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List of Cases to Be Tried, and Other
Matters of Interest to Attorneys
and Litigants.
The following is a list of ease:, to be
tried at the ensuing term of the Circuit
Court, commencing on Monday, No
vember 6th, Judge Cooper presiding :
The Queen vs. H. P, Poor, embez
zlement. Hatch with the prosecution,
Peterson Rosa li r the defendant l ive
Provisional ( Iovernment of the Ha
waiian Islands vs. N.iwni, alius 1 ).
Nawai NamailoU, assault with a deadly
weapon. C. W, Ashfoid for defend
ant. Provisional Government of the Ha
waiian Islands v .. Lui, liquor selling
without license; appeal from the I is
trict Court of Honolulu. KaulukOU
lor defendant.
Provisional (iovernment of the Ha
waiian Islands VS. A. Kahananni, liquor
selling without license; appeal trom
District Court of Honolulu. Rosa
Kaulukou for defendant.
Provisional (iovernment of the Ha
waiian Islands vs. Puhili (k), liquor
selling without license; appeal from
District Court of Honolulu. Kaulu
kou for defendant.
Provisional ( Iovernment of the Ha
waiian Islands vs s W. Mahelona,
unlawful possession of opium; appeal
from District Court of Honolulu. Ash-ford-Raulia
for defendant.
Provisional Government of the Ha
waiian Islands vs. Lui Oliva, liquor
selling without license; appeal trom
District Court of Honolulu. Kaulu
kou for defendant.
Provisional Government of the Ha
waiian Islands vs D. Noa, liquor selling
without license; appeal faom District
Court of Honolulu. Kaulia for de
fendant. Provisional Govcrnmnet of the Ha
waiian Islands vs. Lilly Mahi, deserting
husband; appeal from District Curt
of Waialua. Kinney tor prosecution,
C. W. Ashford for defendant.
Provisional (iovernment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. James Kanui, perverting
justice. C W. Ashford for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Hosea, extortion. Kaul
ukou for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Hulupii, extortion. Kaul
ukou for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. I). Watson et al, conspiracy.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Malihini, housebreaking.
Rosa for defendant.
Provisional (iovernment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. D. Lokana, violating section
3, Act 21 Provisional Government;
appeal from District Court of Honolulu.
Kaulia for defendant.
Piovisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Lydia Chapman, unlawful
possession of opium; appeal from Dis
trict Court of Honolulu. Creighton
for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Akana, assault and battery;
appeal from District Court of Hono
lulu. Kane for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. David Koa, liquor selling
without license; appeal from Distric t
Court of Honolulu. V. Y. Ashford
fir defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Keoni Maalo, violating
chanter Gj. Laws 1802; appeal from
District C'Urt of Honolulu
lor defendant.
Provisional (iovernment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Kaauhau, liquor selling
without license; appeal from District
Court of Honolulu. Kaulnkou for
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Mrs. J. Naone, liquor sel
ling without license; appeal trom Wis
trict Court of Hon luiu. Kaulukot
for defendant.
Provisional (iovernment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Kaelemakule, larceny fourth
dfuree: aooeal from District Court of
Waialua. C. W, Ashford for defendant
Provisional G vern ent, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Kahalewai and Kaluhio
kane, fishing with explosives; appeal
from District Court ol Waialua. (.
VY. Ashford for defendants.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
MinHs vs violation section (. Act 21
. rn - " -v, ,
District Court of Honolu'u
WW""' ' 1 . .
for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Kaawaola, liquor selling
without license; appeal from the Dis
trict Court of Honolulu. Kaulukou
for defendant.
Provisional C vtrnment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. C. Keawe, violating section
5, Act 21, Provisional Government;
appeal from District Court of Hono
lulu. Johnson for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Molaka, liquor selling with
out license; appeal from District Court
of Honolulu. V. V, Ashford for de
fendant. Provisional Gov. ininenl, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Keao, violating section 3,
Art 5i Provisional Government; appeal
from District Court of Honolulu. K.i
ulia for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. William Me-ssni.m, violating
section 3, Act 2 1 Provisional (lovt rn
inent: appeal from District Court ol
Honolulu. Kaulia lor defendant
Provisional (iovernment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Puakalehua, violating sec
tion 5, Act 21 Provisional Government
appeal from District Court of Hono
lulu. Achi for defendant.
Provisional Government. Hawaiian
Islands, vs Ikcole, assault and battery
appeal from District Court of Hono
lulu. Kaulnkou for defendant
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Ah Young, violating section
I, chapter 41, Laws 1886; appeal from
District Court of Honolulu, Peterson
for defendant.
Provisional (iovernment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Q, C. Kenyon, libel first
degree. Peterson ( reighton for de
fendant. Provision 1 1 Government, Hawaiian
standi, vs. Ting Kim and Ah Mu,
Violating section i, Act i of the Pro
visional I Iovernment; appeal from Dis
trict Court of Honolulu. Peterson for
Provisional (iovernment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Gabriel, liquor selling
without license. Appeal from Distric t
Court of Honolulu ; Kaulnkou fur de
li ndanti
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Tertokl ; liqnOf selling
without license. Appeal from the
District Court of Honolulu; Kaultkou
for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Sato, violating Section 77
Civil Code, Appeal from District
lilt of Honolulu; IVterson tor de
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
islands, vs. J. Sherwood, liquor selling
without license. Appeal from I) strict
Court of Honolulu ; Creighton for de
fendant. Provisional (iovernment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Ah Kai, unlawful possession
of opium. Appeal from District Court
i f Honolulu ; Davidson tor defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Ah Mun, unlawful posses
sion of opium, Appeal from District
Court of Honolulu ; Davidson for de
fendant. Provisional (iovernment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Tani Sing, heedless driving.
Appeal from District Court of Hono
lulu ; Neumann for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Ah Foo, unlawful posses
sion of opium. Appeal from District
Court of Honolulu ; Davidson for de
li ndant,
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Walter G. Smith, libel.
Hatch with the prosecution; Hartwell
for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Harry Welsh, furious driv
ing. Neumann for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. J. M. Vivas and J. M.
Tcixeira, libel. Neumann with the
prosecution; Kinney for defendants.
Piovisional (iovernment, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Sylvester, assault with a
dangerous weapon. Kaulia for defend
ant. Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Arthur Johnstone, libel.
Creighton with the prosecution; Hart-
well tor defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Antone Cloys, libel. Creigh
ton with the prosecution; Kinney for
Piovisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Antone Sylva, gross cheat.
C, W. Ashford with the prosecution
Kaulia for defendant.
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Domingo Gomes, gross
cheat. Carter & Carter with the prose
cution; C. W. Ashford for defendant
Provisional Government, Hawaiian
Islands, vs. Ah Kau, unlawful posses
sion of opium. Appt al from District
Court of Honolulu. Davidson for de
(Continued in to-morrow's issue.)
Devauschelle Found Guilty and Given
Six Months and $500 Fine.
The hearing of testimony in the case
f E, Devauschelle, charged with the
unlawful possession of opium, was con
cluded yesterday afternoon, the de
fendant putting in no t stimony in his
own He h elf. Having denied a motion
to dismiss, the Court found the defend
ant guilty and reserved sentence till to
day. At this morning's session, after dis
posing of a few minor cases, Devau
schelle was sentenced to six month's'
imprisonment at hard labor and to pay
a fine of $500.
Ab Young and Ah Tong, for the
unlawful possession of opium, or a
preparation thereof, were tried, found
not guilty and discharged.
Six Chinese, charged with having
che-fii tickets in their possession, were
allowed to go, the evidence not being
deemed sufficient to convict.
Ah Lee, another d.aler in opium,
pleaded guilty and got the usual $50
lfui u-itli rnsis. The- rhamp against
I A Is at Mfl trr thp entity nffiMIU W
s nuln
pros' il.
Mele, a wahine, pleaded not guilty
to selling spirituous liquors and en
gaged the legal services of J. L. Kau
lukou in her behalf, but it availtd her
nothing, as she was found guilty and
sentenced to pay a fine of $650 and
sts amounting to $33-
The opium case of I. Cockett, ar
rested at the same time as Devauschelle,
was continued till to morrow, the charge
Igainst T. A. Manu for malicious in
jury was nolle pros'd, and the Court
adi turned.
Off for Maui
Messrs. F. Wundenberg, M. Young
and V. S. Dodge, the commissioners
appouueo ov me .-i-ioreinc v,uuii iu
3 I . 1 o . .
make a partition of certain sugar lands
1 11 Maui now in dispute between
Spreckell cV Co. and Macfailaneit Co
lelt on the Claudme last night fur the
scene of their labors. Attorneys r. M
Hate h and C. U . Ashford, representing
the parties to the suit, were also of the
Battalion Drill To-night.
The second battalion drill of the
Hawaiian Government's troops will
take place tonight at 7:30 al Palace
s qu .re. Companies A, H, c, D, B
and 1- will partic ipate.
Strong Letter From an Eminent
Hawaiian on Her Lottery
Bill Complicity.
Editor Star: Mr, "-J. Lyons is
competent to defend his own position,
but I feel impelled to put in a word
about the Bulletin's effort to cover up
the offense of the queen in the matter
of the Lottery Pill. No one knows
better than the Keillor of the HnllcttH
that that piratical measure never had
the support of any influential foreign
element in Honolulu. He himself did
not and could not support it. His own
moral sense spit it out; and he knew
that decent men generally felt the same.
Now he says Mr. Lyons admits that
many white men supported the scheme,
Mr. Lyons admits no such thing. What
he says is that in an unthinking moment
they signed petitions for the lottery.
The Bulletin knows that those petitions
were sjgncd before the issue became
public, and before attention was drawn
to the criminal nature of the scheme,
and that those men did generally with
draw their support from it not formally,
but practically. Nordhoff s base fraud
in the matter, which the Bulletin now
supp its him in, was in representing
that those old and secretly got up peti
tions were of recent date and of com
pelling influence upon the queen, The
Bulletin knows, as the slanderous
Nordhoff knew, that all the petitions
proceeding from the influential and in
telligent classes after the first secret
ones, were vehemently opposed to that
vile scheme of robbery and plundei of
which the Queen was herself the chief
I he latter course of that bad woman
in support of the Lottery Hill, fully
established the fact that it was her own
pet measure. She had greedily adopted
the scheme a year before. It was to be
her linancial refuge ; her means of
money supply to make her measurably
independent of public confidence in
filling the Treasury. She knew that
the whole United States had cast the
foul thing out with loathing. But it
was good enough for her, as long as
there was money in it. For months, in
the presence of the good ladies of
Honolulu with their petitions against
the vile thing, the woman kept up a
dissembling profession of anxiety for
Divine guidance, when she was fully
determined to carrv her pet measure by
any and all means, and was every day
working to bribe and corrupt the native
members of the Legislature to do her
This course of the Queen stamped
her indelibly as a person of deliberately
bad intentions and thorough falsehood
of nature. There can be no apology
and no oblivion for it. When she
bribed the native votes and signed the
Lottery Bill, 1 .iliuokalani stood revealed
and confessed as the bad and false
character that she is. Her subsequent
act was fully in keeping, her attempted
destruction of the Constitution of 1887,
the compromise and covenant whic h
secured a modus vivendi between
native sovereignty and the indispensable
white share in control of public affairs.
"Attempted," I need not say, because
it was the real destruction of it, since
confidence in her as a chief party to the
covenant became no longer possible.
I ho ic we may soon get past the
necessity of recalling this unworthy
woman's crimes. We shall all be glad
when we can be permitted to leave her
to herself. It is a public disgrace that
people continue to bring her forward
at a candidate for restoration to her
forfeited throne, but until they cease to
insult the community with such a revolt
ing proposition, it remains necessary to
recall the crimes she has committed
There Are no Arms Aboard Malicious
Stories The Vacht Built for
Pleasure Only.
The yac ht Tolna, Captain Countess
Festetlcs de Tolna, came into port this
morning after a rough passage from
San Francisco, which had lasted sixteen
When a Star reporter b arded the
trim little vessel this morning he was
greeted cordially and an inquiry made
as to his errand by a handsome little-
lady wearing an officers cap. I his
plump and pleasing person proved to
he the Countess Kcstetics de Tolna
and Ue "master of all she surveyed
In a busintss-like manner the captain
gave the newspaper man a onei ac -count
of the voyage, stating that the
weather, during the greatc r part ol it
had been fine but calm, hence the long
"Would vou like to look below? (i.
rit-ht down then; you will find th
Count there. I cannot leave the deck
lust at present," said the lady, as th
remitter departed in search of the
Count, aha was found in the handsome
little saloon.
The little- yacht is lilted up below in
a hands una and luxurious style. I lie
saloon is a picture of beauty and c 0:11
fort sumrsturuialv upholstered and
carpeted, and havins i thousand con
venienccs not to be found on shipboard
rvo'iii in .i pleasure vacht i f the- first
uass. The staterooms, bath-room
dime. g room, in fact eveiy leatuie ol
the little craft are models 01 eieganct
and ease, doing c u dil to the taste of
her designers and builders.
The Count, who is an Austrian, and
makes use of many oddltiei of speech
when talking Knghsh, sl owed the re
porter about.
"How about those arms and things
you are said to have aboard tor trading
purposes, Count?" was asked.
" That is all untrue in every particu
lar," was the reply. " This yacht was
built for pleasure and nol for businc
I think all those stories were Started
by Mr. Mc.Neven with the malicious
intent of making trouble lor u. He
sued me for payment lor instruc tions
in navigation and for plans furnished
for a yacht, and the courts decided
that there was no foundation foi his
action, and then these stories were
started, which, I assure you, aie all
The Count mourns the loss fif his
"poor dog," Fefen, a handsome bird
dog, which was washed overboard at
sea day befere yesterday, li gether with
several life buoys and oth. 1 things.
While the STAR man was aboard
Lieutenant Carter of the Adams 1 sme
off to welc ome the Count and Countess,
as he is related to the former,
The vessel will remain here some
little time, when her cruise to Tahiti
and the S uth Sea Islands will be e in
Silk and Liquor Seized by Customs
While customs officers and searc hers
were going through the Japanese
steamer Miike Maru last night, one of
them ran his hands over a lot of clothes
hanging on the wall of a room, and lelt
something hard. On investigation the
hard substance was found to be eon
fined to the mysterious depths of a pair
of Japanese tr iwsers, the bottoms of
the legs of which were tied up like
bags. The trowseis were taken down
and emptied, and proved to be full ol
gin instead of Japanese. There were
twenty bottles of the white liquor in
the legs.
This morning after the steamer came
alongside the dot k, further search was
made, which resulted in the discovery
and seizure of nine or ten packages of
silk, which, like the gin was not down
on the ship's manifest.
Mr. Thrum's Table.
Editor Star: It may relieve the
anxiety of your Portuguese exceptionist
to know that my tables of Investments
as to nationality in these islands have
to do with corporations recognized as
instrumental in the agricultural and
commercial development of the country
and not with Mutual Henefit and 1 trier
T. G. Thrum.
The Secret Out
The information which the Adver
tiser promised touching a new Anglo-
Franco-Rnsso Germanic deal in re
gard to Hawaii, is based upon sug
gestions made by Robert Louis
Stevenson concerning Samoan mailers
and the relation borne by them to
events here.
Central Union Choir,
Miss Patch, the well-known music
teacher, now leads the singing at the
Central Union Chinch and Mrs. A. P.
J udd officiates al the organ. Dr. lv.
W. Anderson has declined the position
of organist, not being able to spare the
necessary time.
High tide large is at 1:20 to-mor
row morning,
Cnmnanv I) will hold the usual
1 j
rill to morrow night.
Judge Robertson imposed fines
this morning aggregating $ii".
This afternoon's session of the
District Court was set apart for civil
About 100 Japanese whose con
tracts have expired will return by the
M uke-Maru.
Charley's telescope at the Diamond
Head Sienal Station is 111 feet
drove the sea.
Captain Parker gave the police
force an early drill on palace sepucre
this morning.
The regular nuarterlv meeting- of
the Pacific Hardware Company takes
place next '1 uesday.
There was a large crowd in at
tendance at the hand conceit at
Thomas Square last night.
There have been no arrests since
the night before last, something
very unusual in police circles.
Ordwav & Porter have finally oh
tained possession ot the furniture
they sold to Von Berg under a con
The Minister of the Interior adver
tises the sale o! the lease of remnants
f government land at Puuepa .'nd
and Kokoiki, Kohala, Hawaii, on
Novembei 29th.
lueltre Whiting yeateidty sne
an order of sale: authorizinn YY. C)
Smith, guardian of W illiam Andrew
Hall anil Annie; Hall, to sell certain
real estate belonging to them.
The work of unpacking and eli
tributinL' the tvpe for future use in
the Siak ollice has been already
commenced in the Mclnerny base
ment by C. Dodge, the new lore
Chief Clerk Henry Smith desires
that attorneys and litigants will in
form him of any inaccureciea in the
Circuit Court calendar as published
in this issue in order that they may
be corrected in the official calender.
Two Fine Barks Brewers Wharf
Badly Shaken Up by the Blast
Work on the' Miowera is progressing
and Mr. Mi Dowell is more confident
f success than ever. By the use of
the three Samson poles in place at s
A M. to day the ship was raised about
sighteen Inches towards an even keel,
but this was only by way of an experi
ment. All day the men have been
busy lesting rop -s and tackle with the
wine his, and at high tide, which occurs
tO-morTOW at about I A. M , an e ffort
will be made to lift her by the use of
the seven poles which will be in piece
at that time, and three bridles or slings
under her keel. Mr. McDowell's time
for completing his contract expires on
Saturday but he believes he will have
earned the reward by then.
The coral rock on the F.wa side of
Brewer's wharf is gi ne, and to is some
of the present usefulness of the wharf
itself. The powiier exploded there
yesterday not only blew up the rock
but als the foundations of several piles
near it, and perhaps the cor.d wall as
well. There is a DOW in the outside
stringer of the wharf almost equalling
the curve of a rainbow, and the wharl
is sunk inwardl for a distance ol twenty
feet, while beyond this large c r.ic ks are
seen in all directions. The she-d is
lomewhal damased lv reason of the
undei pinning being knocked from a
corner post. When the- explosion
occurred at 4:30 r. M. yesterday the jar
was distinctly felt for a considerable
distance, and the throttle of the little
donkey engine used for drilling pur
poses was opened wide, so that people
in the neighborhood fled in the fear
that the boiler was about to burst.
Altogether the results obtained by
blastine were, to SAV the least, more
than was desired, although what hap
pened was predicted some time ago.
The baiks R. P. Rithet and Andrew
Welch, now in port, arc very near alike,
were both built in Glasgow and are
magnificent specimens of the ship
builders' art. Captain Drew of the
Andrew Welch is justly proud of his
vessel, which he has kept in the pink
of condition, and it woU'd be hard in
deed to find a dwelling house cleaner
than is the ship in all parts. The R
P. Rithet is somewhat larger than the
Andrew Welch and is of steel instead
of iron and, being a newer vessel, has
some advantage in the matter of later
improvement''. Captain Morrison of
the Rithet showed a Star reporter
through his ship this morning, of which
lie has a right to be proud. ll"th ves
sels have passenger accommodations
quel to first class steamers. The
tate rooms are large and handsomely
furnished and are fitted with stationary
ash stands. Each ship has a bath
room, a luxury rarely met wan in sail
ing vessels. Koth ships are periectiy
ventilated, which entirely does away
ith the ceil of iron ships, the sweat.
Fhe Andrew Welc h has a steam fire
pump which IS capaDie ot throwing a
stream of water over hei yards.
rhe stairs leading to the pilots' look
out box on the lop ol the .Mail
ck warehouae are so rotten as to be
onsidered unsafe.
The schooner Aloha will probably
ail for San Francisco within the next
ten d.iys.
The Japanese steamer Miike Maru
as docked at the ( )c eanlc w harf.
The Mariposa will be due with mails
from San Francisco to-morrow.
The bark County of Merioneth saile d
for Astoria yesterday 111 ballast.
Diamond Mkah.
lear. Wind fresh, 1-
Tt'Kso.w, October 24.
Schr Kaulkeaouli Kona, Hawaii.
Schr San Pedro from Koolau.
V o.nKsoav, October 25.
Br bk County ol Merioneth, rjarryi loi Asto
ria, Oregon.
Am bkt S N Castle, llubbanl, San l-ramisco
on or about Oct 25.
For lamakua, per slim Waialealc, Oct 24
Mr Koch.
Rem Maui and Hawaii, p,-r -imi Kinau, Oct
4-Mis, Hall, Mis lr J Wight, Miss VVIgnt,
W Hactarlane, Ml Moore, R Wllnelm, k
Ogura, Win Libliey.Jr, LAseu, Mrs spencer,
W' 1; Walker, E K Hendr) and 41 on deck.
I-'or Kauai, per stinr Iwalani. Oct 24 A
Cropp and wlte, t- sonr, miss jonnsosv 1
11 Misi. l-atlur ileinine, in i rsiioo
Robt Cation, W II Mclnerny. C Von Hamtn,
Mis I Kakiaa and )5 on deck.
For Maui, pat stmr Cl.iudine, Oil 24 I
M Hatch, Mis, K Wodehouse, I J Williams
I reel W'unde-idierg. C W Ashfoid, M Young
Mr Dodge, l-'aiher Theodora and 33 oa deck
U s S Adams, Neis San Francisco
U SS Philadelphia, Haiku, Calla.i
sit He IIANTMaN,
Am bk Aiiib. w Welch, San l rancisco.
Gcr bk I c Prtugrr, Bremen,
Am bkt S N Castle-, Hubbard, San I lan.
Am sch Transit , Joetgeosen, Ban Francisco,
Am ichi Robert bowers, Iman( Port GTjle
m si hr Al.iha, I labe l, San Franc isCQ.
bk Beai'onshe-ld, Bast iaiise-u, Newcastle
II iw bk 1 P Rithet, Morrison, Ban Francisco
Am bgl W li Irwin, Nelson, sm Fran.
lap S S M ike-Maru, Thompson, Yokohama
Am hi. Martha Datd
llr th illata. Lit 11
Huston, Auk 18
KIOl - . L CO
Am brlgt Consuslo, San Kran..K.ih
Am bkt .1 1' Spr liels. Has Frei
Have ICbl 1 'e NOrthi San I ran . . Mah
Am se hr Allen A, Kuraka
Yacht Tolnji San Prancisca
m s, hi QltadaUt Baraka
On . .
Oa 1
1 1, 1 .
Prom ;in.l AMc-r Join
n. re.
a.m. r.M.
Leave Honolulu H;45 1:4;
Leeva Pearl City 9:jo 2:30
Arrive Kwa Mill 9:57 2:57
C. B.
A.M. A.M.
1 ,M
O 22
3:4. 1
Leave.- Rwa Mill . . .
Le.nr Pe-:rl City.
Arrive Honolulu. .
A Satnnlny's only.
II- Dnilv.
0:21 10:4.)
0:55 IMS
7. jo 11:55
C - Suml.vy'i
1 -Saturel.il
' tlic I Leveenneenl Survey PnbHjhtd . very Mon 1..
R 'r?ilr l
Sun .
15 30.1a 30.06 75
16 30. 1 1 30.04 71
17 J9.I1 30.0J 73
18 30.0? to 0! 6y
19 lo."7 66
to 29.99 J). 9!"' 68
21 30.09 30.06 7
83 0.00 59 4
82 0.03 63 8
8s 0.00 69 5
8t o.cf 71 4
8a 0.01 71 5-1
82 o.ca 75 3
83 0.03 69 7
I liu
Hv C J. I.voiu.
I ?
Day. r;-
P p c
am. I pm. im. am.
Mon ij y- O 8-3" 5-59 v3
ttm 4 ) i-j i-2o 9.3a 9.50 5.59 j. 29 ...
Wtd If 3-50 4-10 9.5011. 06. 05.28 6. o
Thin 10 4.20' 4.3010.1011.306 05.27 6.48,
Kn . a? v 20 5 0 10.50 1a. 06. 1 5 ar 7.43
Sal .. 38 6 20 5 30 1 1 . to i .ao6. 15.86 8-46
Sun.. 39 7 10 6 jo 11 30 a 30 25.35 9. so
5 U
Full mooii on the 24th at Sh 7m r.M.
Time Mrttiftla blows at lh. '29m. &4s r M. of H Jtto-
Itil.i time, which is the same as 12h. din IK. ol ilrrm
with time.
Steamshipi will leave for and arrive from
San Francisco on the- following dates, till the
close of 1S94 :
Akrivk at Honolulu A aaivt at H'h'lulu
I-'or San F'ancisco. From San F'kcisco
Varrimoo('an)Nov 2
China Nov 6
Australia Nov 1 1
Uanicda ..... Nov 16
Miowera (Van) Dec J
Oceanic Dec 4
AeisOalia Dec 9
MarlpoM .... Dec. 14
Warrimoo (Van) Ian 2
Miowera(Van) 1 let 24
Matiposa Oct 26
Australia Nov 4
Monowai .... Nov 23
Warrimoo (Vn ) Novs
China Nov 28
Australia Dee 2
Alameda Dec 14
Miowcral Van)Dc-c 21
City Peking . . Ian 2
Oceanic Dec 26
ustr.rl ii
, . . Jan 6
. Ian 1 1
.Fab 12
. . Fcl 3
. . . Fel 8
Mar i
..Mar H
..Mar 26
Mar ?i
Api s
Australia Dec ro
Monowai .
I loeanlc. .
Australia .
Chi nil
Monowai .
Austi alia
Alameda .
( .aelic . . . .
Australia .
Mariposa .
Auiftralia .
AJajneda .
Australia .
Mariposa .
Monowai .
Warrimoo(Vao) an2?
Ian 18
Australia .
China .
Australia . .
Oceanic . .
Australia . .
. Jan 27
. . Fed. b
.. Fel. 15
. . Feb 24
March 6
March M
Match 24
March 12
..May t Australia
Apr 21
.May 14 Monowai.
. . . Mae 10
. . .May 26
China ....
Alameda .
Australia .
Australia .
Monowai .
Australia .
..May 2, 1
. .June ii
..June 28
...Inly 21
. July 2fi
..Aug 18
Auk 2.1.
. Sept 15
. Srpt 20
...May iy
. .. .1 une
. . J una to
. ...July
. . . Inly 14
..".Auk 2
Aug 1 1
Alameda Aug 30
Australia Sept 8
Mariposa. . . . Sept 27
Australia Oct 5
Monowai Oct 25
Cicn era I 2, liner I i ucm en i a.
California Feed Go.
T. J. Kim. and J. N. WRIGHT.
I lave just received tin: I
st Stock of HAY and GRAIN
ever imported by any nrjn in
Honolulu, by any one vessel.
l'his stock was personally se
lected by our Manager T. J.
King during his recent trip to
the coast, and is first class in
every particular. We guaran
tee satisfaction in quality and
Give us a Trial.
relephones 121. Prompt Delivery
18 11
L. H. DEE,
Between Fort and Bethel Streets
No. 50 Merchant Sim I, Honolulu.
Mm sails boa $14 up- Uece ted Oe-pe-nista.
W.50 up.
44 Ml
lv I I'MK'.P.
(5cncr.il bbcvtideincnu.
I 06 Fort Street.
Still keep- on hand a varie-i stock ol Office,
Commercial and Fashionable Stationery, con
ii -t iti in pari Of IT DgH MS I lift and Legal papers
and wrappe rs. Flat and folded Cap. broad and
narrow Hill. Statement, Journal and Ledger
papers; Linen and other b iter and note papers
in fold ot tablet form, with or without en
velopes; Isntfid View Lette r pap' f and View
Note Pa pet alias j Correspondence, Menu, Hall
and visitine e nls, etc., etc., rcpicmsninK ins
ame from time to time am! adding novelties
.is they appear.
Books Besides a full line of Blank
Hooks, in the various sites an 1 bindings Time
Hooks, Log Hooks. Agents and Notaries'
Records, Receipts, Note and oihct fotm bookfti
Memo, and Pass Books, the variety ol Miscel
laneous Works, Teachets and other Bibles,
Children's books. Linen and other Toy Hooks,
etc., etc., invites attention.
Special Import Orders for
Books, Music, etc.,
made up Monthly.
News 'in News Department has cars
ful atteniion for prompt forwardance ol all
periodicals. Supscriptions cnlered at any time
and periodicals not regularly received will be
ordered as desired.
All Subscriptions Payable
in Advance.
A larffe stock of Seaside aod other ibrarieuofi
band, and new Novels teceived by every mail
rtists' Drawing Materials, and a lull supply
of Winsor & Newton's oil colejrs, brushes,
canvas, stretchers, etc., kept on hand or pro
cured en short notice.
Albums m ih'-'it se-ve-tal kind-. Work
Boxes and Baskets. Toilet and Manicure sets.
Vases, Card Receivers, Leather Cioods, Parlot
games and I OTS in variety, Lnrtil and 1 ou
Base Balls, Bats, Masks
and Gloves
For ail aspiring enthusiasts in the profession!
all grades.
Binding The Book Binding and Paper
Ruling I leparttiient still tills all orders entrust
ed to it in the manufacture of special work,
rebinding, plain and intricate ruling, map
mounting, paper cutting and blocking, etc.
Music bouml Witt care.
Printing Printing orders of all kinds,
executed in hist class manner.
In all the ahove lines in which T. Ci. T. has
been for ovct twenty yeats identified in this
city, he invite- correspondence, and guarantees
prompt and careful attention to all orders cn
trustedto him.
In making i an nrdei, see that it includes a
subscription f"r yourself ami fur one or more
relatives or friemls abroad to "I nk KkikniY
the oldest paper pttbUlhtd m t he I'aeihc, Rev,
S. K. Bishop, Editor publUhed monthly, at
$2 pei iinnuni, devoted to the religious and
educational interests of these islands, as also
a recorderof political and other current events.
Sample copies mailed to any address. A
limited number of adveitiscnu nts incited al
rersonable rates.
The Hawaiian Annual no in
ttl Nineteenth year, ami acknowledged not
only u the be t authority on all information
pertaining to the islands that residents -should
kr.t.w and Grangers invariably ask, but the
only reference book ot Mawaiinn itAttisticSi
and annual recorder of current anil reminis
cent events.. There are homes probably ?n
this land in which it is unknown, except by
name, and there are tumorous friends abroad
to whom this publication would afiord untold
satisfaction for the fund of reliable information
it imparts in its one hundred and fifty or more
pages, with nothing of the " iatdfl Hook" nu.sh
about it. I'rice er copy to any address m
th.se island, 75 cents ; or mailed to any
address in the Postal Union foi j cents each.
.INCOl.N Hl.OCK, - - Kinc; Stkf.kt,
Bet wan fort and Alekea siteeis.
Groceries & Provisions
Fresh California Roll Butter and Island
Butter always on hand.
Fresh Goods received liv every Steam
er from Sun Francisco.
tr Satisfaction GUARANTEED. a
S I K AM ENOINta Sl'e-.AK Mtl.l.N, Boll.KKh,
COOLERS, Ikon, Hka s, ani. Lkau
Machinery of Bvary Description Ma.U- to
Or.ler. Particular attention paid to Ships
Black smithing. Job work executed at Short
Compute Aisktmbnt ok
Stoves and Ranges
set in brick.
ani. TIN WARE,
sinks Galvaaiepd and White
Shrcl Metal Q la iu Tin. Coppai or 1 .al
VSjolecd Item on hand ot made Iu order.
l ull line u Sanhars Qooda, Ben Tui.s,
l.araloriea. Water Closets, Pipa and Killings.
We ate eejuipped leer we.rk oi all UbSh in
ihe Sliccl Metal lot Hiunduni; I'taelc, ..iul can
gearanttf tbafoaaii workasanshln ami t'ust
e-l.iss mttt-iials in these line.-..
We- ssili it )oen pa'rvniage.
J. Emmeluth & Co.
N 1 . N ,
IU4 Mtit t.
StatioBerv-Book Store

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