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When the newly elected president
of the United States arrives in Wash
ington next March to assume the reins
of government li0 will enjoy one ex
perience not vouchsafed to any of his
predecessors in office upon a like occa
sion. This novelty in the inauguration
program will he the formal reception
of the incoming chief ' magistrate in
the special apartments provided and
set apart for the exclusive use of the
president in the new Union railway
station at Washington. This magni
ficent ediflce 'which, after several years
of workr has been brought to a state
of completion during the closing
months of 190S, has many distinctive
features which distinguish It architec
turally and otherwise, from all other
public buildings in the -world, but per
haps Its first claim to public attention
arises from its dignity as the "Presi
dential Station."
This nickname has been applied to
the new edifice at Washington by rea
son of the fact for the first time there
have been provided in a structure of
this kind special apartments for the
use of the president of the United
States when setting out upon or re
turning from a journey. No other rul
er of a republic lias ever had such an
Institution provided gratuitously and
entirely on the initiative of the rail
road company, and indeed, no foreign
sovereign has been enabled to enjoy
similar apartments of like luxury and
It was the definite aim of the archi
tects to make the "State Suite" at the
new railroad terminal at the American
capital as different as possible from
the royal apartments in European
railway stations and at the same time
have it In keeping with the dignity
of the United States as the greatest
railroad country on the globe. For In-;
stance, the new railway rendezvous
of the American president Is in mark
ed contrast to the royal apartments
provided Tor the use of the British
sovereign at the Windsor station in
London, and -which apartments may
be cited as representative of European
ideals on the subject.
At the London station referred to
the private waiting rooms for royalty
are found In a one-story house of mar
ble and iron, with ornamental doors
and -windows, set down on the main
platform of the station and thus pos
sessing an Individuality of Its own,
instead of being an integral part of
the main station as is the suite re
cently completed at Washington. To
continue this comparison a step far
ther It may be noted that the ediflce
provided for the benefit of the British
royalty at the London station con
tains three separate rooms, all beau
tifully furnished and ornamented with
ferns, flowers, costly hangings and art
objects. There Is a reception room, a
dainty boudoir and a lavatory all trc
embodiment of luxury. In short, the
whole effect of the trio of rooms Is
that of a suite in a palatial private
other, and where the arrivals and de
partures of royalty attract great
crowds. Nevertheless, there do arrive
in Washington, from time tp time,
distinguished visitors, bound for the
White House, who must bo given an
official welcome of formal character.
On the other hand, the President of
the United States, if he is to keep in
touch with all sections of this enor
mous country, must be an extensive
traveler while In office. It is likewise
the custom for the chief executivu to
spend most of each summer away from
Washington, and to go to his place or
legal residence to vote at each elec
tion. All these comings and goings
have of late years been invested with
more or less ceremonial features. Time
was when only 'the president's closest
personal friends -went to the railway
station to see him off on a journey,
or to welcome him home, but of late
years It has been the practice for all
the members of the Cabinet and num
erous other prominent governmental
officials to be on hand on such occa
sions. Obviously such assemblages re
quire special facilities. The new sta
tion provides these, and will do away
with the unpleasant necessity for uti
lizing the president's private car or
special train for such a purpose.
The special apartments where the
president will henceforth hold his in
formal receptions and make his pre
parations for travel In comfort, occu
py the eastern end of the vast pile of
marble and granite, extending the full
width of the building. At the south
east corner of the structure is the
main entrance to the suite, consisting
of an arched carriage portal of simple
but. Imposing architecture. The func
tion of this portion of the building Is
indicated only by the scultured repre
sentation over the doorway of the seal
of the United States, surrounded by
flags. Entrance to the presidential
suite is also possible on the east front
where several doors open from the
State Suite to a corridor or portico
spacious enough to permit half a doz
en carriages to be drawn up before It.
Passing through the main entrance
above mentioned the visitor finds him
self in a dimly lighted vestibule which
communicates with the main reception
room which is the dominant feature of
the presidential suite. From this re
ception room also open most of the
doors that permit egress to the east
front. On either side of the vestibule
Is an ante room designed primarily to
afford seclusion should any of the
members of the presidential party de
sire It. Opening from one of these
small rooms Is a beautifully appointed
The large reception room Is render
ed doubly Impressive by the high ceil
ing which is at a height nearly equi
valent to two stories. This reception
room is calculated to make presiden
tial visitors feel at home, for It is al
most as largo as the historic East Itoom
the White House and is in its general
standing army of the United States.
Thirty-three tracks converge at this
point, but special trains for the use
of the president will always be switch
ed to the track at the eastern end of
the yard adjacent to the State Suite
and necessitating but a short walk
from cars to carriages.
rile arrangements in connection
with the president's section of this
?20,000.000 station will greatly facili
tate the work of the United States Se
feast-day dishes often give the first
tnste of strong drink to the young.
"Don't feed your babies patent me
dicines, either. Don't lot your chil
dren eat candy which contains brandy
or wine and teach them to tell you
where it can bo obtainod bo that wo
can make war on the dealers."
Mr&"Slniw!''wliols one of the local
leaders In the movement against the
saloons, spoke enthusiastically of the
battle being made by the W. C. T. U.
"There never was a time when the
peo0B were so wrought up over the
question," she said. "They are .daily
enlisting in our army and the pros
pects are bright for our cause. There
will come a time In tho near future
when Chicago itself will bo dry. Think
of what a triumph that will be."
cret Service operatives and the police JiftZJyrnsce EroZ&e
oetailed to handle the crowds that as
semble to see the president when he.
sets out upon or returns from a rail
road journey. The plan of the sta
tion Is such that a presidential party
can entrain or arrive and take car
riages for the White House without at
any point coming in contact with the
general public. This will prove espe
cially beneficial at Inauguration time
when the station, vast as it Is. will
probably have its capacity taxed by
the immense crowds that journey to
Washington to witness the formal
launching of a new administration
home-an extension to the railway dlmens,ons very SUggestive of that sa
termlnals of the comforts and conve-1,,,,, The floor is mosaic and the wood
nlences to which the occupant has , ..,, , ttlIlllnv ln mnformitv with
' , the furniture In the apartment, which
been accustomed In his private resl
In direct contrast to this in architec
ture and appointments is the first
state suite to be provided in an Ame
rican railroad station. Instead of pro
viding a group of small and cosy con
necting rooms, the American archi
tects have created a series of apart
ments that constitute, from an artistic
standpoint, the crowning feature of
the most beautiful railroad station
over constructed. The presidential
suite may almost be said to bo monu
mental ln character, and the aim has
plainly been to make it one of tho
"show places" of a tourist inoccn.
Notwithstanding the fact that tho
stnto Hiilto in 'Washington's now rail
road station tho largest and costliest
railway terminal Jn tho world Is ma
nifestly designed to bo ornamental, an
well a h useful, the apodal apartmonts
will supply facilities, the need of
which bun frequently been felt In tho
past. Candltlomi ut Uncle Ham's sent
4f government lire In no noma parallel
to thou) In the leading Kurnpean cnp.
IaIb, where rullnir noveroltrnn are con
Ntttiitly (uohnnKlnK vUltu with one an
Is likewise of that rich red and highly
polished wood. The fresco ornamenta
tion and other decorations of the re
ception rooms are very elaborate ln
character and present blue and gold as
the predominating tints of the color
rchem. The figure of the American
Eagle with the shield and the Stars
and Stripes have been worked Into the
decorative scheme as significant of the
TUBES IN 1910.
The awarding of a $5,000,000 electri
cal contract to the Westlnghouse
Company for the electrification of the
new Pennsylvania tubes which have
been pierced under the East River
alongside of New York city Is another
big. step in the final completion of
what. Is to eventually be a hundred
million dollar job.
Much has been written of the more
spectacular tunnel driving under the
muddy -waters of the East River, but
little-has been told of the various out
side undertakings which have been
just as necessary to the completion of
the work and which will cost just as
much if not a great deal more money.
Little has been said of the vast out
side undertaking, yet a 20-mlIe Journey
aside from the under-rlver tunnels Is
needed to go over the 'new work or
conM ruction In connection with the
propoed new terminals of the Penn
sylvania Railroad in New York city.
Out in Long Island City great hills
have been demolished and carted away
to fill in deep gullies and oozing mar
shes have been driven thick with piles
and filled ln with concrete to make
the proper firmness of the roadbed,
which is destined to sustain the hun
dreds of tracks for the proposed ter
minal train yard, which will hold
when completed enough cars to make
up a train five miles long.
Tho new terminal station will be at
Thirty-third street and Seventh aven
ue, and the trains will go through
rock-hewn tunnels out under the riv
er bed, where concrete walls hold
back the mud bottom of the East Riv
er. The trains will come again to day
light near the Hackensack meadows,
away beyond the Bergen Heights.
The terminal station on Seventh
avenue, should be completed about
Christmas, 1909. The exterior walls
arn un. hut the interior lponrntlnnR
and other construction is enormous in !
amount and very costly. The great
Sunnyslde yards, being built on Long
Island, is the true operative heart of
the entire proposition. There Is a
proposed train service of 1,000 trains
a day, 400 to New Jersey and COO to
Long Island. Such a service can hard
ly be conceived by any but a railroad
expert. To carry out the proposition
cial serum. These results were so re-1
markably successful that he decided
to experiment on human beings dis
eased with the tubercular bacilli.
The serum which Dr. Lannelongue
has discovered was taken from a don
key or a horse. Drs. Archard and
Galllard collaborated with Lannelon
gue. All the experiments made on hu
man beings were made with serum
taken from donkevs. The results ob
tained both by' the discoverer of the
serum and the famous physicians who
have made use of the serum have been
remarkably successful.
The physicians assert that in case
of primary tuberculosis tho cures have
been nearly total and that ln second
ary cases nine but of ten treated have
so far Improved marvelously and that
In conjunction with proper methods
of living along the regular lines for
consumptives In out-of-door camps, a
big percentage of the cases In the
third or advanced stage can be arrest
ed. In such cases a return to average
strength and health Is out of the ques-
of tuberculosis specialists in the Unit
ed States. ,
CHICAGO, December 4. HouBe
wives and providers of the coming
Christmas feasts may help the tem
perance -cause along by following a
few suggestions given today by one of
the speakers at the "self-denial pray
er-day" meeting of the Cook County
W. C. T. U., which was held In Wll
lard hall at noon. Mrs. James S. Shaw
of Blue Island was the principal speak-
tlon and of course the patients owing er on the subject of the society's war
to low vitality often die of'compllca- with the saloon.
tlons of diseases. The use of the se-l "You mothers can all help In tho
rum is being considered by a number fight against the saloons," she said
"Leave out the brandy sauce from tho
Chgfstmas pudding. Mince pies are
just as good without cider. The pres
ence of these alcoholic condiments ln
Our finely cooked meals are of the
best in the city. Clean and neat are
our tables and fixings. Private rooms
"that are cool and commodious.
time Boston Restaurant
under our management will be open
all evening from now on. Regular
meals 25c.
8 8
(Just Arrived Ex Columbian).
(No Benzoate of Soda or Other Preservatives Used in'these Goods.)
Your Premises
Need FILLING and GRADING before the Winter
Rains set in. We arc ready to supply the Earth and
Grade for you at Reasonable Prices.
P. M. Pond,
r" PHONE 890.
character of tho apartment. The row '.would mean an ndvnnce in trnnsnnr
of large windows opening to tho east tatlon achievement almost miraculous.'
afford ample illumination for tho State j
Suite by day. and at night both con- NEW TUBERCULOSIS SERUM I.M-'
cealed and oxposed olectrio globes I PORTANT. !
flood the apartment with soft light. In
tho reception room nro thrco handsome
chandollers suspended from tho coll
ing whllo on tho sldo walls are eight
ornamontal brackets of corresponding
ly niasslvo design.
Tho presidential sulto communicates
The French Academy of Science has
reported on the marvelous now tuber
culosis serum discovered by Profossor
r ...... ni .. .. ti.. i .. i it.
j l.lllliriullf,llu, III I UI J, Ullll UlUfiU Ml
vnnts declaro that It marks n most
Important stop onward In tho medical
bnttlo against tho great white plague.
IiioukJi a voBtibulo nt tho north ond, For throo yoara tho doctor hurt been
direct with tho train shod ami con- ndmlnlBtorliiK UiIh Bermn and many
t. 11,1a 1. Imuliw, .1 1 1 a t .. n , 1
win nv imp iiiiiui immitt tilliiwiaiwun nillKIUI Mil IHII HIIVU WIUUIH W ll WMIIOrf
of 7B4 by 130 feet mid bolnB tho lar- tntlvely Hinted to linvo resulted from
wml room under ono roof In tho world lis use. professor LuiiiioIoiikiio capo-
m lnre, IndwxJ, that It l claimed rlmwitod jirlnclially with tubercular
that It could uQcomiWklate the entire milmuN, treating them with tiln pe-
Soap, water and a brush are all that is
needed to keep the outside of an pstcrmoor
Mattress sweet and clean. The inside never
needs attention. Costs nothing for repairs.
An occasional "outing" In the sun keeps it fresh ond
new, because It Is built (not stuffed) of clastic, fibrous
Ostermoor sheets. It cannot sag, lump nor pack
like hair.
Make sure you get the genuine Ottermoor. Note
the label put there to protect you aitalnst wort'ilcea
Read the Names
Our Assortment of Toilet Requisites is not sur
passed anywhere. We have :
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