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g San Francisco Office, J
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1 -
Manufactured by
Castle & Cooke,
Sole Agents.
Castle & Cooke, Ltd
Insurance Agents
aobnts yon
Life Insurance Co.
Absolutely Pure.
Celebrated for its great leavening
Rtrength and healtlifulnesS. Assures
the food against alum and all forms
of adulteration common to the cheap
brands. 110 YAL BAKING TOWDEI?
Maui Officers Relieve Another Opium
Cargo Has Been Landed Marshal
Brown Receives Advices.
In his mail brought by the Chuidinu
yesterday Marshal Brown received ad
vices from l.uliaina informing him
that the ollieers of that district were
on a chase- for u strange schooner,
Which is believed to contain u cargo of
The boat was anchored oil of the
Coast of the island of Ianal early last
week. It was sighted from Lahaina
port and the proper authorities im
mediately notified.
Sheriff Baldwin, believing that it
might be a sailing vessel from the
coast with a cargo of opium, decided
to investigate at once. lie selected a
good corps of ollicers 'and made for
the point where the strange ship was
uichorcd, in whale boats. The ollicers
left Lahaina on Saturday before the
departure of the Claudine for Hono
The local authorities are anxiously
awaiting the result of the investiga
tion. That opium is being smuggled
into the islands every Government of
ficial is well aware, but to eateli the
guilty parties seems to be almost im
possible. The Honolulu port has been
very closely watched for some time
past and the authorities have the im
pression that the bulk of the dope is
lauded on one of the other islands.
Perhaps Lanai is the place.
Good Programme Furnishr; 1 Before a
Large Audience.
The efforts of the High School
pupils to secure funds to pay for elec
tric lighting expenses of the s.-l; 'ul by
giving a concert Saturdoy evening met
with good results. A handsome sum
wns re'alized and a fine concert pre
sented. Miss Kate McGrew sprg a
solo, accompanied by Professor Ynrnd-
ley on the violin. This number wns
warmly hppreciated. Miss Kulununu
Ward's solo met with much favor.
Miss Stella Love gave a very clever
recitation and had to respond to an
encore before the audience could be
sutisfled. Miss A. Whitney played a
piano solo in mlelightf ill manner. She
chose Taite's "Sprays from a Foun
tain" and her rendition of the pretty
piece was artistic and almost faultless.
Other solos were played by Miss Elsie
Sanders nnd Miss Ada Gertz. Both
young ladies acquitted themselves
very creditably.
Your business must have some push
in order to have some pull.
Repairing typewriters is one
of our specialities. "Wo can do it
right, with despatch, and guaran
too our work.
Old typewriters takon in part
payment for the reorless. Now
and second hand machines on
Ilavo you decided on a typo
writer yot? Tho Peerless fulfill
ovory claim mado for them'. Only
a fow more loft. Get yours
Hawaiian Cycle & pianTg. Co.
opposite Lowers & Cooke.
As Fine as Any Atlantic Liner High
Rate of Speed To Be Larger than
tho Crack China American Built.
Advices are expected by the steam
ship Gaelic in regard to the new 10,000
tons steamship which the Pacific Mall
Company is building at Newport News
for the Occidental trade. The plans
for the new vessel were turned out by
the company's naval architect several
months ago, but the building opera
tions were not commenced until a few
weeks ago. From private sources It
is learned that the keel of the vessel
has ulrcndy been laid, and the work is
being pushed as rapidly as possible.
It will require nearly two years to
complete the new steamship.
A gentleman who has seen the plans
of the new China liner say that sho
will be as line in finish and almost as
speedy as nny of the great Atlantic
liners. She will be a twin-screw steam
ship, built somewhat on the lines of
the St. Paul and will be about twice
tho tonnage of the steamship China.
Her maximum speed will be probably,
twenty knots, but she will be expected
only to do eighteen knots on ah aver
age, which will make her much faster
than any essel now visiting this port.
The ve.ss.el will be the pioneer of the
new type of steamships to be built by
the Pacific Mail company for the Or
iental trade. The passenger business
of the company is increasing year by
year and there is a constantly growing
demand for better accommodations
nnd speedier trips.
Ilackfeld & Co., local agents of the
Pacific Mail Company, .have not, up to
date, received any advices as to Hie
new vessel, but expressed no surprise
when informed of the reported project.
The matter was being discussed in
San Francisco prior to the departure
of the Australia', 'and will no doubt be
exploited in the newspapers received
on the Gaelic. -
Sermons Pleached by Pastor Peek at
Sunday Services.
"Let the wicked forsake his way and
the unrighteous man his thoughts, nnd
let him return unto the Lord and he
will have mercy upon him and to fear
God for He will abundantly irardon,"
Isaiah 55:7, was the text of Pastor
Peck's morning sermon. "Wickedness
is wrongdoing of any kind, whether it
be willful, positive wrong doing, or
willful neglect of duty toward God or
man. Preachers who preach any Gos
pel but that of Jesus Christ do
wrong; pastors who neglect their duty
in warning members of wrong doing,
regardless of the-position or influence
of the member, neglect duty. Pastors
who go Into homes and spend their
time socially and rarely have personal
conversation about the immortal soul
of the person visited, do wrong. In
the two years and n half of my pas
torate among you I feel that I have
not always done my duty by you," said
the minister. "There nre two parts in
the work, mine nnd yours; both nre
important. Neither can be neglected
without loss. The Sunday School sup
erintendent or teachers who neglect
to pray and work for the personal sal
vation of the scholars of their classes
nre guilty of sin before God. The mein-
ler who comes to criticise the preach
er, or with ill-will in the heart toward
some members, is wrong before God.
He who comes pretending "to worship
God, but really to advance his busi
ness interests, is guljty of hypocrisy,
nnd the sin for which Ananias and
Sapphira died. The member who can
find plenty of time for lodges nd
socials but very little time for prayer
meeting, neglects his duty to God and
robs himself of blessings. The man
who can spend five dollars on himself
nnd his personal interests and pleas
ures, and drops at the same time .five
cents in the contribution, is scIIIhIi,
and also robs God, who 1ms given him
his all. Where wrong doing takes'
place, whether in pulpit or pew, it
needs to lie repented of before God
forgiveness sought the wrong ways
nnd thoughts forsaken; then, and then
only, will God forgive and abundantly
The very smallest reduction made on
staple dry goods at Kerr's means n
great deal to purchasers. We are at
present supplying about three-fourths
of the population of Honolulu with
dry goods, and arc now straining n
point or two to catch the remaining
fourth. VtlU you help us to do it?
Miss Virginia Dulsenberg and Alex
ander II.! Isenberg to be Married on
the 10th Palms and Ferns Taken.
On their departure for San Francisco
yesterday per tho Doric, the Isenbergs
carried with them an abundance of
Hawaiian ferns, palm leaves and co
coanut branches, together with many
native plants.
Thesu will be used in decorating the
charming San Francisco home of Mrs.
Dulsenberg, widow of the late German
Consul in the California metropolis,
just a week from tomorrow evening,
when Miss Virginia Dulsenberg and
Mr. Alex II. Isenberg will be united in
the holy bonds of matrimony.
The wedding is to lie an unique af
fair. After a brief stay in San Fran
cisco and a visit to one or two Califor
nia pleasux-o resorts, the couple will
sail for Honolulu to take up their
abode. Mr. Isenberg has built a mag
nificent home for his prospective bride
in Punahou.
The ceremonies will be ttttended by
the entire Isenberg family. In the
party that left on the Doric yesterday
were: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Isenberg,
Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Paul Isenberg, Jr.,
Mrs. Carl WolU:rs, wife of the man
ager of the Llliue plantation and a sis
ter of Mr. Alex Isenberg, and the two
Misses Isenberg.
It is the plan of the senior Mr, Isen
berg to go to Germany after the mar
riage of his son, accompanied by his
wife and daughters.
Miss Duisenberg has visited Hono
lulu and is well remembered in local
society circles. She is a strikingly
attractive lady. Her tall and stately
figure gives her a queenly appearance.
Mr. Isenberg holds a responsible posi
tion in the big firm of II. Ilackfeld Si
They nre expected in Honolulu
about March 1.
Concerts to Be .Given by
Glee Club.
The Honolulu public will be called
upon shortly for a shaio of its patron
age by the Hawaiian Glee Club. A
scries of concerts will be given, the
proceeds of which are to be divided
iqually between the poor and the
Glee Club library fun.
Tho commodious rooms of the club
in Foster hall nre soon to be outfitted
with a reading ami library depart
ment. Kdltor J. M. Poepo'o is still continu
ing his weekly lectures on law. Sat
urday evenings nre devoted' to these
The members of the club will, begin
ning next Thursday evening, receive
regular fortnightly addresses on Eng
lish. Attorney J. Q. Wood will give
the first lecture. The others who will
favor the club with talks are A. S.
Humphreys, Lyle Dickey and J. T. Do
The glee club is composed of nearly
a hundred young Hawaiians. They
ore Instructed in singing by Wm. J.
Coelho, clerk of the police court. Re
hearsals are held on Tuesdays and
Thursday evenings. The social organ
ization of the, el ub is entirely in the
hands of the young Hawaiians. L.
Needliam is censor nnd Daniel Kninoe
is the secretary. Those people who arc
interested in music and who are com
petent to judge, state that the Hawaii
an Glee Club has a start which, witli
proper can; and management, will de
velop into a large and sue2ssful Ha
waiian choral society.
Following is the program for this
evening's concert at Emma Square by
tho Government band, at 7:30, under
the direction of Professor Berger:
Port 1.
Overture Fra Diavolo Anlier
Finale Rigoletto Verdi
Waltz Love'rf Dreamland .... Roeder
Cornet Solo The Speciality ... Hazel
I Mr. Charles Kreufer.
I Part II.
Selection Robin Hood .... De Koven
The Irwin March Berger
Dedicated to Wm. G. Irwin, Esq.
Waltz The Town of Songs. .Fahrboeh
March King Cotton Sousa
IInwr.il Ponoi.
It Is on nbsolute fact that buyers r.t
Kerr's save from 25 to 50 per cent on
every dollar spent. Kerr's has become
a household word, which goes to prove
that the ladles nro well pleased with
their barcalns. and TALK about
Good Coffee Lands About to Be Opened
Sad Case of Drowning Sugar
Cone Destroyed by Fire Notes.
Maul, February 0.
Intending coffee planters would do
well to look iiito the hind at Nahiku,
neir liana, on this island, soon to be
opened for settlement by the Govern
ment. This land Is situated on a slope,
gently rising from the sea to about
2000 feet above, and is almost entirely
free from ravines and gulches. Accord
ing to experts the land is very rich
and fertile and well adapted to coffee
culture. The rainfall is plenteous and
there is water in abundance. Being
sparsely wooded, tlie cost of clearing
would not be great, the undergrowth
being all one would have to contend
with. The Government is now hard tit
work laying out this land. Mr. How
ell, the surveyor, is busy at present
with the road from liana. Tho survey
of this he has completed from llano
about half way towards Nahiku, and
from Nahlktl nearly the other half
back, leaving a small piece between,
that will soon be completed. After
the road, the laying off the lots will
be pushed forward. There is no rea
J..OI1 why Nahiku should not be a thriv
ing settlement in the future. With a
good harbor at liana, and an almost
level road leading- to it, the prospects
are all in its favor. Then too besides
all this, adjoiping Nahiku on the Ma-
kawao side, lies the grandest nnd
most beautiful portion of the Hawaii
an Islands, with till due respect to
Ililo and Kauai. At Wnialua-nui and
Keanae are other rich tracts of land
that will also be opened in time.
A sad case of drowning occurred at
Wiiiokoa, Kuhi, on Wednesday of last
week. The little seven year old boy
of Frank Antone, a Portuguese living
there, had been told by the mother to
take care of his little sister, while she
was busy. Looking for them soon
after, the mother found the little girl
alone by n gulch near by, and search
ing further, to her 'horror discovered
the dead body of her boy lying in a
water hole at the bottom of the gulch.
He had evidently fallen in, and was
unable to save himself.
Maui people were much surprised at
the change of management nt Spreck
elsville, and regret very much to lose
Mr. nnd Mrs. Center from there. Mr.
Center went to Honolulu on the Mauna
Laa Thursday .morning, and the rumor
here is that the management of Wai-
inae had much to do with his trip.
Tho news of Mr. Pnty's death was
received with much sorrow here. .Maui
friends extend to the family the deep
est sympathy in their bereavement.
liana district seems to keep up her
lire record. This time it wns in the
cane at Kipahulu, about eight acres
being burned last night. Incendiarism
is suspected.
Mr. J. II. Mackenzie, accountant at
Bishop & Co., departs for Honolulu to
day, after o visit of ten days with Mr.
D. C. Lindsay, Paia.
Meeting of iho Wailuku Annexation
Club next Wednesday evening at Wai
luku court house. Also nt the same
place on Saturday evening, the 13th, a
mass meeting for annexation will be
held. A big attendance is cnllcd for.
Shipping has been exceedingly lively
this week at Kaliului. The "full rigged
ship Geo. C. Stetson, ...urphy master,
arrived Sunday, in ballast, twenty-one
days from San Francisco. The Stetson
has the distinction, not only of being
the first full rigged ship seen in Ka
liului bay for years, but of being the
largest vessel that ever entered tho
harbor. Her register is 2800 tons. Sho
is to take a combined cargo of Spreck
elsvllle, Haiku and Paia sugar around
the Horn to New York.
The three masted schooner W. S.
Jewltt, Johnson master, arrived from
Honolulu, also Sunday, and is loading
Spreckelsville sugar.
The three masted schooner Metlui,
Nelson master, arrived yesterday,
fifty-seven days from Newcastle, with
coal for Spreckelsville, Paia and Hai
ku Companies.
Tho bark Leah! appeared off port.)
also yesterday afternoon, but was sent
off, there being no room inside.
The brig Lur.lne, Brown master, got
away at last on Wednesday, with a full
cargo of Spreckelsville nugor, for San
Francisco. After all the trouble he
has had this trip, the captain left jMirt
with a great deal of pleasure.
Fancy orgoi.dics, muslins, dimities,
grenndlnes, the loveliest colorings you
ever saw, just opened nt N. S. Sachs',
, M
The Writer Believes There Is No
Prospect of Immediate Action by tho
U. S. Government Must Walt.
Hawaiian Cansul General G. I). Gil
man writes to a friend as follows:
"I hope annexation is us" near of ac
complishment for you as you desire
and think but it does not seem fo mo
that there is prospect of Immediate ac
tion by the United States Government.
"Really the Islands seem a great
way off to most peop elwho have no
especial interest. 1 spoke to a gentle
men's club of forty last week, and tho
fact was very plain how little the Ha
waiian situation wns understood, and
hou. t.onll)iiraUvely little wns the inter
est. The company were very much
Interested and expressed themselves
so, and no doubt will lie more appre
ciative thinkers lu the future.
"But the muss of the people do not
understand your strong claims. My
hope is in the fact that Congress has
so many well-informed men that do
know the great interests involved, that
Congress will lead the people. If tho
Sugar Trust is declared against you,
they are powerful, and eon incite a
strong opposition to any immediate
action. 1 fear Senator Perkins and
the Congressmen from San Francisco
being now against you will have the
tendency to mnke more delay. 1 think
our Massachusetts delegation will bo
all right. I have sent the newly elect
ed members the Hawaiian Overland,
II. M. W-. Guide, and other material to
read, before they are called to Wash
ington, probably March lo.
"The extra session will probably
first of all deal with the tariff, and
finance, both of which will necessarily
take some time, and the party leaders
will not want to prolong the session n
day more thnn Is absolutely necessary
for party plans. If President McKin
ley should advise speedy action, then
it may come. If hp only calls atten
tion to it, I think you will find that it
must wait. It is not so much n ques
tion of the United States 'wanting,' or
'not wanting,' as of a proper under
standing of the matter, and an intelli
gent desire for information."
Yesterday was the last Sunday after
Epiphany this year. The three weeks
of preparation for the solemn season
of Lent will now follow. In this sea
son the church exhorts its members to
cultivate the three great Christian vir
tues of faith, hope and charity.
Col. R. II. McLean left for Washing
ton, D. C, yesterday on tho Doric. An
enthusiastic farewell meeting was held
in tho drill shed on Saturday by olli
cers and enlisted men of the Nntional
Guard of Hawaii. Capt. Schaefcr pre
sided. A beautiful gold watch was
presented to the Colonel by Capt. T.
B. Murray in behalf of the Regiment.
Sergt. Stauinore then arose and in a
neat speech presented tho Colonel
with a chain and locket on behalf of
the enlisted men of E and F.
A few months ago, Mr. Myron Every,
of Woodstock, Mich., was badly aflllct
ed with rhcumntlsm. His right leg
was swollen the full length, causing
him great suffering. He wns advised
to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm. The
first bottle of It helped him consider
ably and the second bottle effected a
cure. For sale by all druggists and
dealers. Benson, Smith & Co., whole
sale agents for II. I.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal Midwinter Fair.
puie Gr.ipe Cwm nf Tmtar Powder Frc
from Ammonia. Alum or any other sdulternnt.
In all the great Hotels, the lending
Club:! and the homes. Dr. Price's Creaic
UaUg Powder holds its supremacy.
AC Venrs the Stnudnrd.
LEWIS & CO., Agents, Honolulu, H. I.

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