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RW 1,11,1 '
m HAWAIIAN WAR. rtllllAT. MARCH t. m
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seen any other press representative
than the Star man who received the
Sheriff Henry was disposed to dis
credit the report as soon as he heard
of it. "I do not believe that Miss Ber
ner ever made any statement of the
kind," he said. "I have had many
long conversations with her regarding
the case. She has never said or In
timated anything of the kind to me
or my deputy ,and I am certain she
,hag not made it to anyone else. It Ist
a rumor absolutely without founda
tion." The origin of the rumor Is impossible
to trace. Ah Wing, the Chinese re
ferred to ,was one of the Stanford
household at the time of the San Fran
cisco alleged attempt to poison Mrs.
Stanford. He is described in the San
Francisco papers as an assistant but
ler, who had been an employe of the
family for twenty years.
This morning Deputy Rawlins and
Judge Stanley again spent their time
at the Moana hotel, with Miss Berner.
They are said to be continuing the
packing and searching of Mrs. Stan
ford's effects. '
The sudden death of Mrs. Jane Stan
ford may lead to a great will contest.
Though she gave a deed of trust some
years ago which conveyed the bulk of
her estate to the Leland Stanford, Jr.,
University, she was still a very wealthy
woman in er own right, and her es
tate will be a very large one. The
question of her mental condition which
has been raised to some extent in dis
cussions of the manner of her death
thus becomes a highly important one
from a financial point of view.
. The nature of Mrs. Stanford's will
has been one of the matters of specu
lation here. The police would like to
have, known from the start, as a means
of possibly ascertaining a motive for
a,: murder. Judge Stanley, who re
presents the estate In a legal way, has
had no tidvlces. Stanley Is simply
taking charge of affairs with a view
to seeing that Interests are protected.
The utmost care is being taken to pre
serve all records and all possible tes
timony. ' Miss Berner, for twenty years the
private secretary to the deceased and
naturally the most Important witness
in all proceedings, has been In almost
constant consultation with either the
police or Judge Stanley or both, since
the death took place. Miss Berner does
not leave her room In the Moana and
denles herself to all callers excepting
the police representatives, and the at- '
torney. She has taken charge of the ,-elatlng to the possible disposition of,nff of I,u,,,l' reports by banks, trust
actual work of packing, away (the many . jler fortune. In the consideration of I companies, building and loan nssoclu
vuluable articles of clothing left bV the the murder theory High Sheriff Henry! tion,s aMl1 otlu'r companies, reported
ueceuseu. Airs. Stanford travelled
with an elaborate wardrobe, which
will be returned to San Francisco.
This morning Judge Stanley nnd De
puty Rawlins had another long con
ference with Miss Berner.
Rumors were about the city this af
ternoon that Drs. Shorey and Duncan
chemists conducting the examination
in the Stanford case, found no strych
nine in the stomach of the decensed.
The chemists have not made any re
port to the sheriff yet, nnd the rumors
are believed to be due to the failure of
the chemists to report as expected.
High Sheriff Henry and Deputy High
Sheriff Rawlins were busy all of yes
terday afternoon at the Moana Hotel
with J. F. Hnckfeld and AV. L. Stan
ley the attorney for the Stanford in
terests, examining the effects of the
late Mrs. Stanford. Every article of
her wardrobe which was very exten
sive was unpacked Crom the three
trunks and the trunks were carefully
examined the articles being repacked
by Miss Hunt and Miss Berner. No
Inventory was tnken of the goods. Tho
only note that was found wws a list of
Mrs. Stanford's Jewelry. This list was
allocked up and all but one article was
found. Miss Hunt lecalled where this
had been left nnd the article was soon
produced. The Jewelry which is valued
at fully $75,000 was taken In oliarge by
Judge Stanley yesterday and was
placed In the vaults of the First Na
tional Bank. The trunks were sealed
and the keys delivered to Mr. Hnok
feld. "The statement," wild High Sheriff
Hqnry "(hat we found a bottle of
strychnine or anything that might be
Btrychnlne in her trunks Is absolutely
false. Nothing of the kind was dis
covered. We found a number of bot
tles of medicine that Mrs. Stanford had
brought with her. Most of them were
homeopathic remedies, a bottle of
Ponds Extract, some alcohol and minor
articles were found but there was noth
ing In which strychnine could appar
ently have been secreted. The medi
cines which were to be taken inter
nally were principally pills In small
glass bottles. We took charge of the
medicines, arid expect to have them
analysed by the government chemists
Ws soon as they will have completed
their present work.
"I have also taken three bottles of
Bartlett water from her room. One
of these bottles was full and the others
were empty except for a llttlo water
In the bottom. The cork of the full
bottle had been started but not drawn,
I will have their contents analysed
"Things are now hanging lire await
ing the report of the government ehe
mists, on the examination of the me
dicine from the bottle of bicarbonate
of soda and of the contents of the
stomach. As soon as those reports
will have been made to me the police
will known better how to proceed."
A death mask of Mrs. Stanford was
taken by Joseph Itosenslein yesterday
afternoon. The remains are being
embalmed but the embalming will not
be completed for at least a duy more.
The autopsy left the body In such con
dition that tliis work is difficult. H.
H .Williams has the embalming of
the body in charge.
Mrs. Stanford learned the day after
she arrived .In Honolulu that the mat
ter of the attempted poisoning in San
Francisco had become public. The Ex
aminer on February 23 published the
following Ciule from Honolulu:
HONOLULU, February 22 Mrs. Jane
L. Stanford arrived here today on the
Pacific Mail steamer Korea. When
asked by an "Examiner" representative
regarding the attempt to poison her she
refused to say anything on the .subject.
She was asked to state what could
have Induced any one to desire to take
her life, but she declined to discuss the
affair In any of its phases.' Mrs, Stan
ford stated that she preferred to see
what the San Francisco pa pern had to
say about the- matter before she made
any statement.
Mrs. Stanford, who is on her way to
Japan, learned here that the attempt to
pnlson her had become public. She left
San Francisco suddenly, intending to
nvike a tour of Japan for her health.
The Korea will leave tomorrow for Yokohama.-
In making their investigations into
the Stanford matter the local police
i,.,V(. wn pnnsl.lprnl.lv liM.uHe.nmeii i,v
zPu nr knowledge of the condition
says that a complete knowludge of that
feature of the case would be necessary.
The Sheriff does not yet hold to the
murder theory nor does hejij fact care
to express any statement ns yet re
garding the probable cause of .the death
of Mrs. .Stanford, but he does think
that If he were in possession of all the
facts relating to her fortune and whe
ther anybody were concerned in mak
ing way with her his work would be
aided. The Sheriff says that lie had
expected the report of the chemists to
day but for some reason they are slow
arriving at any conclusion.
High Sheriff Henry has not placed
either Miss Berner or Miss Hunt under
surveillance. Deputy High Sheriff
Rawlins is at tho Moana Hotel this af
ternoon with Judge Stanley investigat
ing the case further.
Mrs. D. W. Richards, who, with liei
husband, and L. Ij. Richards and wife
and G. R. Richards, is touring the isl
ands nnd has Just been visiting the
Volcano, fell with her liorae whlie coin
ing from the crater witli the rest of
the party about S o'clock last iilslit,
Thursday, and broke her leg.
Attorney General Andrews state
that there is no friction between him
self and High Sheriff Henry In con-
nnettnn with tlm Htnnfnnl Inveut lirntton
The Investigation Is In the hands of the
police an . tiie Attorney General
agreeable to the arrangement.
Klar Want Ads pay 35 cents.
(Centtnuetf from pan
' A mesaage In i hp LRliliitutv of the
Trrrltory of Haw nil
"Vou are undoubtedly aware of th
slat Mice of a fofeat arc In South Ko
na, Hawaii, which atari ed on tha arte
of a tract of land, and burned arnwt
the private land of Kaapuna. The
lataeat Information received la that It
tarted a abort distance above the
Government road, extended inauka a
dlatance of four mile, and la . going
southward, already spreading over -an
area two mile In width. Thua it
must have extended Into the Govern
ment land of Klpahoehoe, and 1ms
probably reached the uper itortlon of
the Allka. Homesteads, threatening
those of I'aim, In which the lluchholtz
eatate la locate).
"The Government Forester la on the
ground, bending every energy towards
Its control. UnleaM checked, fire will
spread to the upper Government lands
of HononiHlluo, and burn its way
through joins of the most valuable koa
foreets In that district.
'It is not only the Immedkite hcUihI
loan of wealth, but the after effects
on the rainfall and climntlr conditions
should be considered, and In this cris
is, I submit for your consideration the
immediate pannage of an Emergency
Bill, providing for nn appropriation
under the Board of Aglculture and
Forestry of nn Item for the suppres
sion of forest fire of $2,000.00.
There in n map In this olllce. show
ing the location of the fire, which I
would be very glad to have examined
by any of the Honorable members of
the legislature.
"In this connection, let mo suggest
a similar Item In the appropriations for
the coming fiscal period.
"(Signed) G. Tt. CARTER.
"Executive Chamber, March 2, 1903,
Accompanying the message was the
following emergency appropriation bill
which was Introduced by Paris at once
under suspension of the rules moved
by Achl.
Making Special Appropriation for the
Immediate use of the Board of
Agriculture and Forestry.
Section 1. The sum of two thousand
dollars is hereby appropriated to bo
paid out of moneys in the Treasury re
ceived from current receipts of the
general revenue of the Territory, for
the purpose of suppressing forest fires.
Section 2. Appropriations made un
der this act shall be under the con
trol of and expended by the Board of
Agriculture nnd Forestry.
Section 3. This Act shall take effect
from and after the date of Its tipproval
The hill was read through at once,
passed first reading and will be read
for the second time tomorrow.
A letter from the department of puty
llc AVorkH acknowledged the receipt' of
an inquiry relative to mounts of -last
loan (appropriations unexpended for
the various inslnnds, referring the
Senate to the report of the Superinten
dent on file. The letter was signed
by Chief Clerk White. The letter was
referred to the loan committee.
Dickey introduced a resolution in
structing the printing commltteee to
have all Sennte bills printed in Ha
waiian after second reading, and 40
copies made for the convenience of
members of the House. The resolu
tion caused some discussion, but was
finally passed.
The order of the day then recurred
on the third reading of the Dickey
expectoration bill. On motion of the
Introducer consideration of the bill
was nostponed until tomorrow.
"Several Senators are absent," said
Dickey, 'and it Isn't fair."
Senate bill S the bill to permit stay
of execution on Judgment, on third
reading was next In order. The bill
passed, Dowsett alone voting against
Senate Bill 39 to protect the owners
of containers of beverages and medi
cines, was up for third reading but
consideration went over, the Introducer
not being present.
House bill 43. to regulate pay of la
borers on public works, went to the
Judiciary committee on second read
ing. Senate hill 63, providing for the niak-
from tile printing committee. Re
ferred to ways and means committee.
Senate 1)111 60, providing for the sup
pression of Disease among animals the
animal quarantine law reported from
the printing committee. Referred to
a special committee of five, one from
each island. The committee hi He
witt. Kalania. McCandless, Paris and
Sennte bill 6, the Park bill, was taken
up on second reading, read section by
section, amended ns recommended by
the Judiciary Committee and passed.
It will come up for third rending on
Senate Bill 33, to prohibit the prac
tice of medicine without license. Re
ferred to public health committee.
Sonnt bill r.l, to permit banks to es
tablish branches without taking out
separate licenses. Referred to the
ways and moans committee.
Senate Bill 35, defining the property
that shall lie oxempted from taxation,
and Including church sites nnd burial
grounds, Referred to the education
Senate bill 62, to amend the election
law by providing that voters shall
stamp "X" opposite the name of tho
candidate voted for. Referred to the
Judiciary committee.
Senate bill 63, providing for masters
in chancery and probate. Referrod to
tho judiciary committee.
The President changed the reference
! of No. 56 from the committee on edu
cation to the ways and means commit
tee. The Senate then took n recent! until
V i
(Conllnut'l from page one
meaeage from Hi Kxvellem dovernoi
Carter, algned with hla own hand. The
Mecretary bowed with courtly grace
which allowed the advantage of a fto-
jwurn In Washington and handed the
document to the Ipeaker. The peaker
bowed. Then Secretary bowed again
and withdrew amid h murmur of ad
miration from the back of thr hull.
Hut before the meaaage waa read to
the Houae the Speaker reminded the
mmbera that an Invitation wag on Ille
from th Royal Hchool for the llouae to
attend the opening of the new school
at 10:0.
Rep. NakiHnn, chairman of the KtUt
cational Committee, moved that the
Hoiwe take a recent until 2 o'clock nnd
attend the opening as body, a mo
tion which was seconded by Rep. Pu
laa who thought that it whk fitting for
the memliers to visit the new school
built on the site of the home of succes
sive Hawaiian kings and chiefs.
A debate followed which waa not
without Interest but finally the glut
tons for work won out and by a vote
of 14 to IS it was decided to keep on
doing business. That no discourtesy
might be Imagined the House, on mo
tion of deputed Chairman Nakulna and
Vice-Speaker Cox to attend the open
ing of the new school as representing
the members of the lower chamber.
The Governor's message dealt with
the forest fire in South Komi giving
the information that it is going south
ward and must have extended Into tho
government land of Klpahoehoe and
has probably reached the Upper portion
of the- Alika homestead, threatening
those of Paint In which tho Bucholtz es
tate Is situated. The Governor sug
gested the immediate passage of an
Emergency Bill for $2,000 for the Board
of Agriculture and Forestry for the
suppression of the lire.
The message was referred to the Fi
nance Committee.
The Commissioner of Public Lands,
by his Secretary M. T, Lyons submit
ted his detailed statement of Incidental
and general expenses for the six months
ending December 31 last. The total
amount was $1760.06.
Col. Jones of the First Regiment had
as economical a report to make as had
Keppelmeister Berger. The regiment
had had no incidental expenses.
C. S. ' Holioway. Superintendent of
Public Works, submitted copies of the
reports of the different road boards
throughout the Territory as to recom
mendations for road Improvements
When no reports had been received, the
Superintendent put In the recommenda
tions of the engineers of the depart
ment. The bulky report was referred
to the Printing Committee. It may be
Interesting to note In this connection
that the estimate of requirements of
roads and bridges in the 1th and 3th
districts, Oahu, for 1903-7 conies to
Treasurer Campbell submitted Hip
followingdetnlls of Uie, Incidental ex
penses in wie uuiere oilices:
'Oahu' .' $2,933.22
Maul . : 161.53
Hawaii S15.93
Kauai 244.13
Bureau of Conveyances 145.03
Insurance Department 20.35
The expenses of field parties and of
fice work of the Survey Department for
the last six months of the ensuing year
as submitted by Surveyor Wall were
The Senate notified the House of Its
third reading of its bill relating to the
duties of Registrar of Conveyances,
A report of the Military Committee
was submitted by Chairman Aylett re.
commending the passage of the bill to
promote the display of the United
States fiag on the ground that the ob
ject of the bill is to promote the spirit
of pntlotlsm among the school children
of the Territory and the general pub
The Judiciary committee reported on
five bills, as follows:
To prohibit Board of Health or health
officers from condemning for destruc
tion any property without compensa
tlon (Kanlho) Recommended Inde
finitely postponed as the act would tie
the hands of health officers and endan
ger public health in case of any epl
To re-enact chanter 56 of the Penal
Laws of the Territory (Kanlho.) Re
commended indefinitely postponed
there being a question as to whether
tlie act could ever he enforced.
For the- protection of employees as
voters (Kanlho) Recommended Inde
finitely postponed ns It could not be en
forced. I
Act In relation to attorneys nt law
(Kanlho) Recommended Indefinitely
postponed as Its passage would result
In the admission to practice a great
many persons without any legal train
Ing whatever.
Act relating to costs of courts (An
draue). Recommended passed as
amended In minor particulars.
The committee on public expenditures
presented a report endorsing the stand
of Superintendent Hollowny In his re
fusal to recommend payment of unpad
bills whore the work has not been au
particular reference was made to
work on the Hnnokaue gulch trail
which was done by the north Koliala
road board In anticipation of an ap
propriation. The Committee finds
that the road taxes for the district
amount to nearly $4Uv,.- a year and that
this fund must be drawn on the pay
for the work done.
Tho Flnnnce committee recommended
the Indefinite postponement of Kaniho's
bill to license tailors anil dress makers
on the HTouud that sucli a measure will
bo better covered in the general mer
chandise license net now before the
The Finance Committee also recom
mended the Indefinite postponement of
At tlie afternoon session, witli only 12
members present, Senate hill 34 wan re
pot ted from the printing committee and
referred to the Judiciary committei
The Senate then adjourned.
K.mlhn'a bill to repeal the a-i I'mm nf
tie .Ml li-wa rel,, Una to t.it I
ln nnd school ta.
The Commit toe on Ptllil , l.iin.lf. m I
Inii-ninl lmprormMit rMit, ih-
following bill.
for $41170 for equipment of .i new
hoao nimpauy near Nuuanu iiml JiuM
Rtreeta (Wnterhou.ee) Rewimmeude.l
for $12, for equipping a chemical
and hose wagon at Kallhl. near Gullck
road, (Mahelona) Hecommended pass
ed. Kor I24.WW for completing the filling.
macada mining and oiling of the Wal-
kikl road to the end of Kaplolnnl park
(Andrade). Recommended that $10.-
00 be appropriated.
For $17B for widening and cutting
lalitana on the Ulupalakna public
school road (Coellio). Recommended
For $0,000. road at Klhel (Coellio).
$10,000 recommended.
for $175 cutting lantana on Keoeoio
road, Walluku (Coellio). Recommend
For an appropriation to provide .i
caretaker at the Makenn wharf (Coel
lio) Recommended.
For $8000, bench road from Honuapo
to Punnluu, Kau (Pulan). Recom
mended tabled as there Is no tralllc
For $10,000 for repairing Waimen, Ko
liala overland road and $3000 for sur
vey of Hawl-Knwaihae road. (Holsteln)
For $2200 for a concrete culvert for
Kalhuaha stream, Wnlanae (Mahelouii)
For $3B0O for the housing of the new
lioue company at Nuuanu and Judd
streets (Mahelonn). Recommended
that the Item pass but thut the location
be near Wyllle and Lllllia street.
For $22,000 for chemlca lenglne. hose
wagon and equipment at Waiklkl
(Quliin). Recommended,
For an appropriation for a court
house and Jail at Honunulu (Coelho).
Referred to Police committee.
A resolution was introduced by Re
presentative Holsteln for the appro
priation of $1126.20 for the reimburse
ment of the Kohnla Sugar Co.. for
widening and' repairing the Honoknne
gulch, North Kohala.
Reprtjsentative Fernandez asked that
his resolution introduced yesterday for
the purpose of having a select commit
tee Investigate the military, be recon
sidered. He wished to have the Inves
tigation made by the Military Commit
tee of the House Instead of by a select
committee and the request wns grant
ed. The House rose at 12:10 and the
members proceeded to a special car on
Hotel street by which they were taken
to the Maternity Hospital where lun
cheon was served.
(Continued from page one.
or the Sugar Factors' Company. The
sjugari factors Association has ex
press power In Its charter to refine su
gar, anu to carry on the refining, or
any other business in which it may en
gage, in California or any other state
o,r country in which it may be found
most convenient to do so.
The Sugar Factors' Company has en
tered Into an agreement with the Sugar
Trust for the sale of the greater part
of the Hawaiian crop of sugnr to the
Trust for the next three years, the
same to be delivered at Atlantic ports.
The contract however provides that the
Factors' Company may ship not exceed
ing 150,000 tons a year to San Francis
co. There is a contract for the sale of
the sugar shipped to San Francisco to
the Western Refining Company, the
Spreckels concern, and the coast ally
of the Trust. This contract does not
expire until next September, but it has
not ns yet been renewed.
From this the conclusion is drawn by
some of the brokers and others who
keep track of the situation that the Su
gar Factors are now In a strong posi-
tlon to deal with the Western Refining
company in the negotiations for the re
newal of the contract. It Is always
possible for the Factors now to begin
refining sugar on their own account nnd
tljey have a supply of 150,000 tons a
year of raw sugar that Is certain. Be
sides tills they can go into the market
for other raw sugar, Just as the West
ern Refining Company does.
Secretary Rolph of the Sugar Fact
ors' Company said that the change of
ownership of the Crockett refinery was
one that was contemplated when tho
Sugar Factors' Company wns organ
ized, and that there was really no spe
cial or particular significance In It. , It
was simply a part of tho plans of the
Factors' Company which had been an
nounced pretty fully when that corpor
ation wus organized which wns last
July. The Factors' Company hns tho
right, he wild, under its charter, to re
fine sugar. But as lias been announced
the company is now chiefly engaged in
handling raw sugars.
E. Faxon Bishop, the treasurer of the
fompany, said that he was not in a po
sition to discuss the matter touched on
by the cable dispatch.
Thursday, .March 2.
Patterson, Pratt, from Hllo
y. s. s.
t noon.
Per stmr. Mikahala, March 2, for
Kauai ports: A. HtmBlef, C. II. Ilrowii,
E. Bufell, Herman Seofleld, Mm. C. F.
Hart, M. F. Prower and friend, Mrs. A.
Moore, 10. C. Smith, A. Waterhouim4
and wife.
Arriving, March 3, Am. aehr, James
Rolph, 20 days from San Francisco.
Arriving, March 3, Am. schr. olga, 26
days from Portland.
ant mi
In our Safe Depoilt Vault
and Boxes for your valuable
paper?, Jewelry, etc. Rate
Ill CO. Ltd.
Merchant and Fort Sts.,
Honolulu, Hawaii.
Departing, March 2, Am. bark Amy,
Turner, Warland, for San Francisco,
The semi-monthly report of Berrey's
Commercial Agency for March 1 has
been issued. The circular contains a
general review of local commercial af
fairs. Retail business Is reported Im
proving. HALEIWA.
The Halelwa Hotel, Honolulu's fa
mous Country resort, on the line of the
Oahu Rajlway, contains every modern
Improvement and affords Its guests an
opportunity to enjoy nil amusements
golf, tennis, billiards, fresh and salt
water bathing, shooting, fishing, ridlns
and driving. Tickets, including rail
way fare and one full day's room and
board, are sold at the Honolulu Station
and Trent & Company for $5. For de
parture of trains, consult time time.
On Sundnys, the Halelwa Limited, a
two hour train, leaves at 8:22 a. m.:
returning, arrives in Honolulu nt 10
p. m.
Want ads In tho Stnr bring quick re
sults. Three lines three times for 25
First Circuit, Territory of Hawaii.
At Chambers. In Probate.
In the Matter of the Guardianship of
Kahoopioplo (w) of Honolulu, Oahu,
a Minor.
Order to Show Cause on Guardian's
Application to Sell Real Estate,
tin rending and tiling the Petition ot
E. 1'. Kalama, of Honolulu, Oahu, the
Guardian of the person and estate of
Kahoopioplo (w) the above-named
minor praying for an order of sale of
certain real estate belonging to hla
said ward, the same being the makal
half of all of that piece of land known
as Kahanaakal, in Nuuanu Valley, Ho
nolulu,j;fttliu, described In Royal Pa
tent (Gftlnt) 3443, said makal half con
taining nn area of 4.2 acres, and set
ting forth certain legal reasons why
such real estate should bo sold, to wit:
that the Income from said property la
not sufficient to maintain and support
said minor, and that said property
should lie sold for the maintenance and
support of said minor.
It is hereby Ordered, That the heira
and next of kin of said .ward nnd all
persons interested in the said estate,
appear before- this Court on Monday,
the 13th day of March, A. D. 1905, at 10
o'clock a. in., nt the Court Room of this
Court, in said Honolulu, Oahu, then
and there to show cause why an order
should not he granted for the sale of
such estate.
And It Is further Ordered, That a no
tlcf of this order be published at least
twice a week for two successive weeks
before the said day of hearing, viz.: on
February 24, 23. March 3, 4, 10th and
11th. 1905, In Tlie Hawaiian Star, a
newspaper published In Honolulu.
Dated at Honolulu, T. H., February,
23rd, 1903.
Third Judge- of the Circuit Court of tlie
First Circuit.
Clork ot the Circuit Court of the First
C. F. Peterson, Attorney for Petitioner,
6ts Feb. 24, 23; Mar. 3, 4, 10, 11, 1903.
in Saturday, March 411), 1905, nt 12
o'clock noon, at the front entrance to
tho Judiciary Building, Honolulu, will
be sold at Public Auction:
Government Lots 2 and S, NIati, Ka
llhl, Oahu, adjoining the property of
the Into W. L. Wilcox.
Area -litOO square feet.
Uptmt price $coo.oo.
Terms Caeh, V. S. Gold Coin.
For plana and further piu'Uaulnri.
apply at the Department of Public
Lands, Judlclury Building, Honolulu.
Commissioner of I'ubllo Lands.
Honolulu, H. T. February 1st, 1905.
eta-Feb. 1, 4, 11. 18, 86. Mar. 3.
f i

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