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If Yon want to
day's Notts, today
yon llud It In
Classified Ads, Three Times. 25 Cents
No. 4390-
ranciSGO Visited
Disaster Wilhou
Cable communication had
not been re-established at
4 o'clock.
The disaster that has come upon San
Erancisco is the moat appalling in the his
tory of the West. It is the most appalling
disaster in which the Hawaiian Islands
have ever had any concern. Stricken as is
San Francisco by the disaster, she must
turn to her sister cities for aid.
That they will respond to such a need
even before any word has been uttered by
the stricken city, is certain. Too remote
from San Francisco to send her citizens to
help the sufferers from the disaster, Hono
lulu can but extend her sympathy. She can
extend her moral sympathy and she can
extend her financial assistance. That she
will do both is certain.
Lest do time be lost in starting the work of
rendering'assistanceto her stricken sister city,
Honolulu citizens should begin at once to
contribute. Were Honolulu in the depths
of such a disaster it would be to San Fran
cisco that she would turn for assistance, and
it would be from San Francisco people that
financial and other relief would come. Let
Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands respond.
The Star will head the list of subscrip
tions with $50.00. The Star will maintain
a subscription for the San Francisco Relief
Fund. Subscriptions can be sent to the
Star for the relief of the stricken city.
Hawaiian Star $50.00
Employees of the Star 14.25
New York Cable
Round Th
e World
In order to Rive some Information oi
tho Identity of thoso who have gone to
Snn Francisco and may have been In
the city at the time of tho disaster, the
passenger lists of thoso who have de
parted on steamers from Honolulu dur
ing he Inst month and a half Is re
printed. All of those who are named
aro not Honolulu or Island residents,
L. Madden, C. Willard, Mrs. L. Ham
lin, Mrs. V. A. Cunningham, Miss N.
Cunningham, L. G. Jloblnsou, A. Mos
es, W. Stephenson, Mrt. A. Mackin
tosh and daughter, Miss Kulumnnu
Ward, Mlsg L. Ward, C. MoWayne.
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Forbes, Miss A.
Moiriam," II. S. Hosmer, Mrs. O. H.
Hosmer, J. C. McCandless, II. F. Wlcli-
All round the world, New. York this martial law, and the cable olllee people
morning Bent a message to Honolulu al no passes, wherefore they wore
, , , , ,, naturally delayed In getting lnstru-
asking for news from San Franctaca, through the lines
Superintendent Gaines was compelled The i,elK;n nut from which cables
to reply that ho couldn't get any com- are to be sent In such emergencies does
munication, other than the first, with not contain instruments. "It would be
San Francisco. The Now York office Impossible to keep such delicate lnstru-
advlsed him that it could not got Oak- meats In such a place," said Supcrln-
land. This means that the dlsastor tendeut Gaines. However, there are
extends across the bay. old fashioned methods of using the
The last messages sent here from San wire which will undoubtedly bo Invoked
Francisco were by an operator around without the flno modern instruments
whom tho plaster of the doomed cable If thero has been a failure- to get the
building was falling. The Instruments Instruments In San Francisco to tho
wero ready for removal to tho beach Ctf house station,
station of the cable company, but after The street car systems of San Fran
surmounting tho difficulties' of getting Cisco are suspended, as tho cablo ro
a wagon to carry them, the cablo men poi ts show, and doubtless It will take
wero unable to gpt throughtho mlll some timu to get Instruments to the
tary lines. Silri Franojeco under beach.
but many of thoec on tho list are. Oth- man, F. WIc-hman, nurse and 2 chll
ors are tourists returning home there dren, Mrs. 15. A. McBryde, Mrs. A. IC
Is no doubt soino of thoso local people Prudcn, Miss Genevieve Rix,' J. Morgan
Who went -to San Francisco left that Bnkor, Mrs. H. Weiss and 2 children,
city before the disaster. Hut it Is un- Miss E. B. McKenzlo, H. J. Schocneau.
doubledly true that a large number of -Mrs. Angus and 2 daughter, H. B. War
peoplo who loft Honolulu for San Fran- den, E. T. Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. D. E.
oisco remained visiting in the city. Thomas, A. H. Ellers, C. H. Clapp, Mrs
The lists together with tho steamers A. W. T. Bottomloy, Dr. W. C. Wile,
and dates when they departed arc as W. II. Chilton. Frank Levy, Mr. and
follows: Mrs. McAlplne, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. I.
Per S. S. Alumeda, March 2S, for San Stafford, F. E. Walsh and wife and 2
Francisco. J. F. Bell, Mrs. Bell, child children, W. R. Swlth, J. Wllhelm, J.
und nurse, J. S. Bell, Mrs. H, H. Bro- Fredericks, Thomas Prime, It. Schmidt,
die and 2 children, Mrs. C. G. Bockus G. P. Thlclen, G. Ashlkage and ser
and Infant, Mr. Buhlor, Mrs. Buhler, vant, Miss E. (Thompson, A. A. Munson.
Miss Chandler, F. C. Clark, Miss E. E. Per S. S. Siberia, March 24, for San
Cokk, K. Cooper, Mr. Cory, Mrs. Cory, Francisco George It. Howard, wife
G..M. Cushlng, S. Dowsett, H. F. EUI- and daughter, Dr. W. D. Boldwln, Mrs.
ott, Mrs. Elliott, B. Flanlgan, Mrs. J. W. D. Baldwin. Miss C. Baldwin, Mlsfc
F. Forrester, Miss Brenda Fowler, Mrs. NorJineyer, Rolort Hind, Mrs. IllnS
C. It. Frazler, 2 children and nurse, Miss M. E. Ielland, Georgo F. Kendall,
Mrs. C. F. Harrington, Georgo Haw- Miss Kendall, Mlss"Fcnton, Miss Bat
kins, Miss Hayward, N. B. Holdcn, tello, Miss L. Dunhnm, Miss M. M.
Mrs. A. M. Leadbotter, J." C. Lockwood, Dllllnger. Mrs.' L. B. Dardem, Miss
G. Lomax, Mr. Lowell, Dr. E. A. Lundy, Margaret Wallace. W. D. Brunor, S.
Marsden, L. V. McKesson, Mrs. Mc- Livingstone ii"d wife, F. S. Churchill.
itesson, Mrs. IT. M. Meldrum, E. H. wife, child. m..id and 2 servants, Mrs.
Miller, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Moler and W. C. Blak? MIspch Bhiko (2), Mrs.
hlld, B. W. Morian. Mrs. Morian, Miss L. Klco and child. Dr. G. It. McDonogli.
Morlan, Miss Nelson, A. J. Norman, W. J. Mitchell, J. A. McDonald, J. R.
E. W. Pease, Miss Pease, H. L. Pit- Long, T. E. synds, B. C. Latlin, E.
tock, Mrs. Plttock, Miss H. L. PIttock, Cannon, L. G. Kellogg, W. It. Castye.
Charles Place, II. Queul, Mrs. J. H. A. Adams, John Fnrwell, Leon Ilonlgs-
Queal, Mr. ltenfort, Mr. lloblnson, Mrs br'ger. Charles Tschudl. G. W. Tschu
lloblnson, G. H. Itobortson, O. H. hi. (). 11. Strong, and wlf". Sherman
Strong, Mrs. Strong and 2 children, H. Denton, Miss Denton, Itobert Denton,
K. Tittle, W. D. Turk, Mrs, Turk, Mrs. Mrs. Miller. E. J. Brandt. C. C. Des-
L. Van Sant, Miss F. Wadman, Mrs. mond and wife, W. F. Montgomery, If.
M. H. Wagar, G. Wibeck, J. H. Wii- s. Waldo, John It. True and wife, Ju
llams, Mrs .Williams. Ernest Wilkes. llUs R. Blake. H. S. Tittle. E. H. MII-
Per S. S. Sonoma, April 6, for San 0r, C W. llosecrans, It. Belllnn. A. V.
"ranclsco Dr. Woolsey, Miss Keith, Afong, F. L. Waldron.
Paul Neumann, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. per S. S. Sierra, March 13, for San
Walsh, It. H. Flshburn, Miss Flshburn, Francisco Mr. nnd Mrs. H. L. Plttoclc,
Jt. Schmidt, Col. and Mrs. Thompson, jh puiofU. Mrs. Leadbotter, Oscar
lis. Keeley, Miss Judd. Dr. Emily Ai:lr -. Master Autbere. Miss Ramon.
Noblt, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Spring, Mr. M!; s THnlln (2), Miss Loggle, Mr. and
and Mrs. H. O. Hall, Mrs. A. K. Pril- M:-r. ?'l!r. M.r and Mrsl Lansing. G.
len. J. F. Myhnn. Mrs". "M. H. Avery, n. v -,, tcml wlf. It. E. Frost, J. K.
Fro.-. Vi'i r. F. Hnrrlnton. W. It.
Cr'tlo. .Mr. "nd !!r. Edwin Chase.
Ml" nirt.y. Gnyl-u-d. Mrs. E. T. Wcth-ert-"l.
"-fi -Kiitle Nash, Florence
H '-v -l. Blanciio Brown, Minnie Phil
Hps, Ellle Mao King, Sallio Madlgan,
Edna Parsley, Smnlle Crossen, Molllo-
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done In ordor to mako you- Will a Plne Job Printing, Star Office,
proper legal document.
The first dispatch telling, of the San to science for years past about San
Francisco horror that was received Francisco.
o had caused Hl3 communication follows:
FTnnnliiln 11dn n m
the disaster. Naturally the mention of M D M Rhodes.
earthquake caused the conclusion that 1 wish Indeed that I could reply satls-
tho disaster had had Its origin In somo factorily to your request for somo opl
volcanic disturbance. But such a bo- nlon as to tho causo of tho earthquake
.,, , o.. v t.,v, at San Francisco. But we are all igno-
rant about even tho nresent facts.
tne local autnority on seismic uisturo- t wouI(1 say m K1Ierni that several
unces. severe earthquakes have occurred on
The city editor of tho Star addressed tho coast during the past forty years.
a special request to Dr. Bishop this None of them appearod to bo due to
morning, asking for an oxpresslon as to volcanic activity, of which certainly
tho probable cauao of tho disaster, none exists In that country. I believe
While In possession of practically no that all tho observations made located
information which would load to any tho centers of disturbance at soveral
definite Idea regarding the causes of miles below tho surface. It was be-
tho dlsastor. Dr. Bishop who h03 In- lioved that greut faults or slips had
ternatlonal prominence as un authority occurred In the subterranean strata.
on seismic disturbances, has kindly Most probably somo such causo will bo
contributed a brief explanation of tho found to account for the present dis-
probablo causes for the shocking dls--aster.
aster. Dr. Bishop bases his theory up- Sincerely yours,
on conditions which havo been known S. B. BISHOP,
Chamber Commerce Meet
s Aid ban i-rancisco
President Lowroy opened a special her should wait until the San Fran
meeting of tho trustees of the Hono- cIsco chamber let their needs be known
lulu Chnmber of .Commerce this after- F. M. Swanzy said that tho Chamber
noon at 2:15 o'clock. should cable sympathy but should not
The meeting was called In order to muko a contribution until amount need
tako action In. regard to tho disaster cd bo learned. If the amount needed
In San Francisco. Is large It Is possible that tho chambe
E. I. Spalding said that. It was ad- raise a large amount but perhups San
vlsuble for the Chamber to express their Francisco doos not want money so
sympathy but tho matter of money he thought tho chamber should wait.
would need to be considered. Ho spoke II. P. Wood suggested that J. F.
of the distress that would naturally Morgan be appointed to curry a imr
follow such a catastrophe.. sonnl mcBgagc of sympathy to the San
J. F. Morgan thought that a fund Francisco Chamber of Commerce.
should bo raised Immediately and not President Lowrey thouuht that money
to wait until needs bo known.
L. Tenny Peck thought tht the cham-
(Continued on I'dgn Eight).
Fort Street,
Classified Advertising
Professor Dill, Astrologer and Occult
Scientist, recently arrived. Written
readings on the Birth Figure, $1 to $E.
Glvo Hour, Year and Day of Birth.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Address
"Dill," Star Onice.
Wiffl BI EfflBttME
At about B o'cluck this morning Ho- Cisco, und since then tho whole com-
nolulu rocolved the first newspossibly munlty has continued all the morning
the first Bent to any point in tho world,
of tho terrible dlsastor at San Fran- (Continued on Page Five),
Mrs. 13. Lyle. H. A. Peterson. M. H.
Weinberg, Mr. and Mis. It. Lowln, Mrs.
F. E. Harvey and 2 children, G. Miller,
wife and 2 children.
Per. S. S. Mongolia, April 7. for San
Francisco: Mrs. F. E. Nichols, Miss
MLoulso Nichols, Miss Majorla Nichols,
Mrs. u. wilder, .Mr. ami airs. a. jv. pmi,.stoi. Bertha Courtmanche. B. R.
Moore, Mr. nnd Mrs. G. F. Klrly, Miss Banning. James M. Thompson, J. L.
Mary J. Allen. Mrs. Kimball, Miss Thomson. Mr", and Mrs. J. T. Ovcrbury.
Kimball, G. P. Cooke and wife. Mrs. L. j. j.,Pur g. Gregory. Mrs. N. S. Sach.
M. Slattery, II. Schultze, Mr. and Mrs. John Patton. Mra. M. F peter. O W.
H. Foeke, 2 children and maid, Mr. and TM-hudl. Mrs. M. S. Jones. Miss Ruth-
Mrs. G. P. Castle and 2 daughters. Mrs nrfnnl. Tfjirlnn NMnhlnUn rt . Mlllni-
V. L. Tenney and son. Mrs. M. E. Alex- wf(! iuj t.j,ti.-l
uider, H. C. Easton, J. C. Gill and wife
Lieut. Comdr. A. P. Nlblnck and wife, shrhmam vii.t. lircvnrcTi aid
Miss Catton. Miss F. M. ,Hazen. T. E. Tlu. transport Sherman departs at 5
Ryan, L. E. Ryan. C. J. Ityan, J. H. ,,. m. t0(ily for Snn Francisco. Cap
Ryan, Mrs. J. H. Ryan. Mrs. !T. E. Ry- tain Bnbcock, the quartermaster cap
an. Miss Norino Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. 13, tain of the vessel, announced that ho
J. Waddoll. Mrs. J. W. ergstrom and would be nlensed to carrv nnvthlmr in
2 children, H. T. Vars. wlfo and child, the way of papers or mall to the-
Mrs. A. Burckers, Mrs. o. J. Uettls, mainland, or any particular messages
Capt. Stewart, Mrs. Stewart. Miss M. to people in tho stricken city.
All kinds of Island jams, jellies and
pickles. Mrs. Kearns, 1S4 Hotel St.
George D. Gear has opened lav of
fices In the rooms formerly occupied by
Justice Hatch on Kaaliumanu street.
Telephone Main 214.
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stock of liquors and And out for your
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choice samples. Special attention
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Main 399. P. O. Box 810. Hotel street
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The man with money serves Rainier
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And one well worth going soveral
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Old Homo Barn Yard.
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Linm-D. 'ja
If 11

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