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""" fA
. . i
C. E. Washburne s btrangc initiation
and the Troubles It has Led
Him Into.
lust before his departure f.r San
Francisco yesterday on the Monowai,
C. 15. Washburne announced to rep
rescntatives of the press and others
that he should return and marry a
dauchter of lohn Cummins. Mr.
Washburne is a newspaper man ol the
coast metropolis and left there for
Tlnnnliiln February 7. His w.fe. a re-
j ,j
fined, sad-faced lady was at the wharf
to bid him good-bye and wish him a
11 WISH 111111 .11
salt a aiuuuY inuitu . - ..uu
l,P,.n marri-H for some vears and lived
in a cottage of their own at Herb-Icy.
It appears from the story which Mr.
Miss Cummins. He seemed to have
i ui.. ,ti;i,,,.t ,c i, i,,,i
malic 1113 uiuii.. uf.iiuvtn.vf; J - ....v.
taken abundant pains to acquaint him
self with the attractions of other native
and half white women and reached the
conclusion that she was the pick of the
A gentleman believed to be Mrs.
Washburne's lawyer arrived on the Mar
iposa to investigate. He said to a
Stak reporter that, some weeks ago,
Mr. Washburne had written his wife
giving full details of his courtship and
of his relations with various women
here, to the end that she might sccuie
a divorce and release him from his
marital vows. The wife was nearly
distracted and went weeping to her
husband's acquaintances, who advised
Her to go to an attorney. She did so,
and the result was a letter from the
lawyer, which Mr. Washburne received
about six weeks since, that if he would
ilenl over !iis interest in the lierkelev
homestead to his w fe she would free
. - - : , .
him from his bonds. 1
In the meantime Washburne had
written his better half asking for a
loan of $50 with which to buy an en-
cagement ring for Miss Cummins. As
Mrs. Washburne had no funds and no
inclination to meet the demand if she
had been solvent, the newspaper man
was obliged to await bis regular remit-
tances. These were liberal and Mr.
Washburne had no trouble, finally, in
sealing his new compact with a solitaire,
I he unfortunate hero of these ad-
has done capable work in his profession,
It is the charitable belief of those
who knew him here .that he is alluded
with one of the forms of acute mania
and that, if he secuics asylum treatment
of the proper kind, he will live to atone,
if possible, for his deplorable errors.
On his departure yesterday his in
amorata and her female friends were
at the dock, hanging leis about his
neck and tilling the air with tneir
Washburne s father and mother are
living, but thev separated several
years ago. I
The Postmaster General Suggests Wise I
Postmaster General Oat is in favor
of having the lower story of the build-
ing adj 'ining the postofnee and now
used by J. A. Magoon and C. W. Ash-
ford vacated. He wants to put the
Postal Savings and money order depart-
ments there and to use all the regular
postoffice space for the accommodation
of those who mail and receive letters
and buy stamps. this will permit
an increase of the number of mail
boxes and the addition ol a stamp win
dow which shall always be open during
Washburne told freely and apparently e'?1,olV,ur".,, ' 1 '
wished to have known here that he can't say, ' said he
I, id not lived happily with his wife and Vhe" du expect to return ?
so fell an easy v ctim to the charms of "I al y don't know. Haven t made
business hours. Under the proposed Complaints are loud and frequent
arrangement the general delivery will concerning the existence of two fero
nlso be continuously at the public cious bulldogs on School near Nuuanu
By keeping the office open during
the time that through steamers aie in
pori 11 ibjjcncvtu u mi a v-iai nuinuti
01 poswic biuuiib win uc auiu 111 luuiiMa
ior collections.
Tr Oitc nt:in will inimli tlin liirlnrr 1
nf n n- rlPrk. hni it will nflVt the
expense of that by the extra business
done and the convenience which it
will nfTV,r,l tn the ilnnnliiln nnl.lie
Siva-Siva Dancing Girls and Boxing
On the Monowai yesterday was quite
motley assortment ot neaks irom the
Southern Hemisphere, designed for
show at the Worlds fair. unci
amongst them were lour biva-biva
dancing girls who, under .the guidance
ot Manager blevenson ot Apia, will
open ad a tropical attraction in songs
and dances in Chicago upon their
arrival there. 1 hrce boxing kanga-
roob were ai.-.o on exiiiuuion, m urge
wooden cages on the upper deck and
hardly look the slotmers that thev real
ly are. I. Tait of Sydney is manager
of this artraction and shows with es-
pecial pride the Australian wonder
"Jack," who has boxed every other
kangaroo into smithereens in Aus
trana. i ncanimaissiand, onan average,
six and a half feet high and are marvels
of strength and agility. They box with
gloves on and soon knock out the best
of professional sparrcrs.
The Next Mails.
The next mail from the coast will ar-
rive on the Belcic. Thursday. It will
be followed bv the Australia's mail on
the nth and the Monowai's on Tune
The Oceanic is due to leave here a
morrow with American and European
Keucs o. me nne.enis.
A Portuguese recently sold'a coin ro
Dr. J. A. Macguire which dates back
to the reign ol Antiochus, 000 years
befo;c fSh'h- ,si th 0Uh,te;
mentoftlic find was made a friend of
I the Star lias hroimlu in n piece of!
i.i, ...i,;t. i. a r,... i? 1. 1 .
' ' , "r " I b?: . "
lull iiiuttiiiiy iiumcu i c i "i vuu uitu
in the time of the nronhet Elisha. u
years before the foununiR of Rome,
I Tho rlnlh ic n liri.iit nnrl firm nf tpv
lure as ,hou h woven ten ycars since.
There were nineteen meters of it about
the mummy, the outside pieces being
I"'" - " '"" "
How Commissioner Blount Give's Out
"Good morning Mr. Commissioner,"
said the Stak reporter to Colonel
Blount. .yol, seem to have loosed
the dogs of war in the United States."
Is that so?
"So it seems
'Well. I haven't seen the na tiers vet
. '
r , , . . .
15 lnere anymiug new in yuur
ves ligations ?
missioncr turned a cold
' ' 1
"Hon t yo
you think it untortunate,
ventured the reporter, "that the an
nexation cause has been made a party
issue in the United States ?''
"I didn't know as it had been."
"How are you enjoying yourself
here Mr. Commissioner?"
Mr. Blount icflected: "Oh, very
well," said he cautiously, "I can't say
as I am having a hilarious time." '
I'leas.int day ? insinuated the re
Commissioner Mount looked suspi
ciously about but did not commit him
There was no more said.
Native Juries.
I'he item about native juries in this
paper which awakes the lugubrious
tremors of the dying ISulleltn, was as-
' rme'i m i ioseruung mioim-y vvikict.
It was simply a news report of his re
marKs anci cannot oe construed as a
otak attack, dastardly or otherwise,
upon those to whom it referred. In
vahds are usually irritable and this
accounts, no doubt, for the recurring
criticisms 01 me two royaust organs
upon this journal
An Important Omission,
l!y the accidental dropping of a line
yesterday in setting an item of Court
proceedings, Kalamakee, the discharged
district magistiate, was accused of h.iv
lng feloniously branded a horse. I he
missing line read, "having merely ad
monished a man for. Mr. tialama-
kee s offence was in letting the horse
oflender go loo easily
Rain and Snow.
las been a good supply of
rain on the Island of Hawaii. During
the month of April, 2.1 inches fell on
the Volcano Road, 21 in Hilo lpwn,
from c to 10 inches in Hamakua, and
So on down to 6 inches in Kolinla
Snow fell on the mountain's on the
Sth of Ann!.
1 T" 1 -: t- 1. r.
1 llc v-'piuiu 1 neit.
Mary Sutherland, who was arrested
yesterday for implication in the Station
House Opium theft, was lemandcd
until Monday m -rning, and released on
i,er own recognizance. I he police are
still looking for A. W. Walker who is
charged as being the guilty man
Scurrilous Attacks.
Several annexationists have received
packages of torn newspapers lately
through the postufhec containing inner
enclosures of a scurrilous kind. Abuse,
obscenity, threats and pictures of skulls
and cross bones abound. An investi
gation is under way.
Vicious Dogs,
strpet. One 'Imrllv frmhteneil two ladies
i.,.. :, 1,.. n virions ntinrk from
,vllich they werc rescued only after the
((0 i,aij 1)eun scverely foeatcil
Pnllr rri.
o. . koss a cierK in me interior
'department was the loser of two suits
yesterday in the Pohcc Court and
judgement against linn enlercd
If ..r t it r r,... d-...-. 1 i
lavui ui j. in. iuuiui.i lui .piyu .1111. j
k domes tor $148.
Mr. Schcrmerhorn's Party,
Sclernlcrlorn ()f New York iravc
a ball and supper to his friends in the
city at one ot the hotels last nmht
The rooms were tastefully decorated
with hnghsh and American Hags
The Circuit Court.
In the Circuit Court to-day Judge
Cooner was busv hearinc the case rf
Honolulu Soap Works vs Tbos. V,
Rawlins. Hartwell for nlaintiiT. and
Cecil lirown for defendant.
Vancouver mans.
MEi.nouRNn.Sundav. Messrs. Hud
dart Paiker and Co.'s new steamer
Miowera has been laid up, and her
sister- ship, the Warrimoo, is also .to be
laid up pending arrangements for th
Vancouver mail service on her arriva
from New Zealand. Reeardine th
terminus of the line. Mr. lames Hud
dart thinks Sydney is the most suitable
in everv respect, and he cann it enter
ta,n favorably the claims of Melbourne
He is anxious that the question ot sub
sidy or no subsidy shall be decided
without delay, as he is prepared to start
i.lthc service at once. iVi'JC Zealand
- Htrad,
The first steamer of the new line
will arrive at Honolulu, May 25th. J
p. . are ,, ff , $l0Q
reward for the apprehension of Hilly
Hrutlt. who escaped from the station
1 house April 21st last.
.1 i i I. ...I ........
Deceiving the Natives Development
Notes The Road Board Rain
fall Statistics The
Carrier Dove.
Hil.o, May 3. As we write, the in
dications are 1lr.1t before long Hilo will
be its old self again. The weather has
been sultry and now black clouds are
beginning to bank up, and when once the
rain drops begin to patter the streams
and ditches become full to overflowing
and miniature oceans spread across the
streets, the heart of the patriotic Hiloitc
will swell with pride, and he will rejoice
in having his home in this dew-kissed
metropolis. Little does the Honolulu
ite realize the peculiar pleasure of a
stay among us. How refreshing the
air and our cmb '.vcring shades "for
talking age and whispering lovers
made." Hut there are halcyon days t
him w'.o, after wearying of the jarring
and interminable scenes uf business
life, flies to us to forget for a while his
worries and troubles.
And now gentle reader, we invoke
thy tender compassion for a while, our
tempers are not easily ruflled, we can
even endure a pun diluted below the
consistency of water, but there are
limits beyond which, commend us
sooner to Job's blessings and friends.
gloom has settled over the place and
ell it might, when
"There wan a biped from New York,
That was gilly to think it could talk ;
Nnn-anncxation would bawl,
With I lie greatest of gall,
This ridiculous rnllte-lirained gawk."
litis the ci use of annexation has
me to the wall, this catastrophe has
been brought about through the efforts
and eloquence of a something named
arler. 1 his poor little thltit; thought It
ould take up the uatintlet for the poofr
lawaiian, whom the hated missionary is
riving to the wall with his cruel offer
f a dollar a day for a day's lalr.r, and
so the Chinese Joss house was chosen,
fit emblem of a worthy cause, in which
to hold the meeting of the Hui Aloha
iina. Whether the Chinese dragon
god looked with complacency on this
invasion of his realm, or whether he
mmediately resigned in disgust and vol
unteered his services as missionary for
the next trip of the Morning Star, terms
cash in United States gold coin, your
chronicler is not prepared to say, fur
ther than the meeting was called to
order and the usual prayer offered by
that great apostle of fair elections Mr.
li. Kekoa, whom an unfeeling judge
had convicted and sentenced to loss of
civil rights. This victim of circum
stances after stating the object of meet
ing to be the reading of letters received
from Hon. Nawahi and Henry West
called upon the Hon. Col. J. T. Haker
to take the chair which this b.ild war
rior did subsequently introducing the
hat-ls-it of the day, called Carter.
And so in due course of time the 150
or so Hawaiians assembled, fired with
the ardor of patriotism, pricked up their
ears in endevorring to make out the
meaning of an unintelligible jargon in
Hawaiian by this poor little thine who
knocked around and stumbled in a
ludicious manner over a language it
did not understand.
With the perspiration standing in
beads upon its forehead it then launch
ed forth m a violent invective against
the government. With ba'eful glance
and withering scorn it hurled shot after
shot upon the hated missionaries and
the wicked commissioners and, finally
ound up m a peroration of burninc
loqucnce but vapid sense.
I his poor little addlepate whose
appearance might be vastly improved
by the removal of a few hairs around
ts chm, and a clean white co.lar around
its throat really thinks it made a sensi
ble speech and it leaves in a few days
for a trip through Hamakua.
Unfortunately the poison spread by
lot of renegades is working among an
element that can ill afford to lose, their
means of subsistence, especially is this
the case among a number of policeman,
and so the guillotine has been quite busy
here lately and a number of heads have
rolled in the basket. Their places
have been filled from among the I'urtti
guese who, we are pleSsed to say, are
hrm annexationists to a man; in fact
have ever been with the law-abiding 1
and reform element in past crises and
though late in receiving it, should long
since have been given recogniti. 11.
Almost the entire contingent of Ha
waiians holding public office on this
Island is composed of royalists of the
most offensive type who secretly and
openly grasp every opportunity that
presents itself to cast discredit upon,
and embarrass the government. Imag1
ne a United States government ofucial
presiding over a meeting of anarchists
devising ways, and means to subvert
the government to their own ideals,
and the parallel is perfect.
Politics, however, do not appear to
enter very deeply into the calculations
of the pioneers and settlers who have
lately taken up land through the coun
try. notably on lhc Volcano road. As
to lots along the latter all the frontage
has now ht.cn taken up to the ::d
mile. The far reaching economic re
suits by opening up this land to set
tlement can be seen by a glance at the
rent roll which now amounts to over
$1,100 per annum. Of course this
will not come in until the end of the
third year, but in the meantime ex
tensive improvements are being made
on the land, foremost amonu; them
being the operations conducted by the
Kona Coffee & Commercial Co., of
which McMason, late of Colorado, is
managing director. I his gentleman
besides possessing marked executive
ability, brings to bsar up..n the work
the results of previous experience in
coffee culture. Other smaller interests
are likewise pushing actively ahead. A
number of parties, however, have taken
out papers for land, with no other end
in view than to speculate with their
holding, taking undue advantage of
the three ycars free location clause, to
look around in the meanwhile fur a
substitute to whom they sell out at an
advance. This abuse of liberal privi
lege should be strictly prohibited and
the non-assignment clause be as liter
ally interpreted, as in the government
homestead act.
Volcano road construction is still
crawling its snail pace along, and the
progress made per month for some time
past does not spread a matte r of a mile.
This is hardly a good policy, as the
work should be pushed, and where the
cost of superintendence is close on to
$35 Per month, rr say $1000 per mile,
more labor should be employed.
At last a new Road Hoaul has been
appointed for the district of Puna which
means business, much to the sorrow uf
tbe succulent roaster. No more can
the Kentucky racer essay to test the
leverage ability of his prubosi is on the
macadamized band of boulders by cour
tesy yclept a road. No nure will the
clarion tones of the gentle asimis do
mesticus wandering disconsolately
along, ring out a welcome to your cor
respondent, which on dark nights makes
his hat and hair a parachute.
And if the Puna Road Hoard has
gone energetically to work at mending
roads, how shall we express our appre
ciation of the performances of the one
in Hilo, whose policy seems to be to
dig away the streets leaving a mere nar
row ridge to walk and ride upon. This
may be all very well for an acrobat
with tight rope aspiration but the ma
jority of plebeians decidedly object.
Mr. K N. Hitchcock reports 19.81
inches of rain during the month of
April for the town of II1I0. In the
district it is probably less, while Mr.
Watt of the Honukaa plantation who
is in town fears that the scarcity of
water and rain now prevailing through
Hamakua is largely owing to the ex
cessive denudation of the forrsts in
that locality. This theory is certainly
worthy of careful reflection.
The four masted schooner Carrier
IX.ve leaves for Stn Francisco this
morning with 1418 tons of sugar ob
tained m m the Hakalau, wainaku,
and Waiakea plantations. A. B. L.
St. Andrew's Cathedral. The
services of the Second Congregation of
St. Andrew's Cathedral to-morrow,
Sunday, will be as follows: 9:45 a.m ,
holy communion with sermon; lours
service, in F, will be sung; hymns 317
and .-ia.-t: Nunc Dimittis, Beethoven,
in B fiat. 6:30 p.m., evensong with
sermon; Magnificat, Chipp, in E flat;
Nuitc Dimittis, Hayes, in D; anthem,
"How Lovely are Thy Dwellings
Fair," by Spohr; hymns 256 and 18.
Rev. Alex. Mackintosh, pastor. All
are cordially invited.
Central Union Church. Sunday
School at 9:45 a.m.; Public VJ.rship at
1 1 a M., and 7.30 l'.M. Young People's
Society of Christian Endcavdr at 6:30
p. M.
V. M. C. A. Servicks. Sunday,
11 am, at Oahu Jail; 1:15 p.m,
at the Barracks; 3:30 P.M. Bible
study at Y. M. C. A.; 6:30 P.M.,
Gospel praise seivice at Y. M. C. A.
Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., prayer meeting
at Y. M. C. A.
Bethll Hall Evangelistic meet
ings, conducted by the Y. M. C. A.,
will be held in the above hall on Satur
day and Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Every
one welcome.
Latter Dav Saints. Reorganized
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints; Mihlani Hall, rear of Opera
House. Services will be held on
Sunday as follows: 10 a.m., Bible
class; 1 1:15 a.m., and 7:30 p.m., preach
ing by Llder J. C. Clapp.
A busy day along shore.
A light rain fell this morning.
May 6, to the wife of Henty Davis,
x boy.
Several By Authority notices appear
There is an epidemic of typhoid fever
at Makaweli.
l'lic text of the new press law appears
in another column.
I'he Admiral's band played at the
jwn party this afternoon.
Lucas Bros, were awarded the Sea
man's Home Building for $15,619.69
I'he Ewa Plantation has shipped
3673 tons sugar so far, from this year's
I'he Advertiser's press broke down
early this un. ruing and the paper came
out late.
I'he game of ball between the Ha
wans and Kaiuehainchas was cilled at
3:30 o'clock.
Supervisor Fornian of San Francisco.
is writing an opera with Hawaiian his
tory as the theme.
Commissioner Blount sent out five
huge mail packages yeteid.iy in care
of the Monowai s purser.
By request Mr. Ordway will also play
a banjo solo this evening at the Lou
cert at Kawaiahao Church.
Admiral Skerrtt has no official know
ledge yet of any purple on the patt of
Secretary Herbert to relieve hitn.
The steamer Morning Star went on
the marine railway this morninu. She
will be scraped and have a general over
Practical Machinist, Gun
and Locksmith.
llcle-licl Slrccl, D.umm lllock, c-ttu-r Stou-,
ly il
(Qcncr.i bciticcincnto.
They Have Come !
Those Razor Strops yon have
been waiting for several weeks,
are here. They are so good
that it has been said of them,
that if you lay your razor, and
one of those strops down to
gether on your v.Tsh.sland, the
razor will keep a fine edge;
still, we recommend following
the directions printed on each
Anti-Rattlers. We have
a new kind which you can put
on to the shafts of your buggy,
without breaking four fingers
and a thumb. They prevent
two things rattling and swear
ing. Boardman's Pat. Wrench.
-4 sizes, just the kind of
combination wrench to have
bout the house.
Try the new Keystone
Egg Beater, if you want a
beater that will do quick, clean
Hose.-in- to 2-in., 3
ind 4-ply plain or wired, just
received; cheap and irootl qual
ity; also carholized. We have
large slock of ' Hubbucks,"
Pioneer,"and cheaper brands
of White Leads and Zinc.
Also, Oil, Turpentine, and all
winters supplies, and you will
do well to sec our ruock and
get our Trices helorc you paint
your house.
American Flags, 6 to 18
feet long, came by the last
steamer to us. They are a fine
ot, sewed bunting.
Fire Arms and Ammuni
tion. A new lot of bportmg
and Target Rifles, Colt's new
Navy, Smith and Wesson, and
leriper Revolvers, - came last
week and can now be seen.
We carry the most complete
assortment of Cartridges in
town, from 22 to 50 cal., and
lways have plenty of them.
Leatner. - we nave re
t t r t
ceived within the past sixty
ays, by steamer and sail, Ob
volls of Leather, containing
)088 lbs., and 5.W ft ; also,
y bales contaiuiiur 1 12 doz.
ieep skins, so it looks as if
we meant to keep our Stock of
cnthcr up, although by gct-
I it in larp-c lots, we are able
to keep the prices down.
Salt. We are headquarters
or Hawaiian ait, as we
make it. 1 hat tne quality is
jood, and Price Low, is easily
shown by the lame quantity
we sell every week.
Blight Compound. Five
gallons will make 05 gallons of
wash. You spray your Lime
ind Orange Trees with this
wash, and the Might will do
the rest, die and drop off the
trees. We have the compound
it our store, or can give you an
order on tne Uov t. rsursery
for it, but don't forget to bring
1 5-gallon can to put it in. We
spraying outfits.
E. 0. HALL k SON.
LlMl I'FD.
Cor. T'urt & KiNt; Srs.
MUS. Til OS. l.Ai'K is Sclliim Out
Sewing Machines, etc.
Ten 1 er cent, oil mi all puicIi.im's of
1'itc Didlars or oer; live iHi ci iii. 1 II lor all
Just Received per "Australia," a
Full Line of
New Millinery Goods
Ladies' and Childicn's
for both Indies and Childieu.
A large assoiimcnt of
ami all the Latest Novellies al
q 1111
Fort Slice
Lime and Cement.
l'oit Sai.i: at
Queen Street Stores.
IIIAMOMl lit All, 3:30 l'.M
N. li. Wcatlivr clowly.
Wind fresli.
Krihav, May 5.
Stmr I.ehua, Wcisliaitli, from Iliininkua.
Stmr J A t'utnmins Nvilion, from Knnlnu.
Stmr Mokolii, Mctircgor, fnmi Mnlnkai.
Saturday, May 0.
Stmr Kin., Clatkr, from Maul and Ilnn.iii.
Stmr Wnimanalo, Dudnii, from Knlmluj.
Stmr Wninlcale, Smytlic, from Itamttkua.
Slim C It Iliihop, Le- C laire, from Il.inmiiaiilu.
Schr Mille- .Mentis from Kcmlnn.
Sclir Ka Moi from l'amiilo.
Sell I.tika from Kolmln.
Sclir Ktilatnnnu from Puna.
Schr Knuailutii for 1'uuloa.
Saiukhay, Mny, 0.
Peterson, for Makaweli.
Stmr l'clt
(This l.i.1 dues not unhide L'uater.)
U S S Adams, Nelson San Krancinco
U S S Uoston, Day, Hilo.
11 M
S Hyacinthe, Mny, Knouimalt.
M S N'aniwn, Tog.i, Yokoham
Am Mis pkt Morning Star, Garland, KuMlie.
He schr Norma. Macquarrie, Vokoluma.
Am bkt Win R Hume, Rriunun, Newcastle.
Am ch Aloha, Ualiel, San Kran.
Br sh Greta, 'Garl.iml, Newcastle.
Am schr Puiitan, Peterson, Newcastle,
(law !k Manna Ala, Smith, Port Towns'd.
Am bkt Amelia, Ward, Port Townsend.
crlkli Wilcox, I,ivemool . . . . Inly 410
m schr Lyman D Krister, Newc stlc.Mar 11
lik Amy Turner, Huston ... . . .May 20
lir S S lldinc. San Kran. (China) . . M.iv II
Am lik Alden Hesse, San Kran. (Kali) Mai to
111 schr Kmc Cyrus, Newcastle . .Am 25 to
Hr S S Oceanic. San I'r in (China) Ma 11
m I'nt Hr .1111, San 1'r.inci-co, .. Apilj
ni 1ki J I) Sncckels S K (Kill) April 2y
m srh Anna, S V (Kali) iril In
Br ship (iainsbnroui'h, Newcastle . . Iiim 1
m lik Annie lnhnson, S K llliln) May i
Hr hk R I' Rithet, San Krancisco . . . May o
Am hk Mariha Davis, Boston, . . .Dec 5 15
Br lik Lad stock, Liveixiul July 25 31
Per Kawailani 8to bans rice for Sinn
Chong & Co.
From Kcuai, per lames Makc-e, A Lindsey,
Mrs W Blaisdell, child and servant, Mrs
Dcverill, V Walters, II Anahu and 25 deck.
From Hamakua, per Waialeale, Mrs Wil
son and 7 deck.
Front tlanamaulu, per C II Bishop, May 6
35 deck.
From Molokai, per Mokolii, May 0- Dr
010, Dr Oliver, D Dayton, Mrs J Burrows,
rs J I' lirown and 2 children and 5 deck.
From Maui and Hawaii, per Kinau, May 6
-Miss E L (lilniore, Miss G Gilinore, A W
tlmore, Miss L M Damon, K A Lyman, Jr.,
I Gorman, C II Kluccel, T K Nntlimiil, II
atton, C Thoel, W Bailey, S Akcdzukr, Kcv
IP Emerson, GS Dyer, CJ Kalk, Wilder
Wight and iSOon deck.
From the Colonics, per It M S S Monowai,
May 5 Dr and Mrs Colborne, Miss Chris-
I l.icknell, w Wilson, 1 A lioucla. and
Ogilcn, ami Q in the storage; and 310 in
Per Kinau 1015 bags sugar Brewer X. Co,
52 sheep llackfeld & Co, 52 bags corn, 165
liags spuds, 25 hogs, 1 horse, 55 pkgs hides,
S6 bags charcoal, 5 bdlcs goat skins, 140 pkgs
undrich lor various.
Per Mokolii 22 cattle for Metropolitan
Meat Co, ( hogs J T Walctliouse it Co.
Per Wnimanalo Lot well boring outfit gear
for McCandless Bros.
Per Luka 1S00 bags sugar for Castle &
Per Kulamanu Cargo firewood for Allen &
Robinson. 1
Per Ka Moi 2700 bags sugar fur Davics
Per Waialeale .?253 bags sugar llackfeld
Co, 72 bbls in-.liases J II llruns, 1 2 IhIIs I
. , , , . . r. p. 1
launaia reaves vnacicr o iw
Per James Makee 2O50 bags sugar Hack
feld & Co.
Per Waimanalo to sacks potatoes and 40
hog, fur arious Chinese, 11 calves for Metro-
oiilan .Meat 1 o.
Per C R Uishop -tSt bags sugar for llrewcr
& Co, 2460 bags sugar for llackleld fi. Co.
t r. I
IVlJtlO. AiNlNA D, 1 U UAJjlt.
Teacher of Piano.
RESIDENCE: Mr. V. Hopper's, King
Street, opposite the Palace.
Mrs. Tucher is an experienced teacher of
l iano, and the lesulls ol Her leacliing line
icen approved by some of the most cultivated
lustciaus ot linilon alio l.oston, .Mass.
ialitoi nia Feed Go.
T. J. Kim. ami J. N. Wkh.iii.
1 lave just rcLvivcd the: Larg
est Stuck of 1 1 AY and ('.RAIN
ever imported Dy any linn in
lonolulu, hy any one vessel.
l'his stock was personally se
eded by our Manager T. J.
Kin"' during his recent trip to
the coast, and is first class -in
every particular. We guaran
tee satisfaction in quality and
Give us a Trial.
Telephones 121.
Piompt Delivery.
iS If
Orders on the Commissioner of Agriculture
foi Insecticide Wash in live gallon u.ut
tines, can In i.l.i lined at the
17 a
Special loticcoi.
-11 MUM 11 IO-
Ai K w1110 CnrKcii,
ftn f 1 nl i r Vtrmn n rv
Mv full, 1893.
I'lJOdKaiM lit
1. Opening Chorus ... Kawaiahao Setn. Girls
s. Oil-can Solo Mocking Bird.U. J. Ordway
3. Song The Watchman Mg. Iknottl
4. Hawaiian National Hand Poet and
5. Duet Mandoline and Guitar, (El. Dcao
Maturka) A. Manjues and U.J.
0. Song Queen of the Night, (by Tory)....
.Miss uaie.
7. Song (Selected) Ml. Wakefield
8. Chorus Kawaiahao Setn. Qlrta
9. Song Shuhert's Serenade.... Mr, Booth
Violin Obligato.
10. Song Chimney Corner. ..Mrs. BeiloWiU
tl. Barcarolle Violin, Violoncello and Piano
12. Hawaiian Songs Hawaiian National
llamt (Lahui).
TICKETS, 50 Cents.
I lonrs open nt 7:30.
Life Insurance Go.
Of New York.
SSETS Ik 31,2, $l75,M,IaMl
S. X-i. RUSI5,
General Agent, Hawaiian Islands.
Tim; missionary gleaners will
(j.ve a Lawn Party at the lesidence of
NOON, May 6th, at 2 o'clock.
W Special ain.iseincnts for cllildien. Ad
mission, 25c. 31 31
Panama, Mexican anil Bermuda Pine
Apple Sprouts and Plants. May lie seen
crowing on the parent stock al our Kalihi
Pine Apple Ranch.
Prices re. stumble; apply to
1' (j. CAMAR1NOS,
3' " Cat. Fruit Market.
AN active pailner in a firt claw retail bu
iness of ten years standing. No pre
vious knowledge required. The reason for
seeking n partner is to facilitate trade, ulil.-li
lean be largely increased.
ler.ns easy to tight' iktsmii. For further
particular address K, P. O. lwx 35, Hono-
... .. a. 11
HAVING 11 adc arrangements with the
Coinniissiomr of Agiiculttirc to unable
I the public to obtain, with the least nosaihla
trouble, the compound for Df.strovino Tilt;
ui.n.in, which n so prevalent now in arm
ar.""nl Honolulu, any person leaving an onler
,7 . ' ,'sm 2"? "' lalIuw aml
Snlt.li'.ln nf ( Sucti P.. fid. ..Ol 1. r...:.1. 1
with an order which, if presented at the Gov.
eminent Nursery on King street, enable
'"e lltarcr to olilain 5 Gallons of Compound,
ready mived, I pint of which added to 1 i
gallons of uatcr, will make .111 cfleclivc Wight
m asn.
lluy a few gallons of lllighi Wash, and save
V'lir valuable trees.
E. O. HALL ci SUN.
6 If Corner Fort and Kinc Streets.
No. I Seaside Residence, adloinini' the
premises of C. Afoiig at Waikiki. There ate
three distinct Collages on the jitcntisc, all
furnished. Two with Cook-houses attached.
The grounds are extensive and well (Itailcd.
.Malilcs, Smants .(nailers, Path-houses, etc.,
.111 compute.
Unobstiucted views of sea or mountains.
I Climate, perfect. Five minutes walk from the
No. 2 -A Convenient Cottage on Emma
street, two doors from lierctaiiia street, re
cently leinodcllcd and lepaiud throughout.
lerms easy.
For flintier particulars, inquire at the office of
17 r
Stallion "NUTGROVE."
NUTGROVE is standard bred and u-cii.
tered, ami is without doubt ihc bett Hock
horse in the country.
I.e is the hnest looking, puiel gaited and
most intclligiiit horse on the Manila. His
colls are all remarkably haiiiUome, combining
ic Willi plenty 01 substance, lie has hotted
n mile in i.ji ,u a four year old, and ciiwrters
in 35 second. Nuturovc is vety gentW, aiut
lean lie dmen by a child.
Also, nine line marc in foal to Nut grove.
For patliculais inquire of
Two Nicely Furnished Rooms on Ileielania
near r.mma. Aply at
59 ASH fit llOIKL SlKKKT,
llj;iii(; by the day, week or month, J5 .mil
50 cents tier nijht, $1 and $l.iS per week,
VuiuUheil ot unfurnikhul Collaf.es.
. I

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