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his LIFE what are
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help your country and
yourself. Put your
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All of lb Red Crou W.r
Fund ioat for Wr RUef j
ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 15. NO. 22.
' -
The meeting of the Kauai Athletic
Association at the County Building
last Friday afternoon was well attend
ed by baseball fans from all parts of
the. island, who aro anxlouc to see
the National pastlmo started on Kauai
Presidont B. D. Baldwin called the
assembly to order and announced tho
purpose for which tho meeting was
called, stating that Kauai had not had
any regularly organized baseball since
the war and that it was time some
thing was done to remedy tho situa
tion. Tho first business of tho meeting
was to elect new officers. Presidont
Baldwin dated that the old ones had
been in office for soveral years and
ho thought it was time new and young
er blood was taking hold. According
ly the following officers were elected:
James Spalding, presidont; H. D.
WIshard, vice-president; A. Q. Marcal
lino, secretary, and L. D. Larson, treas
urer. The following committee was
appointed to revise the constitution
and by-laws of tho association, as they
were somowhat antiquated and did not
just answer the purpose of the present
day organization: W. F. Sanborn, A.
Q. Marcallino and Mr. Thomas. These
gentlemen were also made a commit
tee to draw up a schedule for the com
ing scries.
After a canvas of the different dis
tricts represented, the following teams
signified their intentions of entering
the league: Makaweli, McBryde, Ko
loa, Lihue, Makeo and Kilauea. KaU
heo wa3 represented at tho meeting
and expressed a desire tc enter a
team, but as tho expense will bo con
siderable and they have not got the
backing of any plantation, it was thot
best not to include them in the league.
Tho following tentative schedule
has been prepared by the committee.
This schedule will probably have to be
revised so as to bring the Lihue-
Kilauea game on Sunday, July 6, to
Lihue. This will be necocsary if tho
Punahou team, which is coming for
the 4th of July, stays over to play in
Lihue on Sunday, the Gth:
Juno 29 Makeo vs Kilauea at Kilauea.
Lihue vs Makaweli at Makaweli.
McBryde vs Koloa at Koloa.
July C Lihuo vs Kilauea at Kilauea.
Koloa vs Makee at Makeo.
Makaweli vs McBryde at McB.
July 13 Kilauea vs McBryde at McB.
Makee vs Lihue at Lihuo.
Makaweli vs Koloa at Koloa.
July 20 Makaweli vs Kilauea at Klla.
McBryde vs Makee at Makee.
Koloa vs Lihue at Lihue.
July 27 Kilauea vs Koloa at Koloa.
Makee vs Makaweli at Mak'wli.
Lihue vs McBryde at McBryde.
Aug. 3 Kilauea vs Makee at Makeo.
Makaweli vs Lihue at Lihue.
Koloa vs McBryde at McBryde.
Aug. 10 Kilauea vs Lihue at Lihue.
Makeo vs Koloa at Koloa.
McBryde vs Makaweli at Mak.
Aug. 17 McBryde vs Kilauea at Kiia.
Lihue vs Makee at Makee.
Koloa vs Makaweli at Mak'wli.
Aug. 24 Kilauea vs Makaweli at Mak.
Makee vs McBryde at McBryde.
Lihue vs Koloa at Koloa.
Aug. 31 Koloa vs Kilauea at Kilauea.
Makaweli vs Makee at Makeo.
McBryde vs Lihue at Lihue.
The Punahou and Waiklkl baseball
teams desire to to come to Kauai for
the 4th of tfuly. The Kauai Athletic
Association took tho matter up at
their meeting last Friday, and decided
that as several of tho boys on tho
Punahou team live on Kauai and will
bo hero during the vacation, it would
be considerably less expensive, and we
would probably have a better class of
ball if this team came. Consequently
it was formally decided to invito tho
Punahou team to come.
Upon the invitation of Mr. James
Spalding, it was decided to havo tho
4th of July game at Waipouli, whero
thoro will also bo horse races. This
will give tho people a chance to wit
ness both sports. It was decided to
charge a nominal admission fee to tho
grounds to help defray tho expenses of
the visitors. It was also decided that
the McBryde team, who hold tho
championship of the Island, should be
given tho honor of meeting tho Puns
fur the 4th of July game, and that a
picked team will play the visitors at
Lihue park the following Sunday.
G. W. Sahr has been appointed land
agent for the County a very wise appointment.
Weather Man Visits Kauai
T. H. Dalngerflold, meteorologist in
charge of tho U. S. Weather Bureau
in Honolulu has been on Kauai the
last ten days.
The prolonged and unusual weather
condition on Kauai coupled with tho
alarming lack of rainfall, aroused his
curiosity, so ho came himself and is
making a visit to every rainfall stat
ion on Kauai.
On Tuesday last Mr. Daingerfield,
accompanied by W. V. Hardy, tho vet
eran hydrographcr of Kauai, was on
top of Mount Waialcalo to Inspect tho
ralngage there with Its reported ab
normal rainfall of over fifty feet in a
Mr. Dalngerflold is most enthusias
tic over the beauties of Kauai, and has
been making copious notes and taken
a scries of pictures, all of which ho
hopes to embody in a special report
to Washington. Readers of the Garden
Island may look forward to an article
in this paper on Kauai and its natural
conditions, which should prove of uni
versal interest, coming as it docs from
the pen of a lover of nature with the
gift of expressing it in a popular way.
Mr. G. A. Young, executive secre
tary of tho Boys' Working Reserve,
has been touring the island with the
Kauai secretaries, speaking in schools
and at public gatherings, notably at
Hanalel, Kilauea, Kapaa, Lihue, Kala
heo, Makaweli, Waimea and Kckaha.
In a number of these places moving
pictures were shown illustrating tho
subject of Mr. Young's talk. Indicat
ions are for a large enrollment on
Kauai this year.
Besides speaking In the interests of
the Reserve, Mr. Young gave several
splendid, brief addresses on character
building at four Filipino Y clubs, Kala
heo Bible Class, and the Sunday Even
ing Club at Lihue. There was an at
tondanco of forty at tho latter. The
club has developed a fine orchestra in
addition to the good singing of the
One of the most notable events of
the week was the Reserve meeting
and basket ball game at Kilauea on
Thursday evening. Tho Kauai high
school was mobilized en masse with
the kind assistance of their friends, to
Kallhiwai Bay where a sunset picnic
was enjoyed. At seven o'clock the
party of more than fifty repaired to
Kilauea social hall which was jammed
to the doors with eager spectators. A
careful counting of the crowd found
it to number GOO. To this number Mr.
Young told his story to sympathetic
ears. Owing to an accident only two
reels of pictures could bo shown, but
tho basket ball game to follow more
than made up forthe loss.
With the crowd banked up against
the walls and gallery the Kauai high
school team Joined battle with a lusty
Ave representing Kilauea. Both teams
surprised themselves and tho specta
ors by putting up a fast game nott
withstanding they aro both novices
In basket ball. Thero was some rough
ness which was scarcely avoidable
owing to the limited floor space al
lowed by the spectators. Aside from
this the playing was fast from start
to finish and some very pretty basket
shooting was done on both sides. The
flrst half ended in a score of 10-9 with
Lihue one point in the lead. The
second half was almost as close and
the total score remained in the high
school's favor by the narrow margin
of 16-13. A return game will be play
ed at Lihuo soon.
Baseball had tho fron page on Sat
urday when four school games were
played at Lihuo as follows: Kapaa 10
vs Kekaha 8; Lihue 28 vs Makaweli
8; Kapaa 19 vs Makaweli 4; Lihue 12
vs Kekaha 8. Notwithstanding tho
fact that tho visitors from tho sunny
side were defeated In both games,
thoy were good sports to the finish
and evidently enjoyed the day's out
ing almost as much as their vanquish
Mr3. J. M. Dowset, of Honolulu, has
kindly consented to speak In the Lihue
Union Church on Sunday evening on
Woman's Sufffago. Everyone is cordi
ally Invited to como and hoar her.
This will tako the place of the regular
morning sorvico.
1 Tho Grand Jury will moot on Sat-
urday, 9:30 a. m. for tho transaction
1 of business held over from tho former
I session, us well as any new business
' which may como before them.
Over Ave tons of cane, loaded on tho
cars in 30 minutes, under ordinary
Aeld conditions. That Is tha record of
tho McBryde "Hapal Ko" team, con-J
slsting of two cane loaders fiom Mc
Brydq plantation who Anichcd Arst In
tho preliminary cane loading contest
at Lihue last Saturday at 3 p. m.
Great interest was' displayed in the
contest. All plantations on Kauai
wero represented, except Kilauea and
Waimea plantations. Lihuo nnd Grove
Farm were represented by two teams
each, but nevertheless were unable to
pull out ahead of tho sturdy, well
coached team from McBryde. Both Li
huo teams however, wero ablo to tako
second and third place In the contest,
while Grove Farm Ailed tho fourth
Plantation people turned out In largo
numbers to witness the contest, sev
eral hundred people being present, in
cluing tho managers from most of the
plantations on the Island.
The conditions of the contest were
that all should start loading even and
at the same time. Each team consist
ed of two men. Loading was continu
ed for thirty minutes, at tho end of
which time the team having leaded the
greatest weight of cane was judged
tho winner. Two "Hapai Ko" boards
were allowed, which permitted tho
men to load from two sides of the car.
Pinning up of the cane was allowed
nfter the contest was over, so that the
cane loaded would not fall off in tran
sit to the mill in order to bo weighed.
This gave the McBrydo team an ad
vantage, in that some of the other
teams did not understand this con
dition and did a good of pinning dur
ing tho process of loading, as is cus
tomary under ordinary Aeld conditions.
Pinning after tho contest was allowed
at the Ewa preliminaries on Oahu, and
the McBryde team took advantage of
the point to get their cars loaded
quickly , depending on pinning up the
load after the contest. Had compact
ness of the load at the end of the con
test been taken into consideration, Mc
Bryde would havo stood, little chance
to win.
The ofllcial results of tho contest as
the cane was weighed at the mill im
mediately after tho contest, are as
Lihue 1st team
Lihuo 2nd team
Grove Farm 1st team
Grove Farm 2nd team
10375 lbs.
Even Makaweli, though thoy stood
lowest, loaded mora cane in thirty min
utes than did tho crack Ewa team.j
which took Arst place In tho Oahu
contest. Although conditions make
a lot of difference, It looks as If the
Kauai team has a good chance to clean
up in the big inter-island contest to bo
held at the fair next week. The load
ers from McBryde loaded over two
tons mora in the preliminaries than
tho best Oahu team. j
Next week the McBrydo team will
go to Honolulu to represent Kauai in
the big contest. Tho Kauai team will
compete with the best team from each
of tho other islands. Kauai has a
good team. If a good coach is sent
with them they should win the contest.
A High Class Movie
The moving picture presentation of
Louise Allcott's "Little Women," now
making the tour of tho Island, ,1a a
treat such as we do not often have. In
every respect it was practically ideal.
It was at once bright, witty, pathetic,
Inspiring and wholesome. The acting
was excellent, and setting most pic
turesque and true to life, being staged
in tho actual surroundings of the Con
cord home whero tho story was en
acted. 1
There was an excellent audience.
No one should fall to sco it if he has
a chance. Not to see it will bo to
miss a treat.
The Mendes recount caso has flat
tened out 90 is 9C, tho same in Hono
lulu that it is on Kauai, not even the
Supreme Court could make any more.
So Mendes drops out, and tho tax
payers pay tho bill for tho recount.'
IB 0
Tho 1G4 votes cast for F. P. Hurley
in tho recent primary claction as
against tho 166 for Th. Brandt gives
the former a clear majority and had
thoy been running on the samo ticket
with no opponents ho would havo been
Mr. Hurley took tho ground that ho
was elected and made formal demand
on tho County Clerk, J. M. Kanoakua
to grant him his certificate of election.
Tho County Clerk pointed out to him
the provision of tho law that required
a majority of the votes cast, for elect
ion, which would mean 1G8 Instead of
1G4. The matter was referred to S.
K. Kaco, tho County Attorney, for his
professional opinion, which he render
ed to tho offect that Hurley was elect
ed. Mr. Brandt being apprized of the
situation applied to the circuit court
and secured a mandamus to restrain
the county clerk from granting the
ccrtlAcate of election, and proceed
with the regular election In accord
ance with the law which has been
done and the election is in process
as wo go to press.
Notice of appeal, based on unten
able objections, has-been denied, but
it will be possible to review tho case
after the election on a "quo warranto"
basis. Presumably, however, it will
be dropped as a dead issue.
The High School Hikes
Under tho leadership of Mr. Lyd
gate, the high school pupils and a
number of friends, made tho hike to
the summit camp of the Walniha pole
lino on Saturday. Leaving tho rendez
vous tt the Lihue Storo a little after
six o'clock they reached the Kanaha
crossing on the North Branch of the
Wallua a little after eight o'clock
this portion of the trip being made by
truck and motor car. Here they set
out in good spirits, nfoot, for tho top
it was only three miles, and over a
good trail, and it was a beautiful day,
much drier under foot than it gen
erally is in the mountains. Most of
them, however, had discounted the
fact that there was a climb of nearly
2000 feet thrown in with the distance.
As the way dragged on, and tho top
was still some distance off, they were
convinced that It was six, or even
ten, miles instead of three. Some of
the fastest and sturdiest of the boys
made it in less than two hours, while
some of the more lelsurly took two
hours and a half. The average was
two hours.
Tho view from the top is superb,
commanding everything from Kapaa
clear around to the Gap, back of
Koloa, as well as the mountain fast
ness of Makaleha on one side, and
Walalealo on tho other. But tho line
supply of cool, clea'r water in the
tanks at tho little house, awakened
more Interest and drew far more
praise than the wonderful view.
Somo sharp eyes spotted a single,
lone Hawaiian palm In the jungle; a
very rare find, to bo Been very sol
dome, and at high elevations only.
Tho return to Kanaha was made in
somowhat less time than tho ascent,
and brought a very hungry band, 52
In number, all told, to a very welcome
and substantial lunch consisting of
brolIed wiener wurst saussages, broil
ed bacon, hot rice, coffee, etc. And if
anyone thinks that wasn't a feast fit
for a king, It Is simply becauso he
wasn't there to partake of it.
Whllo the lunch was in process, a
good sized freshet came down the
river from the mountains, having tak
en about three hours in the coming,
and made a flank movement that cut
in on the rear and made an island of
the temporary camp, and threatened
to drown It out.
The party reached home along
about five In the afternoon so thor
oughly pleased with the outing that a
whole series has been tentatively
planned for next year.
Tho whole affair did credit to tho
capacity and organization of tho young
people the boys provided tho trans
portation, and tho girls, tho lunch j
and everything went through all right. '
MRS. J. M. DOWSETT of Honolu
lu, arrived this morning. She wlil art
dress tho Moklhana Club tomorrow
afternoon on tho subject of womans
suffrage. Sho will also cpeak on the
same Bubjcct at Wr.Smea imt Friday.
District Court News
Lnst week was a busy one in the
Lihue District Court, with a number
of cases disposed of.
Gerando Quipo, charged with gross
cheat, was handed a six month's sent
ence in which to think over his evil
ways. Acting cook for a hul of Fili
pinos at Pokakll, he went to Hana
maulu Storo and procured nine coupon
books of $5.00 each, and then bllthly
made tracks for Lihue, where soon
only tho covers of the books wero left,
buying shoes and other articles of
wearing apparel. Shortly after Ger
ando found Kauai to be too hot for
him and sped to Honolulu, where the
long arm of the law shortly found him.
Brought back by dotectlve R. Stein,
Gerando in excellent English, conduct
ed his own defence but failed to con
vince his honor of his innocence, and
now Gerando is sweating in tho Lihue
Park, making the grounds ready for
the baseball season.
Adriano Sandcl and Maxima Ybares,
wayward young Filipinos from Kapaa
Homesteads, were charged with the
commission of a statutory offence,
pleaded guilty and were fined the
usual $30 and $10 respectively, wlth
cost added. Being out of funds, tho
pair arc languishing in the County
Gablno Bacilla of Hanamaulu, made
love to a comely Filipino scnorlta and
when his advances were spurned, got
mud and threatened all kinds of awful
death to the fair one, even brandish
ing an ugly caneknlfe to accentuate
his wrath. In court Gablno was quite
normal again and seemed to have for
gotten over having let his temper run
away with him. The request of com
plaining witness that ho be put under
bond to .keep the peace was granted
by the Court. Unable to And bonds
men, Gablno is cooling his heels in
Amoy, a flreman from the S. S.
"Klnau," was caught on Nawlllwlli
wharf last Friday by Deputy Sheriff
Lovell, with Ave tins of opium, extra
fine Hongkong, valued at $160 per tin,
concealed on his person. The tins
were promptly confiscated and Amoy
gently requested to put up $150 ball
for his appearance in court on Satur
day. Amoy complied with the request,
raising 150 silver dollars among
friends and was given his freedom.
When the caso was called in court,
Amoy had flown and his bail was de
clared forfeited as county realization.
Five times $160 equals $800 and plus
$150, reaches the pretty sum of $950.
Pretty expensive to get caught witli
opium on Kauai. And think of tho
disappointed devotees.
Five young men of Lihue and Nawili
will were caught on Friday, rolling tho
ever seductive bones, sometimes call
ed "African Golfballs," and were ord
ered to appear in court. It was a
quiet and scared quintet that lined up
on Saturday. Two of tho gang being
minors, were arraigned separately,
and all wore given a stiff lecture by
the Judgo, all promising never again
to stray. On the strength of their
apparently sincere vow, a three
month's suspended sentence was met
ed out to each delinquent.
The Peggy Center concert Friday
evening at the Tip Top was in every
respect the musical event of the
season. In addition to the delightful
singing of the talented young prima
donna, the easy grace and skill of Mrs.
Sinclair Robinson at the piano won
universal praise. Everyone was also
very much pleased with tho simple un
assuming, straight-forward war rem!'-!
nlsceneea of Lieut. Anderson. A.
Horner, Jr. added to the pleasing pro-j
gram by his masterly work at tno
piano. Mrs. Win, Grote, as usual,
proved herself an accomplished uc
companiest. '. n :
MR. H. ANDERMANN. head engi
neer of tho Hanr.maulu mill returned
from town this morning.
H. LUDDERS, sulesm-in for Von
Hamm Young & Co. is on the island
for his firm.
MRS. W. F. SANBORN went to.
town on Saturday and returned this
morning. I
MR. and MRS. CHAS. GAY arrived
by the Klnau this morning and will
spend somo time at their old home in
MR. SEARBY, chief consulting
sugar engineer for the American
Factors interests arrived by the Kl
nau this morning and will make the
tour of the island. ,
Fl 10
A particularly gratuitous and un
provoked Filipino murder Is reported
from Koloa May 31, In which a girl
12 years old was the victim of tho
brutal rage of a neighbor woman.
Two Filipino families lived in the
same house in tho plantation quarters,
and as often happens, wero more or
less at vai lance. On this particular
occasion there was an altercation
about the wood supply, one family ac
cusing the other of being unduly favor
ed. Finally they got to bandying bad
names, the outcome of which was that
one of the women, Bcneta by name,
went Into her room, got a revolver,
came back and shot the girl through
tho head. She died immediately.
Lihue Ball Club to Give Dance
The Lihue baseball club held a meet
ing at the County Building last night
and elected olllcers and appointed
comml'tees to carry the club through
the coming season. Tho following
officers were elected: R. N. Oliver,
president; C. A. Raggett, Secretary;
C. G. Kuhlmann, Treasurer; R. D.
Moler, manager, nnd M. R. Thomas,
After a general discussion as to how
tho club might raise tho necessary
expense money without calling on any
one too heavily, It was decided to give
a benefit grand ball at tho Armory on
the evening of Saturday, Juhe 21st.
Accordingly committees wero appoint
ed to take the affair In hand, and ar
rangements are well under way at
the present time.
This ball will also be in the nature
of a farewell to the departing teachers,
a number of whom are leaving Kuual
shortly after this date.
.'King" Baggett and Dick Oliver are
tho moving spirits of the affair and
they declare that it is to be the best
dance Kauai has hud since the war.
Jack Coney, W. H. Rice, Jr., and Dick
Oliver will be floor managers, and they
intend to see that everybody ha3 a
thoroughly good time. There will bo
two first-class stringed orchestras to
furnlHh music for the occasion. The
Ladies of Lihue will be asked to furn
ish cakes, which will be supplemented
by other good things in the refresh
ment line. The ladies (this la the first
they have heard of It) will also deco
rate the Armory and will turn it Into
a bower of ferim and flowers.
It has been n long time since Lihue
has had a really big dance and this
occasion will undoubtedly be welcom
ed with joy. Thoro will be an admiss
ion feo of one dollar for gentlemen
ladies free. Tickets will bo out In a
few days.
The New Water. System
Tho now Lihue water system, now
in process of reconstruction, is up
proachlng a successful finish. An 8
inch wood pipe is being laid from the
ditch and tunnel line in the German
Forest, which will furnish an abund
ant supply of mountain water, with a
head of 110 feet, which will give a
pressure of over 50 pounds.
This new line will be connected with
tho reservoir part way down, which
has been used ns the supply for tho
present old system, so that in case of
any temporary pilikla to tho sources
of supply of tho new syBtem, the old
will bo available.
A concrete reservoir is being put In
at the Intake of the pipe lino which
will hold a million and a halt gallons,
with a stand pipe drawing the water
well up from the bottom, so as to
avoid tho settlings. Thoro will bo suit
able washout appliances, so that tha
reservoir can be cleaned out whonevor
Tho ultimate source of tho water U
the Waiahl branch of tho Wallua, at
tho power station, from whence It is
conducted down to the German Forest,
mostly in tunnels. Tho few short
stretches of ditch will bo carofully
fenced to keep out cattle or other con
tamination. Thero are no peoplo liv
ing on that Hue.
News has been received by Mrs. A.
S. Wilcox of tho aafo arrlvul of Allan
Wilcox In New York. He will boon
be home.
:0: :
Dr. Anderson, Lieut. Anderson and
Miss Peggy Center returned to Hono
lulu Saturday.

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