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The Garden Island. [volume] (Lihue, Kauai, H.T.) 1902-current, December 26, 1922, Image 9

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and Better
resh from the Factory
In Sanitary Packages
Little Jacks, Fairy Mints, Sunbeam
Kisses, Rainbow Kisses, Sunshine
Drops, Fruit Tablets, Opera Stick,
Rainbow Mixed, Satin Finisbed Mix
ed, Imperial Marslnnallows, After
Dinner Mints.
Assorted This Season
Remembrances for Old
Brazil, Fil-
1 Tecans
Cuts, Belmont Raspberries, Mid-
eanuts, Monster Jum Drops, Bos-
anut Brittle, Satin Finisbed Mix-
ite Caps, Walnut Top Cbocolates,
lutes, Turkish Taste, Vanilla Cho-
Chocolates, Milk Din Crisp Cho-
fcgrf ra,Iarshniallow Chocolates.
ITS per Pound
rocers mixed
"oo, for the Table
everage, "Bevo" Beverage, "Pablo"
H Cider,' Motts Cider, Maconibers
nd Manhattan Xon Alcoholic Cock
pr. Birch Beer. Sarsanarilhi : A-B
S- 7 '
nd Water, Welch's Crape Juice,
crush Orange Juice.
fomeg's and Children's
In the Hardware Department
"UXIVEUSAL" PEARL HANDLE Cake Knives, Cold Meat Forks, Ber
ry Spoons, Salad Forks, Salad Sets, Sugar Shells, Cheese Servers, Butler
Knives, Knives and Forks; "CM VKUSAL" Percolators, Casseroles, Eame
quins, Trays, Beverage Shakers, Vacuum Bottles, Beef Carvers, Came Carv
ers, Bird Carvers, Knives and Forks; "PVREX" Casseroles, Pie Plates,
Bread Pans, Utility Dishes, Cake Dishes, Baking Dishes, Ramekins; CUT
SUNBURST & CORNET PATTERN Wine Classes, Cocktail Classes, Crape
Juice Classes, Tumblers, Fruit Saucers, Berry Bowls, Nappies, Water Jugs,
Sundae Classes, Sugars and Creams, Water Sets; Special Ivory and Poly
chrome Electric Lamps; 20 Piece Table els; Class Candle Sticks; Vases;
Class Ware; Crockery; SPECIAL MT. VERNON WHITE WAKE in 51
Piece Dinner Sets at $12.51, 100 Piece Sets at 21.30 or by the Single Ar
ticle; Straight Razors, Safety Razors; Pocket and Hunting Knives; Hunting
Axes; Aluminum Ware; ELECTRIC Curling Irons, Chafing Dishes, Toast
ers, Irons No. y and No. G, Water Heaters, Tea Kettles, Crills, Heating
Pads, Plates, Waffle Irons; Manicure Sets, Scissor Sets, Flashlights, Flash
light Lanterns, Victrolas and Records, Pocket Watches, Wrist Watches,
Watch Chains, Fobs, Ornamental Clocks, Carpenter Tools, Baseballs and
Bats, In-door Balls and Bats, Volley Balls, Trunks, Suit Cases, Traveling
Bags, High Chairs, Dining Chairs, Straight Chairs, Arm Rockers, Sewing
Rockers, Dining Tables, Card Tables, Stands, Chiffoniers, Dressers..
In the Dry Goods Department
Fancy Handkerchiefs, Linen Handkerchiefs, Silk Handkerchiefs, Lace
and Embroidered Handkerchiefs, Sweaters, Wraps, Waists, Dresses, Lin
gerie, Silk Hose, Fancy Ribbons, Scarfs, Wool Coats, Rugs, Curtains, Im
ported Laces and Embroideries, Dress Coods, Dress Patterns, Perfumes,
Toilet Preparations, Scented Soaps, Face Powders, Cuticle Sets, Face
Creams, Combs, Hair Ornaments, Jewelry; CHILD'S Knit Sets, Booties,
Toques, Jazz Caps, Rompers, Suits, Bonnets, Spreads, Blankets, Robes,
Sweaters, Coats, Wash Suits, Dresses, Napkins, Table Cloths, Table Dam
ask, Cut Class, Jardinieres; KOA Ash Trays, Blotter Pads, Book Racks,
Calabashes, Cribbage Boards, Card Boxes, Coasters, Crumb Trays, Darners,
Egg Cups, Clove Boxes, Handkerchief Boxes, Jewel Boxes, Napkin Rings,
Necktie Holders, Paper Weight, Pin Trays, Pipe Racks, Imported Perfum
ed Pottery, CLAR1DOE SHOP llandpaiuted China, Smoking Sets, and
Stands; METAL Ash Trays, Books Ends, Fern Dishes; LAXDSUN Bowls,
Vases, Rose Jars, Statuettes, Smoking Stands; HAWAIIAN Curios, Souve
nirs, Calendars, Greeting Cards and Novelties; Wash Ties, Windsor Ties,
Four-iu lland Ties, Belts and Buckles,' Coif Slirils, Sport Shirts, Negligee
Shirts, Army and Fancy Wooleif Shirts, Pajamas, Socks, Carters, Sus
penders; Panama, Straw and Felt Hats; Caps, Soft and Laundered Collars,
Boys' Shirts, Sweater Coats, Knit Jackets, Worsted Jerseys, Bathing suits
for Men, Women and Children, Mens Handkerchiefs, CuTf Buttons, Cuff
Links, Stick-pins, Finger Rings, Collar Buttons, Collar Pins.
Ukuleles, Guitars and Violins.
In the Japanese Department
Silk Embroidered Kimonos for Ladies and Children; Silk Embroidered
Jackets; Silk Baby Quilts; Cushion Covers; Crepe Kimonos for Ladies and
Children; Silk Crepe; (Hton Crepe; Challis; Kimono Goods; Obi's; Fancy
Slippers; Lacquered Handkerchief and Clove Boxes; Sewing Boxes; Jewel
Boxes; Silk Lined Basket Bags; Embroidered Handbags; Leather Hand
bags; Lacquered Trays; Flower Pots; Flower Vases; Framed Pictures;
Waste Baskets; Mirror Stands; Parasols; Pin Cushions; Ivory Brooches;
Ivory Necklaces; Pearl Necklaces; Glass Necklaces; Ivory Ornaments;
Fans; Lamp Shades; Sewing Baskets; Place Cards; Name Cards; Table
and Stand Covers; Dressed Dolls; Silk Scarfs; Silk Handkerchiefs; Ivory
Cigar and Cigarette Holders; Ash Trays; Match Holders; Papotries and
Correspondence Cards; Local View Postcards; Writing Paper and Envel
opes; Albums; Fountain Pens; Eversharp Pencils; Pencil Boxes; Desk
&eipt of ICE HOUSE
i VS. Hyades at Port Allen
v -
jmporium Hanamaulu Store J
Supervisors Hold
Regular Meeting
The rionrd of Supervisors of the
County of Kaunl held Us regular
business meeting nt Its office on
Friday, December IS, 1922, at 9
o'clock a.m., for the purpose ofvap
proving n budget of expenditures
for salaries, payrolls, and for put)
lie improvements for 1923, besides
the transaction of other business
matters that came before It.
Present: II. V. Wlshard. chair
man; T. llrandt, J. I. Silva, Fred
Mendes, A. Menefoglio.
The board nt once took up the
consideration of a budget of Ex
penditures for salaries, etc. for
1023, and after having worked on
the matter continuously up to al
most adjournment, by vote, unani
mously approved the following bud
get of expenditures, namely:
Salary, supervisor $ 4,500.00
Mileage supervisors 800.00
Incidentals, supervisors 1,200.00
Salary, attorney 3,000.00
Incidentals, attorney 300.00
Salary, auditor 3,000,00
Incidentals, auditor 2.500.00
Salary, clerk 3,000.00
Salary, deputy dork 1,500.00
Incidentals, clerk 850.00
Salary, treasurer 3.000.00
Incidertals, treasurer 3,000.00
Auditing county books 200.00
Hoard child welfare 7,200.00
County law library 50.00
Discount and interest 400.00
District pounds 200.00
Expenses of election 4,250.00
Freightage 500.00
Official bond premium 600.00
rublic parks 1,000.00
Weights and measures 250.00
Salary, sheriff 3,600.00
Incidentals, sheriff 3,200.00
Salary, D. S. Waimea 2,100.00
l'ay of police, Waimea 4,920.00
Sllary D. S., Koloa 2,040.00
Iay of police, Koloa 3,000.00
Salary D. S., Lihue 2,400.00
l'ay of police, Lihue 4,400.00
Salary D. S., Kawaihau 2,040.00
Pay of police, Kawaihau 3,960.00
Salary D. S., Hanalel 1,800.00
Pay of police, Hanalel 3,000.00
Special pay of police 4,440.00
Coroner's inquest 1,500.00
Automobile plates 800.00
Salary, examiner of chauffeurs
Bureau of identification 1,750.00
Salary, 1). M., Waimea 1,440.00
District court and Jail,
Waimea 1,000.00
Salary, D. M., Koloa ' 1,440.00
District court and jail
Koloa 500.00
Salary D. M., Lihue 1,500.00
Salary D. M., Kawaihau 1,4,40.00
District court and jail,
Kawaihau 500.00
Salary I). M., Hanalel 960.00
District court and jail,
Hanalel 100.00
Salary, dork of circuit
court 2,220.00
Salary, reporter of circuit
court 2,220.00
Salary, probation officer of
circuit court 1.800.00
Kxpenses, circuit court 7,500.00
Law books, fifth circuit 400.00
Support, Juvenile court
dependencies 1,000.00
Expenses, probation officer 500.00
Support and maintenance
prisoners G.000.00
Expenses witnesses 1,000.00
County jail 7,000.00
Water works:
Puukapelo 250.00
Waimea 1,000.00
Kckaha 200.00
Kalaheo 2,500.00
Omao 500.00
Lawai 500.00
Koloa 5,000.00
Kapaa 1,500.00
Anahola 500.00
Moloaa 500.00
Haralei 800.00
Salary, county engineer 3,600.00
Salary, assistant county
engineer 2,400.00
Incidentals, county en
gineer 3.000.00
County road machinery 25,00'00
Hoads and bridges 88,10".00
Waimea l.WO.OO
Eloele CO0.00
Koloa G00.00
Lihue 2,400.00
Kealia 600.00
ivit:llH.n COO.OO
County building,
janitor's services 400.00
County lot and building 4,000.00
Fire department,
Waimea 5000
Ivnnn:i 50.00
Pension, It. Puuki $720.00
Wilcox for the purchase of one
share in the Haena Hul for $400
was approved against the appropri
ation for public parks.
A request (P.2085) from Mrs.
Louise D. Orote, teacher at the Kc
paa school for the building, at a
cost of $23.75, of an addition to
the Kapaa school garage granted.
A request (P.20S6) was received
from the county sheriff for appro
priations for the use of his depart
ment for next yeur; and another one
(P.20SG) for a 500 gallon tank for
storage of water for the use of the
new Koloa court house and the
Jailor's cottage were filed.
A retiuest (P.2087) was received
from the county clerk for appropri
ations needed for his department
for the coming year were filed.
Upon the motion of Mr. Men :fig
llo, secoi-ded by Mr. Brandt, the
sum of sixteen thousand, t venty
five and 52-100 dollars ($l(i,0,r.52)
to be paid out of the available mon
eys In the General Fund, and the
sum of one thousand, one hundred
eighty-one and 2-100 dollars ($:,.1.
02) to bo paid out of the moneys
available in tl.o Permanent Improve
ment Fund in the county treasury
was set a.side, as additional appro
priations for the uses and purposes
as follows:
Oiling loads, Waimea 1,076.30
Roads and bridges, Waimea IS
Oiling roads, Koloa 1.4:16.78
Hoads and bridges Koloa 3,:!V .8-5
Oiling roads, Kawaihau 20
Oiling roads, Hanalei " 2,291.8.1
Hoads and bridges
Hanalel 4,198.18
County lots and builings 979.84
Macadam, Waimea 53.92
Macadam, Hanalei 42.70
New school pipe line 1,084.40
The county engineer by unanimous
vote was given full authority:
1. To order a meter for the use
of the Koloa water works.
2. To purchase a truck for the
county gasoline engine.
3. To construct a new bridge at
Hanakaape, Koloa landing.
4. To purchase one Ford truck
for Lihue and one Ford truck for
C. To purchase one asphalt heater
for Koloa.
Emily Kealoha strip of land , at
Kapaa for public road (P.2003), Xr.
Menefoglio moved that in order to
secure a better fire protection to
life and property that the board
vote to favor the exchange of this
strip of land with any public land
the Territory may think advisable.
and that the commissioner of public
lands be recommended to set asido
this strip of land for road purposes,
ard being seconded by Mr. Mendes
the motion carried.
At 1:00 o'clock P. M., the meeting
Total $273,000.00
A demand (No. G206) for super
viscors' mileage for $60 was approv
lust tin' account bearing the
.same title.
A demand (No. 6267) from the
trustees under the Will Of A. S
The teachers' pensions, according
to the present law, promise a re'
duction as time goi s on. At present
a teacher contributes one per cent
of his or her salary and the terri
tory sets aside a certain amount. If
the pensions amount to more than
the money provided for them, they
are scaled pro rata, according to
the funds available. .
There are fourteen teachers on
the pension roll at present. Each
receives $600 per year this amounts
to $8.40 for the year.
We understand that there are ap
proximately 175 teachers contribut
ing to the pension fund. For figuring
purposes, suppose that each teacher
contributes $20 per year to the fund.
This amounts to $3500. "When the
act was put into operation there
were quite a number who joined
but it is doubtful if many have Join
ed since. As the present contributors
go on the retired list and draw out
and not put in it seems probable
that pensions will dwindle.
When the law was passed it was
considered quite unsatisfactory but
something to meet the demand and
it would be improved as time went
As at present all teachers are
given the same pension but all do
not pay the same toward it. Further
the teachers should have to pay
more and draw a pension pro rata
to what each contributes. It acts as
a pension and an insurance for the
teachers and the teacher must be
willing to bear his or her part to
ward that end.
Send your magazine orders (new
or old) to the K. C. Hopper News
Agency, Lihue, and they will be
promptly attended to. Phone 22.L.

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