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The Polynesian. [volume] (Honolulu (Oahu), Hawaii) 1840-1841, August 29, 1840, Image 4

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IV l'AKK bi:nja.mix.
"The departe.-l tlio depnih d !.
Thy i it us in dream,
And thev glide u!) no' our memories
Like shadows ovcistfons,ns ' v .
But, when; tlio cheerful lights of home
In r::nta:it ln-i.e burn, ' .
Th'? departed the deputed
Can never m re return,
Tlie SjiWiilirr luve this day cntereJ into Co-part-neisliip
under tlie linn of
... E. a H.' GRIMES,
fot tlie transaction of Mercantile Nnsincw.
' , KUAN (iH I MH?.
Honolulu, March 21,1? JO."
Have for sale,
r'i-zr-s' CO boxes Hyson Ten.
iiJ:' !.' 1- boxes Spuclmug Tea. '
l!.;: 1 10 boxes Hvson Skin.'
. 10 bands Fresh Flour.
40 boxes Soap. ' ,
- Julv 13. ' ' . If.
'The pood, the brnve, the beautiful
How dreamless is their iliv
Where roll. the dirgo-li:vC hiu.de '
Of tlte ever-t'sj ing deep, ' .
Or where the hurrying nigjit'wiruta "
Fa lb Winter's robe have spread
Above the narrow palaces,
In the citie.3 of the dead !
" I l"o! around and ft el the awe
Of one uh wal's alne
Anion t!ie wrecks of ibrincr days, . '
!u mournful ruin strown. . .
. I start to h".ir the stirring sounds f '
Among the' cypress trees;
For the voice of trio departed
Is borne upon the. breeze.
''That solemn voice ! it mingles with
Each free and careless strain ;
I scarce can think Earth's minstrelsy
Will cheer my heart 'again,
The melodv of S immer w aves,
The thriiliup notes of birds,
- Can never be so duar to me,
As their leinombered winds.
I sometimes dream their pleasant smiles
Still on me sweetly fall ;
Their tones of love I faintly hear
My name in sadness call.
I know that they are happy
With their angel-plumage on,
But my heart is very desolate
To think that they are gone !"
Copartnership. -
Tlio Subscribers hereby tive notice
that tbey have formed a copartnership
under the linn of Shaw & Gua'y, for J he
purpose of transacting a general mcrcaiP'
tile business at Tahiti, SocietvTrdands.'
' Honolulu, Au;. 8, 13 1). Uw.
j CcrmnteEi'cn iUrcijanls,
1 . . - - ' ,
. . Honolulu, Island of (hihu,
HAVE Constnnllv on hand and for
pale on liberal terms, Merchandise iinpoj
;d from tb.e United States, England;
Chili, and China, and adapted to the
trade of l!ie '
i ... - ; -
, They offer to purchase the productions
I of the Sandwich Inlands, and, of Califor
nia: and IV:iis of 'Exchange on- Enidand,
jFiance, Jliiiia and the United States.
i . . ..
j zmwiiir PATi? &. do.,
i H.'lvc' for Snlo on 'the most reasona
Jblc terms, for cab, approved credit,
;or barler, n trreat Variety of lnercbaiiT
dise, inclndin.'jr. . .
(i Is si iv & ui'nv
Give notice to Masters of whale shijs,
that they will always be well supplied
with provisions, and other necessary stores,
which they will be happy to furnish
promptly and at short notice.
Engravings of Hawaiian Scenery and
Costumes; also, Maps. Done on' Copper
plate at Eahainuluna, Maui, by natives.
For sale by PEIRCE St. I3I1EWEII.
Aug. 0. tf.' , .
boat find fair sailer.
Apply to
The good Schooner Clarion,
03 tons burthen, well found in
tackle and apparel ; good sea-
July 11.
tf. .
II a ve for sale,
10 barrels American Beef, superior quality.
10 bar. Am. Flourt sup. qual. (Gallcgo Br.)
50 barrels California Beans.
120 baskets Champagne. .
600 sheets Sheathing Copper, 16 and 21 oz.
July 2.5. ' tf.
Silk, C:rmbries, Gwighnms,"
Drillings, Tickings, Osnaburghs,
Merino, CJjencille, Thibet and Cot
ton Shawls, -Silk, 3IcrinOj and Cot
ton HandUfs Tuscan BonnetsSilk,
Satin, Velvet and Gauze Bonnet .and
Belt Ribbons White and Green Veils
Wound Wire, Rattans, Bonnet
Wreaths and Flowers,, T.'tbsi Gold
and Silver Wheat Lnce and .Nfuslin
Wro't Capes mid' Pelerines Scarfs '
Ladies Cravats, French Net- Blond
Encc Insertion Open work and
Common Ladies Hose - Elastics
Picnic and Cotton GJovos Petticoat
Robes : Silk, Satin and Bombazine
Neck Stocks Hooks. and Eves, Nee
dies Pins Emery Cushions Spool
Cotton Butbuis Thread Ready
made Clothing, Suspenders.
' Axes Hatchets Hand, Buck- and
Key-Hole Saws Files r Rasps
Knives and Forks Sheath, Pocket,
Pen and Dirk Knives Scissors
Butts and Screws Door, Chost -Mortice
and Pad Locks Bolts Srid Iron
JapanM Lamps Plated,. German
Silver, " Brittania and Iron. Tea and
Table Spoons Jewsharps : Brass
nails Cut Tacks Percussion Caps
Stirrups and Bits Rat Traps Gun
lslints Stew Pans, Shot Spikes.
Slide Rules. -
Extract Sarsaparilla tixlrnct Bu
che Epsom Salts Calcined Mag
nesia Opodeldoc Oil Spruce Es
sences Cephalic; and Maccaboy Snuff
Stoughlon's Elixir.
Flour BccT, Ship Bread Cod
Fish Mackerel Tea Suaar Cali
fornin Bearis Pickles Salad Oil
Vinegar Arrow Root Corn Pota
toes. FURNITURE. .
1 Pr. Splendid Hair Cloth Sofa's
2 Side Boards 1 Bureau t-1 Double
Wash Staiid-2 Siinjle Wash Stands
1 Card Table C Doz. Wood Seat
1 Elegant Waggon and Harness
GOO Sheets Sheathing Copper 2 M
Am. Boards 8 1. Am. Shingles
3 Jf. tJirch Boards ,nnd Joists 12
Baskets Champaigne 10 Cases Boots
and Shoes 20 Doz. Lemon Syrup
20 Doz. Stoughtoh's Elixir 6 Caboo
ses Paint " Oil Chrome Lamp
Black Paint 'Brushes Indelible Ink
Writing Ink Sherry Wine Riding
Whips Bass Viol, Violin and Guitar
Strings Silver Watches Gold Breast
Pins Harmonicons Signal tlorns
Umbrellas Men's and Bov's BIk. and
Drab Hats 1 Set Heavy heaving
down Blocks Bags- Twine Brooms
Rope California Soap-r-Letter and
Bill Paper Blank Books Tobacco
Axe Helves. -
Just nublishcd; arid for sale, by H.
P. & Co the New Mexican Tariff
and Port Regulations.
Cash paid, as abpve, for Bills o.f lx-
Stoughlorj's Bitters; Pepper; Currauis
and Almonds; Dried apples; Chan,,
paignc; Cider,' London Porter; Hanis
Cheese; Pickles; Ginger; Prunes'
Peppermint; Swaim's Panacea; iiijl
lasses . Gates.
Assorted Crockery Ware; Gla
Lamps, Tumblers, &c. &c. of.
LADD & Co.
Six good Mules,
Enquire of
June, G. tf.
Have for. Sale the following Good
on reasonable Terms, Viz: .
Prints Ginghams, Brown BIup
and white Cottons Brown and Blue
Cotton Drilling Linen Drill 'White
Cambric Shirting Stripes Hosiery
Suspenders Bone Buttons Vj.v
yarn Nankeens Cotton and Linen
1 ' . ,4 . , , c- . v.uii iiunefiis vyoiiou ' a nil Linen
cl n w on 1,o Ln.lcd Males, Kng- ,f 11.P.,Co,nls-ShooS-LSI,oo liat.
land, I ranee U Russia- 1 1 Tn 1 xt
Honolulu;. Ma SS 1M0. tf mj-olorc jlPomrcc 1k ls.-Nal,kcc
' J ' . Clothing Colored Shirts, &c., kc
.,E:ilBP;& Go.
- Have for Sale,
10 Bales Bowii Cutton,
10 Cases Prints,
1- Do Grass Cloth,
51) Boxes Hyson Tea,
40' Hyson Skin, "
2Q0 l Congo Souchong Tca
June, G,
' IlaS'on band and for sale, American,
.English "and French Prints White,
Blue tind brown Cotton Drills Lineji
Drills Buffalo ClolhBlenchcd and
Unbleached Cottotis Hamilton Finn
nel English Chintz, Chally Dresses
Pelerine and Scarfs Black, Green
and White Veils Fine Cambric Mus
lins C h cck Tape Musli ns Sprig
and Mull Muslins Bishop Lawtis Lad
dies' Silk Gloves Black Crape Pink
Crape Petticoat' Robes Silk Cord
Men and women's Hosiery India
Rubber Suspenders Cotton Suspend
?rs Worsted Suspenders Bed Tick
ing Men & Women's Shoes Calico
and Striped Shirts Bendy-made
'Clothing Silk Handkerchiefs China
Nankeens. .
Pocket Knives; Spring Balances,
Knives ami Forks;-Scissors; Pins ami
Needles ;Giinblcts;Padlocks '.Percussion
Caps, and Sad Irons; Braces and Bitts;
' t I . 1 1 . . . m 1 1 . . '
oowp jiiHiics;. uauges; niseis; Hooks;
and Hinges; Files; Iron, arid Brass
Butt II inges ; Cast Steel. Hand Saws;
Iron' B:ick Saws; Compass Saws; Cut
and Wrought Nails; Cut and Wrought
Tacks; Hat Pins; Cast Iron Funiaces;
Latches; Butts; Sail Needles; Cross
cut and Pit Saw Files; Door, Chest
and Armor Locks; Shovels; Sauce
Pans; Try Pans; Razors; Spoke Sha
vers; Hammers; Woo1 Saws; Jews
harps; Drawing Knives; Iron Squares;
Adzes; Brittania Table & Tea Spoons;
Axe Handles; Curtain' Rings; Hoes;
Currier's Knives; Bonnet and Brass
.Verdigris; Chrome Yellow and
Yellow Ochre; Litharge; Spirits Tur
pentine; Paint Brushes; Lamp Black;
Ground Log, Wood, and Copperas. .
Plain Letter Paper, 'Foolscap;
Playing Cards; Quills; Blue and Black
Ink; Inkstands, Penknives; and-. small
Blank Books..
, Sunttrfrfl.. :
Coffee; Olives; Cigars and Tobacco;
. Sandwich Island Sugar and Molas
ses Coffee Hyson S,kin Tea Butter
Cheese, Flour rCo'nr Meal Dried
A t ) pi e s R a i s i n s F i crs C i t r o n Ta m
.n:i.i v .
"-rMacc Allspice Cloves, Ginger-
. v.
Honey J5ago S'ige Olives Mus
tard 'Pepper Salad Oil Lemoi
Syrup Tobacco Pipes Chiars-
11 till f"oap AVincs Por.ter Pal
Ale Stoughton's Elixir, c.
A General assortment of Crockcrv
Hard Ware and Tin Ware.'.
On hand, Koa-Shingles, good quality
20,000 lbs. Sandwich Island arrow
root. . -
Honolulu, June 0, 1810. . tf
LADD & Co.
Have for sale.
100 Tons Sugar,
20,000 Galls. Molasses,
2,000 Do. Svrup,
. GO Pr. Ox Bows,
'1 Case Riding Saddles,
1 do Paint Brushes,
4 Casks 'Tin Wareass'd,
G Kegs Cooper's Rivets,
. 2 Tons Steel, ass'd,
15 Cooking Stoves,
M Coils Lead Pipe,
2 Tons Zinc,
GOO lbs..Bass Kettles,
15 Half bbls. Coal Tar,
20. dial. Coal,
100. Coils Cordage,
200 lbs Sewing Twine,
20 Bolts Canvass,
GO Kegs. Paint, ass'd,
1 Case German Tumblers,
10 Kegs Tobacco,
Honolulu; June 6 1840. tf.
10,000 Coral Stone,
. . 50 Piles Lime Stone,
'100 Cords Wood,
400 bbls. 'Salt,
2,000 lbs. Arrow Root,
50 Bbls. Beans,
20 " Corn,
For Sale by LADD & Co.
June, 6. tf.
Good people all walk in and buy.
Of Satn Mow, good cake and pie
Bread hard or soft, for land or sea,
"Celestial" made; come buy of we.
June 15. tf

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