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Supervisors Discuss New
Automobile Ordinance
The Board of Supervisors of the
County of Kauai helil an adjourned
meetirjr at the usual place, on Thurs
day. May 25th. 1922. at 9:30 o'clock
a. m.
Present: H. D. Wishard, chair
man; T. Brandt, J. I. Sllra, Fred
Mendes, A. Menefogllo.
The minutes of the last regular
meeting, the 3rd Inst., were read
and approved.
Consideration of the new auto
mobile ordhianco was taken up
Philip L. Rico Ksti., attorney, wa
present to assist the hoard towards
the passage of the ordinance. After
general discussion taken he was re
quested to put the ordinance Ii:
proper shape, embodying all of tin
changes approved and present tht
same at the next meeting cf tin
hoard for further consideration.
The following bids for furnishin.
material, etc (1) for the Llhue G:un
mnr school unit building; (2) for
furnishing water pipes for the Ll
hue Grammar sct.ool water work
ai'd (3) for furnishing 48 toilet con
nectlons to the new school build
lngs were received and referred to
the county road supervisor for re
port, namely:
Allen & Robinson Ltd
6 units
8 units
City Mill Co. 6 units
8 units
C. B. Hofgaard & Co.
C units
8 units
Kauai Railway Co.
Lewers & Cooke Ltd.
8 units
Lewers & Cooke, Ltd.
C units
8 units
Lihue Store, 6 & 8, no bid
Allen & Robinson Ltd.
6 units
8 units
City Mill Co, 6, no bid.
Davles & T. H. 6 units
8 units
C. B. Hofgaard & Co.
6 units
8 unta
Kauai Railway Co.
6 units
8 unts
Lewers & Cooke Ltd.
6 units
8 units
Llhue Store 6 units
8 units'
Allen & Robinson Ltd
8 units
City Mill Co., no bid.
C. B. Hofgaard & Co.
6 units
8 units'
Davles & Co., T. H.
8 units
8 units
Kauai Railway Co.
6 units
8 unts
Lewers & Cooke Ltd.
C units
8 units
Allen & Robinson, 6-8, no bid
Davles & Co., T. II., S3, no hid.
City Mill Co. C units 2,400.00
8 units
C. B. Hofgaard & Co.
G units
8 units
Kauai Railway Co.
6 units
8 units
Lewers & Cooke Ltd. 6 8, no bid.
Llhue Store 6 units 3,200.00
8 units
Honolulu Iron Works
C units
8 units
C. B. Hofgaard & Co.
Honolulu Iron Works
Kauai Railway Co.
Lihue Store
Richardson 1,225.30
Richardson 1.123.10
Allen & Robinson 1,011.00
City Mill Co. 2.4S4.00
Hofgaard & Co. 2,274.00
Honolulu Iron Works 2,508.84
Kauai Railway Co. 2,335.00
Llhue Store 3,120.00
Later, upon the advice of the
county road supervisor, the follow
ing bids were accepted:
Material Lewers & Cooke,
8 units 25,520.00
Hardware Kauai Railway
Co. 8 units 745.00
Paint C. B. Hofgaard & Co.
8 units 1,753.82
Galvanized Pipe Kauai Rail
way Co. 8 units 450 00
Fir Pipe Allen & Robin
son 8 units 1,011 00
Toilet Combinations Hot-
gaard & Co. 2.494.00
The county road supervisor, upon
his own request was given further
time to report upon the bids for
supplying plumbing work.
Upon the motion of Mr. Mendes,
icconded by Mr. Brandt, the sum
jf $300.00 was appropriated for some
repairs and otfher nocessary work
to be dore at the Aku'.i'.iull Springs
n Kapaa.
Upon the motion of Mr. Brandt,
accorded by Mr. Silva, nnd by
unanimous vote, the county road
supervisor was authorized to maca
lamize that piece cf road that leads
o Mr. Rol)in8on's residence at Ma
aweli, Waimea.
Upon the motion of Mr. Brandt,
Seconded by Mr. A.encfogllo, and
iy unanimous vote, ti.e county road
supervisor was ItiHtructd to call
tor bids for furnishing taitjrial, etc.,
.'or two bungalow class rooms for
ihe Waimea school.
Of the board's own motion, the
chairman and the county rond su
pervisor were authorized to call for
'(ids, with full power to accept or
One of the standard high water
outings of the Heleloas is Olokele.
After several postponements on ac
count of the weather and other
things It was finally accomplished
last Sunday.
Aggravations of a Balking Car
To make sure of plenty of time
there an early start was planned
and we got away a little before 9
o'clock, sixteen of us. It soon be
came evident that we were going
to have auto trouble. One of the
large cars began to miss on one
cyllrder and then stopped dead.
Careful examination showed that it
was a defective feed ,to the little
vacuum tank; the small connecting
pipe was clogged in some way. But
strange to say, this stoppage was
intermittent. She would go for a few
hundred rods, with plenty of snap
and speed, then stop and think a
bout it a minute or two, then start
again for a similar vigorous spurt.
A similar short run and stop.
A Partial Remedy
Thus, they limped along as far
as Koloa where they hoped to get
relief, but fond the garage shut and
nobody there. With phenomenal pa
tience and assurance, they pushed on
3,834. 4S
1 457.00
reject any of the bids, as soon as , ln the 8ame halting way to Hanapo
the said bids come In for furnishing Pe- where the garage was open and
they got the trouble remedied, at
least, so the garage man assured
them, but it groved to be only a
partial remedy, for the old trouble
came back again later.
Two Hours Late
However, we finally made the
camp at Tunnel 12, the terminus
of auto navigation, but it was 1
o'clock Instead of 11, as we had
The Blessedness of Lunch
Naturally, everybody was hungry
and the first most pressing engage
ment was lunch. The Japanese dltclir
man very kindly put his kitchen at
our disposal. We cooked up a pot
o rice and reheated our curry,
with all possible celerity, while the
rest arranged an impromptu table
under the kukul trees, set out the
sandwiches and other yiands and
we fell to with much satisfaction and
keen-edge appetites.
Church In the Mountains
Clearing away the lunch things,
and Btralgbtening dresses and stray
locks of hair and adding a few dabs
of powder here and there, as1 they
seemed to be needed, and arrang
ing the autos in a semicircle so that
the congregation might sit on the
running boards, we all got ready for
church. A wise foresight had provid
ed hymn books, so that we were
all fixed for a regular church ser
vice. A Most Delightful and
Inspiring Service
Mrs. Rogers san ga simple and
most appealing solo and did it with
that effective grace which went to
the hearts of all who were there
so that was the conviction of every
one that she had never done better.
By way of responsive readings we
recited "the Lord is my Shepherd"
in unison, we took up a collection,
and instead of a formal sermon Mr.
Lydgate told of some of the prob
lems of mission life in the early
days of Hawaii.
With the soft murmurs of the
water in tho concrete ditch, the rus
tle of tho broad kukui leaves over
head, the songs of the Hawaiian
blrdu In the long reaches above, the
grateful shade of the wide spread
ing trees, and. tho delightful sense
of restfulnoss and peace, it was
material, etc., for a standard teach
ers' school cottage for Hanamaulu
The board, thru the recommenda
tion in the report of the bank ex
aminer of the Territory of Hawaii,
by unanimous vote, instructed the
county road supervisor to file a
bond with the County of Kauai in
the sum of two thousand, five hun
dred dollars ($2,500.00) for the fith
ful performance of his duties, also
that of each road luna and each su
perintendent of water works in the
county to file a bond of one thou
sand dollars ($1,000.00) with, the
county for the faithful performance
of his duties.
Financial reports for the month
of April 1922, being the treasurers';
treasurer-auditor; auditor's receipts
and balances; attorney's joint report;
auditor's joint report; chairman's
Joint report, were referred to Mr.
Brandt for, advice.
Of the board's own motion, the
sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000)
was appropriated as additional ap
propriation to be paid out of avail
able moneys ln the treasury ln the
Permanent Improvement fund to be
used ln putting the following roads
ln good orde: Huleia, Malumalu,
and the road leading to Mrs. Isen
berg's. ' i
The resignation of J. S. Hlpa as
superintendent of Koloa water
works by unanimous vote, was ac
cepted. Upon the motion of Mr. Silva, sec
onded by Mr. Mendes, and by unani
mous vote, Lawrence Maioho was
appointed superintendent of water
works for Koloa and Oraao at a
salary of fifty dollars ($50) per
month and Mr. Caldeira as the su
perintendent of water works for
Kalaheo was duly authorized to col
lect all water rates due the differ
ent water works upon commission
for his compensation.
Mr. Silva, by unanimous vote, was
authorized to find out from the
Kimd:4on's estate the cost of a piece
of land of say 100 feet by 150 feet
to bo used for the Koloa new court
house and to report.
At 2:20 o'clock p. m. the meeting
adjourned subject Co the call of
the chair.
Deputy County Clerk.
I am going, Garden Island, .....
And my ship is at the pier;
On my lips Is formed a blessing,
In my eyes I find a tear,
For I never can forget you
And the sweetness of your smile.
And I wish that I might linger
Linger yet a little while.
Fragrant land of Golden Sunshine.
Racing waves, with white-capped
Take from me a fond aloha
To the beach at Hanalel.
Let me wreathe for you a garland,
Ere the glad tears blind my eyes,
Let me leave It here forever,
Under fair Hawaiian skies;
That some other guest who lingers
In this paradise so true,
May obtain a faint impression
Of the love I bore for you.
I am going, fairest island,
I am going fur away,
Yet I know you will not miss me.
For my heart is here to stay.
(Written by a former vlstor to
$50.00 REWARD
For Information leading to the ar
rest und conviction of any person or
persona stealing freight while ln the
possession of this company.
a most ideal spot for quiet medi
tation and prayer.
Although it was a most Interest
ing and delightful service, the like
of which has never been held be
fore ln these mountain fastnesses.
Off for the Intake
By this time it was pretty well
along ln the afternoon. Nevertheless
it was decided to make a try for
the Intake, though the leader thought
they could hardly make it and back,
in the two hours available.
A Treasure House of Scenic Beauty
It was an unusually beatlful day,
as clear as, a bell, wi.th: every feat
ure of tho magnificent landscape
standing out as sharp cut as a cam
eo, and with the most wonderful
coloring of the varied greens and
browns and reds In the nearer
reaches and the soft purples and
lavendars in the distance. At every
turn of tho trail there were new
panoramas, and fresh outcries of de
light and wonder from the hikers.
Couldn't Quite Make It
Tho dnubta of the leader were
Justified when 4 o'clock came.
when they were to turn back, they
had only reached the waterfall with
the rustic bridge, but they kept on
to the last lap where they could
look up to the end. Here the leader
said they must draw the line and
start back. This they did.
Mermaids In the Mountain Stream
But when they got to the little
little rustic bridge, with the clear
limpid stream beneath with here and
there an inviting pool, some of them
couldn't withstand the temptation,
so they lingered behind, till the
coasts were clear, then speedily strip
ped off and went in Just for a few
moments, but it was like elixer to
the soul, and they came like new
The Best Outing Yet
It was 6 o'clock before they were
all rounded up at Tunnel 12 head
quarters, had gathered up their
traps and were in. their autos and
off. This brought them to the road
makai just ln time for the falling
darkness, and home Just comfort
ably in time for bed, as the missing
car acted up in its own peculiar
fashion all the way.
All in all, It was the common con
census of opinion thnt it was the
very finest outing yet.
The Hele Loaa Outing club had
a very delightful Hawaiian evening
last Tuesday when they were guests
of Mrs. J. II. Hogg Sr., at her hos
pitable and spacious home. In spite
of the rush of the school work and
the multiplicity of social events,
there was a fine attendance.
The special subject of the even
ing was "A Day in the Woods," pre
sented by the leader, J. M. Lyd
gate, who is a great enthusiast and
a recognized authority on that Bort
of thing. He gave them a great deal
of interesting and irstructive Infor
mation about the Hawaiian flora.
and many graphic bits of personal
experience ln the mountains in pur
suit of rare and new plants.
Mr. Sonda was there with proofs
of his pictures taken on the Olokelo
trip a few days before. The pictures
proved, to be very excellent and
called forth many exclamations of
surprise and delight.
The group pictures were especially
good, almost perfect portraits. Most
unique and interesting was that of
the church service, the singing of
the hymn, with everyone looking as
demure and proper, and worshipful
as possible, and all unconscious that
they were being taken, so absorbed
In the service.
Most delicious refreshments were
served following the pictures, and
tho gramophone was turned on and
there was some dancing, which all
enjoyed, even tho' there were some
who "didn't dance."
(From the Makawell News)
The plans for this year's Fourth
of July program is growing and
materializing every day. In addition
to (he announcement made by this
paper last month that the planta
tion was endeavoring to bring sev
eral special entertainment features
hero from Honoluulu, there are now
plans under way to bring an army
ball team and band here, similar to
last year's program.
Remember that good time we had
last Fourth of July? Well, there Is
just as good a time in store this
year if not better. Whatever the
program is going to be it is going
to be a good one.
Kilauea Komedes
Might Be Called Gossip
Mrs. Jameson-po you believe that
awful story thej tell about her?
Mrs. John8on-V)f course I do!
What Is It? Kaser (Stockholm).
Dont Los Sight!
of the fact thfc I have a
Eyesight Specialist
nt your seiice
My personal guarantee goes
with all the work tiW, backed
up by a reputation, gained
during 25 years on ne islands,
If your eyes troiide jrou,
or you need to charge j'our
glasses, come and constit me.
Tor appointments, vritd
Kapaa, Kauai
Every atom of
Red Crown mixes with air
"The gasoline of quality" is 100
POWER. It is refined to vaporize thor
oughly. Every atom of it mutes in tha
carburetor with from 12 to 16 times its
volume of air for POWER. With "Red
Crown" you get ready starting rapid
acceleration greater mileage a con
tinuous stream of power.
Run your car on "Red Crown" and nof A
ing else, and you won't have to bother
with carburetor adjustments. It is uni
form in quality wherever and when
ever you buy it.
Fill at the Red Crown sign at Service
Stations and garages and at other
C Gasoline.
of Qualify
.- . K ' V . v . 1
. k ?. ': 1 j
Ask Your Wife Today
I f
fc ". i I
Xf j
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0 1 '
ft t s
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how she would handle your estate if she were suddenly left alone.
Von will doubtless find her very vague on 1 he subject, due, of
course, to lack of business experience,
Make sine that she is relieved of this burden and responsibility
by appointing this company executor and trustee under your will.
This will insure a steady income for herself and the children.
Bishop Trust Company, Ltd.
924 Bethel St. Honolulu Telephone 6177 j
4-; s -si . x; & s
r s. v is
Lev ' -'V A

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