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Dlxe Havyaiian Star,
Published every afternoon (except Su
Frank L.
The table and Information upon su
Kar production which was published
yesterday In these columns contained
a great deal of condensed Information
upon sugar production wjilch Is most
valuable. The Burtiau- of Statlstlc3
Elves an amount of information which
is simply rriarvellous, and It Is dissem
inated by every paper of standing
throughout the United States. Other
countries supply statistics which are
burled In blue, red, yellow and other
ofllclal books. The United States bu
reaus send their information broadcast
and get it before the people. .
The growth of the sugar Industry 13
simply marvellous. When It Is consid
ered that In sixty years the production
of sugar has run up from 1,150,000 to $,
800,000 tons we' can judge how the de
mand for sugar hus Increased. In dis
cussing the sugar situation yesterday
mention was made 6f the shortage of
the beet crop as being 1,000,000. This
-was very nearly equal to the total su
gar crop of sixty years ago. Again the
marvellous advance of beets during
the same period is equally marvellous.
The beet crop of sixty years ago was
only 60,000 tons.- At the present time
It is over 0,000,000 tons.
The large use of sugar marks In a
great measure the prosperity of the
masses of the people. Thus the two
most1' prosperous nations upon the face
of (he globe, viz: the United States
and the United Kingdom consume the
largest amount of sugar per capita.
While The Star advocates the candl
dacy.of F. W. Macfarlane for the posi
tion of Treasurer, if he will accept the
olllce, there" are others who, falling Mr.
Slacfarlane, The Star would -be willing
to support. The preponderance, how
ever, Is distinctly in favor of Mr. .Mac
larlane, for he has many advantaged
over any other candidate proposed,
ills strong association with the Ha-
nvallan element In the community is at
this time a very cogent argument in his
favor. When one adds to this his high
financial standing among the business
community and his organizing ability,
lie certainly is a candidate worth sup
porting. If we want to restore thor
ough confidence Mr. Macfarlane Is cer
tainly the man to do It quickly, and do
it thoroughly. But then Mr. Macfar
lane may refuse to accept.
On the other hand there Is an excel
lent treasurer to be found In Theodore
Lansing. He has been tried as a treas
urer and his integrity and ability are
above reproach. He understands the
Making all allowances, people seem
to live longer than they used to In the
United States. This .Is the conclusion
to be drawn from the figures given In
a statement issued by the Census Olllce
In which the median age of the popula
tion under the census of 1800 is com
pared with that under several preceding
censuses. It may be explained here
that the median age Is such an age that
half the population is over it and half
under it.
The median age of the total poplatlon
In 1800 was 22.8, as compared with 21.9
In 1890. The median age of the white
population's higher than that of the
colored portion, being 23.4 in 1900. as
compared with 19 7 for neirroes Indians
and Mongolians. In 1890 the figures
The effect of the sugar shortage is
already being felt In the central Pa
cific, for there was more done In stocks
.yesterday than has been done for many
a long dny. Prices also began to crawl
up, and it begins to look as if the
Xiigreat depression was broken. Faces
which were very long indeed are be
ginning to broaden out now. Christ
mas will be much more cheery than
was anticipated.
Marshal Hendry keeps his eyes open
Xor the gentleman who are "wanted"
fay the United States authorities.
Through information supplied by him
an absconding witness, in a very im
portant case, has been run down by
the federal authorities. Honolulu and
the Hawaiian Islands generally are no
longer a haven to which the criminal
and the absconder can lly and be at
rest, starting out afresh and rising to
the position of a dignified and wealthy
citizen. The Islands used to be the
absconder's paradise, but they have
ceased to be so. sFe,deral and Terri
torial ofltcers make them pf more than
average tropic heat.
The Boxers are up In arms again, and
though, the Chinese Government has
put down, or says It has put down the
Tlslng in the province of Shu SI, yet wo
may expect to hear of other ementls.
The lesson that the western nations at
tempted to teach n,t Peking has not
sunk very deeply Into the Chinese
' Jieart. The, withdrawal of the troops
from the capital and the return of 'the
Chinese Emperor and his court have
; been represented as the result of Chl
. .ese victories. Nine-tenths of the Chi
ndny) by the Hawaiian Star Newspaper
.OCTOBER 4, 1902
The bounty fed sugar producing na
tions as Prance, Germany, Austria-
Hungary, use much less per capita
than the countries to which the sugar
Is exported. The reason for this Is the
heavy tax which Is locally laid on the
article to enable the sugar to be ex
ported. It was against this system
that the 'Brussels conference levelled
Its rulings.
The poorest countries of Europe use
the least amount of sugar, thus, while
the United Kingdom uses 91.0 pounds
per capita, and the United States 05.2
pounds per capita, Spain only uses
10.0 pounds, Turkey 8.0, Greece 7.2, and
Italy but 0.1 pounds per head. And
ureece at one time, in the far away
classic times, was famed for Its sac
eharlne products. The bees of Mount
Hymettus supplied honey, the only
sweetening substance t hen known
only to ' Athens and Attica,
their product found Its way
to Rome. As the ancients depend
ed upon honey for their sweeten
ing matter it is no wonder that they
took so much interest in their bees, and
allusions to and dissertations upon bees
occur in both in prose and verse in all
the classic writers.
We care very little for honey, but we
care a great deal for cane sugar. We
should all be acquainted with Its his
tory, Its price, Its success and Its com
petition, for It is by cane sugar we
live. Take sugar away and the Islands
go back sixty years.
workinga of the olllce, and he would
command both confidence and respect.
Though he Is not a son of the soil, he
has been a resident qt the Island for
many years. In many ways he is an
eligible and satisfactory candidate.
A. J. Campbell is Hawaiian born. He
has not had any official experience .up
to the present, but he has been a suc
cessful business man. He possesses
the attributes which would go toward.)
making an efficient treasurer, and hU
record iJ a good one.
One might go on advancing names of
capable men and men of good reputa
tion, whose home has been made here,
who hae lived their lives among us,
who have married Island wives, and
whose whole Interest is centered in the
Islands. The territory Is their mother
as it were, and they are willing to sac
rifice something for the good of their
country. For the man who becomes
treasurer now enters upon no sine
cure, and requires to be remarkably
strong in character and determined in
his management of his office.
were 22.4 for the whites and 18.3 for the
colored people. There seems to have
been an Increase In the median age of.
the white population during each 'de
cade from 1810 to 1900. In the ninety
years Intervening the increase amount
ed to 7.4 years.
Of course a number of Influences have
co-operated in bringing about this re
sult. Three are specially mentioned,
namely, the rapid progress of medical
and sanitary science, which has tended
to increase the average length of life;
the decrease In the relative number of
children born, which has made the
earlier-age periods less preponderant
ijuiiuiuuuii, una
the ',n"UX Ssp!el,i!11,y slnce 1840 ot Great
numbers of nuult immigrants, increas.
lng the number In 'the older-age periods.
nese population believe that the Chi
nese had phenomenal success against
the outer barbarians.
If W. H. AVrlght Is under the lmpres.
slon that he will not be followed, he
will have a veiy unpleasant awaken
ing when ha finds the hand of a Hono
lulu policeman upon his shoulder. Even
should he get across the continent,
which is doubtful, he can be detained
by the use of the telegraph until thu
Honolulu police ofilcer arrives for the
purpose of identification. As long ns
AVrlght remains in the States he can
be easily run down. If he rets into Can
ada he will be returned on Its being ' fft,,,,n, ln'Vrhat he, termetl an "apologet
rv,i .w . .,,.. . lc flt- Thesurylval of this fittest was
proved that he Is a criminal. Mexico
or Central America might prove a hav
en of rest for a time, but living Is not
very pleasant there, and It Is a ques
tion whether a small Mexican town Is
not worse than a prison.
The latest advices from the leper set
tlement show that the feeling against
Wilcox Is growing more bitter as the
lepers realize what he is going to do
with thsm, If he can only carry out his
Ideas. Every leper whp dies will have
a post mortem upon his or her.lody,
and specimens of dead Hawaiian lep
ers will be forwarded to all the medical
museums In the world. If thero Is any
thing which Is repugnant to the Ha
wallans It Is this. Under Wilcox's' plan
the lepers will bo treated as prisoners,
their little Homes will b'e broken up,
KoHuuh will be . sternly forbidden tin
settlement, and there will be a season
of helpless misery among the unfor
tunates. This proposal comes from th?
would-ba patriot AVHcox. He grudges i
which does not need much advertising.
THESE GOODS advertise them
selves; give them a trial and you will
assist their advertising. Prices are
AVe have been appointed Sole Agents
for this elegant line, consisting of
consider these the finest in their line
ever imported in this Territory.
in m i
the money expended upon his leper
fellow countrymen. He would like to
get It to divide up among his Home
Rule politicians.
Cotton comes mighty near being a
king full this year. Atlanta Journal.
"The Hoosler school marter" has
gone on his long vacation. Pittsburg
Chronicle Telegraph.
The day has passed and not a new
joke appeared with the advent of the
ovster ..,,., in,lrn3i
What iliis new game of war seems to
need is a thoroughly experienced base
ball umpire. Baltimore American.
Rain Is depended upon to check the
cholera In -Manila. This Is the right
kind of water cure. St.Louls Globo
The devil is feeling much less stren
uous. Ten St. Louis Methodist minis
ters took no vacation this year. St.
Louis Post-Dispatch.
They have a new artist at the throt
tle of the river calliope, and the citi
zens are plunged into deeper grief than
ever. Burlington Hawkeye.
The capture of the American navy by
tne uucness of Malborough was not
'originally plannel as a feature of the
while there are no s'natori with
hair in the United States Senate, there
are several who "get redheaded" upon
slight provocation. Los Angeles Her
ald. In raising the price of bottles the
glass trust will attract little or no at
tention from those independent per
sons who send out a covered pall,
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Certain red-necks on the plains of
Kansas have seen an interrogation
mark in the sky. Doubtless it means,
"AVhat's the matter with Kansas?
Memphis Commercial Appeal. ,
The British admiralty Is of the opin
ion that submarine boats are a failure.
Perhaps becuuse they find that they
can't keep a good submarine boat
down. Montana Record.
Captain O'Reilly of the New York
police force Instructed his men to In-
vestlgati the cape of a man who had
most remarkable. Washington Post.
Schwab's trip to Europe Immediate
ly after Morgan's return la for A rest
not THE rest. Omaha News.
Mr. Morgan evidently thinks he does
n't owe the coal strike anything and
therefore refuses to settle It. Atlanta
With J. Plerpont Morgan on his side,
one might think President 'Baer would
be willing to concede God to the mln
ers.Sloux City Journal.
One reason why we should like to be
J, P. Morgan Is that we shouldn't have
to wait so long getting served at the
restaurants. Hartford Post.
People who are warming up over the
prospects of importing hard coal from
Wales forget that Morgan rules the
waves also Baltimore American'.
Thero is a new and solemn question
for J. Plerpont Morgan. How can he
beat the men who are 'taking out In
surance on his life? Cincinnati En
quirer. The man who paid $25,000 for a three
minute talk with J. P. Morgan found
that talk was cheap at the price, as ho
made $75,00!) Uy it. Philadelphia Led
ger, l-'
Of course, Mr. Morgan never tips a
The superiority of the Gurney
Refrigerator Is accounted for by
the following:
1. Cleanliness.
2. Free Circulation.
3. Economy In the use of Ice.
4. Condensation and dry air.
B. Low average temperature.
.6. Freedom from condensation
on Inner walls.
7. Freedom from damage by
X the use of Ice picks.
U. J. I Uf luliU Hull Ui U111-F
9. Long life.
It Is the only refrigerator that
can be kept absolutely pure and
clean for all time.
AVe have over thirty different
styles and sizes, and arc selling
them on verv easy terms.
You will find the samples dis
played on our second floor.
You are welcome to Inspect
these goods whether you are
ready or not.
Sole agents for the
Hawaiian Territory.
Nos. 53, B5 and 57, Kiog Slreot
Classified Ads in Star.
A Three-Line Advertisement (IS
words) will be Inserted In the STAR'S
Classified Columns for 25 cents. Each
additional Hue at the rate of 10 cents
Ad5 under " Situations Wanted." Inserted
free until further notice.
For Hale
Building lot corner King annd Ma
Cully streets, Pawaa tract. Rapid Tran
sit line will pass the door. Apply at
star oiuce.
A magnificent building site on the
r ncnoowl slope, near Thruston ave.
nue. Particulars at Star office;
Building lot corner Kin and Kame
hameha road. Palama terminus of
P pld Transit road. Apply at Star of
Unfurnished Cottuge to Lease. ,
A very desirable unfurnished cottage
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dress N, P. O. Box 347.
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panor, dining room, kitchen, pantry
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be moderate. Apply by letter to X. Y.
Star office.
Pullman! porter. Yet, singularly
enough, he sometimes tlp3 over a
whole railway system. Cincinnati
Commercial Tribune.
Evidence accumulates to show that
J. Plerpont Morgan Is the greatest Am
erican that ever lived. Under no pro
vocation whatever will lie talk so that
the public can hear him. Portland
(Ore.) Evening Telegram. ,
Plerp. Morgan treats reporters shab
bily. And yet the reporters have been
the rungs of the ladder by which he
has clambered to fame. Who would
know anything about Morgan but for
the reporters? What kings and won
archs would entertain him? Portland
Smith what do you mean by swear
ing before my wife? Jones Excuse me
I didn't know she wanted to swear.
Want ads In Star cost but 25. cents.
A Few
! CI Ml
The Exhibit
aciflc Hardware Co. J Ltd -
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Philadelphia Underwriters
Special attention given to con
signments of coffee and rice
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New England
Mutual Life
Insurance Co.,
'J i
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Sugar Factors
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Health, Cleanliness
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sons why every home should have the
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Don t turn us down because you hav
had some other lamp that did not He
satisfactorily, but GIVE US A TRIAL;
if not perfectly satisfactory it COSTS
Write for particulars. Agents wanted
for all unoccupied territory.
Dept. 3.
Before going to the Coast this
Summer look over
the line of
en it CI Hctat
The You Hamm-Young Co,, Ltd,,
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Scottish Union National Insurant
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In Less Than
at 10 a. m.
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ft. n. Ritchio,
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. .

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