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Oahu Golfers Tryout
Wailua Club's Course
Francis Brown, who holds the
nmuteur championship of the Is
lands and Alec Bell, the Pro. at tlu
Ouhu Country Club, arrived for a
two day stay last Friday momir.j
on the Claudine.
They were mot at tho boat by
James Spalding,, who acted cs Ifcjlr
chief Lost and after a breaUraul
at tho Valley House, they immedi
ately left for Wailua to try out tl.e
lo(ial course.
A foursome was made up, Jim
Spalding and Francis Brown, play
ing Alec Bell and Ed Hunter of the
Audit Company, who was on Kauai
Spalding and Brown won tho fir.it
nine holes, three up and two to g.
For the first nine holes, Brown
turned in a 40 and Spalding a 41.
Bell's score was 43 while Hunter's
was 44.
Spalding took 1 the first hole start
ling everyone by sinking a lotii
puti for a 3. He had driven over the
railroad track a little off line to
the right on his first, and his 'second
put him on the edge of the green.
Brown drove straight for the hole
with a good long drive near the
track. It took him two to get o.i
however and he also sank a Ion,'
putt for a four. Hunter was well
on near the pin in three and alsj
got a four while it took Bell a fivj
as he overshot a mashie on his sec
ond shot after driving off well.
Bell took the second with a 3,
while all the others took a four. No
one was on the green in one, al
though everyone made distance
enough in their drives. A good ap
proach dead to the pin gave Bell
his 3.
Bell and Brown halved the third
with a 4, although Brown had an
opportunity to sink a long putt for
a 3, as he was on in 2. Hunter and
Spalding each took 5s. Neither Bell
nor Brown drove an exceptionally
long ball on this hole but they
played their second shots perfectly
Brown getting on the green and Be:i
getting just outside a wire on tha
far side.
Four 4s were the result of the
fourth. Hunter got the best posi
tion on the drive as both Bell and
Brown drove even with the green,
but went too far to the right and
landed in the sand, Brown landing
near the top of the steps, while Bell's
was not so high. It took both men
two more to get on the green and
one to sink. Both Spalding and Hun
ter were on in two but both took
two putts.
The new fifth was a Waterloo for
the visiting players, all three tak
ing a 6 while Jim Spalding took a
5. Spalding drove his ball just to
the edge of the green. Bell over es
timated the distance and lauded
on the beach behind the green,
Brown also over-shot but was just
oft the green. Hunter hooked into
the rough behind the screen on the
top left. Bell had difficulty on tl.e
green as his ball was sunk Into the
Boft sund. Ha got on in three how
ever, but was on the side of the
green nearest the tee and it took
him three putts to get up the hill
and into the cup. Brown also had
trouble getting on the green and also
took three putts. Spalding's rolled
off the green and down into the
sand to the right and it took him
three to get down. Hunter had the
same trouble and it took him three
nutts to sink.
Brown wou the sixth with 4. Ho
drove down into the valley with his
first and was on the green .n two
Two DUtts put him down. Bell took
,i good sixth after driving well but
a bad lie gave him trouble and his
second was a short shot while his
third was just short of the green
Spalding was on iu three and took
two putts to sink. Hunter got a
nice drive and on his bo con d drove
into the rough to the left of the
Spalding won the seventh with a
4. Brown using bis mid iron drove
just below the green but it took
him two to get on. Bell drove over
the hill to the fourth fairway and
his second overshot the green
took him three more to sink. Spald
Ing drove nearly as far as Brown
and was on in two. Two putts put
him down but he had a good chance
for a 3. Hunter hooked his drive
Hunter and Brown halved the
eighth, both getting 4s. Brown drova
not quite to the green and a littla
to the left, he was on in two an 1
two putts put him down .Hunter
r'.icod near the lahala tree on his
drive, hut a nice approach put him
on and down In four. Spalding hook
ed his drive and it took him threj
more to get on. A missed putt caus
ed him a six. Bell drove to the right
of the two peaks and It took two
more to get on. Two putts put him
Brown drove to the .railroad track
just to the left of the fairway. Ha
underestimated the distance to the
green on his second and it took
him three to get on. Two putts
sunk. Spalding got a nice drive but
was still off tho greon on three. An
approach dead to the pin on his
fourth gave him a G. Bell was slight
ly past the green in three and was
down in five.
Hunter took four to get on the
green and then two putts to sink.
On the second round Brown took
a 40, while Bell repeated with a 43,
end Hunter followed with a 44. Jim
Spalding lost his ball . on the sixth
and did not finish the hole.
1 Brown 44446454 640
Spalding 34545546 541
Bell 53446655 543
Hunter 44546564 641
Brown 63453753 541
Spalding 5 4547x66 7 xx
Bull 54554554 643
Hunter 54454665 644
Francis Brown set the course re
cord at Wailua for nine and eigh
teen holes when he turned in a 36
for nine holes and a 76 for eighteen.
Alec Bell was not far behind him
when he handed in a 38 for nine
iclels and a 77 for eighteen. As both
these scores were made playing the
new fifth there is no doubt that
they will stand for some time.
The scores:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
43453654 640
44433655 438
43434544 636
53464534 639
Second Round
irst Round
Alec. Bell Mak es
for Wailua Course
The members of the Makaweli
baseball team were guests at a chop
sui dinner last week, the planta
tion acting as hosts for the occa
sion. Those who partook of the
pake kaukau were Damkrogcr, Mar-
callino, Nakashima, Wramp, Kruse,
K. Yamase, S. Yamase, Ah Nee,
Hamada, Watase, Naito, Conant and
After playing over the Wailua
course, both Alec Bell and Francis
Brown expressed themselves favor
ably as to the possibilities of . the
local links.
Francis Brown stated that he be
lieved that It could be made Into one
of the sportiest nine hole courses
that he has seen, and Bell was of
the same opinion, and at the same
time made several recommendations
to James Spalding as to the chang
es that should be made.
His first recommendation was to
change the position of the cup on
tho new fifth. Ho said that the
cup should be placed where the
fence posts are now on the side
near the tee. Placing the cup on
the table made the hole too diffi
cult, lie ulso said that the hole on
the side nearest tho Blxth tee should
be filled and that the green should
bo built so as to completely fill
this space.
On the seventh hole he said that
the green should be brought back
into the space Just below the old
tee for the fifth hole, where there
would be a slight upward slope on
the side away from the tee.
Bell commented particularly on
the present seventh green and said
that the construction was wrong
from two standpoints. First, the
green was small and there was no
thing In the construction to permit
a player to pitch his ball on tho
green with any assurance that it
would stay there, and tho second
was that' the ground around the
green being all sand penalized a
bold player, who would play right
up to the green and perhnps roll
off the green.
By moving the green to the spot
that he recommneded these above
faults would be removed and at the
same time there would be a penalty
in the form of rough ground behind
the green as a penalty overshooting.
On the first hole he recommend
ed that it be lengthened by placing
the green back of the present green
just below the second tee. Ho also
suggested the moving of the first
tee back near the gate so as to add
about 100 yards on to the hole.
The second tee would then be
moved makal as well as away from
the second green, making this hole
a full Iron shot. Part of the hill be
hind the second hole should also be
put in better shape according, so
that a long shot rolling across the
green would not put the player into
Among other recommendations by
Bell were: first penalizing one stroke
to lift out of the railroad track
when playing either the first or
ninth hole. Second moving the ninth
green nearer the track so as to
take it off the line of the first
hole when the hole Is lengthened.
Third sodding the makal side of the
sand hill on the sixth so that a
long drive would roll down the
fairway and not stay In a hole In
Kauai high school defeated the St.
Louis Glee Club football team on
Christmas day nt Lihue Park by the
score of 7 to 0. after one of the
most exciting games of the year.
Kauai scored in the second quar
ter by a wide end run by Paul Rice
who was downed on the 1 yard line
putting them in position to score.
Montgomery then bucked it over.
On the try for the one point Mont
gomery drop-kicked neatly between
the posts.
The St. Louis gang opened up in
the last quarter with short forward
passes and carried the ball about
50 yards down the field to Kauai's
8 yard line and they had four downs
to make tho touchdown in, but the
end of the quarter came before they
could put the ball over.
The high school team wus unusu
ally successful with forward passes.
Bill Moragne snagging two almost
impossible catches out of the air.
The school played better ball against
St. Louis than tliny did against the
Vets on Thanksgiving day.
St. Louis was handicapped by the
absence of backfield men and they
were forced to use their other line
men or green players in the back
field and this may account why
Kauai high v.)3 able to sot away
with their pass-.-s so well. Only three
of the St. Louis first team played
with the Glee Club.
Jack Hjorth u::d Waldomar Chris
tian were in the St. Louis lineup,
while Moi i Lydgate and Ernt st
Wedemeydr played with the high
school .
Tho game was a remarkably clean
one, both sides playing exception
ally good football. The St. Louis
boys arc to be congratulated on
their sportsmanship, as at no time
in the game did they dispute u de
cision of any of the officials, which
is exceedingly unusual with a "V in.it
irg team. The only penalties called
In tho game were for offside.
that sand as at present. Fourth, to
not increase the number of holes to
eighteen but to improve the present
nine and put them in first class
Siyngle Holiness
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all mtr frmtiUi
a Siappy Nnu Irar
and his second was u the sand abov
the green, and it took him four to
sink. i

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