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'A" i o Htiwailan fiStoir,
ffafcllihcd every afternoon (except Sunday) by the Hawaiian Star News
paper Association, Limited.
Cecal, per annum $ 8.oo
Foreign, " 12.00
Payable in Advance.
Frank L. Hooks, - Manager.
SATURDAY 77....T. AUGUST 20, 1904
As a matter of Education, it becomes the duty of everyone who can pos
sibly do so to attend the World's Fair, but if this is not possible, it Is easily
within the reach of every man, woman and child to secure the superb series
of "Forest City" World's Fair Art Portfolios which we arc now distribut
ing to our readers. It should be borne in mind that this is the official series,
the originals of the views being taken by the official photographer, while
the descriptions are all written by Walter B. Stevens, the Secretary of the
Louisiana Purchase Exposition. The cost of these portfolios, dividend into
thirty parts, each part containing 16 views, is merely nominal, it being only
necessary to send or bring 10 cents, together with a "Forest City" coupon
and any part issued will be delivered or mailed. The regular price of each
portfolio is 25 cents, but we have secured a special concession which they
highly appreciate, which is evidenced by the fact that the distribution Is
increasing in popularity each week.
I Panama Canal
I Hurts Europe
with the Far East is concerned, and
will give American ports a distinct advantage. The canal places even New
York nearer Hongkong via Panama than Hamburg via the Suez. In this lies
the "gravity of the situation," says the German. The paper continues: "Of j
what real advantage the sole control of the waterway in times of war will
be to the United States will be seen only after a long time. The conse
quences for commercial navigation are more evident. If looked at with Euro
pean eyes they appear small. What will the Panama Canal offer us? To J
the whole of eastern Asia and to Australia, inclusive of New Zealand, the
way via the Suez Canal will remain much the nearer for Europe.
"The exchange of goods with the countries to which the lessening of dis-
tancc is the greatest, namely, western Mexico and California, is of only mod
erate importance. The saving of nautical miles between Hamburg and San
Francisco and all harbors on the western coast north of Panama is 6,652;
south of Panama the saving constantly decreases. Between Hamburg and
Valparaiso it amounts to only about 2,400 nautical miles. 1
"This saving is very much larger for the eastern ports of the United '
States, namely, 9531 nautical miles between New York and San Francisco,
so that New York on this route gains 2,889 nautical miles more than Ham- '
burg. But this is not all. The main fact is that this saving is so large on
the route from New York to eastern Asia and Australia that it changes the
present disadvantage of New York into an advantage. From Hamburg to
Hongkong, via Suez, the distance is 10,542 nautical miles; from New York
to Hongkong, via Suez, it is 11,655 miles. Hamburg therefore has an ad
vantage of about 1,100 nautical miles. The Panama Canal will give nothing
to Hamburg, but a saving of 1,820 nautical miles to New York, so that the
distance will be only 9,835 nautical miles, 707 less than from Hamburg. In
ro ites to the more northern ports of eastern Asia, as well as to those of
. eastern Australia, the gain of New York grows very materially. From Ham
burg, via Suez, to Alelbourne the distance is 12,367 nautical miles; from New
York about 12,500. Via Panama, however, the distance from New York is
only 10,427, so that it will be about 2,000 nautical miles nearer to the Aus- !
tralian port than Hamburg. To Yokohama the distance from Hamburg is ;
12,531 nautical miles; from New York, via Suez, it is 13,564 in round num
bers 1,000 nautical miles longer than from Hamburg. Through the Panama
route New York gains 3,729 nautical miles in the Japan lines; Hamburg 1
nothing. New York has therefore a distance of only 9,835 nautical miles to
Yokohama that is, in round numbers, 3,700 nautical miles less than Ham
burg. In shipping to Japan and northern China, and, in a lesser degree, to
southern China and Australia, New York will have the advantage, on account
of shorter steamer trips, over Hamburg and the English ports. If Europe
has been heretofore in a more advantageous position, North America will be
the favored party when the Panama Canal is built.
. "Distance is, of course, not the only decisive factor; if it were Trieste
would be of greater importance in the Far East than Liverpool and London.
It is, however if great weight. The Panama Canal will favor the chances of
the eastern ports of North America in an extraordinary degree." I
I Psychological
being and a dog. The main facts are
corroborated by outside evidence, for the benefit of those who do not think
that Rider Haggard's name is enough alone. The case, briefly stated, is as
follows: Haggard awakened at midnight in the throes of a nightmare, his
wife calling to him because he had disturbed her by making horrible and
weird noises. On awkening throughly he stated that he had been having a
terrible struggle and had dreamed that his pet dog Bob was in some fearful
situation and was trying to tell him about it. He had dreamed that the dog
was lying in some brush, near water. He felt that the dog was dying and,
he says, "My own personality in some mysterious way seemed to be rising
from the body of the dog." This was Haggard's experience, in a few words.
The sequel is that subsequent investigations established practically beyond
doubt that the dog was run over by a train, knocked from a bridge and fell
into some brush, being finally found dead, floating in near-by water, and
that the accident to the dog must have occurred at about the time when the
novelist had his peculiar dream and nightmare and woke his wife by making
"horrible and weird noises."
These are the facts. It is for those who can to explain them. Haggard's
explanation is: "The dog Bob, between whom and myself there existed a
mutual attachment, either at the moment of his death, if his existence can
conceivably have been prolonged till after 1 in the morning, or, as seems
more probable, about three hours after that event, did succeed in calling my
attention to its actual or recent plight by placing whatever portion of my J
being is capable of receiving such impulses when enchained by sleep, into its
own terrible position. That subsequently, as that chain of sleep was being
broken by the voice of my wife calling me back to a normal condition of our
human existence, with some last despairing effort, while that Indefinable part
of me was being withdrawn from it (it will be remembered that in the
dream I seemed to rise from the dog), it spoke to me, first trying to make
use of my own tongue, and, failing therein, by some subtle means of 'com
munication whereof 1 have no knowledge telling me that it was dying, for I
taw no blood or wounds which would suggest this to my mind.
"I recognize, further, that, if its dissolution took place at the moment
when I dreamt, this communication must have been a form of that telepathy
which Is now very generally acknowledged to occur between human beings
from time to time and under special circumstances, but which I have never
heard of as occurring between a human being and one of the lower animals, '
If, on the other hand, that dissolution happened, as 1 believe, over three
hours previously what am I to say? Then it would seem that It must have
been ome non-bodily but surviving purl of the life or of (he spirit of (lie
Joe which, 10 noon as my deep sleep nve II am opportunity, reproduced those
(lilnK In my mlmli an tliey liml ulrtimly occurrvd. I nresum, lo advlie me of
Hi? manner of IU ml or lo liltl me farewell." I
Thl I hii lulnriullMK fr'oiifriuiilioii lo lliv llNraluro an wlnllitr 8iilnil
lis' iuU. Haggard' itulefiimiU and III if iilaiii!llMii liavi lulurall)' mui
ni miuwmt mmm. wu uu
The Panama Canal will be open to
I commerce in about ten years, says a
I leading German paper, the Frank-
furter Zeitung, and it proceeds to
show that the canal will be detri
mental to Europe as far as commerce
Who can explain the mystery of H.
well known novelist has e-iven over 1
I Rider Haggard and his dog? The
i his signature an account of an inci
f dent which he describes as a sort
of "telepathy," between a human
emr g mm H$uuwm mm wi
ssSta Cat
3 W
A non-intoxicant, sparkling and
highly concentrated liquid
Extract of
Malt and Hops
Strengthening, invigorating ana
'Recommended by , the Medical Pro
Bishop Potter Is being roundly de
nounced for taking part in the opening
of a saloon which he was pleased to call
a poor man's club It is hard to see
wherein the bishop's saloon differs from
thousands of others and It is no wonder
that his actions produce a shock In
the religious world. Every city that
lias saloons has some which are run on
the bishop's plan of making the liquor
'business resiectable. All the bishop
seems to have accomplished Is to give a
splendid advertisement to a new place,
which at last accounts was doing enor
mous business.
A Merchant Marine Commission of
Congress, appointed at the last session
to make an extensive tour of the Unit
ed States, 'Js on the Pacific coast anil Is
being much entertained and talked to.
Its mission is to study means of bet
tering American shlplng, In ther wards
to take up the old problem of restoilng
American shipping. The successful
accomplishment of Ir mission would
bo of great benefit to Iluwall.
What has happened to 'the corner in
which General Stalkelburg was sup
posed some doys ago to be fastened?
Nothing seems to be going on except
at Port Arthur, a condition of affair
which lends color to the wtntement that
other operations have Ijeen suspended
in order to devote all possible energies
to taking that fortress. Still it is not
likely that any operations would be
suspended, which would mean prac
tically abandoned, If there was a
chance of cutting off and capturing
Stalkelburg's army.
It would be well for the govarnniant
to come to the aid of the antt-mosuul-to
committee. The matter Is one to b5
studied by prospeotlve members of the
next legislature, for there are regula
tions which might properly be enacted
us laws, which would matorlnlly assltit
the work of freeing the city from the
pest. The committee 1ms done very
valuable work, first In demonstrating
the possibility of huowm, r.. I m-ond In
very materially rwluolnir the luinuw of
i)osfuitos ami adding to the pulilla
I A work that iUimihU mi alwoliitwly 011
unlvurtwl i.)praiien h do tin nm
1 kupt up to th nupr ituiidftrd with,
uui tb M ut Uw. ttvn IU miMi
rfMliu sUrHiwr tMiWiu spirit Imvm
IWIMH oWiWNM lA N !( t( (Wilt $tUu.
m Murwynr ikm i Mill wy wk
Classified! Ads in Star.
Ads under "Situations Wanted," Insvled
free until further notice.
bitunlion Wnntetl
Japanese couple. Man Is good In
yard, jrnrden or stable. Woman In
care of children, sewing Or Housework.
First class references. Address B. II.
S., P. O. Box 556.
Nolico Of Removal
Dr. Camp Office No. 1240 Emma Street
Hours: 0-12 a. m., 7-8 p. m. Itesldence
Telephone Blue 20?l..r i
A magnificent building site on the
Punchbowl slope near ThurBton ave
nue. Particulars ai St,ar. office.
Building lot corner King and Kame
hameha road. Palama terminus of
Rapid Transit road. Apply -at Star
Furnished Hooms To Lei.
A nlce'.y furnished front room. Mos
quito proof and electrlet llght494 Bere.
tanla near Punchbowl.
where it will earn
with safety
for particulars apply
Phoenix Savings, Building
And Loan Association
Judd Building, Honolulu
Henry E Poeock,
3hoto Frames
At 33 Discount,
In order to close out our present
stock we are sacrificing our entire
line of silver and gilt frames at one'
third the regular price.
This is below cost, and are genuine
bargains while they last.
They're going fast, so come early.
H, F,
6 0, LTD,
are people who do not believe that they
carry malaria, or yellow fever, or den
gue, and people who do not think vac
cination prevents small-pox, or that the
earth is round. The obstinate skep
tics in most cases do not matter, but
when it conies to dealing with mosqui
toes, a single householder, by ignoring
the . work, can infect a whole district
with pests. Whoever does so maintains
a nuisance Just as much as if he kept
an open cesspool, and the law should
deal with his case. 4
The practicability of the plan is gen'
erally recognized by the public. If the
legislature will take hold and adopt
some general rules, without going into
too much detail, and give some author
ity to the men in charge of the work,
the latter will be able to do even more
for the community than they have done
Hamilton Wright, whose modest re
quest of the llerohants' Association Is
for all the data necessary for him 'to
prepare a series of articles for Eastern
paper on Hawaii under Amorloan rule,
furnishes a.' :flr sample of Eastern
IgnM-tnebf tth,l9luh'ds.;k'-1,!Rt is
secrettlry-to'T" Mi California Pronation
Promotion Committee, an organization
which has no Interest whatever in the
welfare of Hawaii, but the Eastern pa-
jr he nhm to probably thought that
Hawaii wna somewhere near the Fa-
I'Hllonwi and that Man FrnuoUoo wns
tlm nut point to apply for Infurnwu
'Ilia mtrapuay rvoliitiai)l ar mh
llMlibliifr fairly, How Ut Urn utlisr triil
goinir is entry an Oiu ciintust when lUv
iiiuk tit itHfatUr of Win u rlMttrV
r'rulMttir lit wwn uumfonaiil )tii
tut tto mmh ui ruwi wauM u
i M$ nl M W Ur In
IMfcAfli kull f JUT
Anticipating the irrigating season
of the
Lawn Sprinklers
A New Invoice of the Favorite
Made to Keep Things Cool and Economize ICE.
i'liiiiii!! mm
JVXei M.Exri; Street
Importers and
Little Jack
Smoking Tobacco
sr and 10c packages.
COMPANY of Toronto, Ontario.
Careful people should consider it a
duty to use
Dandruff Killer
a scalp an'lseptlc, that Insures cleanll
ness and freedom from dandruff mi
crobes. Sold "by all DruggU-ts and at the
Union Barber Shop. Telephone Main
Eichest Soil and
Black Sand in
Town, JFor Sale
Cheap. See Us
At Once
Unhesitatingly Mate
Emphatic Statement
With perforations showing basting and sewing lines not found In any
Other nfltternnr nnallul t, nn.,i 41.. 1 1 ... . ..
slpIe patterns offered lo t)e pubC
nronortloneJ nernn.
Millions of these patterns aro cold during the year with seldom or never
a complaint.
Strictly high grade Patterns at the lowest possible price,
10 AND iflc, NONK HIUIinR, a
W Jordan U Qo jy d
kffl. 1 a CrnnDlt.
of Feet of
we have imported a large stock
in Great Varietj
cm 1 t 11:
Commission Merchants,
Sugar Factors
The Ewa Plantation Company.
The Walalua Agricultural Co.. Lt4
The Kohala Sugar Company.
The Walmea Sugt r Mill Company.
The Fulton Iron Works, St. LouU,
The Standard Oil Company.
The George F. Blake Steam Pump.
Weston's Centrifugals.
The New England Mutual Life Insur
ance Company of Boston.
The Aetfca Fire Insurance Company o
Hartford, ""onn.
Ton Alliance Assurance Company oj
1. 6. IRWffl & CO.
Western Sugar Refining Co.. S
Francisco, Cai.
Baldwin Locomotive Works. Philadel
phia, Pa,
Newell Universal Mill Co., Manufac
turers of National Cane Shredder,
New York, N. Y.
Faraffliie Paint Company, San Francis
co Cal.
Ohlandt & Co., San Francisco, Cal.
Pacific OH Transportation Co.. Sao
Francisco, 'Cal.
Fire Insurance!
General Agents for I' twall
Atlas Assurance Company of London.
Phoenix Assurance Company of Lon
New York Underwriters Agency.
Providence Washington Imuran
Phenlx Insurance Company of Brook
lyn. Albert Raas, Hanager .
Insurance Department office Fourth
Floor, Stangenwald Building.
The Pacific Hotel,
The Best Resiuarartt
In the City ...
MRS. HAN A, Proprietor.
mujvi me ucai lining, anu ino tnosi
and ore cut fc
nnnm amrnnwn '
Coin, Ltd
Pm mi 4UMH I'Um TJIMIFll

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