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Hniuniinu Slav,
( Dally nml Weekly.)
Fubllnheit J5very Afternoon (Kxccpt
Sunday) by the llnwnllnn Star
S'ewnpnpcr Ansuuliitlon (Mm.)
ritANK L, 1100US ....Himlness Mgr.
t'er Year In Advance $ 8.00
Three Mouths in Advance 2.00
Per Month In Advance 75
foreign, per Year In Advance.. 12.00
Local Subscribers, per Annum. .$4.00
Foreign Subscribers, per Annum.. 5. 00
Strictly In Advance.
Advertising Kates made known on ap
plication at the lluslness Ofllce.
Tlie annexation o the Hawaiian Is
lands by the United States is a far
more Important measure to the world
than it is 1o the United States. It is
the announcement of a policy which
will have enduring and lasting marks
upon the next century, and the act,
about which there ' can now be no
doubt, will make U fitting end to tin;
nineteenth and a beginning to the
twentieth. ,
The Pacific is undoubtedly the
arena in which the great play of the
next century will come. The ultimate
end of all our mundane systems of
government wo do not know; but this
we do know, that the powers of the
world rose on the Asiatic continent,
passed to Europe, and are now going
west to that continent undreamed of
in the days of Egypt, Assyria, I'ersia,
Greece, Koine, nnd the medieval pow
ers of Europe, a continent regarded
as a mere means of acquiring wealth
by the later times, and which has now
grown to such proportions that de
spite its newness which it is the
conservative nature of the bulk of
7uaukiiid to hate lias acquired a dom
inance in tiie world.
With the acquisition of the Hawaii
an Islands will come, as soon as Ame
rican energy . can accomplish it, a
cable to the central point in the l'aei
Jle. Following in a natural course
will be the Nicaragua canal. For a
moment consider what a revolution
this will make in the commerce of
this ocean. Lose sight of mere local
questions of annexing the Islands and
tlio troubles about a petty throne.
Lose sight of even who possesses the
Islands, and merely look' at the mag'
nilieent results which are bound to
conie about for the commercial rela
tions of the earth. . ,
In this ocean the East and the West
meet. The trade c f two great streams
of humanity will mingle on its waves,
and it is here that the ultimate end of
many varying civilizations will be
worked out. What that end will be
none of us canknow, but we do know
, that the end must be for the ultimate
good for races which at present are
extremely antagonistic.
Ky tile annexation of the Hawaiian
Islands the policy is practically an
nounced that the future of the Paci
fic is in the hands of a civilization
Hint has produced the greatest at
thinkers, the most brilliant of sol
diers and sailors, and the finest com
mercial men of the world.
Tliis is what annexation, means
when one regards it from a high
(Standpoint, and it is no wonder that
those who have been pledged to its
-advancement have stood firmly to H,
through good and evil report.
The trouble with many people is
that their horizon is limited. They
'see merely the present and care little
for the future. Those who have help
ed on annexation may hnvo mixed
motives it is true, but the ultimate re
sult will be greater than they caleulat
ed. The mere act of annexation is
nothing, the gain or loss to particular
parties here is nothing. Hut jn the
general advancement of the Western
civilization in the Pacific world, the
annexation of 'theso 'Islands to the
United 'States is one of those steps in
advance, which from its far reaching
results will lie epoeli making. It will
mark that the Northern Pacific is a
lake over which the Stars and Stripes
will dominate.
(Mentally, nt the meeting under re
view, .lullus stated that nit the peo
ple, outside of Ids own particular set,
vtiM'c liars, perhaps the term ought to
be modified as he modified It or his
Itostoit audience, his words were!
"Those now In control of theln (tin
Inland) find It impossible to tell the
truth," but the meaning is better con
veyed In the short Anglo-Saxon term.
Pro tensor llollls of Harvard took
.lulius to pieces somewhat and Oor
litiiu 1), til I inn it followed him, and Ad
miral Kelknap clinched the argument,
and added that to "buck out now
would be u national disgrace." After
which nothing more was heard from
.lulius, but wliat a virulent tongue
the little man has.
Complaints of nil kinds come about
the Tramway companies. Yesterday
a gentleman came to The Star with an
account of very insolent behavior on
the part of One of the drivers. We
hnvo had complaints of dirt, of slow
ness, of many inconveniences, but
now the company are willing to add
incivility. This is only the natural
result of the attitude of the company
towards the public. The company has
positively assumed the attitude of,
the Public be d , and it is no
wonder if the drivers take up" n like
position towards people who growl,
but cannot kick. When is that new
company going to materialize. There
is no time like the present!
Secretary llliss, in his report upon
the forests of the United States,
mourns the fact that he has insuillci
cut means for establishing a forestry
department. At tills session of Con
gress lie, will ask for n greatly in
creased appropriation in order to have
a properly trained corps to patrol and
look after the government forest res
ervations, but it is probable that the
United States Congress will ask for
more, nnd that certain portions of the
country which are now denuded will
be reforested. The Legislatures of the
world are aroused on the forestry
question, and ours will have to contri
bute its little mite to reforestry.
A beautiful calender for the year
1897 was issued today by the Chinese'
News. It is printed in moveable Chi
ncse type. The regular paper will ap
pear Saturday in the same drass.
The Hawaiian Chinese News is the
oldest paper printed in Chinese in
Honolulu, having been established in
1SS.1. Its circulation of 1000 is the lar
gest enjoyed by any newspaper of its
character in the Islnnds.
Himef (Dopic$.
December 7, 1897.
- In this Ullmato a
Is not alone a luxury but a neces
sity. Wo hme just, received a
new shipment and can supply
your wants in any size,
A good
soon pays Its own cost in the
saving of lee. If your old one
is worn out let us replace It
with a new one. Do not ex
periment with a make of which
the qualities are unknown, but
get one that has stood the test of
time, and can be guaranteed to
give satisfaction. The first cost
may bo a trifle higher, but it
pays in.the end to buy only the
best. - '
It is tlie same with '
Some are so arranged that they
will keep ice; others con
stantly need refilling. We have
fthe best, and in all sizes, from
tlie very smallest to the larg one
holding three hundred pounds
of Ice.
We also want to call your at
tention to the
' for which we are the agents.
There are very many different
makes of sewing machines biTqr
ed to the people of these Isl
ands. They are not all bad,
neither are they all good. Some
nro better than others, and
among 'the best it lias come to
be a matter of fancy more than
anything else. We claim that
the Wertheim is
and the satisfaction it lias given
to our customers will silbstan
tiate this claim,
it is a
and we are offering them at
low prices lower than tliey
should be sold; but as we arc
well stocked they' are to be kept
11 it 1 n in
Holiday boons upe
Monday, Dec. 6, 1897.
We will have on exhibition an ele
gant assortment in our line, compris
ing Whiting Manufacturing Compel-,
1 -
ny's Sterling Silverware,' Mcrldan and
Dorflinger's Cut Glass, Genuine Bohe
mian Glassware, Koyal Worcester,
Crown Derby, Drcndcn, Danish, Terra
Cotta, Austrian, German and French
Art Pottery Specialties; Wedgewood,
Japanese imitations of various cel
brated Potteries, Hanquct and Piano
Lamps, nnd other goods in demand
A Warm
A pair of our ITocl-less Felt
Slippers. A good thing theso
cool iriornings, and just the
slipper for wearing to ' and
"from the bath or on stained
We are selling these at.
$1.50 a pair, and as we have
only a few left wo would
advise you to conic early.
at this season.
Everything is marked in plain sight.
All of our goods have not yet ar
rived," but in a few days they will fill
up the space left for them.
We will keep. open evenings until
Christmas, commencing Saturday, De
cember 11th. Our reputation for
courtesy insures you a -pleasant time
.... 1 1 .. . - -
if you have an eye for the beautiful.
! I. 1
The destruction of shade trees with
in tlie city limits-is always to be dep
recated, but when it becomes a men
ace to the traveling public there is no
alternative. The large monkey pod
tree in Vineyard street, between Fort
and Nutianiris a menace and ought to
be removed. It is directly in the mid
dle of the street, which has become a
favorite thoroughfare, and is protect-1
ed neither by railing or light. Last
Saturday evening, while driving home!
from the theater a prominent society
lady was given a very bad fright by
her driver almost running directly In
to the tree. It is stated that, a prom-
inent government ofilcial interfered
just as the tree was about to be chop
ped down, asking that it, be spared
because it was planted by one ,pf the
missionaries of early days. Such sen
timent may cost tlie government a
heavy bit for damages unless steps I
are taken to protect drivers against
the obstacle.
Fokt St., opjp
Spreckels' Bahk.
For the Holidays !
The Pacific Hardware Gompany announce
Sate Exhibition of Oil and Water Color
Paintings by D, Howard Hitchcock,
Opening Wednesday, December 8.
This Collection comprise? about fifty subjects, chiefly the result of Mr.
Hitchcock's work during the past year, many of which are of small size
and moderate price.
A new invoice of
Water Colors by Mrs. KeHey" and Miss Parke,
Hand Tainted China by Miss Nolte and Miss Towne.
By the S. S. Australia will arrive an iuvoice of the
Pacific Hardware Co.'s Art Rooms.
Our Arrangements Are Nearly Complete.
No one would drink poor
tea if lie or she knew the dif
ference in tea.
Good tea is "not costly.
Your grocer will sell you
Schilling's Best, and return
your monej' in full if you don't
like it.
A Schilling & Onmpany
dan Francisco N
On Exhibition and Snle at King
Bros. Art Rooms, Hotel St.
Julius rainier, tlio Irrepressible, has
been nutting hiintielf forward ' in de
bate before the Massachusetts lleform
club. As a fact it does not- matter
much what Mr. I'alinor says, but when
lie makes the statement that Hawaiian
credit Is worthless at the present time
time, he indices a statement which is
absolutely false. The government 'is
not in straits for money. . Itccently
when it wnnted money for the pur
poses of public improvement, twice
the required amount was subscribed,
and the government made a premium
upon the loan taken up The fact is
there, the figures have been publish
ed, and there is no refuting" them.
However it is nothing new to have
j Mr. Palmer making statements of this
sort. It is a cheap advertising dodge
and Juliu4 lias run' it for all it is
worth. Without such a golden oppor
' tunity, very few people would'havje
, known that. Julius eves existed'- In-
Folloving is a list of subjects:'
1 Logging.
2 A Winter Evening. '
8 A (5ray Day.
4 Korest Koad.
5 Solitude.
0 Homeward.
7 Iteturn of the T'loclc.
8 Cattle and Landscape. . '.
U hcene in Holland.
10 bearing Home. ' '
11 Evening Drink. ') .
12 Christmas Morning. ,
in Coast of Holland.
14 Midsummer Aft.
15 Above the Hay.
10 The Old Home. '
17 In the Meadow.
J 8 Eve in San Lorenzo.
10 Morning in San Lorenzo.
20 Autumn, Lake George.
These pictures arefof the best of Mr.
Fisher's works, which enjoy a world
wide reputation for excellence.
The exhibition wilMast for a limited
time only. Other works by local
Artists are also on exhibition.
Staple and Fancy Articles.
Bought in the Leading Markets of the World
Which We Are Offering
the Mef-est Shaving of Profit.
King Bros. Art Store,
hi - no Hotel Street.
JSTo "
Buyers derive the Actual Benefit of Our Extensive Experience
In the Dry Goods World!
Facts are Stubborn Things.
0xr 3Lcrw Prices Are IXTell IrLOTxrn
Sole Agent for the .Wheeler & Wilson and Domestic. Sewinjg Machine.

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