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hi:m:ct i: i .
Private Fortunes in Ancient Times.
Crcrsiis possessed in landed property a for
tune of ,?(X),tM07, besides a large, sum of
money, slues, and lurniture, which amount
ed to an equal sum; he used to say, that a
citizen who had not a fortune sullicient to
support an army or a legion, did not deserve
the title of a rich man. The philosopher
Seneca had a fortune of 2,00 ty.HJJ. Len
tuliH, the soothsayer, had A)0,Q0()l. Ti
berius, at his death, left 2.3, 5 JO, 000, which
Caligula spent in less than twelve months.
Vespasian, on ascending the throne, estima
ted all the expenses of the state at .3,.X)0,0U0.
C;esar, before he entered upon any ollice,
owed 2,u!).3,000; lie purchased the friend
ship of Curias for 500,000, and Lucius Tau
lus for 1300,000. At the time of the assas
sination of Julius (tesar, Anthony was in
debt to the amount of 300,000; he owed this
sum at the Ides of 31 arch, and it was paid
before the Kalends of April; he squandered
147,000. of the public treasures. Apicius
expended in debauchery 500,000; and find
ing on examination of the state of his affairs,
that he had no more than 130,000 left, he
poisoned himself, because he considered that
sum insiitlicient for bis maintenance. Julius
Ciesar gave Servilla, the mother of Brutus,
a pearl of the value of 40,000. Cleopatra,
at an entertainment, gave to Anthony, dis
solved in vinegar, who shallowed it, a pearl
worth 80,000. Claudius, the son of Eao
pus, the comedian, swallowed one worth
8,000. One single dish cost Ksopus u0,
000., and Ileliogabolus 0,000. The usual
cost for a rpast for Lucullus was 20,000.
Misolla gave 400,000. for the bouse of An
thony. The fish from Lucullus's fish ponds
were sold for 35,000. Scaurus' country
house was destroved by fire, and his loss was
estimated at 850,000. Otho, to finish a part
of xNero's palace, spent 187,500.
A man of property, who had for years been
abusing his stomach, at last found his health
on a rapid decline. .Nature could endure it
no longer. He went to consult the celebra
ted Doctor Spring, of Watertown, :Mass.
He stated the symptoms of his case so clear
ly, that the learned physician could not mis
take the nature of his disease. " I can cure
you, sir, said he, " if you w ill follow my ad
vice." The patient promised most implicit
ly to do so. u Now," says the Doctor, "you
must steal a horse." "What! steal a horse?"
Yes you must steal a horse. You will
then be ai rested, convicted and placed in a
situation where your diet and regimen will
be such that in a short time your health will
be perfectly restored."
cyAsc v cuts.
The Subscribers respectfully give notice
that they have formed a Copartnership un
der the firm of
MARSHALL & jonxsox,
for the purpose of transacting a general Mer
cantile business at this place. And they
also offer their services as Auctioneers.
Honolulu, May 23, 1MI.
V. 13. M A SUA 1. 1..
One perpendicular Jm r; vn Mill, with
Iron Rollers, and all things ap
pertaining to a first rate Mill.
For Sale cheap bv
IMUHCf; &, BRKU'Kll.
April 0, 1811.
UvsV YmAxcvA A c (Umu-ecv
from Boston, and for sale by
3 Bales Drown Shirtings, 4-4.
4 Methuen Shirting Stripes, 4-4.
8 pieces ' Duck.
1 Case Ladies' Shoes.
2 Study Lumps.
1 Dox Fancy Ribbons.
May 22. tf.
Back Numbers of the POLYNESIAN,
for sale at this Ollice. tf.
Have on hand and for sale at low prices
the following articles, viz:
23 Cases 4-1 blue Cottons of the best
dvc and fabric.
... . . t
1-1 Chickopee Cottons, bleach
Bleached Cotton Drill
Satin Jeans
110 Bolts Am. Cotton Duck
2 Cases Merrimack blue Prints
1 Orange Prints
2 " Furniture Chintz
1 " Marseilles Quilts
5 " Cotton Thread
1 " Pink Cambric
20 Dales 4-1 Brown Cottons
4 3-1 do. do,
3 do. Drill
1 " Scarlet Flannel
1 " Russia Sheeting
4 Bolts Brusgins Canvass
20 " Havens Duck
5 Cases Prints, assorted colors
10 Boxes Muscat Wine
100 Demi jons, 5 galls.
S3 pair Yenitian Window Blinds
90 Window Frames, sashes, &c.
00 Kegs' White Lead
100 Molasses Shooks
73 Bales Am. Leaf Tobacco
13 Bbls Tar
3 " Bright Varnish
1 Box llille Powder in cannisters
30 Kegs Powder
20 doz. Swaim's Panacea
3 Bbls. Linseed Oil
20 doz. Olive Oil
10 " tin boxes Scidlitz Powders
2 Bbls. Spirits Turpentine
1 Case Fiietion Matches
300 Boxes Am. Soap
10 Boxes Pipes
20 Sides Sole Leather
2 " Patent "
23 Ox Bows 23 doz. Axe Handles
Sheathing Copper viz.
570 sheets
1 Case 2( oz. 80 sheets '
1 " 21 oz. 90 "
1 " 22 oz. 100 "
1 " 20 oz. 100 "
1 " 18 oz. 100 "
4 " 1( oz. 100 "
3 Kcjjs Sheathing Nails
30 Coils Manila Hope, assorted sizes
30 Indian barrels White and Sicily Ma
deira Wine
30 Qr. Casks Pale Sherry
8 Indian bbls. Burgundy Port.
July 10, 1810. tf.
Now AittvuU'A Vyuyw GAou-
1 1
bait s Domestics,
cases. do.
Blue Cottons.
Silk Umbrellas.
Cotton do.
Printed Pongee Ildkfs.
cases Cotton HdUls.
u Kiheis.
" Blue Nankin.
" Assorted Dry Goods.
" Drab liats.
packages Hard YVarc
Kegs Nails.
Casks Soap Stone Furnaces.
" Sad Irons
doz. Cast Steel Wood Axes,
rolls Sheet Lead.
Cotton (Jinn,
cases Brushes.
" Boots and shoes.
Bars and Bundles assorted Irorw
doz Shovels,
bundles Hoop plates,
cask Cart Boxes.
8 bundles Spike and Nail Rods.
5 boxes Tin plates.
20 bolts Canvass.
30 pieces light Havens Duck.
69 coils Cordage.
20 doz. Carolina Hoes.
3 cases Looking Glasses.
9 Assorted Fancy articles.
2 " Books, late publications.
100 barrels Pilot Bread.
22 hhds. Navy do.
20 barrels Fresh Flour, (extra)
323 boxes Soap.
1 cask Glue.
50 boxes Window Glass.
2G packages Crockery Ware.
15 Glass do.
28 barrels Tar and Pitch.
5 casks assorted Paints.
03 kegs Knglish White Lead.
40 44 do. Black Paint.
100 boxes Spanish Cigars.
5 kegs Superior Tobacco.
0 tubs Spices.
5 casks Rice.
1 bhd. Collee.
5 baskets Olive Oil.
I bale Corks.
10 boxes KaUins, in prime order.
10 kegs Fancy Biscuit.
1 case Macaroni.
1 41 Tapioca.
8 doz. Ciiairs.
3 cases Stationery.
4 hhds. Tin W'aie.
8 " Hollow Ware.
138 Reams Wrapping Paper.
20 Writing do.
Honolulu, May 12, 1841. tf.
:-: -j it g t a i
Have for sale, at their plantation, at Wai-
luku, East side of Maui, a quantity of supe
rior WHITE SUGAR, not inferior to the
best imported Loaf Sugar. Also, WH1TK
SYRUP, 'a superior article for family use.
For the information of Merchants and oth
ers trading to these Islands, they would state,
that they arc enlarging their business, hav
ing now 150 acres of Sugar Cane under cul
tivation, and in the course of the next sea
son w ill have 250 acres. By the 1st of De
cember next, they will have a large lot of
BROWN SUGAR tor sale, on as reasonable
terms as can be offered by any other firm.
May 29th, 1841. tf.
Good people all walk in and buy,
Of Sam iV, Mow, good cake and pie :
Bread hard or soft, for land or sea,
"Celestial" inadej come buy of we.
June 13. tf.
Have for sale a largo variety of Staple
and Fancy Goods, (selected expressly lor
this market, by a Lady long resident
here), among which may be found
Plain, Figured Colored, and Flor
ence Silk Pink, Stamped and other
Satins French Crape Black Bomba
zine Figured and Satin-Stripe Shally
Paradise Mousline De Laine Plaid
Swiss Muslin Black Satin and other
Vcstings, super equality 5-4 Silk Star
Blond 5-4 Silk Black Square Net
Fancy Prints Thibet M. De Laine,
Silk and Large Net Shawls Silk, Me
rino, Shally, Pic-nic, Gauze and Lou
sine Scarfs French Muslin, and Lace
Wrought Collars and Capes Ladies
Open Work Lisle Hose Blond Quill
ingBlack Blond Footing Green Lace
eils 1-4 Length Kid and White Mo
hair Gloves Linen Cambric Handkfs
Ladies Cravats Lisle Fdging Blk
Neck Ties French Culls-HeacNJands
Victoria Robes BonAVn Fronts and
Crowns Talfeta, Gauze, Satin, Silk,
Garniture, Cap, Belt, Plain, Figured,
and Velvet Ribbons, splendid assort
mentStay Tapes and Lacets Stay
Backs Steel Busks Black Silk Frogs
i . r I
Super White Spool Cotton Ue
rn'inrrV Nondlf'S -ScisSOfS. nssnrtdl
.. w -T
Silver Thimbles Strawberry Lmeri!
Inlaid Shell Card Cases Fancy I
mond, Peach and other Soaps Bla,
Silk Braids Piping Cord Linen Flu
G dozen Pasteboards White Wax
Children's Red and White Worst
Socks Saddle Cloths German (
logne--Cap Combs German bilver Tl
ble, Tea and Salt Spoons and DutJ
. tt..' mil. c i! ... r
ivnivcs iiair ioui auuuug, io,
and 22 inch, etc. etc.
Honolulu, March 1st, 1811.
Have for Sale, which they offer i
reasonable terms :
20 Doz. Port Wine
Sherry do.
S. M. do.
Claret do.
Raspberry do.
Sarsaparillu Syrup
Lemon Syrup
Assorted do.
Stoiiiihton's Klixir
23 Boxes Assorted Teas
Also Just received
3 Lady's Splendid Riding Saddles,
50 Patent Leather Head Stalls.
April 21. tf.
(t c m m i n s ton 11 r r clj a nt,
Honolulu, Island of Onhn,
HA VE. Constantly on hand and f
sale on liberal terms. Merchandise impo
ted from the United States, England
Chili, and China, and adapted to tl
trade of the
They ofl'er to purchase the production
of the Sandwich Islands, and of Calif
nia ; and Rills of Exchange on England
France, Russia and the United States.
Have just received per Ship Gloucester, aiJ
oiler lor Sale the following
Articles, viz.
1 1 bales Brown Sheeting.
10 cases Prints, consisting of Amcrb'i
English nnd French.
1 case .Merriinac Checks.
2 hairs Union Ticks
0 cases Bleached Slu rtin".
1 halo Hamilton Stripes.
2 hales SulfolU Drills.
1 case Bleached Drills.
2 hales I Blue Cotton.
1V the Barrel, or h?ss unnniitv. t-oi
stantly on hand and for sale by
Jan. 18. tf.
Terms of the 1LVNKSIAN.-V(.I "
For tin- Pioirii;ior and Kditor.
HuuHrnipiioN. Eifiht Jlollui rcrnnniim,r"!:'
We liall-jiMily in advaiico; hull" your, I utir f"'"1
'Hiartei, two Dollars fifty Ccnls; tsinlo lojit'--cent
s. '
Ai v khtihing, 2, 25 for three ijerliorf o:
quaie; loily ( tnta for each lonlmuiiiiit'; n.oie IN
imlt un e.-s thun u Hjiinrc, ijrl, 75 for lust thin;1':'
Hons, and o( cents for ouch afer insertion. I'"11
quurc.Sfl, 2j for lirnt thu o in.-ertion-s uud 0 :
tor each moccedirif,' inwrtion. Cuidn, rotin'S
or in;rrj:iges insert ed imly us ad vcrtiteineitt, ami
mi tho ulioso terms, cxecpiing when desiied usuii
terot cliunty.
Termii or YCAHLY Al)VERTIINrJWUlUltit) w
limited. Vlll nr. i- r,t, I. ii- i.. .Jil. (nr 3".
. . w - mum. nil i t ta 1 1 v r
! 'ft13;. 4ho I'l ivile-e of j em ly adei tiM-is toK'u
ited to their own immediate bunnes. unlt by fIlJ
agreement in tiu . '
" ' " ...w uitlU ,
Agemh. For Mmii, Sfr. J. IJ. Vonnfiutcr, I'aiut
Q: I or California, Mr T. A. l.ai Utn, M'"e
For Sone'ty, nnd other V-'outlnri'
Mchkw. Sfhaw k (Jry, 'l'"u'

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