreme in citizenship: resource
fulness and independence.
We are all prone to lay stress on
the technicalities of education. We
prize the town because it gives
kindergartens to babies, manual
training schools to boys and busi-
colleges to young men. It gives
free libraries, free doctoring and
perhaps free dentistry, It gives
encouragement for talents of every
order, keen competition and a
wide field of activity. Parents sav
that they cannot afford to lose those
splendid advantages for their chil
dren. Immigrants say that in the
own there is always a helping
hand, and that in the countrv there
is no -one to depend upon except
themselves. Depending upon our
selves may be tlm most salutary
thing in the world, but it is not,
and .never will be. popular, 'It is
losing favor evcy day in a coun
try that owes its existence, its
freedom, its best traditions, to the
sturdy independence of its first
settlers and to the spirit tlav trans
mitted to their sons.
The resourcefulness of the farm
's boy is forced upon him by
fate. As has. been often observed,
the farmer cannot send for a car
pentei in the next street to put up
a shelf, or for a locksmith to mend
a hroken latch, or tor a builder to
patch a hole in the roof. He can
not stop on his way home from
work to make half a dozen con
venient purchases. His son learns
in childhood to do things for him
self, because there is no one ready
and waiting to do them for him.
He acquires dexterity, and some
thing far more important than
dexterity the habit of depending
in emergencies udou his own in
genuity and exertions, He is the
master of his fate. It takes a good
deal to daunt a lad who has had to
meet the endless exactions of a
Another quality as imperative
for good citizenship as indepen
dence is readiness to serve. There
is nothing in the wide world at
once so ignoble and so enervating
s the plainly expressed determina
tion of many Americans to do as
little as they possibly can for their
countrv, in return for its protec
tion and support. Thev arc will
ing to hang out flags and sing The
Star-Spangled Banner; but thc
leave it ;to other and better men to
make sacrifices and brave dangers.
while thev sit smugly by. Now.
the farmer's boy never expects to
get something for nothing. The
first lesson he learns in life is that
the good old earth yields no har
vests to slack hands, and by the
light of that knowlecge he conies
to understand that citizenship
means giving as well as receiving.
There is bred in him a homely dig
nity that makes the beggar's role
distasteful to his pride. If the
"embattled fanners" of Concord
and Lexincton had been more
mindful of their own security, the
history of our country would read
differently. Life was perhaps as
dear to those plain men as it is t
us today; but they thought it not
too high a price to pay for the
honor and freedom of their land.
Youths Companion.
'Religious Educational .
Campaign Notes
, ... . " ,
! Mr. flicodoro RichardH, J'reas-
Rev. 11. P. Judd, secretary of
the Hawaiian Board arrived by the
-Manna Loa Friday morning to take
part in tho Religious Education
Campaign. He is conducting tho
Sunday school instruction.
The Saturday evening service was
a banner ouo. Tho promise of some
two hundred Y. M. C. A. boys from
tho far parts of tho island made- it
evident that tho Social Hall would
not begin to contain the audience.
Aecordinly tho Tip Top was secured
by arrangement with Mr. Fernan
dez and the meeting was held there,
Tho Tip Top was filled to over
flowing. Tho Saturday evening service at
tho Tip Top was a religious patriotic
one with Abraham Lincoln as the
subject a n d Dr. Lauphton ns
the speaker. It was an eloquent
presentation of tho salient, moral
qualities of the great Christian I
statesmen, an inspiring ideal for
th crowd of young men there.
I he Saturday evening meeting
was a phenominal oxhibition, at
least for Kauai, in that some four
score or more of people mostly
young people, declared their inten
tion to enter tho Christian life.
Some of them no doubt had taken
that staiuf before, but with many it
was a new departure, and one which
must tell very significantly on their
At tho Lihue Union Church on
Sunday morning in response to a
request by the pastor for a declara
tion of a desire for a deeper spirit
ual life and a, fuller consecration
the whole audience, almost if not
quite without exception, arose in
manifest conviction of purpose.
Tho singing by the combination
choir mostly from the Hawaiian
church has been one of the signifi
cant feature's of success in the cam
paign. This is partly due to the
quality of the choir and partly to
the leadership and training of Mr.
Akann. In addition to exceptional
qualities of leadership he is a good
singer himself.
I he Sunday evening meeting at
the Tip Top sustained tho high level
of the evening in interest and im
portance. Tho program was an in
spiring one and a goodly number of
new departures wero made in the
Christian life.
The Timoteo Quintet returned to
Honolulu by the Mauna Loa,. Mon
day night. They were much pleas
ed with the treatment they received
hero, and Kauai is pleased with
A Trying Alternative
Out of a clear sky some days ago
Mr. and Mrs. Coney received word
of tho immediate departure of their
son William for tho Front in tho
ambulance service. The only chance
for his mother to see him before his
departure would be to tako the Wai
lale leaving that evening. 'But
the Waialeale is a powder boat and
may not take passengers; and the
purser, like, a iaithnu servant, de
clined to entertain any proposition
which would contravene his direct
instructions. And even Avhen Mrs.
Coney volunteered to ship as stewar
dess for tho trip ho still declined
unless ho got special instructions
from the head office.
Finally", by means of tho wireless,
suqh instructions were secured and
Mrs. Coney duly shipped and wont
aboard in her official capacity,
wearing, we understand, quite a
nautical look, which probably van
ished before they got outside; in
fact, we understand, that sho had a
very trying night of it, tho passeng
ers being all quito sick and helpless.
But nnyway she had the whole
thing to herself 1
Studies in Psychology
Dr. Laughton's course of lectures
on the psychology of religion given
during the afternoons of last week
at tho Lihue Union Church wore
surprisingly well attended and much
appreciated. Like all Dr. Laugh-
ton's work they combined forcible
and iinprcssivo teaching with liter
ary grace and finish. They were
scholarly without being dull, and
wero suggestive as well ns instruc
tive Tho instruction classes in con
nection with the second section of
the campaign began lafct night with
an excellent attendance and much
May's ALOHA Package of
. Hawaiian Products
O ntnins (I lull f-ieil 51)$' . jar. ot Kclly'H Hav aiian piv.-i rVi H, a i&'lb. 09 in ;
box of UoK'h (ilaee Pineupplc Min. am 2 h- Old KM: CM-. ifo-UU -
A Suitable Gift for
. .
3ent by express to any address.
Adopted by the following base
Oahu League Kauai Amateur Athletic Association
Maui Athletic Association Honolulu Commercial League
Ililo Base Ball League Oahu Plantations' Base Ball League
Regimental Series, Schofield Barracks
THK REACH "CORK CENTER" BALL is used exclusively
by the American League and World's Champions
The Standard of the Rase Ball World
wRAriX on
A. ' i
fAcy Theo.
f M- HALL & S0N
f -j ..
Igftg.VfrTMlWiiTh -iUJSXmt fiHLSSESSiZa
rr rr...' c; . S
Iror jt rying- -r or anoriemng jfl
For Cake Making
There is no smoke nor odor. Fried foods nrn fr.-e from
the tasie ot grunso. The y u.jw are t.i.-ty im-l crisp,
Thev are uiar'e more riigf.tibU-, for Cris.cn is .'II vege
table, The same Crisco can be used to fry fish, onions,
doughnuts, etc., merely by slrniniug out the food
particles after each trving.
Crisco gives pantrv a new fiat.uicsi; ai,d digestibility.
Crisco always i of the same fr.sl.incss and consistency.
It's uniform quality ni.ikes for uniform results. .
Cafae Maying
Crisco give.-, richness ai sii.fillt i cost, It brings cake
making flack to popularity. Butter bills are reduced and
cakes stay fresh and moist longer
Henry Waterhouse Trust Co., Ltd.
buys and sells
Fort and Merchant Sts.
Office: Hawaiian Hothi.
P. O. Box 524
. i ... i i,.....j -'in
ir....t. i.i II.,. i i -
,,,: ,T, ',".?. . ... '.L u: .
Grccers Honolulu, H. T.
ball organizations foi the 1917 sea?
ason :
sale at the principal stores
H. Davies & Co., Ltd.

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