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MIm Elsie Wilcox
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ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 15. NO. 44.
Very successful arrangements have
been made for the sports on Victory
Day at the Walpoull Race Track. The
woather man pormlttlnBc this promises
to bo the largest and best sporting
event over hold on the Island of Kauai.
The day will start at 10 sharp with
a parade of all service men. Half the
circuit of the track will bo made, the
men inarching in column of fours past
the reserved parking space, behind a
band. The colors of the 4th Hawaiian
will bo carried. The committee de
sires that all service men participate
in the parade, and especially requests
that all men come in uniform if pos
sible, as this is one day on which it
is most appropriate for all service
men to wear their uniform.
All-day races and novelty stunts
will follow each other promptly at
Intervals of fifteen minutes, so that
the track will, present the appearance
of a threo ring circus.
Prizes are offered for each one of the
events, the amounts and conditions
are advertised in another part of this
There arc six scheduled races, con
sisting of the half, one mile, quarter,
three eights, five oights, and three
quarter mile races. In order to avoid
the delays between races which are so
tiresome for the spectators, the races
will be called promptly at the sched
uled time. All entries must be at the
p'ost when the race is called. Those
who are not there will be barred from
the race and will forfeit their entrance
Besides the scheduled races there
will probably bo several matched
races, as. well, as one or two special
races. These are extra races and will
not be allowed to cause any tiresome
delays but will rather prevent them.
The tug-of-war championship of
Kauai Is exciting a great deapf in
terest. Several teams are already
holding tryouts, and practicing for the
event, and each has its own set of
rooter.? for the pull. The teams will
consist of ten men with a coach who
will nut be allowed to touch the ropo.
Cleans will be barred; the men being
either barefooted or wearing smooth
shoes. Time limit for each pull fifteen
The burro race will furnish a great
deal of amusement for the spectators
and wo hope to the riders as well. The
men will ride bareback from the start
ing point down the track for one
hundrc:! yards, around a barrel back
to the starting point. The burros
are being, furnished by Mr. Wolters,
who has lately imported them from
Hawaii. The men will draw for the
Kona Canary they are to ride", leading
him right out to the track so that they
Y.W. C. A. Workers on Kauai
Miss M. Soule and Miss Blssinger,
the two Y. W. C. A. secretaries for
Kauai arrived on tho Kinau Ihis morn
ing and were met at the landing by
Miss E. Wilcox, whotook them up to
Grove Farm for bicakfast. T hey will
be quartered at the Llhuo Hotel for
the time being. Miss Soule is to havo
charge of work among girls r.nd girls'
clubs, and Miss Bissinger will under
take t'lo work among the Filipino
womor. As Miss Bissinger speaks the
Vlsayan dialect, she is eminently fit
ted for tho position.
Tt?e Pay Too Small
The Court is finding it difficult to
secure mutable appraisers for the As
S. Wilcox estate. A number of capa
ble men have been appointed and havo
declined to serve because of tho meag
re pitt nice by way of compensation.
This in fixed by statute at ?500 a day
and expenses. Competent men are
busy mu'i and their timo h worth
moro than five dollars a day: Prices
have rtlvanced since that law was
:o: . '
John ltapoza. formerly manager of
the hardware department of Llhuo
Store, has purchased the C. B. Gray
place M Kapaa, and, it is understood,
will open a general merchandise store
will have no chance to get acquainted
with their mount.
An event which should draw a lot
of applause is Wilson, the horso with
the college education. This horso is
tho most accomplished horso ever
shown in the Territory, and probably
equal to If not better than any horso
on the mainland. Wilson, undor the
drcction of Mr. Harris, will perform
for ten or fifteen minutes.
Tho relay race for cowboys will
furnish as much real amusement nnd
enjoyment as any event on tho pro
gram. There will bo three or four
entries, each entry to havo four
horses tied o tho fenco near the start
ing point. The men must saddle a
horse, ride a quarter of a mile, then
ride back to the starting point, saddle
and ride another horse. The first man
to got back to the starting point after
saddling and riding his fourth horso
wins the race.
Tho flag, or pony express race, as
it 13 sometimes called, needs no ex
planation, but will furnish some splen
did exhibitions of horsemanship judg
ing from the enterics already received.
Grown ups will not alone bo taken
care of for the children are also com
ing in for their share of .the amuse
ments and sports. There will be some
thing doing all day for them in a sec
tion of the field specially reserved for
them. The climax for their sports
will be a. free for all chase for the
greased- pig. Mr. 'Philip nice has
kjndly offered to furnish the pig, the
Nawiliwili Garage' will furnish the
giease and Mr. Sahr, the Land Com
rhissloner for this Island, has offered
to grease it.
One point which tfie committee
vl3hes to make clear to the public hi
the matter of res'ened parking space
As no grand stand Is being erected,
machines will be parked in and around
the space usually occupied by it. This
space is the reserved parking space for
which an additional' charge of 75 cents
will be made to ths general parking
space charge of 75 cents.
In order that every one may havo a
fair chance for tho ,best space, reserv
ations ure not being made ahead.
Those wishing the" reserved parking
space may pay the additional charge
at the gate and draw from a box the
number of the space they are to oc
cupy. This will give those who come
from a distance the same chance for
the best parking space as those who
hf.vo not so far to travel.
Everyone should attend, and help in
every way to make this event as
memorable as the day which it cele
brates. Remember the date, Nov. 11th, 1919.
Time . 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Grove Farm Organizes League
Plantation baseball are all tho rage
these days. Grovo Farm is the latest
to organizo a league of the national
pastlmo. The leaguo Is composed of
four teani3, made up as follows: Jap
anese Athletic Club, Portuguese Ath
letic Club, Filipino Athletic Club, and
Hawaiian Athletic Club.
Tho first game of tho season was
played laft Sunday between the Fili
pinos and the Japanese, the former
winning by a score of 13 to 8. Tho bat
teries were, Madlng and Leon for the
Filipinos, and Wata and E. Fernandez,
for tho Japanese. A silver cup is to
bo presented to tho winning team.
:o :
Tho teachers of the Kauai High
grammar grades gavo a very delightful
afternoon tea in honor of tho mothers
of the pupils of their classes. After
refreshments tho ladies were, shown
over the house and inspected the
dainty and attractive rooms, both up
stairs and down, It was a splendid
way for teachers and mothers to get;
acquainted at the very beginning of
the school year.
The parents are very much pleased
with tho fine staff of teachers, not only
in tho grammar grade's, but also in tho i
high school.
Tho hostesses for tho occasion were,
the Misses Cutler, Kelly and Fox.
About eighteen guests enjoyed their
Air Officers Here
Hunting Landings
Maj. J. B. Brooks, Capt. W. E. Lewis
and Lieut. D. G. Duke, officers of the
aviation service stationed at Luke
Field, Oahu, arrived on Kauai last
Friday morning for tho purpose of in
vestigating the landing facilities for
land and sea planes.
Major Brooks Is not very enthus
iastic over what ho has seen in the
way of landing places for sea planes.
Hanalel bay is said to bo the most
favorable ilace for thi3 purpose, while
Wailua Ulvcr is entirely out of tho
question, there' not being enough room
to maneuver the plane.
The major stated that the Walpoull
race track is a good field for land
planes, but, of course, these machines
would have fo be shipped to Kauai and
transported to tho field.
Tho officers are returning to Hono
lulu this ovoning.
:o :
Drowned at Pukaulua
A serious accident happened on
Saturday which resulted fatally to a
Filipino from Malumalu in tho employ
of Grove Farm. Four of them took a
day off and went down to Pukaulua,
near Nawiliwili, fishing. In their ig
noracne of tho treacherous character
of the placo they ventured out Into the
seaward sido of tho blowhole, and
while they were absorbed in their fish
ing a big swell rolled In through the
cavern underneath, boiled up through
tho cauldron and swept thorn all off
Into the sea. Three of them succeeded
in scrambling ashore, but one of them,
failed to do so and was drowned.
This Pukaulua is a dangerous place.
It was there that Alohikea was drown
ed a year or two ago.
Moral: Don't go fishing there.
Moral second: Don;t go fishing when
you ought to bo at work.
:o :
The Horner Lecture
Foster Horner's lecture last night,
on his personal experiences during the
war proved a decided success. A large
and interested audience listened with
absorbed attention to the first-hand
detail of experiences in France. As
aid-de-camp to Brigadier-General J. B.
McDonald, commander of the 101st
Brigade, Foster saw actlvo service in
tho Argonno region. With the aid of
a large map he traced tho movements
of tho American troops, and in addi
tion told so many interesting porsonal
experiences of hcar-breadth escapes,
that tho audionco was kept on the
He also told amusing stories that
were now to the people.
Mr. Philip Ilico introduced tho
speaker, and told in outline tho mean
ing and aim of the American Legion,
which is to make 100 per cent Ameri
canism the ideal of tho Legion.
Makaweli School
Has Leaders Club
It being impossible for one person
to personally direct a program of phy
sical education for four hundred child
ren, a leaders corps has been organiz
ed at tho Makaweli achool to assist
Mr. Damkroger in this work.
Tho club is organized and has Its
officers and regular time for imeting.
Programs of athlotics are planned and
promote1'.; the first ono bolng an inter
camp vi.licy ball leaguo. The club is
going on an all day picnic Saturday.
:o :
Lieut. Harry Vincent and J. P.'Kahl
haum, emorgoncy army officers, aro to
be retained as regulars, according to
word just received at army head
quarters on Oahu, Lieut. Harry Vin
cent was formerly in charge of tho
wireless station at Lihue, while Lieut.
Kahlbaum was managor of the Wal
niea branch of the Llhuo Ice Company.
Halloween was celebrated at a dance
given by tho Hanamaulu residents nt
the r-.namaulu Community House!
last Saturday evening. Tho hall had
been suitably decorated with repre
sentations of fiying witches on brooms,
Jack-o- Lanterns and black cats, and!
witli beautiful potted plants. Mrs. W.
It. Bridgewater, appropriately attired,
presided at tho punch bowl, which oc
cupied a vino covered bower in a corner.
Makaweli Program
Armistice Day
Makaweli Plantation has decided to
havo a celebration of her own on
Armistice Day and aro therefore plan
nine an all-day program that will give
everyone a good time.
The program will start off in the
morning with a field meet for tho
boys and girls. The events are so plan
ned Miai they will bo Interesting and
nmualng botli for tho participants nnd
the spectators.
Among the events arc 50 yard
dashes, pctalo races, hobble races, sack
races, obstacle race, leap frog race,
three-legged race, centipede race,
whcelbanow race and relay races.
There will bo a free-for-all pillow fight
which is sure to cause a great deal of
A picked team from Makaweli school
will meet i picked team from Elcclo
in a gama of volley hall.
Tho afternoon program will be for
the men cf the plantation. Tho first
event will be an inter-camp tug-of-war
contest. The winner to challenge tho
winning team of the Waipouli contest
for a match in tho near future.
Following this will bo an eight-man
relay race between three picked teams,
ono of Filipinos, one of Portuguese and
one of Japanese.
The fat men will then bo given a
chance to perform and try and reduce
by jogging around the track a few
A three-ringed circus of a different
brand from Ringling Brothers, will be
put on. This will bo in the form of a
Japanese fencing match, pillow fight
"ing and boxing, all at tho same time.
Tho final event of tho afternoon will
be a baseball game between an all
star Makaweli Filipino Baseball Lea
gue and an all-star Makaweli Baseball
-League team. During Hhe baseball
game Inter-camp volley ball games
will be played.
Tho plantation will award prizes to
the winners of the different events.
The evening program will be a free
moving picture and mimical progam
Tho program is being planned by a
committee or. tho plantation under tho
supervision of E. L. Damkroger.
Accident Board Meets
There was a meeting of tho Accident
Board on Thursday afternoon at Ke
kaha, attended by J. M. Lydgate, H. H.
Brodio and G. W. Sahr. A number of
cases, tho accumulation of some
months, wcro disposed of, the mo3t
Important bolng that of a Filipino em
ployee of Kckaha plantation, who lost
an arm by falling rom a passing train
which he tried to board. Tho planta
tion, with the) assistance of tho Board,
arranged a very generous compensa
tion settlement, which met with the
approval of all concerned. Tho un
fortunate man will return to the Phil
ippines with a very comfortable allow
ance, which will make him independ
ent for a long time. 1
Volley Bail at Makaweli School
Volley ball is proving a very inter
esting .sport at Makaweli school. An
inter-camp schedulo of games was
brought to a successful close last Fri
day with Camp 1 winning. The re
sults wero:
P W L Per
Camp 1 8 5 2 750
Camp G 8 5 3 025
Cimp 4 8 4 1 500
Camp 5 S 4 4 500
Makaweii 8 17 125
Free Again ?
The Richards embezzlement caso
came up in tho Circuit Court on Friday
and resulted in an acquital by the Jury.
A good deal was mado of tho shady
character of tho Congress Mining
Company and its methods, so that
even if there was any embezzlement
it was only a matter of one sharper
against another, and the public were
not particularly concerned. It was not
clear that there was any technical
embezzlement, and tho defendant was
given the benefit of the doubt.
Richards is not yet out of tho woods,
however, as there is another cliargo of
embezzlement standing against him
which will como up in a few days be
fore the district court.
i Personals 6 j
j. .. .
Arthur H. Rico Is returning to Hono
lulu this evening after spending a few
days at his old home in Lihue.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Kuhlman and in
fant, II. Decker, J. E. Silva, Geo. S.
Raymond, Mrs. J. K. Cockett, Miss F,
Hebeng, A. F. Grey, A. E. Todd, It. W,
Podmorc and Joe Souza wero nmong
tho passengers arriving tills morning.
A. Gartloy and E. F. Bishop of the
Brewer Company came to Kauai last
Friday and wont to Kilauea whore they
will spend a few days.
.'. Henderson, owner of the Hawaii
Sugar Mill in Hllo, mado a short visit
to Kauai last week. He spent most of
Srturday with Manager Moler making
a tour of tho Llhuo plantation. This is
Mr. Henderson's, first visit to Kauai
though ho has been on the Islands for
many years.
Mr. T. J. Sopor, assistant bookkeeper
in the Llhuo Store office, arrived a few
days ago and has already begun work
in his new field. At present he is liv
ing at the Lihue Hotel, but later he Is
to occupy tho John ltapoza home, it
is understood. Mr. Sopor fills the
placo left vacant by tho resignation of
E. Mann, who left last Saturday for
Hon. J. I. Silva, tho Eleclc merchant
nnd treasurer of the Kauai Chamber
of Commerce, who departed for the
Mainland on tho Hyades recently,
writes from tho St. Francis Hotel, San
Francisco, that his health is improving
rapidly in the invigorating climate of
California. Mr. Silva had been ailing
for some timo past, and having an op
portunity to secure passage on the
Hyades ho decided to accept it and
take a complete rest from business
cares and worries.
E. E. Mahlum, managor of C. B,
Hofgaard. & Company, Waimca, re
turned to Kauai by tho Kinau last
"Friday morning. Mr. Mahlum went
to Hawaii some two weeks ago to
view tho lava flow. While there he
was overcome by a severe attack of
heart trouble which threatened to bo
very serious. A wireless message was
sent to his relatives, and his niece,
Miss Esther Hofgaard, left Immediate
ly for Hllo where she found him im
proving. His many friends will bo
glad to learn that ho is almost en
tirely recovered and Is able to be at
his desk again.
New Baseball League
For Makaweli
A now baseball league has come into
existence at Makaweli Plantation
with four teams entered. Tho camps
represented in tho league aro
Now Camp, and Camp C first teams
and second teams from Camp 2 and 4.
The leaguo is called "Plantation Base
ball League," and two games will be
played each Sunday.
This makes throe baseball leagues
on tho plantation with ten teams enter
ed and four games played each Sunday.
McBryde Store Improvements
Extensive alterations are being mado
in McBryde Store. A sixteen-foot ex
tension is being built on to tho right
hand sido of tho main storo. This ad
dition is to house tho dry goods de
partment, and the grocery department
will bo transferred to tho present dry
goods department. With tho addition
of a number of largo display cases, a
refrigerator counter, and largo show
wlndowc, manager Roendahl will havo
a strictly up-to-dato merchandising
A cable message from Mnnlla con
tained the sad news of tho sudden
death from cholera of H. Audcrmauu,
Jr., recently. Mr. Andermann was
bpm In Lihue and received his edu
cation hero. For many years ho was
In the Llhuo mill as assistant engineer,
and from thero was transferred to
Hanamaulu, where ho became mill
manager. Last spring ho resigned
and accepted a very good position on
a sugar plantation in tho Philippines.
His untimely death comes as a shock
to his large circle of friends on Kauai.
Ho leaves a wifo and threo promising
bous to mourn his loss. They aro at
present In Honolulu, though they had
planned to Join Mr. Andermann in
Manila soon.
(The Governor's Trip
Puu Ka Pele-Kokee
The Governor and his party con
sisting of Dr. Trotter, president of tho
Board of Health; C. T. Bailey, Com
missioner of l'ullc Lands; "! S. Judd.
Superlnt3iident of Forestry; Col. R.
Newcomer, of the Board of Federal
Engineers, and Kirk B. Porter. Secre
tary of the Board of Health, arrived
this morning at Nawiliwili, and pro-'
ceeded directly to Walmea where they
secured an early breakfast at tho Wai
mca Hotel, nnd then struck out for the
Puu ka Pele-Kokeo region. They
wero accompanied by Messrs Broad
bent, Lydgate, Sanborn, and Dr Young
of the Chamber of Commerce.
Tho party will remain there for a
couple of days looking into the sanita
tion and summer camp problems, re
turning to Wniniea for the Chamber
of Commerce banquet Wednesday
Later tho Governor and his party
will como to Llhuo to look Into some
important land and water problems
connected with the development of tho
Government lands and the welfare of
tho homesteaders.
Meanwhile Col. Newcomer will look
into matters connected with the Na
wiliwili deep-sea harbor, and will as
sure himself of the competence and
good faith of tho local interests to
make tho necessary railway connect
ions as required by the Bill before
They will return to Honolulu on
Sugar Shortage
There In an alarming scarcity of
sugar throughout most of tho Mainland
due partly to tho shortage of tho sugar
crop in certain sections, but mainly to
the failure of tho administration to
socuro tho Cuba crop when It was
available. This has now gone mostly
to Europe, and America is suffering.
In many sections tho scarcity is so
'great that retailors are allowing their
customers only a pound or two at a
time, and throughout Indiana tho pub
lic sugar bowl has been banished from
the tablo in all hotels and restaurants
to limit tho use, and prevent cribbing.
:o :
New Head Luna for Kealia
Mr. Frank W. Burns, formorally as
sistant surveyor at Maul Agricultural
Company, Hamakuopoko, arrived on
Kauai this morning to take up his now
duties as head luna at Kealia planta
tion. His wifo and child accompany
him. Mrs. Burns is a daughter of
Gov. Chas. J. McCarthy. They' will
make a welcome addition to tho com
munity of Kealia.
American Legion Will
Give Grand Ball
On Monday evening, Nov. 10th, tho
Legion will start their big celebrat
ion off with a grand ball at tho Llhuo
Armory. A genuine good time is as
sured and everybody is cordially in
vited. An admission of $1 will bo
charged each gentleman and ho can
bring as many ladies as ho cares to.
Bayless Postpones Coming
Word has been received from Ilev.
Mr. Bayless that ho will remain in
Hilo during tho months of November
and December.
Sunday School will bo continued as
usual nt tho Llhuo Union, and thero
will probably bo occasional church
services. This matter will bo in the
hands, of a pulpit committee.
-:o :
Dancing Instructor
Coming to Kauai
It has been learned on good author
ity that Mr. Stout, Jr., dancing in
structor in Honoluu Is coming to
Kauai tho beginning of December.
He plans to give lessons in the latest
dancing steps, if large enough classes
can bo arranged. Ho will also givo
private lessons. Ho will bo located
at either Wniniea or Makaweli.
P. W. Alston, head chemist for Llhuo
Plantation is attending the annual
meeting of chemists In Honolulu.

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