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Fancy Work
Wo have a fancy work (hand inntle)
dcpartniont lu our store and are ex
hibiting the finest work of art in this
lino. All wares in this department are
inndo by persons lu need who get the
proceeds after a small commission Is
deducted to go towards maintaining the
exchange. , jx
Woman's Exchange
Hotel & Union Sts.
Wm. G. Irwin.. President and Manager
John D. Spreckols. First Vice-President
W. M. Gltfard... Second Vice-President
H. M. Whitney Treasurer
Richard Ivers Secretary
D. G. May Auditor
Oceanic Steamship Co., San Francisco,
Baldwin Locomotive Works, Phila
delphia, Pa.
Hakalau Plantation Co., Hllo Sugar
Company, Honolulu Plantation Co.,
Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Co.,
Kllauea Sugar Plantation Co., Olo-
walu Company, Paauhau Sugar Plan
tatlon Co., Walmanalo Sugar Co.
Quality Soda Water
made only by
We havo them tor use on
CAS STOVES and they make
toast better than anything
ever devised.
on a gas stove Is a real plea
sure at all times. We sell
the stove pay-as-you-can
way. Bettor look In.
Bishop Street.
Merchant Tailors.
Cigar Stand on the Comtr.
Beretanla and Emma Streets.
Catton, Neill & Co.
Engineers, Machinists, Blacksmiths
and Boilermakers.
First class work at reasonable rates.
Honolulu Iron Works.
Machinery of Every Description
Made to Order. Particular Attention
paid to bhlp's Blacksmlthlng. Job
Work Executed on Short Notice.
A large assortment i the best Porto
Kican Hats just received. Lowest
Prlves prevail. See our window dis
Fort Street, Opposl the Convent.
With our expert cutter who has J tut
returned from tha coast wo guarantee
erorjr suit to fit.
. , AMA CO,, LTD.
Merchant Tailors. ir'
Walty Building King Street
Fine Job Printing, Star Offlce.
A 4
hi in.
I'rlnio Bcer. Page G
Hllo Sugar Co Pago G
A. N. Sanford Pngo 5
Hollltger Drug Co Page i
Honolulu Drug Co Page 5
Pachcco's Dandruff Killer Page 5
Local Omce, U. S. Weather Bureau,
Young Building.
Honolulu, T. H., Oct. 1, 1D0S.
Teniperatur o, c a. m.; 8 a. m.; 10
a. m.; and morning minimum.
73; 71); S2; 81; 73.
Barometer reading: absolute humid
ity (grains per cubic foot); relative
humidity and dew point at 8 a. m.:
30.09; 72.09; 03; G7.
Wind: Velocity and direction at G a.
m.; 8 a. in. ; 10 a. m.; and noon:
2 E; 3 E; 15 NE; 18 NE.
Rainfall during 24 'hours ending 8 a.
ni: No rain.
Total wlna movement during 21 nours
ended at noon: 1G3 miles.
Section Director.
Paragraphs That Give Condensed
News of the Day.
A Japanese baseball team has been
formed on the Island of Kauai.
Violin recital at Bishop Hall, Satur
day, October 3. Remember the date.
The Catholic Ladies' Aid Society
meets tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock
at the convent.
The Hawaiian Entomological So-
clety will meet this evening at the
Planters' experiment station.
A special meeting of Hllo Sugar Co.,
will be held on Tuesday October G at
10 a. m. at the offlce of W. G. ,Irwin &
Horikawa, charged with attempting
to pass counterfeit money, was held
for tho Federal Grand Jury by U. S.
Commlsisoner Judd yesterday.
Henry May & Co. received fresh Cali
fornia Peaches, Pears, Grapes, Melons
and all vegetables in season by S. S,
Hllonlan today.
The College of Hawaii needs u build
ing for pattern making and forging
and will probably rent one until per
manent buildings are erected at Ma
noa. The wireless telegraph Is now an
everyday fact, and a useful Institution.
There is no better medium for quick
inter-Island communication. Bates
are low.
The Holllster Drug Co. have just re
ceived a largo new shipment of their
finest brands of rubber goods, Includ
ing the famous "Kantleek" goodsNow
Is the time to get them.
If you want to find the sodas that
always find the right spot, stop at
the Twentieth Century soda fountain
of the Honolulu Drug Co., Ltd., Fort
street, just above King.
After an iperatlon at tho hospital,
the doctor will often prescribe beer in
stead of malt extract and bullion. It
is the best kind of tonic, and Primo
Is the best kind of beer.
If your eyes are giving you trouble,
and you cannot see so well as you used
to .they certainly need optical atten
tion. Take them to A. N. Sanford,
Optician, Boston Building.
Rapid Transit Men, your lunches and
other orders will receive prompt and
careful attention at tho Manhattan
Cafe on Fort street. "Kapid Transit"
service Is our specialty. R. W. War
ham, Proprietor.
Walter G. timlth has been elected
vice president of the College of Ha
wall and will preside In the Board ot
Regents during President H. K. Coop
er's absence on the mainland.
The annual accounts of Mrs. iK. Enos
guardian of Leon Sterling, a minor,
were filed yesterday. She charges
herself with $72G.G3, asks to be credit
ed with $G0.80, and retains a balance
for the estate amounting to $701.83.
H. P. Duncan ot tho Department or
Justice combined official business with
the honeymoon trip he lately made to
Honolulu. Ho collected evidence for
use in cases ot rebating brought
against the Southern Pacific Railroad
The symptoms of scalp disease are
always apparent In the white scales of
dandruff found on tho clothes and in
the hair, brush and comb. Pacheco's
Dandruff Killer will infallibly cure
these symptoms and stop your hair
from falling.
An order was issued yesterday by
Judge Lindsay that George It. Carter,
guardian of the estate of Henry A. P.
Carter, should pay to the child's moth
er and guardian of his person, tho
moneys asked as reimbursement for
advances made by her.
An auction sale of goods that havo
been donated to the Salvation Army
for tho Hnrvost Festival, will take
place on Tuesday, October 6, at 8 p. m
Many things have been given to be
sold for the benefit of the local corps,
including dry goods, groceries, musical
Instruments, curios, etc. Refreshments
served at tho hall on corner o King
and Nuuanu streets.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Irving Fulton,
ot tho school of oratory or tho Wes
Ieyan University of Delawaro, Ohio,
are guests of the Kllobana Art League
will buy a fine hom.
Easy terms.
Tho autumn meeting of the Dental
Society of Hawaii will be held on tho
brink of the crater of Kllauea, and all
ethical dentists Irani anywhere and
everywhere arc Invited to be present.
Dr. F. E. Clark, secretary of tho Ha
waii Society, has forwarded the follow
ing Invitation to three of the leading
dental journals published on tho main
land. "Tho autumn meeting of the Dental
Society ot Hawaii! will bo held, Oct. 21,
1908, on the brink of the crater of Kl
lauea, the greatest active volcano in
tho world. Tho proceedings will be
conducted under the broad canopy of
heaven, and by the fiery glare of the
molten lava. Kllauea Is situated on
the slopes of Mauna Loa, at 4000 feet
elevation, and In the heart of a tropical
forest. The scenery Is unexcelled.
Thirty dollars Is the special round trip
rate, for the trip from Honolulu and
return, and Includes all traveling and
hotel expenses. Tho excursion leaves
Honolulu Otcober 27, returning Octo
ber 31.
"A cordial Invitation Is extended to
all ehtlcal dentists from anywhere and
everywhere to be present."
Honolulu will have a treat within
tho next few weeks which should be of
great Interest and also Importance. F.
H. Newell, Diretcor of tho United
States Reclamation Service, will give
a lecture under the auspices of the
Chamber of Commerce, upon Irrigation
and particularly the reclamation work
which has been done by the United
States government.
Tho lecture will be illustrated with
slides, which havo been made from
pictures taken on the scene of some of
the greatest irrigation work which has
ever been dono In tho world. The mat
ter was broached to Mr. Newell before
ho left for Maul with Governor Frear,
but he stated that he did not have his
lantern slides with him. It was sug
gested that they might be cabled for
and this was done, an answer being re
ceived yesterday to tho effect that they
had been boxed and forwarded to this
city by express.
The amount of money which was
paid out yesterday by United States
Marshal Hendry will probably come as
a surprise to some who Imagine that
this offlce does not transact a very
large amount of business. As a mat
ter of fact last month was a small one,
yet a total of $3870.60 was given into
local circulation through the United
States Marshal for the expenses ot the
month of September, not counting the
salaries of the regular offlce employees.
This amount was divided as follows:
General Expenses $ 114.75
Jurymen's fees 875.35
Witness fees ..., 127.50
Support of prisoners 2,462,00
Miscellaneous expenses 291.00
Land Commissioner Pratt Is preparing
to dispose of the Lualualel lots on this
island and he spent a good part of tho
morning 'In preparing tho advertise
ments for publication. Tho remainder
of his time was taken up In dictating a
letter to the Advisory Land Commis
sion containing his views on amend
ments to the land laws and also a num
ber of suggestions which, be obtained
through his trip to Washington and
Investigation of tho United States laws
and regulations on the subject.
today. The program maao out in ad
vance ot tho arrival of the Tenyo Ma
ru "comprised an automobile drive by
members of the Btfckoye club in the
morning, luncheon at Mrs. W. L. Hop
per's, attendance at the Punahou exer
cises in the afternoon, dinner at Mrs,
JVfidman's, and a reception and reci
tal at the Art League in tho evening
Aug. 2S.
Aug. 28.
Per Lb.
;,90 cents.
Per Ton.
Sept. .1 3.8S5 cents.
Sept. 8 ....
Sept. 10 3.90 cents.
9 shillings, G pence.
Sept. 11...., .......
Sept. 14 ,
Sept, 15
Sept 16 . !
Sept. 19
Sept. 21 .' ,
Sept. 22
Sept. 22 3.9S cents...
Sept. 23
Sept, 24
Sept. 25
Sept, 26
Sept' 29
llawaiiafi Tobacco Plauiafiofi Co.,
Capital Stock i . .$100,000.00
5000 Shares Par Value $20.00
Subscription list fibw open at the
office1 of
Htoolc aad Ucnd
Brolcer ..... .
Campbell Block, Merchant Street,
Prospectus may te had on applica
County Attorney John W. Cathcart
had the following to say this morning
regafdlng the charges brought against
him by the Advertiser:
"In regard to the attack on me In
this morning's paper I would say In
reference to the Ah Chee matter that,
at no time 'whne any criminal charge
was pendidg against Ah Chee did I
appear for 'him In a civil action. It is
true that about six months before any
chargo was made, ho retained me to
defend him in a civil atcion of trespass.
The case was tried and disposed or
long before any criminal charge was
made against him. He was prosecuted
vigorously, as all our cases are, and
his acquittal was through no fault of
the County Attorney's office. He is a
merchant at Waialua, and has been
engaged In the mercantile business for
many years there. The criminal
charge against him was for selling li
quor Illicitly.
"As to Mr. Humphrey's statements
before the Supreme Court, he, as usual,
wont outside of the record, and, as
usual, the court sat down upon him,
intimating that his remarks were not
proper. I presume Mr. Humphreys
knew that it'was not proper to go out
side of th record to make a personal
attack on me, but if he did not know
it before, the Supremo Court has In
formed him sufficiently, so that he
knows It now.
"In reference to tho statements of
Judge De Bolt I would say that, some
time ago we had a conversation on
the subject of my appearing ip. divorce
cases. I brought the matter up my
self, and while Judge De Bolt was lij
cliued to believe that, perhaps, I 'had'
better not appear, ho expressed no dis
approval of - my appearing, certainly
not any decided disapproval, because It
he had, whatever -my own judgment
might be V would have fpllowed his
ideas without any hesitancy. 1 1)
"In Mr. Castle's statement, It appears
that he and'Mr. W. O. Smith differed
as to the propriety of the Attorney
General appearing in divorce cases,
which shows that good men may differ
on this subject. Any opinion ot the
Supreme Court given as Mr. Castle
states has been unknown to most ot
the members ot tho bar here, and. cer
tainly was unknown to me. It Is not
a published opinion; was not rendered
in any case, was merely .advjee under
the then existing law and is not of
' . i . 1 1 . . i
uiuuing lorco on uie uencfi or uur ul
this Territory.
"But I have Judicial authority for
appearing In divorce cases similar to
the Will case. In tho case of Ma
huka v. Mahuka, Mr. Ashford, attorney
for the llbellee, made, a written objec
tion to my appearing for the Hbellant
on me grouna mat as prosecuting' ot-
ficer I could not appear in a case where
facts involving a criminal charge were
set forth and were In dispute, and on
his written objection moved that I be
not allowed to appear. Tho motion
and objection were argued and heard
on May lGth of this year beflore Judge
Alexander Lindsay, Jr., and the mo
tion was dented and objection was
overruled, and my right to appearjsus
9 shillings 4 1-2
9 shillings, 5 1-4 pence.
9 shillings, 6 3-4 .pence. v
9 shillings, 5 1-4 pence!
Sept. 10
9 shillings, 8 1-4 pence.
9 shilling, 7 1-2 pence.
9 shllllgs, 6 pence.
9 shillings G 3-4 pence.
9 shillings, 8 1-4 .pence.
9 shillings, 7 1-2 ponce.
9 shillings, 9 3-4 pence.
9 shillings, 7 1-2 pence.
9 shillings, 9 pence.
9 shillings,. G pence.
9 shillings, 7 1-2 pence.
9 shillings, G pence.
James F. Morgan's
Member of Honolulu Stock and Bond
ftxchang9. ,
Stock and Bond Orders receive
prompt attention.
Information furnlshel relative to all
Phone 72
P. O. Box 694.
talned by the court. I have according
ly not only judicial authority for my
action, but I have the precedents es
tablished by an Attorney General of
this Territory-
"The Advertiser assumes that I acted
in violation of law, but such assump
tion is in the face of the judicial deci
sion of Judge Lindsay. This decision
is the law of this Circuit at least until
reversed by the Supreme Court, and
myself and other attorneys have the
right to rely on it.
"In the Will case, the adultery charge
against my client was publicly with
drawn so that tho only matter which
could call for the cognizance ofi the
criminal court would be adultery of
the llbellant, and my connection with
the case can in no way interfere with
any criminal prosecution.
"It is a custom which prevails
throughout the United States for Coun
ty Attorneys to take civil business, and
It has been the custom here ot the At
torney General to take civil business.
Mr. Andrews, when Attorney General,
and his deputies took divorce cases' In
the line of other civil work, but as .to
what custom prevailed in former days
here I have not sufficient knowledge to
be able to speak.
"If I had ever acted, whether In di
vorce cases or in any matter, as the
Advertiser' is trying to make the pub
lic believe, the judges who know me
and my work, would not be as they
now are my friends and well wishers."
Dividends Oct. 1, 1908: Haiku 1 1-2
per cent; Pala 1 1-2 per cent; Pioneer,
2 per cent.
Stock. Bid. Asked.
Ewa Plant Co 2G.125 26.50
Hawaiian Com 95.00 96.00
Hawaiian Sugar 36.00'
Honomu 150.00
Honokaa 13.00 14.00
Hutchinson 18.00
McBryde 3.25 4.00
Oahu Sugar Co '.. 27,50 27.75
Ookala 12.o6 ' 13.75
Olaa Sugar Co., , 3.875. 4.125
Paauhau 18.50
Paia ...... 165.00
Waialua Agrl 82.00 85.00
Walmanalo. ,...180.00
Waimea ; v 48.00
Hon. R. & T. Co. com 65.00
Nahlku Rub. ass 30.00
O. R. & L. do 100.00
HohVB&M:.Co...;.. 20.00
Cal. Ref, Co. Gs 100.00
Haiku 6s,. 101.00 ......
Hawaiian Sugar 6s.... 101.00 ......
Honokaa 6s 100.00
Hon. R. T. Co. 6s 105.00
Kahuku 6s 100.00
McBryde 6s 9"3.50 94.50
O. R. & L. Co. 6s 101.25
Paclfio 6s 100.00
Paia 6s 101.00
Pioneer 6s 104.00
Waialua Agrl 99.00
HIL0. September 25. Sam Woods,
who was nominated at the Democratic
Convention for Supervisor to repre
sent Kohala, has declined to run. Mr.
Woods states that while he is sensible
of the honor, he was nominated against
his wishes, having previous to tho
meeting of tho convention, written a'
letter to a prominent delegate request
ing that his name be not used in con
nection with the political race. ,
Fine Job Printing, Star Office.
Ladies and Children
We arc showing some very nobby things
in Ladies' and Children's Sweater Coats.
. These are the very latest and strictly up-to-date.
Ask to sec the new Girdles for the neck,'
very new. '.
N. S. Sachs' Dji Goods Go., Ltd
Corner of Fort and Beretanla Streets.
Boiled Ham
Smoked and Cooked here at home ready for the table.
No better article for luncheon. We nearly always
have our own compressed Corn Beef on the stall.
Tie iiiofii M
Phone, 395. 63 Queen Street. p. Q. Box aia
Fire Wood, Stove, Steam and Blacksmith Coal
Crushed Rock, Black and White Sand.
Garden Soil,
Hat, Grain, Cement; Etc., Etc.
'Phone Office 281. p. o. Box 154J
Fort St., Opp. W. G. IRWIN & CO., LTD. V
We do all kindsof Teaming; also
Black Sand, Broken Coral, Garden Soil, Etc. - -SAFE
Chafing Dishes with patent Ivory Enamelled Food Pans. Crumb
Trays and Scrapers. Cream and Sugar Sets (gold lined). Ice Water
Pitchers, Collapsing Drinking Cups, Pocket Flasks, Ico holders, Cock
tall Shakers.
A Complete Line of Bath Room Specialties.
IvBWiS fe COMPANY, Ivtd,
169 King Street. nw-uu iaaMi., , Telephone 240".
He cninn Slop's Excuse for Existence
T Fifty years ago the crockery business in the U. S. was of small im
portance. Every general store cave it a wee little corner.
"Families who could afford
carea lor it lewer sun, riain
art pottery was heresay to the
IfToday every woman wants to
uujro, nucic u wuuc uuu who majces it. n amounts io a passion witn ner.
IfThere are hundreds of makes and brands.
nit requires Intelligent sales people to explain the details. Vou can't expect
to know about these things. They don't. , t-
1 We are etlll doing; business at the old stand. ' ;
W. W. Dimond &.Co. 53-57 King St.
0. Tlrmiinrr fin lit
a. may oil lul c
deal in Crushed Rock, White an3
fancy china, were few and those who!
white was the prevailing table ware ancl
majority. J
know all about the china and pottery sheV'
- . jt Tall

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