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ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 18. NO. 30.
Bigelow Inspects
New Hanalei Wharf
Lyman H. Bigelow, superintendent
of public works made a flying visit
to Kauai last Friday, coming In on
the Claudlne in tbo morning and re
turning the same evening. The prin
cipal object of Mr. Bigclow's visit
was to Inspect the work at the Hana
lei wharf and he reported that he
was satisfied with the progress made.
The work on the wharf is being
done by Coney and Morris, a, new
concrete deck being laid on the wharf.
The contractors experienced a little
difficulty at the start owing to labor
trouble, but as soon as they got rid
of one of the men, whom It was al
leged was an agitator, the trouble
was soon over.
Tho construction of the Kapaa wat
er works was also considered by Mr.
Bigelow while hero and he made a
short trip of inspection to the spring
that will be used to supply tho water
for Kapaa. Nothing can be done on
this work until tho plans are drawn
up and approved by the board of pub
lic works. This will tako considerable
time and the work cannot be expected
to start for at least two or three
Mr. Bigelow did not have an oppor
tunity to Inspect tho recent survey
of the Puukapela road but he did dis
approve of having the work dono un
der any sort of agreement where the
person in charge worked on a com
mission basis.
John Padella and George Souza. Por
to Iiican youngsters employed by the
Grove Farm plantation, stepped off
with the wrong foot, as It wore, on
July Four.th. Everybody was going to
Makawell to seo the gomes between
the westenders and the soldiers from
Honolulu. John and George both
wanted to be counted among those
present and enjoy the event, so they
purloined an old truck belonging to
Grove Farm and started west.
Inexperience hampered them some
what but It was not before tho pair
reached Koloa that their conveyance
began to balk and foam at tho mouth
and finally stopped for want of wulor
and breath.
In tho meantimo tho car was missed
and a search was made and tho boys
were found at Koloa and brought back
to LIhue and justice.
On Thursday the pair came up in
tho Lihue district court before Judge
Hjorth; they pleaded guilty and were
sentenced to pay a fine of $100 each
besides cost of ?1. Not having a
banking account or ready cash, both
offenders are at Hotel Montgomery
In tho tender care of Kalel for the
next three months. Thus ended an oth
erwise pleasant outing and the boys
are sadder but wiser youths.
Dr. H. P. Choy, recently appointed
as government dentist of Kauai by
Dr. Trotter of tho territorial board of
health, arrived last Wednesday to take
up his new duties. Ho is at pre'sent
stationed at tho Kapaa school but
will later travel to all schools of this
Island. He takes the place of Dr.
Southwell, who recently resigned to
practice in Honolulu.
All dental equipment now at In
spector Cook's office at Waimea will
bo removed to tho Kapaa school this
week and Kapaa school children need
ing attention to their teeth will be
attended to as soon as the necessary
equipment can bo installed.
Dr. Choy has been practicing den
tistry successfully in Honolulu since
191S. Ho in a Honolulu boy and ob
taired his D. D. degree at the Univer
sity of Denver, class of 1018. He will
also open an office In Kapaa and en
gage In private practice after giving
the necessary tlmo to his government
Owing to somo technicality of tho
law, the board of supervisors are un
able to let the contract for tho Olo-j
hena road to George Mahlkoa, as it
was necessary that the county do the
work on tho road.
Mahlkoa was appointed foreman of
the work, which will start Just as soon
as the crusher and other equipment
can be moved to Kapaa.
,, .
i" I
Rev. and Mrs. Marcus E. Carver
'aft on tho Lurllno for San Fran
cisco. S. A. Robinson, and bride were am
..ng the passengers arriving on last
.'riday's Claudlne.
Rev. R. Puulkl, of Anahola, return
i d last Tuesday morning from the
hurch convention In Honolulu.
Henry Giles, salesman, E. O. Hall
. Son, arrived this mornl'jg to make
his round of the island.
H. P. Faye, of Kekaha, was a re
turning passenger from Honolulu last
Tuesday morning.
W. Searby, of the American Factors
accompanied by Mrs. Searby, arrived
f.oin Honolulu this morning.
Rev. Chas. Keahl pnd J. H. K. Kalwl
were passengers returning from Ho
nolulu last Wednesday morning.
Miss McLaughlin, of tho Kauai pub
lic library, returned Wednesday morn
ing from a short stay In Honolulu.
C. W. Scrlbner, of Lihue, who has
been vacationing in Honolulu, return
cd on the Claudlne last Wednesday.
Mrs. Lucy Wright, of Waimea, was
among tho Kauaians returning this
morning from the capitol city.
Roy Johnson, of the Hanson Art
Studio, was an incoming pioscnger
on the Claudlne this morning.
W. H. Rice Sr., accompanied by
Mrs. Ralph Wilcox and Miss Eunice
Scott, returned from Honolulu last
Wednesday morning.
Leon A. Quonsan, traveling sales
man for the American Fictors, is on
the Island, making his regular visit
to the Kauai merchants.
Miss Martha Cooke, of Honolulu,
arrived this morning to bo tho house
guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Rico, at
W. Mayne, manager of tho von
Hamm-Young Co., branch at Kapaa,
returned last Friday morning from a
brief visit to Honolulu.
John Rapozo, Kapaa postmaster,
ruturned this morning from Honolulu
whero ho has -been nttendlng the
school for postmasters.
Mr. and Mrs. Y. Y. Tseu, newlyweds,
arrived on tho Claudlne last Friday.
They will make their home In the
cottage next to the Nawiliwill garage.
J. M. Kaneakua, couty clerk, who
went to Honolulu to Join the Molo
kai excursion, returned last Friday
W. J. Ferreria returned this morn
ing from tho Foresters convention on
Maul. Willie reports that a great ti ne
was had by all.
J. F. Bettencourt Jr., Kauai prohi
bition enforcement officer, returned
this morning from Honolulu whero he
has been getting pointers on how to
trail the wlley bootlegger to his lair.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Rice and
Miss Edith Rico, accompanied by Mr.
and Mrs. H. Goodale, returned from
Honolulu on the Claudine last Friday
Rev. P. O. Takahashl, of the Lihue
Jupanese Christian church, who has
been attending the annual conference
of tho Evnngelical Association, return
ed last Friday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Bayer and child,
of Makawell, returned this morning
from a week of sight-seeing in Hono
lulu. They will move to their Koloa
beach house tomorrow for several
weeks' stay.
Prof. D. L. Crawford, of tho Univer
sity of Hawaii, accompanied by his
wifo and two children, arrived last
Wednesday for a two weeks' visit
with his brother, Will Crawford, of
C. L. Lane of the Rank of Hawaii,
Lihue, returned trom Honolulu this
morning, whero ho wont to see his
wife awny on tho Niagara last Sat
urday. Mrs. Lane is on her way to
visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bresler
of Seattle. Mr. Lano's mother, Mrs.
C. Lane, and his sister, Miss Lucile
Lane, returned with him for a months
Supervisors Hold
Regular Meeting
Tho regular monthly meeting of
the Board of Supervisors of tho
County of Kauai was held on Wed
resday, July 5, 1922, at 9:30 a. m.
Present: H. D. Wishard, chair
man; T. Brandt, J. I. Sllva, Fred
Mendes, A. Menefoglio.
The minutes of the last meeting
wore read and approved.
A request from Sheriff W.m. Hen
ry Rice for an allowance of expens
es for the upkeep of his automo
bile of which he Is- using for
county work was received, and by
unanimous vote, was allowed to
spend sixty dollars- (COOO) per,
Of the Board's own motion, by
unanimous vote, Sheriff W. H. Rice
was recommended as a committee
of one to represent Kauai, to suc
ceed himself on the Bureau of Tour
ists at Honolulu, Hawaii.
Upon the motion of Mr. Brandt,
seconded by Mr. Menefogllo,P"d by
unanimous vote, Miss Mabel I. Wil
cox of Lihue was appointed a trus
teo of tho Samuel Mahelona Mem
orial hospital to succeed herself.
Upon the motion of Mr. Mene
foglio, seconded by Mr. Mendes and
by unanimous vote, the county engi
neer was authorized to call for bids
for material and for construction
of the Kauai high school shop; the
chairman and tho county engineer
wero also authorized to open the
said bids on tho 27th Inst., at 10
o'clock a. m. b
The board's own motion, by unan
imous vote, Mr. MUddleton will here
after be recognized officially as the
county engineer, County of Kauai,
and not county road supervisor, as
heretofore known.
Bids for the furnishing of mater
ial, etc., and for construction of
one teachers' cottage for tho Lihue
grammar school, (2) school desks,
(3) new road machinery, and a new
engine wero received and are as
Allen & Robinson $3,100.00
City Mill Co 3,302.00
Kaaui Railway Co 3,180.00
Lihue Storo 3,250.00
Lewers & Cooke $ 3,300.00
S. B. Goss .'. 1,250.00
John Hansen 1,200.00
S. Honjiyo 1,249.00
Henry WIso 1,550.00
School desks':
Office Supply Co 3,020.00
A Dodge car was almost totally
wrecked last Tuesday when It collid
ed with the heavy concrete culvert
at the top of tho hill Just above the
Wailua flats. Tho car was bound to
ward Kapaa and according to the story
told by tho occupants, tried to pass
another car going in tho samo direc
tion. The occupants of the wrecked
car claim that tho driver of tho oth
er car was a novlco and was swerv
ing all over tho road, forcing them In
to the ditch and against the culvert.
According to the police, tho driver
of the other car was an experienced
chauffeur and that from tho indica
tions of the wreck the smashed car
was being driven at a terrific rate of
speed and tho driver probably lost
control whtlo attempting to pass tho
other car.
All passengers In tho wrecked car
escaped without Injury, which was a
miracle, as tho car was almost a com
plete wreck.
Tho contract for tho new teachers'
cottage to bo erected at tho Lihue
grammar school was awarded by the
board of supervisors to John Hanson
for construction, and 'materials bid of
Allen & Robinson, being the lowest,
was accepted. Tho now cottage will
bo erected noxt to tno one that was
built, making three cottages In a row.
This should bo a popular spot for tho
young men, for If a man finds him
self unpopular In one house It will
not call for much effort to movo on to
the next. Parking reservations are al
ready being made for next year.
Road machinery No. 3
Wheeling: Honolulu
Iron Works 1,705.00
Station Elevator, etc.,
Honolulu Iron works .... 4G5.00
.One Engine, 30 H. P.,
Honolulu Iron Works 1,870.00
Later o-i upon the advice and re
commendation of the county en
gineer tho following bids wero ac
cepted: Teachers' Cottage, Lihue School
arterial: Allen & Robinson
Ltd $3,100.00
Construction: John Hansen 1,200.00
School desks: Office Sup
ply Co $3,620.00
Road machinery No. 3 wheeling
Honolulu Iron works $1,705.00
Stationary elevator, etc $ 465.00
Tho bid of $1,S70 for the engine,
30 horsepower, by the Honolulu Iron
works was referred to the county
engineer to Investigate and report
at the next meeting.
Upon the motion of Mr. Menefog
lio, seconded by Mr. Mendes, and
by unanimous vote, the sheriff was
authorized to build a tool house for
the county building, adjoining tho
county building garage.
The several- demands submitted
and horelnbelow listed wero approv
ed. Upon the motion of Mr. Menefoglio
seconded by Mr. Mendes, and by
unanimous' vote, the clerk was in
structed to ask Miss Hundley, su
pervising principal of Kauai schools,
to furnish this board with a list
of furnitures of all the schools and
cottages' needed for tho noxt six
Financial reports for tho month
of Juno 1922, etc., being the trea
surer's; treasurer, auditor;'" "audi
tor's receipts, balances and oustand
lng warrants; auditor's; Joint reports
ard tho quarterly report of Sam'l
Mahelona Memorial hospital's trea
surer were referred to Mr. Brandt
for advice.
The report from tho pound master
of the Lihue district for the quar
ter ending Juno 30, 1922, was re
ceived and was referred to Mr.
Menefoglio for advice after which
he reported favorably on the said
A letter, dated Juno 19th, 1922,
from tho Kauai Chamber of Com
merce, petitioning tho board to se
cure by purchase, one share of tho
Haena Hul, etc., was received, up
(Continued on Pago Six)
Tho race for tho position of Kawal
hau tax assessor Is getting warmer
and two candidates have been added
to the list. Henry Pan Glesen howev
er, wishes to announce that ho Is not
a candidate. This leaves K. Masu
naga, N. K. Hoopil and Arthur Wong
In the race, with S. Kellinol also re
ported to bo in it.
Tho executive committee of tho Ka
waihau Republican precinct club, at u
meeting held last Monday evening,
unanimously endorsed Masunaga for
tho place and tho territorial central
committee, the Kauai committee and
Curios A. Long, Kauai tux assessor,
wero notified of this action. What
effect this endorsement will havo, if
any, Is problematical, us politicians
havo ways which arc mysterious to
the layman as oriental puzzles aro to
tho people of the Occident.
Tho shark fishing party at tho
breakwater last Tuesday was quite
a successful affair, netlng two 8-foot
sharks ami one 10-foot one. All three
sharks put up quite a battle and the
fun was fast and furious.
As Is generally the enso with a
fishing party, tho biggest one got
away. The first shark to bo hooked
was apparently tho biggest of the
lot and when the fishermen tried to
drag him upon the rocks ho broke tho
hook and made his escape.
Jack Coney superintended tho op
erations and it must bo sukl that he
handled things in a workmanlike manner.
Waimea Bank Clerk
Held For Grand Jury
Shlgc Akahane, who was charged
with embezzlement of $520 by the
Bank of Bishop, Waimea, plead guil
ty In Judge Hofgaard's district court
last Thursday morning and was com
mitted to the grand Jury.
Akal.ano did not waive examina
tion and Th. Brandt, the manager
of the hank, was put on the stand
and testified that Akahane admitted
falsifying the accounts to him when
confronted by the depositor from
whose account the money was tak
Evldenco was brought out during
the trial tho money was used by
Akahanu to help, pay some debts
of his father's, who Is now In Jap
an, Uki boy agreeing to pay the
father's share. Evidently his salary
would not cover the burden and he
found It necessary to get money in
some othor way.
His method of operating entailed
considerable booking to kecp the
accounts straight, but even his sys
tem was not proof against the check
system maintained by tho bank.
Akahane will be brought before
tho grand Jury and If a true bill Is
found against him he will probably
be tried in the October term of
Mrs. D. Hamlck, who was formerly
Miss Poborah Mahlkoa of Kapaa, re
turned to Honolulu last Friday nfter
spending a month hero visiting her
The Amiel Brothers' Boston Storo
opened its doors last week ard did a
land office business in spito of alleg
ed hard times. Lots of publicity in
the papers as well as by other means
undoubtedly enhanced their chances
of succesB.
Prominent Foresters,, including
Chief Ranger Prigge, Henry Aki and
Joseph Scharsch were among those
returning last Friday. They all report
ed a great tlmo on the Valley Isle.
Charles Huddy, veteran cowpunch
or with the Makee Sugar Co., met
with a rather painful accident last Fri
day morning while out near the beach
house at Kealla. An unexpected move
ment of his mount resulted in a fall.
An examination by Dr. Hagood indi
cated that one rib was broken.
M,rs. George I tig, and Miss S. S. Kau
of Honolulu are spending their sum
mer vacation visiting M.r. and Mrs.
Ahoon at Kealla. Mrs. Ing and Miss
Kau are sisters, und used to teach
at the Kapaa school about seven
years ago.
Delegates from Court Walaleale of
the Ancient Order of Forestor, who
attended the territorial convention
on Maul returned last Friday morn
ing after a wondorful week on tho
Valley Isle,
Every delegato from Kauai Is
loud In his praises of the hospitali
ty that ho experienced during his
four day visit to Maul. Maul no ka
oo has" a new and wonderful mean
ing to them.
Those that represented Kauai at
the convention were D. Priggo,
John Fernandez, Henry Aki, Henry
Van Glesen, Wm. Ferrlera, J. S. Or
nellas, F. Prigge and Ernest Victor
lno. Mrs. S. M. Lowrey of Honolulu with
her four children, arrived on tho Clau
dlne this morning. They were Joined
by Mrs. D.. P. R. Isenberg and her
children, who havo beon In Lihuo for
somo tlmo, mid tho whole party mo
tored to Hanalei where ..ey will
spend several weeks at the Isonbtrg
Wailua and Kawailoa
Lots May be Opened
Considerable discussion has beon
going on in the Lihue district In re
gard to petitioning tho land commis
sion to open up lots on the Lihue side
of the Wailua river Just above the
Sahr house and also to open up beach
lots on the beach near the Lihue dairy
which is known ns Knwalloa.
According to J. M. Lydgatu, local
land agent, it Is necessary that a pe
tition of at least twenty-five names
be submitted to the land com
m'sslon to have the commission con
nlder the proposition of opening up
these lands for sale.
The lots on the bluff above tho
Wailua river would be ideal Jots for
homes, us this Is one of the most
beautiful spots on the fslnnd. It Is
proposed to ask the commission to
open up a strip wide enough o:i each
side of the road that goes mauka at
the Wailua bridge. With the enlarge
ment of the Knpaa waterworks that Is
Lelng planned, the pipe line could bo
easily extended from the end of tho
present line which Is at tho Hills res
idence, to the so lots across the river.
Tho beach lot3 at Kawailoa would
also bo a boon to the salaried man
on Kauai as there are very few spots
whero a person of ordinary means
may purchase a beach lot. This beach
is said to bo a very good one, being
used now quite a bit by swimming
About a hundred and twentyflvo
yong men and women attended the
students' reunion gathering last Sun
day night at the Waimea social hall..
Students from the following schools
were represented at the gathering:
University of Hawaii, McKlnloy high
s'chool, Mills high school, Kauai h'gh
school, normal school, Waimea Junior
high school, and Iolunl high school A
vory interesting program was plunrcd
out by the Waimea ex-students. The
program was as follows:
Self Introduction.
Song America the Beautiful.
Prayer by Mr. Hall.
Talk "Origin of the Students' Re
union" by Mr, MaBhlta.
Talks by representatives of the dlf
f( rent communities.
Talk by Mr. Hall.
Talk by Dwlght Pugh, secretary of
the University of Hawaii Y. M. C. A.
Songs, school yells, and school
Aloha Oe.
Tho students' reunion was organiz
ed by the Waimea people three years
ago, and they have promoted the
gatherings ever since. The first two
gatherings wero planned Just for tho
Japanese students of Waimea, but this
year the circle has been enlarged, in
cluding students of nil races between
Koloa and Kekaha. Much credit wus
duo to the Waimea people for promot
ing such n splendid gathering.
A Ford car, the property of K.
Kawauo of Waipoull, was wrecked
this morning when It went off the
road Just at the foot of the hill on the
Wailua flats. The car was being driv
en by Kawano's sou and for some rea
son got off the road Into the ditch
on tho left hand side of the road.
Instead of stopping and backing out
of the ditch the driver attempted to
bring tho car out, In the meantime
going ahead.
Tho road has been made over a
Hinall fill at the foot of tho hill and
as the car kept on going It finally
got a point whero it over blanced and
turned over. It did one complete turn
righting Itself at tho foot of tho hill.
There wero three passengers' In the
car, all of whom wero badly shaken
up, but none wero seriously Injured.
Ono of tho Standard oil tank wag
ons was just behind the Ford and
tho driver helped the passengers got
out of tho wreck.
Tho top and windshield of the car
was Smashed an well as tho fenders
and body.
Judgo Achl loft Friday for a short
business trip to Honolulu. While In
town tho Judgo will attend tho picnic
given by the Bar Association at Wai
lua. The Bar Association Is having as
Its guosts at the picnic all the supremo
court, federal and circuit Judges.

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