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Anecdote of a Doctor. A young Incty
consulted u physician oiVrtiinence on account
of some rheumatic pains, and a troublesome
cough, which she had labored under ever
since the commencement of the cold weath
er. The prescription was sent by the loot
man to the apothecary's as usual. lie read
it with a smile, and recommended the mes
senger to take it to a dry goods' mnn on the
opposite side of the street, ns apothecaries
did not keep the articles prescribed; upon
which the luottnan inquired what the doctor
had ordered, when ho was informed by iI2s
culapius that the prescription ran thus:
Take a good warm double Scotch shawl,
and apply it immediately around the shoul
ders and chest; and also, secundum urtna, a
Stout Welsh Petticoat."
Young Lr.Y. A man swearing the peace
against three of his sons, thus concluded the
affidavit: " And this deponent further suitli,
that the only one of his children w ho showed
him anv real filial aflVction, was his votum
est son Lniy, for he never struck him when
lje was down."
Two Jews were distinguished, one for his
kill in boxing, and the other for his U tidness
for women. A gentleman being asked to
what tribe they belonged, answered. 1 ra
ther think one is an Aniorite; and the other
is a Ilittite."
The London Athena um gives the follow
ing morceaux as specimens of the contents of
a collection of poems, just published:
Lines extern nore, uriiU n in the Album of
Miss S. A. T.
Lovely girl! enchanting creature !
Beautiful in every feature!
Head and body, legs and all,
Sighing for aimer's call!
Lines written tx'empore on the shell of an egg.
By nature I was surely. meant
To be a cock or hen; ...
But to the pot, alas! I'm sent,
To feed poor hungry men!
At cr lscncwts.
LiXD &, CO..
have for sale
SO bales Domestics.
10 cases do.
69 " Blue Cottons,
4 " Blue Dii.ls.
2 bales Brown Drills.
4 " btriped fchii tings.
6 cases Fancy do.
1 Btavei teens.
1 " Moleskin.
I Maids.
1 Silk Umbrellas.
10 " Cotton do,
31 " Prints.
4 " Printed Pongee Ildkfs.
11 cases Cotton Hdkt.
9 Kiheis.
65 " Blue Nankin.
8 " Assorted Dry Goods.
9 Drab Hats.
3 Thread.
61 packages Hard Ware.
60 Kegs Nails.
4 Casks Soap Stone Furnaces.
20 doz. Cast Steel Wood Axes.
1 Cotton Ginn.
3 cases Brushes.
10 Boots and shoes.
222 Bars and Bundles assorted Iron.
6 do Shovels.
1 cask Cart Boxes.
8 bundles Spike and Nail Rods.
6 boxes Tin plates.
20 b. Its Canvass.
30 pieces light Havens Duck.
69 coils Cordage.
20 doz. Carolina Hoes.
3 cases Looking Glasses.
9 Assorted Fancy articles.
2 " Books, late publications.
100 barrels Pilot Bread.
22 hhds Navy do.
625 boxes Soap,
1 cask Glue.
60 boxes Window Glass.
26 packages Crockery Ware.
15 " Glass do.
28 barrels Tar and Pitch.
5 casks assorted Paints.
ttf kegs English White Lend.
40 " do. Black Paint.
500 Gallons Paint Oil.
100 boxes Spanish Cigars,
1 keg Superior Tobacco,
(J tubs Spices.
5 casks iticc.
0 baskets Olive Oil.
1 bale Corks.
10 kegs Fancy Biscuit.
I case Macaroni.
1 " Tapioca.
8 doz. Chairs.
3 cases Stationery.
4 hhds. Tin Ware.
8 ' Hollow Ware.
133 Reams Wrapping Paper.
HO Writing do.
Honolulu, Aug. 1341.
The Subscribers respectfully give notice
that they have formed a Copartnership un
der the firm of
for the purpose of transacting a general Mer
cantile business at this place. And they
also offer their services as Auctioneers.
Honolulu, May 22, 1841.
Have for Saltvwhich they of)er on
reasonable terms : .
20 Doz. Port Wine
23 " Sherry do.
10 " S. M. do.
20 " Claret do.
10 " Raspberry do.
5 Snrsaparilla Syrup
10 " Lemon Syrup '
5 " Assorted do.
5 " Stou-litoii's Elixir
25 Boxes Assorted Teas
Also Just received
3 Lady's Splendid Riding Saddles,
50 Patent Leather Head Stalls.
April 24. tf.
25 Ox Bows 25 doz. Axe Handles
22 (2b E
Ilave on hand and for sale at low' prices
the following articles, viz:
23 Cases 4-4 blue Cottons of the best
dye and fabric..
IS " 4-4 Chlckopce Cottons, bleach
ed. 1 " Bleached Cotton Drill
1 " Satin Jeans
. 1 "f Ticking
30 Bolts Am. Cotton Duck
2 Cases Merrimack blue Prints
1 " Orange Prints .
2 " .Furniture Chintz
1 " Marseilles Quilts
5 " Cotton Thread
1 " Pink Cambric
20 Bales 4-4 Brown Cottons ,
4 3-4 do. do,
3 " do. Drill
I " Scarlet Flannel
1 " Russia Sheeting '
4 Bolts Brusgins Canvass
20 " Ravens Duck
5 Cases Prints, assorted colors
10 Boxes Muscat Wine
100 Dernijons, 5 galls.
65 pair Vcnitian Window Blinds
90 Window. Frames, sashes, &c,
CO Kegs White Lead
100 Molasses Shooks
75 Bales Arn. Leaf Tobacco
15 Bbls Tar
5 " Bright Varnish
1 Box Rille Powder in cannisters
50 Kegs Powder ' "
20 doz. Swaim's Panacea
5 Bbls. Linseed Oil
20 doz. Olive Oil
40 " tin boxes Seidlitz Powders
2 Bbls. Spirits Turpentine
1 Case Friction Matches
300 Boxes Am. Soap
10 Boxes Pipes
20 Sides Sole Leather
2 " Patent "
Sheathing Copper viz.
1 Case 2G oz. 60 sheets
1 5T0 sheets
24 oz. 90
22 oz. 100
20 oz. 100
18 oz. 100
1G oz. 100
!1 Tvprrc Khrnthinir Xnils
30 Coils Manila Rope, assorted sizes
50 Indian barrels While and Sicily Ma
deira Wine
3G Qr. Casks Pale Sherry
S Indian bbls. Burgundy Port.
July 10, 1841. tf. -
Good people all walk in and buy,
Of Sam it Mow, good cake and pie
liread hard or soft, for land or sea,
"Celestial" made; come buy of we.
June 15. tf.
H uT IT G T . I
Have for sale, at their plantation, at Wai
luku, East side of MaiuI, a quantity of supe
rior WHITE Si (J AH,. not 'inferior to the
In st imported Loaf Sugar. Also, WII1TB
SVUL'P, a superior article for family use.
For the information of Merchants and oth
ers trading to tin ho Islands, they would state,
that they are enlarging their business, hav
ing now lot) acres of .bugar Cane under cul
tivation, and in the course of the next sea
son will have 150 acres. By the 1st "of De
cember next, they will have a large lot of
BROWN SUGAR forsule, on as reasonable
terms as can be offered by any other firm.
. May 'J9th, 1841. tf.
5000 Ftfet Am. Pine Boards. '
1000 " California Pine Timber.
5u00' Cakes 'California Soap. 1
20U0 Pounds Tahiti Sugar.
4500 Damaged Hides and Pieces.
25 Reams Wrapping Paper. '
For Sale by
June 16th,'1841.
2 cases Colored Cambrics.
1 . ' Printed Jeans.
2 " Check Ginghams.
1 Silk Pocket Hdkfs.
1 ' Light Shawls.
1 Counterpanes.
I t4 Victoria Dresses.
1 " Musquito Netting.
1 " Black bilk Hdkfs.
1 Willow Hats.
1 M Sinnet and Duck Hats.
1 " Navy Ca)s.
1 Children's Caps.
5 V' Assorted Fancy Goods, cotwiy,
ing in part of Plain and Figured
.Muslins; Table Cloths; Irish Lir
en; Thread Edgings and J nsen
ings; Bobbinct Laee; Fic 'jc
and Mohair Shawls; Scarfs am
Gloves; Ladies' Embroidered W
and Cotton Hose, etc. etc.
9 -Assorted Clothing.
' 2 u Shell and Horn Combs and i
mcrous othor articles.
Honolulu, Aug. 1841. tf.
The Partnership of the late firm of
HENRY PATY & CO. has expired by
the decease of Mr Henry Paty, one of
the partners.
The undersigned will, assume the re
sponsibilities and continue the business of
the late partnership under the same firm
(Henry Paty. &, Co.) for the present, un
til its affairs can be adjusted,. when notice
will be given of a change in the firm.
JOHN iwty.
Honolulu, Aug. 9th, 1841.
B. Pitman & Bon,
Have for sale on reasonable terms, viz,
English and American Prints. Ginshiin,
Printed Muslins. V bile. Brown unci I Jul
l..;n wi.: i n.. . i 1
i vuhuii jyiiu. Muni; uuu jrown LiiiJ
Drill. Jileached and Unbleached CottnJ
Cambric, plane and Figured. Swiss J
lin. Lace ,'Edgings. insertiims. IaJ
:(j!auzc ildkfs. and Scans White Yen?
(jiarniture. bilk. Satin. Velvet and Bti
! Ribbons. Wound Wiie. Lunuture ("biu-j
Hamilton Stripes. Bonnet rcaths aJ
Flowers. Ladies aod.Uentktnicnb.lloskr,
Uloves. Satin feck fctoeks Nanketd
Ponged Colored Ildkfs.. Grass Cloth. C.
ton Hdkfs. Needles. Pins. ' Spool C.
ton. 'i broad. Buttons.. Suspenders. Ktac
Made. Clothing. .Wickyarn, &c, fccc.
Molasses. Sugar. Lamp Oil. Tcai
L'l Mil .... ' . .
rjour. ijeai.. lined Apples.' Mm
Citron. Prunes. Tamarinds. FicM;
Vinegar. Nutmegs. Mace. Allspice. Ci:
namon. -Cloves. Ginger. Sage-. ' PepieJ
i . .... i I. ... . D , p .Hi
iMusiuru. uoney. lolmcco. Cigars, hu
fenutl. Soup, fcallad Oil. Olives. Leu
on Syrup. I'orter. Pule Ale. Stoughtct
Elixtr. Wints, &c.
Boots and Shoes. Writing Ink. Sfco
Slacking. Arrow Root. Epsom Sa.ts
Bench Planes. Place and Eitts. Chiati
iish Hooks. Combs. Sauce and Frv hi
iron bquares. Screws. Nails. Axe Ik
dies. Axes. Adzes. Tlnt-hrt Wriil:
Paper. Plank Books. Quills. Coiks.M
generally on hand a good assoitniint
Crockery, Glass, and Tin Ware.
Honolulu,-Dec. 5, 1840. tf.
For Sale, if applied for soon, at the
shop of Mr E. H. Boaudman, a Superior
"English Cottage Piano," in complete
order and tune.
Aug.46, 1841.
Volume I, of the Polynesian in
neat binding, can be had at the
SON. Price $5.
For Sale.
2 Boxes Loaf Sugar,
5 Baskets Olive Oil,
2 Boxes assorted . Spices,
Lot Willow Baskets,
Earthen Jars,
May 22, 1841. tf. -
By the Barreh or loss ouanlitr. cm
1 '
stantly on hand and for' sale by
Jan. 18. tf.
Terms of the POLVNliSI AN.-V0I . H
For tlio Piopriotor and Editor.
Subscription. Eight Dollars j eraniirm.r8!'
ble half-yearly in advance; half year, I our I'oM
quarter, Two Dollar 1 ifty Cents; singlo torH
fpnt a
Ji'.1!1"1". ?2, 25 for three inFcrlior'f
B u 5 n r,y i'e",8 ,or ouch com imiaiifc; n o.dU
lm i' H;cfri,B.'"- eac'h nf.er i.crtion.
Si - J1 25 ,0.r tltH tlnee iiiHsilioHs.t.Ml
lor each mice-ceding inmtion. ( uil'p, i.ou'a)
"ar,Vges V'serted only us adtcrtitcii.riit', "''ct
Terms or earlv Ad vertisi NG-"'ian''r' ,(
h uted, per nnnur,,; half.yca.ly UK (', :
quan ily not excee.hng half ft coli.ii.ri, 10; l'"'''!t
1V.!ttla. I llA nril'l r.,r. r.C . I I. .......IlilnPf"
ited to their own immediute buHjncge, unless )
agreement to I ho com r:.rv '
. j ,
Agents. For Maui, Mr. J. R Vonrer ,'"!'lt'
lor California, Mr T. A. Larkin, i&
Tor Society, and otkr Fouthero If i
If-. ' en..... . r-. - Tahiti- I

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